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    Goenitz by BlazingSpeed

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    by Blazing Speed Copyright © 2004 
    This faq is only intended to give a helping hand to whomever may need it.
    It is not intended to be sold or copied period, the only place I am 
    posting it is on Gamefaqs.com no one else has any right to copy anything 
    from this faq.
    Goenitz and any other characters mentioned are owned by SNK/Playmore and 
    Hey, what’s up I’m a person that logs on to Gamefaqs regularly as you can 
    see I like fighting games enough to be able to waste an hour or 
    two to post this stuff.
    I’ve been in a few tournaments in South Florida and Detroit Mi CVS2 and 
    SVC...) and usually place around 6th or 10th..
    Just to let you know none of this is pasted from anywhere else, inspired 
    yes stolen no. This is my first faq and it’s kinda in depth, every section 
    is highlighted and numbered (in bold letters...) Control+F may help you 
    skip over what you don’t need so cut me some slack.
    My last submission didn’t make the Gamefaqs cut for a number of reasons so 
    1.2 I numbered the sections and corrected some of Goenitz’s special move 
    names and rechecked most of the faq.
    1.3 I also got rid of some HMTL too, and now some line spacing adjustments.
    1.4 added some of Goenitz’s regular moves.
    1.5 added Goenitz’s regular throws, jumping and flying attack as well as 
    Aoi Hana’s juggling ability plus, more paragraph corrections.
    1.6 Added regular cancels.
    1. STORY
    4. STRATEGY 
    5. MAX MODE
    Goenitz VS
    Demitri Maximoff
    Geese Howard
    Blood of the Riot Iori
    Terry Bogard
    Mr. Karate
    1. STORY:
    Goenitz is one of my favorite characters in the King of Fighters (KOF) 
    world and now he’s kicking butt in SNK VS Capcom (SVC). For those of you 
    that don’t know Goenitz is one of eight heads (people) of a legendary 
    dragon that comes out of ancient Japan called the Orochi. Back in KOF 96 
    he interrupted the yearly fighting tournament to jump start a process to 
    revive their leader who’s name just happens to be Orochi. 
    (Kao Megura has a faq explaining this on the KOF 96 board...).
    SVC like many fighting games is a bit unbalanced 
    (not to mention having numerous glitches...) meaning some characters 
    (chars) have an advantage over other characters no matter what. 
    A lot of people claim/cry out that Goenitz is one of these chars 
    but what really matters is how you play with Goenitz or any char for that 
    For now all I’m gonna list for now is Goenitz’s useful moves how to use them 
    effectively in mid to high level arcade playing against people, 
    then list some match ups against other chars so you can pretty much 
    consider this a startup guide to using Goenitz. 
    By the way the names of the moves aren’t perfect but the strategies 
    work well.
    Goenitz is considered a hidden char in SVC so here’s how you choose him at 
    the char select screen hold start and move the joystick Down 3x, Right, 
    Down, Left 3x
    then while still holding start either press a button (meaning that your 
    pressing left and a button at the same time...) or simply wait until the 
    timer counts down to zero.
    A: An average jab with one characters length in reach not very useful
    as Goenitz is all about Zone Defense.
    B: A short kick forward with pitiful range don’t touch it.
    C: Goenitz tosses out a heavy chop at waist level this is moderately useful 
    in setting up traps and cancels more on that later.
    D: This is the same as Goenitz’s D mid air attack he does a flip kick that 
    Can deflect some attacks from the air but you shouldn’t be letting the 
    opponent get that close to you.
    With F+D you can utilize a ground version of his jumping D attack, 
    This is Goenitz’s best anti air attack besides throwing Tornados.
    A: A quick low jab it can be useful if someone is on top of you the reason 
    it’s better than the standing one is because it avoids a lot of attacks. 
    Like Dan’s unblockable qcb,qcb, A+C attack.
    B: Also better than the standing version simply because it is much faster.
    C: An upwards heavy chop at an angle similar to Rugal’s crouching fierce 
    attack in CVS2 unless even with the proper timing.
    D: Goenitz’s foot sweep as I will mention many times later this is one of 
    the fastest foot sweeps in the game. The only drawback is the range which 
    is about three quarters of the range that Ryu has with twice the speed. 
    Use this to quickly knock the opponent down and teleport away 
    from them before they recover.
