Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 09/07/04

Generic all around

Thank god I didn't but this. I rented the game hopeing for some mindless action and shiny graphics. I got neither. This is like a bland and boring version of Dynasty Warriors and it has a crap plot to boot!

The story is.... Hell if I know. 3000 years ago something happened and now you're back on some island overrun by demons. Doesn't it just scream "MASTERPIECE"? Of course there's more to the plot but telling you any more would ruin any hope the game has of delivering something to you. Lets just say it reminded me of another game where someone turned evil becaue someone died....

The controls are simple. A quick attack and a heavy attack. ALso a jump button and a magic button. Jumping is very awkward and found it a bit too touchy at times. Everything else is smash smash smash.

The sound in the game is horrible. Sound effects are worthy of hitting mute except the music is so awful and is very repetative. The voice acting is right out of a 80's dub of a kung fu movie.

The graphics are way below average. Uninteresting, bland and boring and the levels look so drab and boring. Character models are rather drab as well. Cut scenes are lacking as well.

Gameplay is simple. Most of the time you just kill everything in sight. This should open the door to the next area of the game. Sometimes you may have to break certain items or collect a certain amount of something. You can upgrade your characters stats by using orbs you find in the levels. After finishing the first 3 levels I still didn't have enough orbs to upgrade once. Oh, and there is only like 7 levels at about 20 minutes a piece, take that however you want to.

There is a tiny bit of reply, such as unlocking bonus movies and stuff and new settings to play on. Of course, if you didn't care for the game then you have no reason to try and get those, which aren't worth the effort.

This is seriously one of the worst games I have played in a long time and I have played some crappy games in my time. Not even worth a rental, just act like it was never made.


Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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