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    FAQ/Walkthrough by H2

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 03/26/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Red Ninja: End of Honor FAQ (JP version)
    FAQ Version: 1.05
    Author: ecchichuu/H2 (gamefaqs username gameh2)
    E-mail: h2_huang@hotmail.com
    (if you have questions, please ask on gamefaqs first)
    Created: 3/13/05
    Updated: 3/26/05
    Revision History
    version 1.05
     thanks to feifong18 for name corrections, feather item, and boss 2  
     strategies, cloudk9 boss 3 strategy added 
    version 1.00 
     stage 6 section added
     various minor corrections
     thanks to cloudk9 for some corrections about telescope, dart, seduce, 
     and instant kill
    version .70 
     FAQ created and released
     Stealth System
    rn001 Controls and Moves
     General Moves
     Blade Wire Attacks
     Other Fighting Moves
    rn002 Items
     Equipment Menu
    rn003 Walkthrough
     Starting Menu Screen
     General Tips
     rn-a Stage 1
     rn-b Stage 2
     rn-c Stage 3
     rn-d Stage 4
     rn-e Stage 5
     rn-f Stage 6
    Red Ninja (called Kurenai in Japan) is a stealth-action-adventure game.  
    Although it looks like a pure stealth game, the game also offers 
    hardcore platforming and tricky, creative bosses.  Currently, the game 
    has been released in Japan and I believe it was recently released in EU 
    too.  Since I think this is a good game and there are a lot of tough 
    parts for importers, I've decided to write up this quick barebones FAQ.  
    Kurenai: Heroine
    Akemi: Little girl kunoichi
    Chiyome: Nun who took Kurenai under her wing.
    Zenzou: Blue ninja
    Shingen: Your boss who sits behind the veil.
    Katsuyori: Shingen's angry son who gives you orders.
    Ginbei: Bald guy with the glasses.  He sucks.
    Stealth System
    Basic stealth rules apply.  Stay out of enemy view and hide behind 
    objects to avoid detection.  Enemies have three states: 'normal' 
    'caution/searching' and 'alert'.  When enemies are alert they'll 
    probably call for backup.  They can even call additional enemies who 
    weren't originally on the map.  Hiding from the enemy will eventually 
    return the enemies to normal mode.  Enemies who see dead bodies will 
    immediately go into alert mode.  Enemies can also be put into caution 
    mode by sounds like your running.
    Left Analog Stick: press lightly to walk, press normally to run
    Right Analog Stick: Move camera
    S: Slash, action button (open doors, open chests, talk)
    X: Cancel on menu screens/Jump/While in target mode Roll
    T: Use triangle button item
    O: Confirm on menu screens/Use circle button item
    R1: Target lock/Re-center camera behind Kurenai
    R2: Aiming mode (only useful for kunai)
    L1: Guard
    L2: Crouch/Lean against wall
    L1+S: Time Slow (need blue meter)
    L2+X: Roll
    Left Direction (digital): Equip blade wire
    Right Direction (digital): Equip weight wire (received on stage 4)
    Start: Pause/Exit menu
    Select: Equipment menu
    General Moves
    Remember Super Mario 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog?  Well the running system 
    in RN is similar to those games.  If you run forward without running 
    into anything, you gradually pick up speed.  Then you can...
    Wall Run:
    Run towards a wall at a decent speed and then press the left analog 
    stick towards the wall and Kurenai will run on the wall.  It's similar 
    to Prince of Persia except in this game it actually requires skill.  
    The wall run can also be done off a super jump.  You can run straight 
    up a wall or in a horizonatal-ish arc.  As Kurenai runs on the wall she 
    will gradually lose speed and once she slows down enough she will fall 
    off the wall.  You can also jump off the wall while running on it.
    Wall Jump:
    Kurenai can jump off certain walls.  Just jump towards a wall and then 
    press jump again.  If you are in between two close walls you can jump 
    back and forth between them Ninja Gaiden style.
