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"Ah another button masher!"

Well let's see how to sum up this game and give a brief description. This game is one of your basic, flashy, hack and slash game where you go around mauling anything and everything that you see, kinda like a worse version of Drakengard with a few more ability's. Hmmmm, something else to describe this game by, well how the infamous aerosmith song goes, dude looks like a lady! Seriously the main character of the game, Lau, has been taken out of context by Taito. It's near impossible to tell if Lau is either a man or a woman unless you take a serious look and him or unless you read the manual.

O.k. I admit it this game is extremely fun to play, at first. Once you play this game for a very brief amount of time this games play seems really lag and it gets old fast. You learn all your moves right off the bat and once you pick up on the controls it tends to get slow paced and boring. This game a has three difficulty settings yes, normal and hard, but it all seems the same, not to much difference what so ever between the three. The only hard part to the game is the bosses and mini bosses because it seems that Taito likes to see how naive their players are and give the bosses unlimited power after about 50 to 60 easily handled enemies. Personally I think this game has out standing controls for the amount of moves that Lau has and I know that my friend feels the same. Taito did an excellent job forming the button combo's to perform moves so that it's not like an arcade and you mash the buttons till you pull off a move without knowing how you really did it. Overall I'd say this games play is very poor.

Hmmmm, daemons, samurai, minions, mages, can you name what game I'm talking about, I bet you can't. You can't because this game is just like every other game out there (excluding the select few that are original). The story to this game is from what I've played very weak, you hear a about 10 to 15 words to develop the after every level, which in other words means, the story doesn't have much effect on the player. I wasn't compelled to keep playing the game by the story, in fact the only reason I kept playing this game is because I didn't have anything to do and I wanted to write another fact for this site. So I'd say this game defiantly isn't one to rely on the story.

This game might have boring gameplay and a horrible story but it doesn't have one plus side it has out standing graphics for the PS2s' limits. I was proud of my system when I started playing this game because I found the graphics to be of a higher class than normal for the PS2. The way that Taito incorporated a wind flow into there game so that it makes Lau's scarf and clothing react in the wind and that's just one of the few stunning graphical feats. On the other hand the sound is quiet, well how do I say it, not quiet there. The only real sound that is apparent is the voice acts. The voices do suite the characters but they don't line up what so ever with the animations of the mouth which I found very, very disappointing because so many games now a days have proper animation to go with there voice acts. I'd say this game is a graphical amazement but an audio failure.

Well I have to say this section will be short and sweet. No this game has no re-playability to it once you've done it you'll think to yourself was it worth it and it really won't take you to long to beat this game I guess some where within 30 to 40 hours at the most. I can't emphasize how bad the re-playability the to this game is, it's very hard to play to the end the first time through and trying to play through it again would ea outstanding in my perspective. I can't anyone playing through this game more than once.

Well I can't say that some one would want to return this game if it was given as a gift, it not all that bad, but I would go as far as to say it's not worth searching for and you should only rent it if even.

Overall: 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/09/04, Updated 08/09/04

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