    Flying attacks:
    D: This is the only jumping attack even remotely worth mentioning, 
    notice that this is the very same attack that the cpu uses if you turtle 
    This will stop some close up jumping attacks. 
    The A, B, and C buttons are close ranged chop like attack which aren’t
    very useful in air to air combat or air to ground combat. 
    You should NOT be jumping with Goenitz if you want to win end of story. 
    Jumping attacks:
    Same as the jumping attacks only you jump straight up instead of 
    at the opponent.
    Regular Throws
    A and B: Goenitz grabs his opponent and spins them around before slamming 
    them to the ground. The opponent is “bounced” about one character’s length 
    you can use this throw and follow it with a “B” Tornado to cross them up. 
    Other than that the only good use for this is to throw off the other persons 
    throw breaking game.
    C and D: Goenitz will grab the opponent and perform a variation of the final
    Part of his exceed (squeezing the blood out of them from all of those 
    wind slashes…) and toss them four character lengths away. This throw is good 
    for resetting Goenitz’s zone defense in the beginning you may be using this 
    attack from Guard Cancels. Throwing illegal on the east coast? Hot trash? 
    Either put in another quarter or be quiet please.    
    A lot of people list abbreviations and such if you really need to know 
    what hcf stands for there are other faqs that list these and the mechanics 
    of the game for you. However, I will explain anything out of the ordinary 
    so don’t worry.
    Guard Counter
    CD buttons together while blocking the counter takes one level of the 
    super meter, no meter means no countering.
    f,f  Guard Cancel (GC) takes some of the super meter gauge, no meter 
    means no guard canceling.
    Throw Breaking
    Pushing the same two throw buttons that the opponent uses will cause both 
    players to “recoil” like in Samurai Showdown when two swords clash each other.
    Let’s use the throw whore Guile for an example, when Guile grabs you for the 
    Backbreaker you would have to press the C and D buttons when Guile first 
    grabs you otherwise it won’t work. Practice and knowing which throw buttons 
    your opponent uses will also help keep them off of you. 
    Note this does NOT work for any type of air throws period. 
    Dash Canceling (DC) 
    It’s been known that rashes of SVC players have learned how to dash cancel 
    into deadly crossover or fireball counter attacks. Dash canceling is when 
    you move the joystick forward twice and then perform a “super” jump or 
    a foot sweep attack while the game character is still dashing. 
    The result is horrible (as in the programmers should have checked for it…) 
    reduction time in full screen fireball attacks 
    and or close range “heavy” attack such as Riot Iori’s foot sweep seeing 
    that a GC into a dash cancelled attack will usually net a free combo 
    in high level arcade game playing.
    Normal Cancels (NC)
    Every Character has special moves that can be cancelled into by inputting
    “Tweaking” the special move immediately after you press the button for the
    normal move that you happen the be using at the moment.
    Fortunately, for Goenitz ALL of his specials can be cancelled into from 
    any ground based regular move. An air based cancel would be for example Geese
    jumping up forward to hit an opponent out of the air with the “B” button
    and “tweaking” Geese’s hcb A or C Air Wind Slash. The other character will
    be hit by the kick but the wind slash will miss them unless they are on the
    ground. To make up for this you can use Geese’s close up “96” Wind Slash to 
    juggle them first.
    One example with Goenitz is to use two crouching “A” chops and then canceling 
    it into a close f,df,f “C” Wind slash for more hits. You could also use a 
    forward “D” to stop an attacking opponent from the air and cancel it into a 
    “B” Tornado to cross them up as they land from your forward “D”.
    Practice your positioning and you’ll be able to capitalize on your 
    opponents mistakes.       
    hcf+ P/K    Tornado
    hcb + P     Shin Aoi Hana
    hcb + K     Teleport 
    f,df,f +A   High angle wind slash  
    f,df,f+C    Wind slash 
    Super Moves
    qcf,qcf+AC      Maiden Masher
    hcb,hcb P when close  Vacuum Hurricane grab
    qcb,hcf A     Overpowered Maiden Masher 
    qcb,hcf C     Overpowered Maiden Masher midair
    4. STRATEGY:
    Tornado, this is the scrub killer move plain and simple it’s designed to 
    piss people off. The buttons from A to D determines the distance of the 
    tornado away from Goenitz with A being the closest one and D rising up in 
    the opposite corner, the tornado covers the entire screen from top to 
    bottom for one characters length. Positioning is the key to using this 
    move effectively, for example the A tornado is most often used to shield 
    Goenitz from fireballs and teleport attacks while B is a good “fake out” 
    to cause chars to jump into it. 
