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    Orochi Iori by GenesisGamma6

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    SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    Orochi Iori for Beginners FAQ
    Version 1.0
    By GenesisGamma6 (AKA Epsilon of Blood-sports.net and of G3-Gaming Evolution)
    Started and completed on: September 24, 2006
    Formal Stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    (1) Introduction to the Insane Orochi Warrior
    (2) Quick bio and story information 
    (3) Legend
    (4) Game basics
    (5) Yagami-style special techniques
    (6) Yagami-style super techniques
    (7) Basic Combos
    (8) Other Character Notes
    (9) Miscellaneous Information
    (10) Credits and Contact Info
    Introduction to the Insane Orochi Warrior
    This alternative version of Iori Yagami got his official introduction as a
    playable character in KOF 97 although there were several hints to his more
    vicious side with the way he trashed his old teammates in KOF 95 and 96. As a
    much faster and stronger version of the normal Iori Yagami, it wasn't too 
    surprising that he was the default mid-boss for KOF 97. He didn't get another
    true arcade appearance until Capcom created the CVS series and placed him in
    the SNK roster. SNK took a clue and put him as a hidden character in this
    game, making it his second appearance in an SNK arcade fighting game.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to give a brief guide for beginners to Orochi Iori
    in the SNK vs. Capcom game and will by no means provide insane amounts of 
    Quick bio and story information
    Since I have no official King of Fighters handbook, the statistical 
    information presented here may not be 100% accurate. 
    Taken from http://www.answers.com
    Birthplace: Japan
    Birthdate: March 25
    Age: 20
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 76 kg
    Blood type: O
    Hobbies: Playing music
    Favourite food: Meat
    Favourite sport: Everything
    Likes: Nothing
    Dislikes: Violence
    Fighting style: Yagami style of ancient martial arts and pure instinct
    During the Orochi story line in the KOF series, the incoming resurrection of
    Orochi fired up Iori's blood and caused him to enter the Riot of Blood state
    several times prior to the 1997 tournament. He entered that state once more
    when Orochi became personally involved in the tournament and it took a great
    deal of effort to restrain him by the other fighters. 
    The latest KOF story arc with Ash Crimson has Iori entering the Riot of Blood
    again with Orochi's strengthening presence. After severely injuring Kyo and 
    Shingo in this state, Ash made his appearance and defeated Iori before taking
    his Yasakani no Magatama.
    In the SVC Comic, an Orochi Iori clone has been created by Bison who hopes to 
    use it as his next body. This is probably based on the special Iori vs. Bison
    introduction in the CVS series. Apparently, the clone has made it to the 
    Parallel World Tournament. His fate remains unknown...
    Primary colour: Red hair and pants, black jacket
    Secondary colour: Brown hair and pants, black jacket
    u = Up
    uf = Up-Forward
    f = Forward
    df = Down-Forward
    d = Down
    db = Down-Back
    b = Back
    ub = Up-Back
    qcf = Quarter-Circle Forward
    qcb = Quarter-Circle Back
    hcf = Half-Circle Forward
    hcb = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    Neo-Geo System Button Configuration
    A = LP
    B = LK
    C = HP
    D = HK
    Game Basics
    Dash: Tap f twice
    Character will perform a quick dash forward. You are vulnerable to attack
    during this dash.
    Backwards dash: Tap b twice
    Character will hop backwards. Once again, you are vulnerable to attack 
    during the hop.
    Guard Cancel Frontstep: Tap f twice while blocking or press BC while blocking
    Character cancels block and dashes forward with a brief moment of 
    invincibility. This is a key concept to master so get used to it quickly. 
    This technique consumes some power gauge energy. According to Kao Megura's
    general FAQ, tapping F twice consumes less power gauge energy than pressing BC
    while blocking. 
    Guard Cancel Attack: Press CD at same time while blocking
    Character cancels block and performs a small counter attack to knock opponent
    back. This costs you one level of your power gauge and deals no damage so only
    use this if the enemy is pressuring you too much and you need some breathing 
    Throwing: Press AB or CD when near opponent
    This is probably one of the elements that turns normal fighting game fans away
    from this game. Throwing is a bit of a hassle here (even more so than Street 
    Fighter Alpha 3's PPP or KKK throw input). If you miss a throw, there will
    be a miss animation for your character and you will be punished for a missed
    throw by losing some power gauge energy. Obviously a successful throw 
    doesn't cost any power guage. The AB throw will keep your opponent in front
    of you while the CD throw causes your character to switch sides so keep that
    in mind.
    Throw escape: Press AB or CD as soon as you are being thrown by the opponent
    Your character will perform an action to avoid being thrown by the opponent.
    Note that you must use the same input as the opponent did. So if the opponent 
    tries an AB throw, you have to press AB as well to escape the throw.
