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    Speed FAQ by BmX_6th_Style

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/14/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ========== Megaman: The Power Battles Fastest Time FAQ ==========
    Guide Created By: BmX_6th_Style (gamewizard23@yahoo.com)
    Guide Version: 1.00
    ================ Game Information ================
    Buttons: 3
    System: Arcade
    Genre: Fighting
    ================= Table of Contents =================
    I. Introduction
    II. Buttons
    III. Weapons Aquired and Weaknesses
    IV. Opponent Map Locations
    V. How To Finish This Game In The Fastest Times
    VI.Credits and Disclaimer
    Hi. My name is Dan, a.k.a. BmX_6th_Style. This is my first attempt to write a 
    FAQ and hope that it comes out really well. Basically, what it is is a guide 
    on how to finish the game in the fastest times possible. I'm assuming you 
    already know how to play, but if not, I have written a button guide to help 
    out. =) I was inspired to write this FAQ one day when I was down in Southern 
    Hills Golfland. I hadn't played this for many years since I was younger. I 
    thought it would be fun to play it again. My times on the machine were pretty 
    slow for not playing in such a long time. So I decided to go to gamefaqs.com 
    one day and check out the FAQS for the game. Lo and behold, I found a FAQ on 
    the weaknesses of the characters. This GREATLY improved my time and has made 
    me want to set the fastest time ever at golfland. So I read the FAQ, I 
    learned the weaknesses and was back on my way to playing the game again the 
    following week. Amazing, I finished the game 2 minutes faster than without 
    the weaknesses. My current time for finishing the game at the moment is 2 
    minutes and 13 seconds. Every week, I will attempt to beat this time. By the 
    way, if anyone ever visits golfland, my times are posted on the Ultracade 
    machine under the name BMX. Anyways, ON TO THE FAQ!
    The layout is simple. The directions you move will be shown as (<== for left, 
    ==> for right, v for down, and ^ for up. There are only 3 buttons on this 
    game. From left to right, they are: Shoot, jump, and switch weapons. Simple, 
    ain't it? ^_~ Basically, it looks like this:
    <== O ==>    O  O  O
    To obtain the fastest times, I suggest playing MegaMan version 1~2 since it's 
    the easiest.The weaknesses and weapons aquired are as follows
    Main Opponents
    Gutsman = Rock Attack = Use against Ice Man
    Iceman = Ice Spikes = Use against Fireman
    Fireman = Fire Attack = Use against Woodman
    Woodman = Leaf Shield = Use against Cutman
    Cutman = Cut Blade = Use against Crashman
    Crashman = Crash Bomb = Use against Gutsman
    Yellow Blob = None = Weak against Rock
    Main Boss
    Wily 1st Form = None = Weak against Cut Blade
    Wily 2nd Form = None = Weak against Ice Spikes
    Wily Final Form = None = Weak against Rock
    On Megaman: TPB, you dont just select a stage. The stages are sellected via a 
    roulette type thing. To get on the stage you want, just wait until it lands 
    on that stage and press a button. The following shows where all the 
    characters are located.
       O                               Cutman                           O
    Fireman                                                         Woodman
                                       Wily Stage
        O                                                                     O
     Crashman                        O                            Iceman
    Here's the part you've all been waiting for. Before reading this, I assume 
    you know how to play well and are familiar with the weaknesses of all the 
    characters. If not, read the weaknesses again. Anyways, here's how to do it. 
    1. Select your character as usual (I usually use Forte (Bass is English)). 
    2. Select the game Megaman 1~2. It's the easiest one to play. 
    3. When you start, select Gutsman as the first stage. The trick I use to beat 
    him is to charge before the round starts. After it says, "FIGHT!" wait a half 
    a second and release the shot. He should start jumping. Charge again and fire 
    another one when he lands. Repeat this process and try to get hurt as little 
    as possible, as each hit adds one second to your score for the stage. My 
    fastest time for beating him was 12-14secs.
    4. For your second stage, select Woodman (Thanks Crackpr0n for this speedy 
    time saver!). Yes, you heard me, Woodman. Not Iceman. Why? As the game 
    progresses, your opponents gain more energy each boss. Woodman is the LONGEST 
    match in history for Megaman: TPB. The trick here is to switch to your rock 
    weapon at the very beggining before the match starts. The second it says, 
    "FIGHT!" wait a half a second and jump towards him and fire a rock in midair. 
