• Colossuem Cup

    Speak with Shinra in the Airship to enter the Colossuem.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aeon CupCapture the appointed fiends and raise all them to become the Aeon.
    Chocobo CupWin Large Hard Cup twice.
    Demon CupCapture the appointed fiends and raise all their SL and release them.
    Farplane CupWin all other Cups.
    Large CupWin Regular Har Cup once.
    Large Cup HardWin Large Cup once.
    Regular Cuo HardWin Regular Cup 3 times.
    Sabotenda CupWin Large Hard Cup 4 times.
    Youth League CupWin Large Hard Cup 6 times.

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.

  • Crimson Sphere

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Crimson Sphere 1In CH3 when Djose Temple needs your help with fiends, go instead back to Bevelle Underground where you fought Bahamut.
    Crimson Sphere 10In CH3, go to GuadoSalam and get invited into Logos and Ormi's room to obtain it.
    Crimson Sphere 2Given to you by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes that the fayth made.
    Crimson Sphere 3Given to you also by Gippal and Nooj after you fall into one of the holes that the fayth made.
    Crimson Sphere 4Found in Guadosalam inside Chateau Leblanc.
    Crimson Sphere 5In CH4, go to the engine room of the Celsius when Leblanc is there.
    Crimson Sphere 6Found in Cloister 0 of the Via Infinito.
    Crimson Sphere 7Visit the ravine in Mushroom Rock Road in CH2.
    Crimson Sphere 8Found in Cloister 20 of the Via Infinito.
    Crimson Sphere 9In CH1, follow Logos and Ormi in Mushroom Rock Road all the way to the ravine.

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.

  • Endings

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ending #1 - BadTake too long during the final boss sequence
    Ending #2 - NormalHear no whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3, and complete the game with any level of completion
    Ending #3 - SadGet four whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3 AND have a file completion of under 75%
    Ending #4 - HappyGet four whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3 AND have a file completion of 75% or higher, but not 100%
    Ending #5 - True EndingGet four whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3 AND have a file completion of 100%

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • New Game+

    By beating the game, you will unlock a New Game+ feature so that you can start the game again using myriad features from your game-clearing file - these include items, Dresspheres, Garment Grids, accessories, Gil, progress towards learning abilities, Creature Create progress, and file completion percentage, mostly importantly.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Special Trailer

    If you choose to play the "Last Mission" portion of this game and beat it (a rogue-like RPG climb through an 80-floor tower), you will unlock a new option from the main menu. The option allows you to view the trailer for the then-upcoming DVD release of "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children". (The movie itself has already been released at the time of publication of this "cheat", however.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Unlockable Dungeon

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bikanel Central ExpanseSend a Chocobo to Bikanel. This area will be unlocked in Chapter 5.
    Den of WoeCollect all 10 Crimson Spheres to unlock this area.
    Fiend ColonySend a Lv 5 Chocobo to Mihen Highroad.
    Ruin DepthIn Chapter 5, send 4 Lv 5 Chocobos to Calm Lands and Clasko will tell you about this dungeon.
    Via InfinitoIn Chapter 5, find Kinderguardians inside Bevelle, the room with Save Sphere. You should see a new portal by them.

    Contributed By: sephirosuy.

  • Unlocking the Aeon Cup

    To unlock the Aeon cup, you must complete the Fiend Tales for the monsters listed in this section. Capture them, get them five levels' worth of EXP, then release them in the Creature History menu to complete their Fiend Tales. Upon release, they evolve into aeons. Once all of these monsters have been attended to, the Aeon cup will be available.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chapter 1-4 (Besaid Island)Large trap pod - Flame Dragon (Ifrit)
    Chapter 2 (Moonflow, Bevelle, Calm Lands)Small trap pod - Flan Blanco (Shiva)
    Chapter 3-5 (Mi'ihen Highroad, Zanarkand Ruins)Small trap pod - Mycotoxin (Valefor)
    Chapter 5 - after clearing at least Cloister level 20 (Bevelle)Large trap pod - Aranea (Anima)
    Chapter 5 - after clearing Thunder Plains (Thunder Plains)Large trap pod - Machina Striker (Ixion)
    Chapter 5 (Bevelle)Medium trap pod - Critical Bug (Yojimbo)
    Chapter 5 (Bevelle)Large trap pod - Azi Dahaka (Bahamut)
    Chapter 5 (Bikanael Desert - after completing mission)Large trap pod - Jumbo Cactuar (Magus Sisters)

    Contributed By: Tsuruke.

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