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                         T H E   A R C H I V E   F I L E S
    001 - Irazu Valley Mural
          Estimated date: Late 7th century.  Discovered during the Meiji
          Era, when Irazu  Valley was reopened after being forbidden
          territory for many years.
          Nihon Shoki (Chronicle of Japan)
          Scroll no.29
          June - Drought.  Performed rights for the calling of rain.
          July - Comet seen to northeast, 7 cubits long.
    002 - Misumi Daily Gazette, August 3rd, 1976 - Morning Edition.
          Torrential Rains and Landslides Bring Disaster to Misumi District.
          48 homes have been flooded with numerous other buildings damaged
          in landslides.  33 people have been reported missing but the chances
          of finding survivors look bleak.
    003 - Letter From The Kajiro Family
          To: Leader Makino
          The time come to carry out the ceremony.  Please begin preparations
          to summon the god.  Kajiro.
    004 - Hanuda Community Newsletter, July 2003 Edition
          On July 3rd, the Hanuda Brewer's Association held the 33rd "Hanuda
          Sake Tasting Contest" at the Hanuda Community Centre.  Police officer
          Tetsuo Ishida won the contest.  The crowned champion was resident
          police officer, Tetsuo Ishida, who seemed more than happy to receive
          his prize.
    005 - Tetsuo Ishida's Police ID
          Police Department Identification Card.
          Name: Tetsuo Ishida
          Rank: Patrol Officer
    006 - BANG!! Magazine, Issue no.33, Published July 1, 1996
          A very special issue featuring Naoko Mihama, up close and personal!
          Get the scoop on Naoko at the very delectable age of 20!  Readers,
          eat your hearts out!!
          Naoko Mihama: Special Feature.  Now busy shooting the popular drama
          "Eat Your Heart Out", Bang has managed to secure an exclusive interview
          with Naoko Mihama, including a very personal Q and A session.  With an
          angels smile and surprising answers, Miss Mihama will get your heart
    007 - Harumi Yomoda's Drawing
          The picture is drawn with a dark, brooding palette, showing what looks
          like a raven-haired girl with a white dog to the right.  The picture
          exudes a feeling of solitude and anxiety.
    008 - Photo Taken On School Trip to Gojaku Peak
          Memories of our field trip with our Principal ...
    009 - Tamon Takeuchi's Faculty ID
          Josei University Faculty ID
          Employee No: 010803
          Professor of Folklore Cultural Anthropology Department, School of
          Humanities.  Tamon Takeuchi, Date of birth: February 14, 1969
          I hereby certify that the above individual is an employee of this
             - President, Josei University.
    010 - Fragment of Megalith
          A piece of the Mana Stone, a large pyramid-shaped boulder worshipped
          by the villagers of Hanuda.  Enshrined in the centre of the village,
          the Mana Stone is also known as the "Sacred Stone from Above".
    011 - Idol Found At Bottom of Well
          The Story of the Infant on the Chopping Block.  Once upon a time, an old
          man found a turtle caught in his net while fishing in the river.  Seeing
          its struggles, he took pity on it and decided to set it free.  In
          gratitude, the turtle invited the old man to a feast at his palace at
          the bottom of the river.
          Among the many delicacies there was a baby served on a kitchen chopping
          block.  The old man could not bring himself to eat it.  Instead, he hid
          the baby's body, brought it home and disposed of it in the well.
    012 - Drawing With Cryptic Symbols
          There is a peculiar pattern to the layout of the symbols.  Participants
          lay a finger on a marker placed on the board and ask a question; it is
          said that spirits cause the marker to move in response.  Usually the
          board is marked with the letters of the alphabet but instead, 26 cryptic
          symbols are inscribed here.
    013 - Letter Addressed to Risa Onda
          Dearest Risa,
          How are you?  I'm doing pretty well.  You sounded kind of down the last
          time we talked on the phone but are you feeling better now?  Mom and Dad
          are both worried about you.  I haven't told them about you quitting your
          job yet, but they'll probably hear about it sooner or later.
          All the other kids working in Tokyo are going to come home for summer
          vacation, you know.  You should come home and visit us too!  Actually,
          there's someone I'd like to introduce you to ... Hope to hear from you
          Love, Mina.
