Review by TehKaozzz

Reviewed: 08/02/04

A honest review from an honest gamer.

I first found out about this game through a friend months back. He told me it was similar to Devil May Cry and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. That seemed interesting enough right? So when it came out, my friend bought it and we played it at his house. After all this wait....was it worth it? No it was not.

Section 1 - Gameplay - "Ah the art of button mashing"

This game defines button masher. Throught the game you are mashing the buttons, there are no clever skills to fighting, just all out button mashing. The square(which will now be known as box) button is your king whereas triangle is queen. Box Triangle, Box Box Triangle, Box Box Box Triangle, Box Box Box Box Triangle, Triangle. You are limited to that. If you press up and box is there are a different attack? No. How about left and box? No. How about right and box? No. You get my drift.

How about the blocking mechanics? Oh wait, it is an automatic block if you are in the front. How do you counter attack then? Easy, you wait to be hit then you press Box. Yes, it takes that much skill to counter attack. Guess what else you can counter attack? Magic! Yes indeed magic.

Oh on to magic, this game has amazing magic attacks that can be linked with the basic Box and Triangle attacks. That has to be the best part of this game. There are a lot of magic attacks in this game and that at least adds some diversity.

Platform elements in this game are very easy. If you are to climb on a wall once, you can jump back on it and climb it again to gain extra height. It makes the games platforming very simple.

Okay, thats all about the gameplay

Pros - At times, button mashing can be fun, but....
Cons - If your looking for action that is complex, difficult, rewarding, and over all very fun, look elsewhere.

Section 2 - Graphics - "LOOK AT TEH BLAND COLORS"

This is where the game least Lau's swords shine. The game characters and backgrounds are pretty bland....and the fog stage is a cheap excuse for bad draw distance.

But one thing that DOES look good are Lau's attack animations. His swords look magnificent and watching them in action is great. Too bad all of the enemies look pretty bland.

The few levels in the game are pretty bland looking, featuring re-used color palettes and bad level design.

Pros - Lau's animations
Cons - Everything else

Section 3 - Replay Value - "OMFG ITS GACKTO!!"

Okay everyone, this game is short. Very short. It has a couple of levels and they are not that long. After you beat this game, why play it over again? One reason is because button mashers can be fun to play over. Another reason is to unlock hidden goodies such as a Gackt interview....whoopie! /sarcasim

Honestly people, when the only reason to play a game over again is to is pretty pathetic.

Oh wait, you get a new costume. :)

Pros - Mindless button mashing can be fun again!
Cons - I dont know why else you'd play it over again

Section 4 - The story - "Insert cliche action game story here"


Pros - ....
Cons - ......everything

Final Section - Wrap up - "HIGH SPEED EPICULLERRR ACTION!"

I bashed this game so much, I bet you're wondering why I gave it a 4/10. Well, honestly, I had fun doing that beginning level know the intro that gets shown as a was pretty cool. But besides that this game is horrid.

Final Score 4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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