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    Game Script by Ascerute

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            FRONT MISSION 4 TRANSCRIPT 
    Transcribed by: Tequila Pop (nachtauge(at)gmail.com) 
           Version: 1.10 
    Date completed: 6th April 2005
      Date updated: 12th April 2005
    This transcript is probably the oddest addition to the Front Mission stuff out 
    there, due to all the attention on Wanzers instead of their pilots. 
    Anyway, this file covers the entirety of the Front Mission 4 script.
    This includes all optional dialogue, based on the path of getting all bonus
    items through talking. 
    [blah blah] indicates action. 
    (blah blah) indicates personal notes, usually to clarify things or in most 
    cases, give an indication of the tone of speech done by the voice actor. 
    Version 1.10
    12th April 2005 | Formatting, spelling, and redundancy mistakes fixed (all of
                      them, I hope). Change of email address.
    Version 1.00
    6th April 2005 | The first edition, and most likely the last one.
    To jump to a specific chapter, CTRL-F (for Windows users) or COMMAND-F (for Mac
    users) and type in the code within the brackets. 
    Chapter 00 | TRAINING WHEELS [DCHP00] 
                 - The Durandal training grounds 
                 - Jutland, southern Denmark 
    Chapter 02 | EYES OF CRIMSON RED [DCHP02] 
                 - German base in Sachsen-Anhalt 
    Chapter 03 | AND LET THERE BE GOLD [UCHP00] 
                 - Eastern Venezuela
                 - Venezuelan State Army base in Guinerama
    Chapter 05 | NO. JUST... NO. [DCH03] 
                 - The resource base in Poland 
    Chapter 06 | GERMAN GUYS GALORE [DCHP04] 
                 - The German border 
    Chapter 07 | SCHOOL RIVALRY [DCHP05] 
                 - The Blauer Nebel base in Germany 
                 - Port Cumana 
    Chapter 09 | I THINK SHE LIKES ME! [UCHP03] 
                 - Cumana City 
    Chapter 10 | MEET THE NEW FOLK [UCHP04] 
                 - Refugee village 
    Chapter 11 | SIKE! [DCHP06] 
                 - Wassau, Germany 
                 - The Zaftra border 
                 - La Alianza's hideout in Caracas 
    Chapter 14 | NO, DON'T RUN! [UCHP06] 
                 - The Governor's manor in Caracas  
    Chapter 15 | OH, DEAR GOD [UCHP07] 
                 - Caracas (same map as Chapter 13) 
    Chapter 16 | WELCOME TO MY COUNTRY [DCHP08] 
                 - Nikolaev, Zaftra 
    Chapter 17 | ... ABOMINATOR? [UCHP08] 
                 - The jungle 
    Chapter 18 | FOR THE GREATER GOOD [DCHP09] 
                 - The E.C. Megafloat Base 
    Chapter 19 | EVACUATION [DCHP10] 
                 - A town at Madeira Island 
    Chapter 20 | KNOCK, KNOCK, ANYONE HOME? [UCHP09] 
                 - Outside the Zaftran Base
    Chapter 21 | A RUSH DOWN [UCHP10] 
                 - The elevator shaft in the Zaftran Base
    Chapter 22 | CARRIER DEFENCE [DCHP11] 
                 - A cliff at Madeira Island 
    Chapter 23 | TO ARMS, TO ARMS [DCHP12] 
                 - The Zaftran border fortress 
                 - The resource base in Zaftra
    Chapter 25 | BACK FOR MORE [UCHP11] 
                 - Caracas Highway 
                 - Central Caracas 
    Chapter 27 | THE UNCERTAINTY [DCHP14]
                 - Paris suburbs
    Chapter 28 | WAGNER... [DCHP15]
                 - Outside the E.C. Assembly building
    Chapter 29 | FAREWELL... OR NOT. [UCHP13] 
                 - Cumana Terminal
    Famous last words [FLW] 
    [We see a military base.] 
    [Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. 2.47am.] 
    [All seems normal as we survey the base, until a targeting scope appears on  
     screen. It examines various parts of the German base. Unidentified wanzers  
     from the outside then launch a surprise attack, completely decimating the  
     German base. The screen fades out to black.] 
    [The Durandal logo appears.] 
    Since the end of the second Huffman Conflict, "wanzers", giant humanoid armored
    vehicles, have quickly become the mainstay of all armies. But even now, wanzer
    warfare is still in its early stages of development. 
    In 2096, the nations of the European Community cooperatively founded a semi- 
    military research organization for the sole purpose of developing and assessing
    wanzer tactics for the E.C.'s armies. 
    This organization, based in the U.K, is called the E.C Armor Tactics Research  
    Corps, a.k.a "Durandal". 
    [The text and logo fades.] 
    [We come to the scene of a shaking cargo hold, with a kneeling wanzer.] 
      Father One: Father One to Arrow Six. What's your status? 
       Arrow Six: Arrow Six, all checks are green. Initiating pre-start pilot  
                  Confirmation complete. 
      Father One: Arrow Six, you must be wondering why you're here... 
            Elsa: (previously known as Arrow Six) No, sir. I was informed that new
                   Durandal recruits are always thrown into a wanzer before 
                   assuming their post... 
      Father One: Yes, that's how we do things. But rest assured that this is not a
                  test. Just remember what you learned by piloting wanzers in the  
                  French Army, and you should do fine. 
            Elsa: Yes, sir, Commander! 
      Father One: Please do away with the formalities. We're a research institute,
                  not an army. 
            Elsa: Thank you, sir. 
         Copilot: I'm gonna initiate jump procedures, if you two don't mind. 
    [The cargo bay's lights flash red as the cargo door opens, revealing bright  
     sunlight filtering through the hold.] 
    [The transport plane enters the field.] 
         Copilot: Cargo bay, all green... 
                  Jump in 10... 
                  5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 
                  Arrow Six, jump! 
            Elsa: Arrow Six, jumping. 
    [Elsa jumps out with her wanzer, and turns around a bit to watch the transport
     plane fly off.] 
            Elsa: Arrow Six, jump complete. 
      Father One: Arrow Six, status report. 
            Elsa: Father One, Arrow six all green. 
    [The transport plane hovers from above.] 
         Copilot: So, how's the new mount? 
            Elsa: Its response is so quick, it's hard to balance. The control 
                  layout is a bit different from the standard ones... 
         Copilot: Were you expecting any less? That's a 'Durandal Special' you're  
                  in, lady! 
      Father One: If you don't think you can handle it, we can cancel the exercise.
            Elsa: No, I'll be fine. Please begin. 
      Father One: Good to hear, Arrow Six. Now, follow my instructions closely... 
    [The screen fades to mission mode. Day, clear.] 
      Father One: Are you ready, Arrow Six? First, move your wanzer to the  
                  Indicated spot. 
    [Elsa does so, and the screen fades back to the transport plane's POV.] 
      Father One: Do you need more time to practice? 
            Elsa: No, I'm used to it now. Thanks. 
      Father One: Good. Let's proceed to the next step. 
                  Arrow Two and Four will be your opponents. Your weapons are armed
                  with training shells, so take a few shots at them to adjust your
    [Elsa turns to see two wanzers coming into view, emerging from the side of the
     buildings. The screen fades back to mission mode. Elsa attacks.] 
      Arrow Four: Hey, she's pretty good. 
       Arrow Two: Father One, requesting permission to initiate combat with Arrow
      Father One: You are not authorized to engage your opponent, Arrow Two. 
       Arrow Two: Don't you think it's about time you stopped pampering the new  
                  recruit, Father One? I'm going to fight her, whether you like it
                  or not. 
    [Arrow Two proceeds forward towards Elsa.] 
      Arrow Four: Hey, Arrow Two, take it easy. 
         Copilot: Ha-ha! This should be interesting. 
      Father One: Arrow Two, stand down! 
            Elsa: It's all right, I don't mind. 
      Father One: But... (sighs) 
    [Elsa readies her stance as Arrow Four approaches behind Arrow Two.] 
      Arrow Four: Oh, well. I guess I'll join in the fun, too. 
    [Mission mode. Day, clear.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [The transport plane hovers close to Elsa.] 
            Elsa: This is Arrow Six. Are we done? 
      Father One: Yes, Arrow Six. 
    [The scene shifts to a distance to Arrow Two and Arrow Four.] 
      Arrow Four: She got us good, didn't she, Arrow Two? 
       Arrow Two: ... 
    [The screen fades to the briefing room.] 
            Zead: Good work. 
                  Let me introduce you. This is Elsa, the newest member of our  
                  research team, the Durandal. 
            Elsa: Nice to meet you. 
          Hermes: Nice to meet you too, Elsa. 
                  I'm Hermes. I'm in charge of data analysis and electronic systems
                  engineering for the Durandal. 
            Elsa: It shall be a pleasure working with you. Oh... But what about...?
            Zead: You mean Arrow Two and Four? 
                  They disobeyed orders and broke the rules. 
                  Although the Durandal is not an army, we expect our members to  
                  follow the mission leader's commands. For the good of the group,
                  of course. 
            Elsa: Are they being punished? 
          Hermes: Hey, Zead. Maybe you could go a little easy on them this time? 
            Elsa: What are you making them do? If they are being punished, I should
                  be as well. I did take part in the fight. 
            Zead: Oh? Well, if you enjoy cleaning toilets so much, I have an extra
                  toothbrush you can use. 
            Elsa: Toilets...? Oh... 
            Zead: Don't worry. I am sure they won't hold a grudge against you. 
                  They only wanted to see how well you could fight, and show them  
                  you did. 
                  Now... are there any other questions? 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: The Durandal consists of more than ex-military personnel--we have
                  scientists as well, with experts in robotics, human engineering,
                  and even psychology. 
            Elsa: Just for exploring better ways of using wanzers in battle? 
            Zead: Yes, that's right. We pilots are here to test and assess the  
                  technology created by the scientists. In other words, we are   
                  wanzer critics. 
                  Speaking of which, I should tell you about setting up your  
                  wanzer's computer. 
                  Every Durandal pilot is expected to know how to customize their  
                  wanzer for maximum efficiency. 
          Hermes: Members of the Durandal aren't all from the E.C, you know. Take  
                  me, for example. I'm from the U.C.S. 
            Elsa: Were you in the U.C.S. Army? 
          Hermes: Ah, no. I'm not the military type. But I do like wanzers. 
                  That's why I came here. 
                  You can fiddle with wanzers all you want, even if you're only a  
          Hermes: The simulator isn't limited to testing and researching wanzer
                  tactics. It can also create fairly accurate combat situations. 
                  I'm still writing the simulated battle programs, but once I'm  
                  done, you should try them out and do some training. 
     [/Talk menu] 
            Zead: Let's end the debriefing. Dismissed. 
          Hermes: All right! Time for Elsa's welcoming party! 
            Elsa: What? We are going now? 
            Zead: Yes, why not? 
          Hermes: Yeah. Remember, we're not an army, so take it easy. 
            Elsa: Ah...All right... 
    [The scene fades to a news article, with the headline: GERMAN BASES ATTACKED!!]
    The governments of the world are seeking answers today after a series of  
    coordinated attacks wreaked havoc on German military installations. 
    The German government announced that unknown assailants damaged five of its  
    bases beyond repair. 
    In an ongoing emergency meeting in Paris, Assembly members are attempting to  
    organize a collaborative investigation of the attacks. However, due to recent  
    uncooperative trends among the E.C. leaders, progress is expected to be slow at
    [The article fades. We are now in the board room meeting with the Assembly  
          Noland: Hah. The media are the uncooperative ones, I tell you. 
         Allison: I'm sorry. Did you say something, sir? 
          Noland: No, nothing. 
         Premier: ...And we have placed all of our troops on the highest alert. I
                  advise you to do the same thing with your forces. 
          Noland: Have you begun an investigation into the identity of the   
                  assailants yet? 
         Premier: Of course. Glaeser, step forward. 
          Noland: Who is this? 
         Premier: This is Brigadier General Glaeser of the German Army. He is also
                  the head of our nation's special forces squadron, the 'Blauer  
                  I have appointed him as leader of the investigation. 
         Glaeser: Gentlemen. 
                  We have already begun a sweep of the German Army and Blauer Nebel
                  bases that were attacked. 
                  From the data we have gathered so far, we estimate there were at 
                  least four companies of enemy airborne units participating in the
       President: Four companies of wanzers! How did they manage to sneak into the
                  E.C. unnoticed!? 
         Premier: What were the German surveillance units doing!? 
         Premier: Who were these attackers? Why did they attack those German bases?
         Premier: Gentlemen, please calm down. The investigation has just begun. We
                  will find the answers to these questions in due time. 
         Glaeser: I would like to propose a restructuring of the E.C.'s armies'  
                  command echelons and a reevaluation of their personnel, in order
                  to prevent anything like this from happening again. 
          Noland: I understand your concern, but we cannot shift the military  
                  balance within the E.C. so easily. 
       President: Are you attempting to use this incident as an excuse to  
                  strengthen your country's military? 
         Premier: Glaeser... this incident and your suggestions must be considered 
                  separately. I would advice you to focus your efforts on the  
         Glaeser: Yes, sir... 
          Noland: Mister Glaeser, I would like you to add a few people to your
                  investigation team. 
         Glaeser: Sir, with all due respect, we do not need the help of the British
                  Army. This is a domestic problem. 
          Noland: No, this is an E.C. problem. Would it not be advisable for an  
                  E.C. institution to take part in the investigation? 
       President: I agree with Mister Noland. 
         Premier: Hmm... He does have a point. 
         Premier: It is reasonable. 
         Premier: Fair enough. Do you have any objections, Glaeser? 
         Glaeser: Who is it you propose to send? 
          Noland: The E.C. Armor Tactics Research Corps, 'Durandal', based in the  
                  They are specialists in wanzer combat. They should be more than  
                  qualified for the job. 
    [The screen fades to the wreaked remains of the German base, but with several  
     investigating wanzers on the ground. The Durandal transport plane flies in and
     lands, as a wanzer approaches them.] 
          Wagner: You must be the Durandal. Who's in command? 
            Zead: This is Zead. I am charged with leading our investigation. Are  
                  you a member of the Blauer Nebel? 
          Wagner: I am Wagner, the commander. 
            Elsa: At your service, Commander. 
            Zead: We would like to start our investigation immediately. We'll be  
                  coming out in our wanzers. 
          Wagner: Before you do so, let me make one thing clear: The Blauer Nebel  
                  will lead this investigation. You will be updated of our  
                  progress, but are advised to stay out of our way. 
            Elsa: What? But we are here under the official sanction of the E.C.  
                  Central Assembly! 
          Wagner: That is all. Now, if you will excuse me... 
    [Wagner walks off.] 
            Elsa: Wait! 
          Hermes: Hey, take it easy. We don't want to pick a fight with them. 
            Elsa: But... 
    [Zead gets out of the transport.] 
            Zead: They have their own way of doing things. Don't forget that  
                  someone slaughtered their compatriots, and they're not in the
                  best of moods. 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: But don't worry. We have our own way of doing things as well.
                  Take your wanzer out. We're searching the base. 
            Elsa: Understood. 
    [The scene fades into the Durandal transport plane's cargo bay.] 
            Elsa: Elsa here. How are things on your side? 
          Hermes: Zead brought back some parts from the attackers' wanzers and a  
                  few shell casings from their weapons. 
                  We're just about to start analyzing them with the transport's  
            Zead: Can you give us a report on your search area? 
            Elsa: It is... bad. I cannot believe one of the best armies in the E.C
                  would suffer such great losses. 
            Zead: Yes... nor can I. 
            Elsa: I am done with my search, so I will be returning shortly. Please
                  keep the cargo bay door open. 
          Hermes: Roger! We'll be waiting. 
    [Time passes.] 
            Elsa: I am back. How is the analysis going? 
          Hermes: Not good. There's nothing on the wanzer parts, weapons, or  
                  casings that tell us where the attackers came from. 
            Elsa: You cannot even determine the make of the wanzers? 
          Hermes: Everything's burnt up pretty bad. 
                  It looks like these wanzers had self-destruct charges in every  
                  I can't believe anyone would ride these things... 
            Elsa: The parts I recovered are in the same state. I guess the chances
                  of retrieving any information from them are slim... 
            Zead: There's barely anything left of the pilots. This is definitely  
                  not the work of terrorists. 
            Elsa: I see... 
            Zead: You seem troubled, Elsa. What is it? 
            Elsa: It does not make sense. Why would anyone go through all the  
                  trouble of performing synchronized attacks on five different   
                  bases so far from the border, then just disappear? 
            Zead: Yes, it is puzzling. 
          Hermes: Germany's surveillance system is top-class, too. They would never
                  miss a large wing of transport planes crossing their border. 
            Zead: What's your opinion, Elsa? 
            Elsa: I think they must have entered the E.C. by air, landed somewhere
                  that would serve as a base camp, and traveled overland to their  
          Hermes: Isn't that a little risky, though? Someone would be bound to see
            Zead: No, Elsa's right. If you know a safe route and take your time, it
                  is possible to avoid detection. 
            Elsa: If we only knew the make of the attackers' wanzers... We could  
                  narrow down their probable  escape routes based on the wanzers'  
                  operational range... 
            Zead: Wait, we can still do that! All we have to do is to base our  
                  calculations on the longest operational range of all known  
          Hermes: I'm on it! Elsa, give me a hand. 
            Elsa: Sure. 
    [Meanwhile, Wagner and Dranz are outside on top of a base. They look on at the
     Durandal transport.] 
          Wagner: What are they doing? 
           Dranz: I can't tell, sir, but it seems like they're checking something  
                  inside their transport. 
          Wagner: !? 
    [The Durandal transport takes off.] 
          Wagner: Have them followed. I want to know where they're going. 
           Dranz: Yes, sir. 
    [The transport travels to Jutland in southern Denmark, and comes to a seemingly
     remote base.] 
          Hermes: Yeah, this is the place. Even if a large transport plane landed  
                  here, the locals would just think they saw a UFO or something. 
            Zead: Good. Let's try to land. 
    [Hermes attempts to do so, but a burst of gunfire shoots out at the Durandal  
          Hermes: Whoa! They're shooting at us! 
            Zead: We must land here, one way or another! 
          Hermes: I know, I know! 
    [The wanzers from down below continue shooting.] 
            Elsa: I am preparing for combat! 
            Zead: I'm going with you. 
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.] 
            Zead: Hermes, lift off and stay out of range. 
          Hermes: You don't have to tell me twice. 
            Elsa: Let us go. 
            Zead: Elsa... Is this your first time in actual combat? 
            Elsa: Yes, but... I'll be all right. 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [Hermes lands the transport.] 
          Hermes: I'm glad to see you're both safe! 
            Zead: The feeling's mutual. 
    [They proceed to walk to the back of the transport.] 
            Elsa: There were fewer of them than I expected. 
            Zead: It seems like they'd already started to retreat. 
            Elsa: But if that was the case, they should have been taking all of the
                  equipment here with them. Judging by the way they do things, they
                  should have gotten rid of any proof that they were ever here. 
            Zead: Good point. 
            Elsa: Still, it looks like they left in a hurry... 
          Hermes: Do you think they knew we were coming? 
            Elsa: I would certainly hope not... 
            Zead: In any case, let's search the place. We should also retrieve the
                  remains of the enemy wanzers for further analysis. 
          Hermes: It's a waste of time, if you ask me. This place is as burnt up as
                  that German base... 
    [Back in the Durandal transport's cargo bay.] 
            Elsa: There was nothing in the boxes they left behind. They did a good 
                  job of covering their tracks. 
            Zead: Roger. Hermes, anything on your side? 
          Hermes: Hrm... I wonder... 
            Elsa: Did you find something? 
          Hermes: Come look at this. 
    [A screen display of a table diagram appears.] 
            Zead: What is it? 
          Hermes: It's a code from a microchip that barely made it in one piece.   
                  It's from one of their wanzers. It looks like a file from a leg 
                  parts stabilizer program. 
            Zead: Is it enough to be used as evidence? 
          Hermes: Every wanzer manufacturer has its own bipedal locomotion  
                  stabilizer program, and they're top-secret. 
                  You can usually identify  a wanzer's maker by looking at the  
                  program's quirks... 
            Elsa: Can you tell which company this one is from? Is it from the E.C.?
                  The O.C.U.? 
          Hermes: I need to run some more tests to be sure, but I'd say it looks a
                  lot like Demitri Corp's program... 
            Zead: Demitri! The Zaftran corporation? 
          Hermes: Yeah. But this doesn't tell us if these wanzers were actually  
                  made in the Republic of Zaftra... 
            Elsa: But Zaftra doesn't export wanzers. 
            Zead: And I can see no reason for Zaftra to attack Germany. 
          Hermes: Yeah, I know. There isn't one country in the world that's at odds
                  with Germany these days. 
            Zead: Well, at least we've managed to find some kind of lead. But we  
                  need to have it analyzed further by the proper authorities. Let's
                  go back to the German base. 
          Hermes: Why are we going back there? Can't we go straight to the  
                  investigation headquarters? 
            Zead: We didn't tell Wagner we'd be coming here. At the very least, we
                  have to tell him where we've been. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: It doesn't look like there are any more hostiles nearby... still,
                  we'd better make sure our wanzers are properly equipped. 
          Hermes: Man, I didn't think we'd get into a firefight... From now on,   
                  we'd better make sure our wanzers are ready. 
                  If we set the armor on our wanzers to a certain type, it should  
                  lessen the damage we take from weapons of the corresponding type.
                  For example, if we set our armor type to fire-resistant, it  
                  should absorb a third of the damage from missiles and grenades. 
                  There are two other armor types. Piercing-resistant armor lessens
                  the damage taken from machine guns and rifle rounds. 
                  Impact-resistant armor lessens the damage taken from shotgun  
                  rounds and melee weapons like knuckles and rods. 
                  It'd pay to remember that. It might save your life. 
     [/Talk menu] 
    [The Durandal crew returns back to the German base in Sachsen-Anhalt, and lands
     in front of Wagner.] 
          Wagner: Where have you been? 
            Zead: We've been carrying out our own investigation. Out of your way,  
                  as you requested. And we've succeeded in obtaining some evidence.
          Wagner: Evidence...? 
            Elsa: Yes. They should lead us to the identity of the attackers... 
    [There is a sudden explosion near the base, followed by several more.] 
            Zead: Bloody hell! 
            Elsa: What is going on? 
    [Wagner runs off to the direction of the explosions.] 
          Hermes: The enemy! They're here! They must have followed us! 
            Elsa: That's impossible! Their transports had already left Denmark! 
            Zead: I don't understand it either, but now's not the time for  
                  discussion! Get the wanzers out, now! 
    [The Durandal wanzers emerge from the back of the plane.] 
          Hermes: I'll go, too! 
            Elsa: You? 
          Hermes: You didn't think piloting transports was all I was good for, did
    [Mission mode. Clear, evening.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [It is now night time. Hermes returns back to the plane, and Wagner approaches
     Zead and Elsa.] 
            Zead: I see you're still in one piece. 
          Wagner: Yes. 
            Zead: We'll be returning to headquarters to analyze the evidence we  
                  found. What about you? 
          Wagner: I must stay here and clean up this mess... 
            Zead: But of course. 
          Hermes: Ready to go when you are. 
    [Wagner goes off.] 
            Elsa: ... 
    [Elsa and Zead head back to the transport.] 
            Zead: Did you see, on the monitor...? 
            Elsa: Yes. Wagner's irises... they were red. 
            Zead: And those tactics he used--I've never seen them before... The   
                  Blauer Nebel's secrets run deep. 
            Elsa: Yes... 
    [The Durandal team heads for Berlin. They are in Glaeser's office.] 
            Zead: ... and that is all we have to report, sir. Here is the microchip
                  in question. 
         Glaeser: I see. Thank you. 
            Elsa: You... you are not surprised? 
         Glaeser: Does it seem that way to you? 
                  It is probably because I am still in a state of shock. 
            Elsa: ... 
         Glaeser: Truly, I am. German soldiers were butchered by unknown assailants
                  for no apparent reason. 
                  But I must be calm, as leader of this investigation and as an  
                  officer of the Army. 
            Zead: ... 
         Glaeser: I train my men--harshly at times--so that they are always ready
                  to repel any enemy that would threaten our country. 
                  Not many officers in the German Army think this way anymore. 
                  Most of them are concerned with furthering their careers than  
                  training their men. If it were not for them, this tragedy would  
                  never have happened. 
            Zead: Will our findings be announced immediately? 
         Glaeser: We will most likely announce... that certain evidence has been  
                  But that is for the E.C. Assembly to decide, not me. I would  
                  advice you to return to the U.K. and wait for the official  
            Elsa: But we cannot! 
                  We must investigate further! We neither know the reason for the  
                  attacks, nor if Zaftra is truly behind this! 
         Glaeser: That is work for the politicians and diplomats. Your job here is
                  As leader of this investigation, I order you to return to your  
                  headquarters immediately. Dismissed! 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: Yes, sir. We will be on our way. Come, Elsa. 
            Elsa: ... All right. 
         Glaeser: You. Wait. 
            Zead: Yes, sir? 
         Glaeser: Your subordinates seem to make it a habit of questioning their  
                  I remember another time, long ago, where your subordinates  
                  ignored my direct orders. I would advise you to train them  
            Zead: ... Good day, sir. 
            Elsa: ... 
    [They leave the office.] 
            Zead: I admire your tenacity, Elsa. 
            Elsa: Oh...? 
            Zead: What you said in there was right. As long as we are part of this
                  investigation, it is our duty to see it to its end. It is our   
                  duty--and our right--to do so. 
            Elsa: Zead... 
            Zead: Let's go home, Elsa. To Durandal Headquarters. 
            Elsa: Let us go. 
       Frederick: Excuse me! Hey, you! Wait! 
            Elsa: ? 
       Frederick: You're a member of the team that's investigating the attacks on
                  the German bases, right? Mind if I ask you a few questions...? 
            Zead: And who exactly are you? 
        Fredrick: What do I look like? I'm a journalist. Oh, hey, but don't worry,
                  I don't belong to any of the papers. I'm a freelance writer. I  
                  specialize in nonfiction. 
            Zead: You know as well as I do that we can't answer any questions. 
                  And this area is off-limits to the media. I won't call security, 
                  but you should leave before they find you. 
       Frederick: Hey, give a guy a break, mister. It's not easy making a living
                  freelance, you know? 
                  Hey, you his secretary? Come on, help me out here. 
            Elsa: Secretary!? 
            Zead: You are very entertaining, sir, but if you do not desist, I will
                  call security. 
       Frederick: All right, all right, I'm leaving. For today, at least. See you
                  around, li'l miss secretary! 
            Elsa: Wait! I'm not a-- 
            Zead: Come on, li'l miss secretary, we're leaving. 
            Elsa: Zead!!! 
    [Map of Venezuela, as part of the Unified Continental States (U.C.S.). A
     newspaper article appears, with the headline 'VENEZUELA DECLARES INDEPENDENCE'
     with a photo of Governor Diaz.]
    The U.C.S. Central Government has elected to send troops to its state of
    Venezuela following a declaration of independence made earlier this week by
    Governor Diaz.
    Colonel Donalds, commander of the 332nd Mobile Company being dispatched to
    Venezuela, promises to fully liberate the state within a week of his troops'
    On the other hand, Diaz strongly emphasizes that his state's secession is the
    will of the people of Venezuela, who have been suffering under U.C.S.
    oppression for far too long.
    [We fade to a blue, sunny yet cloudy sky.]
          Darril: (voice over) I think we all want the same thing... To do
                  something great, become rich and famous, marry our sweetheart,
                  and have cute little kids.
                  But most of us never realize those dreams, and as the years pass,
                  they drift away from our minds one by one, like leaves in autumn.
                  We think they crumble away and disappear... but in truth, they're
                  always there, only scattered away by the winds of fate.
                  And fate, as we all know, is a fickle thing. Sometimes she drops
                  one of those leaves in our paths just to see what we'd do.
                  Of course, we're all bound to pick it up...
    [We trail down to some wanzers walking, and they stop.]
          Darril: Ahh... Beautiful day, ain't it?
          Renges: Yeah. It really is.
        Chaeffer: Hey, guys? Umm... shouldn't we be getting back to our patrol
    [Both wanzers at the front turn to see Chaeffer approaching them.]
          Darril: C'mon, we're assigned to rear defense. The hotheads who
                  volunteered to be at the front can take care of Governor Diaz for
                  us. Just relax.
          Renges: Right. The U.C.S. Army doesn't pay us enough to be heroes. Just
                  sit down, lay back, and take in the view.
    [Meanwhile, radio crackle can be heard in the background.]
          Renges: But first, turn off that damn radio. How can a man get any sleep
                  with all that racket?
        Chaeffer: Sorry, I'm just bored...
          Renges: As I said, take a nap... or I'll put you to sleep.
        Chaeffer: Hey, what's this...?
    [A cut scene, of a damage plane with smoke trailing, flashes.]
        Chaeffer: Huh?
    [Another flash.]
          Renges: Dammit, I said--
        Chaeffer: W-waitaminute, listen!
           Radio: Mayday! Mayday, Caracas Tower! The controls aren't responding!
                  We're losing altitude! We... we're gonna crash!!!
    [The very same plane flies over them, and crashes into a nearby forest.]
          Darril: What the hell was that!?
        Chaeffer: Probably a Venezuelan Army transport...
          Darril: Tell me something I don't know, genius.
          Renges: It didn't fall too far from here...
          Darril: Yeah.
        Chaeffer: What are we gonna do?
          Darril: (sighs) We're going to check it out.
    [Darril goes off.]
        Chaeffer: Huh? But I thought we were gonna sit back and relax...?
          Renges: You stay and do that.
    [Renges follows Darril.]
        Chaeffer: H-Hey, don't leave me here all by myself! Wait!
    [Chaeffer goes after them. They reach the wreaked plane, and Renges kneels to
     get a closer look at it.]
          Darril: How's it look?
    [Renges stands after a while.]
          Renges: They didn't make it.
        Chaeffer: Yo! Check this out!
    [They come across a cargo box.]
          Darril: What is it?
        Chaeffer: The cargo. Looks like this is all they were carrying.
          Renges: Only that? That's strange...
          Darril: Whatever's in there's gotta be worth a helluva lot.
          Renges: Or it could be a trap...
    [Darril turns to Chaeffer.]
          Darril: ... Chaeffer, you open it.
    [Darril and Renges back far away as Chaffer looks at both of them.]
        Chaeffer: Me? Why me!?
                  ... Okay, okay, fine! I'll open it.
    [Chaeffer opens the box to reveal tons of gold. They get closer look.]
        Chaeffer: Whoa!
          Renges: This is...
          Darril: Yeah... it's gold. How much do you figure there is?
          Renges: Two... no, three tons, at least.
          Darril: That's about twenty-five million dollars.
        Chaeffer: T-twenty-five MILLION?
          Renges: I think I know what this is. I heard that Diaz used his position
                  as governor to hoard incredible amounts of money for himself.
          Darril: Maybe he got scared when we showed up, and decided to move his
                  cache elsewhere...
                  So that means...
          Renges: Yeah.
        Chaeffer: Means what?
          Darril: Listen. This secret cache of gold belongs to Diaz. What do you
                  think he'd do if it disappeared?
        Chaeffer: Uh... look for it?
          Darril: How? He can't go to the police. He can't go on TV and ask the
                  people of Venezuela to help him look for it.
          Renges: He can't make it public that he had this kind of money. It's not
                  supposed to exist. But we have it right here in front of us.
        Chaeffer: Oh my God... We're gonna steal it, aren't we?
          Darril: Finders keepers! But don't tell anyone. All right, amigo?
          Renges: You sure about this?
          Darril: About what? Deserting? Or being chased by the Venezuelan State
          Renges: Both.
          Darril: Well, I think it's worth the risk. I mean, we're not getting
                  anywhere in the army anyway. With this gold, though... we can do
                  all the things we've ever dreamed of!
          Renges: Good enough for me, amigo.
    [They head back to the U.C.S. garrison.]
    U.C.S. Guard: Hey, Darril. You done with your patrol?
          Darril: Yeah. Anything interesting happen while we were gone?
           Guard: A-yup. I heard the flyboys shot down a State Army plane.
          Renges: Oh? Any details?
           Guard: Nah. That's all I heard. You gonna report to HQ, right? You
                  should ask around there.
    [Talk menu]
           Guard: I envy you guys. While I'm stuck here, you guys go on 'patrol'.
                  Don't deny it! I know you're not doing any work out there.
          Renges: We gotta make sure no one knows we found that crate.
          Renges: The longer we stay here, the higher the chances of someone
                  finding out. Let's hurry.
        Chaeffer: Carrying that thing with our wanzers isn't gonna be easy. We'll
                  need one of those trucks in the hangar, but they probably won't
                  let us take one without a good reason...
          Darril: Don't worry. I'll think of something.
    [They head inside the base.]
        Mechanic: Hey, Renges, my man. How's it going?
          Renges: Not too bad. I need to borrow one of those trucks. You know, for
                  the usual work. I have some connections here.
        Mechanic: Not today, Renges. I almost got into trouble last time. Make your
                  connections wait for a while, okay? Unless you bring me an
                  official allocation order, that is.
        Chaeffer: Hey, Renges. What 'connections'?
          Renges: You don't need to know.
        Chaeffer: Does Darril know?
          Darril: Kind of.
      [Talk menu]
        Mechanic: I already told you, I can't let you use any hardware without an
                  official order.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They head to the Command Center.]
          Darril: Fifth Platoon reporting, sir! We encountered no enemy activity on
                  our patrol, sir!
           Major: Thank you, Sergeant. Dismissed.
          Darril: Yes, sir!
         Donalds: Wait. Major, isn't Fifth Platoon in charge of Sector B-2?
          Darril: Yes, sir!
         Donalds: Did you see anything suspicious?
          Darril: Nothing out of the ordinary, sir.
         Donalds: You didn't hear any explosions or receive any transmissions?
          Darril: No, sir.
         Donalds: Then exactly WHAT were you doing in Sector B-2!?
          Darril: Patrolling, sir!
        Chaeffer: Pfft... Heh heh...
         Donalds: Something funny, Private!?
        Chaeffer: Oh, uh... no. I mean, no, sir!
         Donalds: ... Major, I seem to remember hearing from you that these men
                  have utterly deplorable track records. Is this true?
           Major: Yes, sir. Especially this sergeant. He's famous for skipping out
                  on his duties...
         Donalds: Wonderful! How does the general expect me to fight the State Army
                  with such useless personnel!?
                  Why, I'd be surprised if these fools could even take an anthill
                  without suffering casualties!
           Major: What punishment should I give these men, Colonel?
         Donalds: Just... get them out of here! Out of my sight! Now!
          Darril: Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!
      [Talk menu]
         Donalds: Great Caesar's ghost, you're still lollygagging around here? Get
                  out! Get out!
          Darril: Uh, Major? What's Colonel Donalds so upset about?
           Major: You hear about the State Army transport plane that the Air Force
                  shot down?
                  Well, the Colonel was ordered to find it, but so far we've had no
                  If you had come back with some news of this transport, I wouldn't
                  have the Colonel breathing down my neck. I hope you're happy,
          Renges: Sorry, Major... If I may ask, sir, what was that transport
           Major: That's what we're trying to find out!
          Renges: Ah, of course.
           Major: I hope we find that transport soon. I'm getting sick of being
                  yelled at by the Colonel...
        Operator: The transport was headed for Atabapo, but it changed course when
                  it was intercepted by the Air Force.
                  It was heading east, towards us, before it disappeared from
     M. Operator: Rumor has it that Governor Diaz has a secret cache hidden in the
                  basement of his manor.
          Darril: Hiya, Corporal.
        Operator: Hello, Sergeant. How are you?
          Darril: Great! Though I'm always chipper when I get to talk to you.
                  You're as gorgeous as always.
     F. Operator: Why, thank you.
          Darril: I was wondering if you could do me a favor... I, uh... I was
                  wondering if you could get me some papers for one of the trucks.
                  You know, for our future and all that.
     F. Operator: Sergeant... What's a truck have to do with our future?
          Darril: Everyone's looking for that State Army transport, right?
                  What if I came back with a truck full of its cargo? You'd be
                  dating a hero!
     F. Operator: Me and you, Sergeant? Tempting... but I can't.
          Darril: Hey, why not?
     F. Operator: You'll need an allocation order signed by the Colonel himself.
                  You know that.
                  Unless you know where the transport is.
                  If I let you take a truck without permission and you come back
                  empty-handed, I'll get demoted, you know?
          Darril: Uh... Yeah, I guess...
     F. Operator: I like hardworking men, Sergeant. So maybe you should go out
                  there and start looking for that transport.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They head for the communications room.]
        Radioman: Well, if it ain't the stooges. What's up?
        Chaeffer: Work.
        Radioman: Work!? You three? That's funny.
          Darril: Hey, Johnny-boy, give us a break. We need you to do us a little
          Renges: You hear about the transport that was shot down?
        Radioman: Yeah. Actually, I was trying to find out what the Venezuelan Army
                  boys had to say about that on their frequency just now.
          Darril: We need you to write us a report.
                  One that says you caught a distress signal coming from the south.
        Radioman: Is that where the transport is!?
          Darril: Yeah. Positive.
        Chaeffer: South? I thought it was--
          Renges: Quiet, you.
        Radioman: You're sure about this?
          Darril: I may lie to officers, but I never lie to my buddies.
                  If the transport doesn't turn up in the south, just tell them I
                  forced you to do it at gunpoint.
        Radioman: ... All right. Gimme a few minutes.
      [Talk menu]
        Radioman: Here, I'm done.
          Darril: Great! Let me see.
          Renges: Looks great! This should do it.
        Radioman: Hey, man. I'm a pro.
                  And... you're sure about this, right?
          Darril: Yeah, no problem. I'm a pro, too.
        Radioman: That's one you'll owe me, Darril.
          Darril: Hey. What are you doing here?
           Guard: Getting away from work. Like you slackers do all the time.
          Darril: Take my word for it, amigo. A man can't do without work if he
                  wants to realize his dreams!
           Guard: What's with you today, Darril?
          Darril: What are you talking about? I've always been a hardworking model
                  soldier, you know.
           Guard: Just don't tell the captain I'm here, okay?
                  You try standing in the heat out there for ten hours a day...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They head back to the Command Center.]
          Darril: Sir! We have good news! We found the transport!
         Donalds: What!?
           Major: Is this true, Sergeant?
          Renges: Here's the report, sir.
                  The transport's emitting a distress signal due south of our
                  position. We have a pretty good idea of how far south, too.
         Donalds: Hmm...
                  Major, get me First Platoon. We're going to retrieve the
                  transport's cargo!
          Darril: Sir! Permission to join the search, sir!
         Donalds: Finally decided to do some work, eh?
                  All right, permission granted.
          Darril: Sir, we could probably use a truck to carry the transport's
         Donalds: Hmm... I guess you're right. Major, give them an allocation order
                  for one of the trucks.
           Major: Yes, sir!
                  Corporal! Give the sergeant here an allocation order.
     F. Operator: Yes, Major.
                  Here you go, Sergeant. Bring this to the hangar and you'll get
                  your truck.
          Darril: Thanks. Love you, Corporal.
     F. Operator: Good luck, Sergeant. 'For our future and all that', right?
          Darril: Of course! Renges, Chaeffer, we have ourselves a set of wheels.
