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    Making Of Transcript by Lesley Smith

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    'Making of Forbidden SIREN' Guide
    Copyright 2004 Lesley Smith
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    and private use. It must not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
    without prior written permission. Use of this guide on any other website or as
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    'SIREN' and 'Forbidden SIREN' are copyright of Sony SCEJ and SCEE. This guide
    is 100% unauthorised and any opinions and speculations made within are my own.
    version 1.01
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    5th April 2004 - First version (0.95) posted.
    5th April 2004 - Last and complete version (1.00) posted.
    5th April 2004 - Addition to FAQ section regarding the German demo disc.
    Shortly before the UK release of 'Forbidden SIREN', Official Playstation 2
    Magazine (UK) included a five-minute long 'making of documentary on their DVD
    disc. Due to the UK-only release (to my knowledge) I'm writing up a transcript
    for all those 'Forbidden SIREN' fans out there who couldn't get a copy. I've
    transcribed the Japanese to the best of my knowledge and any mistakes are my
    own. The documentary itself is in Japanese but dubbed over in English and all
    in-game footage, bar the two examples of the English menu system, are from the
    Japanese version.
    Be warned: For those of you who've not played or completed the game, this
    guide might contain some spoilers concerning the plot!
    Please tell me what you think of my guide by rating this FAQ or by emailing me
    at lesleysmith25@hotmail.co.uk
    Words materialise on a black screen:
        Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Presents:
    Static momentarily blurs the screen:
        The making of
    The screen shudders and an eerie sound echoes as two words appear:
        Forbidden SIREN
    The screen is filled with a huge window over a blue sky and FUJISAWA
    Takafumi, the producer, begins to speak:
        FUJISAWA: 'Forbidden SIREN', or 'SIREN' as its known in Japan started
        in a round about way about two and a half years ago. The moment games
        director, Keiichiro TOYAMA, showed me the project plan I knew it could
        be something special.
    The screen switches from a meeting and a table covered with paper and pictures
    from SIREN to an in-game shot of ONDA Risa, then static and KAJIRO Miyako
    appears. After a second, the camera does a close-up shot of storyboards and
    SUDA Kyoya is clearly visible.
        FUJISAWA: The concept really captured our imagination and inspired us from
        the very beginning. Keiichiro Toyama assembled a core team of people who'd
        had extensive experience and success in developing horror games at other
        games companies.
    In-game shot of ONDA Risa in the hospital, torch in hand:
        ONDA: Onee-chan nan no? (Big sister, is that you?)
    A crossing in the middle of a Japanese city, hundreds of people are moving
    and the image changes to TOYAMA and FUJISAWA talking.
        FUJISAWA: Looking back now the project is finished it's been a great
        experience to have worked with so many talented people.
    The screen is split in two, on the left is a scene from the game with Miyako
    lying sleeping in the Mirror Pool and on the right, her seiyuu OKAMOTO
    Natsuki is being filmed for the game wearing the same dress as her computer-
    generated counterpart.
        FUJISAWA: In a word the concept of 'Forbidden SIREN is 'survival'.
    In-game footage of SHIMURA Akira aiming his rifle at one of the Shibito and
    firing. Then the scene changes to a close-up of the winged Shibito policeman,
    ISHIDA Tetsuo and finally to YAO Hisako:
        FUJISAWA: But also we wanted to make it a distinctively Japanese
    In-game footage of ISHIDA, half-crazed, aiming his gun and the scene changes
    to SHIMURA Akira, standing in the mist:
        SHIMURA: Kuki ga so na shina. (There's nothing here.)
    The scene changes to the sound studio where 'SIREN' was recorded.
        FUJISAWA: We really wanted to utilise all of our collective skills and
        experience to create something unique.
    In-game footage of MAEDA Tomoko hammering at the window of the church, her
    parents are inside.
        TOMOKO: Okaa-san! (Mother!)
    More footage, this time of the reunion of Risa and her now-Shibito twin
    sister, Mina.
        FUJISAWA: We have high expectations for this project and we're excited
        to see how the game will be percieved not just in Japan but all over the 
    Game footage appears in quick succession, Mina moving, the Brain Shibito and
    SUDA Kyoya trying to start the abandoned truck. We see him release the hand
    break and the car moves forward, hitting ISHIDA Tetsuo. Then the scene
    changes to KAJIRO Jun firing at SUDA:
        MIYAKO (screaming): Yaaaa! (Nooooo!)
