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    Mr. Karate by GenesisGamma6

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    SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    Mr. Karate for Beginners FAQ
    Version 1.0
    By GenesisGamma6 (AKA Epsilon of Blood-sports.net)
    Started and completed on: September 9, 2006
    Formal Stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    (1) Introduction to the Karate Goblin
    (2) Quick bio and story information 
    (3) Legend
    (4) Game basics
    (5) The Kyokugen Special Techniques
    (6) The really secret Kyokugen supers
    (7) Basic combos
    (8) A few final tips
    (9) Miscellaneous Information
    (10) Credits and Contact Info
    Introduction to the Karate Goblin
    If you're a fan of Takuma Sakazaki in the KOF games, then you'll definitely
    like Mr. Karate in this game. He practically has it all here... power, good
    stamina and easy combos! And of course, a few new bonuses due to the fact that
    our favourite old Kyokugen master has donned the Tengu Mask!
    The purpose of this FAQ is to give a brief guide for beginners to Mr. Karate
    in the SNK vs. Capcom game and will by no means provide insane amounts of
    Quick bio and story information
    I don't have a Neo Geo official handbook so here's some bio information from 
    a KOF 98 Takuma FAQ with additional info from http://www.answers.com. 
    Place of Birth: Japan
    Date of Birth: Febuary 4th, 1947 (Feb 4, 1933 according to AOF)
    Height: 1.80 m (5'11")
    Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
    Blood type: O
    Hobbies: Making Soba (buckwheat) noodles
    Favorite food: White rice, miso soup, kale pellets, vinegar-cured soybeans
    Favorite sport: All martial arts
    Most valuable: His children, students, and Kyokugen-ryuu Karate
    Hates the most: Snakes
    Fighting style: Kyokugen-ryuu Karate (Extreme style Karate-do)
    The story begins in Art of Fighting when he lost his memory and got recruited
    by Mr. Big to take care of some pesky martial artists at the Kyokugen dojo. 
    Ryo managed to eventually defeat him and was about to go for the final blow
    when Yuri saved him and helped him restore his memory. 
    The entry on Wikipedia states something different and suggests that Takuma
    created this persona to preserve his honour and had nothing to do with memory
    So what's his story here? According to the SVC Comic, he's interested in doing
    battle with Akuma and has died in order to get to the Parallel World 
    Tournament to fight him at full power there.
    Primary colour: White karate gi, white hair and beard on mask
    Secondary colour: Light purple karate gi, light purple hair and beard on mask
    u = Up
    uf = Up-Forward
    f = Forward
    df = Down-Forward
    d = Down
    db = Down-Back
    b = Back
    ub = Up-Back
    qcf = Quarter-Circle Forward
    qcb = Quarter-Circle Back
    hcf = Half-Circle Forward
    hcb = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    Neo-Geo System Button Configuration
    A = LP
    B = LK
    C = HP
    D = HK
    Game Basics
    Dash: Tap f twice
    Character will perform a quick dash forward. You are vulnerable to attack
    during this dash.
    Backwards dash: Tap b twice
    Character will hop backwards. Once again, you are vulnerable to attack 
    during the hop.
    Guard Cancel Frontstep: Tap f twice while blocking or press BC while blocking
    Character cancels block and dashes forward with a brief moment of 
    invincibility. This is a key concept to master so get used to it quickly. 
    This technique consumes some power gauge energy. According to Kao Megura's
    general FAQ, tapping F twice consumes less power gauge energy than pressing BC
    while blocking. 
    Guard Cancel Attack: Press CD at same time while blocking
    Character cancels block and performs a small counter attack to knock opponent
    back. This costs you one level of your power gauge and seems to deal little 
    to no damage so use this sparingly.
    Throwing: Press AB or CD when near opponent
    This is probably one of the elements that turns normal fighting game fans away
    from this game. Throwing is a bit of a hassle here (even more so than Street 
    Fighter Alpha 3's PPP or KKK throw input). If you miss a throw, there will
    be a miss animation for your character and you will be punished for a missed
    throw by losing some power gauge energy. Obviously a successful throw 
    doesn't cost any power guage. The AB throw will keep your opponent in front
    of you while the CD throw causes your character to switch sides so keep that
    in mind.