    014 - Phone Card
          BANG!! Reader giveaway: Limited-Edition phone card!!  Two very lucky
          readers will receive a limited-edition phone card featuring Naoko
          Mihama - the rising star of TV's "Eat Your Heart Out!".  We can't wait
          to see what's next for our favorite gal!!
    015 - Proposal for TV Program
          Occult JAPAN: Episode #8
          Legendary tsuchinoko found at scene of mass murder spree!
          Producer: Takafumi Fugisawa
          Director: Kenji Terasawa
          Reporter: Naoko Mihama
          No budget!!  Need sponsor tie-in!! Minimum turnaround time!! No hotels -
          sleep in car!!  Keep celebrity fees to a minimum!!
    016 - Torn-Out Page From Sketchbook
          A drawing depicting a medallion engraved with a red flower and the 
          Mana Cross.
    017 - Mana Cross Medallion
          An Old Medallion Made of Oxidized Silver.  An elaborate engraving of
          the Mana Cross adorns its centre.  Although almost worn smooth, the
          name "TAKEUCHI" is faintly visible.
    018 - Hanging Scroll
          Artist: Unknown; Date: Unknown
          A painting featuring the Midnight Pimpernel and figures gathered around
          a body of red water.
    019 - Hanuda Town Hall News
          Issued July 1976  - Land re-zoning ordinance -
          From August 1978, the Arato and Harayadori areas will be re-named as
          follows:  Arato:  Upper Arato 1-4;  Harayadori: Lower Arato 1-3.
    020 - Book of Deliverance - Chaos At The End of Time -
          A set of scriptures native to Hanuda.  This volume describes a unique
          vision of the apocalypse.
          The earth shall shake, the winds roar, the skies weep and pests rise.
          The souls of men shall be tainted with rot and the waters shall be dyed
          red with the blood of the king of gods.  The souls of those who touch
          the red waters shall return to their original body and rise from the
    021 - Kyoya Suda's Student ID Holder
          Nakano Sakaue High School
          Student ID
          Student No: 66-1501,  Kyoya Suda
          There is a memo tucked inside the ID holder.
    022 - Recipe For Hanuda Noodles
          Hanuda Noodles: a local specialty.  Mention Hanuda, and these noodles
          instantly come to mind.  The chewy strands are unsurpassed in firmness
          and texture.  The broth, a delicate melange of sweetness and spiciness, 
          acts as the perfect compliment to the noodles.  How to prepare Hanuda
               1. Boil noodles for 3 minutes in a large pot of boiling water.
               2. Drain water and rinse noodles well in cold water.
               3. Place noodles in broth made of soup stock, chili, vinegar, sake,
                  and sugar.  Top with organic strawberry jam.  Serve with
                  seasonal fruits if desired.
    023 - Hanuda Town Hall News
          Issued June 1976.  Notification of repairs to Hanuda floodgates. In
          response to fears that future flooding of the Mana River may lead to
          extensive water damage, plans have been put in place to repair the 
          Hanuda sluice gate.  Work will start in September of 1976.
    024 - Parish Directory
          A book containing a list of church members.  Someone has scribbled
          strange-looking graffiti on it.
    025 - Jun Kajiro's Family Register
          Family Register, Issued at Hanuda Town Hall.
          Father - Masataro Kajiro
          Mother - Sayako Kajiro
          Daughter - Ayako Kajiro, born Aug.24th 1986
          Son (adopted) - Jun Kajiro, born Nov.29th 1984
    026 - The Takeuchi Monographs: Notes on the Kajiro Family
          A Series of Self-Published Writings by a Local Historian.  This volume
          recounts the history of the Kajiros, a prominent family in Hanuda.
          Author:  Omihito Takeuchi of Hanuda, Misumi District.
          Published:  1971
          Until post-World War II agricultural land reforms lowered their status,
          the Kajiros were the wealthiest and the most powerful landowners in the
          village of Hanuda.  A study of ancient texts reveals accounts of their
          ancestors settling this area during the reign of Emperor Temmu circa
          late 7th century AD.  There are several accounts as to how the Kajiros
          came to prosper: some say that their acceptance of a god from distant
          shores granted them its blessings while others maintain that cursed by
          the new god, they gained its good graces through dutiful worship.  Those
          of the Kajiro clan are all long-lived, and periodically, one with the
          ability to see visions is born.  This is considered a holy sign, and
          the member receives special treatment.
