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    Stealth Kill FAQ by Swiftshark

    Version: Final | Updated: 05/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     @          @@        @@@     @@&    @@@         !#@@%    !@     @@#     @     #
     @          @#        @@#     &@&    @@%           @#!    !@     @@&     @     #
     @%%%    @%%#@     !  @@#     !@#    @@!           @@%    !@     @@#     @     #
     @@@&    @##@@     @@@@@#      &#    @@     %#     @@%    !@     @@#     @     #
     @@@#    @@@@@     @@@@@@       @    @@!    %#     @@%    !@     @@#     @     #
     @@@&    @@@@@     @@@@@#       #    @@!    %@ &&%!@@%    !@     @@#     @     #
     @@@#    @@@@@        @@#       %    #@!    %@@@@@@@@%           @@#     @!    #
     @@@#    @@@@@        @@#            #@!    %@@@@@@@@&           @@@     @!    &
     @@@#    @@@@#        @@#            #@!    %@@@@@@@@&           @@@     @!    &
     @@@#    @@@@@     @@@@@@    &       @@!    %@@@@@@@@&     @     @@@     @!    #
     @@##    @@@@@     @@@@@@    #       #@%    %@     @@&     @     @@@     @!    #
     @@@#    @@@@@     @@@@@@    &%      @@%    %@     @@#     @     @@@     @%    #
     @@##    #@@@#     @@@@@#    &#      #@%    %@     @@#     @     @@@     @%    #
     @###    #@@##        @@@    &@#     #@#           @@#     @     @@@!          #
     @###    #@@#@        @@@    &@@     #@@         !#@@#     @     @@@@         !@
                                                         *Artwork courtesy Atom Edge
       _____ _  _____  _    _       ____  _   _    _    ____   _____        ______
      |  ___/ \|_   _|/ \  | |     / ___|| | | |  / \  |  _ \ / _ \ \      / / ___|
      | |_ / _ \ | | / _ \ | |     \___ \| |_| | / _ \ | | | | | | \ \ /\ / /\___ \
      |  _/ ___ \| |/ ___ \| |___   ___) |  _  |/ ___ \| |_| | |_| |\ V  V /  ___) |
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                   |                                            |
                   |   Version: Final                           |
                   |   Percentage Complete: 99.9%               |
                   |   Last Updated: May 11 2005                |
                   |   Written By: Swiftshark (Oliver Ferrier)  |
                   |   Email: Swiftshark@gmail.com              |
                   |                                            |
                   |                                            |
                   |   Game Title: Tenchu: Fatal Shadows        |
                   |   Platform: Playstation 2 (NTSC Version)   |
                   |   Creators: K2 / Sega                      |
                   |                                            |
                              >-=TABLE OF CONTENTS=-<
                               I.Copyright Information
                              II.Update Information
                              IV.Stealth Kill Overview
                               V.Ayame's Stealth Kills
                              VI.Rin's Stealth Kills
                             VII.Using Weapons/Items to Kill
                            VIII.Q & A
    |I.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|  COPYRIGHT INFORMATION    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    This FAQ is the property of Oliver Ferrier (A.K.A Swiftshark) and is subject
    to all applicable copyright laws. Anyone wanting to post this FAQ on any
    websites or other form of publication must request permission in writing by
    emailing me at the address found at the top of this document. In all likelihood
    the answer is already no. However, the most recent version of this FAQ can
    always be found at Gamefaqs.com
    Presently the only websites permitted to host this FAQ are:
    NOTE: If you are reading this FAQ on any other site than those listed above then
          please email me at Swiftshark@gmail.com and let me know. Thanks.
    |II.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    UPDATE INFORMATION     |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    May 11 2005: Corrected a few minor mistakes. This is the Final Version. If and
                 when someone submits all of the enemy Stealth Kill animations that
                 occur when you mis-time your jump then I'll add them. Otherwise
                 this is it folks!
