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    Challenge FAQ by joedailau

    Version: 0.3 beta | Updated: 09/30/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rockman X Command Mission
    - "Challenges" Guide
    ver. 0.3 beta
    Written on: 
    August 8th, 2004
    by joedai lau a.k.a. Johny Lau (johny_joedai_lau@msn.com)
    Current authorized sites to post this faq
    - www.gamefaqs.com
    - www.neoseeker.com
    if any one would like to post my faq on their site, please ask before you do so
    to ensure you have all my latest updates. Thank you.
    Brief self introduction:
    Hi all! The name's Johny, a high school student currently enrolling in 
    Hong Kong. I've been playing video games ever since I was 6 and my gaming 
    experience has never stopped ever since. I like to play MMORPGs, RPGs, Action, 
    Fighting, Music simulation and all other sorts of games...too many to name 
    them all.
    Languages known: Cantonese (main oral language in Hong Kong), Mandarin a.k.a. 
    Putonghua (main oral language in China), English (Canadian accent, I hope^^;) 
    and Japanese(only to the extent of understanding what's happening in Japanese 
    video games...far from being fluent enough to read Japanese novels)
    This is my first time in an attempt in writing an faq, so please forgive me 
    for any ambiguous or erroneous pieces of information in the following faq. 
    Should you find any errors, please do not hesitate in notifying me via my 
    e-mail. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to my faq, please 
    send me an e-mail as well with the full details, and I shall update my faq ASAP 
    with full credits given to you. Please be considerate and not send me any 
    junk/harmful e-mails, I'm writing this faq to share and try to help other 
    players struggling with the game, and all I am asking for is peace. Thank you.
    Introduction to "Challenges" in Rockman X Command Mission
    Most of you should know what this is, but let me explain to help those who 
    might not know, or are confused with how or what these "Challenges" are done 
    and rewarded.
    To see it for yourself, enter the sky room through choosing the third option. 
    Examine the cabinet on your right upon entrance and choosing the first option, 
    which is "View data" when translated.
    From there you'll see a full list of Challenges you have completed with rewards 
    specified. However, from my limited knowledge towards the game it is impossible 
    to know what the criteria is before you complete them. This may cause lots of 
    inconvenience for those eager to collect all the sky room goodies, and that's 
    why this faq is here, to aid you all ad save a bit of trial and error time.
    IMPORTANT: All the rewards from completing these "Challenges" are obtained 
    ONLY after you examine the in game list, so allow me to use an example to 
    illustrate this point.
    e.g. I want a new poster, so I read your faq and decided to do the 
    Poster - "Challenge" (a)
    I talked with the townsfolk for 105 times. Phew~
    I see that the reward for completing this "Challenge" is a 
    Poster of the Air Fleet.
    I go into the Sky Room immediately, eager to use my new poster.
    I check the poster board and the Air Fleet poster is not there.
    I re-read the above instructions, and checked my "Challenges" list.
    I check the poster selection screen again and the Air Fleet poster is there! 
    I hope the above example would prevent those confused with where their 
    prizes/missing goodies are. Should you not please e-mail me and ask^^
    "Challenges List
    The following list is divided into 5 sections according to their rewards: 
    Figure, Posters, Design, Miscellaneous and Unknown
    Check the specific group for your wanted reward.