    Goenitz should have most of the screen in front of him while tornado 
    throwing, having half of the screen in front of him is the best spot to be 
    in because the opponent will often have no where to run. Any closer than 
    that is not good for tornado throwing due to Goenitz not being a jump in 
    char he is also limited as far as anti air moves and jump in’s so it’s 
    better for you to keep the other person grounded.
    The D Tornado is best used after the other char hits the ground with the 
    proper positioning you can use this like C as a “backstabber”. After a 
    knockdown any where mid screen just walk toward them a little use the move 
    and the tornado will crossup and hit them in the back. The tornados have 
    excellent shielding ability, in fact the only fireball’s in the game that 
    can pass through it are Serious Karate’s Triple Hao Sho ken (lol I still 
    have no idea how...) and Goddess Athena’s Triple Lion fireballs.
    Back to the B tornado most people expect for Goenitz to pound them into 
    the corner, so using A to shield Goenitz will sometimes (in mid level 
    arcade playing...) cause the opponent to jump at you thinking that you 
    will adjust to a D tornado and miss them as they jump towards you. You can 
    then use B tornado to catch them in the air followed by a “backstabber”. 
    NO air blocking means that most of the air attack games won’t work on 
    Goenitz, which is good since Goenitz is meant for zone defense.
    However the tornados don’t take away a lot of life from the other char so 
    you will need to play mind games and pick up on the patterns of the chars 
    you will be pounding on.
    Take Guile for example he can wait for you to throw a D tornado and then 
    toss a slow  Sonic boom at you, if you keep using the C and D tornados the 
    sonic boom will get past the tornados and hit Goenitz. 
    Part of the reason is because once a tornado is blocked it disappears and 
    it takes Goenitz a second to get another tornado up so he will be vulnerable 
    to any attack during that time.
    So you have to focus on getting them to make a mistake and jump into a 
    tornado so concentrate on making them come to you at the beginning of any 
    fight. Much like Geese Howard’s counters this will make anyone think twice 
    about jumping at you to attack.
    More on the tornados in the match up section.
    In higher level arcade playing you may see that since there is no air 
    blocking in SVC that jumping is usually NOT a good idea unless you see an 
    opening (like anticipating someone throwing a fireball...). 
    That’s why Goenitz has a teleport to get around the screen D naturally has 
    him appear further away than B the best use for these is to get behind the 
    Goenitz is not a nice guy period, so hitting people in the back is going 
    to be a regular thing when your using him. Positioning is once again VERY 
    important otherwise you may teleport right into a foot sweep. Goenitz is 
    not made for head to head combat so don’t use B unless you are two char 
    lengths or less away from the opponent D is good for about four char 
    lengths the get behind the other players char but never teleport from full 
    screen or you’ll appear right in front of them.
    In the beginning you may be foot sweeping a lot for teleporting sneak 
    attacks due to getting the timing down for the Aoi Hana and the Hurricane 
    vacuum grab. Goenitz’s foot sweep range is only one chars length not as 
    good as most of the other chars but it is faster than most.  It’s better 
    to use the Aoi Hana and the Hurricane vacuum grab because both moves force 
    the opponent away from Goenitz giving you the setup for more Tornado 
    throwing. So get the motions and timing down for the two moves 
    (backwards joystick motions while teleporting...) so that you will perform 
    the move as soon as Goenitz comes out of the teleport provided that the 
    positioning is right.
    Just don’t teleport at random though, cause even though it takes a second 
    for them to turn around if your behind them they can still get you. Wait 
    until they throw fireballs or anything else that leaves them open to 
    Do NOT abuse this move, a predictable Goenitz is a dead one end of story.
    Aoi Hana’s are part of Goenitz’s few combos this is usually to push the 
    opponent out of your face a close standing D is the best startup move for 
    this because the hit stun animation is long enough for you to follow up. 
    The speed of the motion and button pressed determine how fast the move 
    will come out so practice it.
    Sneaky teleports followed by this is one of the better uses of the Aoi 
    Hana, otherwise skip the standing D startup and just slice’em up instead. 
    Heh, now I know where Mature got all those slashing moves from. 
    Aoi Hana’s can be a good close up pressure tactic as it’s way to fast to 
    guard cancel effectively use crouching A to set it up but don’t depend on 
    crouching and attacking close by the opponent to much.