    March 28 2005: Completed the guide. The only thing I lack are the Stealth Kill
                   animations that occur when the various enemy guards Stealth Kill
                   you. If anyone would like to submit them then I will gladly add
                   them and credit you fully. PLEASE ONLY EMAIL ME A COMPLETE LIST
                   OF CONCISE DEPICTIONS.
    March 24 2005: Began working on the FAQ. Set the sections and began inputting
                   most of the information I've already compiled.
    |III.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|       INTRODUCTION        |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Welcome to my Tenchu: Fatal Shadows Stealth Kill FAQ. Here you will find
    everything that you need to know regarding Stealth Kills, how they are executed
    as well as detailed descriptions of the various Stealth Kills that each playable
    character in the game can perform. You will also be able to find out exactly how
    to use various Weapons and Items in the game to also assist you in your quest to
    stealthily dispatch every living enemy in the game. There is however no "Mission
    Guide" or "Walkthrough" contained in this document so please refer to the full
    FAQ/Walkthrough that I have written if you need mission specific help. The only
    reason I have decided to post this as a separate guide is so that the subject
    matter can be easily referenced without having to go through the larger, less
    descriptive guide and because it has become sort of a tradition in the Tenchu
    series to write a Stealth Kill guide. Riki maru, this was your turn brother. :/
                             - P L E A S E    R E A D -
    If you absolutely need to contact me then you should first look for me on the
    Tenchu: Fatal Shadows message boards at either GameFAQs or Neoseeker.
    Alternately you can send me an email but make sure you type "Tenchu" in the
    subject line of your email or it will most likely become a midnight snack for my
    always hungry Recycle bin. If you don't receive a response please don't take it
    personal, it may just take a while as I often work on various projects
    Lastly, if you submit anything that gets added to this Guide then you shall
    receive full and proper credit herein. If you discover any errors or omissions
    that I may have made or if you find an easier way to do something or get
    somewhere then please let me know.
    NOTE: Garbage and Spam will be purged so make sure you type "TENCHU" in the
          subject line.
    With that said enjoy the FAQ and the game! ^_~
    |IV.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   STEALTH KILL OVERVIEW   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    A Stealth Kill is a short cinematic action sequence that ends your enemy's life
    provided you attack your victim while he/she is unaware of your presence. In
    other words, if you sneak up to a guard in stealth and press the attack button,
    the game will treat you to a short cutscene showing a painful execution, ninja
    style. There are a wide variety of Stealth Kills that you can perform depending
    on your angle of approach as well as the surface you are both on. Additionally
    many Weapons and items can also be used to stealthily kill your enemies. In the
    next few sections I will break down and examine each individual Stealth Kill
    including what steps should be followed in order to perform and execute them all
    at will. First however, let us get familiar with all of the components that make
    up our wonderful Stealth Killing world of Tenchu.
    A Stealth Kill occurs when you attack an enemy who is in "<?>", "<!>" or
    In the first seconds of "<!?>" mode. In layman's terms it means you kill in one
    swift strike. Depending on what angle you approach and attack from you can
    trigger several different animations that show your character gruesomely ending
    your victim's life. Ayame and Rin each have 8 unique Stealth Kills. (Bola Item
    not Included) Additionally there is a little flashing light will shine when you
    are in range. If you press SQUARE at the precise moment of the flashing light it
    will trigger a kuji effect around the Ki Meter. This will automatically award
    you with an extra scroll. Midway through the Stealth Kill animation the light
    will flash again. Time it just right and press Square again and an added
    image/flash will accompany the Stealth Kill FMV. This will also add to the
    scroll count. In this section I will simply briefly outline and describe the
    various approach angles that will lead to the various cutscenes as well as when
    to press the SQUARE button again to maximize your scroll count. See the
    following Ki Meter subsection for more on this.
