Review by palinor

"Very Intriguing"

Overall, a fairly great game. I know people say it's "The same as Devil May Cry!" but that's ONLY because they use the same engine for it's system. Yes, there are other games that use this same engine, but I'm not going down the list, way too long.

Anyways, for game-play I have to say, simple, yet effective! You get the job done, and don't cause a migraine while doing so.

In-game camera, so-so, but there's always problems when it comes to the camera's in games, unless it's FPS. So there's times where it's hard to find the angle you need, but THIS is why I gave a lower rating than I WOULD have.

Difficulty, on easy, nope, but isn't that the point? On the harder difficulties, oh yeah, because what gets you through easy is what gets you through hard, no NEW powers to make it easier, just what you found on easy.

Audio, nice. The only drawback is no language selections from what I found, but then again, re-dubbing sometimes messes it up, the only worry is because it's hard to make lazy people read subtitles.

Visual, it's STILL a beautiful display, even though it's not brand new it beats the dedication and enjoyment value of quite a few of other games I've seen. You'll find truly artistic visuals in this game, IF you take the time to look, because they won't slap you in the face, which proves the modest beauty here.

Story, interesting, had a couple cliches, but EVERY game has it's cliches, so no need to whine about that. Someone turns evil, gotta stop the evil, go to find and beat evil, that's as far as I dare tell!

so, I know it's not as "beautifully" or "artistically" written as it could be, but this is my straight opinion of the game, and my true recommendation is to rent it first, because if you don't feel the same, why should I encourage you to waste money, and if you feel the same as me, you'll be willing to go buy it later!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/07

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