    Note: Aoi Hana’s also juggle off of each other so you could use one or 
    two of them in the corner or off of a ground to air counter attack for example
    Terry jumps at you with his funny angle “D” kick you could hit him early with 
    a Aoi Hana and “juggle” him into a number of things such as a “C” tornado 
    or even Goenitz’s exceed practicing this can help you make some serious 
    comebacks or damaging Max mode counter attacks. 
    Mixing up your game play is VERY important.
    Wind Slashes are a part of Goenitz’s poor anti air moves, the high angle 
    wind slash will get two hits at the most if you use it as the opponent is 
    coming towards you as most people tend to try to land their hits deep 
    unless you are also jumping at them.
    The low angle wind slash you may notice if you watch the computer (CPU) play 
    Goenitz uses it in place of the short ranged foot sweep to ward out low 
    attacks that his sweep can’t reach. Personally I won’t let my opponent 
    get that close to me on the ground plus this move won’t stop air attacks 
    unless they are from very far “blind” jump attacks.
    In fact Goenitz’s  forward D (Goenitz’s D jump attack on the ground...) is 
    better than the wind slashes close up it’s good to know you have them but, 
    you should teleport away or tornado the opponent long before they get that 
    close anyways. 
    The Maiden Masher super is probably Goenitz’s best anti air defense and 
    since Goenitz’s super meter builds fast due to the tornado’s you can use 
    this plenty of times during a match. What happens is that Goenitz will 
    “vanish” leaving a swirl of wind then reappear were the opponent is, then 
    he performs the first two hits of the Aoi Hana followed by an X slash 
    which juggles them for two tornado hits one up then one down to the 
    ground.  The best time to “vanish” is when someone is going to jump right 
    at you Goenitz will vanish through the attack and then reappear to punish 
    the offender as they land, if you try to use this on the ground through 
    say a fireball chances are good that you’ll get hit by it as Goenitz 
    reappears slow fireball or not. Long winded attacks on the ground such as 
    Sagat’s CVS2 ducking C punches are the exception to this rule since the lag 
    time will leave them vulnerable long enough for you to nail them. 
    Anticipated foot sweeps are another chance to use this practice makes 
    perfect. In the corner this move seems to get an extra hit. Plus, unless 
    your opponent is the corner when they get caught in mid air Goenitz will 
    only do the first two hits as they fall down to the ground before the X 
    slash so be aware of this when timing the counter attack. Also beware of 
    just throwing this out as your opponent can jump over or block this move 
    with ease. 
    The Hurricane vacuum grab is perfect for blocked/whiffed attacks as well 
    as sneaky teleport attacks but it won’t catch a ducking opponent so watch 
    out as most people block low so opportunities may be rare outside of 
    teleporting behind them and then grabbing them. But it’s definitely worth 
    using because it takes off much more life than the other super does.
    The CD button blocking counter uses super meter so don’t put your life on 
    it BUT if someone has you on lock down in the corner or other wise then do 
    it! Goenitz is not Kim of Ken he’ll catch a beat down by overheads and 
    cancels in close quarters quick (mainly because he takes more damage than 
    most chars like Mr. Karate for example...). CD bumps the opponent back to 
    the other side of the screen with no damage done, think of it as a reset 
    to the above strategies.
    F,F Guard Cancels if you don’t have a super meter completely filled
    but someone is dogging you tap forward twice to pass through them briefly 
    and throw them. The delay in their attack should prevent them from breaking 
    the throw. 
    More advance users can use Aoi Hana or the Hurricane grab for 
    much more damage if your close enough with enough super meter. 
    Watch out for chars with fast jabs fast like Geese, Guile and Iori they can 
    hit you out of a GC if you try it to much in ground to ground combat.
    Goenitz’s exceed is the ultimate match ending counterattack, no other 
    single in the game move does more damage than this. At 110% this move has 
    people just let go of the joystick when there bar is a little over red 
    cause it’s over. Anytime someone does a jumping attack at you when your 
    losing whip it out and hurt’em! Be a bit more careful when launching it on 
    grounded attackers, they may recover in time to block it so you have to 
    practice with it a bit. There’s no worry of anything hitting you out of it 
    cause it’s invincible through the whole move unless it’s blocked.
    The D version has Goenitz’s reappearing further away from the spot you will 
    perform the exceed in mid air but, it’s not as useful because the classic 
    KOF effect that Kim and King have had forever is still here. Meaning that 
    if you catch there foot in the air the animation frame will appear as if 
    you caught them on the ground slash, slash, slash...