         Donalds: Things are looking up. If we get some information on the State
                  Army along with the cargo, the general will have to promote me!
      [Talk menu]
         Donalds: 'General Donalds'... Hmm, I like the sound of that!
           Major: Looks like the colonel's finally in a good mood. Thank God for
     M. Operator: It doesn't make sense... The transport was headed east, according
                  to our reports...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move to the hangar.]
          Renges: Here's the allocation order. Can we take the truck now?
        Mechanic: Yeah, no problem.
                  Hey, you there, give these guys the keys to that truck!
          Renges: Thanks.
        Mechanic: Orders are orders, you know.
      [Talk menu]
        Mechanic: I don't know what you guys are up to... But good luck.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They start to move out.]
        Mechanic: Hey, Renges. You said you had work from your connections?
          Renges: Yeah.
        Mechanic: If it's who I think it is, can you collect what he owes me?
          Renges: Are you sure...?
        Mechanic: Yeah. Don't worry about it. Just give it to me when you come
                  back, all right?
    [They move outside the base with the truck.]
          Darril: What's with the gloomy mug?
        Chaeffer: Well, I mean... This is the last time we'll see everyone, right?
          Darril: It is?
          Renges: Hey, man, don't look at me.
          Darril: Just... don't look so glum, okay? People will think we're up to
    [They start the truck and move off.]
    [They soon approach a bridge when a shot suddenly hits the truck, veering it
     off the road.]
          Darril: Ow... Dammit! What the hell's going on!?
    [Several State Army wanzers and tanks appear from the other side of the bridge,
     opening fire at them.]
          Renges: Do you think they know we have the gold?
          Darril: No, we were the only ones at the crash site! They can't know!
    [The truck gets hit a couple of times.]
          Renges: Still, it doesn't look like they're planning on letting us go in
                  one piece. We have to fight.
          Darril: Yeah... Let's show them what we're made of!
    [They deploy the wanzers from the truck.]
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.]
    [Stage Clear.]
    [They examine the truck.]
          Darril: Is it bad?
          Renges: It redefines 'bad'. The engine's shot... literally. I don't have
                  the tools to repair it here.
          Darril: (sighs) So we're going to have to carry the gold with our wanzers
          Renges: The State Army is on our heels. We won't be able to make it past
                  the border without a truck.
          Darril: Yeah, you're right...
    [Meanwhile, Chaeffer is examining a wanzer's remains.]
          Darril: Hey, Chaeffer! How do they look?
        Chaeffer: I found one who's in pretty good shape.
          Darril: Good job. Make sure he doesn't get away. He could be our ticket
                  out of this country.
           pilot: H-Help!
          Darril: Don't worry, amigo. We're not going to kill you. We only want to
                  ask you a few questions.
                  First, how much do you know about us?
           Pilot: Just that you stole the cargo that was on the governor's
                  transport. The governor himself has ordered your capture...
          Renges: How do you guys know it was us?
           Pilot: The radio. We overheard you talking on the radio after the
                  transport crashed.
          Renges: What!?
          Darril: Chaeffer... Please tell me you changed frequencies after we heard
                  that distress call from the transport...
        Chaeffer: No, I didn't. I just turned the volume down 'coz it was so
          Darril: Chaeffer, I'm going to kill you!
        Chaeffer: Aiigh! Help!!!
          Renges: Do you know what the transport was carrying?
           Pilot: No. We were not told anything about that.
          Darril: Get back here, Chaeffer!
        Chaeffer: I-I'm sorry, Darril! Don't hurt me!
          Renges: Easy, Darril. We have more important things to worry about now,
                  don't we?
          Darril: Hrmph... I guess you're right. Chaeffer, I'll kill you later.
          Renges: What base are you stationed at?
           Pilot: Guinerama.
          Darril: That was fast. Why the loose tongue?
           Pilot: I do not want to die. Besides, it is not as if we are fighting
                  for some great purpose. We are just doing our jobs.
          Renges: Isn't secession from the U.C.S. a great purpose for you?
           Pilot: No. Not for us.
          Darril: Never mind. Show us where your base is.
    [The location (Guinerama) is marked on the map.]
          Darril: Hey, that's pretty close.
           Pilot: You are U.C.S. soldiers, yes? Why don't you know where our bases
          Renges: Because the three of us aren't really interested in this war.
                  We're like you--we don't have a great purpose worth fighting for.
                  And... also because we've always hated doing our homework.
        Chaeffer: What would we want with a State Army base?
          Darril: We need a new truck.
        Chaeffer: Yeah, so?
          Darril: It's a military base. They should have one big enough for us,
        Chaeffer: So we're gonna steal another truck...
          Darril: No, we're only trading our old one for one of theirs.
                  Sorry for leaving you tied up here, amigo, but I'm sure your
                  buddies will come and find you soon enough.
           Pilot: All right.
          Darril: Oh, and we need your uniform, too.
           Pilot: Okay...
                  You people are strange. You do not act like soldiers.
          Darril: You're not the first one to tell us that... But we like the way
                  we are.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We should get out of here before they send a search party for
                  that squad.
        Chaeffer: Sneaking into a State Army base...? I hope nobody gets hurt...
           Pilot: You must have stolen something very important. The governor was
                  really upset.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move out to the State Army base.]
          Darril: (in the State Army Pilot's uniform) Darril here. I'm in the base.
          Renges: Roger that. We're ready to give you covering fire if anything
                  goes wrong.
                  What did you do with the crate?
          Darril: I managed to 'convince' one of the mechanics here to bring it to
                  the base with a forklift.
                  All I need to do now is to load it on the truck and get out.
        Chaeffer: I hope we don't have to fight again...
          Darril: Wait... Someone's coming. Darril out.
         Officer: ... so we are currently preparing to send out a search party.
            Diaz: I don't care about the soldiers who failed to do the job!
                  I have not come all the way from Caracas to listen to your
                  excuses! What about the cargo?
          Darril: So that's Governor Diaz...
         Officer: We are still searching for it, sir... But the U.C.S. soldiers who
                  stole it could not have gone far.
                  We know their names, and they are bound to pass through one of
                  our checkpoints.
            Diaz: I hope so, for your sake. Now, about the contents of the crate...
         Officer: The men who intercepted the radio transmissions have been
                  instructed not to tell anyone.
                  Aside from them, I am the only one who knows, sir.
            Diaz: Good. Don't worry, Commander, you have nothing to worry about.
                  But we need to find that crate as soon as possible...
          Darril: Heh... The governor sounds like a real crook. Now I feel better
                  about taking his gold stash.
                  I guess I've seen enough. It's time for me to ditch this place...
    [Darril proceeds to steal the truck, and stops at the gate with a checkpoint.]
         Soldier: Hey, I haven't seen you before. Why are you wearing that pilot
          Darril: Well, I was ordered to bring this truck to headquarters in
        Soldiers: Orders? Whose orders?
          Darril: Uh... It was what's his name, you know... The guy with the
         Soldier: All right... let's see some ID.
          Darril: I told you, it was... uhh...
         Soldier: Your ID! Now!
          Darril: Aw, the hell with this.
    [Darril speeds off.]
         Soldier: Hey, you! Stop! Sound the alarm!
    [The alarms start blaring as Darril stops the truck a little ways out where
     Renges and Chaeffer are waiting.]
        Chaeffer: You did it!
          Renges: We're not all of this yet... We won't be able to go far before
                  they catch us.
    [They turn to see several wanzers running at them.]
          Darril: I guess we need to slow them down a little...
        Chaeffer: Oh, no... we're gonna fight again, aren't we?
    [Mission mode. Overcast, day. The map shifts to the truck.]
            Diaz: Agh! That crate! Yes, that is it! What are you waiting for? Go
                  after them!
         Officer: Yes, sir! We will send out all available wanzers!
            Diaz: Listen to me! I do not care how many men or how many wanzers it
                  takes! Just get that crate back!
    [Unfortunately for Diaz, our mercenary friends clear the stage.]
            Diaz: What are you waiting for? Send the rest of your troops out!
         Officer: But sir... They took out all the wanzers we could muster. And I
                  cannot send infantry against them...
            Diaz: I told you, I do not care what it takes! Send them!
         Officer: The enemy is on wanzers, sir! I cannot send my men to be
            Diaz: Are you telling me you will disobey a direct order!?
    [The scene switches to Darril and gang, with the truck running.]
          Darril: What are they doing now?
          Renges: They're just keeping an eye on us. I don't think they have any
                  operational wanzers left. If we're gonna make a run for it, we
                  should do it now.
          Darril: Then it's time for us to say adios!
    [They leave.]
            Diaz: No... it's getting away! My gold... my gold!
    CHAPTER 05 | NO. JUST... NO. [DCHP03] 
    [The Durandal Common room.] 
            Elsa: Zead! I am sorry, I did not expect anyone else to be here.
            Zead: Hello there, Elsa. 
            Elsa: You look tired. 
            Zead: I am... I've been buried in paperwork since we came back. 
                  It happens every time we engage in actual combat, but I don't 
                  mind. Once a soldier, always a soldier, I suppose. 
            Elsa: How long were you in the army? 
            Zead: Twenty-four years. My career started with the army and will 
                  probably end with the Durandal. 
            Elsa: ... How many times have you been in actual combat? 
            Zead: Do the events of our last sortie still bother you? 
            Elsa: ... A little. 
            Zead: Remember that they did shoot first. Besides, they were-- 
            Elsa: I know, Zead. Still... I fired my weapons. 
                  I had never shot at anyone before... even when I was in the 
                  French Army... 
            Zead: I see... 
                  But you did what you had to do. That is all. Whether you accept 
                  it or not is up to you. 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: Maybe you should get some rest. These things take time... but you
                  are still young. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: I told you we are not soldiers... But what we do here is 
                  important to the security of the E.C. and its people. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They head to the briefing room.] 
            Zead: Prime Minister Noland! And Miss Allison! To what do we owe this  
          Noland: Hello, everyone. There is something I need to confirm with you. 
          Hermes: What is it? 
          Noland: Your report stated that you found evidence proving that the  
                  German base assailants were using Zaftran wanzers. Correct? 
            Elsa: Yes, that is correct. Although it's not enough evidence to tell 
                  if the Zaftran Army itself was involved... 
          Noland: Then how do you explain what I was told at the E.C. Assembly  
                  today!? Miss Allison, show them. 
         Allison: Yes, sir. 
                  This is a news article featuring a press release issued earlier 
                  today by the E.C. Assembly... 
                  Please read it carefully. 
    [A news article appears with the headline, 'GERMAN BASE ASSAILANTS  
    The E.C. Central Assembly announced today that the U.C.S. is most likely  
    responsible for the attacks on the German bases earlier this week. 
    Brigadier General Glaeser of the German Army, who is leading the investigation,
    announced that experimental U.C.S. parts were recovered from the remains of the
    wanzers used by the assailants. 
    Mr. Glaeser also stated that his team was able to reconstruct a computerized  
    simulation of the attacks, but a motive is yet to be found. 
    The U.C.S. Central Government, however, is strongly protesting the accusations.
    [The article fades out.] 
            Zead: This is nonsense... 
          Noland: And that's exactly what Glaeser said when I told him about your  
                  findings--that Zaftra was responsible for the attacks, not the   
          Hermes: But we didn't just make it up! I double-checked our data when we 
                  got back! Those wanzers were Zaftran! 
          Noland: Program code can't be counted as evidence! I need to see the  
                  original microchip. Where is it? 
            Zead: We gave it to Glaeser, sir. While this data is all we have left, 
                  what we told you is the truth. Glaeser is the one who is lying. 
          Noland: I want to believe you... 
                  But I can't. Not while I am a member of the Central Assembly. 
            Elsa: We will continue our investigation. 
          Noland: Please do so. But the next time you find physical evidence, bring
                  it directly to me. 
                  Now... I must take my leave. Miss Allison? 
         Allison: I will stay here a bit longer, Prime Minister. 
          Noland: Do as you wish. 
    [Noland leaves the room.] 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: Glaeser... What reason could he have for hiding the truth? 
         Allison: This incident may be a hard one to resolve, Zead. There are so
                  many questions, yet too few answers. 
            Zead: I agree. Why would Glaeser lie? Why were the attackers using  
                  Zaftran wanzers? 
                  And the biggest question of all: What is the motive for the  
                  attacks on the German Army bases? 
          Hermes: Yeah... how would anyone benefit from taking out those bases? 
          Hermes: Unless... Of course! I've got it, Elsa! 
            Elsa: What is it? 
          Hermes: It's simple: data analysis! 
                  We're the only ones who can apply wanzer tactics data to  
                  geopolitical strategies. 
                  And that's how we can find the attackers' real objective! 
            Zead: Ah, of course! The destruction of the German bases was only a  
                  They were only paving the way for an attack on their real  
            Elsa: We must find what that is... 
            Zead: Don't worry, my dear, we will. 
          Hermes: All right! It's data-crunching time! 
    [The map appears, along with a red square at Jutland, Denmark.] 
          Hermes: This is their landing point. 
    [Five purple spheres appear around in Germany.] 
          Hermes: And these five circular areas represent the defensive perimeters
                  of the German bases that were attacked. 
                  Their main objective has to be located at the end of a 'safe'  
                  route created by elimination of these five 'threats'. 
            Elsa: All right, let's see... How about the submarine base in
          Hermes: That's not it. 
            Elsa: Brussels...? 
          Hermes: Nope. 
            Elsa: Amsterdam...? 
          Hermes: Negatory. 
            Elsa: The radar base in Oostende...? 
          Hermes: Nada. 
            Elsa: The Navy base in Hague...? 
          Hermes: Negative. 
                  Hmm... No probable destinations west of Germany. Let's widen the
                  search a bit more. 
            Elsa: Zurich...? 
          Hermes: Doesn't check out. 
            Elsa: Budapest...? 
          Hermes: Uh-uh. 
            Elsa: The army base in Klando...? 
          Hermes: No. 
            Elsa: The thermal power plant in Pordenone...? 
          Hermes: Nope. 
            Elsa: The oil fields in Kempton...? 
          Hermes: No go. 
            Elsa: The new resource base in Poland...? 
          Hermes: Wait... Yes! That's it! 
    [The computer confirms the route through all five bases to Poland.] 
            Elsa: ...! 
            Zead: Interesting... 
          Hermes: No doubt about it! That's their objective! That's where they're
                  trying to go! 
         Allison: The largest source of raw materials for the E.C... If they manage
                  to destroy that base, it will trigger a major resource crisis. 
          Hermes: Any idea why Zaftra would want that to happen? 
            Zead: Once, the E.C. relied heavily on imports of raw materials from  
                  both the U.C.S. and Zaftra. After the discovery of those  
                  untouched resources in Poland, however, the E.C. became self- 
          Hermes: You mean the U.C.S. could be behind these attacks, too? 
            Zead: Yes. The export of raw materials to the E.C. was also a major  
                  source of income for the U.C.S. 
    [The map fades back to the briefing room.] 
         Allison: What are you going to do, Zead? 
            Zead: We still have the right to continue this investigation. 
         Allison: But you can't trust Glaeser, can you? You can't ask him to send
                  reinforcements to Poland. 
            Elsa: Then what do you suggest we do? 
         Allison: ... 
            Elsa: Vice-Minister... 
         Allison: All right, Elsa. 
                  I will talk to my counterpart in Poland. No matter what the  
                  Assembly believes, Poland can't turn a blind eye to a possible  
                  threat to their resources. 
            Elsa: We will head there right away and give them our full cooperation.
         Allison: I was just about to ask you to do so. Good luck. 
            Elsa: Miss Allison... 
            Zead: Thank you. 
         Allison: It's quite all right. It's the least I can do. 
            Zead: All right, let's get ready. The enemy never waits for us to  
                  finish our tea. 
      [Talk menu] 
         Allison: We're having the Department of Foreign Affairs look into the  
                  incident... but I don't think they'll find many answers. 
         Allison: The gear you have here may not be enough. 
                  I'll ask for aid from the British Army. 
            Zead: I'd rather you didn't do that. 
         Allison: But... 
          Hermes: Don't worry, Miss Allison! 
                  Our gear is as good as the army's! 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They head to the hangar.] 
          Hermes: Hey, Elsa, you haven't met Robert yet, have you? He's our  
                  official transport pilot. He'll be flying us to our next mission.
          Robert: So you're the new recruit. Much obliged. 
          Latona: I will be going with you as well. 
            Elsa: Nice to meet you, uh... 
          Latona: Latona. 
            Elsa: Nice to meet you, Latona. 
          Latona: Don't worry about it. Members of different teams hardly ever  
            Zead: Latona, are you sure you want to come with us? What about your  
          Latona: You know you need me, Zead. You can't do everything by yourself.
          Hermes: Hey... what are we, chopped liver? 
          Latona: By the way, we received some additional funds. It seems Prime  
                  Minister Noland pulled some strings for us. 
          Hermes: That's mighty kind of him. 
            Zead: It seems the prime minister still has faith in us. 
                  Let's not disappoint him. 
    [Obtained: 1500 credits.] 
    [The Durandal heads for the resource base in Poland.] 
          Hermes: Jeez! Is that the resource base? Look at the size of that thing! 
            Zead: And that's not the half of it. There are natural resources spread
                  out over forty kilometers here. 
          Hermes: Yeah, I know. And that makes defending this place that much  
            Zead: Well, it looks like we're cleared to land. Take us down, Robert. 
    [In the command center.] 
          Roemer: Welcome to Poland, my friends. I am Lieutenant Colonel Roemer of
                  the Polish Homeland Defense Troops. 
                  You must be Zead. We appreciate your coming. 
            Zead: Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel. We appreciate your taking the time
                  to listen to us. 
          Roemer: I must say, I still have my doubts... Are you certain the same  
                  people who attacked the bases in Germany will come here as well? 
            Elsa: We wish we were mistaken... but an assault on this resource base
                  is the most likely scenario. 
          Roemer: I see... I would like to ask another question: Why did you decide
                  to come here? 
                  Would it not have been easier to try and intercept them while  
                  they moved through Germany? 
            Elsa: As we have told you, we cannot fully trust the German army. We
                  suspect there may be people in its ranks who are involved with  
                  the attacks. 
          Roemer: I see. 
          Hermes: Hey, Zead, can you come over here? I need your help with  
            Zead: All right. Elsa, can I trust you to brief Mister Roemer? 
            Elsa: Okay. Lieutenant Colonel, this is what we are planning to do... 
    [A map of the resource base appears.] 
            Elsa: As you know, there are four refineries in this resource base. 
          Roemer: Yes. Those are where we process the raw materials we dig out. 
                  If even one of them were to be destroyed, the entire facility  
                  would be unable to function for several years. 
                  I have already placed troops around all four refineries. 
            Elsa: Lieutenant Colonel, our enemies excel in covert action. We will
                  be unable to defend the facilities unless we can detect them  
                  before they get too close. 
    [Several red dots appear in front of the marked refineries on the map.] 
            Elsa: Our plan is to place special heat sensors around the base in  
                  order to detect their approach. 
                  That should give your troops enough time to set up a defensive   
                  perimeter wherever necessary. 
          Roemer: Truly, I am impressed. Did you come up with this plan, Miss Elsa?
            Elsa: No, just the part about the sensors... 
    [The map fades.] 
          Roemer: ... Miss Elsa, if I may ask, why are the members of the Durandal
                  risking their lives for us? 
            Elsa: Well, because... this resource base is important to the E.C.'s  
          Roemer: Yes, of course. But there was no need for you to come all the way
                  out here, was there? 
            Elsa: It may be so... 
                  I do not know, sir. Maybe it is because we were involved from the
                  start. I think we need to see it through to the end. 
          Roemer: I am... beyond words. 
                  You are truly admirable, Miss Elsa. 
            Elsa: I-I... Thank you, sir. 
            Zead: Elsa, have you finished briefing the lieutenant colonel? 
            Elsa: Y-Yes. Yes, Zead. 
                  Is it time to set the sensors? 
            Zead: Yes. Let's hurry. 
          Roemer: Be careful. 
            Elsa: You too, Lieutenant Colonel. 
      [Talk menu] 
          Roemer: Let us talk again after this battle is over. There are many  
                  things I want to know about you. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [The Durandal crew heads back to the transport.] 
          Hermes: What's wrong, Elsa? Your face is red. 
            Elsa: N-Nothing. It was just hot in there. 
          Hermes: Really? We've been freezing out here. 
            Zead: It's time to go. We may go into combat sooner than we expect. 
                  Make sure the wanzers are ready. 
          Latona: Elsa, you should use the simulator and check the tutorial on  
                  'Setting Links'. 
                  Our teamwork will be the key in gaining victory in the upcoming
          Latona: Several other tutorials have been added to the simulator. Be sure
                  to study them as well. 
          Hermes: There's new gear in the wanzer shop. Better stock up on whatever
                  we can--we need to come out of this alive. 
    [The Durandal moves out and patrols the refineries from the sky with their  
          Hermes: Still nothing on the sensors... 
          Latona: It's only been three hours since we set them. And as you say, a 
                  watched pot never boils. 
          Hermes: You're probably right, but... 
          Latona: Just be patient. 
          Hermes: Whoa! Here they come! I have blips moving towards Refinery Three!
            Elsa: I'll inform the lieutenant colonel. There should be enough time  
                  for the other Polish units to arrive. 
    [Night starts to fall.] 
          Hermes: Wait... This can't be right! 
            Zead: What's wrong? 
          Hermes: They're moving faster than any wanzer I've ever seen! It's 
                  they're rockets or something! 
    [The enemy wanzers are, in fact, on jetpack-like rockets, and they speed  
     towards the refinery.] 
          Roemer: What is it? 
            Elsa: Sir, the enemy's heading towards you at incredible speed! 
    [There are only a few Polish wanzers at the refinery.] 
          Roemer: Then there's not enough time for the other units to arrive? 
            Elsa: You cannot stop them by yourself, Liuetenant Colonel! Fall back,
          Roemer: I can't! I must defend the resource base... 
    [The enemy wanzers close in, and fire their jetpack-rockets at the refinery.] 
          Roemer: I have visual contact! You're not getting through me, you-- 
    [Roemer and his troops attempt to shoot down the rockets, managing to get some
     in the process. Unfortunately, the refinery still gets hit. They soon get  
     overwhelmed as the enemy wanzers pack a punch with their bazookas.] 
          Roemer: Arrgh! 
            Elsa: Lieutenant Colonel, respond! We're almost at your position! 
    [Roemer's wanzer lay crippled as an enemy wanzer approaches it.] 
          Roemer: Protect... the base... 
    [A bazooka shot blasts at Roemer's wanzer, and the latter explodes.] 
            Elsa: Roemer! 
    [As the Durandal approaches the refinery, a transport helicopter carrying some
     enemy wanzers flies off in the opposite direction.] 
          Hermes: They're getting away! Should we go after 'em? 
            Elsa: No! There are still enemy wanzers on the ground! We must help the
                  Polish Army first! 
    [The Durandal transport hovers close as enemy wanzers approach.] 
            Elsa: Come on! Let's get them. 
    [Mission mode. Clear, night.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
            Elsa: Where did that helicopter go!? 
          Hermes: It hasn't gone far! We can still catch it! 
            Elsa: Let's go! 
    [They hurry off to their transport.] 
    [The Durandal reaches the German border.] 
          Robert: I have them on my sensors. We can still catch them... 
            Zead: Where are they going? 
          Robert: If they keep going straight, they'll cross the German border 
                  pretty soon. 
            Elsa: We have to catch them! 
          Robert: I know, I know... 
                  I'm just not sure if we have enough fuel... 
            Zead: Arrow Three's transport is waiting for us near the German border.
                  We'll be fine as long as we reach it. 
          Robert: All right. I'll do my best. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: Elsa, are you all right? You seem perturbed. 
            Elsa: How can you be calm at a time like this, Zead? 
            Zead: I understand how you feel, but you must regain your composure. We
                  don't want to lose you as well. 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: Calm down, Elsa. Remember, none of us must die before we return 
                  with concrete proof to back up our claims. 
          Hermes: Here, Elsa, use this. 
                  The enemy's firepower should be pretty high, so we should be  
                  careful not to take too many hits when we fight them. 
    [Obtained shield: WS-100.] 
          Hermes: Our plan didn't work... I wasn't good enough... 
          Latona: Don't worry. We can still reach them. 
          Robert: I won't let them get away as long as I have fuel! 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They leave the transport, and are now at a highway across a deep ravine.] 
            Zead: What's our position? 
          Latona: We're about thirty kilometers in from the German national
                  Are we really going to fight here? 
            Zead: I would like to avoid that if possible... but something has been
                  bothering me for a while now. The German army has yet to react to
                  our presence. 
          Latona: Their patrols must be too spread out. They lost a lot of units
                  when their base was attacked. 
            Zead: True, but... 
          Hermes: I just got a message from Arrow Three--he's got 'em! Checking  
                  coordinates now... They're close! 
            Elsa: Move out! 
    [They head forward, and spot the enemy transport helicopter.] 
          Hermes: There they are! 
            Elsa: Let's get them! 
    [A few shots are fired near Elsa.] 
            Elsa: !? 
    [Dranz and the Blauer Nebel are at the other end of the highway.] 
           Dranz: Attention, unidentified troops. You are violating international 
                  law by crossing the German border in armed wanzers. Withdraw 
                  immediately or you will be fired upon. This is your only warning.
            Elsa: The Blauer Nebel... 
            Zead: We are the Durandal. We are in pursuit of the armed wanzers that
                  destroyed the resource base in Poland. We request authorization 
                  to proceed. 
           Dranz: We do not read any other wanzers in the vicinity. Authorization 
                  denied. You were warned. 
    [Another shot is fired.] 
          Hermes: Uh... guys? Looks like they're serious! 
    [Mission mode. Blizzard, night.] 
    [The Durandal kicks Dranz around.] 
           Dranz: I lost...? To them!? 
    [Stage clear.] 
            Zead: Is everyone all right? 
          Hermes: Uh-huh... But what are we gonna do now? 
          Latona: Even though they shot first, we just lit up a squad of German
                  wanzers. We don't have much time until the rest of the army comes
                  after us. We have to get out of here. 
            Elsa: But we cannot just leave! 
           Bosch: Arrow Three here. Come in. 
            Zead: Do you have our position, Arrow Three? 
    [Another Durandal plane comes into view.] 
           Bosch: Yes, I have you on my screen. 
            Zead: We need to resupply first. We will think of our next move once we
                  are properly rested. 
    [Meanwhile, where the Blauer Nebel are gathered...] 
           Dranz: Major, do you read me? I was unable to stop the Durandal. I am 
                  sorry, sir. 
          Wagner: Do not worry. You have bought us enough time. The assault team 
                  has been recovered and are on their way to Wassau. 
           Dranz: What about the Durandal, sir? 
          Wagner: Leave them to me. We will lure them here and eliminate them. 
                  Dranz, you are cleared to return to base. 
           Dranz: Yes, Major. 
    [A transport plane hovers above them.] 
    [The Durandal are back in their transport cargo hold.] 
           Bosch: Hello, Elsa. I think this is the first time we've met face to  
                  face. I'm Bosch. 
            Elsa: Hello, Bosch. What is the enemy's position? 
           Bosch: I lost them when they went into the woods. 
            Zead: Damn... Then we have to turn back. 
            Elsa: No! They could not have gotten far! We should scan the area  
           Bosch: I've already tried that. We can't detect them unless they move.
                  And I think they're staying put. 
            Elsa: Then we should look for a place where they could hide their  
          Latona: There are too few of us to cover that much ground. 
            Zead: And the German army is surely headed this way. 
                  I'm sorry, but it's time to leave. 
            Elsa: ... 
          Hermes: We can try the radar again. This time, we should hook up our 
                  radar with the one on a German Air Force AWACS patrolling this 
           Bosch: The German Air Force? 
          Hermes: Yeah. The AWACS's radar is more powerful than ours. It should be
                  able to detect them. 
          Latona: How can you be sure there is one flying above us? 
            Zead: The entire German army has been on full alert since the attack.
                  It's a safe bet there's one in the air right now. 
                  Bosch, please help Hermes set things up. 
           Bosch: Right away. 
    [Screen diagrams appear.] 
          Hermes: Do you see any AWACS planes? 
           Bosch: If there is one nearby, it shouldn't take long to find it. 
    [A three dimensional map appears.] 
           Bosch: ... There it is! A German AWACS. I'm locking on. 
          Hermes: All right! I'll use a satellite link to hook up with it. 
    [A giant half-sphere appears on the map, with several white dots in it.] 
           Bosch: One of these dots has to be them. Do you have their wanzer data? 
    [The map zooms in closer.] 
          Hermes: Here's the data I took off the ones from the resource base. Let's
                  use it to narrow down the search. 
    [A targeting cursor appears.] 
          Hermes: What about that one? 
           Bosch: No... that's a civilian railroad. The readings look similar, but
                  they're not showing up as friendlies. They must be transporting
                  construction wanzers or something similar. 
          Hermes: Oh, right. I forgot they were using German IFF signatures. 
           Bosch: What about this one? I'm reading them as friendlies. 
          Hermes: Let me check... Yes, that's it! It matches the data I took before
                  we were stopped at the border. 
            Elsa: Where are they headed? 
           Bosch: There is a Blauer Nebel base in that direction. It's quite a  
                  sight, actually. The entire base is built inside an old castle.
                  We'll need siege weapons if we want to fight our way inside. 
            Elsa: How do you know all that? 
          Latona: He used to be in the German Army. 
           Bosch: I also know Wagner. We were classmates in officer's school. 
                  So... what should we do, Zead? 
    [The map fades back to the cargo hold.] 
          Latona: The Blauer Nebel might shoot first and ask questions later, like
                  last time. 
            Zead: That may happen if they are truly harboring the criminals... But
                  We can't just turn back now. 
           Bosch: All right, then. Elsa, I should first tell you about the sensor
                  backpack on my wanzer. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: A Blauer Nebel base... They won't let us in that easily. 
          Hermes: We'll be at the base soon. You should go make sure our wanzers  
                  are ready. 
          Latona: We need to know who escaped into that base... 
           Bosch: I've added a tutorial on sensor backpacks to the simulator. 
                  Take a look at it if you need to refresh your memory on how to  
                  use them. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out to the Blauer Nebel base.] 
    [The Durandal approaches the castle, where Wagner is at the top.] 
          Wagner: Have you called the Army? 
       B.N Pilot: Yes, sir. Reinforcements are on their way. 
          Wagner: Good. Now let us keep the Durandal busy until they arrive. 
            Zead: We are the Durandal. We are in pursuit of the criminals who  
                  destroyed the resource base in Poland. 
          Wagner: And...? 
            Zead: There is a strong possibility that the criminals are hiding in  
                  this base. We request authorization to search the premises. 
          Wagner: Denied. There is nothing for you here. Even if there were, I  
                  would not let you pass. 
           Bosch: What do you mean, Wagner? If you don't have anything to hide,  
                  what's the harm in letting us inside? 
    [A Blauer Nebel wanzer shoots near Bosch's feet.] 
          Wagner: If you want to search this base, you will have to go through me!
                  Come... Durandal! 
          Hermes: What are we gonna do!? 
            Zead: We have to fight them! We can't allow them to destroy any   
                  evidence this time! 
            Elsa: Roger! Follow me! 
    [The Durandal goes on ahead.] 
          Wagner: Good girl... 
    [Mission mode. Clear, night.] 
          Wagner: Take them alive. I want them to try and explain themselves to 
                  the Army when they get here. 
    [Wagner falls in the battle.] 
          Wagner: What!? How can this be...!? 
    [Stage cleared.] 
    [We see the Durandal surrounding Wagner's defeated wanzer.] 
          Latona: It seems like your unit was somewhat... lacking. 
          Wagner: ... 
    [Two helicopters arrive onto the scene.] 
           Bauer: Who are they...? How could they have beaten the Blauer Nebel...?
            Zead: This is the E.C. Armor Tactics Research Corps, Durandal. We have
                  No hostile intent towards you. 
           Bauer: This is Captain Bauer of the German Army Eleventh Division. You 
                  Had better explain this situation. 
            Zead: We are willing to cooperate. Let us get off our wanzers first.  
                  Then, I would like to talk to your commanding officer in person.
           Bauer: Fair enough. 
                  And, Major... we would like to hear your report as well. 
          Wagner: ... 
    [They move inside the base.] 
           Bauer: This is the last place anyone could hide a wanzer... 
                  And there doesn't seem to be anything here. 
            Zead: ... 
          Hermes: They have to be here somewhere! The readings we got matched   
            Elsa: Did they do it on purpose? To lure us here? 
           Bosch: We've been set up. 
           Bauer: 'Set up,' you say? From my viewpoint, it looks like you took 
                  advantage of your position to take the Blauer Nebel by surprise. 
          Latona: We would never do such a thing! 
           Bauer: That is the only way you could have defeated such a highly 
                  trained unit as the Blauer Nebel. Isn't that true, Major? 
          Wagner: ... Yes. 
            Elsa: You do not believe us? 
           Bauer: There is no proof to back up your claims, Durandal. 
            Elsa: Then you will not allow us to search the base any further...? 
           Bauer: That is out of the question. 
                  Under normal circumstances, I would have you all arrested... but 
                  there are diplomatic issues I must consider. 
                  I would kindly ask you to leave the country. The Air Force will 
                  escort you out. 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: Come, Elsa. It looks like we're not welcomed here anymore. 
            Elsa: I guess we aren't... 
    [They leave.] 
           Bauer: Let me confirm this one last time, Major. 
                  The wanzers that attacked the resource base in Poland were never 
                  here; it was all a fabrication concocted by the Durandal. 
          Wagner: That is correct. 
           Bauer: All right... I'll report this incident directly to Brigadier 
                  General Glaeser. Please concentrate your efforts in rebuilding 
                  your unit, Major. 
          Wagner: ... 
    [At the Venezuela map.]
          Renges: So... To where exactly are we going 'adios', Darril?
          Darril: Gimme a break, Renges.
    [Crossed out routes are drawn from their current location to the south of
        Chaeffer: All routes to the south are either blocked or under heavy
          Renges: If they figure out we were the ones who stole this truck back at
                  the base, it'll be easy for them to guess where we're trying to
                  go... And they know these roads better than we do.
        Chaeffer: If we stay here too long, it's only a matter of time before they
                  find us...
          Darril: If we can't go south, then we go elsewhere.
    [Crossed out routes to the east and west are drawn.]
          Renges: There were State Army units to both the east and the west. The
                  only way we can go is north.
        Chaeffer: Going north only takes us to the sea.
          Darril: And this is where you come in, Renges. How about your
          Renges: I knew you'd say that... But I don't think we want to deal with
                  them this time...
        Chaeffer: Connections...?
                  Hey, the old man back at the base asked you about that, too.
                  What's it all about?
          Darril: Renges here has a side business going, Chaeffer. He 'acquires'
                  surplus military hardware and sells it on the black market. He's
                  a real pro.
          Renges: Hey, lay off, Darril. You're the one who said you wanted in. And
                  I never heard you complain about the money you made.
          Darril: Ahem... Anyway, about your connections...
                  Isn't that smuggler's ship in Venezuela now?
          Renges: Yeah, that's right. I'd forgotten about him. What with us running
                  around and all.
        Chaeffer: That's pretty convenient. How come he's here now?
          Renges: It's much easier to take goods from the front lines than from
                  bases back home, so I gave him a call before we were sent here.
                  He sounded more than happy to come.
          Darril: He's in Cumana, right? So we have to go...
    [A route is drawn to Cumana.]
          Darril: This way.
                  The State Army would never think we'd head to the sea.
    [The scene switches back to the truck.]
          Darril: All right, then. Let's go. We should be able to reach Cumana by
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: I don't really feel like going to Cumana, but if that's our only
                  way out, I guess we'll have to take it...
        Chaeffer: So we're finally going to leave Venezuela, huh?
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move out and drive to Cumana, reaching there at night.]
          Darril: Looks like the north route was right after all. There weren't any
                  State Army goons anywhere, and if our luck holds, we won't have
                  to see them ever again.
          Renges: Don't count your chickens yet. We don't even know if that
                  smuggler's ship is still in town.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: Finding that smuggler and his ship is our first priority.
        Chaeffer: This is a pretty big town... Hey, that means there's lots of
                  places to hide if the State Army turns up.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move to the bar named 'The Carribean'.]
        Chaeffer: What are we doing here? I thought we were going to the habor.
          Renges: We don't know where the ship is docked, and wandering around the
                  harbor looking for it would attract too much attention.
                  We'd better ask around to find out where it is.
          Darril: And I'm thirsty, too. I can't remember the last time I had a
        Chaeffer: Really? It's only been two days since we left the garrison...
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: I'm looking for a man named Chang. He works for Bichu Transports.
       Bartender: Japanese?
          Renges: No, he's Chinese.
       Bartender: Whatever-- it's all the same to me. We do get a lot of Asian
                  customers, but I don't make a habit of asking each one their
                  Try asking the sailors here. Maybe one of them knows this Chang
                  of yours.
          Renges: Right. Thanks.
       Bartender: People here have been leaving the city ever since the governor's
                  Who cares about independence? I want my customers back.
          Sailor: Chang? Sorry, never heard of 'im. I only work for local
          Sailor: Yeah, I know Chang. Bichu Transports, right?
          Renges: Is he still in town?
          Sailor: How badly do you want to know?
          Renges: Jeez... Hey, Darril. Pay the man.
          Darril: What!? Why me?
          Renges: Come on, Darril. Think of the money we'll have once we're out of
          Darril: ... Okay. Hey, Chaeffer. Pay the man.
        Chaeffer: What!? Why me?
          Renges: Hurry up!
        Chaeffer: Aw, man... Here.
          Sailor: Heh heh, thanks. Chang's ship is in dock nine. I heard he's
                  cranky because his contact hasn't shown up yet.
          Sailor: I don't know what your business is with Chang, but you better
                  watch out.
                  He's not a bad guy, but he's been known to rob people blind.
             Eva: This whole independence thing hasn't done anything to improve our
                  lives. I wish things were back the way they were before.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They leave the bar and head to Port Cumana.]
          Renges: Chang!
           Chang: What? Who? Renges! Where have you been!? You make me come all the
                  way to this warzone and you don't even give me a call? What is
                  wrong with you!?
          Renges: Sorry, Chang. We were a little busy.
           Chang: Hah! 'Busy', he says... Anyway, let's go to my office. We'll
                  talk there.
    [They go to Chang's office.]
           Chang: So where is my shipment?
          Darril: There's been a change of plans.
           Chang: Renges... who are these two big lugs you brought with you?
          Renges: Friends from the army. But never mind that, let's talk about
                  We need you to take us, our wanzers, and one crate out of this
           Chang: You are all going AWOL!? And what's this about a crate?
          Renges: ... And we'd prefer if you didn't ask questions.
           Chang: No questions!? You make me wait for weeks in this dump, and now
                  you tell me I have no right to know what I'm going to carry on my
                  ship? What kind of deal is that!?
          Renges: We'll pay you extra. We'll even pay for your gas fare to
           Chang: No, no, no! I'm not taking you anywhere until you tell me what's
                  going on!
          Renges: Chang... we've known each other for what, five years? There are a
                  few secrets we trust each other to keep, right?
           Chang: Wh-- what are you talking about?