    Super Jump:
    Jump while running at full speed for an extra powerful flipping jump.
    There are ropes and ledges that you can hang on during this game.  Just 
    jump up near a rope/ledge to grab on.  While hanging, you can shimmy 
    around by pressing the analog stick in the direction you want to go.  
    Press down and X to drop from the rope/ledge or press up to jump/climb 
    up.  If you drop down to a lower ledge, whether it be from hanging or 
    you walking off a edge, you will catch the below ledge and hang 
    automatically.  If you run off an edge you will fall.
    Lean Against Wall:
    Standard stealth game move but pretty useless in this game.  Face 
    towards certain walls and press L2 to lean against them.  Then you can 
    slide along the wall and look past corners.  The real use of this move 
    is getting through tight spaces.  Press L2 again to get off the wall.
    Press S while leaning against the corner of a wall.  Kurenai will come 
    out from behind the wall and say "Come here, you~" while motioning 
    towards herself.  Unfortunately, Kurenai needs to work on her act 
    because most guards seem to just go into alert mode off this move.  
    Hide While Swimming:
    While in the water, press L2 to hide under water and breath through a 
    Hook swing:
    Early in the game you will be given a hook item.  If you equip it you 
    can hook onto certain pole thingies and other objects.  Just press the 
    hook button while on the ground or jumping and Kurenai will hook onto 
    the nearest hookable object if one is available.  Once dangling on the 
    hook, you can swing back and forth by pressing the left stick, jump and 
    release the hook by pressing the X button, or press L2 when you are not 
    swinging to change the length or direction of the rope.
    Body drag:
    Press S over a dead body to pick it up.  You can drag it around.  Press 
    S to release the body.
    4-hit Combo: 
    Press S four times consecutively to do a 4-hit combo.  
    3-hit Combo:
    Press S while you've target locked the enemy with R1 to do a 3 hit 
    combo.  I haven't tested tested this, but my impression is that the 4-
    hit is better than the 3-hit combo.  Looks like it does more damage at 
    about the same speed.
    Stealth Kill:
    Move next to an enemy who hasn't been alerted, press S.  You can do it 
    while jumping too.  You DO NOT need to target lock an enemy to stealth 
    kill them. However, if you are locked onto them the targeting cursor 
    will turn into a flame when you are close enough to stealth kill them.
    Time Slow (Bullet Time):
    L1+S.  When you've filled up your blue meter you can slow down time for 
    a few seconds.  Remember if you are attacking enemies under bullet time 
    don't knock them down; just do the first three hits of the 4-hit combo 
    over and over until they die.  
    Blade Wire Attacks
    All wire attacks must be done while you are A. targeting an enemy with 
    R1 long enough so that the targeting cursor has turned into a red X and 
    B. close enough to the enemy for the wire to hit but not so close that 
    you activate a melee attack.  All wire moves can be done while you are 
    Basic Wire Attack:
    Press S to wire the enemy.  Then press S again after you've wired the 
    enemy to release the wire and damage the enemy.  If you want to use a 
    wire attack against bosses, it's generally better to activate the wire 
    release right before the wire hits.  Otherwise, the bosses tend to just 
    swipe the wire off.
    Wire Run: When you've hooked an enemy, you can run around with the wire 
    and if the wire hits other enemies it will hurt them.
    Head Wire:
    Press S to wire the enemy.  Before the wire hits, hold up on the left 
    stick to target their head  Press S again to release the wire and 
    damage the enemy.  If you kill an enemy with head wire, they will 
    wildly swing their weapon around while dying, so be careful not to get 
    Instant Kill Wire Attack:
    Do a head wire on an unalerted enemy.  Just before the wire hits press 
    S again to instantly kill them.