    Once again this is strictly a counterattack they have to attack you in 
    order for it to be effective against the opponent although it’s better as 
    an anti air counter. Otherwise they may block or simply jump over Goenitz 
    causing you to miss. The same opportunities for the Maiden Masher apply 
    here with a larger margin for error thanks to the added invincibility.
    Note: There has been a rash of “Supers” and even “exceeds” canceling each 
    other out meaning that (for example...) Terry’s High angle Geyser and Mr. 
    Karate’s exceed can pass right through each other depending on the 
    situation one player will often end up being victimized by the other 
    5. MAX MODE:
    Unlike Ryu and Mr. Karate Max mode can mean crap for Goenitz cause his 
    supers need a little thinking and sneakiness behind them meaning no 
    repeated fireballs supers (In mid level game play that is.  I think it’s a 
    waste cause that’s NOT what MAX mode is for...). So you will need to 
    practice the motions as well as gauge the distance for each move you will 
    be canceling.
    One cancel able move is Goenitz’s crouching C a double slashing move into 
    Aoi Hana. All of Goenitz’s specials are able to cancel into another move. 
    However, one thing to be careful about is the wind slash, if you cancel a 
    crouching C into a tornado and then whip the wind slash out you’ll get crap 
    because it doesn’t juggle and the tornado registers as the last hit. 
    Another thing is the distances each move bounces the other char away, like 
    the second hit of the Aoi Hana will bounce them out of range for the 
    Hurricane grab. 
    Here’s a Max cancel combo for six whole hit’s ohhhh...
    Standing D, Crouching C, Aoi Hana x3... Or Standing D, Crouching C, Ice 
    See what I mean, Goenitz just doesn’t work like Kyo, (No jump in’s forget 
    about it!...) but it can still be a nightmare to face a Maxed out Goenitz.
    Like Standing D, Crouching C, Aoi Hana x1 Hurricane Grab (The timing is 
    tight on this but I’ve done it before...)
    That’s 60% of a life bar gone...
    However, I won’t waste time listing anymore combos unless people actually 
    ask for them. For now creativity is the key.
    Now some matches against the non Cpu chars that have the highest potential 
    to mop the floor with Goenitz.   
    Guile: This is one of the harder matches just because or that blasted one 
    second sonic boom, it covers Guile while he gets close to Goenitz plus 
    they will throw the slow ones out between tornados waiting for you to try 
    and hit them so they can get closer to you. Keep the tornado’s close to 
    you so that Guile stays on the ground. If he does get to jump at you with 
    the sonic boom/ kick set up guard cancel and throw him or CD him back to 
    his respective corner and keep wearing him down don’t be ashamed to win by 
    a time out winner stays loser pays. If you want to kick his butt though 
    let him jump towards you GC and Hurricane Grab him. Or do the Maiden 
    Masher it’s riskier since the slow sonic boom might hit you first, But the 
    GC then grab is foolproof because Guile has to turn around, so no Total 
    Wipeout counters for him don’t jump in to attack as usually.
    Demitri Maximoff: Another potentially hard match because of the fireball 
    trap. Demitri’s fireballs can reverse the roles of the match and reduce 
    YOU to a huddling mass in the corner. If you get caught in the beginning 
    of the match GC forward on the ground to gain some ground (mid screen no 
    more...) and then use B tornados to get him to stop throwing fireballs or 
    make a mistake. Not many people in Detroit or use Demitri (I think they 
    copied off of me...) but the ones that do tend to try and teleport and 
    catch you with the Demon Cradle cancel just block it and Hurricane grab 
    them or use Aoi Hana if they don’t cancel the teleport (you’ll know 
    because Goenitz turns around...) then greet them with a tornado. GC the 
    bat spin or A tornado it they’ll usually try to do it after the third 
    fireball or when you walk (not jump...) walk forward. Don’t hesitate to 
    backstab Demitri with a tornado as he’s getting up his hit stun animation 
    is much longer than Guile’s, the tornados will block ALL of his fireballs 
    even the dreaded “Go to hell!” Demon Flare exceed. Plus, Demitri’s Chaos 
    Flare has a major weakness that all fireballs seem to share in this game 
    it won’t hit targets that are standing right in their face teleport/Aoi 
    Hana/ Hurricane grab!
