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"Devil May Cry + Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - A lot.."

At first, I wasn't very excited about this game, but as I read more and more, I started to get interested in the game. I patiently waited for this to come out and to give it a try, then it got delayed. After many (a whole hell of a lot) delays, the game finally reached my hands.

The main character, Lau Wong, and his swords are quite well done. The effects when Lau's swords are swung are fantastic. The designs of some of the monsters and bosses, as well as the other NPCs are also nice. Unfortunately, the levels are bland and do not have as much variety as I would of liked. Overall, above par graphics.

*****SOUND & MUSIC*****
The sound effects are kind of "bleh," although they aren't all that terrible. The music is very good, in my opinion, although it can get a bit repetitive as you progress through a level.

The story in this game isn't all too good. Lau Wong, played by Japanese pop sensation Gackt, is trying to stop his friend, who has become a demonic entity, from destroying the planet or something. It definitely is a sub-par story, but I don't play hack-n-slash type games for the story.

This is where the game kicks it up a notch. Gameplay is mostly concentrated on combos using Lau's two swords. You have a regular attack (Square), a spin attack (Triangle), a Magic attack (Circle) and Jump (X). Pressing Square a few times will begin a normal combo. At any time during this, you can press Triangle to interrupt the combo and finish it off by pressing one of the four buttons, which results in a finisher-type move. Lau can also glide, run along the walls and other CTHD-esque stuff it seems. Very interesting indeed.

New magic spells can be found during the stages. Before you begin a new stage, you can upgrade Lau using blue orbs you collect during the stages. Very Devil May Cry-esque in nature.

Overall, the game isn't all too difficult. Some call it a pure hack-n-slash game, but there are some bosses in the game where that won't just work.

There are only 7 stages in the game, thus making it very short. Each stage only runs around 20-30 minutes, so it won't take too much time to breeze through the game. Additionally, there are some unlockable features, but they are only like interviews with Gackt and other stuff of the sort.

In the end, this game is definitely worth a rent, but maybe not to go outright and buy it. If you're a Gackt fan (which I am becoming a bit), then definitely pick this up. If you're a hack-n-slash fan and can find this game cheap, then it's definitely a buy. I'd say that this game should be rented first, since it seems to be an acquired taste.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/11/04

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