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"Not a great game: Just an arrow."

I'm going to open this in a slightly unnappealing way unfortunately, but, it must be said before I continue. I love Gackt. It's as dead-on simple as that, he's practically my God, even if I do look at him as a bit of a rival for what I want to become in my future. In other words, a small amount of this review can be credited towards my love of Gackt. Don't take me word for word, just analyze what is said that is fact and not opinion, and decide. Just attempt to try it, if a friend has it, that's the best review you can get.

Gameplay: 6.

The gameplay was awesome, but unfortunately, this only lasted a couple of levels. In the beginning, it was easy-to-use, flashy, dramatic, and made you look wicked-cool. But after about 3 levels, it began to get a little dull. Upgrading your character was a means to slightly stem the flow of repetition, but in the end, not enough to really save the game from utter gameplay averageness. Don't get me wrong, the majority of this game can be as fun as Devil May Cry with unlimited Devil Trigger, but once you get into the later levels, you'll stop wishing there were more enemies, and start wishing there were less, and you'll soon begin to miss the fighting-game style incredibly-complex-moves-that-you-won't-master-until-the-last-level.

Graphics: 10.

I'm not going to lie. I usually say graphics mean little, but they do mean a fair bit, they're the bit of coconut on the cake, that little thing that can turn a game from good to bad, or vice-versa. Doom 3 wouldn't be scary without it's graphics. F-Zero wouldn't be fast without them. And Bujingai wouldn't be ultra-cool without them. The scenery can be a tad dull, but such as it is with post-apocalyptic wastelands. Enemies are much like Devil May Cry, demonic, generic, horde-esque. You won't really notice their faces, which in my opinion, gives you a bit of a look into the mind of a merciless killer. Who wouldn't notice the faces of their victim? Only someone who had completely thrown away emotion, which would be a major priority for a hero. In short, the graphics are nice.

Sound: 10.

OMFGWTFLOL!!! Yeah. That good. The music is Gackt; As I said, I am a bit biased towards him, but this is just the kind of determination-filled upbeat music that will make you wish the main character was moving at 1,000,000MPH, just wishing that you could move in time to the music. Fortunately, for some tracks, you can, and an immense feeling of gratification is the only thing to explain it, when you flukily manage to time every one of your slashes in perfect synchronization with the beat of the drums. Aside from actual music, the voice acting is amazing, done by some famous anime voice actors (I'll let you try to figure out who they are. =p), and the game is far from the kind of lack-luster dubbing that was given to titles like Final Fantasy X. The main characters will have you believing every word you say, and reaching for your swords as you go to open your front door.

Story: 3.

Ouchies. It has a very linear story: Your friend got possessed, go stop him from destroying the world. There's really not much I can say about the storyline, I found it pretty bad. There's a few twists, but not many.

Game length/Replayability: 0.

Wow, my first zero. That's harsh, but true. The game is a measley 7 levels long, and due to the repetitious nature of the gameplay, you probably won't want to play much more than once, and any die-hard fans like me will only play a second time around for the unlockables gained from coin-collecting. The short game length could be a good thing, so you don't get quite so fed up with the game, just don't expect to be jumping out of your seat to play it again. When the 7th level ended and that was it, I was on the ground in tears. "How could such a beautiful game be so short?!" But that's just how it is.

Overall: 7.

You're probably wondering by now, what on Earth I meant by 'Just an arrow'. Well, while I don't feel this is a great game, due to it's many flaws, it's a very good game, and I feel that it's a direction that producers need to take. The producers of this game aren't exactly well-known, nor are they too well funded. Yet, they can make a game far greater in it's length than anything SquareSoft has ever regurgitated in the last 5 years. If developers were to see this, take it's example, and further follow roads similar to this, it would be great. The game gives pretty much everything a very interesting perspective, and really shows what a company can do when they actually put effort into it. If Square were to make a game like this, only, using their budget, longer, better, harder, more in-depth, and really just work as hard as these guys did, gaming would be back to how good it was 10 years ago. Hire a few professional writers, a few pro voice actors, and get those graphics-monkeys working. Square could easily do this, so could many other companies. But they don't.

I just feel that this game is a good example of what can be done, given effort, dedication, and a wish to actually make the gamers ENJOY THEMSELVES, instead of rake in enough money for your 13th Dodge Viper. Play this game, SquareEnix. Realise how useless you currently are.

Oh yeah. You guys should play it too. It's a good game. ^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/15/04

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