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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jedisamurai

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mega Man FAQ/Walkthrough: The Ultimate Guide For PERFECT Normal Gun Gaming
    Written by:  Jeremiah DeShetler aka jedisamurai
    Email:   j_deshetler@hotmail.com
    Version 2.0
    Written from 1/25/04-1/30/04
    Version 1.0
    Completed 1/30/2004.
    Version 1.1
    Nick's Log (1/31/04)
    Fixed format consistency problems
    Fixed stupid grammatical errors
    Reminder about "Avoiding Big Eyes" strategy
    Version 1.2
    Some selective self-editing (2/2/2004)
    Deleted a couple repetitive sections to shorten FAQ
    Re-worded some sentences
    Minor spelling corrections
    Eliminated many of my transitional(...)s.  It's a bad habit that I have that I
    need to break, because that's semi-colons are for.
    Version 2.0
    Added Cutman's Blade In The Dark strategy upon requests
    Some more minor grammar, spelling, and re-wording corrections
    Added an alternate strategy for the two quick jumps on Rock Monster, as well as
    a descriptional correction on spacing.
    Added additional information on 1st Elecman's full pattern.
    Updated my personal speed run record time (w/o select cheat) to 25:59.69.
    a.	Fireman
    b.	Bombman
    c.	Gutsman
    d.	Cutman
    e.	Elecman
    f.	Iceman
    g.	Dr. Wily Stage 1
    h.	Dr. Wily Stage 2
    i.	Dr. Wily Stage 3
    j.	Dr. Wily Stage 4
    a.	The Pacifist-- How to beat this stage without shooting (except for
    Cutman himself)
    b.	A Blade In The Dark-- How to beat this stage while blindfolded!
    (Yes, I have done it, and more than once).
    My hope is that this guide will actually be useful and the descriptions will
    help you out.  I have tried to be detailed without going overboard into making
    this guide cumbersome for the reader.  It's my hope that it's not a burden to
    Everything I have ever accomplished on this game, and any other game I have
    ever played, has been done with no usage of emulators whatsoever.  Everything
    that is detailed in this FAQ can be done on the REAL CARTRIDGE for the Nintendo
    Entertainment System.  You could easily find a perfect emulator run that might
    help you, but it will be save-stated thousands of times, and it'll be a run
    that cannot possibly be recreated on the real cartridge.
    If you have questions or comments about anything in this FAQ, skip down to
    Section XII: The Final Word to find out how to contact me.
    To myself and everyone else who loves Megaman.  Keep it old school and keep it
    To anybody who recognizes my name on the NES message boards.  I read the boards
    a lot but don't post that much, so I can't say that I have many friends on the
    boards, but it does make me feel good when people remember me after a long
    To Nick M, who encouraged me to write this guide last summer and has helped me
    edit this guide.  This FAQ might be too long, but he read every word.
    Finally, to everyone at the Mike Tyson's Punch-out board here at gamefaqs.
    There isn't a better message board at gamefaqs, or more respecting gamers, than
    there is at the MTPO board.  All of you guys are great gamers, and the spirit
    of that board should carry over to more message boards at gamefaqs.  So this is
    also for BSulpher, Daniel T, Above Average, Jack Wedge, RedTom, Chrome Virus,
    and the other regulars of the MTPO board (sorry if I forgot you!).  Special
    thanks to mrturk, whose strategies helped me a lot on MTPO.  MTPO is a game at
    which I'm also an expert, however, it's not a game that I can develop strategy
    for.  I can follow them, but not SEE them in the game.  Matt, your continued
    amazing strategies has tremendously helped my gaming and shown me that my
    mastery of Megaman is not so unusual.
    My name is Jeremiah DeShetler, aka jedisamurai on the gamefaqs message board,
    and I'll be your caretaker for this guide through Megaman 1.  Without trying to
    sound like a braggart, I will tell you that I have written this FAQ for the
    simple reason that I think I have accomplished more on this game than any other
    person I know, or have ever heard of, and I think that I can write a better FAQ
    than the ones currently posted on gamefaqs.  I mean, honestly, how many FAQs do
    you need to tell you that Elecman can be beaten by 3 Rolling Cutters?  But an
    FAQ that details his exact pattern to be beaten with the Normal Gun simply does
    not exist. That's why this guide is necessary.
    I've tried to provide extensive detail for not just playing the game, but for
    playing it with only the Normal Gun and giving you strategies for how to do so
    HITLESS.  The ultimate goal of this guide is to not help you beat the game,
    but to MASTER the game.  I do not claim these to be the only strategies, by any
    means.  I believe them to be the BEST strategies, however, and the fact they
    are detailed in Normal Gun mode will let the gamer try to do each strategy with
    the Normal Gun or translate the knowledge easily into a game using the Weapons.
    Feel free to find your own strategies or modify the strategies listed.  In
    fact, there are things that I do on the game that are more advanced and take
    even more timing than those listed here, but I'm at a point where I've made
    even those advanced strategies easy.  The strategies listed below are the ones
    that I think almost everybody can follow and have a good chance of executing
    If you're going to email me with alternate strategies, keep in mind that I
    PROBABLY already know about them but for some reason have chosen not to include
    them in this guide.  I'm always willing to read about possible new strategies,
    just don't expect me to include yours in the guide just because it's different.
    If I include it, even if it's something I already knew and simply forgot about,
    I will give you credit though.
    If you want the story of Mega Man, look at another guide.  I'm not really big
    on writing out a bunch of stuff that you already know.  My goal is to help
    those who have played the game before achieve a better game.  It is not
    designed to teach a new gamer how to play this game; so if you need that kind
    of help, this guide is not for you.
    This guide WILL NOT, in and of itself, let you become a master of the game.
    While this guide will contain a sub-section on Weapons usage to help you out,
    keep in mind all strategies in the main section of the guide are for the NORMAL
    GUN!!!  Again, I do not claim that my strategies are the only strategies for
    achieving perfection in the game, but I believe them to be the best because
    they take advantage of 100% occurrences in the game and eliminate much of the
    random chance, which other FAQs and strategies would have you rely on or do not
    mention at all.
    Hey, most of these strategies take considerable skill to pull off.  They take
    practice and lots of precision shooting and precision jumping.  Now, they
    SHOULD be able to help you out regardless of your skill level to improve the
    quality of your gaming.  However, if you're seeking to go for hitless games or
    beat the bosses hitless, then you better be pretty good.  I happen to suck at
    some games that you might be a master on, and so it would be the same if you
    wrote a detailed FAQ and I couldn't follow it.
    Remember, before you email and complain to me that my strategies are BS, that a
    pattern is a pattern.  The patterns in this game will not fail you if you
    perform the correct actions; just be certain THAT YOU DO NOT FAIL THE PATTERN!
    This section is not your typical controller section on how to move a
    character.  I will try to detail things you need to learn to accomplish in
    order to play Megaman (any of the 6 NES Megamans) at an extremely high level.
    1)	If I refer to a "space" in measurement terms, this refers to the width of
    Megaman on the game screen, or a single block of the screen (like the
    invisible blocks).
    2)	If I refer to a "pattern", what I mean is that this occurs every time you
    play the game if you perform the strategy correctly.   ***NOTE--- If
    something is a pattern, it has never failed me, meaning it works 100% of
    the time!!!  However, due to human error, both you and I will sometimes
    happen to fail the pattern and not execute it correctly.  Before you get
    frustrated, analyze your own game.  Maybe you are a half-space
    off....maybe your shooting isn't as precise as it needs to be?
    3)	The "A" Drop-- When you're on a ladder, hitting "A" will make Megaman let
    go of the ladder and drop down quickly.  Ideal for quickly avoiding an
    enemy without sacrificing a hit.  Most useful for dropping into a screen
    instead of climbing down into the screen.  Many times, the "A" drop is
    much better for timing on a screen.  Also, this ability is absolutely
    necessary at times for hitless runs and speed runs.
    4)	Edge-Jumping-- A critical skill for high-level Megaman play.  An edge-
    jump is the term I personally use for the ABSOLUTE furthest on a block
    that Megaman can move to...and one more tap would make him fall off the
    block.  Learning to do this is a key to great gaming on any Megaman
    game.  Sometimes you slowly ease into the spot, but you MUST learn to run
    and jump at the precise moment.   A great place to practice is in
    Iceman's stage.  When you get to the water at the beginning, take out the
    Spine in between the group of blocks.  Now just take running jumps back
    and forth over those two areas of blocks...in order to make it from one
    set to the other, you MUST be able to edge-jump.  If you can't do it, you
    need to wait a split second longer.
    =====MOVING MEGAMAN======
    Using the above terms, these are the skills you need to execute this guide to
    its fullest ability.  They are not entirely necessary to beat the entire game
    or execute some strategies, but to execute ALL OF THE STRATEGIES IN THIS GUIDE
    you will need these skills.
    Precision jumping #1 (height/distance)-- When you jump, Megaman only jumps as
    high as the length of time you hold the A button down.  That means you need to
    practice taking small quick hops and medium hops, but only just high enough to
    take you out of range of the enemy.  If you cannot do this, you haven't a
    prayer of executing any strategy in here.  The best thing to do is to find a
    spot where there are no enemies; pick a spot on the wall, and take small hops
    and try to shoot that exact spot over and over.
    Precision jumping (leaving/landing on a platform)-- Learn to jump from and land
    Megaman on the very edge of blocks so that you don't have any wasted motion
    (again, see the "Edge-Jump" above).  You only need to land him with half of his
    foot on the block to hold it...in other words, his area of detection is larger
    than it looks.  For example, in Fireman's stage, you only need a single small
    tap on the controller to hold the block when you drop from the ladder into the
    "Halfway Point" screen.  Landing on a platform the correct way saves you many
    hits and is vital for completing certain screens in the game.