          Renges: Remember Hong Kong? And Karachi? Or Aden? You haven't told your
                  wife about those, have you?
           Chang: W-- wait a minute... are you trying to blackmail--
          Renges: Oh, hey! Remember Milano? I never would've guessed you could do--
           Chang: All right, all right! I'll do what you want me to do, so stop!
          Renges: Thanks, Chang. I'm lucky to have such an understanding friend.
           Chang: But it will cost you! Whatever's in that crate of yours must be
          Renges: Whaddaya say, Darril?
          Darril: That's fine.
           Chang: When do you want to leave?
          Darril: Right now.
           Chang: We can't go now! There are wanzers near the docks!
          Darril: What!?
           Chang: They look like they're unloading cargo from their ship. You'll be
                  in trouble if they find you, yes?
          Darril: Then we have to hurry up and leave before they see us. Come on,
                  let's go!
           Chang: Out of the question! I don't want bullet holes in my ship!
          Renges: Get your ship ready now, Chang. Unless you want me to tell your
                  wife about--
           Chang: I'm going, I'm going, okay!? Just make sure you're ready with
                  that crate of yours once I give you the go-ahead to board my
                  ship! Satisfied?
          Darril: Very.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: Do you think the State Army caught up with us?
          Darril: No... they're probably city guards. We should be able to sneak by
          Renges: In any case, we should move the crate with our wanzers.
                  Make sure to check our gear, too. Can't be too careful.
          Renges: Great. Then it's a deal.
        Chaeffer: Why did you say before that we shouldn't ask Mister Chang for
                  help? He looks like a nice guy.
          Renges: He is, as long as money's not involved. If he found out what's in
                  the crate, he'd throw us into the ocean and run.
        Chaeffer: Hmm... I think I could take him, though.
          Renges: Yeah, but you'd have to stay awake during the whole trip. Think
                  you can do that, Chaeffer?
        Chaeffer: He looks like such a nice guy...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They leave the office.]
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We need gear for our wanzers. Do you have any in stock?
           Chang: Of course not! I was waiting for you to bring me some, remember?
                  But if you really need gear, I know another guy who deals in that
                  kind of stuff. His shop's right over there.
          Renges: By the way, Chang, my connection in the U.C.S. asked me to
                  collect what you owe him.
                  Hand it over.
           Chang: What are you talking about? I don't owe him anything.
          Renges: Then maybe I should tell your wife about the--
           Chang: All right, all right!
                  But this is all I have right now. Take it.
    [Obtained shotgun: Kirishma 51.]
           Chang: You keep a low profile, okay? There are still State Army people
                  mucking around here.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move to the wanzer shop.]
          Trader: Who are you? How did you find this place?
          Renges: We're friends of Chang's. He told us you sell wanzer gear.
          trader: Chang, huh?
                  Yeah, I sell wanzer gear. But I'm out of stock right now. Come
                  back later.
    [They exit back to the port, and get ready to leave.]
    [They patrol the immediate area of Chang's ship.]
          Renges: Anything out there?
          Darril: Nope. It's real quiet... but you better keep your eyes open too,
          Renges: Got it.
    [There is a grinding sound.]
        Chaeffer: Hey... what's that sound?
    [The camera shifts up to see a monorail transport in action.]
        Chaeffer: Whoa! What was that!?
          Renges: A Cargorail carriage. It's part of an unmanned hauling machine
                  made to deliver goods to the city at high speeds... But wait a
                  minute. Why is it moving at this hour?
    [There are several wanzers at a distance, supervising the cargo. Darril and
     gang remain hidden.]
          Renges: Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
          Darril: Yeah. They must be the guys Chang warned us about.
        Chaeffer: Wh--what are we gonna do?
    [Darril examines them closely with his scope.]
          Darril: I don't think they're looking for us. We should lay low and wait
                  until they leave.
        Chaeffer: Uhh... But...
    [Darril shifts his scope to the Cargorail.]
          Darril: What do you think they're doing with the Cargorail?
          Renges: I'm not sure, but it looks like they're using it to move
          Darril: With the pilots still inside?
          Renges: I hope not, for their sake. If you rode one of those things, the
                  least you'd get would be severe whiplash. It's not made to carry
          Darril: Hmm... Hey, those wanzers don't look Venezuelan. I wonder...
        Chaeffer: I... can't... take it anymore!
          Darril: Chaeffer? You all right?
    [One of Chang's rocket launchers on his ship starts to move.]
           Chang: Hey! Stop! Don't touch that!
        Chaeffer: Aaagh!
    [Chaeffer fires a rocket, but it misses its mark at the Cargorail.]
          Darril: Oh jeez... What happened!?
           Chang: This young man got scared and shot one of my anti-pirate rockets!
          Darril: Chaeffer, you idiot!
        Chaeffer: I couldn't help it...
    [The scene switches to the unidentified wanzers.]
        Ivanovna: Who's attacking us!?
                  Is that it?
    [Their scope spots Darril and gang.]
         Vavilov: It looks like the U.C.S.
        Ivanovna: You told me that the U.C.S. Army was nowhere near this port,
         Vavilov: That information is accurate.
        Ivanovna: Then they may be a covert ops squad. Which means there shouldn't
                  be that many of them... Hey, you!
         Soldier: Yes, sir!
        Ivanovna: That ship is being used by an enemy covert ops unit. Flank it and
                  destroy it.
         Soldier: Right away, sir!
        Ivanovna: We will be going, too.
         Vavilov: Would that be wise, Colonel Ivanovna? Headquarters specifically
                  ordered us to keep a low profile...
        Ivanovna: Then we'll just have to do it quickly and quietly. Only a small
                  strike team will go, including you and me. And the rest will stay
                  here and keep working.
         Vavilov: As you wish, Colonel.
    [The camera switches back to Darril and gang.]
          Renges: What do we do now?
          Darril: What do you mean, what do we do now?
                  Well, they're not going to leave us alone, that's for sure. Get
                  down here, Chaeffer!
                  And you, Chang--
                  You wait for us, got it?
           Chang: I know, I know. But--
    [One of the enemy wanzers speed into view and hops onto Chang's ship.]
           Chang: AAGAH!
    [Chang shoots a rocket right into the back of the wanzer, and it collapses.]
           Chang: That's it! I'm out of here!
    [Chang's ship starts to leave.]
          Darril: Chang! Get back here now!!!
    [Renges runs off to the side while Chaeffer looks on at the disappearing ship.]
        Chaeffer: He's gone!
          Darril: ...
          Renges: Guys! Heads up!
    [Mission mode. Clear, night.]
    [They bully and blow up Vavilov's wanzer from the top of the crates.]
         Vavilov: What!?
    [They take down Ivanovna next.]
        Ivanovna: No! And I just got here!
    [Stage clear.]
    [We are now at the Cargorail. Apparently, the enemy has regrouped back there.]
         Vavilov: Colonel!
        Ivanovna: They got you too, I see.
         Vavilov: I'm sorry, sir.
        Ivanovna: It happens. Where did they go?
         Vavilov: I believe they are still hiding in this harbor.
        Ivanovna: Find them. But don't attack them. I want to know where they are
         Vavilov: If I may say so, sir... I think we should leave them be and
                  concentrate on our mission.
        Ivanovna: Funny... I don't remember asking for your opinion, Vavilov. Did
         Vavilov: N-no, sir...
        Ivanovna: Listen. That was a U.C.S. covert ops squad. If they tell their
                  headquarters about us, our mission will be jeopardized. Am I
         Vavilov: Yes, sir...
        Ivanovna: Then do as I say!
         Vavilov: Yes, sir!
    [The camera fades out into a scope. We can see that its owner is much higher
     than a wanzer. The scene switches to a view of a machine, where we can only
     see its spider-like legs.]
        Ivanovna: Hah-hah! Wait till they get a load of this!
    [Darril and gang are back in Chang's office.]
          Darril: ... Chaeffer, you better have a damn good reason for firing that
        Chaeffer: I'm sorry... I just got scared...
          Darril: You... got... scared!? We would already be out of this country if
                  it wasn't for you!
          Renges: Save it, Darril. We don't have much time.
          Darril: I guess you're right... But where can we go? The State Army is
                  bound to be everywhere by now.
          Renges: We'll just have to run. Run, and try to find some other way out.
          Darril: It's going to be rough...
          Renges: We'll just have to trust our luck.
          Darril: Don't we always?
          Renges: Yeah, we do. We'll make it somehow. So cheer up, Chaeffer, all
        Chaeffer: Thanks, Renges. I'll aim better next time.
          Darril: That's not the point...
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We should leave town and hide in the mountains... though I don't
                  know where we could go from there.
        Chaeffer: Life on the run... again.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They leave the office.]
          Renges: We should stock up on gear and ammo while we have the chance.
                  Check the wanzers, too.
    [They head to the shop.]
      [Talk menu]
          trader: Hey, you guys know Calvo? In Caracas?
          Darril: No. We've never even been to Caracas.
          trader: Oh...
                  So you guys aren't revolutionaries.
          Darril: 'Revolutionaries'? You mean guerrillas?
          Renges: Are you telling us you only do business with revolutionaries?
          trader: No, it's not that. I only wanted to know if Calvo was doing okay.
          trader: My shipment finally came in. Take a look-see.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move to Cumana City.]
          Renges: You noticed too, Darril?
          Darril: Yeah. They've been following us ever since we came back into
        Chaeffer: Who?
          Renges: Don't look back!
          Darril: Probably the guys in the harbor. They must've been waiting for us
                  to come out of hiding.
          Renges: Let them follow us for now. We'll try to lose them once we're
                  sure it's them.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We have to find a place to lose our tail.
        Chaeffer: Are we being stalked...?
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move to 'The Carribean' bar.]
           Woman: (Ivanovna) Ow!
          Darril: Whoa! I'm sorry, miss. Didn't see you there. Are you all right?
           Woman: Thanks, I'm all right. Hey, you're pretty cute.
          Darril: I am!?
           Woman: No, not you! The blond, there.
        Chaeffer: Me!?
           Woman: Yes, you. You want to buy me a drink?
                  Your friends can come, too.
        Chaeffer: Okay, sure!
          Renges: Is it me, or is there something wrong with this picture...?
          Darril: I was thinking the same thing. Some people have weird tastes...
      [Talk menu]
           Woman: Nice jumpsuits. What do you guys do?
        Chaeffer: We're U.--
          Darril: UFOs!
           Woman: UFOs...?
          Darril: Yeah. We... we're UFO hunters. There's been a lot of sightings
                  around here lately. These jumpsuits are... our uniforms. Like
           Woman: Looking for UFOs in this warzone? You guys are braver than I
                  thought. Sounds like fun, though.
                  Are you going to look for your little flying saucers tonight?
        Chaeffer: Huh? Y-Yeah, we are. Tonight. UFOs.
           Woman: Where are you going to look for them?
        Chaeffer: Where? Well, uh...
           Woman: Can I go with you?
          Darril: No.
           Woman: Why not? I want to see UFOs, too!
          Renges: We'll be going to a place where bugs and other creepy-crawly
                  things come out at night. It's not a place for a young lady like
           Woman: Aw, all right. Maybe next time?
        Chaeffer: Sorry...
          Renges: I'm going to check outside.
          Darril: Good idea.
           Woman: Say, you guys look really fit.
                  Do you play sports?
          Darril: Yeah, lots.
          Renges: ... Darril. It's clear.
           Woman: What is clear?
        Chaeffer: Uh... the sky! You know, UFOs are harder to spot if it's cloudy.
           Woman: Ah. Of course.
          Darril: I'm sorry, miss, but we have to be leaving soon.
           Woman: Oh? That is too bad. Well, maybe I will see you around?
        Chaeffer: You betcha!
           Woman: I will remember you three. I hope to see you again... soon.
       Bartender: Sounds like there was a firefight down at the docks. Has the
                  U.C.S. already come this far?
          Sailor: I know this city like the back of my hand. Not many people know,
                  but there's a shortcut to the shop in the harbor. Here, I'll show
          Sailor: So did you find the shortcut?
          Sailor: From the looks on your faces, I'd say Chang got you. I did tell
                  you to watch out, didn't I?
             Eva: I hear the anti-government guerrillas are on the move again. But
                  with the governor at odds with the U.C.S., who are the guerrillas
                  going to fight?
    [/Talk menu.]
        Chaeffer: See ya!
           Woman: Bye-bye.
          Renges: Come on, Chaeffer.
    [They exit the bar.]
        Ivanovna: ... Vavilov, report.
         Vavilov: The homing unit has been planted on their truck. We are receiving
                  a clear signal, Colonel.
        Ivanovna: Good.
         Vavilov: If I may ask, sir... why all the subterfuge? We can take them out
                  right now, while they are off their wanzers.
        Ivanovna: It is no fun to kill them when they cannot fight back.
                  Besides, I need moving targets to test my new toy.
         Vavilov: Yes... sir.
    [Meanwhile, outside the bar.]
        Chaeffer: Oh, no!
          Darril: What?
        Chaeffer: I forgot to ask that girl her name!
          Darril: ...
          Renges: Weird...
          Darril: Chaeffer's always been weird.
          Renges: I know that! That's not what I meant. The guys who were following
                  us are gone. I thought they'd come back once we left the bar...
          Darril: Huh. You're right... I don't know why they're gone, but we should
                  probably skip town before they decide to come back.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: This may not be the right course of action... but I think we
                  should leave town.
        Chaeffer: ...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They start to move out.]
          Darril: Chaeffer, what are you doing? Come on.
        Chaeffer: ... Okay.
          Renges: Are you still thinking about that girl?
        Chaeffer: ...
          Darril: Forget her. It never would've amounted to anything.
        Chaeffer: Why not?
          Darril: We're not here on vacation, Chaeffer. Once we leave this country,
                  we're never coming back.
          Renges: That's right. Our first priority is to get out of here alive. The
                  ladies can wait.
    [They move out on their truck when a huge lumbering machine (Zhuk I) comes into
     view. The truck screeches to a halt.]
          Darril: Whoa!
          Renges: A mobile weapon!
    [It blocks their path.]
        Ivanovna: ...
          Darril: I can't believe they'd bring that thing into town!
    [Ivanovna fires a shot at them, which barely misses.]
          Renges: That much firepower can turn this whole place to rubble!
    [Mission mode. Clear, night.]
    [Ivanovna is beaten. Size doesn't matter after all!]
        Ivanovna: What!? Is this all this piece of junk can take!?
    [Stage clear.]
    [Ivanovna's Zhuk I is out of commission.]
        Ivanovna: Move, you piece of junk!
    [Darril and gang move in.]
          Darril: Easy, there. Don't move.
    [There is a pause.]
          Darril: ...! You!?
        Chaeffer: It's her...!
        Ivanovna: ...
          Renges: This is a surprise...
          Darril: Get down from that thing and come over here.
        Chaeffer: What are we gonna do with her...?
          Darril: Well, it looks like she's their commander. They won't attack us
                  as long as we have her.
                  But first... I think you owe us an explanation.
        Ivanovna: ...
    [They move to Central Venezuela., and stop at a road.]
          Darril: Anything?
          Renges: I didn't see anyone, but I'm sure they're hiding somewhere close
          Darril: All right, thanks.
        Ivanovna: ...
          Darril: Why don't you say something? I'm getting tired of you staring at
        Ivanovna: There is nothing you can do to make me talk!
          Darril: Why did you attack us?
        Chaeffer: Because she's State Army?
          Renges: Chaeffer... Just tell me exactly which part of this girl looks
                  Venezuelan to you.
          Darril: She's definitely not Venezuelan... No, she's not even from the
                  I thought she might've been a tourist when we met her at the bar,
        Ivanovna: You tell me who you are! What were you doing in the harbor!?
          Darril: Hey, that's not how it works. We're supposed to be asking the
        Ivanovna: You are a U.C.S. covert ops team, are you not!?
          Renges: Us? Covert ops?
          Darril: Well, we are going 'covert' in a way... But we're not what you
                  think we are.
        Ivanovna: Then what are you!? Tell me!
        Chaeffer: We're deserters.
        Ivanovna: Deserters...!? No! It cannot be!
          Darril: Well, at least we know you see the U.C.S. as your enemy.
        Ivanovna: Kill me.
          Darril: No. We don't know who you guys are, but we know you're trying to
                  kill us. That makes you a precious hostage.
        Ivanovna: ...
          Darril: We should leave soon, before your friends find us.
        Ivanovna: Where are you taking me?
          Darril: Your guess is as good as mine.
    [There is a sound of bushes being moved.]
     Wanzersmith: Hey, you!
          Darril: What!? Who are you!?
     Wanzersmith: I should ask you the same question. What are you doing here?
          Darril: You're not one of her friends, are you?
     Wanzersmith: No. Never seen her before.
                  I was taking a nap in my truck when you showed up in yours. I
                  just came over to see if you needed a hand.
          Darril: You think we can trust this guy?
          Renges: I guess. He looks like a native, so he's probably not one of her
     Wanzersmith: Hey, are you U.C.S. soldiers? You need hardware? I have wanzer
                  parts and weapons for sale, if you are interested.
          Darril: What!? Where did you get that kind of hardware!?
     Wanzersmith: Didn't anyone tell you? There is a war going on! People need to
                  protect themselves, you know?
                  Anyway, come to my truck if there is anything you need.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: I don't think we should run around until we get some info on the
                  State Army's movements.
        Chaeffer: Hey, I forgot to ask you your name last time. What is it?
        Ivanovna: Go away. I will not say anything to the likes of you.
        Chaeffer: ...
        Ivanovna: ...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They go over to the Wanzersmith's truck.]
     Wanzersmith: Where are you people headed?
          Renges: We're trying to get out of the country as soon as we can.
     Wanzersmith: Oh...? Maybe I can show you the way.
          Renges: We know the way, but we need to know how to avoid unnecessary
                  attention on the way there.
     Wanzersmith: I can help you with that, too. In my kind of business, you have
                  to know how to avoid State Army patrols.
          Darril: Can we trust you?
     Wanzersmith: Yes, of course.
    [They start to move out.]
          Darril: Thanks for the info, amigo. It helps us a lot.
     Wanzersmith: That is no problem. Remember, the terrain in this area is very
                  complex. You should be careful not to get lost.
          Renges: Yeah, thanks.
    [They get lost. It is nightfall now, and the truck stops near a village.]
          Renges: Any idea where we are?
          Darril: Nope. You?
          Renges: No... We should probably ask for directions at that village. They
                  may know the shortest way out of this place.
        Chaeffer: Hey, guys, wait! Look!
    [There are State Army wanzers at a distance, approaching the village.]
          Darril: You think they're looking for us?
          Renges: I don't think so... They're not even in a standard search
    [The State Army wanzers make their way to the village.]
          Darril: You're right. Looks like their target's that village. I don't
                  think they've seen us yet.
          Renges: They might be on a guerrilla hunt...
          Darril: Probably.
        Chaeffer: We're not just gonna sit here and watch, are we?
          Darril: Well, they have nothing to worry about as long as they aren't
                  harboring any guerrillas. The State Army won't shoot without just
                  cause, so--
    [The State Army wanzers open fire at the houses.]
          Darril: What the--
          Renges: ...
                  Get on your wanzers!
          Darril: What!?
          Renges: If we don't hurry, they'll slaughter everyone in that village!
          Darril: ... All right, all right.
    [The State Army wanzers continue their damage while Darril and gang gets out of
     the truck in their own wanzers.]
          Darril: Either way, they'd see us if we tried to get away. Taking them
                  out now is our best option.
        Ivanovna: You'd give your lives to protect that puny little village? A
                  commendable effort for a bunch of deserters!
          Renges: Quiet, you.
          Darril: Yeah. Now, don't you go anywhere... oh, that's right. We tied you
        Ivanovna: ...
        Chaeffer: Don't worry, we'll be right back!
    [Mission mode. Clear, night.]
    [Darril and gang move off to engage the enemy. There is a cut scene of the
         Vavilov: Colonel. I've come to get you out.
        Ivanovna: Vavilov.
         Vavilov: Let us hurry. We must leave before they come back.
        Ivanovna: Wait... those wanzers...
    [We see in the distance, a pair of wanzers entering the scene. We switch to
            Luis: What's going on here?
            Ines: I'm not sure... but it looks like those U.C.S. wanzers are trying
                  to protect the village.
            Luis: Then we have to help them out, don't we?
            Ines: But... they're U.C.S.!
            Luis: We'll worry about that later.
    [They move off to engage the enemy. We switch back to the truck.]
        Ivanovna: Oh, this is rich! Guerrillas and a bunch of U.C.S. deserters
                  fighting hand in hand to protect a flea-ridden village!
         Vavilov: Deserters...?
        Ivanovna: That's what they really are. We don't need to bother with them
         Vavilov: I see. Shall I retrieve the homing device, then?
        Ivanovna: (laughs) No... They may prove useful yet. Leave it.
         Vavilov: Understood, sir.
    [Luis and Ines appear on the map as controllable units.]
    [Stage clear.]
    [Luis and Ines approach Darril and gang.]
          Darril: So why did you help us?
            Ines: We were not helping you.
            Luis: We were protecting the village, just as you were.
        Chaeffer: Is this your village?
            Luis: No. But many of the people here were driven from their homes by
                  Governor Diaz.
          Renges: Why would the State Army attack them?
            Ines: Diaz's orders. He cannot get to us directly, so he's having them
                  attack villages at random, hoping to get some of us in the
            Luis: It's us he wants. So it's our responsibility to protect these
          Darril: Who are you?
            Luis: We are members of la Alianza de Libertad Venezolana.
          Darril: The 'Venezuelan Freedom Alliance'...?
          Renges: They're a group of anti-government guerrillas.
            Ines: Ah, such an unpleasant word. We prefer to call ourselves
            Luis: But what are U.C.S. soldiers like you doing here?
          Darril: Uh... it's a long story...
    [The scene fades out, and we return to the village.]
          Darril: Where'd that girl go?
          Renges: She's gone.
          Darril: That's not good... You think she'll come back to stomp us with
                  her wanzer?
          Renges: Maybe... Though I still can't figure out why they'd want to kill
          Darril: That's easy. It's because Chaeffer shot a rocket at them. If I
                  was them, I'd kill us, too.
        Chaeffer: ...
          Renges: Come on, Darril. You know Chaeffer isn't worth that many bullets.
                  Seriously, if that was the only reason, they wouldn't have come
                  after us this hard.
          Darril: Yeah, I guess you're right.
            Luis: What are you talking about?
          Darril: Oh, nothing.
            Ines: Then come with us. We need to ask you some questions.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We should probably talk to those guerrillas. Maybe they can help
        Chaeffer: They all look like nice people... Poor, but nice.
         Segovia: The people here were driven from their homes by Diaz.
                  Not only did he take all that we had, but he branded some of us
                  'enemies of the state', for little more than criticizing his
                  tyrannical ways.
            Aldo: It's not as if this village belongs to la Alianza.
                  We just help them out because they protect us from Diaz and the
                  State Army.
          Rosina: You want wanzer gear? You couldn't have come at a better time.
                  The wanzersmith is in town today.
                  He must've heard somewhere that Luis and his people were coming
                  Why don't you go see if he has anything for you?
          Rosina: This village may be poor, but we are doing all right.
                  We harvest enough food for everyone, and we even have a school
                  for the children.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They check out the wanzer shop.]
     Wanzersmith: Y-you! What are you doing here!?
          Darril: We went the way you told us to go, and this is where we ended up.
     Wanzersmith: What...? But that's not possible...
          Renges: What do you mean? Are you telling us you gave us wrong directions
                  on purpose?
     Wanzersmith: No, I... Forgive me. I thought that if the U.C.S. came to this
                  village, I would lose business.
                  My biggest customer is la Alianza, you see?
          Renges: What're we going to do with him?
          Darril: Well... I guess business is business. No hard feelings. Just
                  don't do it to us again, okay?
    [They then head to the house, and presumably explain to Luis about themselves.]
            Luis: ... So, you people are U.C.S. supply troops, and you were
                  attacked by the State Army while you were carrying supplies to
                  the main force in Brazil. That is your story?
          Darril: Yeah, that's right. You're pretty smart, boy.
            Luis: ...
            Ines: This 'boy' is the leader of la Alianza, Darril.
          Darril: What!? But he's barely out of his teens...
            Luis: Yes, I am still a boy. But what she said is the truth.
          Renges: The 'young, charismatic leader' of la Alianza, huh?
            Luis: Enough about me. You people want to go to Brazil, right?
          Darril: Yeah.
            Luis: We can take you there if you want.
        Chaeffer: Cool. We're both fighting the governor, so my enemy's enemy is my
                  ally, right?
            Luis: The U.C.S. is not our ally! I am only aiding you three because
                  you helped us defend the village.
          Darril: What's he so mad about?
            Ines: Maybe soldiers like you haven't been told, but the nations of
                  South America have always been abused by the U.C.S. Central
                  Government--even though we are all equal members of the U.C.S...
                  La Alianza's original goal was to fight U.C.S. oppression.
          Renges: Then why fight the governor?
            Luis: Because he was put into power by the U.C.S. That is also why he
                  can seize land and money from the Venezuelan people without
                  punishment. No one wanted a fight with the U.C.S.
          Darril: Then why did he declare independence from the U.C.S.?
            Luis: We are unsure, but we heard it might be because the U.C.S. was
                  going to take all the money he stole... As taxes.
            Ines: The rumor is that he has at least one hundred million dollars
                  hidden away.
        Chaeffer: Oh, then it's only one-fourth.
            Ines: What is?
          Renges: Never mind him.
            Luis: We have to drive Diaz out of this country, no matter what it
            Ines: But if the U.C.S. wins this fight, they will only replace him
                  with another puppet.
                  Nothing will change, and the people will be the ones to suffer.
            Luis: That is enough, Ines. It is not their fight.
                  I will try to find a route that will take you safely to Brazil.
                  Meanwhile, you are free to move around the village. Make
                  yourselves at home.
          Darril: Thanks. We owe you one.
            Luis: It is too bad you are not the U.C.S. president. I know exactly
                  how he could repay us.
      [Talk menu]
            Luis: We do not like the U.C.S. much, but we owe you for helping us
                  protect this village.
                  I intend to repay that debt to you however I can.
            Ines: Some of the people here are wanted by the U.C.S. as well...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They get out of the house.]
          Darril: I guess everyone has their own problems...
          Renges: Well, it's not limited to here. I grew up in a village a lot like
                  this. That's why I promised myself I'd find a way to live the
                  easy life.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: There are poor people all over the world--but we can't go around
                  helping them all, can we?
        Chaeffer: I guess they don't like the U.C.S. much around here... I feel
                  like hiding in a hole somewhere...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They check out the school.]
          Darril: Hey, wow. I can't remember the last time I was in school.
           Child: Who are you, mister?
          Renges: We're friends of Luis's. Don't mind us.
           Child: Oh, you know Luis?
         Teacher: You! What do you think you're doing in here!?
           Child: Professor!
          Darril: 'Professor'? A teacher?
         Teacher: You are the ones who were fighting in the village earlier, aren't
                  you? Well, if the fighting's done, why don't you leave? And take
                  those infernal machines with you!
          Darril: Hey, take it easy, Teach. If it wasn't for us, this village would
                  have been wiped off the face of the Earth.
         Teacher: You people are all alike. You think guns are the answer to all
          Renges: I guess soldiers aren't welcomed here.
         Teacher: Anyone carrying a gun is scum, I say! Get out!
          Darril: ...
           Child: Hey, mister.
        Chaeffer: Who? Me?
           Child: Will you play with me?
        Chaeffer: ...
         Teacher: ... Go ahead.
        Chaeffer: ...
          Darril: Yeah, go ahead.
        Chaeffer: All right! Let's go!
           Child: Let's go!
          Darril: You know, for a teacher... you don't carry yourself like a
                  civilian. Who are you?
         Teacher: I'm just an ordinary old man.
          Renges: Really?
         Teacher: Weren't you ever taught not to ask stupid questions? Besides--
                  it's none of your business.
          Darril: ...
      [Talk menu]
         Teacher: I have nothing more to say to soldiers like you!
                  Leave this village at once!
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They go back outside.]
        Chaeffer: Darril!
          Darril: What is it? Did that kid hurt himself?
        Chaeffer: No, he's fine! Just come and look!
          Darril: Oh-hoh. She's quite a looker.
          Renges: She doesn't look like she's from around here.
           Woman: You... You're not from this village, are you? And those
                  uniforms... you're U.C.S. Army.
          Darril: You're not from this village either, right? What brings you here?
           Woman: I'm looking for Luis. Is he around?
        Chaeffer: Luis is in that house over there.
           Woman: Thanks. Bye.
          Renges: Who is she?
          Darril: I don't know... But she's not Venezuelan, either.
    CHAPTER 11 | SIKE! [DCHP06] 
    [The E.C. Assembly board room meeting.] 
         Premier: ... And this concludes the summary of the attack on the Polish
                  resource base. Do you have anything to add, Glaeser? 
         Glaeser: Sirs, I would like to request the immediate disbandment of the 
                  Durandal and the removal of Vice-Minister Allison from office. 
                  Even though both parties had information regarding an imminent
                  attack on the base, they purposefully neglected to alert the   
                  proper authorities... and took matters into their own hands. 
                  Their foolhardy actions are responsible for the current resource
                  crisis, and they should take full responsibility. 
          Noland: Now just wait a minute, Glaeser! 
                  While the way they handled matters may have been... problematic,
                  they did mangage to predict the attack, didn't they? 
         Glaeser: Then why didn't they report their findings to me? 
                  I am in charge of the investigation, am I not? 
          Noland: They disagree with your theory. They do not think the U.C.S. is 
                  responsible for these attacks. 
         Glaeser: You see, that is exactly the problem. 
                  They would rather try to prove their own delusional theories than
                  to face the facts. And that is what caused this catastrophe. 
          Noland: Listen, Glaeser. Were it not for them, the resource base would  
                  have been completely destroyed! 
                  If they had not aided the Polish Army in defending the base, 
                  it would have taken the E.C. eight years to rebuild it, instead 
                  of two! 
         Glaeser: Had they informed me, the E.C. armies would have defended the 
                  base and we would not have had to rebuild anything. 
                  The Durandal is also responsible for crossing the German border 
                  without authorization. 
                  Not only that, but they opened fire on the Blauer Nebel when they
                  tried to stop them. 
                  Normally, such actions would be considered acts of terrorism. 
          Noland: Wait a minute. They-- 
         Premier: Stop it, both of you! This is not a court of justice! Minster 
                  Hoffer, as Prime Minster of Poland, what is your opinion on this 
          Hoffer: I do praise the Durandal's actions... 
                  But our army has also suffered casualties. 
                  I cannot truly disagree with Mister Glaeser's proposal. 
         Premier: All right... then let us come to a decision. 
                  The Durandal is banned from engaging in any activities until 
                  further notice. 
                  Our official announcement will state that we believe the U.C.S. 
                  is also behind the attack on the resource base. 
                  I leave Miss Allison's fate to you, Mister Noland. Do you have 
                  any objections? 
          Noland: No, Mister Chairman... 
         Premier: Then this meeting is over. Good day, gentlemen. 
    [The scene fades out to the Durandal's Common Room, but with a news article 
     about the Polish resource base. 'IMMINENT E.C. RESOURCE SHORTAGE'.] 
    The U.C.S. has fired a verbal salvo at the E.C. Assembly in the ongoing war of
    words between the two superpowers. 
    The Assembly's recent press release, which alleges U.C.S. responsibility for
    the German base attacks, was openly denounced by U.C.S. President Clift. 
    Clift classified the release as on open attack on his nation's credibility,  
    and promised to respond with armed forces if the allegations were not 
    As for the resource crisis currently threatening the nations of Europe, the 
    Assembly has yet to respond to an offer made by the Republic of Zaftra to 
    reestablish trade relations. 
    [The news article fades out.] 
          Latona: ... 
            Elsa: Oh, hello. 
          Latona: Elsa? 
                  What are you still doing here? You know the Durandal's activities
                  have been suspended indefinitely. 
            Elsa: I could ask you the same question. 
          Latona: I... needed to take a walk. I couldn't sleep. 
            Elsa: You know you don't have to feel responsible for what's
          Latona: I... 
       Frederick: Excuse me, ladies. 
          Latona: !? 
                  Who are you? 
       Frederick: Hey, you're that secretary. We met in Germany. 
            Elsa: I am no one's secretary. I am a Durandal pilot. 
          Latona: And I asked you a question. Who are you? 
       Frederick: Ah, where are my manners? I apologize. My name's Lancaster. 
                  Frederick Lancaster. 
            Elsa: He's a freelance journalist. Wait--how did you get in here? 
       Frederick: Oh, that was easy. Security's real lax, what with the suspension
                  and all. Uh, Miss...? 
            Elsa: Elsa. 
       Frederick: Elsa... you're a member of the Durandal team that was in Poland. 
          Latona: How did you get that information? 
       Frederick: Hey, I'm not your ordinary journie, you know? I have my sources. 
                  What intrigues me, though, is how you were able to predict the 
                  attack on the resource base. 
          Latona: I hope you find our security guards as intriguing, because I'm 
                  calling them right now. 
       Frederick: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a minute! I didn't just come in here 
                  to ask questions. I have some info you people might be 
                  interested in. 
            Elsa: Info? 
       Frederick: Yes, that's right. How about a trade? 
            Elsa: Fine. Tell us what you know first. 
       Frederick: Not here. You might sic security on me after I told you. 
          Latona: Where do you propose we go, then? 
       Frederick: Let's go to the pub outside the base. I have a bodyguard waiting 
                  for me there. 
          Latona: What do you think? 
            Elsa: All right, let's go. 
    [They head to the pub, 'Ritter's'.] 
          Latona: Which one is your bodyguard? 
       Frederick: You know I can't tell you that. But don't worry--he's watching us
                  so don't do anything rash. 
          Latona: What we'll do depends on your information. 
      [Talk menu] 
       Frederick: All right, then... First, let's recap what's happened. 
          Latona: Just tell us what you know. Now. 
       Frederick: Whoa, not so fast. 
                  Don't you know the meaning of 'give and take'? It doesn't mean,
                  'I give and you take'. 
            Elsa: Excuse my friend, Monsieur Lancaster. But tell us, how much do
                  you know of what's happened? 
       Frederick: This is what I know. The German bases were attacked so the 
                  assailants could gain access to the new resource base... and 
                  destroy it. 
                  That attack would have been impossible without the help of a 
                  German military insider. And I know the only party capable of 
                  carrying out--and profiting from--that operation would be... 
                  The Republic of Zaftra. 
          Latona: There is not sufficient proof to blame Zaftra! 
            Elsa: ... Latona? 
       Frederick: Wait, wait. Calm down, Lieutenant Latona Vasilev of the Zaftran 
                  Army. I mean... ex-lieutenant. 
            Elsa: Lieutenant...? 
       Frederick: You didn't know? It's not exactly a secret, is it? 
          Latona: There is no reason for secrecy. I have nothing to hide. 
       Frederick: Well, in any case, my educated guess is that Zaftra's 
                  If the E.C. falls into a resource crisis, it would have to rely 
                  on imports from either the U.C.S. or Zaftra. 
            Elsa: How can you be certain the U.C.S. isn't involved? The E.C. 
                  government says it has proof that the U.C.S. is responsible. 
       Frederick: The U.C.S. doesn't need the income from exports to the E.C. 
                  On the other hand, Zaftra's economy has been in a steep decline 
                  ever since the E.C. stopped importing from them. 
            Elsa: ... 
       Frederick: But there are things even I don't understand. 
                  Why would anyone in the German military have reason to help 
                  Why didn't the Zaftrans head directly to Poland instead of 
                  attacking the German bases, if they had someone on the inside 
                  helping them? 
            Elsa: True... 
       Frederick: My gut tells me they're planning something bigger. And if you 
                  ask me, it's probably more bad news. 
          Latona: ... 
       Frederick: What I need from you is confirmation. I want you to tell me if 
                  my guesses are right. And I promise that whatever you tell me 
                  stays confidential. 
            Elsa: But... 
          Latona: We believe there is a strong possibility the Republic of Zaftra 
                  is responsible for the attack. 
            Elsa: Latona! 
          Latona: Elsa and her team found evidence that could have proved it... but
                  it's gone. Glaeser must've destroyed it by now. 
            Elsa: ... 
          Latona: Zaftra is my homeland... but I cannot doubt my friends. 
                  It is... difficult for me. 
       Frederick: I'm sorry... I was being inconsiderate. 
          Latona: Do not worry. So, what is the information you have for us? 
                  'Give and take', yes? 
       Frederick: You know a certain Wagner of the Blauer Nebel? 
            Elsa: Yes. 
       Frederick: He may be a Zaftran covert agent. 
            Elsa: What!? 
       Frederick: Zaftra's been sending spies to other countries for decades... 
                  Well, I guess Zaftra's not the only country to do that, but the 
                  quality of their spies is topnotch. 
                  Finding spies has been my life's work ever since I was involved 
                  in a certain incident... 
          Latona: ... 
       Frederick: Don't worry, Latona. I know you're not a spy. 
                  Spies don't make it public knowledge that they have military 
                  experience in their country of origin. 
            Elsa: Frederick... Do you have concrete evidence that Wagner is a spy? 
       Frederick: Actually, no. But I know I'm right. That's all the info I have 
                  right now. 
       Frederick: Whoever is responsible... I'll find them. 
       Bartender: Durandal customers are always welcome. 
            John: This was a lonely town before the Durandal built their base here.
                  It's livened up quite a bit since then. 
       Catherine: What does the Durandal do, I wonder? They don't look like 
                  soldiers, but they have wanzers and their security guards carry 
                  It's a mite scary for the folks living around here. 
            Nick: Latona! How've you been? 
                  Why don't you sit down? I'll buy you a drink. 
            Elsa: Who is this? 
          Latona: Nick. He works for one of the wanzer manufacturers that sends us 
                  products to test. 
                  I am sorry, Nick, but we are a little busy right now. 
            Nick: Aw, come on. I thought we could talk about that gear you were 
                  interested in today. 
          Latona: Maybe some other time. 
            Nick: Always good to see you, Latona. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They decide to leave Ritter's.] 
       Frederick: I appreciate you two taking the time to listen to me. I'm going 
                  to stay here a little while. I need to think about a few things. 
          Latona: Now that we are done, why don't you tell us who your bodyguard 
       Frederick: My bodyguard? Hah-hah! Tell you the truth, I never hired one. 
          Latona: I thought so. 
       Frederick: Are you going to sic security on me now? 
            Elsa: No, not today, Monsieur Lancaster. But I think you should refrain
                  from sneaking into our headquarters from now on. 
       Frederick: Don't worry, I promise I won't. 
    [Elsa and Latona head back to the Durandal's Common Room.] 
            Elsa: Wagner, a spy...? 
                  But how can we prove it? 
          Hermes: Elsa!!! 
            Elsa: Hermes! Weren't you supposed to be on vacation? 
          Hermes: There was something I wanted to check before I left. 
                  And boy, did I hit paydirt! Come with me to the briefing room, 
          Latona: What is the rush? 
          Hermes: I'll explain later! 
    [They head to the briefing room.] 
          Hermes: Look at this. 
    [A screen appears with a table list.] 
          Latona: What is it? 
          Hermes: It's a graph of the monthly production output of all major 
                  industrial companies in Germany. It's a file complied by the 
            Elsa: The government? How did you get this? 