    Geese Howard: Oh yeah, the big leagues good Geese players are a rare thing 
    (There were a bunch of pretenders in Florida last year no combos just 
    fireballs and Raging Storms blah...) In Detroit they do try to do the 
    infinite though. Anyways keep him away from you with B and C tornados 
    don’t be afraid to teleport away if he gets close either. Geese can try to 
    time his wind slashes but they won’t get through your should NOT be 
    jumping to attack him as he has 2004 ways to counter you period.
    Try to stay ahead of him as far as life because a good Geese player can 
    end it for you in one combo infinite or not. Geese’s double Wind slash 
    should not be used but some people do so tornado him before his second 
    hand whips up for a free hit. If he does get close you can tap him with a 
    ducking A to bait counters or trip him quick and teleport away. Keep him 
    away from you and don’t be ashamed of winning by time out if the player is 
    good with Geese. By the way one of Geese’s big weaknesses is his wind 
    slash/double wind slash as they both leaves him open to attacks as well as 
    the likes of Mr. Karate and Sagat anticipating and plowing through them 
    with their super fireballs. 
    Ryu: Old school, though his fireballs are much like the CVS2 version they 
    can still have the same effect as Guile’s sonic booms. In this game Ryu 
    tries to wait for you so he can Dragon Punch you, his fireballs can’t get 
    past your tornado. And you can see him GC a mile away in fact he has a 
    longer recover time than Geese and Demitri while GC so take advantage of 
    that by pacing yourself. Good Ryu players will only throw fireballs in 
    combos or four char lengths away so be ready to GC and throw/foot sweep 
    him. Ryu’s hurricane super stinks in this game so if they get you down and 
    try to trap you with it GC and tap them with A and Aoi Hana away or if 
    your in the red use the exceed to counter attack them if they attack you 
    close up. Anticipate Ryu’s fireballs and teleport to combo and grab him. 
    Riot Iori: The Speed makes him deadly because he can time the tornados and 
    jump in at will. Not to many people use him but when I do I end up ripping 
    apart the “scrub” Goenitz’s every time not that there are many of them. 
    Anticipate his jumps as best you can (A and B tornados...) A standing 
    forward D can work to because Iori’s flying kick attacks are made for air 
    to air combat GC any close air attacks and throw him. Don’t try to 
    “backstab” him with tornados because Iori’s speed will launch him into 
    your face which is BAD news for you as he has even more combos than the 
    regular Iori due to his speed. Watch out for the command grab Scum Gale as 
    it seems to have some invincibility and will open up a world of hurt for 
    you. Careful with the exceed as he can block it with ease due to that mad 
    speed. Close foot sweeps work good to stop Iori in his tracks because 
    Goenitz’s sweep is faster than most. One more thing Riot Iori is the 
    deadliest DC’er in the game while this isn’t much of a problem with 
    Goenitz due to the tornados covering the entire screen from top to bottom 
    it still can pose a serious threat on wake up so be on your guard. 
    Tessa: Man, there’s this guy that plays a mean Tessa at Wizards in Detroit 
    I keep getting close matches with him, but I haven’t tried Goenitz against 
    him yet. Any way’s I’m decent with Tessa too, the jamming ghost doesn’t 
    work as good against Goenitz because the tornados zap them easily. Not 
    jumping means she can’t use the almighty anti air bird either, note you 
    may be doing some jumping using Goenitz but keep it to a minimum if you 
    want to live. Even though most Tessa users will only summon the ghost when 
    your on the ground, they may call the ghost at full screen to set up an 
    assault on you.  Try to teleport behind Tessa after she summons the ghost 
    and jumps toward you (when she’s at half screen or more...) The ghost is 
    pretty dumb and won’t turn around to get you. GC won’t work as good if the 
    ghost is out so zap it with a B or C tornado if Tessa is more than half a 
    screen away. Don’t hesitate to teleport if needed or worry about winning 
    by timeouts if you stay put she’ll made a mistake before you do. By the 
    way you can duck her exceed but if you try and jump it Tessa may still 
    grab you weird...