    Throw escape: Press AB or CD as soon as you are being thrown by the opponent
    Your character will perform an action to avoid being thrown by the opponent.
    Note that you must use the same input as the opponent did. So if the opponent 
    tries an AB throw, you have to press AB as well to escape the throw.
    Recovery Roll: Press AB when landing
    A standard feature in King of Fighters, this allows your character to recover 
    on their feet quickly instead of being knocked down.
    The Kyokugen Special Techniques
    Oosotogari: Press AB when near opponent
    Mr. Karate quickly forces the opponent to the ground before adding in a final
    Ippon Seoi: Press CD when near opponent
    A standard grab move where Mr. Karate picks up the opponent, switches around
    and slams the enemy on to the ground.
    Oniguruma: f + A
    Mr. Karate performs a punch that acts as a knockdown attack unless you cancel
    into it (according to Kao's FAQ). This move is also cancelable.
    Kawara Wari: f + B
    An overhead attack. Use this to mix up your game and smack opponents who 
    use crouching guard too often. If you combo into this, there won't be any
    overhead properties.
    Hisha Otoshi: b + A
    A chop that can negate normal projectiles. Pretty slow start-up so I would 
    suggest that you avoid this move.
    Ko'ou Ken: qcf + P
    Mr. Karate's standard projectile move. The C version travels a bit faster
    than the A version. Alternate between both to confuse your opponent. You can
    also use this to combo from his normal cancelable attacks. Good to see that 
    he has this version rather than the one he got in KOF 2002.
    Zanretsu Ken: f, b, f + P
    Mr. Karate gets into a stance and starts jabbing the air with his inner arm.
    If the enemy comes into contact without guarding, Mr. Karate will use his 
    inner arm to deliver 12 hits before finishing off with a punch from his outer
    arm to knock the enemy down for a total of 13 hits. There seems to be no real
    difference between using A or C (unlike Ryo's version where A or C determines
    how Ryo's final punch is delivered). This can act as a good follow up from a
    D Hien Shippu Kyaku. More on that later.
    Kohou: f, d, df + P
    It's about time Mr. Karate got his own uppercut! I've never seen him have it
    before in the KOF games. I have no idea if he had this move back in his Art of
    Fighting days. Basically, it's a good clean tight anti-air move similar to 
    Ryu's Shouryuu Ken and the movement is the same as Marco/Butt's anti-air from
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
    Mouko Burai Gan: qcb + P
    Mr. Karate throws out a punch from his outer arm that comes out after a few
    seconds of autoguard from his inner arm when it's in the air. Can be used as
    a follow up from D Hien Shippu Kyaku.
    Shouran Kyaku: hcb + K
    Mr. Karate runs towards the opponent, grabs him, uses his knees to inflict 
    some damage before kicking him away. This move has been with Takuma throughout
    his KOF incarnations. Mr. Karate is obviously vulnerable during the run and
    will stop after running a certain distance depending on if the player used the
    B or D button.
    Hien Shippu Kyaku: Charge db, f + K
    A classic move of Takuma... er, Mr. Karate. You will always want to use the D
    version since that allows for an easy juggle of the enemy. The B version only
    goes a short distance and has one hit while the D version travels further and
    does two hits. There are so many ways to follow up with the D version. I'll 
    leave a brief list at the end of the FAQ in the basic combos section.
    The really secret Kyokugen supers
    Kyokugen Kohou: qcf x 2 + K
    Essentially, this is a super version of Mr. Karate's uppercut and this goes
    for 7 hits. Obviously, if a student like Marco/Butt had this move as one of
    his supers, the great Grand Master should have this too. Best used as a follow
    up to D Hien Shippu Kyaku.
    Haoh Shikou Ken: f, hcf + P (hold P to delay release of projectile)
    The standard Kyokugen super projectile. Every single disciple of this art has
    this move in one way or another. You can delay the release of this move by 
    holding down P. The A version travels slowly while the C version travels fast.
