Review by Don Vercetti

"Glitches and poor gameplay"

Basically, this game is based on the Australian Football League. Better known as the AFL.

Graphics - 1/10
You may find 1/10 harsh, but I believe the graphics do not deserve to be rated. I cannot understand why the makers of the game would not map the players faces, You could only tell the difference between Matthew Lloyd and Jason Akermanis by looking at their hair color. This game is supposed to be 1 year ahead of Fifa 2003. By the looks of this game, Fifa 2003 is 3 years ahead of AFL live 04. The only reason I give it any rating at all is because the grounds are made well. When you look at the MCG or the SCG you see a stand and you can recognize it.

Sound - 2/10
Very poor sound, I will begin with commentary. Commentary is very glitchy, for example when you are tackled the commentator will say you made a good tackle, when in fact you were the one tackled. Also the commentary has been put together horribly, for example ''Lloyd....Kicks his....4th....goal!''. The commentary becomes so repetitive it will make you turn on the radio.
The Crowd - The crowd is lifeless, no chanting, no rumbling roars, No excitement.
The only fair sounds are the main game sounds such as kicking, tackling and handpassing. When the ball is kicked it sounds like a ball has been kicked.

Control - 0/10
Sloppy. It is very very difficult to control the players. The button to tackle is the same to kick. While running side by side with an opposition player to pick up the ball, if you do not believe you will get there first and you begin to hit tackle, you may end up picking it up and chipping it out of bounds on the full. The Marking/Speccie system is horrible. You can speccie in mid air, without another player to support your jump.

Difficulty - 0/10
On easy, after playing for 1/2 an hour, you will be able to beat any team by 150 points. On medium you will not be able to beat any teams with such a sloppy control system. Hard is just way too difficult, if you touch the ball once during a match I'd personally give you a medal.

Overall - 1/10
Definitely the most rushed, sloppy, unplayable sports game I have ever played.

Final Recommendation - 1/10 Do NOT buy! Do NOT hire!
I feel sick because I spent $7 on hiring this game. If you do hire this soft moist shapeless mass of matter, I guarantee you will regret it. If you purchase this game, I guarantee you will not play it for more than a week.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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