          Hermes: I hacked into their database. Illegally, of course. 
            Elsa: And this is what you wanted to check on? 
    [A graph diagram appears, indicating rising numbers.] 
          Hermes: The E.C.'s supposed to be short on resources, and we haven't 
                  started to import anything, but the output of rare metals from 
                  these companies is slightly rising... 
                  ... starting right after the attack in Poland! 
            Elsa: Are they not simply selling their remaining stocks? 
          Hermes: No, it can't be. All the other companies' output has gone down 
                  ever since the attack. 
            Elsa: Is there anything these companies have in common--aside from the
                  fact that they are German? 
          Hermes: I was waiting for you to ask me that. They all have factories or 
                  warehouses in a German town called Wassau. 
          Latona: Wassau... 
            Elsa: You know this town? 
          Latona: There is a supply tunnel in Wassau that was once used to bring 
                  resources to the E.C. 
            Elsa: Importing resources...? You mean, from... 
          Latona: Yes, from Zaftra. Zaftra is smuggling raw materials into Germany.
                  This was their goal all along. 
          Hermes: No doubt about it. The ore for the rare materials these companies
                  are producing are all found in Zaftra. 
            Elsa: But again, this data is not enough to prove their involvement... 
          Hermes: There's more, Elsa! Remember when we were chasing the Zaftrans 
                  in Germany? 
            Elsa: Yes, but... 
          Hermes: We didn't come back empty-handed after all! Remember the train 
                  blip that showed up on our sensors? The one we checked off our 
          Latona: Yes...? 
          Hermes: I checked the train lines. The railroad it was on was used to 
                  ship resources. It's supposed to be closed down. 
            Elsa: Wait... Do those tracks lead to...? 
          Hermes: That's right! To Wassau! Those wanzers must've used that train 
                  to escape! 
          Latona: So they got out of the country through the supply tunnel... 
          Hermes: Yeah... I'm sorry... I should've picked up on it sooner. 
          Latona: It's not your fault. Wagner must have known we would use the 
                  AWACS data to track down those wanzers. 
            Elsa: ... I have to tell her. 
          Hermes: Tell? Tell who? 
            Elsa: I have to tell Miss Allison! Give me a copy of that data! 
          Hermes: You're going to London? At this hour!? 
          Latona: Don't. The vice-minister cannot help us. 
            Elsa: But I have to try! 
          Latona: The Central Assembly has suspended our activities, remember? 
                  Even the prime-minister can't help us. 
            Elsa: I know... 
                  But if we do nothing, more people will die! We must tell someone,
                  even if there is little chance of being heard! 
    [Elsa heads for Allison's office.] 
            Elsa: Vice-Minister Allison! 
         Allison: Elsa!? 
       Bodyguard: I'm sorry, Miss Allison. She bolted in before we could-- 
            Elsa: Let me go! I only want to speak to her! 
         Allison: Let her go. 
       Bodyguard: But... 
         Allison: Calm down, Elsa. Sit down and take a deep breath. Now, what is it
                  you wanted to tell me? 
            Elsa: We have found that some companies in Germany are smuggling 
                  Zaftran resources into the E.C., Vice-Minister. 
         Allison: I see... But what do you propose we do about it? The Durandal has
                  been ordered to cease its operations indefinitely. 
                  Surely you aren't planning on going to Germany to investigate 
                  these companies? 
            Elsa: If we can capture the resource base on the Zaftran side of the 
                  tunnel, we will be sure to find concrete evidence of these 
                  illegal activities! 
         Allison: I doubt the Central Assembly would acknowledge any evidence from 
                  an unauthorized operation. Especially one like that. 
            Elsa: But if we make the information public, someone is bound to 
                  believe us... and start asking questions. 
         Allison: You do realize that what you are proposing to do may destroy our 
                  relations with the Republic of Zaftra? 
            Elsa: But if we do nothing, the E.C. and the U.C.S. will destroy each 
         Allison: ... 
            Elsa: Please, Miss Allison... 
         Allison: All I can do is fabricate some reason for the Durandal to conduct
                  this operation. 
                  I can't help you if you fail. 
            Elsa: That is more than enough. Thank you! 
         Allison: You truly remind me of Zead and myself when we were younger. 
            Elsa: Zead...? 
         Allison: Yes, very much so. 
                  Elsa... don't forget that if you die, the truth will die with 
                  Come back alive. 
            Elsa: We will, Vice-Minister. 
    [Elsa heads back to the Durandal's Briefing Room.] 
            Zead: Ah, Elsa. What took you so long? 
            Elsa: Zead! Why are you here? 
            Zead: A certain vice-minister gave me a ring, and I had to cancel my 
                  fishing trip. 
                  But the weather's lousy, anyway. I wouldn't have enjoyed it. 
            Elsa: Miss Allison... 
          Latona: We are going, yes? 
            Elsa: Yes. We have to. 
          Hermes: All right! We're back in business! 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: It will be a long way from Wassau to the resource base on the 
                  Zaftran side... 
          Hermes: We can get there in no time if we use the supply train that runs
                  inside the tunnel. 
          Latona: If Glaeser is involved, Wassau may be guarded by German Army 
                  troops as well. 
            Zead: Either way, it would be best to be prepared. 
            Zead: We must move quickly once we cross the Zaftran border. 
                  We will be entering into their country illegally. It won't do to
                  be caught. 
          Hermes: The entrance to the supply tunnel is very close to Wassau. 
                  If we pick a fight with the Blauer Nebel, we have to be careful 
                  about civilians. 
          Latona: Most Zaftran Army units lack training and experience, but they 
                  will send crack troops to defend their resource base. 
                  We should be careful. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move to the hangar.] 
            Elsa: Bosch! 
           Bosch: I am going with you as well. 
            Elsa: But this time, our mission-- 
           Bosch: Latona told me. We are going to Germany again, yes? So who better
                  to take with you than myself? I also know what makes Wagner tick.
            Elsa: The Blauer Nebel may not be in Wassau... 
           Bosch: Oh, they will be there. Wagner would not trust anyone else to do 
                  his job. In fact, I suspect the Blauer Nebel is running this 
                  entire operation themselves. 
            Elsa: You know we will be disobeying the government's orders. 
           Bosch: Don't worry about me. I like the Durandal. And if we succeed, 
                  they will have no choice but to lift the ban on our motley 
                  I want to do my part in making that happen. 
            Elsa: Thank you. I am glad you are with us. 
           Bosch: And I am glad to be of service. 
          Hermes: There's new stuff in the wanzer shop, so check it out. 
                  If you want to buy old wanzer gear, you can order them from the
                  simulator's 'Online Shop'. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: We will load as many supplies as we can onto the transport. 
                  It's a long way to Zaftra. 
          Hermes: We will have to get concrete proof that Zaftra is behind all 
          Latona: It is funny... I never thought I would have to go back to Zaftra
                  as an illegal alien. 
           Bosch: The sensor backpack on my wanzer allows missiles to lock on to 
                  enemies around me, even if they are outside the missile 
                  launcher's maximum range. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out to Wassau in their transport.] 
          Hermes: It looks like we made it across the German border without being
          Robert: Thanks to my flying, right? 
            Zead: My guess is the German surveillance system still hasn't fully 
                  recovered from the attack. 
          Robert: Of course. Thanks a lot, Zead... There goes my pride. 
    [The radar diagrams show up.] 
          Hermes: Oh, no... 
                  I'm reading a lot of German units inside Wassau. 
    [A picture of wanzers is magnified.] 
           Bosch: The Blauer Nebel... 
          Latona: Would they risk fighting in a populated area? 
           Bosch: Knowing Wagner, yes. 
                  And I don't think he'll fall for any tricks to lure him out of 
                  the town. 
            Elsa: Then what should we do? 
           Bosch: We should land as close as we can to the tunnel, and evacuate the
                  town before the Blauer Nebel reaches us. 
          Latona: Would they let us get that close? 
           Bosch: We'll just have to try. I'm sure Robert will be able to handle 
    [The screen fades.] 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: We must not put civilians in the line of fire, even if it means 
                  putting our own lives in danger. 
          Hermes: This transport's pretty sturdy, but it'll go down if it takes too
                  many missile hits. 
                  So piloting skill is still important. It's better to avoid 
                  getting hit. 
          Latona: You should make sure to be prepared. 
                  We will be surrounded once we jump into the middle of the town. 
           Bosch: Wagner might be expecting us to come in headfirst with our 
                  We can only hope he hasn't prepared a nasty surprise for us... 
          Robert: It doesn't look like Wassau has any buildings tall enough to use
                  as cover... 
                  It's going to be a rough ride! 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They choose to move out. Bosch and Elsa jumps out of the transport.] 
           Bosch: Good, we've landed near the supply tunnel. Now we'll only have to
                  face less than half the opposition. 
            Elsa: Yes, but we still have to fight through them. 
           Bosch: And there are civilians here, too... 
    [Meanwhile, the Blauer Nebel spots the Durandal transport.] 
           Dranz: They came just as you said they would, Major. Do you really think
                  they'll try to get into the supply tunnel? 
          Wagner: That is what I would do if I were them. Dranz, defend this 
                  position. I'll go forward and engage them. 
           Dranz: Yes, sir. 
         Glaeser: Blauer Nebel, respond! 
           Dranz: Blauer Nebel, Dranz here. 
    [Meanwhile, Wagner moves off.] 
         Glaeser: Where is Wagner? 
           Dranz: The Major has gone to engage the enemy, sir. 
         Glaeser: Listen. You must, I repeat, you must stop the Durandal at all 
                  cost! If they get hold of any evidence of our smuggling 
                  operation, we're finished! 
           Dranz: Understood, sir. 
    [Alarms blare out throughout the town. Elsa and Bosch make their way down the 
           Bosch: Have we gone far enough? 
            Elsa: I guess... We should be able to lessen the damage to the city  
    [A burst of gunfire lands near them. We see Wagner at a distance.] 
          Wagner: It's been a while... Durandal. 
           Bosch: Wagner! What are you doing!? There are still civilians here! 
          Wagner: Collateral damage. You're too soft, Bosch. That is why you 
                  couldn't make it in the army. 
           Bosch: Traitor! How could you sell our homeland to the Zaftrans!? 
          Wagner: 'Homeland'...? (Hmph.) I don't owe this country anything. 
    [Mission mode. Snow, day.] 
    [Wagner goes down.] 
    Wagner: What gives you... so much strength...? 
    [Dranz is next.] 
    Dranz: Argh! I... I have to bail out! 
    [Stage clear. The Durandal team approaches the tunnel.] 
            Elsa: That should take care of the Blauer Nebel for now. 
          Latona: Don't let your guard down. We're not out of the woods yet. 
            Zead: Let's get supplies from Robert. We have a long road ahead of us.
          Hermes: Is Robert coming with us? 
            Zead: No. The transport will be too conspicuous outside the E.C. Robert
                  will be standing by at headquarters. 
    [A while later.] 
           Bosch: Everything is loaded and ready to go. 
            Elsa: Well then, what are we waiting for? 
          Hermes: All aboard! 
    [They go off.] 
         Glaeser: Wagner, respond. 
          Wagner: Wagner here. 
         Glaeser: Have you dealt with the Durandal? 
          Wagner: No. They broke through our defenses and entered through the 
                  supply tunnel. 
         Glaeser: No! 
          Wagner: I will contact headquarters. 
         Glaeser: Wait. There is no need to tell them of our failure. 
          Wagner: ... 
         Glaeser: I will deal with them... personally. 
          Wagner: As you wish... sir. 
    [The Durandal team are deep in the tunnel.] 
            Zead: Do you think Wagner will come after us? 
           Bosch: I don't think so. He will probably block our exit, though. 
                  As he would say, that would be most 'efficient'. 
          Latona: Zaftra must know by now that we are in this tunnel and headed 
                  their way. 
                  They may have already sent troops to stop us. 
            Zead: No, I doubt they would do so. 
           Bosch: What makes you so sure? 
            Zead: It wouldn't be in their best interest to start a large-scale 
                  battle inside this tunnel and risk damaging it. 
           Bosch: Who knows what they're capable of when they're desperate? 
            Zead: Bosch, their ultimate objective is to set up a smuggling route 
                  between Zaftra and the E.C. using this tunnel. 
                  If it is destroyed, they would be unable to achieve that 
          Latona: True... 
            Zead: Therefore, it is highly unlikely that they would attack us while 
                  we are here. 
           Bosch: But what about this train? They could switch our tracks at a 
                  junction and reroute us outside to an ambush. 
                  That way, they could get us without worrying about damaging the 
          Hermes: We don't have to worry about that. This train's control system 
                  are self-contained, and we also have full control of all the 
                  switches along our route. 
            Elsa: Then any opposition we may face would be waiting at the Zaftran 
                  side of this tunnel... 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: We should expect the enemy to be at the terminal near the end of 
                  these tracks. 
                  If my guess is right, the Zaftrans will try to ambush us there. 
          Hermes: This train's fully automated. All I have to do is to access its 
                  computer and give it commands. I wish wanzers were this easy to 
          Latona: We have crossed the point of no return. The only way for us to go
                  is forward. 
           Bosch: We have enough supplies and ammo with us to last a while... as  
                  long as this train makes it to the other side intact, that is. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They continue on.] 
           Bosch: Why...? Why would you betray your own country, Wagner...? 
          Latona: Wagner may not be German, Bosch. 
           Bosch: What!? What are you talking about? 
            Elsa: We cannot prove it, but... it is highly probable. 
          Latona: I hate to admit it, but he may be Zaftran. 
           Bosch: Zaftran...? 
                  Then he is a spy? 
            Elsa: Can you remember anything about him that you thought was strange?
                  Anything that may prove he is a spy? 
           Bosch: Let me think... I remember him telling me about his hometown 
                  once, but... 
                  I'm sorry, I can't remember any details. 
            Elsa: Please tell us if you do. 
    [They travel along the tunnel to the Zaftran border.] 
          Hermes: We're almost in Zaftra. 
           Bosch: Then we'd better get ready. 
    [There is an explosion at the end of the tunnel.] 
            Elsa: What was that!? 
          Hermes: An explosion! Right ahead of us! 
    [Several more explosions along the tunnel occur.] 
            Zead: It can't be! This doesn't make sense! 
          Latona: Perhaps they consider us more of a threat than we figured... 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: I don't understand... This tunnel is supposed to be vital to the
                  Zaftran's plan... 
          Hermes: Hurry! We have to get out of here! With this much damage, the 
                  ceiling above us could collapse at any minute! 
          Latona: We are already inside Zaftran territory. We must expect to meet 
                  Zaftran troops once we are out of the tunnel. 
           Bosch: I can't imagine why, but it seems like they would rather destroy 
                  the tunnel than let us pass! 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out of the tunnel, and into swamp land.] 
          Hermes: They must've destroyed the tunnel to stop us! 
          Latona: I would hardly think that would have any benefit. They could just
                  deploy units near the resource base if that was their goal. 
            Zead: Latona's right... 
    [There is the sound of gunfire. We see Zaftran wanzers approaching them.] 
           Bosch: Heads up, people! 
    [Mission mode. Overcast, day.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
            Zead: Strange... I expected there to be more of them. 
          Latona: That wasn't the Zaftran Regular Army. That was the same special 
                  forces unit that attacked the base in Poland. 
            Elsa: I... don't understand. 
           Bosch: I would say it's politics. 
          Hermes: So what are we gonna do now? 
            Elsa: We're already inside the Zaftran border. Let's keep going! 
            Zead: No. The base is too far from here, and we still don't have a 
                  clear idea of what the enemy is up to. 
            Elsa: But... we are so close... 
    [Fade out. We return to Glaeser's office, where the phone rings.] 
         Glaeser: It's me. 
          Wagner: I heard you destroyed the supply tunnel. What were you thinking? 
         Glaeser: So your headquarters already informed you. I am charged with 
                  overseeing these operations. A few sacrificed here and there do 
                  not matter. 
          Wagner: A few sacrifices? 
                  You know that headquarters doesn't see it the same way. 
         Glaeser: Hmph. Let them sulk. It is thanks to my planning that our 
                  operations in Germany and Poland succeeded. 
                  You cannot continue without me, especially now that we are in the
                  final stages of the plan. 
          Wagner: You sound very confident, Glaeser. 
         Glaeser: Oh, I am. My ability to command troops cannot be matched. The 
                  results prove it. 
                  But the Durandal... they are my only miscalculation. 
                  That is why I made sure they were out of the picture. 
          Wagner: But the troops you sent were beaten, and the Durandal still live,
         Glaeser: That was also expected. 
                  Call your headquarters and have them mobilize their army. They 
                  should be able to catch them inside their own territory. 
          Wagner: ... 
         Glaeser: The Zaftran Army is well-trained, Wagner. 
                  They only thing they lack is an experienced commander. 
                  With me at the helm, they will become invincible! 
    [The village.]
            Luis: Darril!
          Darril: Hm? What's up?
            Luis: There has been a change of plans. We have to postpone your trip
                  to Brazil.
          Darril: What? What's going on?
            Luis: The U.C.S. Army is advancing towards Caracas.
                  We are going there as well.
          Renges: Huh. Sounds like Donald's finally lost his patience...
          Darril: Knowing the U.C.S. Army, it'll all be over by the time you reach
            Ines: That may not be so. Apparently, part of the garrison was called
                  back from Venezuela.
        Chaeffer: Oh? Why?
            Ines: You have heard about the E.C. blaming the U.C.S. for the attack
                  on their resource base?
                  The U.C.S. Central Government decided to deploy troops in the
                  Atlantic to force the E.C. to withdraw those accusations.
          Darril: Oh, great. Why do politicians enjoy starting wars so much...?
            Luis: This is our only chance. We have to capture Diaz before the
                  U.C.S., and make him withdraw his declaration.
          Darril: Hey, Luis... Where did you guys get all this information?
           Woman: I told them.
          Darril: You...?
            Luis: This is Maria. She has been providing us with vital information
                  since well before the governor's declaration of independence.
          Darril: Really. That makes me want to get to know you better, Maria.
           Maria: I could say the same to you. What are U.C.S. soldiers doing here?
            Luis: They were attacked and became separated from the main garrison.
           Maria: Oh? Then that's prefect. Why don't you go to Caracas with Luis?
                  There will be lots of U.C.S. troops there.
          Darril: Uh... Nah, we're not from that company.
                  But wait. Luis, you're not going to go against the U.C.S. troops
                  in Caracas, are you?
            Luis: No, our main objective is to capture Diaz. We have no intention
                  of fighting the U.C.S. Army.
            Ines: Officially, Diaz is supposed to be controlling his troops from
                  the State Assembly Building in central Caracas...
                  But according to Maria, he is actually hiding in his manor
                  outside the city.
          Darril: And this information can be trusted?
           Maria: Of course.
            Luis: The U.C.S. does not have the manor marked, and there are only a
                  few State Army units guarding it.
          Darril: Hmm...
          Renges: What are you thinking about, Darril?
          Darril: All right, we'll go to Caracas with you.
            Luis: You will!? But why?
          Darril: If you don't come back, how are we supposed to get to Brazil?
          Renges: Hey, Darril...
          Darril: What?
          Renges: Why are we putting our lives on the line for guerrillas?
          Darril: Simple. If Maria's information is accurate, Luis and his gang 
                  have a good chance of pulling this off.
                  And with Diaz gone, there'll be nothing to stop us from leaving
          Renges: But...
           Maria: What are you two talking about? Care to share it with the rest of
          Darril: Oh, nothing important. Really.
            Ines: Will you really help us? You do know you owe us nothing, yes?
        Chaeffer: Yes, we do! We owe the children here a better future.
            Luis: Chaeffer... Thank you.
            Ines: Thank you, Darril.
          Darril: I... Uh... Don't mention it.
      [Talk menu]
            Luis: Here, let me give this to you.
                  It is not much, but it should help you equip your wanzers with
                  what you need--in case we do run into trouble.
          Darril: No, don't worry about it... We'll be--
            Luis: I cannot ask you to risk your lives for us for nothing.
                  Please, take it.
    [Obtained: 3000 credits.]
            Luis: The State Army has placed most of its forces near the Assembly 
                  Building in Central Caracas.
                  We should be able to avoid the State Army if we pass through the
                  southern part of the city, then go east toward the Governor's
            Ines: Some of our people are already waiting for us in the southern
                  downtown district of Caracas.
           Maria: La Alianza's ultimate objective isn't to fight the State Army,
                  but to make Diaz revoke his declaration of independence.
                  It's doubtful that everyone in the State Army shares Diaz's
                  views, after all. The is no need for la Alianza to fight them
                  unless it is absolutely necessary.
        Sergovia: I hear you're going with la Alianza on their next mission.
                  And you're not even Venezuelan. It's very brave of you.
     Wanzersmith: I am going with Luis, too. I am the only one who can keep la 
                  Alianza supplied, after all.
                  Oh, and I have some new gear in my shop. Come and take a look at
                  them when you have time.
     Wanzersmith: Hello, there. Uh, about what I did to you before--I guess I
                  should make it up to you.
          Darril: You mean trying to get us lost? Nah, don't worry about it.
     Wanzersmith: Oh, but I must. I owe you.
                  Thought we are busy with this Caracas mission right now, I 
                  promise I will make it up to you.
      [Talk menu
            Aldo: Luis and his people are going to Caracas...? I see... I can't
                  help them much, but I will pray for their safe return.
          Rosina: They are going to fight again...?
                  Then I have to hurry and prepare rations for them...
      [Talk menu
         Teacher: What!? Luis is going to Caracas!?
                  Stop him! Tell him to stop, now!
           Child: Chaeffer... I heard you're going, too...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They start to move out.]
            Luis: All right, everyone! Time to move out!
          Darril: Is this all we've got?
            Ines: This is not one of our main bases. The others will meet us in 
                  Caracas, and we have people in the city as well.
          Renges: We'll still be outnumbered.
            Ines: Yes... but we will not lose. The State Army does not have a cause
                  to fight for.
            Elmo: Luis! You're taking me with you, right?
            Luis: No, Elmo. You are too young.
            Elmo: You were already fighting at my age, Luis. I can, too!
            Luis: I said no. You stay here and protect the village, okay?
                  That is an order, Elmo.
            Elmo: ... Okay.
          Renges: Why don't you take him with us?
                  He won't learn to fight unless he's shown how.
            Luis: He is young. He thinks war is a game where the good guys always
                  I cannot take him until he realizes that such thoughts are those
                  of a child.
          Renges: I see...
    [They move out to Caracas.]
            Luis: The information we received was accurate. The U.C.S. troops are 
                  headed towards the State Assembly Building.
          Darril: Then we should be through the city in no time.
            Luis: No, we have to meet with our people in Caracas first.
        Chaeffer: So, where in Caracas are we meeting 'em?
            Ines: We have an underground hideout beneath that island over there.
                  See that building--
    [We see a building in a distance emitting smoke. Tanks are firing at it.]
            Luis: It's under attack!
    [State Army wanzers approach near the group. Ines looks at them from the cover
     of the wall, and goes back to the group.]
            Ines: There's more of them over there!
          Renges: What's going on!?
            Luis: I don't know... I can't believe they'd attack us at a time like
          Darril: That doesn't matter now! We have to go save them!
            Luis: Right. Let's go!
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.]
    [The view shifts to the building that is under attack.]
            Luis: There is the hideout... But it looks like they are not fighting
                  back. We have to defend them!
    [It then shifts to the attacking tank.]
            Luis: It looks like that tank...
                  ... and the helicopters are the enemy's main force. We have to
                  take them out before they destroy the hideout!
    [Darril and gang destroy those units, and Calvo and his own crew appear at the
     bottom right of the map.]
           Calvo: Is everyone in the hideout all right...?
            Luis: Calvo! You were not in the hideout?
           Calvo: I'm sorry, Luis. We were on a recon mission at the center of the
                  city when we received word that the hideout was under attack.
                  We came back as fast we could, but I'm glad you were able to get
                  here before us.
                  We're moving under your command now. Let's get the rest of them!
    [Stage clear.]
          Darril: All right! Good work!
    [Luis turns to Calvo, who approaches.]
            Luis: Calvo! What's going on!
           Calvo: My guess is... they'd figured we'd make a move once the U.C.S.
                  started their advance, so they decided to launch a preemptive
                  strike against us.
          Darril: (Hmm...) That's a pretty smart plan. Do you think Diaz could have
                  thought of it up himself?
            Luis: I don't know. He does not have any military experience...
           Calvo: Let us go inside. We need to come up with a plan.
    [They head back to their headquarters.]
    CHAPTER 14 | NO, DON'T RUN! [UCHP06]
    [They are in the base.]
           Calvo: So... we are going to go capture Diaz?
            Luis: Yes.
           Calvo: You are sure he is in the manor?
            Ines: Maria's information is always accurate. You know that, Calvo.
           Calvo: Yes. But still...
            Luis: What is it that worries you so much?
           Calvo: We have seen some strange wanzers moving around town lately.
            Luis: Strange wanzers?
           Calvo: They are definitely not State Army. I have never seen anything
                  like them before. They must be new models. There were also mobile
                  weapons with them.
                  The State Army could never afford to buy gear like that.
          Renges: You think it's them?
          Darril: Yeah. Can't be anyone else.
            Luis: You know something about these wanzers, Darril?
          Darril: We don't know who they are... But we do know that their leader is
                  this crazy woman.
            Luis: They may be mercenaries hired by Diaz...
          Darril: I don't think so. Mercenaries wouldn't be that highly organized.
            Jose: Calvo, Luis, come quick! The U.C.S. ... The U.C.S. troops are 
                  being slaughtered!
            Luis: What!? How can that be!?
          Sancho: It's those wanzers we saw! They are spearheading the State Army
                  counterattack and driving the U.C.S. back out of the city!
    [Cutscene of Ivanovna's troops massacring the U.C.S. troops. Ivanovna is in yet
     another Zhuk machine, as always.]
        Ivanovna: What are you waiting for!? We're here to back you up, so get out
                  of your holes and beat these U.C.S. dogs where they belong!
    [Carnage ensues as Ivanovna destroys U.C.S. wanzers left and right. She shoots
     one that was on a roof, and then at the three wanzers charging at her.]
        Ivanovna: Come on, come on! Who wants to die first!?
    [Two of the wanzers go down. The remainding wanzer attempts to attack Ivanovna,
     but it gets shot at and crippled. It falls and skids to a halt in front of
        Ivanovna: Ah-hah! Looks like we have a volunteer! Die, scum!
    [Ivanovna fires at the crippled wanzer, causing it to fly back and explode.]
        Ivanovna: (laughs) Isn't this fun, boys? This is what war is all about!!!
    [Ivanovna gets the evil laugh down pat as she continues her attack, leaving a
     scene of destruction. We switch back to the la Alianza's base.]
        Chaeffer: What happens if the State Army wins?
            Ines: They will be able to send more troops to guard the governor... it
                  will be harder for us to get to him.
           Calvo: We have to hurry.
            Luis: I agree...
      [Talk menu]
            Luis: It does not matter who is piloting those wanzers--as long as they
                  are fighting the U.C.S. in the center of Caracas, our route will
                  be relatively safe.
           Calvo: The Governor's Manor is not far from here. We only have to cross
                  the downtown area to the northwest.
          Darril: Calvo... I seem to remember hearing your name before,
           Calvo: Oh?
          Renges: It was that trader in Port Cumana. He was asking about you.
           Calvo: Yes, I know him. How is he?
        Chaeffer: He looked fine, Calvo.
           Calvo: That is good to hear. He used to be a member of la Alianza, but
                  he was badly wounded and could not fight with us anymore.
                  He was still helping us by getting gear and weapons for us, but I
                  had not heard from him for a while. I am glad he is doing all
                  Here, I will give you this in exchange for the good news you have
                  brought us.
    [Obtained full wanzer set: Cicada II.]
            Jose: Calvo is the leader of this hideout. He is one of Luis's
                  'officers', as you might say.
          Sancho: We still expect to come across enemy troops on the route to the
                  manor. You should make sure your wanzers are ready.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move out.]
            Luis: The Governor's Manor is up ahead.
          Darril: Wait!
    [Several State Army troops block their path up in the road ahead.]
            Luis: It looks like the governor's personal guard.
          Darril: They've seen us... But why aren't they attacking?
            Luis: They have their orders, but I do not think they are ready to die
                  for Diaz. Still... we must go through them.
          Darril: All right, let's make it quick and painless.
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.]
    [Four State Army troops go down.]
        pilot #1: They're too strong! Let's get out of here!
        pilot #2: But what about Governor Diaz?
        pilot #1: We've done all we can! He's on his own!
        pilot #2: Roger!
    [The State Army troops then attempt to flee the map, but Darril and gang
     corners them beats the crap out of them.]
    [Stage clear.]
            Luis: Diaz's personal guard... It must mean the governor is in the
          Darril: Let's go find out.
    [They head off.]
    STAGE 15 | OH, DEAR GOD [UCHP07]
    [They are in the Governor's Mansion. More specifically, the living room.]
            Luis: Where is Diaz!?
          Darril: Calm down. Let's do this right, Luis. You search the second
                  floor. We'll go look in the basement. Got it?
            Luis: Got it!
    [Darril and gang go to the basement.]
          Darril: Aha! Found him.
                  Renges, go call Luis.
          Renges: All right.
            Diaz: Are you... U.C.S.!?
          Darril: Well, yeah... but we're with la Alianza now.
            Diaz: La Alianza is here!?
          Renges: That's right. And its leader is on his way here right now.
            Luis: Diaz...
            Diaz: Y-you...
            Luis: Diaz... you will pay for all that you have done to the people of
          Darril: Whoa, take it easy, Luis. Not now.
            Luis: You stay out of this, Darril! This is between me and Diaz!
          Darril: I know it's none of my business, but you still need Diaz to do
                  things for you, right?
                  Like taking back his declaration, and putting you in charge of
            Ines: He is right, Luis. We have to take Diaz back with us.
            Luis: ... Yes, I know.
                  But Diaz, remember this: No crime goes unpunished. You will pay
                  for your dues once this is over.
            Diaz: A--all right, I'll do anything! Please don't kill me!!!
          Renges: Pathetic... I can't believe this is the fearsome tyrant of
    [The scene switches to another office.]
         Vavilov: Colonel! We just received word that Diaz's personal guard has
                  been defeated!
        Ivanovna: What!? How is that possible? There were no U.C.S. troops anywhere
                  near the manor!
         Vavilov: The report says they were defeated by guerrillas, sir...
        Ivanovna: Just how weak can Diaz's army be!?
                  Not only do they lose against the U.C.S., but they cannot even
                  take a bunch of peasants in outdated wanzers?
         Vavilov: What are your orders, Colonel?
        Ivanovna: The U.C.S. is already retreating... I will personally oversee the
                  counterattack at the manor.
                  Vavilov, you make sure to block their escape route. Show these
                  guerrillas how real soldiers fight!
         Vavilov: But, sir... according to our reports, they have captured the
                  governor. He may be caught in the crossfire...
        Ivanovna: We do not need him anymore! Get rid of him, too!
         Vavilov: Yes, sir!
    [The scene switches back to the basement of the Governor's Manor.]
           Calvo: Luis! There are enemy wanzers headed this way! It's the
                  mercenaries I told you about!
          Darril: I guess they finally noticed we were here.
          Renges: What now?
            Luis: We have Diaz with us. They would not risk hurting him.
    [There are sounds of an explosion and gunfire outside.]
          Darril: Um, something tells me they don't care.
            Luis: What is going on, Diaz!? Are they not under your command!?
            Diaz: W-well... actually...
        Chaeffer: Now's not the time for chitchat, guys!
          Darril: Yeah. Let's get the hell out of here!
            Luis: All right... let's fall back to the hideout.
            Diaz: P-please don't kill me!
          Renges: I will kill you if you don't stop whining!
            Diaz: I-I will stop! I'm sorry!
    [They head back to the first floor.]
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: It looks like the U.C.S. is losing this one...
        Chaeffer: Do you think that girl is fighting the U.C.S. ...?
            Luis: The State Army knows where our hideout is.
                  We have to get back quickly.
            Ines: We will leave Caracas as soon as we get our people out of the
    [/Talk menu.]
    [Darril and gang check out the manor's basement again.]
        Chaeffer: What are we doing here?
          Darril: You remember that rumor we heard back at the garrison, don't you?
                  There may be more of Diaz's cache somewhere down here.
        Chaeffer: Why not just ask the governor?
          Renges: Don't be an idiot. We can't talk about that in front of Luis.
    [They search the basement for a while.]
          Darril: Nothing here...
          Renges: Nope...
            Luis: What are you doing, Darril!?
                  We have to get out of here as soon as we can!
          Darril: Yeah, sorry.
                  I guess we'll just have to forget about the rest of the cache...
    [They head back up to the first floor, and move out back to the hideout.]
           Calvo: Hurry! We are almost at the hideout.
    [They approach a bridge.]
          Darril: Wait! Look!
    [The la Alianza base has been destroyed.]
            Luis: We are too late...
           Calvo: We have to get out of the city!
    [Meanwhile, Vavilov is nearby.]
         Vavilov: Ah, there they are. Let no one leave here alive, including the
                  governor! Cut off their escape route!
    [The bridges explode.]
          Darril: Bastards!
          Renges: What do we do? Our only way out now is through the island and
                  through those wanzers...
            Luis: Then we go through them!
    [Mission mode. Clear, evening.]
    [When a unit nears the intact bridge.]
         Vavilov: Good... they are in position. Do it now!
    [The bridges are destroyed.]
         Vavilov: Hah-hah! Now you have nowhere to run!
           Calvo: They cut us off! We have to retreat! Our only way out is to the
    [They beat up Vavilov anyway.]
         Vavilov: It cannot be... How can guerrillas be stronger than the U.C.S.!?
    [Stage clear.]
    [The enemy wanzers are still in hot pursuit, as Darril finds out as he peeks
     from the cover of the building.]
          Darril: They must've called for reinforcements... We can't stay here much
                  longer! How many more of your people are there?
            Luis: None! Everyone has managed to escape!
          Darril: Then it's time for us to get out of here, too. That is, if they
                  let us...
            Luis: Yes...
    [We see Calvo approaching them.]
           Calvo: I will take care of it.
            Luis: Calvo! Why are you still here!?
           Calvo: You did not think I'd leave you here to die, did you? Okay,
                  here's the plan: You make a run for it while I distract them. Got
            Luis: But...
           Calvo: If you die here, who is going to lead la Alianza? You have to
                  live, Luis!
    [Calvo rushes headfirst into the fray.]
            Luis: Calvo, wait!
          Darril: He's drawing their fire! Let's get out of here now!
            Luis: But Calvo--
          Darril: He's doing this for you! You can't lead your people if you're
                  dead! Now move!
            Luis: ... Okay.
    [Darril and Luis make a run for it. Meanwhile, Calvo makes a valiant effort,
     but collapses as his wanzer doesn't make it.]
           Calvo: Go, Luis... Run...
    [Calvo's wanzer explodes, and Luis stops.]
            Luis: Calvo!!!
          Darril: Don't look back! Run!
            Luis: Calvo...
    [Darril runs ahead, and Luis reluctantly follows after a short moment. We then
     see Calvo's destroyed wanzer on the ground as the enemies rush past him.
     Rockets are fired, ripping out huge chunks of the road, but miss Darril and
     Luis. The pair runs off to the left side of a building.]
    [The Durandal team are still at the swamp land a.k.a. the Zaftran border.] 
          Hermes: I'm getting lots of Zaftran radio chatter. Can you tell us what
                  they're saying, Latona? 
          Latona: They are talking about finding the criminals who blew up the 
          Hermes: Criminals...? You mean, they think we did it!? 
            Zead: Most likely. We were set up yet again... 
                  There is no way we can safely go any further into Zaftra. 
            Elsa: ... 
           Bosch: Is there a safe way out of here? 
          Latona: Obviously, we cannot go back through the tunnel. It is bound to
                  be crawling with Zaftran troops. 
          Hermes: I don't think Robert could make it out here without being 
                  detected, either. 
          Latona: We will go to Nikolaev. 
          Hermes: Nikolaev? You mean the town near the black sea? But we don't have
                  a ship... 
          Latona: My uncle lives there. He doesn't own a ship, but he runs a 
                  trading company. He may be able to arrange something for us. 
            Zead: There would be less Zaftran troops that way... All right, let us
                  go to Nikolaev. ... Is that all right with you, Elsa? 
            Elsa: ... Yes. Let us go. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: We will have to make do with our current gear. 
                  Had I known this would happen, I would have asked Allison to give
                  us the latest British Army gears... 
                  ... Don't look at me like that. I wasn't being serious. 
            Zead: We do not have much choice. Let us follow Latona's lead. 
          Hermes: It's a little far to Nikolaev, but as Zead said, there shouldn't
                  be too many Zaftran troops that way. 
          Latona: I would never have thought I would return to that city like 
           Bosch: We should leave as soon as we are ready. It won't take long for
                  them to track us here. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out, and reach Nikolaev.] 
          Hermes: Man... It feels good to be back with people... 
           Bosch: So, where does this uncle of yours live? 
          Latona: Down by the harbor. This way. 
          Hermes: What? Hey! Can't we take a breather first? 
          Latona: We can rest at my uncle's. 
           Bosch: Just a little more patience, Hermes. 
          Hermes: Aw, all right... Hey! Wait for me! 
    [The leave the city area and reach the port.] 
          Latona: Nothing here as changed... It feels as if I had never left... 
           Bosch: You used to live here, Latona? 
          Latona: No... But I came to visit my uncle many times when I was a child.
                  Nikolaev is a small city, but I liked it here. 
    [They head to the office.] 
          Latona: Uncle! 
          Sergei: Latona! This is a surprise! What are you doing here? You should
                  have called ahead. I would have prepared something-- 
          Latona: Uncle, listen to me. We need your help. 
          Sergei: Help? What do you mean? Who are these people with you? 
          Latona: These are my coworkers. We are in the same squadron. 
          Sergei: And you are in some kind of trouble? Come, tell me what has 
                  happened to you. 
    [A while later.] 
          Sergei: I see... I had heard about the troubles in the E.C., but... The
                  Zaftran Army...? 
                  It must be hard for you, Latona. I am sorry. 
          Latona: I will be fine. 
          Sergei: You were strong ever since you were a child... Or should I say,
                  you never let it show when you were hurt... 
            Zead: I am sorry to interrupt, but is there any way you could arrange 
                  passage for us back to the E.C.? Preferably by sea. 
          Sergei: Yes, I will help you. I will have my people bring your gear here 
            Elsa: Thank you, sir. 
          Sergei: But you will have to give me some time. Meanwhile, you can stay 
                  here and rest, or try to find something to do in the city, as you
            Zead: I think I will stay here. It seems I am not getting any
           Bosch: I will stay here as well. 
          Latona: If anyone wants to go to the city, I will guide you. 
      [Talk menu] 
          Sergei: Whatever trouble you may be in, I am glad to see you are doing 
                  well, Latona. 
            Zead: I can't believe I'm so tired... Perhaps it is time I seriously 
                  considered retiring... 
          Hermes: I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse... I forgot I hasn't eaten 
                  anything since we got out of that tunnel. 
          Latona: We should let my uncle work things out for us. 
                  Let us go into town. I know a good place to eat. 
