Review by BBallman7

Reviewed: 10/24/05

Under the radar...

Well this is a game that didn't get much hype when it came out, and many people have never heard of it. It was an instant sleeper hit, and its unfortunate that it will probably forever stay that way. I'm not gonna say this is one of the best games, or even one of the best hack and shashers, but its still a title worthy of a purchase. It has some very original ways of doing things, and although the game has its flaws, it still set a good enough foundation to build from. I'm just not sure that the sales warrant a sequel.

The gameplay feels very smooth, since I can't find another word to describe it. It flows very nice. Although there is a lot of button mashing, it doesn't always feel like that. You feel like a master swordsman. When you swing the sword, a stream of colors follows it, and I know that sounds stupid, but it actually works. This game has a lot of action in it too, 100 hit combos are fairly common. But the best part of the action is the one on one fighting parts. There's certain parts in the game where you'll dual someone(and eventually two people), and the way the developers did it is very original and genius. It's always been hard to do that without just a mix a button mashing plus pressing a block button. But Bujingai doesn't have a block button, instead it blocks on its own. You have a block meter which goes down every time your hit, and recharges on its own. But if it goes down all the way, you lose life. And the enemy has a block meter too. So the two of you go at it while jumping around trying to get your meter to charge up while still hitting your opponent. It works out very well, and I'm very disappointed they didn't have a mode where you just do that.

The story on the other hand is told very well. It seems like there really isn't a story, but its actually very deep, but hard to pick up. I personally didn't figure it out, someone on gamefaqs just posted the whole thing on the message board and it finally made sense. But I think they did a horrible job of explaining the story, since you have to make way too many assumptions.

The music does a decent job at setting the mood, but its nothing spectacular, and the same can be said for the V.O.'s.

Overall, this game isn't awesome. It has some original ideas, but doesn't execute everything perfect. But it deserves a much better fate than the one it shall undoubtedly receive.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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