    Precision shooting-- The most important.  Learn to shoot while you are rising
    in the air, and learn to hold your shots until you are falling back down.  Most
    gamers only shoot at the apex of Megaman's jump or when he's on the ground.
    This limits their ability to play the game.  Sometimes a large hop is needed
    for something, but a shot at something in the medium range is required.  Take
    the large hop, but ON YOUR WAY UP is when to shoot to take it out, allowing the
    jump to carry you where you need to go.  This is critical for when you are
    jumping across a gap while an enemy is coming at you.  Also, letting Megaman
    reach the top of his jump and not shooting until he is descending again is
    vital for some strategies in this game (Elecman, Clone, etc.).  And finally,
    remember the title of this section.  PRECISION shooting.  Contrary to popular
    belief, it is not necessary to mash the button to have Megaman firing out
    50,000 bullets at a time.  Only fire just as many shots as you need.... if
    you're running towards a Screw Bomber, don't fire the whole time.  Your timing
    is going to be seriously compromised, because you can only have 3 shots on a
    screen at a time.  Wait until you're right on top of it, then fire three quick
    shots that you KNOW will hit, and you'll take it out before it even shoots.
    Changing directions in mid-move-- Megaman has a high level of responsiveness,
    even in mid-move.  When you're taking a long jump in mid-air, you can quickly
    switch directions and land at almost the same spot you just left from if your
    reflexes are quick enough.  This is necessary for the "avoiding Big Eyes"
    strategy that I will explain in the "Enemies" section.
    Detection area-- This goes for both Megaman and the enemies.  Megaman's hit
    detection is one space wide and 2 spaces tall.  Remember, it's not where it
    LOOKS like it is; the hit detection throughout the game is based on single
    squares and spaces, and NOT how the enemy or Megaman looks on the screen.  For
    example, a Flying Shell is shaped like a circle.  However, its hit detection
    area is a square.  Hit detection area is the reason why in the Fire Trap area
    of Fireman's level, you can inch yourself into the traps until Megaman looks
    like he's halfway into it...the Flame's hit range is only one space wide, even
    though the shape of the flame makes it looks like two spaces wide.
    I've had this game for a long time and so I've always used the names for
    enemies as they are listed in the instruction book, with the exceptions of the
    Hard Hats, so all credit for names goes to the instruction book.  Extraneous
    comments on the Robot Masters are NOT in the book :).
    Dr. Wily-- The head honcho.  He wants take over the world and take Megaman
    out.  If you don't know who the hell Dr. Wily is then where have you been the
    last 17 years?
    Fireman-- A Robot Master.  He throws fire.  You get the Fire Shot if you defeat
    him.  Popular with smokers since he's always good for a light.
    Iceman-- A Robot Master.  He throws ice.  You get the Ice Slasher if you beat
    him.  Popular at parties for his unique ability to always keep the keg cold,
    but not the best conversationalist.
    Bombman-- A Robot Master.  He throws bombs.  You get to throw Hyper Bombs if
    you defeat him.  He hates kids.  Almost blew one up last 4th of July when he
    became offended that the kid only offered him a sparkler to celebrate the
    Cutman-- A Robot Master.  He throws boomerang blades at you.  You get the
    Rolling Cutters if you defeat him.  Long running feud with Papercut-man over
    naming rights ended recently when Cutman won a hard fought game of
    paper/rock/scissors when Papercut-man betrayed his "cutting" heritage by
    foolishly choosing paper.  In a recent interview with jedisamurai of the
    Gamefaqs Times, Cutman declared "I was destined to win.  I look better, I'm
    stronger, and besides, he was an oxymoron!!!"
    Elecman-- A Robot Master.  He throws his Thunder Beam at you and is not to be
    messed with, unless you have the strategy (which I do).  I would make fun of
    him but he's a badass.  You get the Thunder Beam for yourself if you defeat
    Gutsman-- A Robot Master.  Jumps around, shaking the ground, and throwing
    boulders at you.  You get the Strong Arm upgrade if you defeat him, which is
    necessary to grab the Magnet Beam and continue onward in Dr. Wily's stages.
    Furthermore, Gutsman strength makes him pretty handy at moving furniture too.
    Blader-- Flying enemy that darts down at you when you get close.  Shows up on
    several stages, including the very beginning of Cutman's stage.
    Hard Hat (aka Met)-- The only enemy to appear in EVERY Megaman game.  Opens up
    his shell to try to shoot you.  Everyone should know who this is.
    Flea-- Bouncy-type thing that is the first enemy you meet in Bombman's stage.
    Also appears in several other stages.
    Spine-- Disk looking thing that slides along the ground.  Moves slowly, except
    when Megaman is on the ground beside it.  Appears on several stages.
    Octopus Battery-- A four tentacled enemy that moves horizontally or vertically
    from wall to wall and tries to get in Megaman's way.  Appears on several
    stages, mostly in Cutman's stage.
    Screw Bomber-- Mounted on the wall or ceiling, when Megaman is within about 5
    spaces it rises up to shoot you.  First enemy you meet on Fireman's stage, and
    appears on several other stages.
    Watcher-- Appears when Megaman tries to climb ladders in Elecman's stage.  It
    opens it's eyes and shoots you with electricity.
    Penguin-- It's a flying penguin.  You'll see it on Iceman's stage.
    Killer Bullet-- A bullet that flies towards you and explodes when you shoot it.
    Flying Shell-- An orange shell that floats through the air and fires an eight-
    shot volley every time it shoots.
    Wall Cannon (aka Beak)-- Mounted on the walls, they shoot you.  Do you need any
    more description than that?
    Bombomb-- Bombs that fly up into the area and explode in four different places
    in Bombman's stage.  Easy to avoid.
    Tackle Fire-- A set of three flames that fly up into the air and then slowly
    float down in Fireman's stage.
    Crazy Razy-- A weird looking green guy that appears only in Iceman's stage, at
    the very beginning.  Shooting it low causes it to separate and hit you, so take
    a small hop and shoot it in the face!!!
    Foot Holder-- Moving platforms that attempt to shoot you in Iceman's stage.
    You need to jump across them to clear the large pit in the stage.
    Picket Man-- Appears only on Gutsman's stage.  Hurls pick-axes at you.
    Sniper Joe-- A guy in green that appears in Bombman's stage.  Invulnerable
    while he has his shield up, shoot at him when he moves it.
    Big Eye-- Huge hopping enemy that guards the chamber doors in several stages,
    and appear right away to assault you in Dr. Wily Stage 1.  Taking 15 shots to
    kill, he actually requires more hits to kill with the Normal Gun than 4 out of
    6 Robot Masters and also takes off more energy if he hits you.
    ----Avoiding Big Eyes Strategy
    I originally had this written in Dr. Wily Stage 1, but I have moved it here
    because I think it will be easier to see and find.
    You immediately have a mighty task to face upon entering Wily Stage 1, in the
    form of three Big Eyes.  Now, you ask, "How am I supposed to avoid all three of
    these guys without some incredible luck?"  Well, that's why I'm here my friend,
    and here's the GUARANTEED way to get by them, if you can execute it.  I gotta
    warn you though, it DOES take some decent reflexes.
    Run right towards it, until you're about 3 spaces away...then face left.  It
    will take another hop towards you.  It doesn't matter whether it's big hop or
    small hop...if you get caught up in thinking "Damn, I should have run under him
    when he did that big hop," you'll always depend on LUCK and not on SKILL.  So
    okay...it's taken another hop, and it's right beside you.  Here's what you need
    to do.  JUST before the Big Eye jumps, take a medium sized hop, almost
    straight-up, with a slight tap to the left.  Be watching the Big Eye as it
    starts it's jump; if it takes a small hop, then keep holding left and land
    again and be ready to do the same thing over again.  However, on a big jump,
    QUICKLY shift Megaman back to the right and run under him.  Sounds almost
    impossible, right?  Wrong....Megaman falls quicker than the Big Eye, and you
    can change directions with him in a micro-second if your reflexes are quick
    Hey, I'm not gonna feed you a line of BS....this takes some skill.  But you
    wouldn't be reading this FAQ if you didn't want to learn how to improve your
    skill.  If being perfect were easy, then the 7 or 8 FAQs already listed would
    be plenty, and I wouldn't feel any need for this one.  Whatever happens, don't
    get discouraged if you can't execute this strategy.  Even I mess it up
    sometimes, it just takes practice and some acquired skill.
