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    Iori by psychochronic

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    SVC Chaos Iori FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic
    of Shoryuken.com (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) with
    some help by G Product
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: March 1, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and
    the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document
    is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted
    in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form
    (written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be
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    the majority of the text, please respect the other authors
    whose work I have included in this guide.
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    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Character Biography
    3) Legend
    4) Pros and Cons
    5) Basics
    6) Movelist
       -Special Moves
       -Super Combos
    7) Combos/Cancels
    8) Contact
    9) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - March 1, 2006:
    Compilated March 1, 2006. This FAQ only took about 6
    hours and it ended 12:42am EST on March 2, 2006.
    Character Biography:
    Birthplace: Japan
    Birthdate: March 25
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 76 kg
    Blood type: Type O
    Hobbies: Playing music
    Favorite Food: Meat
    Measurements: N/A
    Favorite sport: Everything
    Most valuable: nothing
    Hates the most: violence
    Fighting Style: Yagami style of ancient martial arts + Pure
    First Appearance: King of Fighters '95
    U = Up
    UF = Up-Forward
    F = Forward
    DF = Down-Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    UB = Back
    QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
    QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
    HCF = Half-Circle Forward
    HCB = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    NeoGeo Button Mapping:
    A = LP
    B = LK
    C = HP
    D = HK
    XBOX Button Mapping:
    X = LP
    A = LK
    Y = HP
    B = HK
    Various Points:
    (+): Pro (Positive note)
    (?): Unknown (Tentative note)
    (-): Con (Negative note)
    (+): Demon Scorcher 100 has good priority. Also good for
    wakeup, anti-air and basic combos.
    (+): Winds of Haste leads to free mixups and combos.
    (+): Plenty of anti-airs.
    (+): Okay pokes.
    (+): Good combos in MAX mode.
    (+): Guaranteed jumping crossup (B + LK).
    (+): Killer Comb Filleter is an overhead and can hit through
    few projectiles with Iori sustaining no damage.
    (+): Bloom of The Wolf (an extension of Rage of the 8 
    Maidens) costs no meter.
    (+): Average speed and damage.
    (+): Has moves to counter GCS attempts.
    (+): Overhead to overheads can be done.
    (+): Standing close LK is safe and can be linked to anything;
    normal, special or super.
    (+): The first 2 hits of Blue Blossom is safe when blocked.
    (?): The final 3rd hit of Blue Blossom is not safe when 
    blocked but is an overhead.
    (?): Blood Rage is his Exceed but is only a counter-attack
    and can take as much as 53%.
    (-): Exorcism is maybe not the best projectile.
    (-): Most Specials are unsafe if blocked. Only move safe in
    my mind is LK version of Killer Comb.
    (-): Rage of the 8 Maidens and Killer Comb Filleter are also
    unsafe if blocked.
    (-): Doesn't have Toast to the Eight. That super is now in
    Riot-Blood Iori's movelist.
    (-): Slower speed in his moves and movements compared to
    the past SNK games he's beenn in.
    Front Ground Step: Tap Fx2:
    Character stops after a determined distance and attacked
    anywhere during the step.
    Back Ground Step: Tap Bx2:
    Character stops after a determined distance and attacked
    anywhere during the step.
    Guard Cancel Front Step (costs 1 Level): Tap Fx2 or LK +
    HP while blocking:
    Also known as "GCS". Cancels your block and does a
    Front Ground Step right after.
    Guard Cancel Attack (costs 1 Level): Tap HP + HK while
    Cancels your block and does a Counter Attack right
    Big Jump: Tap DB, D or DF then UB, U or UF:
    Character jumps slightly higher.
    Normal Body Toss: LP + LK or HP + HK:
    Characters' throw.
    Body Toss Evasion: As soon as thrown by the opponent,
    press LP + LK or HP + HK in the same buttons that the
    opponent presses:
    Clearly avoids the opponents throw.
    Break Fall: LP + LK when landing:
    Character gets back up quicker instead of getting knocked
    LP: (FAR) Short range, chains into self. Safe if blocked 
    but little use cause it's not cancelable. (CLOSE) Quick, 
    cancelable and safe if blocked. Good for tick-throws and 
    repeats into self.
    LK: (FAR) Okay range, safe if blocked and an okay poke 
    and is cancelable. Cancel into Dream Manipulator or Exorcism 
    (if blocked) making it an okay poke string. (CLOSE) Comes 
    out very quick, hits low and is cancelable. Recovers very 
    fast making it safe if blocked. Good for tick-throws and can 
    link a standing close HPright after. Great for wakeup do to 
    the fact it's a standing attack and hits low (not many standing 
    attacks hit low).
    HP: (FAR) Average range poke and good guard damage. 
    Safe if blocked from maximum range. (CLOSE) Anti-air and 
    cancelable. Great for two-in-ones. Slightly safe if blocked. 
    Good damage and good guard damage.
    HK: (FAR) Great range, priority, damage and guard damage. 
