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    Kasumi by ChickyHearn

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    SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    Kasumi Todo FAQ version 1.1
    By ChickyHearn
    0. Introduction
       0a. Version history
    1. How to Play
       1a. Basic Controls
       1b. Power Gauge
    2. About Kasumi
       2a. Key Selections of Kasumi
       2b. Biography
       2c. Pros/Cons of Kasumi
    3. Kasumi's Moves
       3a. Command moves 
       3b. Throws/Holds
       3c. Special Moves
       3d. Counter Moves   
       3e. Super Moves
       3f. EXCEED MOVE
    4. Kasumi's Combos
    5. Secrets/Misc.
    6. Comments/Credits
    0. Introduction
            Well, I ChickyHearn is once again back to teach you the way of 
    Todo (a style similar to Kobojutsu) and one (of two) of the star pupils 
    of it, Kasumi Todo.  Kasumi is not for everyone though, if your idea of 
    a good fighter is someone you can pick up and play well with then you'll
    want to go back to the rest of the Ryu/Ken/Akuma fanboys.  Kasumi takes
    time to master as she is a defensive (counter) character rather than an 
    offensive one.  When I say master I mean to know her moves inside 
    and out and to know when you use then and when not to.  Like I said 
    Kasumi takes time to learn, yet, when you do finally become good with 
    her you'll be hard to beat.        
    0a. Version History
    February 2, 2004- Version 1.0 is started.
    February 12, 2004- Version 1.1 added new combos.
    1. How To Play
            SNK vs Capcom Chaos is very similar to King of Fighters in that
    it uses a 4 button controll sceme.  Their are 2 punch buttons (1 light 
    1 strong) and 2 kick buttons (1 light and 1 strong).  The game is played
    of course with a joy stick (if your in an arcade).  Very user friendly.
    1a. Basic Controls
            Like stated above their are 2 punch buttons and 2 kick buttons.
    Most SvC arcade cabinets have the buttons colored red and blue.  Also
    each button is given a letter, A,B,C,D.  Punches are buttons A and C, while
    kick buttons are B and D.  Buttons A and B are light attacks and C and D 
    are strong attacks.  
                 Up                  _     _
         Up Back |  Up Forward    A / \   / \ C
               \ | /                \_/   \_/
         Back -- O -- Forward        _     _
               / | \              B / \   / \ D
      Down Back  |   Down Forward   \_/   \_/
    1b. Power Gauge
             In SvC the power gauge is similar to the A-ism found in 
    SF Alpha 3 except for the fact that when it fills completely it turns 
    into the MAX bar.  This bar basically slowly goes down but while it is 
    filled you can use Super Moves for as much as the bar is filled.  Each 
    Super Moves takes a little bit of energy in the MAX bar until it is empty.  
    Once the MAX bar empties the bar goes back to level 2.  To use an EXCEED
    move (basically a level 3 super) you must have your health be hafe gone
    and your name flashing under the health bar.  An EXCEED move doesn't 
    cost any energy stocks, but you can only use it ONCE per FIGHT, NO not
    once per round ONCE PER FIGHT.
    You can gain energy and lose energy in different ways:
    -Performing special moves
    -Dealing damage
    -Recieving damage
    -Being taunted
    -Using AB or CD throws
    -Guard Cancels
    -Super Moves
    2. About Kasumi
              Here's alittle background to the character that you'll be
    learning to play.
    2a. Key Selections of Kasumi
    (From Kailu Lantis)
    Birthplace:            Japan
    Birthdate:             March 29, 1980 (22 years old)
    Height:                1.54 m (5')
    Weight:                45 kg (99 lbs)
    Blood type:            B
    Hobbies:               Watching movies (especially horror movies)
    Favorite food:         Croquette (piece of beef), given to her by the local
    	                 butcher on her way home from school
    Favorite sport:        Aikido
    Most valuable:         Charm, given to her by someone
    Hates the most:        Skills that bride prospects have to possess (dancing,
    	                 arrange flowers, serving tea)
    2b. Biography
              Kasumi is the daughter of the Kobojutsu master, Ryuhaku Todo.  
