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    Chun Li by Buktooth88

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    (intended for the arcade version)
                                       By Buktooth88
    This guide is meant to be viewed in Notepad. It's readable in other programs
    but the lines and charts will look all funky.
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      -normal moves
      -command normals
      -special moves
    6. CREDITS
    1) She's one of the only 2 normally selectable characters that can fight with
       the secret characters on roughly equal terms (the other character being
       Guile). All other normal characters die horribly.
    2) She also beats every other normally selectable character (again, except
       Guile) with little to no effort involved. For those tournaments that ban
       all the secret characters, Chun Li is a fairly obvious choice.
    3) Chun is one of the VERY few characters in this game that can launch
       a somewhat effective offense. She doesn't rely completely on keep-away
       tactics like most other characters.
    To put it simply, Chun is just a monster. Fairly mindless, and can attack and
    turtle (being that this is SvC, turtling is the recommended strategy) very
    -The vast majority of the characters in the game cannot stop Chun's jumping B
    at all. In addition to that, it's a huge cross up. The few normal moves that
    can stop her jumping B (generally by going under it) will lose every time to
    her jumping D. Add in her air throw, and you have total domination of
    air-to-air battles as well.
    -Chun is one of the few characters that can do crouching B x3 into a super. Not
    just that, but a REALLY damaging super. A combo into super usually does around
    75-85% of one life bar, making Chun one of the most PRACTICAL damaging
    characters in the game.
    -Chun is also part of the even rarer breed of SvC characters that has damaging
    combos WITHOUT supers. Her generic ground combo does about 75% of one bar.
    -Every landed super combo sets up an easy mix-up which can potentially land you
    another combo... into another mix-up.
    -She has tremendous priority and range on the ground and good anti-airs, making
    her one of the few characters with an actual solid ground game.
    -Her super is arguably one of the best (non-exceed) in the game. Not only is it
    tremendously damaging and combos easily, but it also does huge chip damage and
    is pretty much safe to everything except Guard Cancel Front Step (from here on
    called GCFS). Best of all, it can be used to punish a LARGE amount of moves if
    blocked. Its speed is also useful for punishing whiffed moves that would be
    otherwise safe, making her one of the only characters that has something
    resembling Street Fighter-like footsies.
    -Her ability to do huge damage off of low B's causes opponents to really turtle
    up... if they weren't doing so already. However, she has a new SPECIAL GRAB
    similar to Iori's Scum Gale which gives her a full combo (into super) for free
    if successful.
    -Her d+B and df+B allow her to go under most projectiles. This, combined with
    her high priority jump ins give her the ability to fight the keep-away
    characters such as Zero, Demitri and Guile that other characters lack.
    Not many, really.
    -No reliable special move anti-air. While low D, df+b and the air throw work
    well enough for pretty much every situation, having a real shoryuken-type move
    would have been nice... albeit unnecessary.
    -Even with her aforementioned high priority jump ins and ability to safely
    stay under projectiles, she still has a fairly rough time against certain
    keep-away characters. That's par for the course on SvC, however.
    -She doesn't take advantage of Maximum Mode very well. Just use the meter for
    free GCFS and CD counters, I guess.
    Chun Li's what? Since people play better and more focused when they have a set
    goal in mind rather than "uh...imma just hit guy and win! And do combos!", it's
    good to know what your character's main objective is before playing. A kind of
    a fighting game thesis, if you will.
    Chun Li's objective is to get within point blank range of her opponent.
    Because from there she has mix ups that produce mucho damage.
    How is this objective accomplished?
    In order of best method to worst method:
    1) GCFS your way in. Whee!
    2) Abusing Chun's high priority jump ins and cross up.
    3) Knocking your opponent down with d+D or air throw.
    4) Landing her kick super in tactical situations, such as after a blocked or
       whiffed move from her opponent.
    2. MOVE LIST
    Those who have read my CvS2 guides and are expecting something of similar
    quality... uhh... don't. Heh. I don't have frame data available and to tell the
    truth, I don't really like this game enough to put a ton of effort into it.
    Standing/Close Standing A
    I Never use it. Don't see much of a use for it yet.
    Close Standing C
    Your combo starter for big openings, like after an opponent whiffs an uppercut
    or after connecting with a cross up B. Combos into pretty much any of her
    command normals, but most of the time you'll be using df+B after this.
    Far Standing C
    Looks like 3S Chun's fierce, goes as far also, but is much slower and has a ton
    more recovery. Don't use this much since it gets jumped over or GCFSed a lot.