    He will then attempt to either do a rolling attack or just stand there. Keep 
    hitting him with rocks until he starts doing his leaf shield. At this point, 
    watch the top of the screen and stay out of the leaves' way. After the leaves 
    have fallen, get ready to JUMP towards him and fire a rock. He will start to 
    do a rolling attack. FIRE ANOTHER ROCK. Then repeat everything about the leaf 
    shield thing again. The fastest time I have beaten him in was probably 25-
    5. For your third stage, select Iceman. He is the easiest and fastest 
    opponent to finish in. Start the round by switching to rock and wait until it 
    says, "FIGHT!" Wait a half a second and perform a dash towards him (Hold down 
    and press jump.) Fire a rock at him. Watch him blink white for about a 
    milisecond. Then fire again. 6 shots of 1 second intervals should do the 
    trick. My fastest time on him was 5-6secs.
    6. For your fourth stage, select Fireman. He is fairly easy to beat. At the 
    start of the round, switch to ice spikes. Wait until it says, "FIGHT!" 
    Proceed to shoot your ice in half a second intervals. He will jump to your 
    left side. Keep firing your ice until he attacks. Dodge the attack and fire 
    ice until he dies. If you accidently run out of ice, switch to rock. It's the 
    second strongest weapon. My fastest time on him was 13-16secs.
    7. For your fifth stage, select Cutman. He is hard to beat. Start the round 
    like usual and switch to leaf shield. Wait until it says, "FIGHT!" Start up 
    the leaf shield and wait until he jumps. Fire the leaf shield in midair. Keep 
    trying to hit him with the leaf shields. The timing is very difficult. If you 
    run out of leaf, which I usually do, switch to rock and hit him until he gets 
    in the corner. Once he's in, wait until he tries to jump and fire a rock. He 
    will fall back down. Repeat until he's finished! My fastest time on him was 
    8. For your sixth stage, select the only stage left, Crashman. Start the 
    round and switch to cut blades right away. Wait until it says, "FIGHT!" and 
    dash one time towards him. Wait until he jumps. When he lands back down, 
    start firing the cut blades at half a second intervals. Some should miss but 
    they return to you, so no biggy. Keep firing at him and watch out when he 
    jumps back and forward. Congratulations, you have just finished the first 
    opponents! Now, onto the bosses. My fastest time was 13-18secs.
    9. For this mini boss, switch to rock attack. It is THE strongest weapon on 
    this guy. Theres a small trick to this guy that'll save you almost 30 seconds 
    if performed correctly. Start the round and wait until it says, "FIGHT!" Jump 
    towards him as far as you can and fire 4, yes 4, rocks. Land and wait for him 
    to turn into multiple balls. Dodge them and walk towards the left side of the 
    screen. Wait until he appears again and jump and fire all of your rocks at 
    him as quickly as possible in one jump. He will be defeated. My fastest time 
    on him was 8-10secs.
    10. For the final boss, he comes in three forms. For the first form, switch 
    to cut blades before the round starts. When it does start, walk towards him 
    and keep firing your cut blades at half second intervals. He should fire his 
    hand at you once. Dodge it by jumping it and continue shooting blades until 
    he starts to float upwards and transform into his second stage. While he's 
    transforming though, switch your weapon to ice. Stand about one-fourth screen 
    distance away from him. Keep jumping and firing 3 ice spikes at a time. He 
    should be defeated fairly quickly. For his final form, switch to rock before 
    he materializes. Now, when he appears, keep firing the rocks as quickly as 
    possible in the spaceship he's in. There are two and he alternates between 
    them. You should be able to finish this 3 part boss in at the most 1 minute. 
    back (or I should say stand if your not sitting on anything ^_^) and watch 
    the ending. After the ending, the credits should pop up. You can either skip 
    the credits by pressing the start button, or watch the game designers names 
    slowly scroll up. After the credits, look in the upper left hand corner. If 
    it asks you to input your name, DO IT! YOU HAVE JUST RECEIVED A HIGH SCORE! 
    Now that you have completed the game, play it again and again trying to beat 
    your time! If you can beat my time of 2 minutes and 13 seconds, please send 
    me a photo of it at gamewizard23@yahoo.com ! I'd like to see it. =P I hope my 
    FAQ has been helpful to you. GO CAPCOM! XD!!!
    Megaman: The Power Battles is a copyright of Capcom.
    This guide can be distributed freely as long as: 
    [1] You do not duplicate/modify this file in any way or form 
    [2] You ask my permission to post it on your website or BBS 
    [3] You do not sell this file for any money whatsoever 
    [4] You ask for my permission via email to print it in any gaming guides, 
    magazines, and/or newsletters such as Gamepro or PSM
    You may distribute it freely to friends or  family at no cost and can be 
    shown to whomever you wish to see it. Thank you for your time and co-
    operation. If you are posting it on a website or BBS I would ask that you 
    should be so kind as to give me the proper credit for this guide. All work 
    done on this guide is Copyright BmX_6th_Style 2001

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