    When Ryuhaku decides to go to Southtown to fight with a rival master, Takuma 
    Sakazaki he is soundly defeated by Takuma's son, Ryo Sakazaki.  Upon comming 
    home, Kasumi becomes enraged about the insult to the Todo name decides to 
    go out and find Ryo and try and take revenge for her father.  When she finally
    gets to Southtown and to the Sakazaki dojo, Ryo is no where in sight.  Depressed
    she goes to a King's bar and tells King her story.  Seeing as she is no ordinary
    woman she invites Kasumi to be on her KOF team ensureing her that she will
    meet Ryo (King's "boyfriend").  Finally when she meets him, like her father
    she is also soundly defeated.  Again depressed she leaves to train with her
    father again, hoping to one day defeat Ryo.
    2c. Pros/Cons of Kasumi
    Strong, short combos
    Has three counter moves (high,mid,low)*
    Chou Kasune Ate covers whole screen (both length and width wise)
    Her EXCEED is a counter move*
    Below average stamina
    Has three counter moves (high,mid,low)*
    No regular fireball move 
    Her EXCEED is a counter move*
    *Its true that her counters are her strength and weakness.  Their are those
    people that use counters well and those who can't.  From what I've seen 
    their are two types of counter users.
    A good counter user:
    *Uses counters often 
    *Uses counters just before getting hit (split second)
    *Waits for the opponent to attack
    *Does not counter for the sake of countering (if its easier to do something 
    else do it and not try to show off)
    *Pressures after a counter move connects
    A bad counter user:
    *Uses counters out of nowhere
    *Trys to counter supers just for the sake of looking cool
    *Doesn't use Kasumi's counters at all
    Basically when it comes down to it, people either love countering character
    or hate them.  While some may think their turtlers for playing a defensive
    game, others look at them as the ultimate character to master because every
    body can throw a fireball, but not everyone can counter correctly and 
    3. Kasumi's Moves
            Here's is all you wanted to know about Kasumi's moves, note that
    their is a complete section dedicated to Kasumi's three main counter moves.
    f = foward      uf = up/foward
    b = backwards   ub = up/back
    u = up          df = down/foward
    d = down        db = down/back
    QCF = quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
    QCB = quarter circle back (d, db, b)
    HCF = half circle forward (b, db, d, df, f)
    HCB = half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)
    DP = "dragon punch" motion (f, d, df)
    BDP = backward "dragon punch" motion (b, d, db)
    A = Light Punch
    B = Light Kick
    C = Strong Punch
    D = Strong Kick
    P = Any punch
    K = Any Kick
    3a. Command Moves
           Light Punch (standing) - A
    Kasumi's basic punch, does little damage.  Kasumi's just throws 
    a jab at the opponent
    (CLOSE) Elbow strike
           Light Kick (standing) - B
    Kasumi's basic kick, does little damage.  Basic kick to the ribs.
    (CLOSE) Side kick
           Strong Punch (standing) - C
    Kasumi's strong punch does good damage.  Has Kasumi doing a
    knife chop move.
    (CLOSE) Kasumi does a high palm strike.
           Strong Kick (standing) - D
    Kasumi's strong kick does good damage.  Basically a thrusting
    back kick.
    (CLOSE) Right Kick to rib/chest area
           Light Punch (air) - A
    Elbow drop move, light damage.
           Light Kick (air) - B
    See ground light kick.
           Strong Punch (air) - C
    Strong punch/elbow move that does good damage
           Strong Kick (air) - D
    Basically a strong flying kick move that does good damage.
           Light Punch (crouching) - A
    See ground light punch.
           Light Kick (crouching) - B
    Short sweep move, does little damage.
           Strong Punch (crouching) - C
    High elbow move, does good damage, can stop jumpers.
           Strong Kick (crouching) - D
    Does a lying back wards kick.  Good damage.
    3b. Throws/Holds
           Remember these throws cost power gauge levels if missed.  I don't
    personally use them much.
           Maki Age- AB (when near)
    Grabs the opponent and then high palms them away.          
           Aiki Nage- CD (when near)
    Grabs the opponent and then throws them over her shoulder.
    3c. Special Moves
            A complete analysis of Kasumi's special moves, while her counters
    will be discussed they will be more indeapth in the counter section of the
            Kasane Ate - QCF + P
    This is Kasumi's semi-fireball like move.  Similar to her father's move, 
    Kasumi throws her hands in front of her createing a blue wave of energy.