    And here's what you've wanted to see.  Again, all strategies are for a Normal
    Gun game, so there's no reason to provide a robot order to fight the stages
    in.  You're using the same weapon for all of them.  Just make sure that you go
    to Gutsman before Elecman, as you need Strong Arm to get to the Magnet Beam in
    Elecman's stage.  In a Normal Gun game, it's still necessary to use Strong Arm
    4 times in the game (to get the Magnet Beam, twice in Wily Stage 1, and Wily
    Stage 4).  It's only necessary to use the Magnet Beam one time, in Wily Stage
    Strategies and substitute strategies for a Weapons Game will be provided in a
    separate section of this FAQ, after the Normal Gun strategies.
    i.)	On the first screen, the first three Screw Bombers can be killed from
    the ladders.  You can register a hit without them even standing up if
    you fire just under them while still on the ladder (see Hit Detection
    section and read the part about it being a square).  Moving right,
    stop one space to the left of the Screw Bomber that's below you on the
    lower path and wait for it to fire its two shots.  When it's done, run
    towards the right, starting your fire about five spaces away from
    Screw Bomber on the same level as you.  Five spaces is its sensor area
    for Megaman, so it'll try to rise up and kill you and instead meet
    your bullets without ever getting a shot off.  Go down the ladder and
    do the same on the lower level as you run to the left.  Continue
    running towards the right, wait for the flame column and jump for the
    ladder.  To guarantee yourself of not getting hit, jump and grab the
    ladder as high as you can so the Tackle Fires will come back down the
    screen at an angle that favors you.  If they descend directly towards
    you, "A" drop down to the ground and they'll fly over you.  Climb the
    ladders and continue.
    ii.)	On the next screen, simply climb the ladders to the screen above,
    ignoring the power-up.  Since you're reading this to NOT get hit, you
    don't need power-ups anyway.
    iii.)	In this screen, take your time through the two flame columns.  Once
    past these, pause 3 spaces away from the laser flame thing and wait
    for it to fire.  Run towards it as it's getting ready to shut down,
    and edge-jump to miss the remainder of the laser (see Edge-Jumping in
    the above section) to miss it.  Jump again to get on the available
    block, wait for the above laser to fire, and then continue.  With an
    edge-jump, Megaman can clear the next gap without even jumping on the
    lower block (this is a good place to practice your running jump from
    the very edge of a block to maximize Megaman's leaping distance!!!).
    Avoiding the flame columns here is easy, so do this and continue down
    to the next screen.  Don't even bother with the ladder, and fall down
    the gap.
    iv.)	If you fell down the gap, you'll miss the flame column.  Move left,
    avoid the other flame column and start climbing down the ladder.  The
    Tackle Fire on this screen is a non-factor.  As soon as you're on the
    ladder, "A" Drop down into the next screen.
    v.)	As soon as this screen appears with Megaman falling, all you need is
    one tap and you'll land on the very edge of block with the flame
    column.  Start a running jump just as the flame column is re-entering
    the ground to avoid it and make the jump to the next one.  Do the same
    here to land on the platform with the ladder.  If you get through the
    flame columns and they only fire once each, this first set of Tackle
    Fire will be a non-factor as they descend.  Or at least they never hit
    me.  Continuing to the right across the platforms, you'll probably
    have to kill a Tackle Fire or two in the next set of them if they are
    falling down in your way (they likely will be).  The flame column
    beneath you will be firing just as you are killing them if you're not
    taking too long.  Jump directly above the flame column JUST as it
    starts to go down, and you'll land unhurt right after it's in the
    ground.  It'll be a close call, but that's what playing a hitless game
    takes.... being aggressive.  Very quickly jump to the next platform,
    wait for the flame column to go down here and immediately jump to the
    right.  It's important to move quickly because if you wait on the
    platform the Tackle Fire almost certainly is descending upon you at
    this point, and with the flame column right beside you, you are
    definitely taking a hit.  In any case, climb the ladder to what I call
    the Fire Trap Room...
    vi.)	The Fire Trap room can be tough to get through, even when you know
    exactly what to do.  Here's the trick to it though. Climb the ladder
    so that you're next to the gap where the flames are falling down
    through the room.  The secret for the first gap is to inch Megaman so
    that about 1/3 of his body is into that gap.  It will look like the
    flame is hitting the right side of your body, but the beauty of hit
    detection will allow you to not get hit.  Whenever you're comfortable,
    time the flame by starting your run to the right JUST BEFORE it goes
    past you.  By the time you're moving, it will be past.  Remember that
    you only have to get Megaman out of hit detection, not necessarily out
    of range on the other side.  If it helps, you can also watch the top
    of the screen for the first gap.... as soon as you see a new flame
    coming down, that's when you run.  You don't even have to watch
    Megaman if you do that.  I'm not a big fan of doing it that way, but
    it DOES work.  Anyway, when you're through the first gap, go up the
    ladder and lightly tap four times to the left.  Megaman will look like
    he's barely touching the flames.  Timing is more crucial here.... you
    don't want to be as far into the flame as you were the first gap
    because you need a running start.  Whenever you're ready, watch the
    flames coming down from the top...time your run so that you start
    running AS SOON AS you see a flame coming from the top.... the flame
    will pass JUST before the hit detection range and you'll get through
    BARELY as the next flame is coming down.  Like I said...it takes some
    timing to do.
    vii.)	On the next screen, go to the right, firing the whole time, to hit the
    Killer Bullets as they appear in the screen.   Jump over the first
    Spine and climb down the ladder.  Wait until this Spine gets under you
    and starts going back to the left.  Drop down and follow it, but let
    it get out of the screen (and out of your way!).  If you did it right,
    it will disappear, allowing you to continue without getting hit.  The
    spine on the lowest level will be moving left as you climb down the
    ladder.  Shoot the Killer Bullets as they're flying towards you if
    necessary.  Just after the Spine goes under you, drop off the ladder
    and run/hop towards the right, shooting the whole time in case the
    Killer Bullets are coming.  The Spine will be right behind you, that's
    why the hopping is necessary to slow it down.  Jump across the gaps
    and keep on running to make the Tackle Fire a non-factor.  If you
    stop, they might get in your way.  When you get to the two flame
    columns, starting running as soon as the first flame goes down and
    jump into the chamber door as soon as you can to avoid the second
    viii.)	In the corridor, simply take your time and jump-shoot to kill the
    Screw Bombers.  Remember, their detection radius is about 5 spaces, so
    just stay out of range until you kill them.  After the corridor, enter
    the chamber to fight Fireman.
    Fireman is the absolute EASIEST pattern to execute in the game.  Don't fire a
    shot right away.  As soon as you can move when the fight starts, simply move so
    that Mega Man is splitting the 2nd and 3rd block from the left.  While you're
    doing this, Fireman will move to between 6th and 7th blocks from the right.
    Then just press A + B simultaneously.  You will fire and jump at the same time,
    hitting him while at the same time jumping over the shot that he fired at you.
    Just keep doing it and he is done.  It cannot get simpler than that.  In fact,
    you actually cannot execute a hitless pattern using Ice Slasher, the weapon
    that Fireman is weakest against.  At least, I've never gone hitless with the
    i.)	Be aggressive and come out jump-firing as you move towards the right
    so that you hit the Fleas as they jump towards you.  If you hesitate,
    they'll probably hit you.  Continue right and jump over the gaps....
    hug the wall as the bombs explode and they won't hit you, but as soon
    as they're done quickly move on and jump to the next one.  After you
    clear these gaps, keep going right.  There'll be Screw Bombers on the
    ground, but don't even worry about killing them.  Be aggressive and
    jump onto the platform above the first Screw Bomber, landing just at
    the edge so you miss its straight up shot.  Pause a moment, then when
    its 2nd shot goes by, run quickly to the right and jump onto the above
    platform with the power-ups (if you moved quickly enough, the
    straight-up shot from the 2nd Screw Bomber just missed you.)  Close
    timing, but an easy pattern to execute.    Again, be aggressive and
    just ignore the fact that the Screw Bomber is firing beneath you as
    you're jumping to the power-up platform.... trust me, it will miss if
    you're running.  Pause here a moment in this safe spot (neither Screw
    Bomber's shots can reach you from here).  When you see an opening, go
    ahead and jump to the right and go up the ladder.  Alternately, you
    can drop to the ground beside the first Screw Bomber, then run right
    and take all 3 of them out, but it's something that I rarely do.  Do
    as you will though.
    ii.)	Regardless of what happened on the previous screen, on this next
    screen, climb up and kill the first two Wall Cannons as quickly as
    possible by firing a single shot as soon as you're level with it.
    Again, trust me, even if it's closed when you fire your shot, it will
    be open by the time the shot arrives.  When you kill the 2nd Wall
    Cannon, Megaman's hand should be no higher than the 3rd rung on the
    ladder (if you're counting from the top).  By doing so, you won't even
    have to move to avoid the other two Cannons shots, their shots will
    simply miss you.  As soon as you can move again, just climb up as
    quickly as you can and jump to the left and up the ladder (you don't
    have to kill the other two, and they will never hit you if done
    correctly).  If you don't think you can move quickly enough, go ahead
    and climb up and kill the other two Wall Cannons before
    continuing...but you really don't have to kill them if you're fast
    iii.)	On the next screen, Sniper Joe will greet you.  Greet HIM by firing as
    you're running towards the right.  Most of the time he'll land on the
    screen with his shield wide open, letting you get several shots.  Do
    quick hops to avoid his shots when he does fire.  If/when he gets
    protective, fire JUST barely over his head.  He'll be stupid enough to
    jump up into them.  You gotta be quick to avoid his fast little shots,
    but you should waste him without a problem by doing this.  Continue
    right until you get to the gaps with Killer Bullets flying at you and
    Wall Cannons below.  This section is easy if you pause for a bit on
    the top little tower, wait until you see the Killer Bullet flying at
    you, and then run off the tower and landing on the area below.  You'll
    clear the gap by just running off the little tower with ease, so don't
    jump to get across (meaning, don't kill the Killer Bullets, just trick
    them into flying halfway up the screen before simply dropping down; I
    mean, shoot them if necessary, but with some decent timing, it's not
    necessary at all really).  Then take a quick hop/shoot to kill the
    Wall Cannon.  You'll clear the gap by just running off the little
    tower with ease.  Move quickly to get on the next tower before the
    next Killer Bullet comes at you.  Keep going right while shooting to
    take out the Killer Bullets as they enter the screen.  At the far end
    right climb to the next screen.
    iv.)	Easy screen.  Climb to the top as quickly as possible.  As soon as you
    get to the top, just jump to the left and go up the ladder.  Need to
    be quick though at the top of the ladder, the Killer Bullet will be
    right behind you.  You shouldn't have to fire a shot.
    v.)	On the next screen, the Flying Shell will be coming towards you.