    Also, delaying the projectile will not affect it's damage or speed.
    Chou Haoh Shikou Ken: f, hcf + AC [EXCEED] (hold AC to delay release)
    Mr. Karate throws out three Haoh Shikou Kens at once (much like the finisher
    for the MAX version of Takuma's old Ryuuko Ranbu). As noted above, delaying
    has no effect on damage. Speed is pretty much the same as a C version except
    for three at once. A good Exceed which can act as a great follow up to D
    Hien Shippu Kyaku or as a wake up call for someone abusing their projectile
    attack too much. 
    SNK did not give this version of Mr. Karate the Ryuuko Ranbu. Instead they
    made it as an Exceed for Serious Mr. Karate. What gives?
    Basic Combos
    1. D Hien Shippu Kyaku => pretty much any physical attack except for grabs 
    2. Jump D => Crouching C => D Hien Shippu Kyaku => Same as above
    3. Close C => Ko'ou Ken.
    A few final words
    As great as D Hien Shippu Kyaku is, don't get predictable with it or you can
    end up getting severely punished.
    Also, it's about damn time that Takuma was given an anti-air move like the
    Dragon Punch.
    Some CPU End Boss Tips for those having trouble getting to Mr. Karate's ending
    Shin Akuma: The CPU attack pattern is that once you get in a corner, he'll 
    continue teleporting back and forth and do random things that would obviously
    destroy an agressive player (or a complete newbie). Have patience. Once in a 
    while, he'll leap forward to do a Zankuu Hadouken. Once he lands, he usually
    pauses for a bit so that's when you can quickly perform a throw. Also, try
    and feint at certain times to have the CPU throw out a Messatsu Gou Shouryuu
    when you still have time to guard. Then you can punish with a simple combo.
    Violent Ken: Time your jumps carefully so that he can whiff his HP Shoryuuken
    and then nail him with a combo.
    Orochi Iori: Use your dashes as ways to feint so that he will whiff his 100
    Shiki: Oniyaki in front of you. Also, don't rely on the Ko'ou Ken here since
    Orochi Iori can easily duck under them with his crouching guard (or with a
    Ya Otome super).
    Serious Mr. Karate: Learn to master Guard Cancel Frontstep so that you can
    punish him when he does Chou Haoh Shikou Ken. He will occasionally leave 
    himself wide open when he does his HP Built Upper and Kyokugen Kohou so be
    ready to combo him there.
    Red Arremer: I don't have too many tips here since I usually don't fight the
    devil with Mr. Karate. Red Arremer's projectiles can easily out do Mr. Karate
    here so the only time to nail him in general is if he uses Hell Hunter
    (Chijou) where he flies in a straight path. Just dodge it and counterattack.
    Athena: Easy for anyone in general. All you need to do is be aware of her move
    properties and their openings for a counterattack.
    Miscellaneous Information
    Win pose 1: Slips out of his karate gi top to expose his scarred chest
    Win pose 2: Performs a light kata in place
    Win quote 1: Lads like you cannot hope to bend my nose out of shape. You can't
    touch this baby!
    Win quote 2: You lack real training!
    Win quote 3: I've heard rumours that the Kyokugen dojo is all the rage these
    Win quote 4: My real identity? I'm the Karate Goblin!
    Special win quote against Ryo: You lack devotion! Enduring hunger and poverty
    is how you find the way!
    Special win quote against Mr. Karate: If you're going to wear a mask, make it
    a cool one like mine!
    Special win quote against Serious Mr. Karate: Imposter! You think you can hide
    behind a mere mask?
    Credits and Contact Info
    Special thanks to those who wrote up KOF Takuma FAQs. Their useful information
    made this SVC Mr. Karate FAQ easier to write. Also, thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ
    for some additional notes on move properties for the Karate Goblin.
    Kudos for Capcom and SNK teaming up together on these projects. Hope to see
    another one in the works soon.
    AIM: GenesisGamma6
    Yahoo: nemesisalpha1@yahoo.ca
    MSN/Hotmail: deadalpha@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2006 Isaac Tong

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