    The downside of this is that it doesn't really go anywhere except in
    front of her.  The range is a little farther than her standing strong
    kick.  However, it can eat fire balls which is a plus, not having to
    take block damage when you can just eat it with the Kasane Ate.  The
    damage isn't anything special, but its a good move as it has little 
    recovery time to it.  Use it mainly as a combo finisher/recovery move.  
            Air Kasane Ate - QCF + P (in air)
    Similar to her ground Kasane Ate, except of course its in the air.  
    However, this Kasane Ate has even LESS range then her ground Kasane
    Ate if you can believe it.  Even still this is a good move as it 
    pauses Kasumi in the air as she performs it meaning you can safely
    "hang" over a fire ball that you may have landed on.  Also its a
    good alterative to do if you tired of jumping in with kicks.  Does
    basically the same amount of damage.
            Senkou Nagashi - QCB + P  (x3)
    A "auto" combo move.  You must repeat the QCB + P motion 3 times to
    get the most out of this move.  She starts with a far strong punch,
    then a close strong punch, knife chop, and then a strong kick.  Does
    moderate damage and is fairly comboable to regular moves (i.e. close C)
            Hakuzan Tou - QCB + K
    This is an interesting move in that it is almost like a counter move,  
    because it has high priority over other moves (especially jump in's)
    Basically Kasumi throws a mean looking upper cut and can "over ride"
    many opponents moves.  Throwing them high in to the air.  Personally
    I rather stick with her traditional counter moves (which I do), however
    I do believe it is possible to juggle after this, if thats does anything
    for you.
            Messhin Mutou - HCF + B
    Counters high/jump in attacks, as well as specials and supers.  Kasumi
    poses with her hands held up high and if attacks like stated above
    during the stance she will counter with a throw.  More on her counters
            Sasshou Inshuu - HCF + D
    Same idea as the above counter, except this counters all mid level
    attacks.  Kasumi holds one arm out with her other arm slightly below
    it and if attacked with a mid level move she will dish out a mean
    looking kick to the opponents mid section.
            Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi - d,d + K
    Same idea as the rest of the counters, except this counters all low
    level attacks.  Kasumi basically kneels on the ground with both of 
    her arms at eye level with her.  Attack her with a low level attack
    during the pose and she will counter with her own move.  Once
    again more covered later.  A good plus is that it has an easy and
    quick input command.
            Tatsumaki Souda - HCB,f + P (near)
    A good auto combo move that can link into her Chou Kasane Ate.  By
    itself though it does good damage too!  Even though it must be done
    close it is not a throw move and thus is not unblockable.  All and
    all it is a decent move to use with you can because you can be
    sure your super will hit.
    3d. Counter Moves
           Ah, Kasumi's trademark and what really sticks her out from all
    the other characters in the game (with maybe the exception of Geese).
    Even still I perfer her counter moves over Geese's because one they
    tend to last longer (stance wise) and also they often throw the 
    opponent clear across the screen.  Sasshou Inshuu, Hansin: Morote
    Gaeshi, and especially the Messhin Mutou, know these moves inside
    and out.  Learn them, practice them, master them.
            Messhin Mutou (upper counter)
    This is the counter that you'll be using the most of.  Why?  Well for
    one reason almost all people who play in arcades jump in to start
    their attacks.  With this you'll always be able to take this out 
    of the game.  Second, this move counters all PHYSICAL special and
    super moves!!!  Be it a Buster Wolf, 127 Shiki: Aoi Hana, or a
    Hishou Kyaku any special or super will be countered if attacked during
    the Messhin Mutou stance.  Many players are forced to change their 
    style because of this giving you a huge advanage.  Characters like
    Earthquake and Kim become putty in your hand because they all use
    physical attacks.  
    A few rules about using the Messhin Mutou:
    1.  Don't become too predictable, if you counter every jump in, they
    will eventually stop.  Try a Hakuzan Tou sometimes.
    2.  Remember fake outs are good, if your character is far away from
    you fake a counter, this may get them to jump in at you giving you
    the perfect timing to counter they next move.
    3.  Don't relay on countering Super Moves, its risky and chances 
    are you may miss.  Counter a Super Move only when your sure of 
    it, other wise do something else.