    After a close-up of Miyako, we return to FUJISAWA against the backdrop of blue
    sky. As he talks the scene shows the real locations on which the game
    environments were modelled - an abandoned house, a school corridor and a verge:
        FUJISAWA: I think the feeling of fear you experience when you playing the
        game shows our dedication to high production values. We even remodelled
        infamous haunted locations in Japan for inclusion into the game.
    A close-up of a Shibito woman with bleeding eyes laughing at YOMODA Harumi,
    who recoils in terror and runs in the opposite direction. The scene changes to
    director, TOYAMA Keiichiro sitting at a mixing desk in a sound studio:
        TOYAMA: The story is set in a small village deep in the mountains of
        Japan over a period of three days. 
    In-game footage of SUDA Kyoya and KAJIRO Miyako standing over the village,
    watching as the mists roll away. The scene then switches to Kyoya trying to
    keep his footing as the earthquake hits Hanyuda.
        TOYAMA: At midnight one night, there is a violent earthquake accompanied
        by a strange siren.
    Kyoya covers his ears as the siren wails and the scene changes to Miyako
    looking up to see her brother, Jun, approaching from behind Kyoya.
        TOYAMA: The story begins with the realisation that nearly all of the
        villagers have seemingly just vanished off the face of the earth.
    In-game footage of MIHAMA Naoko looking at the closed door behind her. The
    scene changes to a vulnerable KAJIRO Miyako panicking beside SUDA Kyoya.
    Finally we see the villagers walking in to the red sea.
        TOYAMA: Ten survivors are terrified when they learn that they too will
        be turned into zombies called the Shibito if they drink the red water or
        hear the siren.
    In-game footage; MIHAMA Naoko's head slips beneath the red water, the scene
    switches to YAO Hisako comforting MAKINO Kei in the church and again to SUDA
    Kyoya twirling around to realise ISHIDA Tetsuo has a gun aimed at him. As
    TOYAMA talks, the scene changes to SUDA running across a bridge then to
    TAKEUCHI Tamon walking past deserted houses, torch in hand.
        TOYAMA: As the story unfolds, the Shibito are omnipresent and the ten
        survivors must make their way, step-by-step, to the heart of the village
        to unravel the mystery.
    More in-game footage of SUDA before returning to TOYAMA in the sound studio.
    As he talks we see TATAKO Reiko picking up a torch and the camera pans out to
    reveal them hiding in a classroom of the school.
        TOYAMA: We want the player to experience fear as a real emotion. Just like
        they would in real life.
    In-game footage of the Shibito attacking looking around using the Sight-jack
    system and then spotting and attacking MAKINO Kei, killing him. Shifting, we
    see MAEDA Tomoko hiding behind a wall as a Shibito approaches from behind.
        TOYAMA: We focused on certain elements of the game which helped us to
        achieve this.
    One of the actors is having fake blood painted onto his face to make it look
    like it is streaming from his eyes. He is then shown being filmed from various
    angles. As TOYAMA talks, we see SUDA Kyoya's seiyuu SHINODA Mitsuyoshi being
    filmed and then acting out a scene.
        TOYAMA: By dressing up and putting make-up on real actors and then filming
        their facial expressions and body movements with eight different cameras
        angles we've created a strong sense of realism.
    We see KAJIRO Miyako's seiyuu undergoing the same treatment and then the
    screen splits. One the left SHINODA Mitsuyoshi is acting out the scene with
    the dead police officer, ISHIDA Tetsuo, and on the right is the end game
        SUDA: Doushio yaktoban, yakuji-san? (What do I do? Policeman-san?)
    The screen changes to the face of SHINODA Mitsuyoshi on the left and in-game
    footage of SUDA Kyoya on the right, repeating the line.
        SHINODA: Doushio yaktoban, yakuji-san? (What do I do? Policeman-san?)