    Standing/Close Standing B
    See standing/Close Standing A.
    Close Standing D
    I never use it. I have close C instead. Close D isn't super jump cancellable in
    this game, and also tends to whiff a lot after a jump in.
    Far Standing D
    Slow, doesn't seem even remotely as useful as it is in 3S.
    Crouching A
    I never use it.
    Crouching C
    Actually much faster than it is in CvS2, but not bufferable at all so I never
    use it.
    Crouching B
    Pretty much accounts for 90% of my moves with Chun. Heh. Huge range for a low
    B, really good priority and speed, and of course, leads into her insanely
    damaging combos. Also chain-combos into df+B, which has its uses.
    Against keep-away characters, this move has a great but oft-overlooked tactical
    use: it enables Chun to crouch under most projectiles. So if a character is
    pressuring you with fireballs (most commonly Zero and Guile) crouch block and
    hit B a couple of times until the projectile has passed over you. This allows
    you to safely get closer to your opponent rather than blindly jumping at them.
    Crouching D
    HUGE range, hits low and knocks down. Crazy priority as well. This is going to
    be your main move while jockeying for position trying to land the super. Not
    even remotely safe to GCFS, though... but then again, hardly anything is. This
    is also your main anti-air against most characters.
    Jumping A
    Actually not a bad jumping move at all, it's just B and D are so much better.
    When you miss an air-throw attempt you get this, which is still pretty good. It
    stays out for almost the entire length of the jump, so you still get to come
    down on a grounded opponent with a high-priority jump-in.
    Jumping C
    As far as air-to-air goes, you really only need to use this against the few
    characters that jump higher than Chun: Vega, Mai and Mars People. Like most
    recent games, this move chains into another juggle-able jumping C. The double
    hits do a large chunk of damage though, making this the juggle of choice after
    a launcher. Also leads into her feared "dash under" mix up. More on that later.
    Jumping B
    ABUSE this move. Hardly any characters in the game can stop this move, cross up
    or not. HUGE cross up distance also. A handful of moves anti-air it by going
    under it... in that case use jumping D instead. Also functions as a
    near-perfect air-to-air move as well.
    Jumping D
    The basic rule of thumb is: if jumping B isn't working, jumping D will work
    instead. The only moves that stop both of these moves are supers/invincible
    uppercuts. Since there's only about 3 GOOD characters with an invincible
    uppercut... that means you can pretty much jump all you want.
    Chun's low forward from 3S. Chun gets REALLY low to the ground while doing this
    move. So low, it works great as anti-air (buffer into super or spinning bird
    kick!) and goes under fireballs. Also chain combos from the ever-useful low B.
    Another good long range/high priority/fast poke in Chun's arsenal.
    Chun's stepping high spin kick from CvS2. Useful in certain combos since you
    can chain into it and it's bufferable, but most characters can crouch it.
    Chun's "neck breaker flip" that she first got in SF2: Champion Edition. It's
    pretty safe to say that this is its most useful incarnation yet. Why? When done
    close to your opponent he/she has to block in the opposite direction. When done
    just slightly farther away, you have to block it normally. Simplest mix up
    ever. If it hits, opponent gets knocked down for another mix up. If blocked,
    Chun Li has a large frame advantage afterwards, so low B's will beat anything
    your opponent sticks out. Of course, this also sets up the command grab well.
    Chaining into this move is really good, especially when your opponent is in the
    corner. Not only does it keep you close to your opponent to maintain your
    offense, it will also counter any CD counters or GCFS your opponent does
    since it will go right over them.
    If the opponent blocks and GCFSes this move, 99% of the time they won't be able
    to get a free hit, but you're probably going to have to break a throw.
    You cannot juggle the KiKoSho super off of a connected df+D in the corner.
    A pretty useful move to get in, it looks just like the f+B but it hits low.
    Can be chained into, but isn't bufferable. I'm fairly sure Chun Li has a decent
    frame advantage after this move. Also useful in a few Maximum Mode combos.
    (in air) d+B
    The ever-present head stomp. Seems to be fairly useless in this game... as well
    as having a lot less priority than it usually does. She also can't do those
    glitched KOF backdashes with it, even though Kyo and Iori still can. Her
    backdash already goes way too far anyway.
    Not completely sure on the official names of the special moves... so I'll do my
    usual thing and ghetto it up.