      | Basic Approach Angles |
    - From the Left side of the Enemy
    - From the Right side of the Enemy
    - From Behind the Enemy
    - From the Front of the Enemy
    - Jumping towards the Enemy (Any Direction)
    - Attacking while on a slope, incline or uneven surface
    - Attacking while in between two enemies (On Ground)
    - Attacking while in between two enemies (Jumping)
    | KI METER |
    The Ki Meter, located at the lower left corner of your screen serves as your
    awareness meter. It tells you how near or far an enemy is from you as well as
    what his/her present mindset is. The counter goes from 0 - 99 with 99
    obviously being extremely close to the enemy so make sure you watch it closely
    and learn to use it when gauging how far a patrolling guard will walk before
    stopping and turning around. There are 4 different symbols that you will
    encounter on your Ki Meter. They are:
    <?>  - The enemy is completely unaware of your presence. (Ideal) Attacking an
           enemy while he/she is in this mode will trigger a Stealth Kill
    <!>  - The enemy sees something but is not yet sure what it might be. You
           should immediately crouch and if necessary, roll backwards and out of
    <!?> - The enemy is on alert, knows you are around but is unsure of your
           location. During this time you need to lay low until your enemy calms
           down again. Keep in mind that if there is a dead guard in the vicinity
           of two patrolling guards, both will need to individually go on alert by
           discovering the body.
    <!!> - The enemy has spotted you and is in pursuit. Time to Fight head on or
           run away and lay low until the enemy gives up the search and relaxes
           NOTE: Being spotted affects your score to the tune of –25 points each
           time. For more on scoring please refer to my full FAQ/Walkthrough.
    FLASHING LIGHT: If you look closely there is a little light that will flash once
                    you are in Stealth Kill range. Pressing SQUARE at the exact
                    moment you come into range will cause a swirling kanji effect
                    around the Ki Meter. This will give you an extra scroll.
                    Pressing SQUARE again when the light flashes a second time will
                    trigger the bonus animation during the Stealth Kill sequence and
                    also gain you another scroll.
    | SCROLLS |
    Stealth Kills cause guards to drop scrolls which you'll need to collect in order
    to unlock more and more special abilities. You can gain up to 5 scrolls as you
    venture into the later missions but generally the key to getting the maximum
    amount is to strike as soon as you come into Stealth Kill range (Kanji effect)
    and then again during the second flash in the animation. This will assure you at
    least 2-3 scrolls per kill. Special Abilities and their required scroll count
    can be seen in the table below. For a detailed breakdown of each Special Ability
    please refer to the full FAQ/Walkthrough.
                                     /  SCROLLS REQUIRED  \
    |   SPECIAL ABILITY             |   AYAME   |   RIN   |
    | WALL RUN                      |    10     |   100   |
    | CRESCENT MOON                 |    30     |   N/A   |
    | HAWK EYE                      |    60     |   150   |
    | SWIFT GUARD / FANG GUARD      |   100     |    10   |
    | CHEETAH SPRINT                |   150     |   N/A   |
    | INNER EAR                     |   200     |   N/A   |
    | ARROW BLOCK                   |   250     |    30   |
    | LONG CLAW                     |   300     |   350   |
    | SNIPER                        |   350     |   450   |
    | MIND CONTROL / NUMBING STRIKE |   400     |   250   |
    | SPIDER'S NEST                 |   450     |   400   |
    | FALSE WALL                    |   500     |   N/A   |
    | WRATH                         |   550     |   N/A   |
    | DEATH DROP                    |   N/A     |    60   |
    | CRIMSON                       |   N/A     |   200   |
    | SHADOW                        |   N/A     |   300   |
    | MIMICRY                       |   N/A     |   500   |
    | CRIMSON FINAL                 |   N/A     |   550   |
    Some of these Special Abilities can be used to quickly kill off your enemies.