    027 - Commemorative Group Photo
          Opening of Shaft No.3 - East
          Sept. 13th, 1958.  Taken in front of Shaft No.3 - East
          The photograph has also captured an inexplicable light source.
    028 - Kamoshika Diary
          A diary-formatted notebook of a brand that has been a favorite among
          children since 1970.  On the cover is a picture of an antelope, the 
          brands logo.
          July 5th, Weather: Sunny
          Right at dusk, I saw a small, glowing light flying above Gojaku Peak.
          It's strange I saw it really clearly, but my friend didn't seem to 
          notice it at all.  I'm planning to go to Gojaku Peak tomorrow after
          school to investigate.
    029 - Diagnostic Records from the Miyata Clinic
          Only the year "1976" can be made out.  The rest is illegible.
    030 - Legend of Yaobikuni
          This is the legend of a woman who lived for 800 years because she ate
          the flesh of a merman said to give everlasting life.  The woman remained
          forever young, never losing her beauty, and wandered the land dressed
          as a nun.  Records recounting the similar legends have been found in
          various parts of Japan.
    031 - Umi-Okuri
          A traditional ceremony in Hanuda dating back to ancient times.
          Participants clothe themselves in black and submerge themselves in the
          waters of the Mana River on the last day of the lunar calendar.  It is
          a purification ceremony symbolizing the cleansing of sin.  The ceremony
          following the Umi-Okuri is called the Umi-Gaeri.  The river was viewed
          as the border between the human world and the other world.
          The ceremony began as a way to wash away the stain of human sin and gain
          the favour of the gods.  Since antiquity, the other world has been
          depicted as a utopia of eternal life beyond the sea.
    032 - Tomoko Maeda's Student ID
          Hanuda Junior High School, Student Identification.
          Name:  Tomoko Maeda
          Grade:  8A
          D.O.B:  May 11th, 1989
          The holder of this booklet is a student of this institution.
             -Principal, Hanuda Junior High School.
    033 - Yoriko Anno's Class Notes
             - To eat food cooked in the Under-World
             - Concept that one who eats food of the dead cannot return to
               the world of the living
             - Similar mythology found in other cultures ...
             - Iím too sleepy for this ...
          ... The rest is illegible.
    034 - Villager's Diary
          June 2, 1966 - No one's caught on to that woman's true nature.  She is
          a monster.  She's been watching over the town for years and years, never
          ageing.  She's going to bring disaster upon this village; I'm sure of it.
    035 - Postcard Written by Yoriko Anno
          Dear Mom and Dad,
          Hi, it's me.  Sorry I left in the middle of the night.  I'm here in a
          tiny village assisting one of my professors with his research.  It's a
          very sensitive study so I can't tell you much about it but there's no
          need to worry about me!  
          I do have to say though, it's a very strange place.  Hardly anyone
          around.  Maybe that's just because it's out in the middle of nowhere?
    036 - Umi-Gaeri
          In a traditional ceremony dating back to ancient times, participants
          who had submerged themselves in the waters of the Mana River on the
          last day of the lunar year come back to land as the New Year dawns.
          They are considered to have received the blessings of the gods and been
          cleansed of sin in the other world, and are feted by the villagers on 
          their return.
    037 - Origins of Mizuhiruko Shrine
          Enshrined deity: Hiruko
          Origins:  Once, a boy was fetching water from the spring when a merman
          appeared before him.  When the child asked his name the merman replied
          "I am the god Hiruko.  Take this water and make from it wine and food
          then bring it before me."  The child relayed this to the other villagers
          and they did as the deity asked, building a shrine and providing him
          with many offerings.  
          Hiruko is the first born child of the gods Izanami and Izanagi, but
          because he was born with a deformity they built a boat of reeds and set
          him afloat on the ocean.  Legends telling of Hiruko's arrival with the
          tide exist in many parts of the country, but stories of this deity
          arriving via a spring are only told in Hanuda.
    038 - Misumi Daily Gazette
          July 31st, 1976 - Evening Edition.  Light Pillars Observed In Hanuda.