    Kikoken (AKA fireball)
    A version and C version are basically two totally different moves, so I'll do
    one at a time.
    The A version is most easily comparable to her CvS2 and 3S fierce fireballs...
    not really a fireball, but more like a long'ish ranged poke. Recovers fairly
    fast, but obviously is still easily counterable by GCFS. Best used as a quick
    meter builder from afar, but also works well in combos when you don't have a
    super ready, and also Max Mode combos for a bit of extra damage.
    The C version is a full screen fireball. Use as such. Most fireballs in this
    game have pretty horrendous start up and recovery, and this fireball is no
    different. Also a good meter builder from full screen, as it also keeps the
    opponent busy and sometimes unable to build meter themselves.
    Command Grab
    Wow. This was a totally unforeseen addition to Chun Li's game. If Chun
    connects the grab she cartwheels over her opponent for a free combo much like
    SF3's Yun and Yang. The difference is, she has a TON of time to combo whatever
    she wants on her opponent. Walking all the way up to the opponent after the
    grab and doing a close C, df+B into super combo is brain dead easy.
    Like almost every other grab in this game, Chun's command throw has practically
    zero range. You have to be literally pushing your opponent to be in range to
    grab them. Grabbing an opponent walking backwards is usually impossible, but
    if you're that close you can hit somebody walking back with low B's anyway.
    The grab is also pretty slow... I'd say around 8-10 frames of start up. HUGE
    payoff when you do land it though, which easily justifies any risks you might
    take trying to get it.
    Chun's grab is extra-effective since opponents generally have to turtle up
    against or risk getting hit by her low B's. Low B's into walk up/dash up low
    B's or command grab is a very simple, effective mix up. Even more effective
    is her low B/grab mix up after hitting with her jumping double C's and dashing
    under her opponent.
    Another nice thing about this move is that you can actually use it to PUNISH a
    GCFS if you bait the opponent into doing one. Against opponents who basically
    sit there all day and wait for something to block and GCFS (which basically
    every decent SvC player), you can do things like low B and buffer it into the
    grab. It's safe if your opponent just blocks it, and if they GCFS they run
    right into the grab. The only downside to this tactic is that if they don't
    GCFS, you lose any kind of initiative you might have gained from getting in.
    But then again, this is SvC. Offense isn't encouraged here.
    Oh and of course, use the grab after a somewhat close-ranged block and GCFS.
    Lightning Legs (AKA legs)
    Mash on K
    Chun's Lightning Legs seem to have only one use in this game: as a juggle
    extender. When you have an Exceed ready AND your opponent is in the corner,
    you can substitute the jumping C's part of the combo with the D version of
    Lightning Legs, then juggle with Chun's Exceed. Crazy damage indeed.
    Ten Shou Kyaku (AKA up kicks)
    Also seems pretty useless as a tactical move. Has zero priority so using it as
    a deep anti-air never ever works. It's great in combos, though. It's the main
    ingredient of Chun's ultra-damaging non-super combo. Chun's dp+k is her only
    move (besides her Exceed) that will link after a connected Spinning Bird Kick.
    The dp+K also conveniently lets you juggle afterwards if you do the D version.
    Super jump into jumping C's or the aforementioned Lightning Legs juggle both
    You can cancel into this move in Maximum Mode, but due to it's terrible range
    the only use I've found for that is to cancel whiffed moves that your opponent
    jumped over. Due to the move's horrible priority, you have to cancel it really
    early for it to work at all.
    Strangely enough, you can't juggle this move after a connected kick super.
    Sen En Shuu
    Her overhead flip kick thingy from the Alpha series. In this game it's
    painfully slow and has no invincibility to speak of. Worthless, in other words.
    Also able to be cancelled into in Maximum Mode, but can't be Max cancelled into
    anything else.
    Spinning Bird Kick (AKA SBK)
    charge down, up+K
    Strangely enough, the main use for the Spinning Bird Kick in SvC is as a combo
    move. Even stranger, it's incredibly practical to combo into and leads to
    incredible damage. It combos easily from a df+B (which combos from a simple
    d+B) and afterwards you can do the dp+k link and then the juggle after that.
    The basic SBK combo does a lot of damage. So much damage, in fact, that it only
    does about 1% less than the basic kick super combo. The only reasons I could
    think of to NOT combo into SBK are:
    1) Your opponent is a small character and crouching. The SBK will go right over
    2) You don't have enough time to charge down... such as after a command grab.