    Recovery Roll: Press AB when landing
    A standard feature in King of Fighters, this allows your character to recover 
    on their feet quickly instead of being knocked down.
    Yagami-style special techniques
    Hikiri Kine - Press AB when near opponent
    Orochi Iori will grab the enemy and perform the final explosion of the normal
    Iori's Ya Otome super. I got no real complaints about this grab move and it
    looks neat too.
    Sakahagi - Press CD when near opponent
    Pretty much the same throw that normal Iori uses. He gets behind the enemy
    and slashes them once.
    Geshiki: Yumebiki - f + A, A
    This command move has Iori performing two slashes. In order to get the second
    slash, you must press A again after inputting the f + A. Both hits of this 
    move are cancelable. As far as I'm concerned, this command move is central to
    a decent number of bread and butter combos so use this when the enemy is open
    for a simple combo.
    Geshiki: Goufu In "Shinigami" - f + B
    A two hit kick with either hit being an overhead unless canceled into (in 
    which case, this becomes cancelable on the second hit). Not exactly a great
    move. Although you could get turtlers with this, I would probably suggest
    that you use Kuzukaze and make them sorry for constantly playing defensive.
    Geshiki: Yuri Ori - b + B in air
    A nice light cross-up kick that can set up for some combos. Kao Megura notes
    that the backstep bug from the KOF series is retained here. That means if you
    do this while hopping back, Iori will fly backwards. Kinda reminds me of a
    flea. Heh... both versions of Iori have this bug. 
    108 Shiki: Yamibarai - qcf + P
    Iori's standard ground projectile. This seems to go a bit faster than normal
    Iori's but other than that, there's little difference. Not exactly the 
    greatest projectile since it's so easy for an enemy to jump over and smack
    you while you're still recovering from throwing the move. But it is somewhat
    adequate as it can hit an enemy who throws a mid-air projectile like Chaos
    100 Shiki: Oniyaki - f, d, df + P
    Standard anti-air move. Orochi Iori gets mid-level invincibility when he does
    the C version of this move. The A version is a pretty decent move with quick 
    start up and recovery. Unlike the normal Iori in this game, you can't Super
    Cancel from this to Ya Otome while in Maximum Mode. I suppose the programmers
    didn't want Orochi Iori to be that powerful.
    127 Shiki: Aoi Hana - qcb + P (can be done up to three times)
    A move that has been a part of Iori's bread and butter combos since his first
    appearance in KOF 1995. Iori will basically dash forward and deliver a blow
    for each input. The final input will yield an overhead blow with both of his
    hands. Great way to wear down the opponent's health when you get a combo
    opportunity. The C version of Aoi Hana has mid-level invincibility.
    212 Shiki: Kototsuki In - hcb + K
    Since Kyo had this type of move in his old KOF days (and gets it again in this
    game), Iori had to have a counterpart. Iori runs forward and if he connects
    with an open opponent, he slams their face to the ground and creates a small
    explosion. Frankly, this move doesn't have any real function other than to 
    look fancy. 
    Kuzukaze - hcb, f + P when near opponent
    A good way to open up an opportunity to combo against turtlers. This grab move
    will cause you to switch sides with the enemy and leave them open for attack.
    For some reason, I have a hard time using this when Iori has the Ya Sakazuki
    super move. Every time I input the command, I usually end up doing that super
    instead. Strange engine buffering, I guess or maybe I really need to be more
    precise with the command. But even when I don't have super stock to trigger
    the Ya Sakazuki, I have a bit of trouble getting this out. Also, there is 
    some brief mid-level invincibility with this move (as I've gotten caught in
    it when trying to use a standing HK).
    Yagami-style super techniques
    Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome - qcf, hcb + P
    The one and only Maiden Masher. Orochi Iori's version of the move in this game
    is seriously unbelievable as he has mid-level invincibility at the start of 
    either version of this move. While the normal version that Iori has needs a 
    follow up to maximize the damage and can't duck underneath all projectiles, 
    this version has no such weaknesses. This passes underneath all mid-level 
    attacks. A great solid move that can be used to punish or can be inserted 
    into a combo. This version ends in a Kototsuki In which is based off of the 
    Level 2 Ya Otome from CVS2.
    Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki - qcb, hcf + P (can hold P to delay release)
    Introduced as the second DM for Iori and Orochi Iori in KOF 1997. This move is
    such a waste and I was irritated to see this again in the CVS series. Iori
    will basically throw a full screen pillar of purple flames and if the enemy
    doesn't block, he will be frozen in place. The pillar does no chip damage and
    only deals some small gradual damage when the enemy is caught and doesn't try
    to break loose. What also annoys me is how the enemy can break loose and take
    less damage by wiggling the joystick and tapping the buttons. Finally, the big
    thing that ticks me off is how Iori can't use certain moves when the enemy is
    stunned. I can understand not using another Ya Sakazuki but Yami Barai should
    be okay along with Kuzukaze and his ???! Exceed since that Exceed is pretty
    tough to connect in a real match. I don't get it. The Ya Sakazuki can negate
    normal projectiles and some super projectiles. 