          Early on the morning of the 30th, mysterious pillars of light were
          spotted in the skies above the Mana River floodgates.  This is thought
          to be an example of the meteorological phenomenon known as "light
          pillars" or "sun pillars" caused by light reflecting off ice crystals
          in the atmosphere.
    039 - Dousojin Statue
          A statue carved in relief with a male and female figure.  Dousojin
          statues are usually placed at the borders of towns because they are
          believed to ward off sickness and evil spirits.  The Mana Cross has 
          been carved into this statue, again reflecting Hanuda's unique blend
          of religious beliefs.
    040 - Akira Shimura's Hunting License
          License Type:  Class 2
          Holder:  Akira Shimura
          Issued by XXX Prefecture
    041 - Library Card
          Library check-out card.  Hanuda Elementary School Library.
          Shelf No.386
          Book of Hanuda Folk Tales, last borrowed by:
          Namiko Yoshikawa, Hanuda Elementary School Library ... The rest is
    042 - Hanuda Triangle
          A local specialty product made from rare Misumi tin found in the mines
          of Hanuda.  The triangle's tone changes every time it is struck, making
          it a unique instrument, unlike any other triangle in the world.  However
          its uniqueness is also its drawback; its tonal inconsistency makes the
          triangle difficult to use during performances.
    043 - Yoriko Anno's Student ID
          Josei University Student ID
          Student No: 310705
          Major: Folklore Cultural
                 Anthropology Department
                 School of Humanities
          D.O.B: June 25th, 1981
          I hereby certify that the above individual is a student at this
              -President, Josei University.
          Inside the holder is part of a photograph.
    044 - Premier Issue of Atlantis Magazine
          Atlantis: PREMIER ISSUE
          July 1976 Edition
          - Crossing the Boundaries of Reality -  The doors are open: Mysteries
          of the fourth dimension explained!! Don't miss it!!
          ... we can only conclude that it is the energy from exploding molecules
          in parallel dimensions that is creating the geometrically perfect
          mystery circle in ours.  Similarly the fact that powerful residual
          thoughts manifest themselves in our dimension as oracles and prophesies
          is already well established.
          ... furthermore we have obtained top-secret files which confirm that
          contact has officially been made (through channeling) on three separate
          occasions, although a major cover up has kept this truth from the public!
          ... These messages from another dimension are surely ultimatums from a
          superhuman pan-dimensional being.  The time is ripe for the doors of
          truth to be thrown wide open!
    045 - Fortune Paper From Mizuhiruko Shrine
          Overall luck: Excellent.  The warm rays of the spring sun are the gods
          smiling down on your.  That which you desire will be yours.  He whom you
          await shall appear in time.  That which was lost shall be found.  Accept
          your journey without fuss.  To profit in trade, be sure to sell.  Be
          confident in scholarly pursuits.  Victory is found in feuds and
          quarrels.  Haste is waste in affairs of the heart.  Illness will heal 
          slowly but surely.  Marriage will be blessed with a child.  Mizuhiruko
    046 - Tamon Takeuchi's Research Notes
          The fact that the people of this village in the middle of the mountains
          should worship Hiruko, the seafaring god, is extremely interesting.  How
          did the worship of a god usually favoured by peoples of the sea take
          root here, I wonder?
    047 - Note Left by Tomoko Maeda
          To: Mom and Dad
          I HATE you both!!!  I can't believe you read my diary!  I'll never
          forgive you!!  Just because I didn't do so well on my last exams doesn't
          mean you can do something like that!  I NEVER want to see you again!
    048 - "Stargazers Circle" Flyer
          Stargazers Circle, Hanuda Elementary School
          A comet that visits Earth only once every 333 years is almost here!
          Come experience the wonders of the night sky and unravel the mysteries
          of the heavens!  
          Date: August 2nd, 2003
          Time: 8pm to 11:30pm
          Place: Hanuda Elementary School, Oribe Campus schoolyard.
          Bring:  Binoculars, pencil, flashlight.
    049 - Book of Hanuda Folk Tales
          Compiled by: Hanuda Folklore Society.  This is a collection of folk 
          tales that have been handed down in the village of Hanuda.
          "Fish From The Sky"  Once upon a time, the village suffered a long
          drought, causing great famine.  Unexpectedly some peculiar fish fell out
          of the sky and landed in front of one of the starving village girls.  
