Where can I find the tianna key(ASAP)?

  1. I need that key so bad right now its not funny!!! Please tell me where that D*rn key is!!!!! If you know how to defeat the boss please tell me that to.

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    Vulcan_Zeffer - 6 years ago

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  1. Deploy like crazy to Tianna camp

    You will need the following:
    -Turbo Buster
    -Z saber +++ or some other sword with freak speed or strength
    -the best gun available for Axl
    -Protect Lance r or interceptor works great
    -beam blade
    -kitty gloves
    -Absolute Zero (armor found in Melda Ore which requires Melda Key :) )
    -Any subweapon or item that can regenerate WE (such as generator)
    -bait(for Axl)

    I didn't really use the other people. But they are for any trouble that comes in. (especially Marino and Cinnamon)

    When you meet Rafflesian three things to worry about (it turns to about a million things if you don't do this fight right.)
    A. Rafflesian will slowly raise her stats until it becomes purely ridiculous
    B. She can regenerate LE (but if you hurt her enough, it won't be a problem.)
    C. She has a freakish attack called Sunburst which deals 2500 damage to all people (1250 if you are in defence or hyper mode)

    1. Have everyone build their WE like there's no tomorrow while trying not to get hurt. (Start the fight with X, Zero, and Axl)
    2. When everyone is at MAX WE, Axl should go to Hyper Mode, use bait and use the Action Trigger. (Jango is your best option and make sure that you hit the lady in the middle.)
    3. Follow up with Zero or X (who ever came first) and go to hyper mode for a massive attack.
    X=fully charged charge collider(hyper mode)
    Zero=Absolute Zero and do those moves at full speed

    4. At this point, Rafflesian will be dead or very close to dead. If not, stay in hyper mode and pull as many painful attacks as humanly possible (WE and hyper rounds are not an issue here.)
    5. Return to normal mode and heal with anything you got.
    6. Repeat the cycle on each of the doppelgangers
    7. If things turn out bad, switch axl and x and put in marino and cinnamon.
    8. have them both pummel down the enemies (one by one) and have cinnamon heal.
    9. Zero can do whatever he wants

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  1. Only deploy very times to tianna camp

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