    SNIPER allows you to Stealth Kill an unaware enemy by throwing a SHURIKEN to the
    back of his or her head. DEATH DROP, CRIMSON, CRIMSON FINAL and WRATH will kill
    most enemies in a single attempt but WRATH is the only one you could every try
    to use in a stealthy approach. SPIDER'S NEST is also a very useful method of
    clinging to the ceiling and then either dropping a RICE BALL down or simply
    waiting for an enemy to walk beneath you so that you can drop down and Stealth
    Kill him or her. Last but not least SHADOW (Rin only) is a skill that allows
    temporary invisibility which can help you Stealth Kill that one difficult guard
    who always seems to spot you.
    |V.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   AYAME'S STEALTH KILLS   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Ayame has a total of eight Stealth Kills in her repertoire. There is also a
    listing of her WRATH ability, which will kill an enemy in one shot regardless of
    their state of awareness. Her Item specific kills are listed in a later section.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Front
    Description: Ayame leaps above the guard and strikes him in the head as she
                 flips again and then drives both of her swords down into his
                 shoulders while in a momentary handstand position. She then drops
                 and uses her momentum to flip him over and onto his head causing
                 his neck to break. To dismount she performs a back handspring.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before the swords are driven down into his
                             shoulders. A white flash will signify correct timing.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Back
    Description: Ayame comes up behind her victim and crosses her blades over
                 his/her shoulders and then after a brief pause, slices his/her
                 throat with both blades. She then twirls both swords briefly as the
                 enemy crumbles to the ground.
    Timing of Second Strike: A split second prior to Ayame slicing the enemy's
                             throat with both blades. Watch the animation as she
                             takes her position with both blades and then press
                             SQUARE right before she finishes him off.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Right Side
    Description: Ayame stands side to side with her victim and holds his/her mouth
                 with her left hand and then quickly reaches her right blade over to
                 slit his throat. The enemy then collapses and dies in complete and
                 utter silence.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before the blade makes contact with the enemy's
                             throat. A white flash will signify correct timing.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Left Side
    Description: Ayame jumps across the front of her victim and strikes them in the
                 head/face while doing so. The guard slightly doubles over as a
                 result and when she lands she quickly pivots back and stabs her
                 sword into his chest. She pauses briefly and then violently yanks
                 it free.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before the blade is jammed into his chest. A
                             white flash will signify correct timing.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: While Jumping
    Description: Ayame Jumps and stabs both blades vertically down through her
                 victim's neck/shoulder area. She then pivots around so that she is
                 back to back with her foe and then withdraws both blades
                 simultaneously and ends in a spread eagle like pose.
    Timing of Second Strike: Just prior to her withdrawing her blades. There is a
                             split second pause in her animation right before she
                             does it. If done correctly the screen and pose will
                             flash white.
    | RED HAWK |
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: While on a Slope or Incline
    Description: Ayame leaps up onto the guards shoulder from behind in a standing
                 position, breaks his neck with her feet, jumps up just high enough
                 to do a 180, lands on his shoulders again and then flips off of him
                 as he falls dead to the ground.
    Timing of Second Strike: Just prior to her breaking his neck with her 180 jump.
    Single or Double: Double
    Angle of Approach: Any angle in between while on the ground
    Description: Ayame crouches and stabs/slashes the first guard in the gut or
                 lower back depending on angle and then briefly rises up, twirls her
                 blades and then drives her blades into the second guard's gut/lower
                 back. She then stands upright and twirls both swords briefly before
    Timing of Second and Third Strike: Right before the blades make contact on the
                                       first guard and again right before they make
                                       contact with the second guard. A brief image
                                       consisting of blades severing a still photo
                                       along with a blood splatter will signify
                                       correct timing of each strike.
    Additional Notes: If Ayame is not precisely in the middle of both guards she
                      will often perform a leaping scissor kick to the second
                      guard's head/face. In this case, strike again precisely before
                      impact to trigger a still image of the guards face being
                      sliced in two.