    Leg Wire:
    Press S to wire an enemy.  Before it hits hold the left analog stick 
    down to hook their legs.  Then press S again to release the wire and 
    damage the enemy's legs.  It seems like normal guards have more trouble 
    blocking this move more than the regular wire.
    Other Fighting Moves:
    Weight Wire Combos:  4-hit button press combo does a lot of hits, 
    targeted combo is 3-hit.  The weight wire combos don't seem to be 
    capable of killing the enemy though so it's only use is for stunning 
    Wire Pull: Equip weight wire and then wire the enemy.  If you press the 
    S button you will pull them in.
    Hang Wire: Equip weight wire and wire an enemy.  Then either jump over 
    some kind of elevated pole or branch to pull them up and hang them.  Or 
    you can wire them while you are standing on a beam/pole/thing that's 
    above them and drop down to hang them.
    Press and hold L1 to guard.  This move can be broken or staggered by 
    certain attacks.  It also seems to work better if you 'parry', meaning 
    you press guard just before the attack comes.  Unlike Tenchu I rarely 
    use this move in RN.
    Ground Roll:
    When knocked down press the left stick in a direction to roll in that 
    direction and get up.  You are vulnerable while rolling.
    Roll and Back Flip:
    When you are locked onto a target, X button will turn into a roll 
    button instead of a jump.  If you press away and X you will do a 
    backflip.  Kind of annoying since the roll doesn't dodge squat and it 
    makes it hard to jump off buildings.
    rn002 ITEMS
    Equipment Menu (select button)
    On the left side you'll see all the items you have.  In the upper right, 
    you've got the two items you've currently got equipped.  The two text 
    options are Map (pretty vague) and Options.
    You can pick up items and assign them to the S and T buttons via the 
    equipment menu.  You can hold nine of each perishable item aside from 
    the Protection Charm which you can only hold one of.
    A knife throwing weapon.  It's pretty weak.  If you throw it in third 
    person or while pressing R1 it goes in whatever direction you are 
    facing.  If you hold R2 you can aim the kunai precisely.  A good use 
    for it is throwing it against a wall and using the sound of it hitting 
    the wall to distract enemies.  So if you need an enemy to look the 
    other way just throw a kunai at the wall behind them.
    Small Health Medicine: 
    Gray bag with blue mark.  Restores a little bit of health
    Big Health Medicine:
    White-ish bottle that has some red marks on it.  Restores a lot of 
    Bamboo dart:
    Akemi gives it to you before you need to assassinate that dude watching 
    the play in stage 1.  Press and hold the item button to bring up the 
    targeting, then aim and fire.  Press L1 to cancel out of aiming mode.  
    You won't get a kill shot unless the targeting cursor turns red (you 
    need to get close and keep your aim on the enemy).  I believe that 
    aiming at the head will help, too.  If you don't kill the enemy but 
    still hit them, they will get staggered so that you can stealth kill 
    them or kill them with a second dart.  This dart won't pierce armored 
    Lets the wire latch onto to poles and stuff.  Akemi gives it to you in 
    stage 2.
    Smoke Bomb:
    Pink reddish-looking bomb.  Very useful when surrounded by a group of 
    enemies.  You can stun them with the bomb and then stealth kill three 
    enemies in one go.
    Protection Charm:
    Pink rectangular thing.  If you equip it, it let's you die once and 
    Water Shoes:
    Look like horseshoes or lily pads.  Found in a chest in stage 3, 
    somewhere between the beginning of the stage and before you enter the 
    attic of the big building.  Lets you glide on the surface of water.
    This gives you a higher jump so that you can jump to places you 
    normally couldn't.  I never used it.
    A black bell.  Turns you invincible for about 10 seconds.  Will wear 
    off if you get hit.
    Senzo gives it to you at the beginning of stage 4.  Once you get this 
    item, you can zoom and out in R2 targeting mode.
    I'm not writing a full walkthrough.  Just going to point out parts 
    where I got stuck and parts where I think you might get stuck.  And I 
    make no claims of offering the best boss strategies or whatever.  But 
    all my strategies worked well for me at least.