    ???! - qcf, hcb + BD when near opponent [EXCEED]
    A neat looking grab move that will remind you of the Three Sacred Treasure
    ending of KOF 1997 when Iori held Orochi in place for Kyo to finish it off.
    Iori basically grabs the enemy and holds them in a large pillar of purple
    flame before releasing them. The grab range isn't that great (like Tessa's
    Meteor Fall grab Exceed) so don't think too much about getting your enemy
    with this. 
    Basic Combos
    Whenever I mention Aoi Hana in this section, think qcb + P (x3)
    1. Jump D => Crouching/Standing C => Yami Barai/Aoi Hana/Ya Otome
    2. Crouching A => Crouching B => A version Aoi Hana
    3. Yumebiki (better to cancel on second hit) => Aoi Hana/Ya Otome 
    4. Yuri Ori => Crouching/Standing C => Yami Barai/Aoi Hana/Ya Otome
    5. Kuzukaze => Yumebiki (must cancel on first hit) => Ya Otome
    Other Character Notes
    If you're comfortable with Iori, then all you need to do is get used to the
    speed and be aware of the slight differences between the two Ioris. If you
    are a total beginner, then start practicing with normal Iori first to get
    used to his combat style.
    Orochi Iori's crouching guard allows him to duck underneath some mid-level
    projectiles like Hadouken and Chaos Flare. He can also duck under mid-level
    attacks with his forward dash.
    Orochi Iori is not normally selectable. To select him, press start to start up
    the roulette and tap Up, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left and then press 
    any punch or kick button while still in roulette.
    Some CPU End Boss Tips for those having trouble getting to Iori's ending
    Shin Akuma: The CPU attack pattern is that once you get in a corner, he'll 
    continue teleporting back and forth and do random things that would obviously
    destroy an agressive player (or a complete newbie). Have patience. Once in a 
    while, he'll leap forward to do a Zankuu Hadouken. Once he lands, he usually
    pauses for a bit so that's when you can quickly perform a throw or nail the
    ???! Exceed. You can use feints to force him to whiff a Messatsu Gou Shoryu
    before going in for a combo. Also, when he uses Zankuu Hadouken, you can use
    a carefully timed Ya Otome to punish him. 
    Violent Ken: Time your jumps carefully so that he can whiff his HP Shoryuuken
    and then nail him with a combo. Alternatively, you can abuse your Ya Otome 
    to punish Ken for using his Rasetsu Kyaku or Hadouken.
    Orochi Iori: Pretty simple mirror match. Use your dashes to feint and get the
    CPU to whiff an Oniyaki before going in for a combo. Alternatively, you can 
    nail the CPU with a combo when it does Yami Barai.
    Serious Mr. Karate: Learn to master Guard Cancel Frontstep so that you can
    punish him when he does Chou Haoh Shikou Ken. He will occasionally leave 
    himself wide open when he does his HP Built Upper and Kyokugen Kohou so be
    ready to combo him there. Ya Otome will definitely be a great asset as it can
    duck underneath the invisible Ko'ou Ken and beat Mr. Karate out of his super
    projectiles since he's vulnerable at start up.
    Red Arremer: If you know Orochi Iori well, then you shouldn't have too much of
    a problem. Just use your speed to keep ahead and watch for openings. You can
    also try and corner Red Arremer and keep performing A version Aoi Hana 
    repeatedly to lower his Guard Meter and try to Guard Crush him.
    Athena: Easy for anyone in general. All you need to do is be aware of her move
    properties and their openings for a counterattack.
    Miscellaneous Information
    Win pose: Goes into his crazy pose and screams. He has two different screams.
    Win quote 1: Gooo-whooooaaaa.
    Win quote 2: Ooh-whooa-ah-whoooaaa!
    Win quote 3: D... daaa... dai... die...
    Win quote 4: Wa-ooooh-ahhhhh.
    Special win quote against Kyo: Kyoooo... ooohh... KYOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Credits and Contact Info
    Thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ for some additional notes on move properties.
    Kudos for Capcom and SNK teaming up together on these projects. Hope to see
    another one in the works soon.
    I also have some exclusive guides at the G3 website. So far, only Serious
    Mr. Karate is up but I will eventually get a Shin Akuma/Gouki FAQ and a Final
    Boss FAQ up there. Check it out under the Game Guides section of the G3 site.
    AIM: GenesisGamma6
    Yahoo: nemesisalpha1@yahoo.ca
    MSN/Hotmail: deadalpha@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2006 Isaac Tong

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