    3) Midscreen, comboing into the kick super sets up a good mix up afterwards.
    As a tactical move, the SBK is somewhat useful against bigger characters 
    which cannot crouch under it. Does a pretty good amount of chip damage and also
    gives Chun frame advantage to work with afterwards.
    When comboing into this move midscreen you want to create as much distance as
    possible between you and your opponent by adding as many low B's as possible
    before doing the df+B, then cancel into the B version of the SBK. Otherwise
    you'll be too far to link the dp+K. In the corner, you can always do the D
    version of the SBK for additional hits and damage.
    You can cancel into this move in Maximum Mode.
    Kikosho (AKA puff ball)
    qcfx2 +P
    Can be used for juggles in the corner, but there isn't much point to that since
    simple jumping C enders do about the same damage. Can't be used as a deep anti
    air since the move doesn't have any invincibility; it has to be done early
    enough for Chun to fully project the "shield" (therefore, losing a lot of
    hits). The one use I have for this move is to chip an opponent to death, which
    it does somewhat well. The individual hits of the Kikosho are rapid enough so
    that your opponent cannot GCFS through or even CD counter it.
    HouYoku Sen (AKA kick super)
    qcfx2 +K
    Like in all the other recent games, this is THE super for Chun to use. Does
    a buttload of damage and combos off of pretty much anything. After the super
    connects, you can juggle super jump C's for a big chunk of extra damage. If the
    opponent is in the corner and you have an Exceed ready, you can do the
    aforementioned Lightning Legs into Exceed juggle for a full bar of extra
    The kick super is REALLY fast. You can punish a lot of moves after blocking
    that would be too far for you to GCFS, like a max ranged Crack Shot or Burn
    Knuckle from Terry. The very first part of it goes through fireballs also.
    Probably the main benefit of the kick super's speed, though, is it gives Chun
    the ability to punish whiffed moves from afar. This is nice, since it gives
    Chun something to work with against moves like Zero's low D and Shoto's db+D.
    After a connected kick super mid-screen, Chun gets a powerful mix up after the
    super jump C's: immediately land and dash under your opponent and do a simple
    low B/command grab mix up. Of course, Dashing a little later so that you DON'T
    go under your opponent is also a nice 3rd option to the mix up. If you connect
    even one mix up after a super, you should be so far ahead you can just block in
    the corner for the rest of the round (yay for 60 second rounds) and call it a
    day. Be sure to GCFS for free hits or CD counter to recharge your guard bar
    when necessary, though.
    The super is surprisingly safe if blocked, but if it's GCFSed then you're meat.
    Blocking the super also gives the opponent the necessary amount of meter to
    GCFS also. =/
    Hazan TenShouKyaku (AKA super up kicks, Exceed)
    charge db,df,db,uf +BD
    Like pretty much all Exceeds, this move almost guarantees a free round if you
    get the opportunity to use it. Does about 90% of one bar of damage, works as a
    perfect anti-air, and can be used after either of Chun Li's main combos. Not
    much to say about it except only use it guaranteed moments. Waking up with this
    super or doing it randomly is not recommended since Chun usually has a lot of
    opportunities to get it guaranteed.
    1) low B x2, df+B, kick super, super jump C's - 80% (of one bar)
       The old faithful. Works in every situation, sets up the mix up afterwards
       if mid-screen. You can add in another low B on fatter chars.
    2) low B x2, B SBK, D up kicks, super jump C's - 60%
       Does a little less damage, no set up afterwards, costs no meter (builds a
       ton of it, actually).
    3) low B x3, D SBK, D up kicks, super jump C's - 75%
       Does pretty much the same damage as the kick super, a little more distance
       dependant; must be absolute point blank range for it to work midscreen. If
       not midscreen, you might be able to omit a low B to get the right distance
       but I wouldn't risk it. Works every time in the corner though.
    4) close C, df+B, kick super - 90%
       The combo of choice when presented with a big opening or after connecting
       a command grab.
    5) MAX MODE, close C, f+D, MAX CANCEL A fireball, MAX CANCEL kick super - 94%
       Stupidly easy (after the f+D, hcf+A, hcf+K to get the super) and is the
       combo of choice for big openings or after a command grab when in MAX MODE.
    6) (corner only) low B x2, df+B, kick super, D legs, Exceed - 155%
       Standard exceed combo.