    4.  Characters that you'll love to fight against are:  Earthquake,
    Hugo, Barlog (claws), Choi, Kim, Mr. Karate (sort of), Bison (boxer),
    Vega (psycho crusher), and basically all physical fighters.
            Sasshou Inshuu (mid counter)
    Lets face it, hardly anyone starts an attack by walking up to you
    attacking you straight out with a mid attack.  More often then not
    their either jump in or start with a special move.  The good thing
    however about this move is that, when you are hit and are getting
    back up, many human players like to attack right away.  Because of
    this they just start pressing a hard punch or kick without thinking
    it through.  This of course is when you use the Sasshou Inshuu, as
    a "recovery" counter move.  Yes, sometimes they may attack you straight
    out, not often though, and unless you can see each frame at work, your
    not going to be able to pull this off in time.  The only other time
    you may want to use this is when you and your opponent are either walking
    forward together or backwards if your opponent is not thinking he may
    just throw out a normal move you stop the "silence."  
    So here a few rules about the Sasshou Inshuu:
    1.  Remember, this is recovery counter move.
    2.  This will be the least used counter move in my opinion just because
    hardly anyone just starts by attacking the mid section.
    3.  The characters that do attack mid section in a semi-regular fashion
    are Dhalsim, Earthquake, Bison (boxer), mostly characters with alot of
    range in their physical attacks.
            Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi (low counter)
    Many people like to attack low because you can hold back/down so that
    you can attack and block quickly with minimal amount of risk.  Many
    people like to over use leg sweep moves because they have range and
    thus can fall vitim to the Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi.  They are risk 
    however, like the Sasshou Inshuu its very hard to predict a low hitting
    move.  Its basically impossible to see the frames of a regular attack.
    Trust me, you won't see the individual frames of the opponent kneeling,
    extending his leg half way, and then fully extended.  Because of this
    both the Sasshou Inshuu and Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi are both risky and
    relay alot on luck, because the nice thing about high countering is
    that you get plenty of time to recogize whats going on.  Many players
    like to trap you against the corner with quick low kicks so theirs 
    a good reason to use it.
    Anyway here are some rules about the Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi:
    1.  Don't fake out with this counter, no one will fall for it.
    2.  It can be hard to judge some characters low attacks as some
    may be standing strikes that just hit low and thus won't counter
    with a low counter.  
    3.  Remember if the character is kneeling/ducking and attacking
    then its a low hitting move and can be countered with the
    Hanshin: Morote Gaeshi.
    4.  Characters that use alot of low hitting moves are:  Earthquake,
    Dhalsim, Bison (boxer), Vega (psycho crusher), Hugo, Barlog (claws).
    Overall mastering counters or even being able to use them semi-well
    isn't the easist thing to do.  Since you have three counters you 
    need to know ALL characters moves to be able to judge where their 
    hitting.  Countering is an art form in itself.  
    3e. Super Moves
            Kasumi has two Super Moves both of which are good, however, 
    you'll probably only using one of them.  Either way Kasumi has very
    respectable moves.
            Chou Kasane Ate - qcf, qcf + P
    This is the super that you'll be using the most.  Basically this is 
    a suped up version of her Kasane Ate.  But unlike the regular version
    that goes only an leg width away, this one covers the WHOLE screen.
    When I say whole I mean BOTH length and width wise!!!  Meaning you
    basically can't (with a regular jump) avoid it by jumping!  Thus
    if they try to jump over it they will still get hit!  The down side
    about this move is the start up time.  The very beginning of the move
    has Kasumi yelling an extend "Chou" and then throwing the way.  Even
    still with this handicap this move is still her best bet super.
            Shiranui - hcb,hcb + K (near)
    This is her unblockable throw move, however, this move is nothing special
    visually.  All Kasumi basically does is grab her opponent and does an
    "internal" strike to the opponents mid section.  Though it is visually
    weak it still does good damage and is unblockable which is a big plus
    for you.  Many people seem to jump in and do the motion while in the air
    or they do the motion as they get up from falling down.
           Here it is, Kasumi's super counter.
            Shingan Kazura Otoshi - qcf,hcb + AC  
    If you can't counter well with her regular counters then her EXCEED will
    just be a waste for you, why?  Well because her EXCEED is a counter!!!