    Starting Menu Screen
    New Game
    Load Game
    You might want to go through training first.  But if you don't know any 
    Japanese, it might just confuse you.  When starting a new game, you 
    will get the difficulty options of easy (top option), normal (middle), 
    and hard (bottom option).  This walkthrough is based on normal mode.  
    I've played a bit of hard mode, and differences from normal mode 
    include: enemies having really far vision (can see further than your 
    radar) and perhaps better hearing, in alert mode the elite ninja type 
    tends to get called in for back up, and a smaller life bar.
    General Tips
    The Game Will Guide You:
    When you enter new areas, the camera will often pan around the stage 
    Prince of Persia style showing you where you need to go.  Pay attention.  
    Also, in the game there are various little arrows drawn on walls and 
    colored markers on floors.  These will show you where to go.  I cannot 
    stress it enough to use the markers.  If you ever get lost, just look 
    for an arrow and go in the direction it points.  Much better than 
    wandering around lost like in your usual adventure games, yes?  Finally, 
    the white X on your radar marks where you should ultimately be heading.  
    Locked Doors:
    If a door is locked you'll need to either find a switch for the door or 
    get a key.  The locations of switches are usually shown as soon as you 
    enter a new area and keys are usually on enemies guarding the door.
    rn-a Stage 1:
    It should simple and straightforward.  Just get used to controlling the 
    camera and stuff.
    There is a point where you will reach a house.  You can get in by 
    pressing L2 and crawling through an opening on the ground.  There's a 
    butterfly guide right next to where you need to crawl through.  In the 
    house you can get to the roof by going between the ground floors and 
    the attic.
    Eventually you will reach a scene where there is a guy with a bunch of 
    bodyguards and they are watching a play.  You want to kill the guy, but 
    if you are detected it's all over and you have to retry.  Kill the 
    guard walking back and forth on your right side.  Then equip the bamboo 
    dart weapon that Akemi just gave you.  Aim it through the boards at the 
    head guy and when the targeting cursor turns red let it rip.  Remember 
    to aim with the bamboo weapon button and not R2.
    Guards and Boss:
    Shouldn't be a problem.  When facing the group of guards just use the 
    wire pull to hit a lot of them at once.  Or use smoke bombs.  For the 
    boss, use a basic wire attack to stagger him then run up and combo him.  
    When he gets down in life he starts making some shadow clones.  Take 
    them out with wire attacks or whatever then get back to hitting the 
    real guy.
    rn-b Stage 2:
    In this stage you will be forced to learn the basics of the wall run 
    and hook wire.
    Hidden Gap in the Wall:
    There is an area that looks like it's sort of under construction with 
    wood beams in the ceiling and white walls.  There are three paths to 
    choose from but two paths are blocked by doors that must be unlocked 
    with switches.  Go down the available path and throw the first switch 
    and then go through the door that opens.  You'll be in an area with 
    lots of crates and immediately see another switch.  Throw it.  Stay in 
    that room and destroy a set of crates by the wall.  The game should 
    give you the 'area preview' mode when you go near the wall.  Look 
    carefully and you'll see a gap next to the wall that you can slide 
    through with L2. 
    Retracting Spikes:
    Eventually you will encounter a hallway of spikes that pop in and out 
    of the wall.  Use L2 to lean against the opposite wall and sidle by.  
    Then you will reach a second set of wall spikes.  Kill the nearby guard 
    and press S over his dead body to pick him up.  Drag him onto the 
    button that will turn off the spikes.  Soon after that, you will reach 
    a section where you need to wall run up and then grab a pole.  After 
    wiring the pole, remember to readjust your direction and height with L2.
    After a lot of acrobatic wall-running in a cave area you will reach a 
    bunch of spikes coming out of the ground in a narrow cave hallway.  