    1. Figure "Challenges" (Complete)
    a. Challenge: Defeated 100 or more enemies of the Metal Ball series
    	Reward - Figure: Metal Ball Series Special Figures Set
    b. Challenge: Total number of enemies defeated equal or above 100
    	Reward - Figure: Pureiyon Series Special Figures Set 1
    c. Challenge:  Defeated over 500 enemies
    	Reward - Figure: Pureiyon Series Special Figures Set 2
    d. Challenge: Defeated over 1000 enemies
    	Reward - Figure: Pureiyon Series Special Figures Set 3
    e. Challenge: 100000 Total party experience gained or more
    	Reward - Figure: Petit Mechas Series Special Figures
    f. Challenge: Used Final Strike over 100 times:
    	Reward -  Figure: Nostalgic Mecha Special Figures Set
    2. Poster "Challenges" (Complete)
    a. Challenge: Chatted with townsfolk in Central Tower 100 times or above
    	Reward - Poster: Air Fleet
    b. Challenge: Total playtime of 10 hours or more
    	Reward - Poster: Justice
    c. Challenge: Used in total 100000 FME or more  in creating Force Metals
    	Reward - Poster: Cinnamon
    d. Challenge: Finished dispatching reploids to all areas on list
    	Reward - Poster: Hunter Base
    e. Challenge: Complete collecting the scenario figure series
    	      (Part 1~part 10 figures)
    	Reward - Poster: Trio
    3. Design "Challenges" (Incomplete)
    a. Challenge: Attack dealing damage of 9999 or above
    	Reward - Design: X Gunner
    b. Challenge: Party engaged in battle for 100 times in total or more
    	Reward - Design: Nezumi Mecha
    c. Challenge: Used Action Trigger for 100 times in total or more
    	Reward - Design: X Flight
    d. Challenge: Defeated 100 or more enemies of the Pureiyon Series
    	Reward - Design: Pureiyon Army
    e. Challenge: Total Critical hits 100 times or more
    	Reward - Design: X Ninja
    f. Challenge: Used 100 000 zennies in total or more
    	Reward - Design: Warping device
    g. Challenge: Bought 100 or more items
    	Reward - Design: Room of Chopped Down Trunk 
    h. Challenge: Bought over 40 main weapons in total
    	Reward - Design: Nana Love
    i. Challenge: X is lv. 30 or above
    	Reward - Design: Support mechas
    j. Challenge: Saved over 50 times
    	Reward - Design: Save
    k. Challenge: Force Metal Recipes being 50 or more
    	Reward - Design: Force Metal Ore
    l. Challenge: Playtime of 25 hours or more
    	Reward -  Design: Force Metal Gathering
    m. Challenge: Info File complete
    	Reward - Design: Saike Love
    n. Challenge: BGM all collected
    	Reward - Design: Bill the Mole
    o. Challenge: Videos all collected
    	Reward - Design: Uflesian (the 3 sisters)
    p. Challenge: Total amount of experience (party experience) accumulated 10000 
    	      or above
    	Reward - Design: Curtain of water
    q. Challenge: Finished collecting all figure coins
    	      (10 scenarios times 6 figures, each figure bought for 2 coins,
    	      120 figure coins in total)
    	Reward - Design: Glass Corridor
    r. Challenge: Complete collecting all posters 
    	      (10 in total with last being hidden)
    	Reward - Design: Crab Mecha
    s. Challenge: Complete collecting all reploids
    	      (24 in total)
    	Reward - Design: Full View
    Miscellaneous (Incomplete)
    a. Challenge: Dispatched reploids over 50 times:
    	Reward - BGM50 
    b. Challenge: Party engaged in total 500 battles or more
    	Reward -  Yellow Muffler
    c. Challenge: Game clear
    	Reward - Video: Final Battle (no.56)
    "Challenges" still unknown......
    34. Challenge: Unknown
    35. Challenge: Unknown
    36. Challenge: Unknown
    Guesses made on the remaining Challenges and rewards
    Currently I still have only 2 designs missing, and I suspect them to be the 
    prize for 2 of the remaining 3 unidentified "Challenges"...Hmm the last 
    Challenge may be "collect all designs" with some sort of prize other than 
    designs...maybe a rainbow coloured cape!? (joking...I sure hope not)
    I've just completed my collection of those dispatchable reploids!!! And yes, 
    I got another design for it!
    Hmm...Maybe one of the Challenges is "to have a complete FMG list...if that
    is the case than I'm doomed...how are we supposed to land over 100hits during
    the at max 4 seconds Final Strike? And how are we supposed to hit the enemy
    for 200 000 points of damage!?
    Also...I still haven't obtained all the Action Triggers of my characters...
    My Maximo needs another bar which I'm sure he has (because of that empty space
    beside the three existing bars)
    My Cinnamon is only capable of forming 7 hearts at present with her action 
    trigger and from other posts there are 10 in total.
    Gaining all these action triggers should get me another design...hopefully the
    last concept design of X that I'm missing (Design 5)
    These are just guesses though...but I fear them... (>.<)
    - me
    - Rockman X Command Mission message board folks, especially Kouli who's faq 
    inspired me to write this
    - RPGMaster for pointing out where the last missing reploid of mine was
    - Other Rockman X Command Mission players who may be potential readers of 
    this faq

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