    However, unlike her regular counters which must have a specific move
    hit a specific counter, her EXCEED counter is able to counter any physical
    move no matter if its a high, mid, low, super, or EXCEED move!!!  As long
    as it physical and as long as it hits duing her stance it will be countered!
    The move itself is extreamly strong even for an EXCEED.  Doing about a bar
    and a half amount of damage!!!  Use this counter as a last resort of course
    and use it the same way you use any other counters.
    4. Kasumi's Combos
          Here are a few combos, e-mail me if you have any others and I'll give
    you credit.
    1.  2-hit combo- Strong punch (close), cancels into Kasane Ate
    2.  ?-hit combo- Tatsumaki Souda, then Chou Kasane Ate (while opponent is 
    in air)
    3.  3-hit combo- jump in w/ weak punch, Strong punch (close), cancels in
    to Kasane Ate.
    (Combos number 4-8 were sent in by orochispice, thax man/or woman)
    4.  QCB B or D time it just right something like parry. (eats fireballs or 
    even dans super punch.
    5.  jump in d,c, forward a, qcb-c, qcb-c, qcb-c or FQCF A or C
    6.  jump in d,c, forward a, qcbx2 D or B
    7.  jump in d,c, forward a, qcf a or c.
    Max combos.
    (you must watch the meter to get the most hits out of the combos)
    before the meter fulls up to max.
    8.  jumpin D,C forward A(max mode should start here or during)qcb,c(dont 
    complete qcb motions cancel after the second hit with f-qcf move)F-qcf c,
    (before she sweeps the last hit cancel its tricky) qcb c(cancel after 
    second hit) f-qcf c, (the meter should nearly be gone if so qcb c, 
    qcb,c qcb c.
    hits 18 to 23.
    qcf a in the corner on the computer the move so quick the computer cant 
    adv guard or nothing once meter near max mode do the high hitting combo. 
    5. Secrets/Misc.
    Play as secret characters
         Press and hold the start button on the character select screen
    while holding input the directions on the joy stick according to the
    character you want.  Then either wait for the timer to run down or
    press any punch or kick.  (From Chris MacDonald FAQ)
            Crazy Iori              u,u,u,d,l,r,d,l
            Dan Hibiki              d,l,l,l,l,l,l,l
            Demitri Maximoff        r,r,r,l,u,r,d,u
            Geese Howard            l,l,l,d,l,u,r,u
            Goenitz                 d,d,d,r,d,l,l,l
            Mars People             u,d,r,r,r,u,d,l,l,d
            Violent Ken             u,u,d,l,l,r,l,u
            Zero                    u,r,r,l,l,d,u,u,u,r 
    6. Comments/Credits
           Well, this is FAQ number four that has my name to it and I'm
    proud of it.  If you have anything to add (COMBOS!!!) please e-mail
    me at Bancho@aol.com please put Kasumi FAQ in the subject
    bar.  Remember I wrote it and I own it and thus if I find it on
    a site that I have not given permission to...Well I'd rather not
    think of what I would do to you :)  Any way if you want to see other
    FAQs by me I have three others:  Love Hina Advance FAQ, Choi Character
    FAQ for SvC, and Chang/Choi for Capcom vs SNK 2.  Well here is the list
    of credits which no one ever reads j/k.
    SNK for creating King of Fighters, my favorite fighting games of all.
    Capcom for Street Fighter and Mega Man, close runners up.
    CJAYC for gamefaqs.com, greatest gameing site.
    Chris MacDonald for his overall SvC Chaos FAQ info
    Kailu Lantis for the HUGE KOF Plot Guide
    Orochispice for his list of combos sent in.
    Me, ChickyHearn for doing this FAQ
    Ken Akamatsu for Love Hina
    Rice Crispy Treats
    And lastly once again for my bestest buddies (DB, DH, FD, FQ, HR, PC, R, VH) 
    who otherwise if I didn't put their names here they would never 
    believe I wrote it (guys, I put it in alphabetical order).
    If you wish to read other FAQs by me; you can check out:
    Chang/Choi character FAQ for Capcom vs SNK 2 
    Choi character FAQ for SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    Love Hina Advance full walkthough for the Gameboy Advance
    Well that's it for now, ja!

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