    Single or Double: Double
    Angle of Approach: Any angle in between while Jumping
    Description: Ayame jumps up and slashes the first guard in the side of the
                 head/throat. As soon as she lands she jumps while spinning and then
                 slashes/stabs the second guard in the face/throat as well. She then
                 stands straight up and poses briefly.
    Timing of Second and Third Strike: Right before the blades make contact on the
                                       first guard and then again right before they
                                       make contact on the second guard. Brief still
                                       images of the guard's face being sliced in
                                       two will accompany each successful strike.
    |VI.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|    RIN'S STEALTH KILLS    |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Rin has a total of eight different Stealth Kills at her disposal. Each of them
    can be viewed below as well as a description of two fatal combat moves she
    learns by acquiring a certain amount of scrolls. Her Item specific kills can be
    found in a later section.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Front
    Description: Rin hops on the guard from the front and in true boa constrictor
                 like fashion, writhes and grapples around him until she is firmly
                 seated atop his or her shoulders. She then takes a solid grip of
                 his/her head with both arms and pauses for a split second before
                 leaping off while twisting and breaking her victim's neck. The
                 enemy is sent spinning like mad into the air from the act and falls
                 dead on the ground.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before she actually twists his/her head to break
                             the neck. An x-ray image showing the head being turned
                             backwards will signify correct timing of the strike.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Back
    Description: Rin turns back to back with the enemy while drawing her sword. She
                 then plunges the sword into her victim's lower back thereby killing
                 them immediately.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before the blade enters the enemy's lower back.
                             If timed correctly a brief X-ray shot will show the
                             blade penetrating the body and cutting the spine.
    | WOLF FANG |
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Right Side
    Description: Rin slams her sword with both hands in an overhands motion against
                 her enemies throat and then pauses for a split second before
                 continuing through with her motion and slashing his or her throat.
                 As the enemy collapses to the floor Rin re-sheathes her sword and
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before she follows through with the throat
                             slashing. Blood will splatter the screen briefly to
                             signify correct timing.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: From the Left Side
    Description: Rin leaps and monkey rolls over the guard's upper back/shoulder
                 area and lands a blow midway through. In a continuing motion she
                 takes them to the ground face first and mounts them from behind.
                 She then pulls back on the guards arm just enough to raise his or
                 her face off the ground and with her free hand, draws her sword and
                 then drives it deep into their throat.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before the blade makes contact with the guard's
                             skin. A brief x-ray image will show the sword going so
                             far down so as to puncture their beating heart.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: While Jumping
    Description: Rin leaps into the air grabbing the enemy around the neck with both
                 arms and then swings her body around like a pendulum before using
                 her momentum to drive the guard's head straight down into the
                 ground. The impact kills him/her immediately.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before the enemy's head hits the ground. A short
                             x-ray scene will show the guard's skull being crushed
                             into the ground.
    Single or Double: Single
    Angle of Approach: While on a Slope or Incline
    Description: Rin hops onto her enemy's back and puts him in a chokehold. She
                 then squeezes and quickly breaks his neck with force. As he begins
                 to fall she hops off of him.
    Timing of Second Strike: Right before she snaps his neck. If done correctly an
                             x-ray shot of his neck snapping will be shown.
    Single or Double: Double
    Angle of Approach: Any angle in between while on the ground
    Description: Rin slashes the first guard across his/her gut and then quickly
                 turns to slash the second guard across his/her gut/lower back
                 (depending on angle). Sometimes she will also drive her sword down
                 again into the second guard as he or she crumbles to the ground.
    Timing of Second and Third Strike: Right before the blade makes contact with the
                                       first guard and again right before the blade
                                       makes contact with the second guard. Short
                                       images of the enemy's lower torso will be
                                       shown along with a blood splatter in each
    Additional Notes: Sometimes a variation occurs when you are not precisely in
                      between both guards. When this happens Rin will perform a
                      roundhouse kick to the second guard's head. Correct timing of
                      the second strike (Right before impact) will show a brief
                      image of his face being smashed.