    Don't kill it at first and let it fire.  Kill it before it fires it's
    2nd round of shots and get onto the one-space block.  Another Flying
    Shell will be coming when you do.  Don't even bother killing it.  Just
    let it fire its first shots and they will miss.  As soon as it's done
    firing, jump up and across the blocks to the other side of the
    spikes.  Two more Flying Shells will be coming, but if you hit the
    ground running and don't stop, neither will hit you with its shots
    (although, you may have to take a small little hop as you're running,
    just to be certain).  Jump onto the ladder and just fire to the right
    to kill the next Flying Shell before it gets off a shot.  Climb to the
    top of the ladder and move one space to the right.  Another Flying
    Shell will be coming by this time, and by standing here, its next two
    sets of shots will miss Megaman.  After those two shots, just fall to
    the bottom, ignoring the Sniper Joe guarding the Extra Man.  REMEMBER,
    you get to the Sniper Joe guarding the chamber door.  Just jump up and
    fire shots, and eventually Joe will move his shield to try to hit you
    and your shots will hit him.  He'll miss you because by the time he's
    fired, you'll be back on the ground.  Repeat until he's dead and enter
    the chamber.
    vi.)	In the chamber, you can just jump down the right side and 90% of the
    time you won't take a hit (occasionally the last Octopus Battery will
    get you).  To guarantee success, I climb down the ladder at the first
    screen and then "A" Drop down the ladder on the next screen when I see
    an opening.  On the 2nd screen, as soon as I see them away from the
    right side, then I drop and fall to the right.  Do as you wish; it's
    your choice.  Just jumping straight down the right side is ALOT
    easier, there's just that small chance you'll take a hit.
    Bombman has no SPECIFIC patterns, but he can only do so many things.  I
    recommend staying near him at the start (meaning, land in the chamber on the
    right side).  The fight can go three basic ways...
    1)	Bombman will do a small hop to try and jump on you.  Run under him to the
    right, turn and fire, and he will do a hop to the left to try to land on
    you again.  Run back under right and turn and shoot him.  He will then
    start chucking bombs, or...
    2)	He will take a large hop to the left side of the room right off the bat.
    Run towards him while firing.
    3)	If he's in one corner and forcing you to the other corner, RUN TOWARDS
    HIM!!!  Do NOT let him trap you in the corner as this will mess up your
    perfect fight.
    Important thing to keep in mind is that you want to be close to him before he
    starts throwing bombs, because you don't want to be backed into the corner.
    Always keep the pressure on by running towards him.  A close proximity will
    actually keep him from throwing bombs at all!!!!!  Just watch so that he
    doesn't jump on you (run under him if you're close) and keep firing.  Also
    remember that if he does throw a bomb, the peak of Megaman's jump carries him
    JUST outside the blast radius of the bomb if you're jumping away to the left or
    right.  Mostly, if you just keep firing and time your jumps to carry you
    outside the blast radius of the bombs, you shouldn't have any problems.
    i.)	Take out the Hard Hats and head right to the moving platform.  Do your
    best to jump across the platforms...I wish I could help, but only
    practice can help you on this part.  Once you're past the moving
    platforms, move yourself to the sixth space from the left and a Blader
    will appear.  When it's two spaces away, it will drop down to hit
    you.  Jump up and meet it with a shot as it's coming down.  Don't move
    too far or the other two Bladers will appear.  After the first Blader
    is dead, move forward with a jump-shot to kill the 2nd easily, then
    wait for the 3rd to come down at you.  Kill it as you did the first.
    Move right until you get to the Picket Men.  Fire as you move right so
    that they run right into your shots...to avoid their pickets, pause
    for a second while you're shooting them, move forward one space when
    they throw their first axe, continue shooting, move another space as
    they throw their 2nd axe, and by this time they'll be dead.  Do this
    for all four of them.  The tricky one is the 3rd one in a Normal Gun
    game, if you want to remain hitless...your timing needs to be near-
    perfect, because you have to miss the 2nd axe while landing the last
    1-2 shots on him.... plus you have to edge-jump the gap.  Some skill
    is required on this part to not die and/or get hit.  Fall down to the
    next screen after the 4th Picket Man.
    ii.)	On the next screen, just move left a little bit to land on the
    platform, and then fall down the middle.  Simply fall down the next
    two screens, there is nothing for you here.
    iii.)	Now a tricky part, and there's no easy way to say this, but...you need
    cooperation from the game itself to get by this particular Big Eyes if
    you want a Normal Gun perfect game.  Your best hope is that it keeps
    taking small hops before finally getting to the upper level, letting
    you simply shoot it to kill it.  Unfortunately, I'm rarely this
    lucky.  Try to pick your spot as best you can to run under it.  There
    IS a trick to getting by a Big Eyes every single time, but with the
    uneven ground here, it makes it impossible to execute in this
    particular case.  The "Avoiding Big Eyes" strategy is in the Enemies
    section, it just doesn't work here due to the uneven ground.
    iv.)	Whatever happened with the Big Eyes, go in the chamber door.  Simply
    keep shooting to take out the Hard Hats without them even firing a
    shot.  Go and fight Gutsman.
    Again, no specific pattern per se, but you can influence his movements to a
    certain degree.  Typically, if you just keep firing at him and hit him every
    time he jumps, he'll die before he can get to you.  Bisect the throwable blocks
    beneath you while firing at Gutsman towards the right.  I've found that
    bisecting the blocks while firing tends to keep him to the right side of the
    screen.  It's not a pattern, just something that after hundreds and hundreds of
    games seems to hold true most of the time.   Sometimes he won't even move left
    at all.  Eventually though, he'll usually move to the left, so back up a bit
    towards the chamber door.  Then you just have to be a good precision jumper, so
    that you can time your jump to avoid the earthquake.  After being close for a
    jump, he'll move back to the right.  Then you can easily finish him off, he
    won't be back.  On rare occasions, he'll come all the way to the far left and
    attempt to run into you.  Time it so that you run under on his jump and run to
    the right side of the screen, and kill him from there.
    ***NOTE--- I know of no foolproof strategy for Gutsman.  If you have one, email
    me and I'll be glad to include it in the guide.  I doubt there is 100% strategy
    for him, because he's pretty easy :).
    i.)	You can simply just over the first three Bladers to start the stage.
    Do a running jump over the first, then pause a very brief moment and
    jump again to avoid the next two.  Just keep running to the right
    after you clear them so they don't get another pass.  Do the same for
    the next set of Bladers and the same thing will happen, they'll never
    touch you.  On the safe side though, you MAY want to shoot the first
    Blader in the 2nd set, or take them all out, but it's not really
    necessary to do so.  In any case, continue running to the right and
    climb up the ladder as quickly as possible.  Jump to the right and go
    up this ladder to the next screen.  If done correctly, you can get by
    this entire horizontal screen without getting hit and without ever
    firing a shot.
    ii.)	On the next screen, jump across the small gap and run towards the
    ladder.  Stand at the bottom and wait until the shots go by (you won't
    get hit).  After they do, quickly climb up the ladder and stand at the
    top.  Wait until the shots go by from the Wall Cannons and again you
    won't get hit (trust me, they won't).  As soon as these shots go by,
    quickly jump the gap next to Wall Cannon, and jump up beside the next
    one.  Pause a moment (it will fire a shot above you), and after this
    shot, jump over it and up the ladder.  Again, if done correctly, you
    can clear this screen without ever firing a shot.  On the safe side
    though, after you've waited on top of the ladder for the shots to go
    by, you can just take out the Wall Cannons by shooting them.  But
    clearing the screen without shooting is fun too :).
    iii.)	On this screen, quickly move to the ladder and make a high jump and
    grab on, but don't climb.  The WC on the left will fire a shot just
    above your head that will not hit.  After this shot goes by, THEN
    climb up the ladder and jump up to the ladder that takes you to the
    next screen.  Again, if done correctly, you don't have to fire a shot.
    Still, you can easily shoot the first WC if you want, no big deal.
    iv.)	On this next screen, simply run to the left, jump onto the ladder, and
    climb up the ladder as soon as possible.  At the top, run to the right
    and jump up on the ledge above you, then jump on the ladder to the
    next screen.  If you just keep moving, you again will not get hit.  If
    all of these screens have been done correctly, it STILL hasn't been
    necessary to fire a single shot yet.  Again, you can fire if you want
    to though, I'm just trying to shorten the FAQ by anticipating Section
    v.)	On the next screen, run and jump-shoot to the right to easily take out
    the three Fleas that await you.  Continue to the right and take out
    the Octopus Battery that is blocking the ladder.  Wait until the
    ladder is clear and climb to the next screen.
    vi.)	You can clear this screen without shooting as well, but it takes some
    timing.  You gotta wait until the lowest horizontal Octopus Battery is
    on the far right and the other two are moving to the left so that you
    can quickly jump the ledges to make it.  I won't go into detail.  Just
    take your time and kill the OBs :).  Continue upward.  On the next
    screen, kill the OB blocking the way, then wait until the one guarding
    the path upward moves to the right, then jump up the left side and
    climb the ladder to the next screen.  On this screen, simply stay
    still until the OB moves down right beside you and kill it.  When the
    OB above you is on the left side, jump up the right and climb the
    ladder to the next screen.  Alternately, you can jump up the right
    side when the vertical OB is on top to get past this screen without
    shooting.  Have to be quick though.
    vii.)	On the horizontal screen, run to the right and take out the Bladers.