          Unable to resist, she ate one of the fish.  As soon as the meat touched
          her lips, however, the sky darkened and thunder rang out.  To appease
          the gods, the girl prayed, promising to return the fish one by one, and
          thus she was granted their forgiveness.
    050 - Historical Chronology Of The Miyata Clinic
          Miyata Clinic Historical Timeline
          1926:  Practice established in Hirasakai.  15 beds.
          1941:  Appointed official hospital of the Japanese Imperial Army.
          1942:  First expansion of facilities.  Beds increased to 66.
          ... the rest is illegible.
    051 - Sculptural Relief of Angels
          A relief of twin angels armed with a sword and shield.
    052 - Legend of Princess Konohana
          A version of a traditional myth as told in Hanuda.  Of great interest
          is the storyline, which varies greatly from versions found in other
          ancient records.
          When the god Ninigi descended from heaven, he fell in love with 
          Princess Konohana and asked her father, the god of Ohyamatsumi, for her
          hand in marriage.  Delighted, he sent with Konohana her sister, the
          Princess Iwanaga, whose name be tokened the permanence of mountains, in
          the hope that the marriage would yield long-lived offspring.  Seduced
          by the promise of everlasting life, Ninigi turned Konohana away and
          took Iwanaga as his bride instead.  
          But because he rejected Konohana, whose name promised the plentiful
          bounty of a flower's bloom, Ninigi's offspring were sealed in darkness,
          never to see the light of day.
    053 - Weekly Magazine "Shintokumaru"
          Sept. 7th, 2001 Edition.  Panic by the Seashore!  Summer break ends in
          ... suddenly an unusually large swell hit the coastline unleashing
          mayhem upon the beach.  Many, particularly young children, were swept
          away by the waters, never to be seen again.
          ... the two children of Shoichi Matori (age 42) were floating
          unconscious and would have drowned if it were not for a dramatic
          rescue attempt by schoolteacher Reiko Suzuki (age 27; nee Takato).
          Tragically, Reiko Suzuki's own 2 year-old daughter, Megumi, was not
          found until it was too late.
    054 - Hanuda Hymn Book
          A collection of songs extolling the mightiness of the alien god.
    055 - Book of Deliverance - Kiruden -
          A set of scriptures native to Hanuda.  This volume describes the holy
          beast that guards Paradise.  
          -Kiruden- On guard and armed with flaming sword, sits a heavenly
          creature at Paradise's gate.  Part lion, part bull, part human, part
          eagle, it's a four-winged beast.
    056 - Patient's Letter
          Akira -
          I'm not the only one who's crazy.  It's these people here in the 
          hospital.  No, the whole village has gone insane.  If I stay here any
          longer, I really will go out of my mind.  Help me!  You're the only
          one I can count on.  I'm begging you to get me out of here! ... The
          rest is illegible.
    057 - Uryen
          Misumi Museum, Designed Cultural Artifact
          Cross-shaped clay figurines with armaments.  Length: Approx. 20cm.
          Origin:  Unknown.  Date:  Unknown.
          Estimated to have been made sometime during the Early to Middle
          Jomon periods (5000 - 1500 BC), the figurines are engraved with sword/
          shield designs, probably in the image of a war god.  They are thought
          to have been intended as offerings used in rituals to ensure success
          in battle.
    058 - Idol Found in Buddhist Altar
          The idol, made out of a doll and fish bones, is surrounded by junk on
          the alter.  It is said that in the past, the villagers of Hanuda used
          the fish as a symbol for worship to avoid religious persecution.
    059 - Misumi Daily Gazette
          July 7th, 1975 - Morning Edition.  Ground Near Former Air Defense
          Facilities Damaged By Rain
          The heavy rainfall that has continued since early June has caused
          ground sinkage around the former air defense facilities in Harayadori.
          Fears have been expressed that the weakened ground structure may result
          in further damage in the area.
    060 - Midnight Pimpernel
          Latin name:  Epiphylum Noxypetalum
          A succulent plant belonging to the cactus family.  Origin: Central and
          South America.  Known for its distinctive blood-red petals, the Midnight
          Pimpernel blooms only once, flowering at night and wilting before
          dawn.  Symbolizes:  hidden faith.