           Bosch: It was a long trip from the tunnel to Nikolaev... The only thing
                  I want right now is to lie down and sleep... 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [Elsa, Latona, and Hermes head outside back to the port.] 
            Elsa: This is a nice place. It is very peaceful. 
          Latona: 'Peaceful'? You mean, 'deserted'. Many people have left this city
                  since I was last here. 
                  The Ukraine, Moldova, and Zaftra... these countries' economies
                  have been on the decline for years. 
                  Zaftra was hit especially hard when it lost its income from 
                  exports to the E.C. 
          Hermes: But that doesn't mean Zaftra has the right to do what they did to
                  the E.C.! 
          Latona: Of course not! I do not need you to tell me that! 
            Elsa: Please stop it, you two! There is no sense in fighting amongst 
          HermeS: Y-yeah... you're right. I'm sorry. 
          Latona: ... 
    [They go to the city area.] 
      [Talk menu] 
          Hermes: It doesn't look like anyone's following us. 
                  I think we managed to lose the Zaftran Army way back in the 
          Latona: I know a good place a few blocks from here. I will take you 
    [They head to the pub, 'Keal'.] 
          Latona: My uncle used to bring me here when I was young. 
          Hermes: Here? To this place!? 
          Latona: I only drank juice, of course. My uncle had many friends here. 
      [Talk menu] 
       Bartender: Hello... Hey, aren't you Sergei's niece, Latona? 
          Latona: You remember me? 
       Bartender: Of course, Latona, of course! How is your Uncle Sergei? 
          Latona: He is fine, but... You have not seen him? 
       Bartender: Not lately, no. I guess he has been too busy to come here... 
                  Business is not as good as it used to be, you know? 
                  And I hear rumors that he's been dealing with shady
          Latona: 'Shady individuals'...? 
       Bartender: Ah... Forget I said anything. Sergei's business is his own. 
       Bartender: Sergei is doing what he can for his people, you know? 
                  Be kind to him, Latona. 
      Pietrovich: I saw a ship from Asia in the docks earlier. It is not everyday
                  people from that part of the world visit this city. 
                  From which country, you say? I do not know... 
           Boris: I saw Sergei walk by earlier. He was talking with a strange Asian
                  What was strange about him? Well, he kept looking around as if he
                  was afraid of something. 
                  They looked like they were headed for Sergei's office. 
           Boris: What? The city has not changed? 
                  Of course not. People must have enough free time and money to 
                  spend before anything can change. 
        Elitzina: It is true that life here is hard... but many of us like this
                  city, and this country. I am one of them. 
        Tolstaya: When I get the chance, I would like to go to another country and
                  work there. Some of my friends are already doing that. 
                  But for some reason, they always come back when they have the 
                  time. I guess you never forget your home, even if you are far 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They leave the bar and into the city.] 
      [Talk menu] 
          Hermes: They probably won't attack us in the city... but I feel naked 
                  without my wanzer. 
          Latona: I know I cannot, but I wish I could stay here a little longer...
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They head to the harbor.] 
            Elsa: Look. It is Monsieur Sergei. 
          Sergei: ... Are you sure it is worth my while? 
           Chang: Of course! It's in very good condition! I brought it all the way 
                  here because I knew you, Sergei, were the only one who would know
                  its real value! 
          Sergei: ... All right, show it to me. 
           Chang: This way, sir! This way! 
          Hermes: What was that all about? 
            Elsa: Maybe he was one of Monsieur Sergei's business partners...? 
          Latona: ... 
                  I am going to see what they are doing. 
          Hermes: Huh? Hey, wait, Latona! 
                  I guess something's wrong. We better go with her. 
            Elsa: Oh? But... 
          Hermes: Come on, let's hurry before we lose her! 
      [Talk menu] 
          Hermes: Come on! We're going to lose Latona! 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [Elsa decides to check on Zead and Bosch at Sergei's office first.] 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: Sergei came by earlier. He said he might be able to get us on a 
                  ship earlier than expected. 
          Hermes: Come on, Elsa! We have to go after Latona! 
           Bosch: A strange Asian man? Yes, I saw him. He came here on a truck with
                  something big loaded on the back. 
                  There was also a crate on the truck bed... and if I'm not  
                  mistaken, it looked like the type of crate they use to store  
                  wanzer gear. 
           Bosch: Sergei brought our wanzers out of the woods using his trucks. 
                  It looked like he had done this kind of thing before... Never  
                  Maybe I'm thinking about this too much. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [Elsa and Hermes rush to the warehouse. It is dark inside, with a wanzer hidden
     in the shadows.] 
            Elsa: What is going on? 
          Latone: Shh! Be quiet! 
          Sergei: How long are you going to make me wait? 
           Chang: Just a little bit more. Let's see... Ahh... here it is! 
    [The lights are switched on, and the wanzer is revealed to be one of those 
     Zaftran attack wanzers.] 
          Latona: !!! 
          Sergei: Hmm... Never seen a wanzer like this one. Which country is it  
           Chang: Uh... The U.C.S., I think... 
          Sergei: What do you mean, you 'think'? 
           Chang: Well... The manual is missing, so I can't be sure... But it has
                  to be a new model. There shouldn't be that many of them on the  
                  market, So you should be able to get a very good price for it. 
          Sergei: Not if I don't know where it came from... 
           Chang: Come on, it shouldn't be that hard for you to find a client! 
                  You've sold hundreds of these things over the years, right? 
          Latona: ... Hundreds!? 
          Sergei: !!! 
          Latona: Uncle... Is this true? You're a gunrunner!? 
          Sergei: Latona! This is none of your business! 
          Latona: Yes it is! What you're doing here is no different from what 
                  Zaftra is doing now! 
          Sergei: You left this country years ago! How could you understand what 
                  goes on here!? 
          Latona: I do understand! I know... that this was the only way for you to
                  take care of your people, and I know why Zaftra is doing all 
                  this... But I can't turn a blind eye to it! 
            Elsa: And who are you? 
           Chang: M-me? Nobody. 
            Elsa: Where did you get this wanzer? 
           Chang: As I said, it's, uhh... 
          Hermes: This thing's Zaftran. It's the same type as the ones used in the
                  E.C. attacks. 
           Chang: I-I don't know anything about that! I got this one in South  
            Elsa: South America? 
    [Zaftran wanzers suddenly burst their way through the warehouse door.] 
            Elsa: The Zaftran Army! How did they find us!? 
          Hermes: Hey! You didn't turn this thing on, did you? 
           Chang: Huh? Yes, of course, when I brought it into the warehouse... 
          Hermes: Yeah, well, you must've triggered its automatic homing signal! 
    [The Zaftran wanzers shoots and destroys their stationary counterpart.] 
            Elsa: Ahhh! 
          Latona: ... 
            Elsa: What are you doing, Latona!? Take your uncle outside! Wait! 
                  Mister Sergei, where's our gear!? 
          Sergei: T-two blocks north of here, in Warehouse Seven... 
          Hermes: Two blocks north, got it! I'll go ahead and ready the wanzers! 
                  You guys go wake up the people in the office! 
            Elsa: But we need a ship to get out of here! 
          Hermes: We can take his! 
           Chang: M-my ship!? 
            Elsa: All right! Be careful! 
          Hermes: I haven't let you down yet, have I? 
    [They rush outside.] 
            Zead: Elsa! 
            Elsa: Zead! Bosch! Come on, we have to fight! 
           Bosch: What's going on!? How could they find us so fast!? 
          Latona: We will explain later! We must get to our wanzers! 
           Bosch: All right, let's go! 
    [They head to Warehouse Seven.] 
          Hermes: What took you so long, Elsa!? If we don't hurry, they'll nail us
                  before we get on our wanzers! 
          Latona: Uncle! You take your people to the ship! 
           Chang: What!? You want us to go through them on our own!? 
          Hermes: Don't worry! We'll keep them distracted long enough for you to 
                  reach the ship! And besides, once we engage them, you'll be the 
                  least of their worries! 
          Sergei: Latona... 
          Latona: ... Go. Quickly! 
    [They head out to the port, and see Chang's ship.] 
           Bosch: It's pretty far away, isn't it? 
            Zead: We'll just have to fight our way through. 
          Latona: I'll destroy whoever is in my way! 
    [Mission mode. Rain, day.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
            Zead: More of them are bound to be on their way, so we don't have much 
                  time. Let's get out of here. 
           Chang: Okay, no time to lose! Hurry, get on! 
    [They start boarding the ship.] 
          Latona: Uncle! You are all right! 
          Sergei: Yes... 
          Latona: You must come with us. 
          Sergei: No. I am staying here. 
          Latona: But you can't, Uncle! They will come looking for any witnesses--
          Sergei: Listen, Latona. No matter what you think of me, I will keep doing
                  what I think is right! 
                  You cannot tell me what I should do or should not do! 
          Latona: But, Uncle... 
          Sergei: Hurry up and leave, Latona. Quickly! 
          Latona: ... 
    [The ship soon departs from the port.] 
          Latona: ... 
           Bosch: Your uncle is a good man. 
          Latona: ? 
           Bosch: When you were enlisted in the Zaftran Army, he never asked you to
                  steal weapons for him, did he? He never got you involved. He was
                  protecting you. 
          Latona: I... guess so... 
    [They travel to the Aegean sea.] 
    [They are in the control room of the ship.] 
            Zead: It looks like we made it out of Zaftran waters safely. 
           Chang: So... who are you people, anyway? 
            Zead: It's hard to explain... let's just say we're an E.C. special 
                  research team. 
           Chang: A research team...? On wanzers? I don't get it. 
            Elsa: Speaking of wanzers, where did you get the one you brought to 
           Chang: Would you arrest me if I told you? 
           Bosch: (amused) We will arrest you and interrogate you if you don't. 
           Chang: I'll talk. I got that wanzer when I was on a smuggling run. There
                  were lots of them, and they attacked me! 
            Elsa: Where were you? 
           Chang: In Venezuela. Cumana, to be exact. 
                  I was asked by this Darril person to carry some cargo for him out
            Elsa: Darril? 
           Chang: Yes, that was his name. He was a friend of Renges's. Both U.C.S.
                  wanzer pilots. 
                  He asked me to carry just one crate out of Venezuela. If that 
                  isn't suspicious, I don't know what is. 
                  And I know suspicious. It's my business, if you know what I mean.
          Latona: So, to make it short, you were caught in a fight between the 
                  U.C.S. Army and the Zaftran Army? 
           Chang: Yes! I couldn't have said it better! That wanzer I brought? It 
                  jumped on my ship and tried to sink it, so I shot it with one of
                  my anti-pirate rockets! 
                  And I left Cumana with that thing still smoking on my deck! 
           Bosch: Very brave of you. 
    (Note: It's interesting to see that Bosch seems utterly amused by Chang.) 
            Elsa: What happened to the pilot? 
           Chang: The pilot? Oh, uh... 
            Zead: What did you do? 
           Chang: He was out cold in the cockpit, so I tied him up before he could
                  come after me... 
                  But when I went to check on him later, he had taken some kind of
                  poison and he was dead... 
                  I threw the body into the sea. 
            Elsa: Mon dieu... 
          Hermes: I get it now... the self-destruct charges on their wanzers go off
                  only if the pilot presses the switch, or if he dies inside the 
                  Pretty gruesome, but that's why the one he brought was still in 
                  one piece. 
          Latona: But it was also destroyed. We still have nothing to prove our 
            Elsa: Yes... 
          Hermes: I've contacted Durandal HQ, and they said that Robert was waiting
                  to hear from us in Greece. 
                  He's already on his way to pick us up. 
            Elsa: Hermes... Do you think you can contact this Darril? 
          Hermes: What? You want me to call the U.C.S. Army in Venezuela? 
            Zead: It is theoretically possible if you use the Durandal 
                  communications satellite... Hermes, what do you think? 
          Hermes: Theoretically, it can be done. But it won't be easy to send a 
                  pinpoint signal to the U.C.S. garrison in Venezuela. 
           Bosch: So you can do it, then? 
          Hermes: Hey, who do you think I am? Of course I can. I can get us the 
                  U.C.S. Army's frequency even from here. 
            Elsa: Then please, Hermes, give it a try. 
          Hermes: Okay... But it might take a while. 
            Zead: We have some time until Robert reaches us. Will that be enough? 
          Hermes: Yeah, I think so. 
    [Time passes.] 
          Hermes: Elsa, I got it! I got access to the U.C.S. Army communications 
                  network in Venezuela. 
            Elsa: Really? That was fast. 
          Hermes: Yeah... though I had to go through twenty-four U.C.S. 
                  communications relays... 
          Latona: Leaving so many tracks would make it easier for them to trace our
                  call, would it not? 
            Elsa: Maybe, but that is a risk we have to take. 
          Hermes: All right, I'll patch us in... 
    [The radio crackles.] 
        (Johnny): Bravo Four here. Who is this? That's with the weird calling 
          Hermes: Bravo Four, are you with the U.C.S. Army 332nd Mobile Company? 
          Johnny: Yeah, why? Identify yourself! I don't have time for jokes! 
            Elsa: Please, sir, listen to me! Is there a pilot named Darril in your
          Johnny: Darril? You a friend of Darril's? 
            Elsa: I need to speak with him. Can you get him on the line? 
          Johnny: I'm sorry, lady, I'm a little busy right now--I'm being chased by
                  And Darril's not with us anymore! 
            Elsa: What? Do you mean...? 
          Johnny: No, he's only AWOL... We found his truck a while back. It was
                  shot up pretty bad, but we didn't find any bodies. 
                  He's a pretty tough guy. I'm sure he's still alive somewhere... 
                  but we don't have the time to look for him right now. 
            Elsa: I see... Thank you. 
                  Sir, if you do meet Darril, could you give him this access code?
                  It is for a secure communications line with us. 
          Johnny: It's that important, huh? 
            Elsa: Yes. Tell him we want to talk about his 'luggage'. 
          Johnny: Luggage? All right, I'll tell him when I see him... 
                  If I get out of this alive, that is. 
            Elsa: Thank you again. Good luck, sir. 
          Johnny: Thanks! 
    [The radio goes silent.] 
            Zead: Sounds like it's pretty hairy over there. 
          Latona: Do you think Darril will call us even if Bravo Four finds him? 
            Elsa: I do not know, but this is the best we can do for now. 
           Bosch: I guess so... 
      [Talk menu] 
            Elsa: I am sorry to have involved you in all this, Monsieur Chang. 
                  I wish there was something we could do to repay you... 
           Chang: No, it's okay. I'll just find something else to sell. 
          Latona: You mean weapons? 
           Chang: No, no. I've learned my lesson! I'm staying away from wanzers and
                  weapons from now on. 
                  I'll just stick to smuggling 'normal' contraband. 
           Chang: Speaking of which, do you people need anything for your wanzers?
                  I'll sell you anything I have left in my hold. 
                  Ah, but I won't make you any deals. I have to make a living, you
           Bosch: Mister Chang, that crate in your hold--isn't it the same one you
                  had brought with you to Sergei's? 
                  I'd like to know what's in it. 
           Chang: Oh, that. I was trying to sell it to Sergei, too, but I never got
                  the chance with all the shooting. 
                  You can have it if you want. 
          Hermes: You're going to give us something for free!? 
           Chang: None of my people have been able to properly mount it on a 
                  wanzer. It's so hard to use, I've been having a hard time 
                  finding a buyer. 
                  So yes, you can have it. It'll free up valuable space in my cargo
    [Obtained missile launcher: Magicbox.] 
           Chang: Hmm. Let's see... where should I go next? 
            Elsa: How much trouble do you think we are in for fighting in Germany
                  and the Ukraine...? 
            Zead: I don't know... but we'll soon find out. 
            Elsa: I hope Miss Allison isn't in too much trouble... 
            Zead: Don't worry, Elsa. 
                  She's not the type to back down when she knows she's right. 
            Elsa: You sound like you know her well. 
            Zead: Well... yes. 
            Zead: I wonder how far our relations with the U.C.S. have  
                  I must start making calls as soon as we get back. 
    [The radio beeps.] 
          Hermes: Hey, someone's calling us. 
           Bosch: Already? 
          Hermes: It's not Darril. It's Robert. 
    [The radio crackles to life.] 
          Robert: Cheers, all! Good to see you're all safe. 
            Zead: Thanks for coming to get us. 
            Beck: I'm here, too! Ciao, everyone! 
          Latona: Beck... What are you doing here? 
            Beck: That's no way to speak to your teammate, Latona! Especially after
                  leaving me behind like that! 
          Latona: Beck, our mission was not sanctioned by the E.C. If you had been
                  caught, you might have suffered a fate worse than death. 
            Zead: I think Beck gets your point, Latona. 
                  Robert, what is your current position? 
          Robert: Your ship's already in radar range. You should be able to see us
                  soon. Can you stop the ship so I can land? 
            Zead: Roger that. 
          Hermes: Don't worry, we're okay. 
                  There's no sign of the U.C.S. Army tracing our call. 
            Elsa: This whole incident must be hard on you, Latona... 
          Latona: Me? No, that is not true. The people who are suffering right now
                  are the families and friends of the soldiers who were killed for
                  this nonsense. 
                  I am not suffering. 
            Elsa: ... 
          Latona: Elsa. I cannot forgive Zaftra for what it has done. Especially
                  because I am Zaftran. 
                  That is why I want to stop them with my own hands. 
                  You will help me do this, yes? 
            Elsa: Yes... Yes, Latona, I will. 
          Latona: I must stop Zaftra... 
           Bosch: I remembered something about Wagner. 
            Elsa: Really? Tell me. 
           Bosch: We once talked about our hometowns when we were in officer's 
                  He told me he had never lived away from home until he came to the
            Elsa: Where was he from? 
           Bosch: I have been trying to remember... but I can't. 
                  I'm sorry. 
            Elsa: No, that is all right. 
           Bosch: Wagner has lived as a German citizen for many years now... 
                  How can he still pledge loyalty to Zaftra? 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They stop the ship.] 
          Robert: I see the ship. I'm starting my descent. 
    [We see through the window, the Durandal transport starting to lower itself 
     down onto the ship.] 
            Zead: Please stop the ship, Mister Chang. 
           Chang: Okey dokey! 
            Elsa: Thank you for taking us this far. We never would have made it 
                  without you. 
           Chang: Ah, don't worry about it. Oh, can I ask you something before you
                  leave? ... Are you the good guys in all this? 
            Elsa: ... No, we are just government workers. 
    [They leave the ship, and enter the Durandal transport.] 
            Elsa: Sorry for making you wait. 
            Beck: Don't worry about it. Greece is nice this time of year. 
          Hermes: We can finally go back to headquarters! Boy, do I need a good 
                  night's sleep. 
          Robert: There's something you should know. 
            Zead: What is it? 
          Robert: The tension between the U.C.S. and the E.C. is nearing its peak.
                  The U.C.S. has mobilized its Atlantic Fleet, and the E.C. 
                  Assembly is currently meeting to determine the proper response. 
            Elsa: Things are getting out of hand... 
           Bosch: Unless we bring Zaftra's conspiracy to light, we are going to 
                  find ourselves in the middle of another world war... 
          Latona: Yes... it is up to us. We have no time to rest, Hermes. 
    [News article: TROOPS IN RETREAT!]
    After a day of heavy fighting, yesterday's siege of Caracas ended with the
    withdrawal of U.C.S. troops from the capital.
    Colonel Donalds stated that his troops would go back on the offensive once
    reinforcements arrived.
    However, with the majority of U.C.S. troops deployed to the Atlantic in
    preparation of a possible war with the E.C., additional troops are not expected
    to arrive in Venezuela.
    Meanwhile, Governor Diaz has stated that his men are ready to fight as long as
    it takes to drive the U.C.S. Army from the state.
    [The news article fades, revealing Darril and gang somewhere in the rainy
     mountain plains.]
        Chaeffer: Why aren't we going back to the village?
            Luis: I have told you many times, we are being followed. We cannot lead
                  them back to the village.
          Renges: But we've been running around in the jungle for over a day now.
                  We can't keep this up forever.
            Luis: I know, but...
          Darril: We have to fight them. That's the only way to get them off our
            Ines: Do you have a plan?
          Darril: No.
          Renges: It's not like you--wanting to fight without some kind of trick up
                  your sleeve.
        Thammond: There is a way.
            Luis: Professor Thammond!
          Darril: Hey, it's that teacher...
                  Where the hell did you come from?
        Thammond: Be quiet, or they'll hear us.
          Renges: How did you find us?
        Thammond: Is this how they train soldiers in the U.C.S. these days?
                  Your evasion patterns are too predictable. You're lucky the State
                  Army has even less training than you.
          Darril: I knew you weren't just a teacher...
            Luis: Professor Thammond is a war hero.
        Thammond: I told you not to call me 'Professor'!
                  And I am no hero, either.
          Renges: So you were in the military.
        Thammond: No, not exactly. But that is not important now. We must get out
                  of here.
                  I've brought a few men and wanzers from the village. There should
                  be enough of us to attack the enemy on both flanks.
          Darril: That's a pretty simple plan.
        Thammond: Simple plans are the most effective; they have fewer elements
                  that can go wrong.
                  Now, the hardest part is taking all of them out in one sweep.
                  We must not allow any of them to get away, or they will track us
                  back to the village.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: There's a lot of them...
                  Taking them all out won't be easy.
        Chaeffer: That teach... he sounds scarier now than when we talked to him
                  back in the school...
            Luis: I cannot die here...
                  He would never forgive me if I did...
            Ines: I am nervous...
                  I hope we will be all right.
        Thammond: Listen, people. Remember that our attacks must be timed
                  Once they start running, we must charge in and block their escape
        Thammond: I brought some gear. It should suffice for this battle.
          Darril: That reminds me... we haven't seen that wanzersmith since
        Thammond: He's back in the village.
        Chaeffer: Boy, he sure can run fast when he needs to...
        Thammond: He said to tell you that he wants to repay you for helping him.
                  You should probably talk to him when we get back.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They start to move out.]
        Thammond: I should go back to the others soon. Remember the plan.
            Luis: Thammond... Thank you for coming to help us.
        Thammond: Don't get me wrong, son. I haven't come to help guerrillas
                  fight their little war.
                  I've only come because I don't want to see you and Ines die.
    [They go off. We see the la Alianza group, with Thammond, readying their
     position. We then focus on Darril's group.]
          Darril: Looks like they're ready, too.
            Luis: All right, listen up! We have to hit them fast and hit them hard!
                  Do not let any of them escape!
    [Mission mode. Drizzle, morning.]
    [After destroying three State Army wanzers.]
        Thammond: They are starting to retreat... We must not let them escape!
    [Stage clear.]
          Darril: That's all of 'em.
        Thammond: Good. Let's go back to the village.
            Ines: Wait! Something is coming!
    [We see a wanzer at the woods.]
        (Johnny): Whoa, hey... I thought you guys were U.C.S.
          Darril: Johnny-boy...? Is it really you?
          Johnny: You! You sonovagun! I knew you were still alive!
          Renges: What are you doing here all by yourself? What happened to the
                  rest of the U.C.S. troops?
          Johnny: I don't know... Our retreat from Caracas was a mess... They
                  hunted us down like a pack of wolves... I haven't been able to
                  get anyone on the radio since I lost contact with my company.
                  Then I saw you guys and thought I'd made it back to the U.C.S.
        Chaeffer: Oh, man... I hope everyone's all right...
          Johnny: Hey, that reminds me... I got this weird message for ya.
          Darril: A message? For me?
        Thammond: We should get out of here before more of them appear. There will
                  be plenty of time for chitchat once we get back to the village.
            Luis: But if we go there, we will be putting everyone in danger...
        Thammond: As things stand now, the only safe place for you is the village.
                  Don't worry, the people there can take care of themselves.
          Darril: It's settled, then. You can come with us too, Johnny-boy. You
                  deserve the rest. That is... if it's all right with you,
        Thammond: He looks pretty harmless... An extra head shouldn't make a
    [They head off.]
    [We are in the E.C. Assembly building.] 
         Premier: ... I move that we demand reparations and an official apology
                  from the U.C.S. for its unprovoked and malicious attack on our
                  resource base in Poland. 
                  Failure to comply will result in direct military action against 
                  the U.C.S. 
          Noland: Mister Chairman, if I may speak. 
                  Such a response on our part would be unjustified. After all, we 
                  still have not found any decisive proof linking the U.C.S. with 
                  the attack. 
         Premier: We know that the attackers were using U.C.S. wanzers, and 
                  simulation results estimate that their entry route into the E.C. 
                  was from the Atlantic. 
                  This is proof enough. 
       President: The U.C.S. also has a motive. With our resource base destroyed, 
                  we have no choice but to reopen our trade routes with the U.C.S. 
          Noland: We cannot justify an attack on the U.C.S. with judgement based 
                  solely on conjecture and circumstantial evidence! 
         Premier: If they are not guilty, then why are they massing troops in the 
                  The U.C.S. Atlantic Fleet has moved within attack range of 
                  Madeira-an island within E.C. borders! 
                  I don't know about you, Noland, but if that's not an armed 
                  threat, I don't know what is! 
         Premier: We must send more ships to the Atlantic! We must show them that 
                  we are not intimidated by their fleet! 
          Noland: That would worsen matters even more! Our first priority should be
                  to talk to the U.C.S. government to resolve this situation 
                  We are no longer in an age where guns are the only means of 
         Premier: The U.C.S. were first to use their guns on us! And they say they
                  are unwilling to talk unless we put down our weapons first. How 
                  do you propose we negotiate with such people? 
       President: That's right! We are the victims here! They are the ones who 
                  should call their troops back first! 
         Premier: It seems the majority is in agreement. Let us decide on our 
                  response, gentlemen. 
          Noland: Wait just a minute! I have not finished yet! 
         Premier: We do not have time to discuss this issue any further. 
                  The U.C.S. Atlantic Fleet may attack at any minute. We must 
                  decide now. 
          Noland: Wait! 
         Premier: Let us vote. All in agreement with mobilizing our troops, raise 
                  your hand! 
                  ... The majority of this assembly agrees. 
                  E.C. fleets are to be sent to the Iberian Megafloat base in order
                  to protect Madeira Island from any U.C.S. incursions in our 
                  This meeting is over. Good day, gentlemen. 
    [There is applause.] 
          Noland: Fools... What have they done...!? 
    [We fade out to the Durandal transport.] 
          Robert: There's an incoming call. 
            Zead: Who is it from? 
          Robert: Vice-Minister Allison. I'll patch it in. 
    [There is radio background chatter.] 
         Allison: Hello, everyone. I'm glad to see you're all safe. 
            Elsa: Hello, Miss Allison. What can we do for you? 
         Allison: Have you found anything? 
            Elsa: No... nothing concrete. 
         Allison: I see... That is unfortunate. 
            Zead: Is something wrong? 
         Allison: The U.C.S. Atlantic Fleet is approaching Madeira Island. 
                  The E.C. is responding by sending its fleet to the Iberian 
                  Megafloat Base, north of the island... 
            Beck: With the amount of firepower those fleets have... Talk about an 
                  explosive situation. 
          Hermes: Are we... going to war? 
         Allison: Neither the E.C. nor the U.C.S. has denied that possibility... 
            Elsa: And...? 
         Allison: Germany has sent the Blauer Nebel to the Megafloat Base to 
                  support the E.C. Fleet. 
          Latona: That puts the E.C. Fleet in danger. 
          Hermes: But we're the only ones who know that. 
           Bosch: That's correct. 
            Zead: What is the U.K's response to all of this? 
         Allison: Prime Minister Noland has decided to send our own special forces
                  unit... But they may arrive too late. 
            Elsa: We will go! 
                  We can reach the Megafloat Base sooner than the British troops! 
         Allison: But the ban on the Durandal's activities has not yet been lifted.
            Zead: Then we'll be the special forces unit that the U.K is scheduled 
                  to send. 
                  Just give us the landing code for the base. 
         Allison: But... 
            Zead: Allison. To be honest, I don't think we will be able to stop a 
                  war between the U.C.S. and the E.C. 
                  But if we can stop Wagner, we may be able to delay it. 
         Allison: I understand, but... Zead... 
            Zead: Please, Allison. 
         Allison: ... All right. I'll have the landing code sent to you. I'll also 
                  inform the prime minister. 
            Zead: Thank you, Allison. 
         Allison: You can thank me later. Just come back alive. 
            Zead: I promise you we will. 
    [The radio is switched off.] 
            Beck: You won't regret me having me on your team. 
                  With my radio backpack, I can call this transport to come help us
                  at any time. First, let me tell you how I can salvage badly 
                  damaged wanzers. 
            Beck: And that's all. See? You can't do without me in battle! 
          Robert: Hey, mate. Don't take all the credit. I'm the one who has to do 
                  all the work. 
            Beck: I know, Rob, I know! You're a great teammate! 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: We have to convince the commander of the Megafloat Base that the
                  Blauer Nebel is a threat. 
                  It won't be easy, I suspect... 
          Hermes: Robert's brought us some new wanzer gear. 
                  You should go check the wanzer shop and see if there's anything 
                  we can use. 
          Latona: If we fail to stop the E.C. and the U.C.S. from going to war... 
                  It is going to be a heavy burden on our conscience. 
           Bosch: I wonder... what is Wagner planning to do on the Megafloat  
            Beck: I can also call for an 'Air Strike', 'Supply Drop', or 
                  'Armor Coating'. 
                  I'd check up on how to use those, too. 
            Beck: Really, you won't regret having me on your team! 
          Robert: The landing code we received from the vice-minister checks out 
                  The problem is, they're going to know we're the Durandal as soon 
                  as they see this transport. 
                  It's a pretty big gamble. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They head to the Iberian Megafloat Base.] 
    [Meanwhile, at the Megafloat Base, Dranz approaches Wagner.] 
           Dranz: Everything is ready, Major. 
          Wagner: Good. 
           Dranz: It looks like the Durandal are on their way here. 
          Wagner: The Durandal... I expected as much. 
           Dranz: You knew they would come, sir? 
          Wagner: No... But it seems that they and I are destined to meet. 
           Dranz: Do you think they'll try to stop us? 
          Wagner: Without a doubt... I will finish our job here. Dranz, make sure 
                  they bear witness to the beginning of the war. 
           Dranz: Understood, sir. 
    [The Durandal transport is now approaching the Megafloat Base.] 
          Hermes: We've been cleared to land. 
            Elsa: Looks like our cover is still good. 
          Hermes: Yeah... for now. 
    [Explosions wreak the Megafloat Base.] 
          Latona: We're too late! 
            Beck: Looks to me like they were just waiting for us to show up! 
           Bosch: Sounds like something Wagner would do. 
    [The Megafloat Base's control tower is the next to be destroyed.] 
          Latona: They took out the control tower! 
            Elsa: Switching to emergency jump! Everyone, get ready! 
          Hermes: Roger that! 
    [Bosch and Elsa are the first to jump out of the transport, followed by Beck 
     and Hermes, and finally Zead and Latona. They then gather at the side.] 
          Hermes: Dammit! The chain of command's gone to hell... I can't get in  
                  touch with anyone who knows what's going on! 
            Elsa: Look. They're here. 
    [We see the Blauer Nebel gathering on the opposite side of the Durandal team.] 
           Bosch: ... And it looks like they want a fight. 
            Elsa: Then we had better oblige. 
    [The Durandal transport flies overhead past the Durandal team.] 
            Beck: Cover us, Robert. This'll only take a sec. 
    [Mission mode. Clear, morning.] 
    [Dranz goes down, perhaps for the last time.] 
    Dranz: (gurgles) D-Durandal...! 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [The Durandal survey the damage done to the Megafloat Base.] 
            Zead: The fleet won't be able to refuel here. Their arrival in Madeira
                  will be significally delayed. 
          Latona: (sigh of frustration) Why did the Blauer Nebel attack us? They 
                  should've withdrawn after they blew up the oil tanks. 
           Bosch: True. The Wagner I know doesn't take unnecessary risks, 
                  especially after he's completed his objectives. 
            Elsa: So why did he stay? 
           Bosch: I(...) can't say for sure, but it seemed like he was dead set on
                  fighting us. 
    [Missiles are suddenly launched from the base.] 
          Latona: Cruise missiles! What's going on!? 
            Elsa: They are headed south! They are going for the U.C.S. Fleet! 
           Bosch: It must be Wagner! The E.C. troops here are in no state to do 
                  something like this! 
    [The cruise missiles head towards the U.C.S. Fleet, but are destroyed in time 
     by the Fleet's own anti-missiles weapons. We then switch scenes to one of the
     U.C.S. Fleet's control room.] 
          Maddox: Damage report! 
         Officer: None, sir! We got them all! 
          Maddox: Good... But I don't understand it. 
                  The Megafloat Base was under attack by an unknown assailant, 
                  wasn't it? Why would they be firing missiles at us? 
         Officer: Maybe they thought we were the ones attacking them, sir? 
          Maddox: We aren't, aren't we? 
         Officer: No, sir. I checked with headquarters, and none of our ships are 
                  in the vicinity of the Megafloat Base. 
          Maddox: I wonder what's going on... 
         Officer: Sir, the fact remains that we have been attacked by the E.C. 
                  We must retaliate! Requesting permission to proceed with the 
                  landing operation, sir! 
          Maddox: ... 
         Officer: Commander! 
          Maddox: ...Permission granted. Send the marines to Madeira. 
    [The scene switches back to the Magefloat Base's 3rd Command Center.] 
            Zead: It's good to see you people are all right. 
    E.C. Officer: What? Who are you? 
            Zead: We're the Du-We're the British special operations team. 
                  We just arrived a few moments ago. 
    E.C. Officer: Glad you made it, but we're far from being all right. 
                  The base commander was killed, and we'll probably need more than
                  ten hours to restructure our chain of command... 
                  With this much damage, we won't be able to do anything for the 
                  E.C. Fleet when it arrives. 
           Bosch: Do you know who fired those cruise missiles? 
    E.C. Officer: Cruise missiles? When? 
           Bosch: We saw them being launched toward the U.C.S. Fleet soon after we
    E.C. Officer: What!? No one ordered such a thing! We were too busy trying to 
                  get things under control! 
            Zead: I see... 
            Elsa: What about Madeira, sir? 
    E.C. Officer: If those cruise missiles reach the U.C.S. Fleet, they'll treat it
                  as justification to land their troops on Madeira Island... 
           Bosch: How strong are the defenses on the island? 
    E.C. Officer: There's nothing you could classify as 'defenses'. Madeira could 
                  never repel a U.C.S. amphibious landing. 
            Elsa: You must tell everyone in Madeira to evacuate as soon as 
    E.C. Officer: Our troops there won't leave until all civilians have been 
                  They're using their transport planes to get them out, but it's 
                  going slow. They don't have enough transports in their base... 
            Zead: Then let us borrow all the transport planes you have here. 
                  We can help the Madeiran troops evacuate. 
    E.C. Officer: What? I can't let you do that. I must ask headquarters for 
            Elsa: That will take too much time! 
                  Please, sir, you must let us go! 
    E.C. Officer: ... All right. Take the transports. I'll assume full 
                  I still need to report this to headquarters. What is your team's
            Elsa: We are... 
            Zead: We are the Durandal. 
    E.C. Officer: The Durandal!? But you're not supposed to be- 
            Zead: You can tell headquarters whatever you wish, but we are still 
                  going to Madeira with those transports. 
    E.C. Officer: I... I can't take responsibility for that... 
            Zead: Then tell them we stole your transports. It won't be your fault. 
            Elsa: Zead... 
            Zead: Don't worry, Elsa. We're doing the right thing. 
      [Talk menu] 
    E.C. Officer: If you are going to try and save the people and troops in 
                  Madeira, I guess I don't care who you are. 
    E.C. Officer: I was instructed by Vice-Minister Allison to give you our latest 
                  But now that I know you are the Durandal, I can't let you have 
                  I can only give you access to our standard equipment. I'm sorry, 
                  but that's all I can do for you. 
            Zead: We will probably have to fight the U.C.S. once we land on 
                  I would prefer to avoid combat, but we need to buy time for the 
                  evacuation effort. 
          Hermes: If we bring all the transports here with us, we should be able to
                  evacuate everyone on Madeira in one trip. 
                  But the E.C. troops will have to leave their wanzers and 
                  equipment behind. 
          Latona: U.C.S. troops are as highly trained as the Zaftran Army or the 
                  Blauer Nebel. 
                  We will also be outnumbered, so we should avoid fighting them 
                  head on. 
           Bosch: The E.C. transport pilots here are well-trained. They should be 
                  able to avoid any anti-aircraft fire as long as we buy them 
                  enough time to lift off. 
            Beck: I'll need Robert to stay in the air while we fight, so our 
                  transport won't be used for the evacuation effort. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They choose to move out.] 
    [The U.C.S. troops from the Fleet are getting ready for their attack on 
     Madeira, where the wanzers are loaded up onto transports. As the transport 
     helicopters take off, several volley of missiles are fired from the ship to 
     accompany the former.] 
    [We see the Madeira defense base at the beach front. The very same missiles 
     strike what presumably are Maderian gun turrents at the base, and the U.C.S. 
     transport helicopters rush in. While one gets shot down, the others manage to
     unload their U.C.S. wanzers. In an impressive display of feat, a U.C.S. wanzer
     which was dropped from a transport helicopter fires and destroys an E.C. troop
     from midair. It then lands with a slide inside the defense barrier, and starts
     firing at the E.C. troops outside.] 
    [Meanwhile, U.C.S. reinforcements arrive from the sea, with heavy assault and 
     missile wanzers. Eventually, the E.C. troops are beaten back, and we see the 
     U.C.S. troops victorious at the beach front.] 
    [We switch to the Durandal transport.] 
          Robert: We're too late... the U.C.S. has already landed on Madeira. 
          Hermes: Then those cruise missiles did head toward the U.C.S. Fleet. 
                  That's reason enough for them to attack... 
           Bosch: Yes... and Wagner's responsible. 
          Robert: What do you want to do? Should I turn back? 
            Elsa: No! Take us down! 
          Robert: What!? You can't take on the entire U.C.S. Army! 
          Latona: We only need to buy enough time to evacuate the civilians and the
                  troops that are stationed here! 
          Robert: Are you all right with this, Zead? 
            Zead: Of course. 
          Robert: All right... Hang on tight! 
     [Talk menu.] 
            Zead: Remember, our objective is to delay the U.C.S. troops' advance so
                  that all the civilians and E.C. troops can be evacuated. 
          Hermes: We'll have the transports waiting far away from the front lines.
                  We'll be fighting for nothing if we lost the transports. 
          Latona: Do not forget to ready the wanzers. 
           Bosch: We do have some data on the U.C.S. Army's standard tactics... but
                  the odds are still against us. 
            Beck: All we have to do is to get the U.C.S. troops' attention until 
                  our own troops retreat, right? 
                  No problem! 
          Robert: We'll be landing soon. Is everyone ready? 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out.] 
    [There is gunfire in the town. The U.C.S. troops are pushing forward, with the
     E.C. troops taking cover from the buldings. We can see a pair of U.C.S. attack
     helicopters flying overhead, and they fire missiles at fleeing E.C. troops. 
     The Durandal team then approaches the E.C. troops from the east.] 
            Elsa: All E.C. troops, please fall back! 
    [An E.C. troop turns to look at her, as gunfire whizzes past.] 
      E.C. Pilot: Who are you!? 
           Bosch: Reinforcements. We've come to get you and the civilians out of
      E.C. Pilot: Your timing couldn't be better! The U.C.S. Army pinned us down 
                  before all the civilian transports could get away. 