    Terry: The power wave and power geyser could be a problem don’t jump in 
    unless he has no super meter at all. Use C tornados as Terry seems to inch 
    forward while throwing power waves (I think it’s the players that do 
    that...) His “hand” will get hit. If he gets close CD counter him back 
    “backstabbing” can be risky because most Terry players operate in the 
    opposite corner as Goenitz. SVC seems to be tailor made for Terry because 
    his combos are way to easy GC and throw/Hurricane grab him to keep him mid 
    screen. A button tornados will catch him quite often but watch it when 
    he’s in the red as Rising beat sometimes passes through the tornados. For 
    some reason the Maiden Masher won’t get all the hits on Terry if he’s in 
    the air because of the angle that he falls at mmmmmm...
    Sagat: Can be difficult simply because he’s big and the tornados may not 
    knock him over even if they hit giving him a chance to counter attack. 
    Remember what I said earlier about that ducking C/CVS2 fierce punch? Use 
    the Maiden Masher super if the player has a habit of throwing it out be 
    careful when teleporting as the Tiger upper cut can tag you. Good Sagat 
    players will not repeatly throw tiger shots at you but when they do 
    teleport and sweep throw them quick just make sure he’s not in the corner 
    or he’ll greet you with an upper cut. Tiger Cannon is sweet but along with 
    most fireballs in the game it has a major weakness it won’t hit targets 
    that are standing right in their face but your shouldn’t be there any way’s 
    right?  GC and throw/Hurricane grab any attempts to close in on you. Once 
    again do not jump at him other wise Sagat can open his book of trick 
    including Tiger upper cut which has some decent priority not to mention 
    Tiger Cannon setups.
    Mr. Karate: Can be annoying if he gets close be careful about teleporting 
    because you may end up right in front of him and his db charging flying 
    gale kick can set you up for some serious hurt. His fireballs can be like 
    Ryu’s too so teleport at the beginning of the fight to get the upper hand 
    because the positioning will be just right for you to grab him from behind 
    with the D button teleport. Do not jump in as him upper cut super has 
    more  priority than most moves in the game, not to mention the exceed 
    fireballs. Mr. Karate will have to get in close to use the uppercut if you 
    don’t jump. Use this to you advantage as his regular super Hao Sho Kens 
    have a delay for you to hit him with a tornado this even works at full 
    screen. As always none of his fireball can get past you tornados even if 
    he gets to launch them. CD him if he get close as good Karate players can 
    use his forward A and his hcb P button moves to counter a lot of your 
    attacks. Get the upper hand early as hunting Mr. Karate can be a chore if 
    their good at using him. Watch for the “scrub” blocked flying gale kick to 
    uppercut super tack so you can teleport or GC it.  
    Shiki: I love the way she looks as it reminds me of Vice from KOF anyways 
    Shiki doesn’t have much of a mix up game but I’ve seen Shiki players easily 
    rack up wins.
    Here goes, if you use tornados try to do them for your corner because she 
    can get behind you with her teleport sometimes. If your practice on 
    positioning your self by walking then this won’t be much of a problem for 
    you as you can greet her with an A button tornado every time she tries to 
    teleport. Stand your ground she doesn’t do as much damage as Chun li so 
    Shiki has to try to use her super on you and do her deadly dial a combos 
    poking into her exceed. There are some decent Shiki users out there, now 
    if she has no super meter and she charges you from far away block low or 
    meet her with the qcf,qcf, AC Maiden Masher. Block and GC high if she 
    walks toward you or jumps because she will most likely be doing that flip 
    kick that hit’s high. About the dial a combos pure GC bait but better 
    players will try to bait you into inching forward (a missed timed GC...) 
    So that they can do the latter exceed/super combos. Your foot sweep can 
    reach her as she tries her slow overhead, Shiki has to get in close to do 
    any damage so timing is the key.
    Shiki’s lone super is fast so stick to A and B tornados otherwise she’ll 
    pass right through them as her super “hit box” is low so the invincibility 
    will pass through fireball attacks in the first second. After that split 
    second Geese’s wind slash and Guile’s slow sonic boom will stop her cold 
    but Demitri’s and Sagat’s slow fireballs will not. 
    Don’t teleport as much either as it’s pretty easy to stay one step ahead 
    of her if you keep your cool she’s not that strong.
    Congratulations, it won’t be long before you have people complaining about 
    why they put Goenitz in this game. I’ll place updates like this 
    one if enough people ask for them. 
    Next I’ll work on my Dan’s Uphill Battle Faq. 
    Any input is welcome just check out my profile or post it on the Gamefaqs SVC
    Oh, and thanks a lot Sony of America for NOT planning to release this game 
    in the US, now I have to buy a freaking X-Box to play this game.

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