    Ignore the power-up and get on the ladder, but don't climb down to the
    next screen.  "A" drop down to the screen instead and immediately run
    to the left.  "A" drop at the next ladder as soon as you can and bend
    your fall around the platform and climb down the ladder to the next
    screen.  A Flying Shell will have been passing through this screen,
    but you won't get hit if you move quickly.
    viii.)	Simply "A" drop into this screen from the previous one and run for
    the ladder in the bottom left of the screen.  Moving quickly, you
    won't get hit.  Climb down the ladder to meet the Big Eyes.  You don't
    even have to fight it.  Just wait on the ladder until it's directly
    under you.  When it takes a big hop to try and reach you, wait until
    it almost hits the ground again from it's jump, then "A" drop off the
    ladder while holding towards the right to go over it.  Run to the
    right for the chamber door.  Take out the Screw Bombers here as you
    did in Fireman's stage and go and meet Cutman.  Remember the 5 space
    radius for Screw Bomber.  For the two on the ground, just fire 3 quick
    shots when you're about 5 1/2 spaces away and you'll take them out
    before they can fire.  Just take your time for the one on the ceiling.
    EASY pattern, and simple with patience.  At the start of the fight, don't
    fire.  Just move down until you're level with him (you'll be right beside the
    throwable blocks).  He'll be moving towards the middle at the same time, but
    he'll let you get level with him without doing anything to you.  When you're
    level, simply fire away and take small hops to avoid his blades.  Shoot him;
    take a small hop when the blade is coming at you.  Shoot him again, and then
    take a small hop as it's coming back.  Repeat.  The only trouble spot is that
    you MUST register a hit JUST BEFORE you jump over the blade as it is coming
    back towards you.  If you don't, Cutman might attempt to take a jump directly
    into you.  You can usually run under this, but sometimes not.  If you just
    execute the pattern though, a hitless victory is guaranteed.
    i.)	Shoot the Spines to freeze them at the start so you can jump onto the
    very edge of the platforms.  Shoot and edge-jump your way to the top
    of the screen and climb the ladder.  Make sure you're following your
    precision jumping and landing just at the edge so that you're not
    wasting unnecessary time.  Go up to the next screen and do the same
    thing.  These two Spines are a little tougher as they only have small
    platforms.  Freeze the first one of the right side of its platform,
    and then shoot the 2nd AS YOU ARE JUMPING ONTO ITS PLATFORM.  Takes
    both precision shooting and jumping to accomplish.  Practice as much
    as necessary to be able to do this.
    ii.)	On the next two screens, quickly climb the long ladders.  Shoot the
    Watchers as soon as their eyes start popping out (their hit detection
    is a little bit below them, so you can/should actually fire before the
    eye even comes out).  One quick shot is all it takes for each one.
    Don't wait too long or you're getting nailed.  Ignore the Watchers
    that come up from below, if you're climbing quickly, they are a non-
    factor.  After these two screens, manage the invisible blocks to get
    past the next two screens.   On the next screen, simply jump across
    the blocks, ignoring the meaningless power-up.
    iii.)	On the next screen, climb the right-side ladder and take care of the
    Watchers falling down as you did previously.  At the next screen, get
    past the electric beams to continue upward to next screen.  At this
    screen, simply climb up the ladder as quickly as you can, jump
    straight up to the next ladder, and if you're moving quickly enough,
    you only need to time a single shot to take out the first Watcher and
    then continue climbing.  If done correctly, the 2nd Watcher will fire
    his shot but won't get to you in time as you scroll the screen.
    Granted, you can take out all 3 Watchers if you want to climb slowly,
    but I don't like to climb slowly.   Besides, it's an unnecessary risk.
    iv.)	On the next screen is a necessary usage of something other than the
    Normal Gun as you need Strong Arm to get the Magnet Beam.  Get it and
    switch back to Ol' Blue to continue.  Climb up the left side.
    v.)	On this screen, ignore the other spines and just shoot the Spine on
    the middle platform while it's on the far right, which will give you
    access to the ladder.  Simple.  On the next screen, just avoid the
    electric beams as you climb the ladder.  Also simple.  At the next
    screen, do the same thing, ignoring the Flea that takes a suicide dive
    down the far left.  It never hits you (although I admire its single-
    minded determination and effort to destroy Megaman!).  Continuing
    upward, just jump across the blocks on the next screen and climb the
    ladder, then avoid the electric beams on the screen after that.
    vi.)	When you get to the screen with the Big Eyes, run directly at it as
    soon as you reach the top of the ladder.  If it takes a high jump as
    you're running towards it then simply keep running!  If it takes a
    small hop, slam on the brakes (you should ALWAYS have time to do this
    if you're alert!), and run back to the left and go down the ladder to
    the previous screen.  Climb back up and the Big Eyes will be reset to
    its former position, and try the same thing.  Repeat as much as
    necessary to get by it without getting hit.  Remember, if you're
    alert, Megaman is responsive enough that you WILL have time to slam on
    the brakes and move back to the left if Big Eyes takes a small hop.
    vii.)	In the chamber, just carefully climb up the next two screens, avoiding
    the electric beams.  Take it one beam at a time and don't get greedy.
    At some point, fire a shot to the right side of the screen so that
    Megaman will be facing right when he enters to fight Elecman.
    ******THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!******
    Elecman, over the years, gathered a reputation for being possibly the biggest
    badass in the Megaman universe.  With only few exceptions, such as Shadow Man,
    he was the hardest to defeat with just the Normal Gun.  However, his legend
    took a serious blow last year when I started my Normal Gun Dueling Journal and
    started a conversation with another poster at Gamefaqs.com.  So, most of the
    credit for this strategy goes to poster Technomancer on the gamefaqs.com
    message boards, who first pointed it out to me.  I developed the more detailed
    descriptions of the pattern myself, but he first told me it was possible for
    1st Elecman.
    This is another EASY pattern, and it never fails.  However, BE SURE THAT YOU DO
    NOT FAIL THE PATTERN!!!!   I say this because for years I tried strategies so
    similar to this, but they were not the same...therefore I failed the pattern,
    it didn't fail me. Before this strategy was developed, I hugged the far left
    side of the screen and just made sure I was a precise shooter.  I did that for
    years, but after finding this pattern, there's no point in doing it the hard
    way, is there?
    1)	First, before you enter the chamber, you should have fired that shot to
    the right like I told you to.  This makes Megaman face right when he gets
    to the top of the ladder before the fight starts.  If Megaman is facing
    left, the pattern will still work, but you'll have to make Megaman turn
    around, without moving left or right at all, to be able to make it work.
    More hassle than it's worth.  Take the time to make sure you're facing
    a tap.  Trust me.  All you need to do is jump at the correct times.  As
    soon as you can, shoot Elecman right in his ******* face.  He will be
    knocked back a few spaces by your shot, but then he'll move forward
    again. Stand you're ground and watch him closely; he'll stop just before
    the edge of the chamber door and lift his arms to fire.
    3)	As soon as you see him lift his arms, just jump STRAIGHT UP to avoid his
    shot.  DO NOT SHOOT WHILE YOU JUMP!!!!  The key to the strategy is to
    shoot him ON THE WAY DOWN!!!!  After you hit him, he will be knocked back
    the same way he was at the start of the fight, and then charge back the
    exact same way!  Do the same exact thing for the victory!!!!  Remember,
    the key to timing the jump to avoid his shot is to jump as soon as he
    even twitches his arms to fire at you!
    4)	Just keep repeating the pattern for the hitless win.  Trust me- he'll
    never just run into you AS LONG AS YOU STAY PERFECT!!!  And with this
    pattern, Elecman is now YOURS!!!!
    Actually, I'm gonna be straightforward with everyone.  Everyone seems to
    think that Elecman has a random pattern, because they are always shooting
    and he is responding to your movements and shots.  However, in reality,
    Elecman has a pre-set pattern and you can force him into it at any time
    after the fight starts.  I only urge you to follow the steps listed above to
    force him into a pattern most beneficial to you because it's easy to
    execute.  But if you want to see his full pattern, just go to the upper left
    corner and do not shoot.  Elecman always fires at 3/4 from the left (beside
    the chamber door), halfway across the screen, and one space from the left.
    You can sit there all day and simply jump over his shots, and he will always
    fire at these intervals.  Oh sure, sometimes he jumps forward or backward
    for seemingly no particular reason, but if YOU don't shoot, he will always
    fire from those intervals.  Any "break" in his pattern is just a programmed
    response to a specific action from Megaman.  That's all.  In fact, that's
    all any seemingly "random" movements of the enemies are in this game (or any
    game); programmed responses to specific actions of Megaman.  It's the
    ability to SEE those patterns intuitively and perform the correct actions
    that allows some players to be better than others.
    i.)	Immediately take a small jump-hop and fire to start, so that you hit
    the first Crazy Razy as he's running towards you.  The hop is
    necessary to hit him in the face with the Normal Gun.  If you don't
    jump, you'll hit him low, at which point he separates and you WILL
    take a hit.  Run to the right.  More Crazy Razys will appear.  If
    you're running, as you jump up to the ledge, fire a shot at the apex
    of your jump and it will hit and you can keep running without ever
    stopping.  Take out these three in that fashion.  Continuing right,
    you'll reach the water.  Take your time.  Kill the Penguin as it comes
    from the right, and then jump across the gap that the Spine is
    guarding.  Using your edge-jump, Megaman JUST clears the gap.  This is
    optimal so that you don't have to risk taking two hops and getting hit
    by the Spine.  Get yourself through (firing the whole way to take out
    the Penguins).  As you jump out of the water, keep firing right to
    take out any Penguins that might be coming.  Ignore the Octopus
    Batteries guarding the useless power-up and fall down to the next
    ii.)	When you land, you'll be right beside a Spine.  It will go to the left
    and then come back to the right.  Wait until the last second to jump
    over it and then move all the way to the left.  Wait here a second,
    and right before the Spine gets to you, the first invisible block will
    appear.  Jump on it and follow the blocks up and out.  Do I need to
    describe the block pattern if you've played this game?  You should
    know it..well, oh, alright.  From the first block, jump right, right-
    up, pause a moment, jump to the left, again to the left, and you're
    iii.)	Falling down into the next screen, wait until the blocks start
    appearing, then avoid the spine and go to the far right.  When the
    lower far right block appears, jump on it.  Then, proceed left, up-
    left, big jump to the left, pause a moment, short jump to the right,
    straight up, big jump to the right, and you're out.