            Zead: We'll take care of the U.C.S. Begin your withdrawal. 
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.] 
    [There are yellow square markers to the east side of the map.] 
            Elsa: All E.C. troops, please retreat to the east! 
                  You should be able to reach the transports once you are out of 
                  the city! 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [More U.C.S. troops advance into the town, while the Durandal team hides. Bosch
     checks out the vicinity while Elsa and Latona stand guard.] 
           Bosch: There isn't much more we can do. 
            Elsa: Looks that way... 
          Latona: What is taking the transports so long!? 
    [Elsa turns.] 
            Elsa: Look! 
    [We see a pair of transport planes flying off, and the camera view lowers back 
     down to the Durandal, where Zead, Hermes, and Beck are standing at the side.] 
            Zead: Finally. Let's get back to our transport before Robert starts  
                  worrying about us. 
    [The Durandal team hurries off, and the scene switches back to the command  
     center of the U.C.S. Fleet.] 
         Officer: Commander! We are tracking several transports taking off from 
                  the E.C. base in Madeira! 
          Maddox: Where are they headed? 
         Officer: Towards the E.C. mainland, sir! We must not let them escape! 
          Maddox: Let them go, Lieutenant. 
         Officer: But, sir... 
          Maddox: Our objective is to take control of Madeira Island, not to  
                  exterminate every single E.C. soldier. 
                  Let them retreat. 
         Officer: Yes, sir... 
          Maddox: Get ready to move us into the dock once the base is under our
                  control. Tell the other ships to do so as well. 
         Officer: Yes, sir! 
    [Darril and gang gather back at the village.]
          Darril: Phew... we're finally back.
                  Say, Thammond, where'd you learn how to pilot wanzers like that?
        Thammond: Nowhere. I'm just a teacher.
          Renges: Which army were you in?
            Ines: He was not in any army; he was with the volunteer corps.
                  He was decorated many times for valor in battle and strategic
                  decisions that saved his troops' lives.
        Thammond: Ines, stop. I do not want to hear about that past.
            Ines: But why? You should not be ashamed. You fought bravely to defend
                  your country.
        Thammond: Please, Ines. Just do as I say. I'm going back to the school.
           Gomez: Hey. Good to see you in one piece.
          Darril: Did everyone make it back?
           Gomez: Yeah... except for Calvo...
          Darril: ...
           Gomez: Thank you for helping us escape. Here, take this as a token of
                  our gratitude.
          Darril: Wait, we were just--
           Gomez: Do not worry about it. Take it. Calvo would have wanted you to
                  have it.
    [Obtained: 500 credits.]
      [Talk menu]
       Rodriguez: We were separated when we ran, but that might have saved us.
                  It looks like everyone made it back.
           Punch: I just heard about Calvo...
                  Luis hasn't mentioned it yet, but I'm sure he's hurting...
                  Calvo and Luis were like brothers, you know?
            Elmo: There's a message for you from the wanzersmith.
                  He said he received a new shipment of goods, and that you should
                  take a look at the wanzer shop and the computer shop when you
                  have time.
                  He also wanted you to avenge Calvo's death with his gear...
            Elmo: If only... if only I had gone with them... There might have been
                  a way to save Calvo...
          Renges: Where's Luis? I haven't seen him for the past couple hours.
            Ines: He is inside, talking to Diaz.
                  I wanted him to rest before he did, considering what happened to
                  I will go see how he is doing later.
            Ines: You should take a rest, too.
        (Johnny): Man... it's been a while since I could sit down without worrying
                  if there was a gun pointed at my head...
          Darril: Hey, Johnny, you mentioned something about a message...?
          Johnny: Oh yeah, that's right. There was a satellite transmission
                  addressed to you.
          Darril: From who?
          Johnny: I didn't have time to ask... sorry. I was in the middle of a
          Darril: Then what am I supposed to do with it?
          Johnny: When I told them you weren't with us, they told me to give you
                  this access code to a secure link.
                  You should be able to talk to them if you use it.
          Darril: Yeah, but I still don't know who I'll be dealing with...
          Johnny: It sounded like a young woman, Darril.
          Darril: A woman...?
          Johnny: She said she wanted to talk to you about your 'luggage'. Do you
                  know what she meant?
          Darril: 'Luggage'... Did she really say that?
          Johnny: Yeah, I'm sure. I remember 'coz I thought it was a weird thing to
          Renges: A satellite transmission, huh...? I wonder who it could be...
        Chaeffer: Maybe it's that girl...?
          Renges: You mean the one from Cumana...? Then it could be a trap. They
                  may backtrack us to this village...
          Darril: No, it can't be. She wouldn't know about our 'luggage'.
          Renges: I guess we never mentioned it...
          Darril: I have a feeling about this... and it's not bad. I think I'll
                  give our mystery girl a call.
          Darril: Hello...? Hello? Anyone? Come in. Hello?
    [The radio transmission gets louder.]
            Elsa: Who is this?
        Chaeffer: It worked!
          Darril: Uh... this is Darril. I'm with the U.C.S. Army 332nd Mobile
                  Company. Who am I speaking to?
            Elsa: Darril? So you are Darril! Listen, Darril, I need to ask you--
          Darril: Hold on, lady. Where I come from, it's customary to introduce
                  yourself before you start interrogating people.
            Elsa: Oh... I am sorry, but...
          Darril: Hey... you're wasting my time, here. If you can't--
            Elsa: Do you know a smuggler named Chang, by any chance?
          Darril: Chang!? That traitor! Is he still alive!?
            Elsa: Very much so. He is the one that told me about you.
          Darril: I'm not getting this at all. What do you want from me?
            Elsa: You tried to take some 'luggage' out of Venezuela on Chang's
                  But you were attacked by Zaftran troops, and Chang left you
                  behind. Correct?
          Darril: Wait a second... those were Zaftrans!?
            Elsa: Yes. There is no doubt the Zaftran Army is in Venezuela.
          Darril: Which intelligence service do you work for...? Why do you want to
                  know about Zaftrans in Venezuela?
            Elsa: Please, listen to me. Thousands of people's lives are at stake.
          Darril: Thousand of people's lives, huh...
                  You know, I like that French accent of yours...
            Elsa: ...
          Darril: I used to date someone who spoke like you before. She was from
                  the state of Canada, but--never mind.
                  So, this thing that may mean thousands of people's lives... are
                  we talking about the possible war between the U.C.S. and the
            Elsa: ...
          Darril: If you were from the U.C.S., you would have already identified
                  yourself--and you'd be grilling me for everything I know.
                  That must mean you're on the E.C. side of the equation...
            Elsa: ...
          Darril: And I can't imagine that a spy wouldn't know how to hide her
                  So you're either with the military... or this is some kind of
                  sophisticated prank.
            Elsa: I assure you, Monsieur Darril, this is no prank. Please, you must
                  believe me.
          Darril: Yeah, don't worry.
            Elsa: Oh...?
          Darril: I may be with the U.C.S., and although we're on the brink of war
                  with the E.C., I don't care who you represent.
                  But unless we know each other's name, we don't have a basis for
                  trust. Don't you agree?
            Elsa: I guess so... I am sorry. My name is Elsa. I am with a research
                  organization called the Durandal.
                  We are trying to find evidence that proves Zaftra is attempting
                  to pit the U.C.S. and E.C. against each other.
          Darril: There you go. Nice to meet you, Elsa.
                  So... how can we help you?
            Elsa: Do you happen to have any wanzer parts from the Zaftrans you
                  That would be enough to prove that the Zaftrans are in Venezuela.
          Darril: Sorry, I'm all out of Zaftran wanzer parts right now. We were too
                  busy trying to avoid getting killed by them, actually.
            Elsa: I see... if only we could obtain some kind of proof...
          Darril: Hmm... Can you give me some time? I think there might be a way
                  for us to help you.
            Elsa: Oh? Certainly. Go ahead.
          Darril: Thanks. Darril out! Later, Elsa.
            Elsa: What? Darril, wait--
    [The radio is switched off.]
          Renges: How can we help them?
          Darril: There's a connection between Diaz and that Zaftran woman, right?
                  He may know something.
          Renges: Ah. I guess it's worth a try.
          Johnny: I wonder what I should do now... This village isn't such a bad
                  place. Maybe I could stay here until all the fighting ends.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [Darril and gang head for the house.]
            Ines: Wait. I will go with you.
    [They go into the house.]
           Maria: Oh? Hello.
          Darril: What are you still doing here?
           Maria: It's nice to see you, too.
            Ines: How is the governor?
           Maria: Looks like Luis is having trouble with the governor...
                  ... though Diaz doesn't look like the type who keeps secrets for
            Luis: Come on, Diaz, answer me.
            Diaz: I told you, I don't know!
                  I don't know why those troops are in Caracas, and I don't know
                  why they are releasing statements to the media in my place!
            Luis: Who are they?
            Diaz: ...
            Luis: Answer me!
          Darril: Tell him, Governor. Tell him they're Zaftrans.
           Maria: !!!
            Diaz: H-How did you know!?
          Darril: I have my sources. But then again, there aren't that many armies
                  in the world with that kind of organized planning and advanced
            Luis: What are the Zaftrans doing in Venezuela!?
          Darril: Good question. I think only the governor can answer that.
            Diaz: They... they contacted me first.
                  They told me they'd send troops to help Venezuela gain
                  independence if I paid them...
          Darril: ... So they want money?
           Maria: Then why have they taken Caracas?
            Diaz: I don't know! I'm telling you the truth!
          Darril: All right, we believe you. Now, tell us where they set up their
                  We saw them in Cumana--which doesn't make sense, since they
                  could've landed in Caracas directly if that was their real
          Renges: I have to agree with your thinking, Darril... They must've landed
                  in Cumana because their base of operations was nearby.
          Darril: Right. Tell us where that is, Diaz.
    [The screen switches to the map, where the Zaftran base is marked. It is quite
     close to the village.]
            Diaz: Here. It's a secret base the U.C.S. constructed years ago, but is
                  no longer in use. I learned of its existence after I took office.
          Darril: There. I knew you could do it.
    [We switch back to the house.]
            Luis: We must destroy the base.
           Maria: Why? If they are Zaftrans as Diaz and Darril say, they are not
                  the kind of troops your Alianza could ever hope to defeat.
            Luis: They are a threat to us as long as they are helping the State
                  If we can take them out, it may turn the tides in our favor.
           Maria: I know it's not my place to question your judgement, but it's in
                  my interest to make sure you and la Alianza survive to win this
            Luis: I know, but...
            Ines: These Zaftrans killed our people in Caracas! How can we not fight
                  back against them!?
            Luis: Maria, please. You must try to understand how we feel.
                  We are tired of people from other countries doing as they please
                  on our soil.
           Maria: ...
          Darril: Hey, don't just automatically assume that you'd lose.
                  We'd be backing you up, y'know.
            Luis: You will come with us? But why?
          Darril: Oh, don't be such a stranger, Luis. We fought together in
                  Caracas, didn't we?
           Maria: I didn't think you were the type to take up a cause.
                  And I thought you were smarter, too.
          Darril: Such harsh words from such lovely lips.
           Maria: ... All right, you win.
                  Just promise me you'll retreat if the odds start turning against
                  you, okay?
            Luis: We promise.
                  I am also thinking of asking Professor Thammond to come with us.
                  He is worth more than ten wanzers on the field.
                  Though I must admit, I do not know if he will listen...
          Renges: Hey, Darril... What are you getting us into!?
          Darril: Hey, if we manage to take that base, Elsa will owe us one, right?
          Renges: What good will that do us!?
          Darril: Relax. Trust me on this one, okay?
           Maria: What are you boys talking about?
          Darril: Oh, hi, Maria. Never mind us. Just boy talk.
    [They head back outside to the village.]
            Luis: I will go speak to Professor Thammond about our plan.
          Darril: You think he'll agree?
            Luis: I do not know, but it is worth a try.
          Darril: All right, let's call up Elsa.
          Renges: Darril... I asked you earlier, but why should helping her do us
                  any good?
          Darril: Trust me, okay? You'll understand in a few secs.
          Darril: Uh... This is Darril. Elsa, come in.
    [The transmission gets louder.]
            Elsa: This is Elsa. Go ahead, Darril.
          Darril: I have something for you. We know where the Zaftrans set up their
                  base in Venezuela.
            Elsa: Really?
          Darril: Yeah. And we're going to take it out.
            Elsa: What!? No! That is too dangerous!
          Darril: Don't worry, we're taking some trusty allies with us. We'll be
                  And we'll get you the proof you need from that place.
            Elsa: Darril...
          Darril: But on one condition.
                  I need you to do something for us in return.
            Elsa: What is it?
          Darril: I'd like to borrow a transport plane from you. Can you arrange
            Elsa: A transport?
          Darril: Yeah. For reasons of our own, we need to take around three tons
                  of 'luggage' out of this country.
            Elsa: You cannot procure a U.C.S. transport?
          Darril: No. As I said, we have our reasons.
            Elsa: All right... I think I can arrange it.
          Darril: Great! Thanks. Oh, one more thing.
            Elsa: Yes?
          Darril: Uh... on second thought, never mind. Later, Elsa.
    [The radio is switched off.]
          Renges: A transport, huh?
          Darril: Yeah. I know we're kinda using Luis, but he was going to go there
                  Might as well make it worth our while.
    [They head to the school.]
            Luis: ... Please, Professor.
        Thammond: No, Luis. I will not change my mind!
          Darril: Looks like they're already at it...
        Chaeffer: Professor Thammond!
        Thammond: Have you come to try and talk me into this, too!?
        Chaeffer: Please, Teach... Keep your voice down. You're scaring the kids.
                  Mind if I take them outside to play?
        Thammond: What...? Oh... Of course. Go ahead.
                  Take them outside.
        Chaeffer: All right! Let's go, guys!
           Child: Okay...
          Darril: Hey, Professor...
        Thammond: Don't call me that.
          Darril: Thammond, please. You helped us out last time.
        Thammond: I went only to save Ines and Luis!
                  Had I a choice, I would not have fought!
          Darril: ...
        Thammond: Luis... I did not want you to use what I taught you to wage war.
                  I only wanted you to learn how to survive in this country.
                  But... maybe because of your youth, you chose to take up arms and
                  use my teachings to fight a guerrilla war.
            Luis: ...
          Renges: You're giving yourself too much credit, old man.
        Thammond: What!?
          Renges: Do you really believe Luis wouldn't have started this if you
                  hadn't taught him how to fight?
                  Do you really think the others would have followed him if he
                  couldn't think for himself!?
        Thammond: ...
          Renges: He still has a lot to learn, right?
                  And isn't it your duty as a teacher to make sure he comes back to
                  learn those things from you!?
        Thammond: ...
        Thammond: Who would've thought a boy like you could teach me a lesson,
                  Renges? I really am getting old...
                  So... what do you need me to do?
          Darril: So you'll come with us?
        Thammond: I'm only doing this for Luis. Don't give yourself too much
                  credit, Darril.
            Luis: Thank you, Professor.
        Thammond: Don't call me that anymore, Luis. At least not for now.
    [They head back outside.]
        Chaeffer: Hey, Darril! Renges! You guys should come and play, too!
          Darril: Nah. We're a little busy.
        Chaeffer: Aw, c'mon, we're having fun!
           Child: Come on, Chaeffer! It's your turn!
        Chaeffer: All right, all right. Hey, don't throw that! Ow!
          Renges: At times like this, I kinda envy Chaeffer.
          Darril: Yeah, I know what you mean.
            Luis: I will gather everyone for the briefing.
          Darril: Right. You do that.
          Renges: Hey, Darril. Look.
          Darril: Hm? Oh. Maria's still here, huh.
           Maria: ...
          Darril: I wonder what she's thinking about... I wouldn't have thought
                  anything could make her look so sad...
      [Talk menu]
       Rodriguez: We're going to revenge Cavlo, aren't we? I have to thank Luis for
                  making this decision! It's something all of us wanted to do!
           Punch: We will throw everything we have at that base!
           Punch: I was rear guard when we were running away from the Governor's
                  Manor, and...
                  I saw these enemy troops carefully taking a crate out of the
          Darril: What!? A crate? From where?
           Punch: From the manor annex. Its underground garage. It looked like they
                  were using it to store weapons.
          Darril: Is that where it was? Dammit...
          Renges: There's no way to tell now if that's what we were looking for...
            Elmo: Luis won't take me with him this time, either... Why...?
          Darril: Say, I heard the wanzersmith was back in town. Is that true?
            Elmo: Yes, but he left in a hurry. He said he would try to find more
                  gear for la Alianza.
                  Oh, but he asked me to give you this.
          Darril: Why did he ask you?
            Elmo: I'm a member of the supply troops.
                  Luis's orders.
    [Obtained full wanzer set: Vyzov IV Rog.]
    [Obtained two rods: Ogon F.]
           Maria: Yes? What do you want?
          Darril: I know you don't like us much, but isn't it time you told us what
                  you're doing here? What is this 'interest' you have in la
           Maria: All right... I am helping Luis and his people win this conflict
                  so that they will be the ones who gain Venezuela's autonomy from
                  the U.C.S.
                  My job is to see to it that the transition goes smoothly--without
                  any hassle from the U.C.S. Central Government.
          Renges: That's impossible.
           Maria: Is it? Luis trusts me and believes it can be done.
          Renges: What about the Central Government?
           Maria: There are more than a few members of the government who agree
                  with me.
                  Ultimately, I have to make sure those members and Luis can meet
                  and negotiate peacefully.
          Darril: I thought I had you figured out, but I'm not so sure anymore. Who
                  are you?
           Maria: I could ask you the same question.
                  All that I know is that you don't act or think like any U.C.S.
                  soldier I've met before.
        Thammond: Sorry to interrupt, Darril, but I need you to pick the Alianza
                  pilots we'll be taking with us on the next mission.
          Darril: Me? Why me?
        Thammond: You're not such a bad leader. I would pick them out myself, but
                  I've been away from this for so long--I wouldn't trust my own
          Darril: But...
        Thammond: You don't have to if you don't want to. Just come talk to me if
                  you change your mind.
           Maria: If Luis dies on this next mission, there will be no reason for me
                  to stay here.
                  The U.C.S. will send more troops into Venezuela, and the people
                  will be made to suffer even more...
        Thammond: Would you like to choose the Alianza pilots who will come with
    [Option to change roster if 'yes' is selected.]
    [If you choose 'no'.]
        Thammond: Do you not trust your instincts?
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They choose to move out.]
            Luis: We are going to attack the enemy's base... not only to avenge our
                  friends who fell in Caracas, but to win back Venezuela's future
                  as well!
         Antonio: Yeah!!!
       Guerrilla: Vamos!
        Thammond: ...
          Darril: It looks like you don't think this was such a good idea after
        Thammond: Hmph. That's not it at all.
                  It's just that this kind of fervor can kill soliders in battle.
                  I've seen it happen.
    [They move out to the Zaftran base.]
    [It is night time and raining heavily. The Zaftran base spans across a huge
     amount of area, and Darril and gang are at a distance.]
          Darril: Who the hell made this place?
    [We see a close up of the top of the base, with Zaftran wanzers on guard along
     with transport planes.]
            Luis: According to Diaz, this is a VTOL base they planned to use in
                  case the main U.C.S. garrisons were destroyed. But it cost too
                  much to maintain, so they had to abandon it.
        Chaeffer: What a waste... They could've fed the children in the village for
                  life with the money they spent on this place.
        Thammond: But now the Zaftrans are using it. We can't let them do as they
    [We switch back to Darril and gang.]
          Renges: How are we going to fulfill the Durandal's request?
          Darril: There isn't much at ground level... The control room must be
                  underground. Let's just rip one of their computers off the wall
                  and take it with us. That should do it.
                  Oh, and let's pick up a few of their wanzers for good measure.
            Luis: Let's move!
    [They head off.]
    [Mission mode. Rain, night.]
    [When the first shot lands on a Zaftran unit, the map shifts to the Zaftran
     Control Center.]
        Ivanovna: What is it, Zeman!?
           Zeman: We are under attack, sir! A group of unidentified wanzers is
                  closing in on our location!
        Ivanovna: You incompetent fool! Why did you not detect them sooner!?
           Zeman: I'm sorry, sir!
        Ivanovna: Hurry up and destroy them! We need this base for the last part of
                  the plan!
           Zeman: Yes, sir!
    [Stage clear.]
    [Darril and gang gather at the ground level of the base.]
            Luis: That should take care of the ones on the surface.
       Thammond: The underground defenses will be stronger. We should be careful.
    [The camera shifts to the Zaftran transport planes behind them.]
        Chaeffer: What about these transports?
            Ines: I will have our people rig them with explosives.
          Darril: Good. The Zaftrans can't fly off if we clip their wings.
    [Meanwhile, at the Zaftran Control Center in the same base.]
        Ivanovna: Bumbling fools! Can't you paratroopers drive back a few guerillas
                  without our help!?
           Zeman: I-I'm sorry, Colonel...
        Ivanovna: Hmph... Maybe we should not have moved so many units to
                  It does not matter now. Zeman, you go through the rear entrance
                  and get to the transports. Make sure they are ready to lift off
                  at any time.
           Zeman: B-but Colonel, the enemy is still on the surface...
        Ivanovna: They should be sending their main force down the elevator. They
                  will only leave a few lookouts on the surface.
                  Vavilov and I will take care of those. Get to the transports once
                  they are out of the way.
           Zeman: Yes, sir!
    [Darril and gang are at the elevator.]
          Darril: You think you can get this thing moving?
        Thammond: Yes. There should be no problem. Luis, Ines. Listen to me.
            Ines: What is it?
        Thammond: We don't know what's waiting for us down there. Chances are we
                  can't win by jumping in with guns blazing.
            Luis: Yes, we know. We will be careful.
        Thammond: No, you don't know! You still think you can win every battle
                  I've seen many soldiers die because they thought just like you!
            Luis: Thammond...
        Thammond: I-I'm sorry. Forget I said that. Just an old man's rantings,
                  that's all.
            Ines: No, Thammond, thank you. Thank you for caring about us so much.
          Darril: I don't mean to interrupt, but we should get back to work. I'm
                  sure the enemy's getting tired of waiting for us to come down.
        Thammond: All right... Darril, talk to me if you want to choose the Alianza
                  pilots who will come down with us.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We gave them too much time. They must be ready for us downstairs
                  by now.
                  It's going to be a tough fight.
        Chaeffer: This elevator's huge! I wonder if their stairs are just as big...
            Luis: As you say, we are on their turf now, and we will not have the
                  element of surprise on our side, either.
                  We must be careful.
            Ines: I never would have imagined someone could build something so big
                  in our country...
        Thammond: Yes? You want to change the roster of Alianza pilots who will
                  accompany us?
    [Option to change roster if 'yes' is selected.]
    [If you select 'no'.]
        Thammond: The enemy is well trained...
                  But that is also their weakness. If we can manage to disrupt
                  their structured maneuvers, they may become vulnerable.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They choose to go down the elevator.]
    [They are in a huge cavern as they go down the elevator.]
        Chaeffer: This place is huge!
            Luis: It is... incredible.
    [The elevator grinds to a halt at the topmost structure level.]
        Thammond: Looks like they cut the power to the elevator...
          Darril: I'm surprised they didn't think of it sooner.
    [Several Zaftran wanzers fire at them from down below.]
          Darril: All right, people... Next stop: hell!
    [Mission mode. Clear, morning.]
    [Stage clear.]
    [Darril and gang gather at the basement level.]
            Luis: All right, let's blow this place up.
          Darril: Hold on! I have some business to take care of first!
        Thammond: All right, but make it fast. There's bound to be more on the way.
          Darril: I know, I know. It won't take long, I promise!
    [Darril rushes off.]
    [Darril, Renges, and Chaeffer enter the Control Center.]
        Chaeffer: What are we looking for, exactly?
          Darril: Memory disks, computer hardware, anything that might contain
                  data. We should take everything we find.
          Renges: Hey, what's this?
        Chaeffer: What'd you find?
          Renges: Looks like backup disks for air control records.
                  From what I can tell, they're full of flight plan data. They
                  might have been using some of these for strategic operations.
          Darril: All right, take everything. It's not much to pay for a ticket out
                  of this country.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: We only need data on their wanzers or those transports on the
                  It should be enough to tell they're Zaftrans.
        Chaeffer: Man... I didn't think it would be this much work.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They start to exit the room.]
          Darril: We should have enough...
                  But we need something to carry all this in.
        Chaeffer: I found a crate. Will this do?
          Darril: Yeah! Good work, Chaeffer.
    [They open the crate.]
          Darril: Whoa, wait a minute. This crate...
        Chaeffer: Oh. I think this is what they use to carry wanzer stuff.
          Renges: It's probably the crate that Punch saw 'em take out of the manor.
          Darril: So it wasn't more gold, then...
          Renges: But it has to be something special for them to bring it all the
                  way out here.
          Darril: I guess. Well, at least I'll sleep better at night knowing we
                  found this mystery crate.
    [Obtained shotgun: Black Stone.]
    [They head back to the elevator with the crate, and start to head up back to
     the surface.]
        Thammond: What's in the crate?
          Darril: A present for the wife. Don't worry about it.
            Luis: We should be far enough. Do it now.
            Ines: All right.
    [The Zaftran transport planes down below explode.]
            Luis: We won...
            Ines: The only things left are the transports on the surface.
    [The scene switches to the surface of the base, where a few la Alianza wanzers
     are guarding the Zaftran transports. The sound of the basement explosion then
     echoes out of the base, as Ivanovna and Vavilov watch far from the outside.]
        Ivanovna: The guerrillas have destroyed the underground facilities...
                  They will not get away with this... We are going to destroy those
                  sentries and secure the transports!
         Vavilov: Yes, sir!
    [They speed up the ramp, and Ivanovna brings down an Alianza wanzer with
     amazing accuracy. She screeches to a halt.]
        Ivanovna: Hah hah hah!
    [Confused, a Alianza wanzer looks around. Vavilov speeds into view.]
    Vavilov: Die!
    [He smashes his melee weapon at the same Alianza wanzer with deadly momentum.
     He skids to a stop, and Ivanovna walks towards him.]
        Ivanovna: Tell Zeman to ready the transports for takeoff!
    [The Zaftran transports explode.]
        Ivanovna: Dammit! They rigged the planes with explosives!
         Vavilov: Colonel! Stand back!
    [We fade out back to the elevator. Darril and gang look up above at the sound
     of explosions.]
          Darril: Hey... Those blasts came from above us!
            Luis: Something is wrong. They were not supposed to destroy the
                  transports until we got back.
          Darril: I guess the party's not over yet...
    [They head back up to the surface, and survey the damage done.]
            Ines: Look! Those transports are taking off!
    [We see a pair of Zaftran transport planes flying off away from the base.]
            Luis: What is going on!?
    [A Zaftran helicopter transport carrying Ivanovna's and Vavilov's wanzers fly
     past them, and into the sky.]
            Luis: Hey, wasn't that...?
          Darril: Yeah... It's them again.
    [The Durandal team is in their transport plane.] 
          Robert: The remainder of the E.C. troops got out on that last transport.
                  Here, they gave us this. 
            Zead: And you accepted!? 
          Robert: Yeah. 
                  Shouldn't I have? 
            Beck: Hey, take it easy, Zead. It's not polite to refuse such a 
                  thoughtful gift. Know what I mean? 
    [Obtained: 3000 credits.] 
            Zead: What's the current situation? 
          Hermes: It looks like the U.C.S. has managed to take most of the vital 
                  facilities on Madeira. 
            Beck: Shouldn't we get off the island instead of hiding here? 
          Latona: Someone has to stay here and see what the U.C.S. will do next. 
          Robert: But we can't stay here forever. The transport'll be easy to spot
                  if a U.C.S. patrol wanders by. 
           Bosch: We will leave... once we are sure we can prevent any further 
          Hermes: That's more easily said than done... 
          Robert: Robert here. Elsa, I have a call for you. It's from that Darril 
            Elsa: Darril? Please patch it in. 
    [The radio is switched on.] 
          Darril: Hey, Elsa. How are you? 
            Elsa: Darril! You're all right! 
          Darril: Yeah. Piece of cake. 
                  We got plenty of evidence from the Zaftrans' base, as promised. 
            Elsa: Really? Great job! 
          Darril: Uh... well, not so great, actually. Two of their transports got 
            Elsa: What!? 
                  Do you know where they were headed? 
          Darril: No... I'm sorry. 
            Elsa: It is all right, Darril. I am sure you did the best you could. 
                  Can you tell me more about what you found? 
          Darril: Well, we found these flight records on one of their computers. It
                  may be worth a look. 
          Hermes: It looks like flight plan data for Zaftran transports. 
          Darril: Yeah, that's what we figured. We'll put the hardware in your 
                  transport once it arrives. 
          Hermes: I think we're gonna need it sooner than that. Can you send us a 
                  copy of the data for now? 
          Darril: Sure thing. Oh, uh, about that transport of yours...? 
            Elsa: Do not worry. It will be on its way from the U.K. 
                  But it will be violating Venezuelan air space, so you will only 
                  have one chance to get aboard. 
                  Is that all right? 
          Darril: Good enough for me. I'll send the time and place for the pickup 
                  along with the flight plans. 
            Elsa: Monsieur Darril, we have a deal. 
          Darril: Oh, Elsa? Uh... Can I ask you something? 
            Elsa: What is it? 
          Darril: You don't happen to... I mean, uh... You married? 
            Elsa: What? 
                  No, I am single... 
          Darril: Uh, never mind. Forget I said that. Anyway, Elsa, make sure you 
                  send us that transport. And good luck on your side. 
            Elsa: Thank you, Darril. 
    [The radio is switched off.] 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: Elsa, I know what you are thinking... 
                  You are going to try and stop the war between the U.C.S. and the 
                  E.C. with the data Darril just sent us. 
          Latona: What? How? 
            Elsa: Hermes, can we send radio transmissions directly to the U.C.S. 
          Hermes: Yeah, I think so. It's not like they're far away. 
            Beck: What're you gonna do, Elsa? 
            Elsa: If we send Darril's data to the U.C.S., it might prove to them 
                  that Zaftra is behind all this. They might be willing to start 
                  talks with the E.C. 
          Hermes: I don't know... Even if we could talk to them, I doubt they'd be
                  eager to lend us an ear. 
           Bosch: The situation can't get any worse. I think it's worth a shot. 
          Robert: I don't know... They could trace our transmissions and find us. 
            Zead: It's up to you, Elsa. 
            Elsa: ... I think we should try it. 
          Robert: All right... But if it looks like they don't fancy what we're 
                  telling them, I'm flying us out of here, okay? 
          Hermes: We're set. We're connected to the U.C.S. Fleet's communications 
                  ... Are you sure you want to do this? 
            Elsa: Yes. Please patch me in. 
            Elsa: This is the E.C. Armor Tactics Research Corps, Durandal. 
                  U.C.S. Atlantic Fleet, please respond. 
    [We switch scenes to the U.C.S. Fleet's central command center.] 
         Officer: Commander! We're receiving a direct transmission with an E.C. 
          Maddox: What!? Who is it? 
         Officer: They say they're an E.C. research organization... 
                  What!? They're breaking through our secure channels! I'll have 
                  them closed down! 
          Maddox: No, wait. 
         Officer: Sir? 
          Maddox: Patch them through to my personal monitor. 
                  But cut all links to the other ships and to headquarters. 
         Officer: But, sir... that goes against Navy regulations... 
          Maddox: Those regulations were drafted for peacetime operations! 
                  I am giving you a direct order, Lieutenant. Patch the E.C. call 
                  through to my personal monitor. 
         Officer: Y-yes, sir! 
          Maddox: This is Maddox, commander of the U.C.S. Atlantic Fleet. Do you 
                  read me? 
    [The scene switches back to the Durandal transport.] 
          Hermes: Maddox? You mean Admiral Maddox!? He's the head of the U.C.S. 
            Elsa: Monsieur Maddox, this is Elsa of the E.C. Tactical Research 
                  Corps, Durandal. 
          Maddox: Hello, Elsa. This had better be important. 
            Elsa: Sir, the Republic of Zaftra has manipulated the E.C. and the 
                  U.C.S. into fighting each other. 
          Maddox: That's a serious accusation you're making, young lady. Would you
                  explain to me how you've arrived at that conclusion? 
            Elsa: Yes, sir. 
    [Time passes.] 
          Maddox: I see... That is an interesting story indeed. 
                  Of course, you'll understand when I say I want to reserve my 
                  judgement on this matter until you can produce ample proof to 
                  back up your story. 
            Elsa: A collaborator in Venezuela sent us data that you may find 
                  We will send it to you. The Zaftran flight plans it contains may
                  prove our story to be true. 
          Maddox: Wait. How am I to know you haven't hidden a computer virus in 
                  that data? 
            Elsa: I... You will just have to trust me. 
          Maddox: I wish I could... But I have the safety of an entire fleet to 
            Elsa: ... All right. Our transport is at the southeastern corner of 
                  If you find anything wrong with the data we send you, you'll know
                  where to find us. 
          Hermes: Elsa! 
            Zead: Let her speak. She knows what she's doing. 
          Maddox: ... All right, Elsa. I admire your candor. You have yourself a 
                  I'll have my people check your position. Send us the data when we
                  give you the signal. 
            Elsa: Thank you, Commander. 
          Hermes: Jeez, Elsa! Wasn't that going a little too far!? 
            Elsa: That was the only thing I could think of. 
          Hermes: We don't even know if we can trust that Darril guy! 
            Elsa: We can trust him. 
          Latona: How can you tell? 
            Elsa: I can tell by his voice... I know he can be trusted. 
          Robert: We have a signal from the U.C.S. Fleet. They say they're ready to
                  receive the data. 
          Hermes: Elsa... 
            Elsa: Please, Hermes... 
          Hermes: ... Okay, okay. I'm startng the upload. 
            Zead: The only thing we can do now is wait. 
                  Now may be a good time to set up our wanzers. One can never be 
                  too careful. 
            Beck: Don't you trust Elsa? 
            Zead: I do. It's just that I prefer to do something while I wait. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: The U.C.S. is using their strength in numbers to overwhelm the 
                  defense forces. 
                  If the E.C. responds likewise, this will undoubtedly become the 
                  battle that begins the war. 
          Hermes: I found some gear we could use in the Madeiran E.C. base. 
                  Check them out in the wanzer shop and the computer shop. 
          Latona: This is the last phase of Zaftra's plan... 
                  If we fail, the U.C.S. and the E.C. will cross the point of no 
           Bosch: It's quiet... 
                  Maybe too quiet. 
            Beck: Someone give me something to do... I hate sitting in one place 
                  doing nothing. 
          Robert: Hey, what's this? 
            Elsa: What is it? 
          Robert: There's movement in the U.C.S. Fleet. 
                  It looks like they're prepping their wanzers and helicopters... 
          Hermes: I told you that data was bad... 
    [There is a transmission signal.] 
            Elsa: This is the Durandal. Commander Maddox, please respond. 
          Maddox: What is the meaning of this!? 
            Elsa: ... Is there a problem, sir? 
          Maddox: Our ships are under attack. 
                  Don't tell me the E.C. isn't involved in this, Elsa... 
           Bosch: Zaftrans...? 
            Zead: Most definitely. 
                  If the U.C.S. Fleet is destroyed here, it will escalate tension 
                  between the E.C. and the U.C.S. exponentially. 
            Elsa: Commander, please, listen to me! The troops attacking your fleet 
                  are not E.C.! They are Zaftran! 
          Maddox: I wish I could believe you... but I can't. 
                  You have five minutes. If you do not leave Madeira by then, I 
                  will have no choice but to attack you as well. Maddox out. 
    [The transmission ends.] 
            Elsa: We... we have failed again... 
          Robert: Let's thank the commander for giving us time to get away, at 
                  I'm getting us out of here. 
          Latona: Are we just going to run, Elsa? 
            Elsa: What? 
          Latona: I am not running. I will not let them get away with this. 
            Elsa: But what can we do? 
            Zead: Only we can clear the E.C.'s name. 
                  We must stop the Zaftrans ourselves. 
            Elsa: The U.C.S. Fleet is on full alert. If we get anywhere near it...
           Bosch: What do you think, Robert? Can you get us close to them? 
          Robert: I wish I could say no... 
                  But I can't. I agree with Latona. Elsa, it's up to you. What do 
                  you want me to do? 
            Elsa: Thank you, everyone... Let us do this. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They chose to move out.] 
    [The Durandal transport starts up its engines.] 
          Robert: All right, it's time I showed you a few tricks I learned in 
                  flight school! Everyone hang on tight! 
    [Meanwhile, at a cliff, three Zaftran grenadiers fire upon a U.C.S. ship. They
     stop when they see the Durandal transport fly into view. The U.C.S. ship fires
     several volley of missiles at the transport, but the latter manages to evade
     them. The Durandal team then performs an emergency jump onto the same cliff
     nearby the Zaftran wanzers.] 
            Zead: Hurry! Defend the carrier! 
    [Mission mode. Clear, night.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [The U.C.S. ship is damaged, but still standing. The Durandal approach the 
     cliff edge.] 
            Elsa: Commander Maddox! The Zaftrans have retreated! Give us another 
                  chance to talk to you! 
    [There is silence as we fade out.] 
    [We are now in the U.C.S. Fleet's central command center.] 
         Officer: Talk!? That's nonsense! Bring the snipers to the deck! Take them
          Maddox: Belay that order! They have no hostile intent towards us. 
         Officer: But, sir! They're the E.C.! They're the enemy! 
          Maddox: ... 
        Operator: Commander! We're receiving a message from Central Command! 
        Operator: The message reads: 'Preliminary flight plan analysis complete. 
                  The FAI believes the data is authentic. These plans chart 
                  transports leaving our old VTOL base in Venezuela toward the E.C.
                  We are contacting the FAI agent in Venezuela for information on
                  their source. The U.C.S. Atlantic Fleet is ordered not to engage
                  any E.C. troops until confirmation is complete.' 
          Maddox: Contact the Durandal. I will speak with them. 
         Officer: But... sir! 
          Maddox: I gave you an order, Lieutenant! 
         Officer: Y-yes, sir! 
          Maddox: This is Maddox. Durandal, respond. 
            Elsa: This is the Durandal. 
          Maddox: I'm glad to hear your voice again, Elsa. 
                  We have received the analysis results from headquarters. It seems
                  you were right after all. 
            Elsa: Thank you for listening to us, sir. 
          Maddox: We cannot leave Madeira until we receive further confirmation. 
                  But I give you my word that we will not attack any E.C. troops
                  unless they shoot first. 
            Elsa: Thank you, Commander. We will relay your message to the E.C. 
          Maddox: Please do. I will also send you the analysis results we received
                  as a token of our thanks. 
         Officer: Commander! That is top-secret information-- 
          Maddox: That belongs to them, Lieutenant. 
         Officer: Sir... 
          Maddox: I will take full responsibility. Just do it, Lieutenant. 
            Elsa: Thank you again, Commander. 
                  We promise to convince the E.C. of this as well. 
    [The scene fades out, and time passes. We are now in the Durandal transport.] 
         Allison: And you have given the analysis results to the E.C. armies as 
            Zead: Yes. Our only worry now is the E.C. Central Assembly. 
         Allison: Don't worry, they will be easier to convince now. 