    061 - Naoko Mihama's Junior High Yearbook
          Ishiguro Junior High School Anthology.  Issued in 1989.
          Naoko Tanaka, Third Grade, Class 6.
          My ambition is to be on TV and become famous.  I'd like to sing, act
          and try lots of different things.  I want to be the kind of star who's
          always beautiful and always adored by her fans.
    062 - Medical Notes Written by Shiro Miyata
          A medical chart containing notes from a lab experiment.
          - Femoral vein severed.
          - Anterior region dissected.
          - Abdomen opened.
          - Head detached.
          ... The rest is illegible.
          - No red blood cells present in red liquid found inside body.
          - New crystalline structure.
          - Tissue heals itself and body regenerates.
          ... The rest is illegible.
    063 - Devotional Painting - Advent of Angels -
          Shows angels descending to Earth to announce the good news of the
          resurrection of the alien god.
    064 - Tsuchinoko Reward Poster
          Wanted alive Tsuchinoko!!  1 Million yen reward!
          Length:  30-80 cm
          Color: Ranges from muddy black to dark brown to gray yellow stomach
                 and spotted back.
          Features:  beer bottle-shaped body and triangular head.
          Characteristics:  Solitary animal.  Can stand upright, roll, and jump.
                            Always travels in straight lines.  Active between
                            spring and autumn.
          Hanuda Tsuchinoko Association.
    065 - Book of Deliverance - The Great Serpent -
          A Set of Scriptures Native to Hanuda.  This volume describes the story
          of the gigantic sea serpent.
          -The Great Serpent-  O ye that resides in the deep, dark, depths of the
          sea!  The embodiment of chaos and strife!  A fell swoop of thy large
          and mighty tail shall release a brilliance to cloud even the heavens.
    066 - Boat of Utsubo
          One day, the villagers saw what looked like a boat floating down the
          river.  Suspicious, they dragged it onto the bank and saw that it was
          shaped like a bowl, with a glass cover.  Peering inside, they found a 
          strange woman.  The woman's hair and eyebrows were completely white
          but her eyes were tinged with red.
          Since she did not speak their language, they could not figure out
          where she was from.  She cradled in her arms a box which appeared to be
          very important to her, because she never let it go.  It was said that
          the inside of the craft that bore her was decorated with strange and
          barbaric symbols.
    067 - The Kasutori Inquirer
          Volume 66, July 24th 2000.  The bizarre and macabre XXX Village
          Massacre!!  Find out what really happened during the wee hours of May
          21st, 1938, when 33 innocent villagers were brutally murdered in the
          largest killing spree on record!
          How did one man wipe out an entire village overnight?  What drove him
          to kill?  This in-depth investigation reveals all!
    068 - Shiro Miyata's Driver's License
          Non-commercial driver's license.
          Name:  Shiro Miyata
          D.O.B:  June 13, 1976
          Address:  4392 Hirasakai,
                    Misumi District,
                    XXX Prefecture.
          Issued:  June 9, 2002
          Valid Until:  June 13, 2007
    069 - Naoko Mihama's Resume
          Born August 23rd, 1976 in Tokyo
          Height:  158cm
          Bust:  82cm
          Waist:  57cm
          Hips:  86cm
          Interests:  Mongolian cuisine
          Skills:  playing the bagpipes
              TV Series:
              "Eat Your Heart Out!" '94
              "Hasta La Vista, Mariko" '94
              "Tough Copy" '96
              "Murder, She Cooked" '02
              Commercials: "Gumshoe Ramen Noodles" '95
              Video releases
              "Party Pandemonium" '98
              "Hot Pot Ninja Master" '99
              "The Lioness: hitman" '99
              Cable: "Occult JAPAN" '03
    070 - Faded Photos of Akira Shimura
          Two very faded family photos.
    071 - Marks On Railing
          A child has scratched marks into the old stone pillar.  The marks
          read:  "TAMON TAKEUCHI AGE 7".
    072 - Graffiti Engraved Into Table
          The table has been marked with strange-looking graffiti.
    073 - Kamoshika Notebook
          Strange doodles are written inside this notebook; a popular brand
          favoured by schoolchildren.
