Review by shortstuffnstff

Reviewed: 10/25/04

Bujingai: Could it be another Devil May Cry? The answer is No!

When I first started playing Bujingai, I thought it was another DMC, boy was I wrong. At least with DMC there is storyline as well as hack and slash.

STORY: 2/10:
Your main character is Lau Wong. Now the most I could make out of the storyline (which is a very confusing one by the way) is that his best friend is now a demon, and you have to go and save Master Naguri and Yohfa's souls. The overall storyline jumped around a lot without really explaining anything. Oh and lets not forget the fact that your main character looks like a girl even though he is supposed to be a guy.

Sound: 4/10:
The background music for this game wasn't half bad. To me it didn't seem repetitive really and it kept an upbeat rhythm the entire time.

Game-play: 4/10
This is probably the part of the game that I actually did like the most. The controls were very nice and very easy to handle. I liked being able to jump and kick some butt in the air. The spells were pretty wicked and over all this is the best aspect of the entire game.

Originality: 1/10
This game lacks massively in originality. It basically rips off Devil May Cry, but without a decent storyline.

Replay Value: 1/10
Once you have beaten the game about the only thing you can do is go back thru and play the same thing over again. No story line changes and the best you can hope for is to find more coins to unlock the rest of the locked extras. BORING! It took me 8 hours to beat this game, and for me that is good because I am not usually very good at these type of games, but I was very disappointed and definitely won't be picking it up for round 2.

Rent or Buy: Neither one. If you really want to play a DMC ripoff, then I guess you could go rent it. But it is such a short game with such a messed up and confusing storyline, that, unless you want to just hack and slash, its not even going and paying to rent it. If you really must hack and slash, rent something else.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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