    7) (corner only) low B x2, df+B, D SBK, D up kicks, D Legs, Exceed - 150%
       About the same damage, no meter! Make sure your opponent is big or standing
    8) (MAX MODE, corner only) close C, f+D, A fireball, kick super, D legs,
       Exceed - 175%
       Ouch. If you have an Exceed ready, your opponent isn't likely to survive
    Throw a ton of A fireballs to build meter, occasional C fireball now and then
    to occupy your opponent and keep them from building meter. Neutralize opponent
    fireballs with your own A fireball, which should keep you ahead in fireball
    fights. If you don't have time to neutralize the fireball, just duck under it
    with low B or df+B and go back to building meter. The only character you want
    to actively prevent from building meter is Geese. Against everybody else just
    let them have their meter.
    Of course, look for impatient opponents to randomly jump so you can low D or
    df+B them.
    Against most characters, just keep jumping at them and have fun watching them
    try to stop it. Against characters that CAN stop you from jumping, look for
    fireballs to kick super through or whiffed moves to punish with kick super.
    Max ranged low D's are good as they beat most everything and are a little too
    far to GCFS into anything threatening. If your opponent is being cautious with
    his moves and is just jiggling/sitting there, dash up and try to bait something
    to GCFS. Or, dash up and go for low B buffered into command grab and see if you
    can bait their GCFS instead. Remember to low B or df+B under fireballs at this
    range so you avoid getting pushed out.
    Most people are going to be trying to GCFS you once you get in, so be sure to
    test the waters with a few low B's into command grab to discourage that. Once
    you get make scared to GCFS, you can do simply low B combo/command grab mix ups
    from there for huge payoffs.
    Chun Li vs Zero - 3:7
    Unless Chun REALLY outplays Zero or gets lucky on a random mix up, she's not
    going to be winning this match very often. Zero kills Chun on the ground with
    near lag-less fireballs and low D, and easily stops any jump with his DP+B. You
    can trade with the DP+B with your own jumping D in your favor from time to
    time, but you still get knocked down and sent across the screen, ever closer to
    the corner. Meter is especially important for Chun in this match up, as she
    needs something to fight those Zero fireballs with. Unfortunately, meter is
    pretty hard to build in this match since Zero is constantly pounding you with
    fireballs and you're forced to low B under them just to get some breathing
    Of course, once you do manage to get in, Zero will almost definitely GCFS into
    his CD grab. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tech the CD grab, as it sets up the killer
    metool cross up midscreen, and unblockable bomb into infinite in the corner. If
    Zero is switching up to his AB grab, let him have it. His CD grab is way too
    dangerous to ever let him land. As always, try to bait the GCFS with low B's
    into grab.
    The main focus of the match is to try to super through his fireballs. If Zero
    is too far or you don't have meter, try to low B under his fireballs and slowly
    work your way in. If you block a low D, GCFS even though you're not going to be
    close enough to get anything. From there you can at least make contact with
    Zero with a low B into grab or something.
    Chun Li vs Geese - 4:6
    When Geese doesn't have meter, Chun has a pretty good advantage in this match.
    The problem is, meter builds really fast in SvC, and Geese builds meter faster
    than average. Once Geese gets some super, jumping is no longer an option. Once
    Geese gets into MAX MODE, you're probably going to lose a lot of life. He can
    just chip you with 3 Raging Storms for free, which is a ton of life. If he
    manages to hit you he can go into his stupidly easy MAX MODE combo which will
    almost definitely dizzy you, then kill you. If Geese is smart enough not to use
    any supers outside of MAX MODE, he can stay in MAX MODE for most of the round
    since you only need to build one more meter to get back into it.
    Geese players will often go for his close C, f+D infinite. GCFS the close C,
    NOT the f+D. If you GCFS the f+D and Geese cancels into Reppuken you get
    launched and Raging Stormed. If Geese is building meter with kara canceled low
    C into reppukens, try to super him during the recovery (haven't tried this yet,
    probably pretty difficult). When trying to hit him out of that, hit him much
    earlier than you think. You don't want to get risk getting launched by a second
    reppuken. ALWAYS be careful of any whiffed move, as they can be cancelled into
    reppuken at any time. Be sure to start pumping the super during any whiffed
    move though, and if Geese cancels it you should be able to super him pretty
    Geese is probably the one character that you'll have to use CD counters against
    since he actually carries the threat of guard crushing you. Pay attention to
    your guard bar in this match, since you probably never do otherwise.