    Hopefully you should have health items.  From what I understand, you 
    run down the hallways and super jump just before the spikes come back 
    up.  But when I went through it, I just got hit and used health items.
    The sexy thunder granny who claims to have a better set of tits than 
    Kurenai.  I found her challenging, but if you read this FAQ hopefully 
    you can smoke her fast.  She has three stages of attack.  First stage 
    she will run around with an electric shield powered by three towers.  
    She will chase you and try to hit you with a hopping attack.  You 
    cannot hurt her when she has that shield so destroy the towers.
    As soon as the fight starts run to the right and destroy the first 
    tower with a four hit combo.  Now turn straight around and run towards 
    the other tower.  Granny should be running straight for you.  She will 
    pounce but miss.  Destroy the second tower.  Then get granny to miss a 
    pounce on you again before you destroy the last tower (if you don't get 
    her to miss a pounce she will probably catch up to you and attack you 
    while you are attacking the tower).
    Now that her shield is gone lock onto her with R1 and wait in the 
    center of the stage.  When she pounces at you run to the side to dodge 
    and then release R1 and hit her in the back with the 4 hit combo.  She 
    will get knocked down.  Lock on with R1 again and let her run off.  
    She'll soon come back for another pounce attack.  Dodge, attack, and 
    As you get her down in life (maybe ~75%), she will start getting up 
    either with a lightning kick attack or she will just run off.  Just 
    stay locked on and circle around her as she's getting up.  If she does 
    the lightning kick it will miss and you can run in and hit her.  If she 
    runs away while you are circling her she will lose track of you and 
    stand around looking for you.  This also gives you an opportunity to 
    run up to her back and hit her.  Repeat.
    Granny won't stay vulnerable forever.  After a while she will jump into 
    the trees and send a lightning bolt into the ground to attack you and 
    reactivate the towers.  Run towards one of the towers and jump up to 
    avoid the shockwave that travels across the ground.  When all the 
    towers will reactivate, immediately destroy one tower and do the 'dodge 
    pounce and attack tower' pattern again.
    When you've taken off about 50% HP she will jump on the tree in a 
    cinema scene.  She will sit on the tree and fire lighting bolts at the 
    ground and across the trees.  Now you have two strategies you can use.  
    Strategy 1: Use your hook wire to swing on one of the branches, 
    preferably the one right below the boss.  Get some swinging momentum 
    and jump onto the tree.  Make your way over to granny and slash her 
    three times while not locked on or two times while locked on.  
    Basically don't finish your combo and knock her down.  She will be 
    pushed back instead of getting knocked down.  Back up a little and she 
    will run back to her spot on the tree.  As soon as she gets back to her 
    spot slash her again without knocking her down.  Back up and she will 
    run back to her spot on the tree.  Repeat.  You can also just slash her 
    two or three times whenever you see her get into her lightning pose.  
    Strategy 2 (from feifong18):
    Run straight to the bottom
    of the branch where granny is standing on and wire hook the branch 
    while staying on the ground. Then use the Square button to tag the wire 
    rapidly so as to break the branch and bring the granny down. From there
    you can slash her a few times before she runs away and gets onto 
    another branch. This is probably easier to do than trying to jump onto 
    branches while she's using the thunderbolt. The drawback which I 
    noticed using this method is during the last phase where she stands
    on top of the tree, it might be harder for you to jump onto branches if 
    you broke off too many of them.
    When granny has a small amount of life left she will escape to the very 
    top of the tree.  CAREFULLY jump up the tree until you are on the 
    highest branch below granny.  Lock onto her with R1 and finish her with 
    the instant kill wire attack.
    rn-c Stage 3:
    This stage brings the focus back to stealth.  The water in this stage 
    is freezing cold and will begin to drain your life if you stay in too 
    long.  Akemi will give you the weight wire at the beginning of this 
    stage so maybe play around with it.  Make sure you pick up the water 
    shoes in one of the chests.  It lets you glide on the water surface and 
    will make the canal area a little easier to get through.