    Single or Double: Double
    Angle of Approach: Any angle in between while Jumping
    Description: Rin performs a jumping spin kick against the first enemy's head,
                 quickly kicks off them and while coming down slashes her blade
                 downward against the second guard. As she lands she quickly spins
                 in the opposite direction and slashes the second guard across the
                 gut as well. She then stand, re-sheathes her sword and poses
    Timing of Second and Third Strike: Right before her kick makes contact against
                                       the first guard, triggering a still image of
                                       his face being smashed, and again right
                                       before her blades make contact with the
                                       second enemy's gut, triggering a blood
    |VII.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|USING WEAPONS/ITEMS TO KILL|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    In Fatal Shadows there are quite a few Weapons and Items to play around with.
    However, only a select few have the power to Kill your enemies in one shot,
    blast or lynching. Here is a listing of all of these tools of death.
    BLOWGUN: As has been the case since Tenchu 2, the BLOWGUN will kill any unaware
             guard or dog with one silent shot. This is the ideal Stealth Kill
             Weapon of choice if you ask me. Using this against a guard who is aware
             of your presence will simply poison them for a time and slowly deplete
             their health. Once their health meter returns to red the effects have
             worn off. This is a great long range Weapon and also a useful tool for
             Boss battles.
    SHURIKEN: You must have unlocked the SNIPER Special Ability in order to Stealth
              Kill guards with a single SHURIKEN. The key is to target and hit them
              in the back of the head while they are completely unaware of your
              presence. This particular method can be tricky as it does not work
              100% of the time it seems. Dogs will die from one SHURIKEN if unaware.
    GRENADE: Throwing a GRENADE at an unsuspecting guard will in all likelihood kill
             him or her immediately. From behind it is guaranteed to work.
    MINE: Plant this into the path of a patrolling guard and then move to a safe
          perch to watch as the blast kills him/her immediately. Do not attempt to
          pick up a MINE after you have placed it as you will feel the blast
    STICKY BOMB: This wonderful Item can be detonated by pressing "R3" after it has
                 been thrown/planted. It looks like a little pinwheel and can be
                 used like the MINE or throw it on a guard and it will stick to
                 him/her until you are ready to let them have it. Instant kills,
                 instant gratification. One thing to note though. If you plant it on
                 the ground in a guards path the guard might pick it up before you
                 have a chance to detonate it. In this case, Stealth Kill the guard
                 and then grab it again.
    SPINNER: This Item is a sort of small firecracker that can Stealthily Kill a
             guard although it is advisable that you use it from behind and
             immediately hide to avoid detection.
    FIRE SPELL: Although not the best method you could use, if approaching an enemy
                from behind, this blast will surely kill them instantly.
    DOG BONE: This is probably my favorite item to mess around with. Throwing the
              DOG BONE will summon Semimaru, Rikimaru and Ayame's Azuma dog
              companion. Semimaru will then attack any nearby enemies he sees and
              repeatedly attack them. As long as you remain out of their sight they
              will simply stand around in <!?> mode while Semimaru takes their life
              away bit by bit until they die. After about 45 seconds or so he will
              vanish in a puff of smoke. If timed well, Semimaru can kill two guards
              for you while you drink one of Sekiya's famed Health Potions in the
              shadows and relax.
    WASPS NEST: This Item can kill an enemy guard by unleashing a swarm of bees on
                them. The key difference with this Item is that it can be planted in
                a patrolling enemies path ahead of time. The victim will do the same
                dance of death as he/she would with Ayame's SPINNER Item.
    EXPLODING BOX: Similar to Ayame's MINE, this explosive device can be planted in
                   a patrolling guard's path ahead of time. The only drawback is
                   that this Item will disappear after about a minute or so. Why?
                   God only knows.