    The key to this match is to try to prevent Geese from building meter as much as
    possible. Attack as much as you can (without jumping into Raging Storms, of
    course), and when he gets into MAX MODE, get the hell out of there. You're
    probably going to have to take the 3 Raging Storms of chip damage once he backs
    you into the corner, but there really isn't much you can do about it. Once he's
    out of MAX MODE, try to delay him from getting back into it as much as
    When fighting Geese on the ground, low D works wonders. After a knockdown, be
    wary of wake-up super grabs/Raging Storms, which is pretty much totally 50/50
    in Geese's favor. Raging Storm is NOT invincible instantly though, so if you
    have a meaty move out you'll beat it. Knowing this, most Geese's will go for
    the super grab, and if you avoid it you're stalling Geese from getting into
    Oh yeah. ALWAYS be wary of random Exceeds from Geese. Get hit by that and you
    Chun Li vs Guile - 4:6
    This match is very similar to the Zero match, except Guile's fireballs are even
    better. His anti-air is much better too, as his new flash kick super is a
    perfect anti-air and goes about 50% of one bar. However, that's where the bulk
    of Guile's damage comes from. If you don't jump into his supers and tech his
    GCFS throws then Guile will have a hard time damaging you. However, that
    doesn't change the fact that it's extremely hard to get in on Guile. Just low B
    under his sonic booms and gradually work your way in. He doesn't have any other
    crazy ground moves like Zero's low D... he just has a decent crouching B. Not
    much to worry about. Get in, mix it up, don't jump into his super. Oh yeah, as
    always, watch out for random Exceeds. Guile's Exceed will anti-air for all the
    hits in this game.
    Chun Li vs Tessa - 6:4
    Build some meter, low B under her fireballs, gradually push her to the corner.
    The ONE thing that every single Tessa looks for is GCFS into command grab, into
    ghosts cross up. Once you take that away (with low B's buffered into grab) the
    only thing she really has left is a weak keepaway game. She can't even stop
    Chun Li's jump from the ground; she has to do her jumping bird thingie. Just be
    sure to watch out for her Exceed since it's a super grab.
    Chun Li vs Mars People - 6:4
    Keep jumping at him. He (it?) actually jumps higher than you, so you'll have to
    use air throws or C's as air-to-air. The main thing you have to worry about is
    his GCFS into command grab and the set ups after. Avoid that and he doesn't
    have much else to work with. Make sure you don't get hit by random jumping
    tentacle move thingie, as it gives him a free unblockable teleport afterwards.
    If he teleports anywhere near the corner, you can tech roll and kick super him
    for free.
    Chun Li vs Goenitz - 4:6
    This is kind of a tough match since Goenitz's tornadoes prevent you from
    building meter. He can also stop your cross ups with his low C. If you block
    the closest version of his tornado you can get a free kick super afterwards.
    For the most part, the strategy is to keep jumping/dashing to get in. Him
    keeping you out isn't that much damage, and you can potentially do a ton of
    damage once you do get in. If he's approaching YOU, be wary of the super grab.
    That's pretty much the only thing he could be looking for.
    Chun Li vs Shotos - Ryu 6:4, Ken 6:4, Akuma 8:2
    Build meter, super through fireballs, super to punish whiffed low forwards.
    Akuma's uppercut sucks, so just jump at him all day.
    Chun Li vs Demitri - 7:3
    Just keep jumping at him. At worst, his uppercut will trade with your jumping
    D in your favor.
    Chun Li vs Genjuro - 6:4
    Again, most of his damage is done through GCFS into command grab/combo. Take
    that away and he doesn't have much. He's big GCFS bait himself. If he does
    knock you down, always be wary of his triple slash cross up.
    Chun Li vs Terry - 8:2
    Keep jumping at him. Punish pretty much any special move he does with kick
    Chun Li vs Kyo - 7:3
    Keep jumping at him, preferably cross ups. His uppercut sucks.
    Chun Li vs Iori - 7:3
    Keep crossing him up. Kick super any blocked rekkas.
    Chun Li vs Shiki - 7:3
    Build meter, GCFS whatever she does.
    7. CREDITS
     -For making what is arguably the worst fighting game in recent years. Good job
    SNK Nazi Fans
     -For labeling me as biased (and other less civilized insults) for stating that
     this game is shitty, only to realize the truth several months later. Good job
    Anybody Else Who Happens To Read This
     -You can't possibly like this game at this point, so you're probably reading
     this because you like my other guides. Thanks for your support!

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