    When you reach an underground canal with enemies rowing boats around, 
    you will eventually get ambushed.  Use smoke bombs to help you stealth 
    kill the guards.  Then target and wire instant kill the lone archer on 
    the platform to activate a cinema scene.  You do not need to kill the 
    archers on the boats.
    A big armor guy.  Akemi supports you with a cannon.  He hits very hard 
    and takes damage very well.  The boss has four attacks, three of which 
    are basically the same.  He stands there and charges up an invincible 
    flame around himself, he slashes with one sword, he slashes both swords 
    one after another, and he slashes both swords at the same time.  If you 
    are far away from him he will teleport near you and immediately attack.  
    Just keep him targeted, stay close, and dance in and out hitting him.  
    Let him whiff his slash, run in and hit him once or twice.  Then stay 
    close to bait him to slash again, back up and let him whiff, etc.  If 
    he does flame column just run in after it ends to bait him into 
    slashing you again.
    While you are fighting, Akemi will be firing cannonballs maybe once 
    every twenty seconds.  Despite the fact that she is shouting 
    positioning instructions I do not believe she is actually aiming and 
    even when I try to position the boss where the cannon is pointing it 
    doesn't work too well.  Just stay around the central area of the ship 
    and hope the cannonball hits is all I can recommend.  
    When the boss gets hit by a cannonball, he will drop to his knees and 
    be super vulnerable.  Hit him with three 4-hit combos and by that time 
    he will stand up again and repeat his normal pattern. He can also drop 
    to his knees if you damage him enough with normal attacks.
    The 'tricky' part of this boss comes when you've taken him down below 
    ~40% life.  He will launch a violent attack on Akemi.  The armor only 
    needs to slash her twice to kill her and it's game over so you need to 
    kill him before then.  What do you do?  
    Strategy 1: When the boss is a little above 40% life STOP attacking it.  
    Basically, do not activate the boss' last ditch attack.  Just dodge 
    until Akemi can hit the boss full on with the canon and then rip into 
    the boss nonstop until he dies.   
    Strategy 2: cloudk9 posted this on gamefaqs, I didn't ask him 
    permission but I'm sure he won't mind me putting it here since he 
    contributed other stuff.  You can also use weight wire to repeatedly 
    pull the boss away from Akemi.  Pull him away, slash him a few times, 
    pull him away, repeat.  I haven't tried this strategy, but it's 
    supposedly harder than strategy 1.
    rn-d Stage 4:
    Key in the Tower:
    In the second area, there is a key in the central tower.  You can get 
    it by going outside the tower and using the hook to climb all the way 
    to the top floor.
    Kill the Leader:
    You will reach an area where there is one leader enemy in black armor 
    and a ton of other enemies.  Just take out the leader (smoke bomb then 
    stealth kill) and everyone else will scatter.  Or I guess you can go 
    straight to the exit too if you feel like it.
    Buddha and Devine Platforming:
    Ohhhhh man, get ready to bring your AAA game.  In the room with the 
    Buddha statue, your goal is to reach the Buddha's palm.  This is 
    hardcore platforming right here.  You will basically take a descending 
    path around the perimeter of the room until you reach the hand.  Follow 
    the arrow markers and be careful.  My biggest tip is, watch out for 
    bent floor because it's going to collapse if land on it or walk on it.  
    Particularly after you swing from the three posts in a row, be careful 
    of the platform you land on because the middle part of it is going to 
    collapse.  After you hit the switch on the Buddha hand, just hook the 
    pole above you and swing on over to Buddha's back side.  Job well done.
