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"The okay action game with gactk"

Bujingai the forsaken city looks like a normal hack and slash action game at fist glance. But I come to find out it is a little more than that. While this game does have it similarity to a devil may cry or a onimusha, it really feels almost like a shinobi, that is what this game has as a soul the newer shinobi game that was made back in 2001 for the play station 2.

Now this game was made back in 2003 for the play station 2 for a mainly Japanese market, for the simple fact that the main character is a Japanese pop star by the name of gactk, in Japan by using him will make it sell more because of his fan base. But since his fan base in the states is not so great they play down that they have gactk in the game but rather try to pass it off as a normal run of the mill action game. But they still keep all the extras that were in the Japanese version of the game, for the extra costumes and the interview and the press conference with gactk and some of the other voice actors.

One of things that sticks out for me was the way the controls were setup at first they seemed fairly easy and really just a button masher. But then I saw that this was actually to its advantage. Since it is a simple control system you can actually enjoy the game more than it having a very complex fighting and combo system it is actually easier to enjoy the game and not worry about getting in that combo right, but there is a way you can change up the system is by pressing the triangle button to break the combo and either launch the enemy in the air or perform a spinning swords move. But the controls are very well done and especially the lock on system. One of the most exciting parts of the game is its counter and block system which is very interesting works very well with this game. The blocking is auto-blocking but during a block you can flip over your enemy and actually strike them or by pressing either triangle or square you can do a counter attack. This alone looks very pretty and the game camera goes into a very cinematic mode when this is done and also one more thing about the control system is the lock on is switch able on the fly, this opens up more of a fluid action system rather than being something stiff.

Now the graphics are border line good. Some of the things that they do well are the character models epically the boss and the lead and sub characters, but the smaller enemies and such can be a little hard to look at. They also kind of look the same. The one thing this game does badly is the backgrounds which at time can be good to awful and repetitive especial anywhere indoors seems to be the same and really got I confused at times. The one thing this game does really well is the spell effects and the battle animation is just really cool; they are very memorizing to look at.

This title sound wise is sub par some of the background music is mostly Chinese instrumental music almost like the stuff you would here on a meditation tape or at a Chinese restaurant, this music is a bit hit and miss with the game since it is an action game. The sounds are well done and the swords clashing are very well done but the one this is the voice acting at least in the American version is a bit hokey and cheesy, but then again this game is supposed to be like a Chinese sword play movie so I guess it works. But this game is more about action and not really about dialog.

Over all this game is hit and miss and falls to do some this well. But if you are in need of an action game you should at least pick it up you shouldn't pay more than 12 bucks for it now. I think this game is at least a once play through you might not bother to unlock everything unless you are a fan of gactk to unlock all of his extra stuff.

Break down
Graphics: 7/10
Sound and music: 7/10
Controls: 8/10
Overall: 7/10
Rent maybe buy if cheap enough maybe barrow from a friend.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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