            Zead: You've found more evidence, then? 
            Elsa: What about Glaeser and Wagner? You must investigate their 
                  involvement with Zaftra-- 
         Allison: I wish we could... 
                  But they have disappeared--along with the rest of the Blauer 
           Bosch: They've run, then...? 
            Beck: There you go! That's proof enough, isn't it? 
         Allison: No. We need to try them in a court of justice. 
          Latona: So... what are we to do now? 
         Allison: Please go back to your headquarters and rest. I will visit you 
                  there. Oh, and... 
            Zead: What's wrong, Allison? 
         Allison: I forgot to tell you... 
                  I am glad to see you're all safe. 
            Zead: Thanks, Allison. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: It's finally paying off, Elsa... All that we have done. 
          Hermes: We'll know more of Zaftra's plans once we make a detailed 
                  analysis of Darril's data. 
          Latona: I hope Zaftra will stop this nonsense, now that their plan is 
           Bosch: Wagner must already know what's happening. 
                  I wonder what he'll do now...? 
            Beck: Hah-hah! Zaftra's no match for us! 
          Robert: The transport didn't take much damage. We won't have any trouble
                  getting back to the U.K. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They head back to the Durandal H.Q.] 
    [Back at headquarters, we see a screen with ACCESS DENIED displayed on it.] 
          Hermes: Let's see... how about this? 
    [Hermes enters another password, and the screen displays a table of 
          Hermes: Jackpot! I'm in! I've got access to the German Army database! 
            Elsa: Quickly! Bring up Wagner's data! 
          Hermes: Just a second... There! 
    [A photo of Wagner in a German army uniform appears, along with another table 
     of data.] 
            Elsa: Do you see anything amiss? 
           Bosch: Hmm... Everything seems to be in order. 
          Hermes: Yeah. I don't think the Zaftrans would've left obvious hints that
                  he's a spy. 
           Bosch: Wait... 
            Elsa: Did you find something? 
           Bosch: Do you remember what I told you before--about how Wagner said he
                  was living in his hometown until he entered officer's school? 
            Elsa: Yes. 
    [The table of data is magnified.] 
           Bosch: Well... these records say that he moved three times during those
          Hermes: Yeah, but that doesn't prove anything. 
            Elsa: No, it doesn't... Wait--I just remembered something... 
          Hermes: What? 
            Elsa: His eyes! When we were attacked in the German base, his irises
                  looked like they were red! 
           Bosch: I've asked about that in the past. He told me it was hereditary.
                  His irises do not have any pigments, so they reflect the colours
                  of things around him. 
          Hermes: Let me check... 
    [Wagner's photo is magnified.] 
          Hermes: Bingo! The records of the physical exam he took before he
                  entered officer's school don't say anything about it! 
           Bosch: So that means... 
            Elsa: The real Wagner never made it to officer's school... They
                  switched him with our Wagner before that. 
          Hermes: That makes sense. 
           Bosch: Still... this doesn't prove he is a spy. 
            Elsa: I suppose not... 
    [The screen fades back to the Durandal's briefing room, and there is a sound
     of the door opening.] 
            Zead: Ah. There you all are. 
            Elsa: Is there anything new, Zead? 
            Zead: Please gather everyone here. 
          Hermes: Why? What's up? 
            Zead: You'll see soon enough. 
    [Time passes.] 
            Elsa: Miss Allison! Prime Minister Noland!
          Hermes: Oh, man! Deja vu!
          Noland: Don't worry. I have some good news this time.
            Elsa: Good news?
          Noland: We want the Durandal to go to Zaftra.
          Latona: Zaftra!?
           Bosch: Why?
         Allison: Allow me to explain. 
                  Your investigation led you to believe the Zaftrans were
                  smuggling resources through the supply tunnel in Wassau. 
            Elsa: Yes, that is correct. 
         Allison: And you believe that the Zaftrans destroyed the tunnel
                  themselves to keep you from obtaining any evidence. 
            Zead: That is the only answer we have found so far. 
          Noland: In light of this, we want you to seize the resource base on the
                  Zaftran side of the tunnel. There should be plenty of proof 
         Allison: There may also be evidence that would prove their involvement in
                  the attacks in Germany and Poland as well. 
            Beck: But... We can't do this alone. That'd be suicide! 
          Latona: The Zaftran border near that base is protected by a heavily 
                  defended fortress wall that spans over seventy kilometers. We do
                  not have the firepower to break through such defenses. 
          Noland: Yes, we are aware of that. That is why we are sending a
                  battalion of elite British troops with you. 
            Elsa: Has this operation been approved by the E.C. Assembly? 
          Noland: With the data you obtained and the disappearance of Glaeser, the
                  Assembly is slowly leaning toward your Zaftran scenario. 
            Elsa: They need physical evidence. 
          Noland: Yes. The investigation of the German companies that were
                  involved in the smuggling revealed nothing. 
            Zead: An overland incursion into Zaftra... 
                  If we fail this time, Prime Minister, it will mean war. 
          Noland: We trust you won't. 
                  So, will you do it? 
          Latona: We will go. 
            Beck: Yeah, sure. Why not? 
          Hermes: Count me in! 
           Bosch: I don't think there's anyone better suited for the job. 
            Zead: What about you, Elsa? 
            Elsa: ... I will go. 
          Noland: It's settled, then. I knew you would not let me down, Durandal.
                  Now, you'd better begin your preparations. 
          Hermes: You mean right now? 
          Noland: Yes. There is still tension between the U.C.S. and the E.C. You
                  must move before Zaftra realizes what we're up to. 
      [Talk menu] 
          Noland: A battalion of our finest troops is waiting for you at the 
                  rendezvous point. Coordinate your efforts with them. 
         Allison: Right now, you are our best chance at foiling the Zaftrans. 
                  Good luck. 
            Zead: This will be the largest operation I've participated in. 
          Hermes: With such a large force, the Zaftrans will detect us for sure. 
                  Let's hope they don't decide to attack us first. 
          Latona: So... it really has come to this. 
          Hermes: Will you be all right, Latona? 
          Latona: Do not worry about me. 
                  Right now, I feel more like a mother who must scold a
                  misbehaving child. 
           Bosch: It's going to be a tough fight... 
                  But we've been through worse. 
                  We'll do fine. 
            Beck: I guess we don't have much time to relax anymore... but hey, I
                  like it busy. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out to the Common Room, and then to the Hangar.] 
          Robert: What took you so long? Are you all ready to go? 
          Hermes: Ready as ever! 
          Robert: Oh, Elsa. There was a phone call for you. 
                  I took a message. 
            Elsa: Who was it from? 
          Robert: Some bloke called Lancaster. 
                  I told him you were in a meeting. He said he'd be waiting at the
            Elsa: Latona...? 
          Latona: Yes. It is that journalist again. You go, Elsa. 
                  We will be waiting. 
            Elsa: But... 
          Latona: Go. He may have some useful information, yes? 
            Elsa: All right. I will be right back. 
          Latona: Take your time. We will not leave without you. 
    [Elsa makes her way to 'Ritter's'.] 
       Frederick: Over here, Elsa. 
      [Talk menu] 
            Elsa: What did you want to talk to me about? 
       Frederick: A few things have happened. First, the E.C. has started to 
                  investigate those German companies that were smuggling materials
                  in from Zaftra... 
                  But the way they're doing it, they won't find squat. I'm tempted
                  to go in there and show them how it's done. 
            Elsa: Don't worry, Monsieur Lancaster. We will take care of it. 
       Frederick: You got a lead? 
            Elsa: I wish I could tell you, but... 
       Frederick: I figured you couldn't tell me. All right, I'll trust you people
                  to come up with some evidence on that case. 
                  Second piece of info for you: Glaeser's run to Zaftra. 
            Elsa: Glaeser!? 
       Frederick: I guess I don't have to explain why. 
            Elsa: Yes... On our side, we have been investigating Wagner. 
       Frederick: Find anything? 
            Elsa: From the data we have found, our guess is that the current
                  Wagner switched places with the real Wagner right after he got
                  into officer's school. 
                  But we could not find anything more. 
       Frederick: Good job. That's some major progress. 
                  I'll look into it right away. 
            Elsa: Will you be all right? 
       Frederick: Hey, hey. I do this for a living! 
                  Leave Wagner to me. You should follow that other lead of yours.
            Elsa: All right. Good luck, Monsieur Lancaster. 
                  I'd better go... 
       Frederick: The Durandal's going on a mission, isn't it? 
            Elsa: ... 
       Frederick: You odn't have to answer that. 
                  But good luck to you, too. 
            Elsa: Thank you. You be careful. 
       Frederick: Thanks. I'll try not to step on too many toes. 
       Frederick: What are you still doing here? Aren't your friends waiting for
       Bartender: People at the base seem rather busy... Did something happen? 
            John: Rumor is that the Durandal is going on an important mission. 
                  Everyone's talking about it. 
       Catherine: We managed to avoid war with the U.C.S., didn't we? 
                  I hope we don't get another scare like that any time soon. 
            Nick: Latona's not with you today? 
            Elsa: No, she is busy with work. I'm sorry. 
            Nick: Ah, pity. But it's all right. 
                  It's just that I finally managed to convince the boss to send
                  the Durandal that gear Latona was asking about. 
                  Would you mind asking her to test it out whenever she gets the
                  chance, then? 
    [Obtained bazooka: Grom.] 
            Nick: I come here every day hoping to meet her... 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [Elsa leaves 'Ritter's' and heads back to base.] 
          Latona: Welcome back, Elsa. Did Lancaster tell you anything? 
            Elsa: Yes... Glaeser is in Zaftra. 
            Beck: Glaeser? What's he doing there!? 
            Zead: My guess is he went there seeking protection. 
          Latona: Either way, that is not going to stop us. Let us be off... to 
      [Talk menu] 
            Zead: Those British troops the prime minister called... I have a  
                  sneaking suspicion I know who they are. 
          Hermes: If things go well, it's going to be our last mission, so we'd
                  better make sure our wanzers are ready. 
          Latona: Nick? No, he is just a friend. 
           Bosch: Glaeser has gone to Zaftra... 
                  I wonder where Wagner is... 
            Beck: I'm not afraid of the Zaftran Army! 
                  I'm Italian. The only thing I'm afraid of is my mama when she's
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They board the transport, and leave.] 
    [The transport travels towards the Zaftran border, but we pause momentarily
     midway into the journey.] 
            Zead: Having a hard time sleeping, Elsa? 
            Elsa: Yes... So many things have happened since I joined the
                  Too many, and too fast. 
            Zead: True. I think you have seen more combat than your average 
            Elsa: I have seen people die... I myself was almost killed... 
            Zead: Whether or not you let those experiences break you or strengthen
                  you is your choice, Elsa. 
            Elsa: I know... Zead, can I ask you a personal question? 
            Zead: Yes? 
            Elsa: What is your relationship with Miss Allison? 
            Zead: Oh, it's not what you think. 
            Elsa: Oh? 
            Zead: I was still in the army when I met her. 
                  She was a section chief in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We
                  both participated in a hostage rescue mission in Germany. 
            Elsa: Germany? 
            Zead: There were British citizens among the hostages. Glaeser was 
                  leading German contingent of the anti-terrorist unit on that 
            Elsa: How did the mission go? 
            Zead: Officially, it was successful... 
                  In truth, it was a mess. Glaeser didn't order his men to storm 
                  the place, even when we saw the terrorists were about to kill the
                  He put more importance on taking the terrorists alive so he could
                  question them about their organization. 
                  Allison wanted no part of it. She ordered my team to go in. 
            Elsa: What did you do? 
            Zead: I agreed with Allison, so we pushed Glaeser aside and went in. 
                  All the hostages were rescued, but there was a casualty on my 
                  He was a bright young soldier much like you, Elsa. 
            Elsa: ... 
            Zead: Allison took it the hardest. She blamed herself for his death. 
                  I think she carries that with her, even after all these years. 
                  I've tried my best to support her... But I wonder if I've done 
                  any good. 
            Elsa: You two need each other. 
            Zead: I've tried not to think about that until now. 
                  Maybe when all this is over... I think Allison and I should take
                  some time to talk. 
    [The scene fades out back to the map, and the Durandal transport continues its
     journey to the Zaftran border fortress. They gather at the British Army field
         Telford: Welcome. I'm Telford, commander of the British Army 1st Airbone
            Zead: Zead, of the Durandal. 
                  I had a feeling it'd be you, Telford. 
         Telford: I've heard about you and your Durandal. Still the old 
                  battlewagon, eh, Zead? 
            Zead: Good to see you, too. 
         Telford: Let's talk about work, shall we? Here's our plan. 
    [The screen switches to a three dimensional map with a blue marker at the 
     bottom left corner.] 
         Telford: This is our current position. 
    [A gray square with the label 'Zaftran Resource Base' appears near the middle
     right of the map.] 
         Telford: And this is the Zaftran resource base, our main target. 
          Latona: And between the two is the Zaftran border fortress. 
    [A thick red line appears between the two markers.] 
         Telford: That's right. This fortress has formidable defenses against both
                  air and ground attacks. 
            Beck: Since we're here with wanzers, does that mean its ground defenses
                  are the weaker of the two? 
         Telford: No, it means it's better to get shot at in wanzers than get shot
                  down from the sky. 
            Zead: How many men have you brought? 
         Telford: Three companies. 
    [Two green arrows are drawn from the blue marker, to the left and right side
     of the Zaftran border fortress.] 
         Telford: We'll send two against the fortress, and keep the remaining 
                  company in the rear until we get to the resource base. 
           Bosch: What do you want us to do? 
         Telford: From what I know, the Durandal is not suited for large-scale 
                  battles like this one. 
                  Hence, I want you to attack the fortress at this point, here. 
    [A blue arrow is drawn straight ahead from the marker to the border fortress.] 
         Telford: Only a few Zaftran units are stationed in this area. 
                  The terrain itself provides them with natural defenses, enough to
                  deter any foe from attempting to breach their perimeter there. 
                  But I trust the Durandal to be capable of defeating those 
                  defenses. How you do that is up to you. 
          Hermes: You mean, you want us to wing it. 
    [The map fades back to the field tent.] 
            Zead: Even if the enemy is few, we may not have enough firepower to 
                  defeat them. 
                  Could you lend us a few wanzers from your battalion, Telford? 
         Telford: Zead, you know this is going to be a tough battle. I don't have 
                  that many men to spare. 
            Zead: Yes, but if the enemy sees us as a large enough threat, we may be
                  able to pull more enemies units toward our area and take some 
                  pressure off your men. 
         Telford: Still haven't lost the habit of talking back to officers, have 
                  All right, you can have two squads. No more. 
            Zead: Thanks, Telford. We'll owe you one. 
         Telford: You can repay me by breaking through to the other side. 
            Zead: We'll do our best. 
         Telford: Dismissed. Go prepare for the mission. 
          Latona: Elsa, there are many long-range missile batteries defending the
                  fortress. I should tell you about the 'Antilock' feature on EMP
                  backpacks. It will help us reduce missile effectiveness. 
     [Talk menu] 
         Telford: Don't make me regret giving you those two squads. 
                  Do your best to break through the fortress, Durandal. 
         Telford: Wait. I almost forgot. I'll give you the latest wanzer gear our
                  battalion has received. 
            Zead: Are you sure? We're not British Army, remember? 
         Telford: You are, at least for the duration of this operation. 
                  Don't worry, there'll be no trouble. 
            Zead: ... Thanks, Telford. 
         Telford: It's not me you should thank. 
                  Vice-Minister Allison asked me to. She's been good to us in the
                  past, so I couldn't refuse. 
            Zead: Allison... 
    [Obtained full wanzer set: Grille 6 Horn.] 
    [Obtained rifle: Ziege.] 
            Zead: The wanzers that Telford is giving us specialize in long-range 
                  We should use them to give us covering fire as we storm the 
                  enemy's defenses. 
          Hermes: Did you see? Telford's airbone troops are equipped with the 
                  latest wanzers! 
                  I'm a little envious, but I'd take our customized wanzers any day
                  instead of an out-of-the-box model. 
          Latona: Our key to success will be reducing the efficiency of the missile
                  batteries in the fortress. 
                  You should make sure someone has an EMP backpack with the 
                  'Antilock' feature equipped. 
           Bosch: No fortress is impregnable. The point is to know when to advance
                  with care, and when to charge. 
            Beck: Those missile batteries are powerful, but we should also be 
                  careful about the enemy wanzers in our area. 
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out.] 
    [It is snowing heavily. The Durandal team approaches the Zaftran border 
     fortress, which is situated on a high mountainous terrain.] 
          Hermes: Don't tell me we're going to climb this... 
            Beck: What are you complaining about? Your wanzer's gonna do all the 
                  work, not you. We'll be fine. 
    [The camera focuses on the Zaftran missile turrents.] 
            Elsa: Yeah, as long as they don't decide to shoot us as we climb. Are 
                  the British troops doing all right? 
            Beck: Yep, they're right behind us. 
    [We switch scenes to the top of the fortress, and zoom in slightly onto the 
     Durandal team.] 
         Glaeser: (now wearing a Blauer Nebel pilot outfit) So... the Durandal have
                  come. At the very least, my final wish will be fulfilled. 
    [Mission mode. Blizzard, day.] 
    [The map shifts to the command center of the fortress.] 
       Demchenko: They have come... just as you had predicted, Glaeser. 
         Glaeser: I will head to the resource base. 
       Demchenko: No need to run, my friend. This fortress is impregnable! 
         Glaeser: I am not running, 'friend'. I am only going to take my place on 
                  the stage for the Durandal's last act... 
    [The Durandal team eventually reaches the small slope leading up to the command
       Demchenko: Impossible! How could they breach the perimeter defenses so 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [The Durandal team looks on as the fortress's command center explodes.] 
            Zead: Telford, come in. We've broken through the fortress's defenses. 
            Elsa: Those Brits are not too bad. 
            Zead: Naturally. At this rate, we should be able to take the terminal 
                  without problem. 
    [They are back in the British Army field tent.] 
         Telford: All we have to do now is take the resource base. 
            Zead: It won't be easy. They know we've managed to break through the 
                  fortress. They will be ready for us. 
         Telford: Yes, I know. I was merely stating facts. 
     [Talk menu] 
         Telford: Let me change the composition of the squads assigned to you. 
                  I'll give you some assault units along with the missileers. It 
                  seems it'd be more efficient to have you go in first as an 
                  assault team. 
            Zead: Once we take this place, the Zaftran plan will finally come to 
                  We should expect heavy resistance from the Zaftrans. 
          Hermes: It looks like this resource base is built pretty sturdy. We don't
                  have to worry much about causing major structural damage. 
          Latona: The units that fled from the fortress should be guarding this 
                  place as well. This will be a tough fight. 
           Bosch: I hope Wagner isn't here. 
                  He has very high tactical skills. He could do a lot of damage if
                  put in charge of a large force... 
            Beck: This place has to go down, and we're the only ones who can do it!
    [/Talk menu.] 
    [They move out.] 
    [The British and Durandal units approach the Zaftran resource base.] 
            Zead: So... we've finally made it this far. 
            Elsa: Yes... 
    [The camera gives an overall view of the base.] 
          Latona: This should put an end to it all. 
            Beck: Yes! Let's end this! 
    [We switch back to the Durandal.] 
          Hermes: It's time to move, guys. 
           Bosch: Just give us the order. 
            Elsa: All units, forward! 
    [The camera shakes as we hear something approaching. We then see Glaeser's 
     enormous wanzer.] 
         Glaeser: The time for atonement has come, Durandal! You are no match for 
                  my tactical genius! 
    [Mission mode. Snow, evening.] 
    [Stage clear.] 
    [The Durandal team surrounds Glaeser's battered wanzer.] 
            Zead: You're finished, Glaeser. But thank you for coming out to welcome
                  us--your being here will make it easier to prove your link with 
         Glaeser: (grunts) That is irrelevant now. 
           Bosch: Brigadier General Glaeser. You were a well-respected officer in 
                  the German Army. Why have you done this? 
            Zead: Was it for the money? 
         Glaeser: Don't insult me! Money is the least of my concerns. 
           Bosch: Then why!? 
         Glaeser: My plan would have purged the army of dishonorable worms that 
                  wear the officer's ranks, yet have no respect for the uniform  
                  they wear. They do not deserve to call themselves soldiers. 
            Elsa: That's it? That's the only reason you started all this!? 
         Glaeser: That part of the plan failed. Both the E.C. government and the 
                  army did not change as I had hoped. 
                  But I no longer cared. I had found true joy in leading my troops 
                  into battle. 
          Latona: 'True joy'!? 
         Glaeser: Using the Zaftran Army, I formulated a plan that would pull the 
                  U.C.S. and the E.C. into a war against each other. 
         Glaeser: Oh, if only you knew how it felt when everything worked to 
            Elsa: You would sacrifice thousands--millions of lives for your own 
                  personal satisfaction!? You monster... have you no conscience?
                  No compassion? 
         Glaeser: Soldiers are machines, trained to kill in the quickest and most 
                  efficient way possible. There is no room for conscience or 
            Zead: No, Glaeser... true soldiers fight to protect their country and 
                  its people. You have no right to call yourself one. 
         Glaeser: I would not expect you to understand. Now... kill me. 
            Elsa: No, we are not going to kill you. You are going to come back with
                  us alive and confess to your crimes! 
         Glaeser: I am sorry to disappoint you... but I would rather die as a  
                  soldier than rot in a cell. 
    [Glaeser's wanzer self-detonates.] 
    [We are at the village.]
            Luis: Darril. Are you leaving already?
          Darril: Yeah. We don't have much time until the rendezvous.
                  We have to get to Cumana as soon as we can.
            Luis: Thank you, Darril, for all you have done for us.
          Darril: Don't worry. It helped us, too.
                  So... what are you going to do now?
            Luis: We will go back to Caracas.
                  We must take the television station there, then force Diaz to
                  officially revoke his declaration on the air.
          Darril: Don't go back there. It's crawling with State Army and Zaftran
                  Wait until I deliver the stuff we took from the Zaftran base to
                  the E.C. At least then you wouldn't have to worry about the
                  Zaftrans anymore.
            Luis: But if you do that, they may burn Caracas down to destroy any
                  evidence of their presence. They are capable of that, are they
          Darril: Yeah, I guess they are...
        Thammond: We do have a plan. There is an unfinished highway that runs to
                  the center of Caracas, right up to the TV station.
                  It will help us reach Caracas before the enemy can react.
          Darril: How much opposition do you expect?
        Thammond: The State Army is concentrating their forces around the Assembly
                  Building, but there don't seem to be many of them on our planned
            Luis: We have come this far. If we stop now, we will be betraying the
                  memories of those who gave their lives to la Alianza.
          Darril: You're a good man, Luis.
                  I wish I was more like you.
            Luis: Thank you, Darril.
        Thammond: Luis. I'll go fetch Diaz.
            Luis: Okay. Thank you, Thammond.
    [There is a pause.]
          Darril: Oh...? You're leaving, too?
           Maria: Yes. If Luis and his people manage to take Caracas, they will run
                  into the U.C.S. Army next.
                  I'm going to the U.C.S. garrison's headquarters to stop them from
                  starting a fight with la Alianza.
          Darril: I have to warn you that Colonel Donalds is a real hardhead.
                  But you deal with guys like that all the time, huh?
           Maria: So you three were part of the troops assigned to Donalds.
          Darril: Yeah, but not anymore.
                  We're deserters.
    [Talk menu]
          Renges: We're finally getting out of this country, aren't we?
                  Still, we should check the wanzer shop and computer shop and buy
                  anything we need. I heard they got some new stuff.
                  As I always say, we can never be too careful.
        Chaeffer: We're just going to leave? We're not going to say goodbye to Luis
                  and the children?
            Luis: I am sorry I cannot see you out. Be well, Darril...
            Ines: I guess I will miss you a little... actually, a lot... You people
                  were fun. Be well.
           Maria: I won't tell them I saw you.
                  Thanks for helping Luis.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They head to the school.]
          Darril: Hey, Professor.
        Thammond: Darril. What brings you here? Did you forget something?
          Darril: Oh, we just thought we should say our farewells to the governor.
                  I hope we didn't interrupt anything important.
        Thammond: That's all right. We were just talking.
                  I was trying to reeducate Diaz so he might become a better man--
                  though I fear his recovery may be beyond my skills.
                  I may have better success with you, Darril. Interested?
            Diaz: 'Darril'...?
        Thammond: Eh? Are you all right, Diaz?
            Diaz: Darril... Darril! Yes, it was Darril!!!
          Darril: Wh-what!?
          Renges: Maybe your 'reeducation' was a little too much for him,
            Diaz: Darril! So YOU're Darril!!!
            Luis: What is going on!?
            Diaz: Luis! Listen to me! He's Darril!!!
            Ines: Is he all right...?
        Chaeffer: I dunno...
            Diaz: Do you remember--I told you how I paid the Zaftrans to come here?
            Luis: Yes...?
            Diaz: They never received the payment I sent them! I sent them a crate
                  of gold as they asked, but the plane carrying it was shot down by
                  the U.C.S.
                  What's worse, someone took the gold from the crash site and ran
          Darril: H-Hey, Diaz, take it easy...
            Diaz: But the State Army was able to intercept radio transmissions from
                  the thieves! And from those transmissions...
          Darril: Diaz, that's enough. Stop it, or I'll--
            Diaz: ... From those transmissions, we learned the names of the
                  One of them was a 'Darril', of the U.C.S. Army...
                  That's him! HE STOLE MY GOLD!
            Luis: !!!
          Darril: ...
          Renges: It's over...
            Ines: Is this true, Darril!? Did you really do what Diaz claims!?
          Darril: ... I'm sorry.
            Ines: I cannot believe you! Do you know what you have done!?
                  Listen, Darril. That gold was made from all the things that Diaz
                  stole from the people of Venezuela!
                  Darril, you are smart enough to have known that!
          Darril: Yeah... I know.
            Ines: We thought you were our allies--our friends--but all this time,
                  you were hiding this from us!? When were you planning on telling
                  us? Never?
            Luis: Ines... That is enough.
            Ines: How can you not be angry, Luis!?
                  They tricked us! The lied to us!
            Luis: I know... They hid the truth from us...
                  But they also risked their lives for us many times.
            Ines: Yes, but...
            Luis: Darril. You can have the gold. Please take it away.
            Ines: Luis!
            Luis: Ines, listen. Greed can drive a man mad.
                  If we take that gold, we may become like Diaz... or worse.
            Ines: ...
            Luis: Darril. Take the gold--as our thanks for all you have done for
                  Thank you for fighting with us.
            Diaz: Luis, are you crazy!? Do you know how much that gold is worth!?
                  You're throwing away twenty-five million dollars!!!
            Luis: It is better for them to have it than either you or me, Diaz.
        Thammond: Spoken like a true leader, Luis.
                  Darril... please understand what Luis is trying to do.
          Darril: I understand, but...
          Renges: Yeah, I don't know what to say, either.
        Chaeffer: Are you really sure about this? You could give the children here
                  a better future if you had this gold, you know?
            Luis: We have done all right so far. We will be fine.
          Renges: I guess that's our cue to leave.
                  Let's go.
    [They leave the school.]
           Maria: I heard what happened.
                  It's no surprise no one's come to see you out.
          Darril: ...
           Maria: You shouldn't worry too much. No matter what he may have told
                  you, I'm sure Luis is glad you were here to help him so many
          Darril: I'm not worried...
           Maria: Really? Your expression says otherwise.
          Darril: Just leave us alone, okay?
        Thammond: Hey, Darril.
          Darril: What do you want? Come to teach me another lesson?
        Thammond: No, I haven't. I'm not angry with you, Darril. On the contrary, I
                  want you to pick the Alianza pilots we should bring to Caracas
                  with us.
          Darril: I'm not going with you guys. You know that.
        Thammond: Yes, I do. But I value your judgement as a soldier and as an
                  Just think of it as a farewell present to Luis and Ines. What do
                  you say?
      [Talk menu]
           Maria: Just don't think about it too much. That's not like you.
        Thammond: Will you pick the Alianza pilots for the mission to Caracas?
    [Option to change roster if 'yes' is selected.]
    [If you select 'no'.]
        Thammond: All right... Sure.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They choose to move out.]
          Renges: Come on. Let's get out of here, Darril.
          Darril: ...
          Renges: Come on.
        Chaeffer: Darril...
          Darril: Don't give me that face, Chaeffer. Let's go.
    [They travel halfway to Cumana in their truck, and stop at a State road.]
          Renges: Why are we stopping?
          Darril: ...
          Renges: I know how you feel, but there's nothing only the three of us can
                  do for them, is there?
          Darril: I guess not...
          Renges: They still have a lot to learn about military tactics, but I'm
                  sure Thammond will whip them into shape.
          Darril: Yeah...
          Renges: It would be a little sad if they got killed... but we'll soon
                  forget, right?
          Darril: If you say so...
          Renges: Even if everyone in this country starves to death, it doesn't
                  matter to us, right? We're leaving this place for good. Who
                  cares, huh?
          Darril: Renges.
          Renges: What?
          Darril: Sounds like you're more worried about them than I am.
          Renges: Wh-what? N-No, I... uh...
    [The radio crackles to life.]
          Renges: Chaeffer, what are you doing?
        Chaeffer: Oh, nothing. Just playing with the radio. I wonder what's on
           Radio: ... confirmed. Guerrillas are on the move. I repeat, guerrillas
                  are on the move.
                  They seem to be headed toward the unfinished highway southeast of
                  the capital. All units, move to intercept.
           Radio: This is Delta One. It looks like they are planning to enter
                  Caracas from the highway.
                  Delta Two's team will move to block them. You people make sure
                  you are ready to defend Caracas! I will have your heads if you
                  let any of them by!
    [The radio is switched off.]
          Darril: Uh-oh... it's that crazy chick again. Thammond's plan didn't
        Chaeffer: They won't last long against her...
          Renges: Don't worry. Thammond's with them. He'll make them fall back as
                  soon as he sees they're in trouble.
          Darril: I don't know... He tends to lose his cool when he starts
        Chaeffer: And Luis can be pretty stubbon. I don't think he'd run that
          Renges: You guys...
          Darril: But, as you said, 'Who cares', right?
          Renges: ... That's right. Now get this truck moving.
          Darril: Are you sure...?
          Renges: ...
          Darril: All right, Renges, how about this:
                  We provide them with our services as mercenaries, and they let us
                  keep the gold as payment.
                  That's a reasonable business proposition, isn't it?
          Renges: ... Okay, okay. I got it.
        Chaeffer: So we're going to go help them, right?
          Renges: No, Chaeffer, we're only going to earn our gold.
                  But Darril, what are we going to do with the transport? It should
                  be in Venezuela by now...
          Darril: I guess we'll have to let it go.
                  We have to go help--I mean, go do some business with Luis, first.
          Renges: One of these days, Darril, one of these days...
    [They start up the truck and move off to the suburbs of Caracas.]
    [Meanwhile, Zaftran wanzers patrol the unfinished highway. Luis and the Alianza
     watch on from their hiding place on ground level.]
            Luis: We walked right into an ambush!
            Ines: At this rate, we will never reach the highway!
        Thammond: Children! It is still too early to give up!
            Ines: But they have got us pinned down!
          Darril: (off screen) We leave you alone for a few minutes, and you're
                  already getting yourselves into trouble.
    [We switch scenes to Darril and gang, who are on the opposite side of the
            Luis: Why did you come back!?
          Darril: These two softies wouldn't get off my back.
    [We zoom in onto Renges.]
          Renges: Don't worry. This is strictly business. We're gonna do what we
                  can to earn that gold.
    [The camera view shifts to Darril.]
          Darril: All right, people, we're breaking through to that highway! Follow
    [Darril and gang heads off.]
    [Meanwhile, Vavilov and a Zaftran wanzer lie in wait at the top of the
     construction site.]
          Vavilov: You say you're reading a homing signal from that squad?
        Z.A. WAP: Actually, the signal is coming from the truck at their rear, sir.
         Vavilov: Then those deserters must be with them... What is the status of
                  the U.C.S. Army?
        Z.A. WAP: More reinforcements are on their way. And their Atlantic Fleet
                  has also been sighted near the coast...
         Vavilov: We don't have much time, then...
    [We get a dramatic shot of Vavilov.]
         Vavilov: All right. There is no need to bother the colonel with these
                  deserters. I'll take care of them myself.
    [Mission mode. Clear, morning.]
    [Vavilov explodes after getting smacked down.]
         Vavilov: (Arrgh...) C-Colonel!
    [Stage clear.]
    [The two groups gather together on the highway.]
          Darril: The enemy already knows we're taking this route! We need to move
            Ines: Shouldn't we try to find another way to Caracas...?
          Darril: That crazy chick shouldn't have many of her goons left. All we
                  have to worry about is the State Army and their second-rate
                  wanzers. We'll be fine!
        Thammond: All right, amigos! Let's give 'em hell!
        Chaeffer: Hey, Teach... Did you, uhh, hit your head or something?
    [We fade out to Ivanovna's office.]
        Z.A. WAP: Colonel... Major Vavilov has been killed in action.
        Ivanovna: Vavilov... Thanks, soldier.
                  And Glaeser is not responding to my calls, either...
        Z.A. WAP: We received a call from Lieutenant Colonel Zeman a few minutes
                  The attack on the U.C.S. Fleet in Madeira has failed. He is
                  asking for further orders.
        Ivanovna: Hah! Tell him to go throw himself off a cliff--no, wait... Tell
                  him to come back with his transports to the airport here.
        Z.A. WAP: Sir?
        Ivanovna: We will divide the troops here into two. One half will get on the
                  transports and conduct the final part of the plan.
        Z.A. WAP: B-But sir, we were told not to go if the plan failed...
        Ivanovna: Are you going to listen to Glaeser's orders or my orders,
        Z.A. WAP: Sir! Your orders, sir!
        Ivanovna: And get my machine ready!
                  I am going out there.
        Z.A. WAP: Right away, sir!
        Ivanovna: (with a very creepy smile) Hah! Now that everything's falling to
                  pieces, I'm going to do as I please!
    [We are at the highway with Darril and gang.]
            Luis: We are almost at the center of Caracas.
          Darril: How far to the TV station from here?
            Luis: Not too far.
          Darril: All right, let's make this one count, people!
            Diaz: Please! I don't want to die! Let me wait here until it's safe to
                  go forward...
        Thammond: Oh, no you don't. You're today's guest of honor.
          Darril: That's right. You're coming with us, Diaz. In a tank.
            Luis: What's going on!?
          Darril: It looks like the Zaftrans have put the State Army under their
                  The State Army boys probably think that Diaz is relaying his
                  orders through the Zaftrans.
          Renges: Makes sense.
          Darril: That's why we're having the real Diaz go forward and tell the
                  State Army to retreat.
                  After that, the only thing we'll have to worry about will be the
            Luis: Do you think it will work?
          Darril: Soldiers are trained to follow orders. Don't worry, it'll work.
            Elmo: I will drive the tank!
          Renges: Hey... What's he doing here?
            Luis: It looks like he followed us.
                  I had assigned him to the supply troops in the rear...
            Elmo: Please, Luis! I want to do my part in this! I will not let you
            Luis: But...
          Darril: Let him do it. It'll be okay, as long as he goes back to the rear
                  once the State Army retreats.
            Diaz: W-Wait a minute! I'm supposed to trust this kid with my life!?
          Darril: Yeah. You better do your best to convince the State Army to go
                  away... if you want to live.
    [The radio beeps.]
          Darril: What? Who's calling?
    [The radio crackles to life.]
         Donalds: This is Colonel Donalds of the U.C.S. 332nd Mobile Company.
          Darril: Uh-oh...
         Donalds: You're the people who were fighting in the suburbs earlier,
                  aren't you? Identify yourselves!
          Renges: The U.C.S. saw us, then...
            Luis: We are the la Alianza de Libertad Venezolana.
         Donalds: Guerrillas, eh?
                  The U.C.S. Army will be advancing into Caracas in a few minutes.
                  Your wanzers are in the way. Get out. Now.
            Luis: We refuse. We will take Cacaras back ourselves.
         Donalds: Guerrillas take Cacaras? Don't make me laugh!
                  Unless you are out of the city in fifteen minutes, I'll have my
                  men shoot you along with the Zaftrans!
          Darril: Great. Good to see he hasn't changed.
        Chaeffer: The U.C.S. is gonna attack us, too?
          Renges: Not if we take this city first. We have to hurry.
          Darril: We have to get to the TV station. That's the only way for us to
                  stop them from shooting us.
                  Once Diaz puts Luis in charge--and Luis asks for a peaceful
                  resolution to all this--the U.C.S. won't be able to attack us.
        Thammond: Then let's get to work! Darril, tell me if you want to change the
                  roster of Alianza pilots you want to deploy.
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: The U.C.S. Army... If Donalds is here with his troops, that means
                  both we and the Zaftrans are running out of time.
        Chaeffer: All this fighting is gonna end once we make it to Caracas, right?
            Luis: There is no turning back now.
                  Either Zaftra wins, or we do.
            Ines: The State Army will stop fighting once Diaz takes back his
                  decleration on the air...
                  I hope the U.C.S. Central Government will agree to talk with us.
        Thammond: Darril? You want to change the roster of Alianza pilots to
    [Option to change roster if 'yes' is selected.]
    [If you select 'no'.]
        Thammond: Come on, people! We are short on time! Let's get to the TV
                  station before the U.C.S. gets hold of it!
            Elmo: I have to show Luis I can be of use to him on the front lines...
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move out to Central Caracas.]
            Luis: Okay. From here on, we go straight to the TV station!
          Darril: Is the station nearby?
    [The camera view shifts up, and we see a tall building with a tower in a
     distance. The screen fades out to have a closer view of the building.]
            Luis: There is a river up ahead. The station is on the other side.
    [We fade back to Darril and gang.]
          Renges: There's too much open space between here and that station. It's
                  gonna be rough.
    [A sudden shot hits the wall of the small building that Darril was behind.]
    [We switch scenes to see yet another Zhuk machine, that trails behind a row of
     State Army wanzers.]
        Ivanovna: You're going to have to go through me, scum!
          Darril: Oh God, not her again!
        Ivanovna: What's the matter? Are you afraid of me? Come here and fight!
    [The camera shifts back to Darril's position, who continues to take cover from
     the safety of the building. We can see Ivanovna and her troops in the
     background from the camera angle.]
          Darril: On one condition. You must promise not to damage the TV station.
        Ivanovna: You are in no position to negotiate!
          Darril: What's the matter? Are you afraid of losing again?
    [We switch to Ivanova's Zhuk.]
        Ivanovna: Do not mock me!
    [She fires a shot at the vincity of Darril's position, missing him of course.]
         Ivanova: Dammit! Fine. I'll play with you later. I'll let you play with
                  them first!
    [Ivanova goes off down a different street, leaving the State Army troops
     behind. We switch back to Darril and gang.]
          Renges: She's being cautious for once. I wonder what she's up to?
        Thammond: She probably wants to wear us down.
          Darril: Well, we still have an ace we can play against the State Army.
          Darril: So... Shall we?
            Luis: Let's go!
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.]
    [The map shifts to the tank.]
            Diaz: Don't shoot! It's me, Diaz!
        Pilot #1: Governor Diaz!? What are you doing here?