    iv.)	Next is one of the toughest parts in the whole game to get through
    consistently without dying, let alone getting hit.  There is no
    definite pattern to the Foot Holders, and I can't tell you exactly
    what to do to make it all the way across.  But here are my tips...
    a.	Move quickly.  Don't stay too long on the same one, unless it's the
    last one and you need to wait for it to move higher so that you can
    continue.  Eventually, a Foot Holder you already left or the one
    you're trying to get to will shoot you and you will die if you keep
    standing around on the same one.
    b.	Trying to explain as best I can, this is your best chance.  When
    you're jumping from Foot Holder to Foot Holder, you need to jump to
    the next one when the one YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON takes a shot as the
    next one approaches.  Right when it fires this shot, it starts to
    move away as the other one is drawing near.  Right after it takes
    that shot is when you need to jump.   Ex-  You're moving from the
    3rd Foot Holder to the 4th.  The 4th is pulling up to you.  Wait
    until the 3rd one fires the shot, and jump immediately afterward.
    Doing this across all of the Foot Holders gives you the best chance
    for success and getting through unscathed.  Because if you jump
    before the shot, as you land on the 4th FH, that shot will be
    nailing you and will likely be knocking you off and to your death,
    which sucks.
    v.)	Alright, whatever happens, we're moving on.  Ignore the Extra Man and
    fall down the right side, through the next screen with the useless
    power-ups, and continue on to the next screen.  A Big Eyes is here,
    but he's manageable.  Fire as quickly as you can at him as you run
    towards him.  You should get about 7-8 shots in before he's right on
    top of you.  Then, turn around and start moving left.  As you get
    Megaman moving left, give him a slight tap to the right so that you
    use the ice to let him keep sliding left (a backward slide) while
    shooting the Big Eyes to his right.  You'll get the required 15 shots
    about 95% of the time if done correctly.  When finished, continue to
    the chamber door.  Enter, and Penguins will approach from the right.
    Eliminate them without a problem and move through here and take on
    Okay, if you've ever played the game you know the pattern that Iceman fires his
    icicles.  Just jump up between the 2nd and 3rd icicles he throws for the first
    set.  For the second set, I recommend learning to jump down between the 1st and
    2nd icicles, but if you want, you can jump up before the 1st icicle and fall
    down between the 2nd and 3rd.  Make sure you move out of the left corner.  It's
    harder to time the jumping for the 2nd set of icicles if you don't.  Move about
    1/4 into the screen.  Doing this will allow you to make a slight back-tap to the
    left, if necessary, to fall down between the first and second icicles in the 2nd
    set.  Plus, you can get more shots on Iceman since you are closer and you
    bullets will leave the screen sooner.  Mostly, just keep firing and you got
    it.  I honestly don't know how to explain it much more than that.
    =========DR. WILY STAGE 1=========
    i.)	Go by the first two Big Eyes when the stage starts (see Enemies
    Section for "Avoiding Big Eyes" strategy").   Don't lose patience if
    they don't give you a big hop right away.  On the 3rd one, you only
    have about 2 chances on the uneven ground.  If the Big Eye doesn't
    give you a big hop on either attempt, then simply run to the left
    until the Big Eye is gone, and everything will be reset.  Then you can
    try again.  Once you've cleared all three without being hit
    (congratulations!!!), you'll have to use Strong Arm to move the
    blocks.  Use some nice timing and edge-jumps to avoid the flame
    columns, remembering to wait until Megaman is on the edge before
    jumping to the next level.  Climb the ladder to the next screen, and
    then make your way over to the next ladder.
    ii.)	When you climb the ladder into this screen, three Fleas will be
    awaiting you.  If they're taking a long jump, you can't make it up the
    ladder, so quickly "A" drop down to the previous screen and reset
    them.  When you finally get them to take a small hop, climb quickly to
    the top and take them out.  Go right and use Strong Arm again on the
    blocks and fall down to the lower screen.
    iii.)	Try to move quickly through this screen.  The first Killer Bullet will
    be moving across the screen as you drop down.  Stand on the upper
    platform, and as soon as the next one appears, quickly drop down to
    the middle section and jump across the spikes to the right side of the
    screen.  By tricking the KB to stay high, it gives you a free shot of
    just jumping across the blocks quickly.  Move quickly to the ladder on
    the left, as the third Killer Bullet will probably be following you by
    the time you drop down the right side.  The key is to just be quick as
    soon as you see the 2nd Killer Bullet emerge from the right side of the
    iv.)	There are Foot Holders on this screen, and you can tackle this one of
    two ways.  Firstly (and highly recommended), is that you use the "A"
    drop from the previous screen.  When you drop, a Foot Holder will fire
    a shot that you will land on if you keep falling straight down, but if
    you right tap as you fall, you will miss it.  Granted, there's a
    slight element of risk, but it's better than the alternative that I
    will mention shortly.  The Foot Holders here aren't as difficult as
    they were in Iceman's stage, but move quickly nonetheless.
    Immediately jump on the first Foot Holder and continue across.  The
    other way is a LONG, TEDIOUS process.  If you climb down the ladder,
    you can drop when it's safe.  However, the first Foot Holder will then
    go into its stubborn S.O.B. Pattern.  Basically, it will fly on the
    top of the screen and take about 15 minutes to come into range.  I
    have no clue why it does this, but if you feel like waiting, then be
    my guest.  Eventually, you'll get tired of waiting and just use the
    Magnet Beam, and I wouldn't blame you for it.
    v.)	Whatever happens, when you go up the ladder on the far right you will
    have to use the Magnet Beam.  Do so to get to the ladder.  Switch back
    to Ol' Blue and get ready for the Rock Monster, Gamma, Yellow Devil,
    or whatever other name you want to call him.
    If you've played the game before, you should be familiar with the Rock
    Monster's pattern, right?  Well, here's the pattern and I will try to help you
    as best I can.
    The Pattern----   Medium jump, stand still, small jump, stand still x 2, medium
    jump, stand still x 2, small jump followed by QUICK medium jump (see Tips #2
    and #3 below for help on this part), wait, stand still x 2, medium jump, stand
    still x 3, small hop, run towards right/left and prepare to shoot.
    However, I can't help REALLY help you if you know what I mean.  You just have
    to be able to do it!!!  You either have the precision jumping skill necessary
    to do it or you don't.   On your jumps, you have to JUST BARELY clear the
    blocks, otherwise the next block is gonna clobber you.  Keep practicing until
    you can just barely clear the blocks.  No wasted motion by jumping too high.
    Here's my couple extra tips though...
    Tip 1- Megaman should be positioned to four spaces away from the wall on either
    side as the body parts are coming from the opposite part of the screen.  After
    the first group of parts comes over and you're jumping, you need to gradually
    move him another space over.  Optimal spacing should be that after the two
    quick blocks, you should be RIGHT BESIDE where he's starting to form up.  As he
    continues to form up, move another space after the next medium jump listed
    above, then finish the pattern and run away until the eye shoots at you.  If
    you start running right after the last small hop, guess where you'll end up
    right after the eye fires...yep, about 4 spaces from the left/right of the
    screen.  Repeat.
    Tip 2- Lots of people have trouble with the one section when the two
    consecutive body parts come low.  One is along the ground, and the other flies
    one space off the ground.  Everybody clears the first block easily, only to be
    clobbered by the next one.  Here's what to do-- on the first block, jump
    forward a little bit as you clear it.  When the 2nd block comes, you need to
    make a slight back tap of the controller to give Megaman the extra split second
    to clear the block.  The split second you needed is what you bought by jumping
    forward just a little bit on the first block.  That's the only way I can
    explain it.  It's just something you need practice on.  Sorry to be harsh, but
    you can either do it or you can't.  Remember that you must JUST clear both
    blocks or you're getting nailed.
    Tip 3- ***NOTE- I was reminded of this strategy in an email.  My cousin
    actually uses it, but I eventually get nailed when I do it.  Maybe it will help
    you.***  Credit for reminding me goes to emailer giangkhe@aol.com.  This is
    directly from his excellent email.
    "I quote this:"small jump followed by QUICK medium jump". Usually on this part
    I prefer another strategie, with one big jump leaving 2 blocks, that would
    otherwise hit you, behind. I tried, it worked, and is easier than it may sound.
    I think this is easier to execute, then jumping two time, because you have to
    pay attention not to hold A-Button too long, and this got to be slightly
    perfect, (also because the third rock moves on the third horizontal block).
    With my strategie you press A-Button for the highest jump possible and
    press(hold) one of the direction buttons, depending on from where the rocks
    come. And that's it. If the rocks come from the right side you can run straight
    to the right side , avoiding two more jumps and trouble in general, somehow it
    doesn't work for the left side, only the high jumping works. Needless to say
    you have to get a bit close to the first rock coming at the very bottom, and
    then jump for this to work, well I guess this is Mega Man feeling. You have it
    or you don't have it, like you say."
    Okay now- using whatever strategy was most comfortable, after you clear all the
    parts, watch that the shot from RM's eye doesn't hit you.  After the last body
    part, simply run towards the opposite side of the screen.  That shot will never
    hit you if you do.  After it goes by, then turn and fire.