    074 - Beaded Doll
          The doll is made in the image of a girl with black hair.
    075 - Book of Deliverance - Fruit of Vieda -
          A set of scriptures native to Hanuda.  This volume describes the Fruit
          of Vieda, which is said to grant eternal life.
          -Fruit of Vieda-  In Paradise grow two holy trees, of which the Lord
          doth say, "Do not eat the fruit they bear, as I have decreed it
    076 - Graffiti Found On Hospital Wall
          Thought to be scribbled by one of the patients.  Showing countless eyes
          that have been crossed out, the picture exudes an unmistakable aura
          of insanity and also a paralyzing terror.
    077 - Photo From Old Album
          Visit to Miyata Clinic, taken April 4th, 1967 with Guide Hisako.
    078 - Book of Deliverance - The Good Tidings -
          A Set of Scriptures native to Hanuda.  This volume describes the 
          angels heralding the Saviour's arrival on earth.
          -The Good Tidings-  Heralds from on high appeared before a village
          girl.  Announce they did these glad tidings:  "Rejoice in the coming of
          the Son of the Lord!"
    079 - Signpost Containing Map of Arato
          A hand drawn map of the Arato area.  A tiny district serviced by a
          few local shops.
    080 - The Takeuchi Monographs - Sacred Beliefs of Hanuda
          A series of self-published writings by a local historian.  This volume
          examines the syncretism that shaped the village's unique religious
          beliefs.  Author: Omihito Takeuchi,  Published: 1973.
          This village has traditionally worshipped gods from worlds unknown, and
          it did not take long before the new religion merged with existing
          beliefs, with the combination taking root in Hanuda as a new belief.
          Fusing the two faiths was not difficult, particularly because the 
          villagers were already familiar with the doctrine of sacrificing self
          for the good of all.
          The worship of gods from afar can be traced back through the ages.  It
          is told that the inhabitants of this area have long considered the
          vicinity of the Mana Stone to be a holy place, using the stone as an
          altar for various offerings.  However, religious persecution and fusion
          with other beliefs led to the gradual disappearance of most of these
          practices from the public eye.
    081 - An Introduction to Hanuda
          Published by Hanuda Town Hall.  A short book about the history, legends,
          and customs of Hanuda.  The Beginnings of Hanuda:  Village Artifacts
          dating from the Jomon, Yayoi, and Kofun periods have been discovered in
          Hanuda and evidence indicates that the first settlers arrived here
          during the Jomon period (7500 - 4000 BC).
    082 - Bag o'Laughs
          A toy that enjoyed huge popularity in Japan in the 1970's.  How to play
          with this toy:  Remove the device from inside the bag.  Insert two AA
          batteries into the battery compartment, ensuring they are aligned
          properly.  Replace the device in the bag.  When the button is pressed
          merry laughter will emanate from the bag for one minute.
    083 - Diary Written by Kajiro Maid
          July 27th, 1976:  Miss Kajiro's bridal gown was delivered this morning.
          I know it is supposed to be a great honor to be chosen, but when I
          remember that in just a few days she will leave this world ...  I cannot
          look her in the eye.  She has been preparing for this since birth but
          still ...
    084 - Tamon Takeuchi's Organizer
          A leather-bound organizer with notes jotted in it.  This village
          teeters on the edge of two worlds.  It remembers the events that led
          to the borders being bent:  Like a broken record repeating the same
          melody, the same events recur without end.  This delicate balancing
          act resembles the action of a pendulum ...  A woman who has eaten the
          Fruit of Life, and a visitor from another realm ...
    085 - Ellie Azuma's Vinyl Record
          Ellie Azuma (1955-1976).  Her first single, "A Paw In My Boyfriend's
          Left Hand" became an instant hit, catapulting her to stardom.  
          Unfortunately, the singer was killed in a tragic accident when she was
          hit by a truck on the way to a music award show.  Many still lament her
          untimely death.
    086 - Aerial Photo of Hanuda Village
          Panoramic photo of Hanuda.  A bird's eye view of the village, taken
          circa 1975.  Photographed by Hoshikawa Airways.
    087 - "Brain Cell Revival" Game
          A Gift From Outer Space!  Mental stimulation for all the family!  Work
          out all 72,185,303,100,705 different combinations!