    EXPLODING ARROW: This is your basic burning arrow. Most unaware enemies will
                     dies from a full on shot. When aiming make sure you arc the
                     shot to counteract gravity.
    BAMBOO GUN: This very powerful Weapon will kill any guard weather they are aware
                of you or not. Most bosses will also perish from 1-2 blasts.
                Extremely powerful but you cannot aim it so make sure you are lined
                up properly ahead of time.
    CANNON: Same as the BAMBOO GUN except that you can aim it and it looks like some
            sort of prehistoric bazooka. Any guard will perish in a single fiery
            blast and so will most bosses.
    FAKE RAT: This Item will travel in a straight line and explode on impact. Make
              sure you are lined up with an approaching guard and you can have this
              explosion greet him/her long before they ever see you. The blast will
              kill them instantly.
    BOLA: This Item will allow you to literally lynch an enemy guard or boss. If
          they are unaware of your presence any guard will die. If they are aware of
          you only a portion of their health will deplete. This is the only Item
          that has an associated animated cutscene showing the Stealth Kill. NOTE:
          If you've played Wrath of Heaven/Return from Darkness you'll remember this
          Item as Tesshu's KUMIHIMO Item.
    |VIII.|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|         Q   &   A         |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Q: Who can I Stealth Kill?
    A: You can Stealth Kill any enemy (Except for bosses) including Archers, Spear
       handlers, Ninja's, Kunoichi's and Guard Dogs. Basically anyone that returns
       back to <"?"> mode can be Stealth Killed.
    Q: Can I Stealth Kill enemies that have been alerted?
    A: You can Stealth Kill enemies that are in "<?>", "<!>" and "<!?>" modes but
       once they have positively identified you and are in "<!!>" mode you cannot
       Stealth Kill them anymore until they revert back to one of the lower levels
       of awareness. NOTE: An enemy in <!?> mode can only be Stealth Killed if you
       attack within the first second or two of them entering that mode from a state
       of <?> or <!>.
    Q: Is there any way for me to cancel the FMV/cutscene to avoid being spotted by
       a nearby enemy?
    A: Yes. Press CIRCLE at any point to quickly cancel the animated Stealth Kill.
       Alternatively you can switch the animations off altogether in the "Options"
       menu but then why even bother reading this FAQ.
    Q: Are there any enemies that cannot be Stealth Killed?
    A: Bosses, Sub-Bosses, Cats, Chickens and Mice cannot be Stealth Killed. The
       latter three cannot be killed period.
    Q: I heard that certain enemies can Stealth Kill me too in this game. Is that
    A: Yes. If you turn your back to an enemy or mis-time your jump and land in
       front of them with your back to them, they will Stealth Kill you. A good way
       to avoid this is to be patient and strike when sure or bring along a Ninja
       Rebirth Item you sap.
    Q: How does the scoring work by using different kills?
    A: Every Stealth Kill nets you 20 points compared to just 5 points for a
       normal kill. Pulling off a successful Double Stealth Kill will net you 25
       points. Killing an innocent Civilian however will cost you 50 points every
    Q: How come I sometimes get swirling Kanji symbols around the Ki Meter when I
       Stealth Kill an enemy?
    A: This happens when you press SQUARE at the precise moment when you first come
       into Stealth Kill range. The same moment that the little light first flashes
       on your Ki Meter. Scroll count will also increase by one for timing it just
    Q: How do I trigger the animation bonus during the Stealth Kill sequence?
    A: By pressing SQUARE again exactly when the little light flashes again on your
       Ki Meter. To make it easier try to press it just after your character pauses
       and the blades make contact with the skin.
    Q: Is there any way to use Ayame in the tutorial so that I can practice her
       Stealth Kills?
    A: Yes. Press and hold "L1" while selecting the Tutorial and once it loads up
       you'll be using Ayame instead of Rin.
    Q: Is there a way to decapitate enemies or at least sever their limbs?
    A: Not this time around you sick bastard. :)
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