    Can hit an opponent right before they leave the ground for 
    a jump. Okay startup but unsafe to GCS attempts. (CLOSE) 
    Great anti-air. Can't cancel and unsafe if blocked, open for 
    GCS Attempts. Only real use is anti-air. Good damage and 
    guard damage.
    LP: Good poke, cancelable and repeats into self. Safe if 
    blocked and can be linked off of a crouching LK.
    LK: Hits low and can link into crouching LP. Repeats into 
    self. Safe if blocked and good for tick-throws.
    HP: Cancelable, good range, damage and guard damage. 
    Slight use as an anti-air.
    HK: Sweep, hits low. Knocks down good for punishment 
    situations against whiifed attacks. Unsafe if blocked, open 
    for GCS attempts. Good damage and guard damage. Move 
    also advances Iori a step forward slightly. Not as wide of a 
    hitbox as in other games.
    LP: Hits at an okay angle and stays out for most of the arc of 
    the jump. Safe if blocked, ok for tick throws. Same for jumping 
    LK: Good range, startup and stays out for most of the arc of 
    the jump. Best used as an air-to-air attack; same for jumping 
    forward. Also safe if blocked.
    HP: Okay range, covers a good area. Large start-up. Unsafe 
    if  whiffed, open to anti-airs. Lots of startup. Average combo 
    starter; same for jumping forward. Good damage and guard 
    damage as well.
    HK: Good range, okay startup and damage. Decent air-to-air 
    attack but LK is more suited for air-to-air. Good damage/guard 
    and priority. Safer than HP though.
    Dream Manipulator: F, LP, LP:
    A simple fist attack. The first hits looks similiar to standing far 
    HP. The first cancels ONLY into supers. Safe if blocked and the 
    2nd hit can is cancleable but unsafe if blocked. Good little poke 
    string that does okay damage and guard damage.
    Reaper Rumbler: F + LK:
    A simple overhead kick but very slow startup and can be used 
    in any combos which degrade its use. Also if canceled into it 
    loses its overhead property and can be blocked low. Iori is open 
    for huge punishment if blocked.
    100 Slashes: B + LK:
    A kick that hits on the other side making it the perfect jumping 
    crossup attack. Tricky and hard to react to. When jumping over 
    your opponent make sure you hold the direction your facing 
    before committing to the attack other wise you'll get a normal 
    jump LK. Can also be done during his back dash making him 
    travel much further and recovers fast. Safe if blocked. This 
    move plays a huge part in his mixup games.
    Demon Scorcher 100: F, D, DF + P:
    Iori's version of the dragon punch and Iori's main purpose 
    move. Anti-air, wakeup when knocked down. Combo finisher, 
    punishment situations.Good priority but the HP version has 
    more priority, damage, more vertical range and hits 3 times. 
    Good guard damage as well. But the LP version is better for 
    punishment situations when outside of close range due to 
    the fact it recovers faster but also because the HP version 
    may miss a hit(s) and may not knock down. Iori is left wide 
    open if the HP version is blocked or whiffed. The LP version,
    not as much.
    Exorcism: QCF + P:
    Also called "Dark Thrust". Iori's projectile to where he thrusts 
    a purple wave of fire to the ground; almost similar to Terry's 
    Power Wave. Average damage and chip damage. Also good 
    chip damage for Demon Scorcher. Probably not the best fire-
    ball in the game. A bit slow. The recovery on it has been watered 
    down since past KOF games. Best used as a poke from MAX 
    range or to build bar. The LP version travels slower, but due to 
    the bad recovery you cannot combo a Crescent Moon Crunch
    or Rage of the 8 Maidens off an LP Exorcism anymore due to 
    the lack of range and bad recovery. He was able to do this in 
    past games.
    Blue Blossom: QCB + Px3:
    Iori's version of his Rekkas. Great for combos and punishing 
    situations, especially off of a standing close LK on wakeup. If 
    the first 2 hits are blocked, stop and defend against whatever 
    the opponent throws out. The 3rd hit is an overhead but unsafe 
    if blocked. Only throw it out if blocked sparingly in case they 
    block low and commit to an attack at the wrong time. Knocks 
    down, small guard and chip damage. This is also good to use 
    against cornered opponents.
    Crescent Moon Crunch: HCB + K:
    Iori runs up and grabs the opponent ready to explode them. 
    However, it is blockable and leaves Iori open for punishment 
    when blocked. Can be comboed into. Okay damage and knocks 
    down. Best used as a quick advancing move to replace the dash
    when you knock your opponent down (LK Version). Barely no 
    chip or guard damage.
    Winds of Haste: HCB, F + P:
    Iori grabs his opponents and flings them to the side, giving you 
    a large enough window to land a combo or mixup. Must be used 
    in point-blank range to connect. Unblockable and cannot be 
    comboed into. You must be really fast when you launch a combo 
    after the attack, otherwise the opponent can block. This move 
    gives Iori a high damage option off of a throw. Also useful to 
    counter GCS attempts. Just cancel the move you opponent GCS 
    through. It will throw them out of the dash. This will make your 
    opponent scared to GCS. This move can be risky since it has 
    long recovery. If whiffed, it doesn't build bar.