    PATIENCE!!!  You WILL NOT be able to hit Rock Monster every time.  Sometimes
    the eye appears too high for the Normal Gun to get the hit on it.  It's just
    tough **** and you gotta deal with it, and pouting about it won't help at all.
    Get ready to dodge again.
    ==========DR. WILY STAGE 2=========
    i.)	Bladers will be coming toward you at the start of the stage.  Just
    move slowly and bring them into the screen one at a time and take them
    out.  Fall down through the invisible block (on the left side,
    preferably) and get ready to face Cutman.
    ii.)	CUTMAN Rematch---  In the rematch with Cutman, simply follow the same
    pattern as the first time you fought him.  It's the same fight; he's
    just on your left this time instead of your right.  There's not much
    to this battle.  If you're having trouble following the same pattern
    as before, make sure you are falling as close to him as possible, on
    the left side of the invisible block on the previous screen.
    iii.)	After wiping out Cutman again, you'll fall into a screen with Screw
    Bombers.  Stand above and a space to the left and wait for them to
    shoot, then move on.
    iv.)	ELECMAN Rematch---  As far as I know, I'm the first to completely
    develop the pattern for 2nd Elecman.  To this day, I have never seen
    it in another FAQ or seen it discussed on any message board
    whatsoever.  In the rematch with Elecman, he has a definite pattern,
    and it's similar enough to the first time but not exactly the same.  I
    got your back though.  You'll fall into the chamber on the right side
    of the screen.  Take note of the left and right corners of the screen,
    this is where the fight will be won.
    a.	When the fight starts, don't shoot.  Move Megaman into the right
    corner.  Elecman will charge directly at you, but he'll only fire
    when he's about one step away from you.  Naturally, you should jump
    over this.  After the successful jump, you can return fire or not.
    It doesn't matter.  I recommend holding your fire for now.
    b.	After his first shot, Elecman will move away from you and into the
    exact middle of the screen.  He'll fire again from here, so jump
    and avoid again.  Again, return fire or just stand there, it
    doesn't really matter.  Again, I recommend not firing, it's better
    for timing.
    c.	Now, after he fires from the middle, he'll move into the far left
    corner (you are still in the right corner).  Don't shoot- LET HIM
    GET THERE!!!!  He will fire from the far left, so return fire and
    jump over his shot as it approaches you.  For the rest of the
    fight, he will only fire from the left corner.  Shoot him, and
    avoid his shots.  It's that simple.  I recommend firing one shot at
    a time, because of the occasional occurrence of #4...
    d.	On occasion, one of Megaman's shots will miss, and Elecman will
    jump towards the middle of the screen.  If this happens, DON'T
    SHOOT AGAIN!  Just stop shooting for a moment, and Elecman will run
    back towards the left.  If he starts moving toward you, and you
    keep firing, he'll keep charging you.  If you stop shooting, he'll
    run back to the left and continue the pattern.  Then resume
    performing the pattern.  It's that simple.
    v.)	As you fall into the next screen, you'll be greeted by bombs.  Hug
    towards the left as the first one comes up and jump as the bomb lands
    to avoid it.  Quickly move on and do the same thing.  On the next two
    bombs, you'll likely have to bend your jump a little bit to avoid the
    explosion.  When you get to the far right, of course you should
    continue down the ladder.
    vi.)	Next up are two of the toughest screens on the game to get by without
    taking a hit while using only the Normal Gun, even if you know exactly
    what to do!!!!!  On the first screen, ignore the first Octopus Battery
    and the Extra Man as they are both useless.  Go down and kill the next
    Octopus Battery.  The last OB is TOUGH!!!!  As it gets to the right,
    you have to fall down, and then jump back up while simultaneously
    turning Megaman around and firing a shot that hits the OB.  And you
    have to do this five times!!!  The key is not to press the issue.  If
    you miss the shot, SO WHAT!?!!?!   I have to tell myself that all the
    time.  Take your time and you'll come through.  When you finally get
    by it without taking a hit, good job!
    vii.)	After getting by that toughy, welcome to the next screen.  You gotta
    drop down into the small gap, try to hit the Octopus Batteries, then
    quickly jump back up.  This screen might be even tougher than the
    previous one since the OBs seem to move a little quicker here.  Try to
    hit the OB on top first (as you fall down), and then immediately jump
    straight back up.  The key to this screen is landing Megaman on the
    very edge of his foot when you're standing on the upper ledge.  After
    you take out the upper OB, you can drop down and fire five quick shots
    to take out the other one relatively easily.  Take out the 3rd OB
    that's moving vertically and climb down the ladder.
    viii.)	And here's ANOTHER tough one with the Normal Gun (note that when
    using Weapons, using Fire Shot would wipe out the last three screens
    without a problem.)  Anyway, as you climbed from the last screen, just
    hang on the ladder and bide your time.  What you want is for the top
    and bottom OBs to move to the right, quickly followed by the middle
    OB.  When you see this pattern from the OB's, quickly use the "A" drop
    when the middle OB is about halfway across the screen (you'll barely
    miss it as it'll hit the right wall JUST as you reach the bottom),
    then run to the ladder as quick as you can and start climbing down.
    I'd say about 80% of the time they do this right away.  Occasionally;
    you might have to wait a few minutes for it.  If it's taking too long,
    the one alternative is to drop down just as they are moving to the
    left, EXTREMELY QUICKLY take out the top OB, then jump over the bottom
    two as they come back to the right.  I've only done that twice, as
    it's tough to get the necessary five shots off to kill the top OB
    before you get hit by the lower two.  In any case...
    ix.)	Just "A" drop down the ladder and move toward the right to completely
    avoid the Wall Cannons on this screen.  Climb down the ladder to the
    next screen.  Here, hold onto the ladder for a brief moment to let the
    Octopus Batteries get to the left side of the screen, then drop down
    and fire like crazy!!!  At the minimum, you have to take out the top
    one so that you have a chance to jump over the bottom one.  Optimally,
    you should take out both of them.  Need to be quick though.  When
    those are dispatched, fall down and take out the Wall Cannon.  Shoot
    and/or jump over the OB and climb down the ladder to meet up with the
    Ah, our friend the Clone.  Okay, now this is a pretty tough strategy to
    execute, but it's quite similar to the 2nd Elecman strategy.  Still, it might
    be tough to explain.  I shall try my best.
    1)	At the start you will be near the middle.  Jump up to avoid the Clone's
    opening shot, and then make for the left corner.  Don't shoot, just stand
    there and watch.  Now watch the Clone; he will run towards you.  When he is
    one space away from you, you need to jump up to avoid his shot.  Shoot him
    on your way back down (as you did with Elecman in the 1st fight.)  The Clone
    will start running away from you, but turn and shoot again at halfway across
    the screen, then 3/4 of the screen from the left.  Then he'll start running
    back towards you, firing at the same intervals.  HE ALWAYS FIRES AT THESE
    2)	Now, the real deal.  Here's the step-by-step process for easy viewing.  Now
    you just have to be patient and execute the strategy.
    a)	Avoid the opening shot, get to the left corner.
    b)	The Clone will be coming for you.  When he gets one space away, jump up
    to avoid his shot, then shoot him on your way down.  Fire ONE shot.
    Hopefully you hit him :).
    c)	The Clone will run to halfway across the screen, turn, and fire.  Jump to
    avoid but don't shoot.
    d)	The Clone will run to 3/4 from the left, turn, and fire.  Jump to avoid
    but don't shoot.
    e)	The Clone will come back to halfway and fire.  Jump to avoid.  The 3/4
    shot and this shot come very quickly, so you need to jump twice in a
    short time to avoid them both.
    f)	The Clone will come back to the point one space away from you.  Jump to
    avoid and return fire with ONE SHOT.
    g)	Repeat steps c. through f. until the Clone is defeated.
    And there you go...once considered one of the toughest fights in the game,
    reduced to Just Another Fight.  The most important thing is just patience.
    ==========DR. WILY STAGE 3==========
    i.)	As soon as you land in Wily Stage 3, you gotta move to the left so
    that the Octopus Battery doesn't move down right onto you.  Then take
    both of them out.  Wait for the horizontal OB to give you an opening
    to fall down the right side.
    ii.)	In this screen, you'll land on a platform.  There's a Screw Bomber on
    the ceiling and 3 OB's near the bottom.  Drop down when the top OB is
    moving to the left and quickly take it out.  Move towards the left so
    that you can get under the Screw Bomber to avoid its shots (underneath
    it, one space to the right).  Be patient, and when both OB's blocking
    the low path are on the right side, take a jump to the left   Be
    careful, as sometimes one of the OB's will pick this moment to move
    back to the left to try and hit you.  Make sure you're taking a high
    jump to give yourself time to adjust Megaman's flight.  If an OB DOES
    move back to the left, adjust course and make Megaman fall down in
    between them.
    iii.)	In this new screen, you'll land on the upper platform again.  There's
    another Screw Bomber on the ceiling and three more OB's.  Wait for the
    top two OB's to move back to the right before dropping down and moving
    against the left hand wall.  Quickly use small hops while firing to
    take out the top OB, and then normal standing shots to take out the
    2nd one (the 2nd one will probably be moving back left when you finish
    it off).  Try not to move right while you're killing the OB's or
    you'll trigger the Screw Bomber to shoot at you.  After finishing
    that, maneuver yourself under the Screw Bomber and wait for an opening
    to drop into the next screen.  Just fall down the left side, but don't
    hold against the left wall as you fall (or you'll hit a Screw Bomber
    when you enter the next screen.)
    iv.)	In this screen, there's two Screw Bombers to make life difficult for
    you.  If you fell straight down and didn't get hit, then don't move.