    Cheating the Buddha:
    There is actually a short cut you can take which a Japanese guy showed 
    off in a video (do not ask me for it).  Right in the beginning after 
    the super jump to wall run onto the platform with the kunai item, you 
    can drop off that platform onto one of the wooden beams and work your 
    way over to the platform you normally get on after doing the three wire 
    Pull Down the Wooden Boards:
    You'll reach an underground area where there are hookable boards in the 
    ceiling.  If you try to swing on them the boards will fall and you'll 
    drop to your death, so instead just hook the board and jump straight up 
    and down to pull the board down.  The board will fall and form a 
    platform you can jump on.
    White Ninjas:
    When you reach a big Buddha hand jump on top of it three powerful white 
    ninjas will attack you.  Kill them and run onto the Buddha finger with 
    the butterfly to activate a switch to open the door.
    Escape Jail:
    After you get locked up, crawl through the opening.  Come out then go 
    through the bone crack hole.  Instead of going where the guard is, stay 
    in the rock area and wall jump onto the ledge.  
    Snake lady is trying to steal your cute little ninja girl Akemi.  Akemi 
    has been poisoned and will be losing life throughout the battle.  You 
    have to beat snake lady before Akemi dies.  Also, the game designers 
    are jerks and don't give you a save point before this battle, just so 
    you know.
    1st stage: The boss starts off by landing in front of you so hit her 
    with your four hit combo.  Now chase her around and use your wire to 
    attack the lady's head, body, and legs.  Two wire attacks to each body 
    part and she will drop a key.  Get all three keys and go towards Akemi 
    to trigger a cinema.
    2nd stage: You can now wire hook onto the rocks on the ceiling (they 
    will fall if you hang on them too long), and snake lady can also latch 
    onto the ceiling and do a diving attack.  This part is weird.  I only 
    say that because when I went to Japanese boards to read tips on this 
    fight all I could understand was that you were supposed to use the wire 
    and that was supposed to make it an easy fight.  I think someone even 
    suggested you should pull all the rocks down from the ceilling but that 
    sounds like it would take too long.  Maybe use the weight wire but I 
    didn't even know about it when I beat this boss.  I don't know how to 
    do it that way.  Here's my method.
    Stay on one island.  Snake lady will either jump to your island or 
    swing on the ceiling above the island she's on.  If she hooks onto the 
    ceiling just stand still so that she dives at you and run to the side 
    to avoid it.  Once snake lady comes to your island immediately attack 
    her with the first three hits of your 4-hit combo over and over for as 
    long as you can.  The point of not finishing the combo is to avoid 
    knocking the boss down and triggering her invincible run away.  
    Eventually she will get away though.  So you just wait for her to come 
    back to your island and repeat the pattern.  If she doesn't run away 
    and decides to swing on the ceiling right above you, just stand there 
    and let her hit you (it's hard to dodge the dive attack when she's 
    right above you and killing her before Akemi dies is more important 
    than not getting hit).
    Get the timing down to minimize the space between each incomplete 4-hit 
    combo.  If you leave too much space, snake lady will definitely get 
    away or even worse counterattack you with a frenzied whip attack.
    3rd stage: Now Akemi will stop losing life.  Get on one of the islands 
    next to the giant snake and repeatedly hook onto the rock above its 
    head.  Don't swing on the rock because you will end up swinging into 
    the snake and taking big damage.  Just hook the rock and jump up and 
    down or something.  Keep hooking on the rock and playing around, and 
    the rock will fall and crush the snake.
    rn-e Stage 5:
    New outfit.  Kind of disturbing that she also cut her hair and changed 
    her hairstyle without anyone else's help.  By now you should be pretty 
    good at this.  Not much to say.  In one of the platforming areas you 
    will have to use the hook as a trolley of sorts to ride across a big 
    Pipe cannon guy.  
    1st stage: Wire attack him over and over.  Once he's around 75% he 
    caves in the ground and you fall to a new area.
    2nd stage: Slash him while he reloads and jump around to dodge his 
    bullets until his life doesn't drop anymore.