    The camera pans over an abandoned house and we see soundmen with microphones
    as TOYAMA continues. We then return to in-game footage of SUDA Kyoya and
    KAJIRO Miyako knee-deep in fog and mist:
        TOYAMA: Similarly, with the environments, we used special effects to
        create a specific atmosphere such as the unique humidity of Japan so the
        player can experience what it's actually to be there in that situation.
    We return to in-game footage of characters dying. First MIHAMA Naoko as she
    climbs down a ladder in the school, then we see TAKATO Reiko hitting Shibito-
    fied principal Eiji Nagoshi with a crowbar while being assailed by Shibito
    and dying in the gym. Then SHIMURA Akira is hit as he attempts to aim his
    rifle at two Shibito at Gojaku Peak. TAKEUCHI Tamon fires his pistol at an
    oncoming Shinito but is hit and we see him fall to the ground.
        TOYAMA: The players in the game are place in an extraordinary weak and
        disadvantaged position in relation to the Shibito. So to attack them
        head on is not a wise strategy. 
    In-game footage of YAO Hisako teaching SUDA Kyoya to sight-jack.
        TOYAMA: Crucial to this game is the sight-jack system which allows the
        player to see through the eyes of others.
    More scenes of sight-jacking and we see the blue cross representing the player
    and the green cross representing the companion as a Shibito moves through 
    Karuwari, coming up to attack SUDA Kyoya, who disables it with a poker.
        TOYAMA: The system is intuitive and simple but encourages the player to
        use a wide range of strategies and tactics.
    The scene changes to FUJISAWA and then returns to in-game footage of the
        FUJISAWA: We've really tried to break new ground and create something
        different with this project.
    We see two figures, their faces veiled, walking up an aisle of people,
    chanting. Realising he has been spotted SUDA Kyoya flees. The scene switches
    to TAKEUCHI Tamon and ANNO Yoriko hiding, demonstrating the in-game menus.
    This is repeated as MAKINO Kei finds a shrine at Hirukotsuka and uses the
    menu to smash the lock with a stone.
        FUJISAWA: I think with the interactivity system we've developed, we've
        definitely achieved this.
    In-game footage: YAO Hisako turns to see MAEDA Mayumi and Takenobu fling open
    the church doors, calling for their daughter Tomoko. She stands and goes to
    them. The scene then switches to TAKEUCHI Tamon and ANNO Yoriko wincing at the
    sound of the siren.
        FUJISAWA: Although this is the first release, we hope that 'Forbidden
        SIREN' will develop into a successful fanchise.
    In-game footage: SUDA Kyoya looks out from behind a tree as KAJIRO Miyako hits
    something with a stone, her dog Kereb beside her. The dog hears him and looks
    up and the scene switches to TOYAMA.
        TOYAMA: To get totally immersed in the world of 'Forbidden SIREN' it
        should be played alone, at night in the dark wearing headphones with the
        volume up as loud as you dare.
    In-game footage: SUDA Kyoya stares at the red water which is being illuminated
    by his torch before yelling and running away. We then see his face as he sees
    his first flash from becoming connected to everyone in the village amd static.
    In the darkness of the screen, the website for the game appears:
    Then the credits appear.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    - Can I get a copy of this documentary.
    Yes, if you're in the UK look in the back of your Official Playstation 2
    Magazine and order issue number 44 (March 2004) direct from Future
    Publishing. If you are a foreign fan, bear in mind this is a PS2 encoding DVD
    meaning, because it features demos, it will only work on PAL format PS2s (to
    the best of my knowledge.) but you can order the issue direct from Future.
    UK fans should call: 0870 444 8656
    Non-UK fans should call: +44 1458 271100
    'Eddie M' has helpful emailed saying that the German site www.ps2demos.de is
    offering copies of the game that includes three playable missions, a promo
    video and the 'making of' in all European languages. The site has 1506 copies
    available but only to German residents (darn it! I want one!). The site also
    seems to have a time lock.
    *entering avid collector mode*
    If any one would be willing to order one and pass it on to me it would be
    gratefully appreciated!
    *exiting avid collector mode*
    - Project SIREN for creating the game.
    - SCEE from bringing it to Europe.
    - Official Playstation 2 Magazine (UK) for including the making of on their
    - Felix M.C. Li for all his help and assistance.
    - Eddie M for pointing me to the German version of the demo disc.

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