            Diaz: Stop fighting! I didn't order this! I'm still in charge here, not
                  the Zaftrans!
        Pilot #1: What should we do?
        Ivanovna: The governor has betrayed you! He's sided with the guerrillas!
                  Kill him!
        Pilot #2: Who are we supposed to be fighting?
        Pilot #1: I don't know, and I don't care anymore! Let's get out of here!
    [The State Army wanzers promptly walk off. The scene switches to Ivanovna.]
        Ivanvona: Useless imbeciles! It doesn't matter. We'll take care of them
                  ourselves. Don't let the governor escape! Kill them all!
    [The mission starts.]
    [Elmo drives the tank forward, and Diaz protests on Turn 2.]
            Diaz: Wait! Why are we still moving forward!? The State Army is already
            Elmo: Quiet, old man! I have to show Luis what I can do! I have to
                  prove to him I can fight like anyone else! I have to be the first
                  one to reach the TV station!
            Diaz: The TV station? You are crazy! Stop! That way is full of
                  Zaftrans!!! Someone, anyone, please! Save meee!!!
            Luis: Oh, no! Elmo is going to get himself and Diaz killed! We have to
                  protect them!
    [The mission continues. Ivanovna's Zhuk eventually gets destroyed.]
    [There is a brief cutscene of the Zhuk struggling to stand.]
        Ivanvona: How...? How can I lose to such scum...? ... Aaagh!
    [The Zhuk explodes.]
    [Stage clear.]
    [Darril and gang surround Ivanovna's destroyed wreak of a Zhuk.]
            Luis: I pity her...
        Chaeffer: ...
        Thammond: Don't. People like her are enraptured by war and its illusion of
                  glory. It was inevitable.
          Darril: I hope it was worth it, girl...
          Renges: What?
          Darril: Nothing. Just talking to myself.
    [We see Zaftran transport planes rise up from behind the TV station, and take
        Thammond: It looks like the Zaftrans finally decided to pack up and leave.
        Chaeffer: We did it!
         Darril: Still... I have a bad feeling about this... I better tell the
    [We are back inside the British tent.]
         Telford: Mission accomplished. Good work.
            Zead: Have you found any proof of their smuggling operation?
         Telford: We've the analyzed the raw materials stored in here, and the
                  results show that they do contain the same metals as the ones 
                  that were brought to Germany.
                  We've also found detailed files on the smuggling operation.
                  You'd think they'd try to destroy this kind of evidence when
                  they saw us coming.
          Latona: I have talked to some of the prisoners. They say that Glaeser
                  specifically ordered them not to destroy any evidence.
         Telford: Why would he give such orders?
            Zead: He knew we, the Durandal, were coming, and so he chose to fight
         Telford: What did he have against you?
            Zead: We have been a torn in his side since the beginning.
                  Once he knew his plan had failed, all he was left with was a
                  need for vengeance.
                  My guess is, he didn't care if we found any evidence of a failed
         Telford: I guess he chose the wrong people to take revenge on.
                  Remind me not to get on your bad side.
            Elsa: Will you be sending this evidence to the U.K. right away?
         Telford: Yes, we will. Prime Minister Noland is planning to announce our
                  success at the Central Assembly meeting in six hours.
            Elsa: I see.
          Hermes: Hey, Elsa. You have a call from Darril.
            Elsa: Put him on, please.
    [The radio is switched on.]
          Darril: Elsa?
            Elsa: Hello, Darril. What can I do for you?
          Darril: We managed to take out the Zaftran base in Venezuela.
            Elsa: Really? Great job, Darril!
          Darril: I also have some bad news... Some of their transports managed to
                  take off. I think they're already out of the country.
            Elsa: The Zaftrans have retreated from Venezuela, then?
          Darril: It looks like it...
                  But I have a feeling they still have something up their sleeves.
            Elsa: What do you mean?
          Darril: It's just that... it's not like them to give up this easy, you
                  If there's one thing I could give them credit for, it's their
            Elsa: Yes, I would have to agree on that.
          Darril: ... Never mind. Don't worry about it, Elsa. It's probably just
                      my imagination.
            Elsa: All right. Thanks for contacting us.
                  The transport you asked for should be arriving at the rendezvous
                  point on schedule. 
                  Will you be able to make the pickup?
          Darril: Hm? Oh, yeah. We'll be there. Later, Elsa.
            Elsa: Bye.
    [The radio is switched off.]
           Bosch: What do you think?
         Telford: It sounds they've retreated. Why?
           Bosch: What if they were planning another attack? Where would they hit?
          Hermes: I might have an answer to that...
            Zead: Oh? Explain.
          Hermes: There was one flight plan that hadn't been used in the data
                  Darril sent us.
          Latona: What was the destination?
          Hermes: It's... the E.C. Assembly Building in Paris.
            Elsa: What!?
          Hermes: But they can't be going there. There's no reason for Zaftra to
                  attack the E.C. Central Assembly.
            Zead: It may have been a backup plan to trigger a war between the E.C.
                  and the U.C.S.
                  The way things stand now, that data only helps to prove Zaftra's
                  guilt in all this.
            Elsa: But is the Assembly Building is attacked while the premiers are
            Zead: Telford, can we leave this place in your hands? The Durandal
                  will go to Paris.
         Telford: I will contact Prime Minister Noland and ask him to cancel the
                  Assembly meeting.
                  That way, you won't have to fight another battle this day.
            Elsa: Even if the Assembly escapes to safety, we cannot let the
                  Zaftrans run loose in Paris.
                  We must go.
         Telford: I will ask the British Army to send a security force. You do not
                  have to go.
            Elsa: Colonel Telford, we have more experience fighting these Zaftrans
                  than anyone else. 
                  We will be of more use to the British Army in Paris than here.
                  Please, you must let us go!
            Zead: Telford...
         Telford: ... All right. Do what you must.
                  But tell me, Zead, do you train your people to be as stubborn as
            Zead: No, but I do expect them to develop that wonderful trait.
     [Talk menu]
         Telford: I will have some of our gear hauled onto your transport.
                  You'll be able to access them from the wanzer shop and the
                  computer shop.
            Zead: I don't understand it...
                  Zaftra should know there is nothing to be gained from any
                  further military action against the E.C...
          Hermes: An attack on Paris...
                  They may be able to pull off a jump with stealth transports, but
                  they will never be able to get out of France once they're on the
          Latona: Their plan has failed, yet they refuse to admit their defeat...
                  These Zaftran troops are no longer in their right minds...
           Bosch: If the Blauer Nebel and Wagner aren't here, where could they be
            Beck: Robert says the transport's warmed up and ready to go.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They head out to Paris, but we pause momentarily in mid-journey.]
    [The radio is switched on.]
            Zead: Allison. Did you postpone the E.C. Assembly meeting?
         Allison: I'm sorry, but I can't do that.
            Elsa: But why!? The Assembly is in danger!
         Allison: Unless I have irrefutable proof that the Zaftrans are
                  approaching, I have no way of convincing the Assembly.
          Latona: Tell them anything-as long as the meeting is postponed.
         Allison: Prime Minister Noland strongly wishes to go ahead with the
                  Even though he knows what you know.
            Zead: A politician's pride, is it?
         Allison: British troops have been secretly positioned around the Assembly
                  I think he decided to go ahead with the meeting when he heard
                  you were on your way here.
           Bosch: That's a big responsibility he's given us.
         Allison: It's because he trusts you. And I have something to tell you.
            Elsa: Yes?
         Allison:Do you know a journalist named Lancaster?
            Elsa: Yes. What about him?
         Allison: We received a facsimile from him addressed to the Durandal.
                  It's a copy of an old newspaper obituary for an eighteen-year-
                  old boy named Rolf Wagner.
            Elsa: Wagner!?
           Bosch: The real Wagner. The one our Wagner replaced...
          Hermes: Another piece of the puzzle.
         Allison: Lancaster said that most of the Blauer Nebel must have been
                  replaced the same way.
                  I've already reported Wagner to Interpol. If he is caught and he
                  turns out to be Zaftran, there will be more evidence to support
                  your case.
            Elsa: Thank you, Miss Allison.
         Allison: No, I should thank you.
            Zead: Save your thanks until we manage to save the Assembly, Allison.
         Allison: I'm sure you'll succeed. I will call you back later.
    [The radio is switched off.]
    [Talk menu]
            Zead: If the E.C. Assembly Building is destroyed and the state leaders
                  murdered, the E.C. will cease to function and its people will
                  fall into a state of panic.
          Hermes: If my calculations are correct, we should be able to reach the
                  Assembly Building just before the Zaftran transports from
                  Venezuela arrive.
          Latona: I hope the Zatran transports are spotted by the British air
                  surveillance system...
           Bosch: If the Assembly Building is attacked, all of our hard work will
                  have been for nothing.
            Beck: Politicians have too much pride, eh?
                  If Noland had run like the others, we wouldn't have had to put
                  our necks on the line now!
          Robert: This is all the speed I can get out of this bucket!
                  If you want me to go faster, we'll have to dump your wanzers!
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They continue their journey to Paris.]
          Hermes: All right-we've entered France! The E.C. Assembly Building is
                  dead ahead!
          Robert: Incoming missiles!!!
            Elsa: What!?
    [Missiles are indeed approaching the Durandal transport. Robert barely manages
     to evade them, but the missile home in on them afterwards.]
            Zead: We'll be hit if we stay up here! Drop altitude, now!
          Robert: Got it!
    [The transport quickly drops altitude. We switch to the cargo hold.]
          Robert: Is everyone all right!?
          Hermes: Yeah... More or less.
           Bosch: Who fired those missiles?
          Robert: We did receive clearance to enter French airspace...
            Beck: The French wouldn't shoot at us without warning!
            Elsa: Yes...
            Zead: Robert, what's our position?
          Robert: We're about twenty kilometers outside Paris.
            Elsa: Let us go. We can still make it.
      [Talk menu]
            Zead: We haven't received any reports of Zaftran wanzers in Paris
                  Which means...
          Hermes: Our wanzers are okay!
                  They're ready to go!
          Latona: We have to beat the Zaftran Army to Paris.
                  If we are too late...
           Bosch: Sounds like someone I know-trying to stop us before we reach our
            Beck: Once I get out there, whoever shot those missiles is getting a
                  lesson in pain!
          Robert: Don't worry, they didn't hit us too hard. This old bucket may
                  need a new coat of paint, but she can still fly!
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move out.]
    [It is gray, overcast, and raining. We see Wagner, alone, down at a street.
     The Durandal transport can be seen in a distance, as the Durandal team
     jumps out.]
          Wagner: ...
    [We switch to the Durandal. Robert hovers close by.]
          Robert: I can't give you any support unless you do something about the
                  anti-airraft batteries! I'll be on high-altitude standby until
                  you do.
            Zead: Roger. We're on it.
            Beck: Get back here the second we take 'em out, okay?
          Robert: Roger! Make it fast!
    [The transport takes off. We switch back to Wagner, and there is a radio
          Wagner: Who is it?
         Glaeser: (catches his breath) ... It's me...
          Wagner: Glaeser. So you are still alive.
         Glaeser: We've lost the resource base... I managed to get away, but I
                  couldn't use the radio until now...
          Wagner: I know.
         Glaeser: Where are you?
          Wagner: I have the Durandal in my sights.
         Glaeser: What...? You haven't left the E.C. yet!? Get out of there now!
                  Do not engage the Durandal!
          Wagner: No. I have no reason to listen to you.
         Glaeser: Wagner, wait! Be patient. We'll have a chance to get back at
                  them sooner or later, but not now! Next time I'll formulate
                  a plan that the likes of them won't be able to stop!
          Wagner: Glaser. You lost. And I don't have time to listen to your
                  excuses. I am going to fight them...
                  (pause) I need to know.
         Glaeser: Know? Know what?
          Wagner: Wagner out.
         Glaeser: Wait! Wagner! Come back with me to Zaftra! We can start over! I
                  have the perfect plan! Wagner!
    [Wagner makes his way forward, and the screen fades out.]
    [We switch back to the Durandal team, with Elsa and Bosch at the front lines.]
            Elsa: Are you ready?
          Hermes: Ready as I'll ever be.
    [There is a radio beep.]
            Elsa: What!?
          Wagner: This is Wagner, calling the members of Durandal.
           Bosch: Wagner!?
          Hermes: There!
    [They turn to see Wagner at a distance, inside the park.]
           Bosch: Wagner, stop! Zaftra's guilt has already been proven!
          Wagner: So...?
           Bosch: So you don't have to listen to them anymore! Surrender yourself
                  to us, and we'll make sure you receive a fair trial.
    [We have a close up of Wagner.]
          Wagner: No. I am not doing this for Zaftra or anyone else. I am doing
                  this of my own free will.
            Elsa: But why? There is no reason for us to fight anymore!
          Wagner: Why? I have to ask you the same question. Why do you fight? Why
                  do you put your life on the line for the E.C. and people you
                  don't even know?
            Elsa: This war concerns all of us!
          Wagner: It doesn't have to if you do as I have, and leave your country
    [We switch to Elsa.]
            Elsa: No! You are wrong!
          Wagner: ...
            Elsa: Even if you are not standing on its soil, your homeland is still
                  your homeland.
    [The camera shifts to Bosch.]
           Bosch: Isn't that why you helped Zaftra? Didn't you become a spy
                  because you wanted to protect your country?
    [Wagner, seemingly provoked, immediately raises his weapon at them.]
          Wagner: (incensed) No! I was only doing my job as a covert agent. I have
                  no love for Zaftra!
            Elsa: ...
          Wagner: I want to know... I want to know what gives you your strength!
                  Now show me!
    [The camera zooms out. Blauer Nebel troops emerge, blocking the way, as Wagner
     heads to the back. We switch to the Durandal.]
            Zead: I don't think we have a choice in this matter...
            Elsa: I know...
    [Mission mode. Rain, morning.]
          Robert: Robert here! I've located the enemy anti-aircraft wanzers!
    [Yellow markers indicate the said enemy wanzers.]
          Robert: I won't be able to give you any support until you take them out,
                  so hurry!
    [We fade out and back in, but another conversation appears.]
           Zeman: This is Zeman! Blauer Nebel, respond!
    [The map shifts to Wagner.]
          Wagner: Wagner here.
           Zeman: We are ready to assault the E.C. Assembly Building, but we need
                  your assistance!
          Wagner: You are on your own. I do not take orders from anyone now. My
                  only mission is to fight the enemy in front of me.
           Zeman: But we have suffered heavily losses in Venezuela! I just don't
                  have enough men to take the Assembly!
          Wagner: ...
           Zeman: Help us, Wagner! I implore you as a Zaftran-as a countryman!
          Wagner: ... I am on my way.
    [Wagner turns, and leaves the map.]
    [Once you destroy the anti-aircraft wanzers.]
          Robert: All right! Now I can give you some support! Just give me the
    [Stage clear.]
          Latona: Wagner isn't here.
          Hermes: Weird. I mean, he's the one that started this. Where'd he go?
    [The camera angle tilts to reveal the Durandal transport hovering close to
            Zead: The only place he could've gone is the Assembly Building.
            Elsa: Let's stop him before it's too late!
    [They move back to the Durandal transport's cargo hold.]
            Zead: Get ready! Fast!
            Beck: You got it!
          Latona: Come on! Hurry!
          Hermes: All right! Let's roll!
           Bosch: If we don't stop them here, everything we've worked for means
                  Come on, let's go!
            Elsa: ...
            Zead: Are you all right, Elsa?
            Elsa: Yes, I'm fine... Just a little nervous.
      [Talk menu]
            Zead: Hurry! We must protect the Assembly!
          Hermes: We're taking the wanzers out! Make sure yours is ready!
          Latona: The British Army will not last long against them!
                  We have to help them! Hurry!
           Bosch: Wagner... So, the time has come for us to settle our score.
            Beck: Hey, we've seen more combat than your average G.I. Giovanni,
                  We'll do fine!
          Robert: You can count on my air support!
                  Go and do what you have to... and come back alive, all right?
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They move out.]
    CHAPTER 28 | WAGNER... [DCHP15]
    [We are now inside the E.C. Assembly Building.]
          Noland: Mister Chairman, if I may speak. I have a very important
                  announcement to make.
         Premier: What is it, Mister Noland?
                  You are aware that we have pressing matters to discuss.
          Noland: I will be brief, sir.
         Premier: All right. You may speak.
          Noland: Thank you, Mister Chairman.
                  Gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Zaftra's smuggling
                  of raw materials into the E.C.
         Premier: What!? Do not waste our time, Noland!
                  Our investigations found no evidence of any smuggling either to
                  of from Zaftra!
          Noland: I am not finished! Do not interrupt me.
         Premier: ...
          Noland: The resource base in Poland was destroyed by Zaftra, not the
                  Zaftra's goal is to profit from exports of raw materials to the
                  Their plan also included the instigation of a war between the
                  U.C.S. and the E.C. This would allow Zaftra to increase its
                  export profits exponentially.
                  This plan required for them to have cooperators inside the E.C.
                  Brigadier General Glaeser and his Blauer Nebel are those
         Premier: Glaeser is still missing, and there is no decisive proof of his 
                  involvement in any of these events.
          Noland: We have found Glaeser. He is currently in the British Army's
          Hoffer: What!? Where did you find him?
          Noland: In Zaftra.
                  The British Army conducted a covert operation to take control of
                  the Zaftran resource base at the end of the Wassau supply
                  That is where we found Glaeser. He was leading the Zaftran
                  troops guarding the base.
       President: You ordered the British Army to invade Zaftra without the
                  consent of this assembly!?
          Noland: We had reason to believe we could recover proof of the Zaftrans'
                  plan from that base.
                  We have found that proof, and it will be arriving here shortly.
       President: Chairman! Were you cooperating with the Zaftrans!?
         Premier: N-no! I would never... Noland must have fabricated his 'proof'
                  to justify his unauthorized attack on Zaftra!
          Noland: Future investigations will reveal if the chairman was also
                  involved in this conspiracy...
                  But gentlemen, we have already lost far too many good E.C.
                  soldiers-and our prized resource base-in this affair.
                  We might have avoided all these losses altogether, had we
                  listened to the Durandal.
                  They were the first to discover Zaftra's conspiracy, but we were
                  unwilling to listen to them.
                  And despite our lack of support, they fought bravely on their
                  own, preventing a potential war between the E.C. and the U.C.S.!
                  And they are on their way here-right now-to fight their final
          Hoffer: 'Final battle'? What do you mean, Noland?
          Noland: Transports carrying Zaftran troops are headed this way. Their
                  objective is to destroy this building and us, the E.C. Central
                  The Durandal is coming to stop them.
         Premier: Wh-what!?
       President: Why would they want to kill us!?
    [Alarms blare.]
         Premier: What is that sound!?
          Noland: The Zaftrans have come...
                  Gentlemen, I have assigned British troops to defend this
                  building, but I suggest you go to the underground shelter for
                  your own safety.
       President: Th-this can't be happening!
          Hoffer: It's a nightmare!!!
         Premier: ...
         Allison: Prime Minister. You must go to the shelter as well.
          Noland: No, I am staying here. You go, Miss Allison.
         Allison: Prime Minister...
          Noland: If I were to leave now, I would betray the Durandal again.
                  Staying here is the only way to prove my faith in them.
                  They will not fail, Miss Allison. I know it.
         Allison: ... I trust the Durandal as well. I will stay here with you.
          Noland: ... Thank you, Miss Allison. You are a good friend.
         Allison: You're welcome, Prime Minister.
    [Meanwhile, outside, the Zaftran transports fly into the vincity of the E.C.
     Assembly Building. Zaftran wanzers jump out and hover down safely.]
    [Wagner is on a long street that heads to the E.C. Assembly Building. He
     stares at the said building.]
          Wagner: ...
    [The camera switches angles to reveal the Durandal team behind him.]
            Elsa: Wagner!
          Wagner: Why am I here...?
            Elsa: ?
    [Wagner turns to face them.]
          Wagner: I had followed my orders to the best of my abilities for the
                  Zaftran plan to succeed... but now that the plan has failed, I
                  should have no reason to keep fighting for Zaftra...
            Elsa: Wagner...
    [There is a close-up of Wagner.]
          Wagner: That is why I came to fight you... the only ones who could best
                  me in battle!
            Elsa: ...
    [Wagner raises his gun at them.]
          Wagner: But I am here now... why!? To help my... countrymen!? It can't
    [We switch to Elsa.]
            Elsa: It is because you do care about your homeland... and you want to
                  protect it.
    [The view slides back to Wagner.]
          Wagner: No, you are wrong!
            Elsa: What else would have compelled you to come here?
    [Wagner immediately opens fire at the ground in front of Elsa.]
          Wagner: (angry) You're wrong!!!
            Elsa: ...
          Wagner: (calms down) Enough! Fate has brought you before me once more
                  and for the last time. I finally have my wish... Come,
                  Durandal! Let us end it once and for all!
    [Mission mode. Clear, day.]
    [Wagner's wanzer is destroyed.]
          Wagner: No... I cannot...
    [Stage clear.]
    [Quiet music begins to play. It is a massacre of Zaftran troops, as all
     Zaftran wanzers and transports get shot down and destroyed. Wagner's
     wanzer kneels, smoke emerging from it, in front of Elsa. There is
            Elsa: ...
          Wagner: (gasping) Zeman and his men... Are they...?
            Elsa: There are not any Zaftran troops left. I'm sorry...
          Wagner: I see... I... I could not win once against you... I... don't
                  understand... Why?
    [Wagner's wanzer collapses, and explodes.]
            Elsa: Wagner...
    [The camera slowly zooms out and fades away.]
    [We are inside the TV station; the newsroom set, in particular.]
            Diaz: Uh... I, Bruno Diaz, Governor of the U.C.S. State of Venezuela...
                  would like to rescind the declaration of independence for this
                  state I had made earlier this month... Uh...
                  And following this, I would like to... uh... resign from my post
                  as governor, taking full responsibility for the current state of
                  affairs within this state.
                  Uh... I appoint the Venezuelan Freedom Party as leader of the
                  provisionary government following my resignation...
                  Uh... The Venezuelan Freedom Party wishes to end all fighting
                  within Venezuela and to begin peace talks with the U.C.S. Central
                  Uh... And they also promise to conduct a fair election for a new
                  Venezuelan Governor in the near future.
        Chaeffer: ... And we're off the air!
          Darril: You did it, Luis.
            Luis: Yes...
            Elmo: Luis, I...
            Luis: ...
          Renges: You should forgive him, Luis. He's still young.
            Luis: I know... Elmo, I am glad you are safe.
            Elmo: I-I am sorry, Luis...
                  I am sorry...
    [We fade out to the U.C.S. command center.]
    U.C.S. Major: Colonel Donalds! Our troops have surrounded Caracas! We are ready
                  to move in on your order!
         Donalds: Good! Tell the troops to move forward!
           Maria: Belay that order. This operation has been cancelled, Colonel.
         Donalds: What...!? Who the hell are you!?
           Maria: I am with U.C.S. Intelligence. I have been granted the authority
                  to terminate all military operations in this state.
         Donalds: Intelligence!? I will not allow a mere spy to stop me!
           Maria: You will have to file any protest you may have to the U.C.S.
                  Central Government.
                  You've seen Diaz's announcement on TV, haven't you? The
                  Venezuelan Freedom Party is asking to conduct peaceful
                  negotiations with the Central Government.
                  If you attack them now, you will destroy the U.C.S.'s relations
                  with the rest of the world. They will consider us to be an
                  imperialistic nation bent on military conquest.
         Donalds: Grr...
           Major: Colonel...
         Donalds: I can't believe it! We finally get reinforcements from the
                  Atlantic, and we have to begin peace talks before one shot is
                  Fine! Call the troops back, Major! Tell them to stand down!
           Maria: Thank you for your cooperation, Colonel Donalds.
    [We fade back out to the TV station.]
          Darril: All right, we'd better get going.
            Ines: Where are you going, Darril? No one is chasing you anymore.
          Darril: We have to get all the evidence we took from that Zaftran base
                  back to Elsa.
            Luis: I will have someone arrange a plane for you at the airport.
          Darril: No, Luis. No civilian planes. There could still be Zaftrans out
                  there waiting to take a shot at us.
                  We'll try to get to the transport that Elsa sent us.
        Chaeffer: We have... less than an hour until the rendezvous.
                  How long will it take for us to get to Cumana from here?
        Thammond: It would take two hours, even by plane. You would never be able
                  to make it on time.
          Darril: Don't worry. I have an idea.
    [We fade out to a Cargorail.]
          Renges: You can't be serious, Darril.
          Darril: Oh, I am, Renges, I am.
            Luis: The Cargorail. Of course! It takes less than thirty minutes for
                  one of these cars to reach Cumana.
        Chaeffer: How fast does it go?
        Thammond: Its maximum speed is 350 kph.
        Chaeffer: That's around 220 mph, right? That's not so fast.
        Thammond: The problem is, it gets to that speed in less than twenty
                  seconds. It also brakes to 0 kph in the same amount of time.
        Chaeffer: Uh... what's that mean?
            Ines: It means you will be under an incredible amount of Gs both when
                  it starts and when it stops.
        Thammond: It may even be worse than a catapult on an aircraft carrier.
                  Passing out will be the least of our concerns...
          Darril: The Zaftrans used this thing to come to Caracas.
                  We should be able to handle it, too.
          Renges: Yeah, but they're crazy...
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: I wish there was some other way... But I guess there isn't.
        Chaeffer: I wonder if it's as much fun as a roller coaster.
                  I'd always get sick and throw up, but I'd be back in line as soon
                  as the world stopped spinning.
            Luis: Darril... I wish you people could stay here a little longer...
            Ines: I guess we could not have done it without your help.
                  Thank you.
        Thammond: It appears that Luis regards you as a role model.
                  He probably won't admit it, and I wish I could say I don't
                  approve, but... I can't after all you've done for us.
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They choose to move out.]
          Darril: So, Luis... I guess this is goodbye.
            Luis: No, I will go with you to Cumana.
          Darril: Huh? Why?
            Luis: The Zaftrans may attack you along the way. I will never forgive
                  myself if you do not make it.
          Renges: But, Luis...
            Ines: If Luis goes, I go.
        Chaeffer: Sounds like it's gonna be a fun ride!
            Luis: ...
        Thammond: What are you looking at, Luis? I'm not getting on that thing!
            Ines: Are you afraid, Thammond?
        Thammond: Of course I am! I'm an old man! Who knows how many bones I'd
                  break if I rode that thing!?
          Renges: Nah, you'll be all right. You're built tougher than the rest.
        Chaeffer: Come on, let's go!
        Thammond: Wait! Don't push! I said I didn't want to--Hey! I'll get you for
    [The Cargorail speeds off.]
          Darril: This is... worse than I thought! (Ugh...)
          Renges: Don't talk, or you'll bite your tongue...!
        Thammond: Oh, please, Lord, make it stop!
    [Everyone screams as the Cargorail goes on its merry way. It eventually stops
     in the Cumana terminal.]
          Darril: Oof...
          Renges: Man...
        Chaeffer: Urk... Is that you, Mom?
            Ines: I... I feel sick...
        Thammond: Well... Phooey. I--
                  I thought... I'd...
                  I thought I'd have... a stroke...
            Luis: It... It really is not... for people to ride...
    [The radio beeps.]
          Darril: Chaeffer...
        Chaeffer: Y-yeah... I know... I'm getting off, don't push...
    [He answers the radio.]
           Pilot: This is the Durandal transport. Darril, come in.
        Chaeffer: D-Darril...
          Darril: Y-yeah, gimme that... Darril here...
           Pilot: What in the name of... What happened to you?
          Darril: N-nothing. Don't mind us...
           Pilot: I'm almost at the rendezvous point. What's your position?
          Darril: Not for... We... we just got to Cumana.
          Renges: W-we made it on time...
    [There is a pause.]
           Pilot: Hey, what the--!? What's that thing doing here!?
          Darril: Huh? What's up!?
           Pilot: There's a mobile weapon in the harbor! Wanzers, too!
          Renges: Zaftrans...
          Darril: Just land at the rendezvous point! We'll take care of them!
           Pilot: All right... but this transport won't last long if they start
                  shooting at me!
          Darril: Zaftrans again... Man, don't they know when to quit?
        Chaeffer: I've had enough! We're gonna take 'em out!
          Darril: Huh?
        Chaeffer: We've fought them this far! Let's drive them out of Venezuela!
          Darril: H-hey, Chaeffer...
            Luis: Chaeffer is right. We must finish what we have started!
          Darril: Jeez... Okay, okay! Right now, anything's better than riding that
                  Cargorail again...
      [Talk menu]
          Renges: The gear we have now probably isn't good enough to win against
                  them... Let's go to that shop Chang showed us.
          Renges: The Zaftrans were probably waiting for their ships to pick them
                  up here, too.
        Chaeffer: Why would they wanna fight? That girl's gone, and they've lost,
                  haven't they?
            Luis: We have to fight back as long as they keep shooting at us.
                  I will not let them kill you. I owe that to you.
            Ines: I am still angry with them for what they have done.
                  If they are willing to fight, I will fight back!
        Thammond: I will not let them hurt Luis or Ines!
    [/Talk menu.]
    [They head to the wanzer shop.]
          Trader: Hey, you guys came back.
          Darril: We need ammo and weapons, quick!
          Trader: Yeah, sure... what's the big rush?
          Darril: There are Zaftrans outside! Come on, make it fast!
          Trader: So THAT's what all that noise was about. All right, hold on.
                  Here's my stuff.
    [They choose to move out.]
    [Darril and gang run into the port, and look to their right.]
          Darril: Someone tell me what the hell that is.
    [The water gurgles with huge sprays, and a huge mobile weapon (Bogomol I)
     emerges. Meanwhile, Zaftran wanzers maneuver around cargo containers.]
          Darril: Why do they have to make everything so damn big!?
        Ivanovna: (all bandaged up, along with an appropriate piratey eyepatch) Ah-
                  hah! It's you! When I saw that transport, I knew you'd be coming!
    [We switch back to Darril and gang.]
       Chaeffer: Aaagh! She's still alive!
          Darril: Oh, for heavensakes, doesn't she know when to quit?
          Renges: Doesn't look like it.
    [We switch back to Ivanovna.]
        Ivanovna: I have to tell you, I'm really glad you came all this way just to
                  find me!
    [The camera lowers itself as Ivanova's gun turret turns, to reveal a Zaftran
     transport plane in the background.]
        Ivanovna: Now tear them to bits!
        Z.A. WAP: I'm sorry, Colonel. We need a little more time to charge our
        Ivanovna: I'm surrounded by incompetents! Just hurry it up! I don't have
                  all day!
    [Luis approaches Darril.]
            Luis: This is our last battle, yes? This will put an end to everything,
          Darril: Yeah.
          Darril: If they don't put an end to us first...
    [The Durandal transport is at a distance.]
          Darril: There's the transport...
          Renges: They'll just shoot us out of the sky if we get on it now! We have
                  to take the Zaftrans out!
    [Luis turns to Ines and Thammond.]
            Luis: Are you ready?
            Ines: Yes.
        Thammond: You can count on me!
          Darril: All right. Here goes nothing!
    [Mission mode. Clear, evening.]
    [The two Zaftran snipers attack the Durandal transport.]
           Pilot: Aaagh! They're attacking me, too! This baby can take a beating,
                  but I'll have to leave you if she takes too much damage!
    [Ivanovna is finally beaten. The music stops as a brief cut scene interrupts
     the mission.]
        Ivanovna: No... not again...
    [The Bogomol I seems to go out of control as rockets and guns are fired from
     it, and it eventually slumps down.]
        Ivanovna: Why...?
    [Ivanovna screams as the Bogomol I explodes, and we return to the mission.]
    [Stage clear.]
    [Darril, Renges, and Chaeffer are gathered together.]
          Darril: It's finally over...
          Renges: We definitely deserve a vacation.
    [They walk off towards the Durandal transport plane.]
    [Darril and gang gather outside the Durandal transport, along with the
          Darril: Well, you know I... I guess this is goodbye.
            Luis: Thank you for everything.
          Darril: Oh, stop it. I'm not good at this sort of thing.
            Luis: Thank you, Renges and Chaeffer.
          Renges: We'll miss you and your revolutionaries. Maybe we'll come visit
                  once things settle down.
        Chaeffer: Yeah! I'll come, too!
            Ines: We will be waiting.
        Thammond: We will make sure to clean the place up beforehand.
          Darril: Good.
    [The Durandal transport lowers its back ramp.]
          Darril: Well, we have a plane to catch. We'll be seeing you.
            Luis: Adios, amigos.
    [The next scene shows the Durandal transport lifting off, but with the back
     ramp still lowered. We then switch to Luis and gang's point of view, looking
     up at Darril.]
          Darril: (shouts) Hey, Luis! This is yours!
    [Gold pieces are pushed out of the transport, and land scattered onto the
     ground. Luis goes over to examine it.]
          Darril: Half the gold, for seeing us safely here and... services
            Luis: But, I cannot, it's...
    [We look up at Darril.]
          Darril: Don't worry about it, okay? Use it to help your people! But if
                  you become another Diaz, we'll come back to take it away from
            Luis: Do not worry, it is in good hands!
    [The transport seals the cargo hold, and takes off.]
    [The sun is about to set soon. The Durandal transport passes by a small group
     of islands from above.]
          Darril: You got a problem?
          Renges: No. I'm just wondering where you'd been hiding that gigantic soft
                  side of yours.
        Chaeffer: I always knew you had it in you!
          Darril: I didn't need you to tell me that, Chaeffer.
          Renges: By the way, where are we going?
          Darril: I don't know yet... but I think it's safe to say we can afford to
                  think about it a little longer, amigos.
    [The Durandal transport speeds up and flies off into the sunset.]
    [We fade in to the Durandal's training ground. A wanzer equipped with a shield
     and gun runs off screen. Elsa's wanzer, which was following it, slows to a
            Elsa: Arrow Two, he's coming your way.
          Latona: Roger, Arrow Six.
    [Latona and Beck open fire at the wanzer, but they miss as the wanzer runs
     around the bend and disappears past the pillars.]
          Latona: Are you getting slow in your old age, Arrow Four?
    [Beck turns slightly to Latona.]
            Beck: Hey, hey. I was just taking it easy on him, all right?
    [The wanzer turns around another bend, only to be stopped by Bosch.]
           Bosch: You're not bad. But this is the end of the line.
    [Elsa, Latona, and Beck surround the wanzer. A targeting screen appears, and
     it centers on Elsa's wanzer which holds up a gun directly at us.]
            Elsa: Sorry, but this is all part of the Durandal tradition. Don't
                  worry, this won't hurt a bit...
    [The targeting system locks onto Elsa's gun, but she fires. The camera topples
     to the ground as the computer declares a system overload.]
    [We change scenes to see a Durandal transport that hovers above the team.]
            Zead: This is Father One.
         Recruit: (gasps) Did I... fail?
            Zead: No. As I told you earlier, this wasn't a test. It's just... a
                  custom we have to greet newcomers. Welcome to the Durandal.
          Hermes: Okay, party's over! Let's go, Arrow Seven.
         Recruit: (takes a deep breath) Okay...
            Elsa: Let us be off. Are you all right?
    [The Durandal recruit stands up.]
         Recruit: Yeah, I'm fine. But this machine's response is so quick, it's
                  hard to balance...
          Latona: Everyone says that at first.
    [They head off, but Elsa stops as Hermes speaks.]
          Hermes: Oh, I almost forgot. There was a call for you back at the base,
                  Arrow Six.
            Elsa: Me? Who was it from?
          Hermes: It was that journalist again. Uh... what's his name?
    [Latona turns to face the transport, as so do the rest.]
          Latona: Lancaster.
          Hermes: Yeah, that guy. He said he'd be waiting at the usual place.
           Bosch: Are you going to go?
            Elsa: Of course. We are having our welcoming party there, are we not?
            Zead: That's right! Hmm... if he is so eager to meet one of us, I say
                  we let Mister Lancaster foot the bill.
            Beck: And that's for all of us, right?
          Hermes: Now you're talkin'! All Durandal units, prepare for mass
    [They laugh, and move off. The screen then pans up halfway to the hills and
     blue sky.]
            Elsa: (voice over) I believe we are always looking for something to
                  give our lives meaning: work, family, or even basic greed?
                  anything that can let us get through today, tomorrow, and the
                  day after.
                  If we lose this anchor that keeps us moored to the shores of
                  reality, we become derelicts on a sea of loneliness, carried
                  slowly away by the drifts of time towards death.
                  But some people can become the winds that fill our sails and the
                  guiding light that brings us to safe harbor. 
                  I believe it is a power we all have. All we need is the will to
                  use it.
    Famous last words [FLW]
    Quick, what would you say before your wanzer explodes!?
            Elsa: What!? My machine won't move...!?
            Elsa: I am sorry... I have taken too much damage...
            Elsa: No... I cannot give up now...!
            Elsa: My wanzer's severely damaged! I'm bailing out!
            Zead: No...! I must protect... my companions!
            Zead: I've taken too much damage! I must bail out!
            Zead: The core's overheating! It's going to explode!
            Zead: Damage... exceeding operational limits!
          Hermes: Damn! I can't fight anymore!
          Hermes: Aw, man... They totaled my wanzer...
          Hermes: All the warning lights in my cockpit are blinking!
          Hermes: Main systems down! I'm bailing out!
          Latona: (Huh!) You're pretty good!
          Latona: My machine won't move anymore! I'm bailing out!
          Latona: I can't believe it... They got me!
          Latona: (struggling) Can I not win against them...!?
           Bosch: I guess this is not my lucky day...
           Bosch: Looks like this is the end of the line for me.
           Bosch: So... I am defeated...
           Bosch: My machine will not move. I'm bailing out.
            Beck: (Eh-heh...) This looks pretty bad...
            Beck: My wanzer's a goner! I'm getting out!
            Beck: This isn't over! I'll get you next time!
            Beck: (Heh.) Maybe I went a little too easy on 'em, huh?
          Darril: Sorry, amigos. I gotta bail out!
          Darril: (groans) They got me already?
          Darril: These guys are tougher than I thought...!
          Darril: Dammit! I lost my wanzer!
          Renges: Looks like they were just a bit better than me...
          Renges: Looks like this is it. I'm bailing out.
          Renges: Sorry, but I can't die here. I'm bailing out.
          Renges: This is all the damage this machine could take...?
        Chaeffer: (hysterical) I have to get out of here!
        Chaeffer: Hey! No fair!
        Chaeffer: Man... I don't wanna fight anymore...
        Chaeffer: Please... Help!
            Luis: No! I cannot let them beat me...
            Luis: I may have been defeated here, but our movement will prevail!
            Luis: My people are depending on me! I cannot die here!
            Luis: My machine will not move... But I cannot give up now!
            Ines: No... He needs me to be strong...
            Ines: I cannot let it end like this!
            Ines: (grunts) This is not good!
            Ines: Que diablos! My machine won't move!
        Thammond: No! I cannot die yet!
        Thammond: (gasps) The children will laugh if they saw me now...
        Thammond: You won't get away with this...
        Thammond: I guess I'm getting too old for this...
    The Front Mission 4 Bradygames Guide for specific wanzer and location names.
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            Beck: Since we're here with wanzers, does that mean its ground defenses
                  are the weaker of the two? 
         Telford: No, it means it's better to get shot at in wanzers than get shot
                  down from the sky.

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