    088 - Will left by Kei Makino's Stepfather
          June 3rd, 1988.
          ... the failure of the ceremony lies heavily upon me.  My life is
          drawing to an end and though I cast aside all earthly pleasures and
          dedicated my entire existence to the search for eternal truth, I was
          unable to achieve a single thing.  Kei, I must ask you to look after
          everything from now on.
    089 - Photo of Twins
          A photograph of two newborn infants, dated June 30th, 1976.  The 
          foreheads of the babies are marked in ink with the sign of the Mana
          Cross.  This is a custom in Hanuda Village, believed to ward off 
          malevolent spirits.
    090 - Letter Addressed to Tamon Takeuchi
          Dear Mr. Takeuchi:  Thank you for your inquiry.  Unfortunately, we
          have been unable to find any evidence of such a ceremony being held
          in Hanuda 27 years ago.  Community Affairs Section, Hanuda Town Hall.
    091 - Missing Persons Poster
          <MISSING>  Namiko Yoshikawa.  Age: 11 yrs. (5th gr., Oribe Campus)
          Sex: Female.  Height: 145cm.  Missing From: Arato, Hanuda.  Last seen
          wearing a white shirt and red skirt, with white shoes and a red
          REGARDING THIS CHILD.  -Hanuda Village Police Station-
    092 - Skyfish
          In the land of Misumi, there stood a mountain called Gojaku.  It is said
          that all who trod its paths emerged bearing mysterious scratch marks.
          One day, a man from Hanuda village trapped one of the dragonflies that
          darted about the skies of Gojaku.  Upon closer inspection, he discovered
          that it was no dragonfly, but a strange, stick-like creature covered
          with fish-like fins.  The village elders proclaimed: "This must be what
          they call the 'skyfish'.  This flying creature must surely be the cause
          of the hikers' mysterious wounds".
    093 - Burnt Scrap of White Coat
          A burnt scrap of what looks like a white coat, found among the bonfire
          remains.  Bears a faint imprint that reads "Miyata".
    094 - Special Issue of Atlantis Magazine
          July 2003 Edition -Breaking the Boundaries of Reality-
          Paranormal Archeology special!!!  Discover who was behind the genesis of
          man and the birth of civilization!  Trace the footsteps of the gods!!
          The theory that millions of years ago, super-intelligent alien beings
          descended to Earth brining knowledge and technology that altered the
          course of human evolution and cultural development is well known.  For
          the first time, we can exclusively reveal the key to unlock the
          secrets of these alien visitors!
    095 - Devotional Painting - Paradise -
          A painting expressing yearning for paradise and the desire for ever-
          lasting life.  The vision of paradise depicted here is distinctive to
    096 - The Homuranagi
          <Kajiro Family Heirloom>  Category: ancient sword.  Made of refined
          siderite extracted from the Mana Stone, its guard is decorated with an
          engraving of the Mana Cross.  The Homuranagi is said to harbour the
          strength of the heavens ...
          Scroll of Homuranagi <Kajiro Family Heirloom>  A picture scroll
          chronicling the religious inquisition of the Edo period.  The
          Homuranagi is shown driving back a fire set by the Shogunate in an 
          attempt to burn down the village.
    097 - Tamon Takeuchi's Childhood Diary
          August 25th, 1977.  Weather:  Sunny.
          I see Mommy and Daddy when I close my eyes.  I can hear them calling
          me.  Grandpa and Grandma say its only a dream but thatís not true.  I 
          want to go home, I want to see them.
    098 - Misumi Daily Gazette
          March 3rd, 2002 - Morning Edition.  Car Struck By Lightening, Bursts
          Into Flames.  
          A car driving down route 333 was hit by lightening and set on fire
          yesterday.  The driver, Haruo Yomoda (age 40) and his wife Hidemi (34)
          were killed in the accident.
    099 - The Truth Behind The Hanuda Incident
          Inscribed with a row of strange characters.
    100 - Misumi Daily Gazette
          August 6th, 2003 - Special Edition.  Landslide Survivor Found In
          Hanuda - 10 Year-Old Girl Rescued.
          Late night on August 2nd, Harumi Yomoda (aged 10) was miraculously
          rescued after being buried in the landslide that occurred three days
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