    3rd stage: Hook onto the log and swing on it to collapse it.  Stand on 
    the log and equip your weight wire (right on the digital stick).  
    Target the guy and while he is reloading wire him and then drop off the 
    opposite side of the log to pull him up and hang him.  As soon as he 
    drops to the ground hit him.  Repeat one more time and he's done. 
    rn-f Stage 6:
    There will be an hourglass on the right side of your screen in each 
    section of the stage.  You have to make it through the area before the 
    time is up.  Just follow the white ninja if you need to figure out 
    where to go.  
    White Ninja Gang:
    The last part where all the white ninjas attack you can be tough.  
    Before going up the tower I just keep running away until they're all 
    gathered up and then I take the whole group out at once.  Once I start 
    scaling the tower I take them out one by one.  
    Reverse Palace:
    I think swinging on the red heads is supposed to be a shorter route.  
    The blue path has a few health items on the way.
    Boss 1:
    Armor guy round 2.  He uses the same attacks as before.  But now he's 
    got two extra arms that keep on spewing flames.  First arm fires blue 
    homing flames.  Second arm fires red flames that don't track you.  You 
    can temporarily take them off with a wire attack.
    Start off the fight by running forward and taking off his blue arm.  
    Then switch to your weight wire and let him whiff a teleport slash.  
    Immediately weight wire his head and pull him three times to bring him 
    to his knees.  Switch to blade wire and hit him with four 4-hit combos 
    then back off.  Now the real fight begins.
    I don't know how to choke him with weight wire after the first time, so 
    this is my strategy.  Use your wire attack to take off his blue fire 
    arm whenever it reattaches, and then just fight him the same way you 
    fought him on the ship.  Let him whiff, run in and hit once or twice, 
    then move out again.  Just keep an eye on the location of the red 
    flames and you should be fine.  When his life starts going down, he 
    starts using an attack where he fires a flame thrower from his belly.  
    Since he only shoots in the direction he's facing, this is actually a 
    great time to run behind and hit him with one or two 4-hit combos.  
    Keep at it and he'll go down.
    Final Boss: 
    Chiyome wants to take you on. You will probably be glad FAQs exist for 
    this fight.  She will fly around with a wind barrier and throw various 
    wind blast patterns at you.  If you run close to her she will fly away.  
    If you run away she will chase you.  If she is backed towards the wall 
    she will fly back to the center of the room.  Now how the @#$ do you 
    hit her?  
    1st stage: Switch to your weight wire and lock onto her.  Stay at a 
    distance just close enough for your wire to reach her. As soon as she 
    throws a wind blast dodge and try to weight wire her head.  This is the 
    only time you can wire her head: right after she throws her wind blast.  
    Which way do you dodge?  Unless you have super fast reactions or 
    recognize her start up patterns, you just guess.  Anyway if you don't 
    get hit by a wind blast you should be able to successfully wire her 
    head and pull her down.  Switch to your blade wire and slash her with 
    the 4-hit.  She'll fly away and put her shield back on.  Repeat.
    2nd stage: Around 50% life she will go berserk and surrounded herself 
    with a dangerous rock barrier and she will summon 3 of the elite ninja 
    types to fight you.  First thing immediately run forward and slash all 
    three of the ninjas then run away before you get hit by the rock 
    barrier.  Run towards the wall and fight the ninjas there because 
    Chiyome won't chase you there.  Once you've filled up a sufficient 
    amount of your blue meter switch to weight wire and activate time slow 
    (L1+S).  Now you can wire Chiyome's head again and drag her down.  
    After you see her falling in slow mo I think you can deactivate your 
    time slow if you still have meter.  Switch to blade wire and slash her.  
    Repeat until death.
    3rd stage: You will enter a dreamy world.  Just weight wire Chiyome's 
    head and jump over the tree to complete the game.  Good job!  Now cover 
    your eyes before you see the most god-awful fmv character modeling in 
    video game history.
    THE END 

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