    Killer Comb: F, D, DF + K:
    Introduced in KOF '97 (or '98, I don't play '97 Iori), Iori flies forward 
    with a fiery scratch. Not the best attack but okay damage, but 
    doesn't knock down, can't be comboed and is unsafe if blocked. 
    However, it does have a large window of auto guard on start-up 
    making it decent for defensive situations. Like going through 
    fireballs. The HK version has a longer startup but travels further. 
    Best used in MAX mode combos. Though it appears to look like 
    a overhead, it is not! Can also be used to counter GCS Attempts 
    but Winds of Haste is better.
    Rage of the 8 Maidens: QCF, HCB + P:
    First intorduced in KOF '95, Iori rushes down to the opponent 
    and when it connects, does a barrage of normals ending off with 
    a grab to which Iori triggers an explosion. Good damage and 
    knocks down. The slide covers a good range, while Iori has some 
    slight upper body invinicibility. Allowing him to pass through 
    fireballs. Unsafe if blocked. No chip and guard damage and can 
    only really used in combos.
    -Bloom of The Wolf (during Rage of the 8 Maidens): QCFx4 + 
    LP + HP:
    An extension of Rage of the 8 Maidens introduced in KOF2001. 
    Iori slashes the air then unleashes a pillar of flame right after. 
    This super does some okay damage (not as much as expected 
    for how spectacular and cool the super looks) but any damage 
    is good damage and knocks down.  Always try to execute when 
    you land Rage of The 8 Maidens, espcially since this extension
    costs no extra bar. There will be no whiff animation for this 
    attack. either you do the super or you dont.
    Killer Comb Filleter: QCFx2 + K:
    A super version of his special move, the Killer Combo that 
    was first introduced in KOF '99. This move is used in all the 
    same ways as the normal version. Iori leaps a great range to 
    execute this attack. Does great damage and knocks down.
    Good priority, has auto-guard on set-up. Also good for going 
    through various projectiles. The HK one can be comboed off 
    of a LP Exorcism from mid-range. The HK version is also a 
    Blood Rage: HCBx2 + LP + HP:
    The Orochi Blood invades the veins of Iori for about 3 seconds. 
    Once the opponent hits Iori, the screen fades to black a few 
    times as Iori slashes the opponent in his Riot-Blood mode. 
    Iori will counter any physical attack except for throws for a 
    huge chunk of damage and does a knockdown. Used only in
    defensive situations. Works okay as an anti-air or as a reversal 
    or for wakeup when your are knocked down but missing with 
    this move can be bad, so learn what your opponent does, 
    learn what they like to abuse and their patterns to use this 
    move at best. Cause this move can lead to a damage or no 
    damage. The recovery is a bit slow as well. This move is 
    also a reference in his KOF '96 ending on how Mature and 
    Vice are killed.
    Cancel Chart:
    A	B	C	D
    R	X	X	X
    Standing Close:
    A	B	C	D
    CR	C	C	X
    A	B	C	D
    CR	R	C	X
    A	B	C	D
    X	X	X	X
    Jumping Diagonal:
    A	B	C	D
    X	X	X	X
    Super Cancelable Attacks
    LP Demon Scorcher 100 (1 hit), HP Demon Scorcher (2 hit)
    Max Cancelable Attacks
    LP Demon Scorcher (1 hit), HP Demon Scorcher (2 hit),
    Killer Comb, Blue Blossom (1-2hit), Crescent Moon Crunch
    (1 hit), Dream Manipulator  (1 hit), Reaper Rumbler (1 hit)
    A = LP
    B = LK
    C = HP
    D = HK
    A=cancels into anything except special normals (you know 
    like f + LP)
    R=repeats or chain into itself
    X= non cancellable
    /=divides hits
    C=cancels into special normals, specials and supers
    S=cancels only into supers
    Various Combos:
    -Crouching LK, crouching LP, Blue Blossom
    -Standing close HP, Demon Scorcher 100 (HP)
    -Winds of Haste, dash forward, standing close HP, Blue 
    Blossom/Rage Of 8 Maidens, Bloom Of The Wolf
    -Standing close HP/crouching LK, link crouching LP work 
    for combo starters on almost anything
    -standing close LK, link standing close HP, Crescent Moon 
    Crunch (HK) (1 hit), Demon Scorcher 100 (HP) (2 hit), Crescent 
    Moon Crunch (1 hit), Demon Scorcher (HP) (2 hit), Crescent 
    Moon Crunch (1 hit), HP Demon Scorcher (2 hit), Rage of 
    The 8 Maidens, Bloom of The Wolf 
    *MAX mode only; I believe you can substitute the Crescent 
    Moon Crunch with Killer Comb or Deadly Blossom. Then 
    you use Crescent Moon Crunch when you start to get out 
    of range.
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    Props to those who made this guide possible:
    G Product for various points about the moves and the SNK
    Playmore Japan site for the explanation of the basics.
    Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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