    Nothing will hit you from where you are standing.  Keep watch for an
    opening towards the left, but be patient; it can be tough to get.  But
    this far into the game, if you're still hitless or have taken very few
    hits, you don't want to waste a hit.  Make your move to the left when
    both Screw Bombers stop firing, and then do your best to take a jump
    and adjust yourself in the air to fall where the OB's aren't stationed
    or moving.  (Occasionally, you will get lucky and both will be on the
    left side of the screen, so simply fall down into the next screen :).
    v.)	Now you're in the Long Corridor.... maybe the easiest section of the
    game.  Just start moving at a full run and jump over everything.  You
    don't even have to fire a shot if you just run all out.  Just take
    small hops over the Penguins and the Killer Bullets.  When you get to
    the very end, slow down just SLIGHTLY, as a Killer Bullet can
    sometimes nail you just before you enter the Bubble Machine chamber.
    Jump over the KB and enter to fight the Bubble Machines.
    The Bubble Machines.  You have to face seven of them.  They enter the screen
    from the left side, the top, or the right side.  I'm sure we all know this.
    For the first five, simply hang in the bottom left corner and fire like mad.
    It takes ten hits to kill one, but you should definitely have enough time to
    get the hits in without a problem.  The only problem you'll encounter out of
    the first five Bubble Machines is if the 5th one comes down from the top.  In
    this case, you need REALLY quick fingers to kill it before it hits you.  If you
    have quick fingers you won't have a problem, if not, then sorry.  Now, we get
    to the real problem, and one thing that sucks about this game.  There is no way
    (that I know of) to guarantee yourself of not being hit by the last two Bubble
    Machines in a Normal Gun game.  Flat out, you need some luck and cooperation
    from the game itself to succeed, which I hate depending on, but in this case
    you have no choice.  You basically have to follow the laws of averages and
    probability.  Here's why....
    i.)	If you stay in the left corner, it is IMPOSSIBLE to kill the 6th or
    7th Bubbles Machines if they enter the screen from the top or from the
    left.  They simply move way too fast to get enough shots in to kill
    them with the Normal Gun.  I've tried many times.  So that means you
    have to hope they both come from the right side.  For each trial (one
    BM comes out), there's a 33% probability that the outcome that favors
    you will actually occur.  However, if you insist on hanging out on the
    left, you need BOTH machines to come out from the right.  The
    probability of this happening is 11%.
    ii.)	If you stay in the right corner, it is IMPOSSIBLE to kill the 6th or
    7th Bubble Machines if they come from the left side of the screen.
    Not enough time.  This means you need the BM to come from the right or
    the top.  For each trial, you have a 66% chance of the favorable
    outcome.  The probability that BOTH the 6th and 7th BMs will enter
    from the right or top is 44%.   Obviously, I recommend hanging out in
    the right corner.  You just need to hope that probability is on your
    side :).
    With the above being said, it's your choice on what to do.  Do whatever you
    feel you can execute the best.  But here's what you need to do, depending on
    what course of action you chose...
    a)	If you decided on the left corner, and by some miracle both BM come from
    the right, then you should be able to get a couple shots as it first
    flies by.  Move into the middle of the screen (on top of the blocks).
    Standing on the topmost block is the only real safe spot on the screen
    when the BMs are moving around the outside.  Avoid the tiny bubbles (flat
    out, this take TREMENDOUS skill) the BMs shoot at you, and hit it as it
    goes around the outside.  You COULD stay in the left corner, but the
    chances of not getting hit are very slim.  The tiny bubbles, or the BM
    itself since it's moving so fast, will likely get you before you kill the
    b)	If you're in the right corner, as I recommend, then here you go.  If the
    BM comes from the top (best thing for you), you can get at least 4 or 5
    shots as it comes down.  Be moving to the middle on top of the blocks as
    soon as you can.  Avoid the tiny bubbles the BM shoots as it flies around
    the outside and keep hitting it when you can.  Usually you can kill it
    before it even completes a full circuit around the screen.
    c)	If you're in the right corner and the BM comes from the right, get the 2-
    3 shots that you can get before it gets out of range.  Move to the
    topmost block in the middle.  Remember, if you're on the topmost block,
    the BM passes under you without hitting you.  Avoid the tiny bubbles the
    BM shoots and get hits when you can.  It'll usually complete 2 circuits
    around the screen before you get enough hits to kill it.
    And there you go.  This is an extremely hard strategy to execute, as you need
    some luck.  And even when you get lucky, you need to be extremely quick to
    avoid the tiny little bubbles each Bubble Machine spits out at you.  ***With
    its random chance and difficult jumping to avoid the tiny bubbles, this is the
    screen where I most often lose my perfect Normal Gun games!***
    If anybody knows of a foolproof strategy to determine the order that the Bubble
    Machines will enter the screen, email and let me know.  I will include it in
    the next update and give you full credit!
    ========DR. WILY STAGE 4=========
    i.)	Well, here we are, the final road.  Let's do this thing.  To start,
    don't even use the blocks and immediately go for the ladder on the
    left.  Climb and take out the first two Watchers as they appear
    (they'll be close...quick shot needed!).  You'll be near the top when
    you shoot the 2nd one, so continue climbing and the 3rd Watcher won't
    even get a shot off at you before you hit the next screen.  In this
    screen, simply climb up and eliminate the Watchers as you did in
    Elecman's stage.
    ii.)	Continuing on, use Strong Arm to throw the block out of the way and
    switch back to Normal Gun.  Take your time through the Screw Bombers
    that are up next; patience is again the key.  The first Screw Bomber
    is on the ceiling under the 2nd Gutsman statue, so stop and fire from
    the gap underneath the first Gutsman statue for an easy kill.  Repeat
    for the next Screw Bomber you encounter.  You won't be able to hit the
    next two Screw Bombers, so stand in between them and they won't hit
    you.  Wait for an opening when they stop firing and move on.  The two
    Screw Bombers after this will have one mounted on the ceiling and one
    on the floor directly beneath you.  Stand at the edge of the platform
    so that you can jump up into the gap and hit the upper Screw Bomber
    first (but don't fall down so that the lower one can hit you with its
    low shot!).  After you take out the ceiling, then take out the floor
    as usual.  Finally, move further onto the right and take out the last
    Screw Bomber as you did the previous ones.
    iii.)	Next up is the moving platform.  This can be a tough jump even when
    you know exactly when you should jump.  The first part is easy though,
    just jump on the moving platform, and when you get to the gap, go
    ahead and jump on the single block.  Wait for the platform to come
    back from the right and prepare yourself for a standing edge-jump.
    When you see it, get ready to time your jump for when the...uh,
    hinge...of the moving platform reaches the left edge of the ladder.  I
    hope that explains it well enough.  It takes great timing to get the
    jump down.  When/if you land on the platform, QUICKLY jump again onto
    the ladder to avoid being dumped down into the spikes.  Go into the
    cylinder and prepare for the home stretch....
    iv.)	BOMBMAN Rematch---   GET OUT OF THE CORNER QUICKLY!!!  As soon as you
    can move, run to the right.  He will jump directly at you and pin you
    in the corner if you don't.  Try to follow the same strategy as the
    first fight.  It's a little tougher to execute though; with the warp
    capsule on the left side, the screen is a bit smaller, giving Bombman
    a better advantage.  If you've gotten this far, you should be able to
    handle him though.
    v.)	FIREMAN Rematch---     Slightly tougher than the first time.
    Obviously, you need to get out from under the capsule as soon as
    possible.  However, you need to be JUST outside the capsule for the
    A+B jump-shoot pattern to work correctly.  If you move any further, he
    breaks the pattern.  So don't move too far.  If you get the right spot
    though, it's the same exact fight as the first time.
    vi.)	ICEMAN Rematch---    No difference in strategy once you get out from
    under the capsule.
    vii.)	GUTSMAN Rematch---     TOUGH!!!!  Gutsman WILL try to run into you
    this time!  Open fire right away and don't stop.  In the first match,
    avoiding getting knocked off your feet by the earthquake wasn't as big
    a deal, since you had plenty of time to recover when he tossed the
    block at you.  This time, you MUST avoid the earthquake, or you're
    getting nailed.  Whether he does it right away or pauses before doing
    it, he'll eventually get to the far left.  Carefully time it so that
    you run under him when he jumps toward you.  This is very tough, but
    ABSOLUTELY can be done.  If you succeed, run to the far right and
    continue firing.   He should be almost dead by now anyway.  ***On VERY
    rare occasions, Gutsman will stay exclusively on the right side of the
    screen.  Whatever Higher Power you believe in is being kind to you if
    this happens.  So make sure you thank Him/Her :)***
    Run towards the right as there is nothing here and go through the chamber
    door to finally fight....
    BOSS---  DR. WILY
    1)	The first gun is the hardest part of this.  There's no specific
    pattern to the first part, however you can once again influence its
    firing ability to some degree.  You need to jump-shoot right away to
    hit it, so do this.  After a few hits, run under the gun until you are
    a half space to the right of it.  You are in the right spot if the gun
    itself changes direction to fire a backward shot.  Hard to explain,
    but the gun is facing forward normally, but it will turn quickly to
    face right, in order to be able to fire a shot that will actually hit
    you.   After you see the gun fire that shot, and then move to the
    left, get your shots in, and then repeat the process.  It's important
    that you make the gun face right for that one shot to give you time to
    dart out, get your few hits in, then come back under the gun again.
    This strategy takes a decent amount of precision jumping and reflexes,
    but influencing the gun in this way gives you a much better chance of
    pulling it off.
    2)	The second gun has an easy pattern, although executing it can
    sometimes be tricky since the ship is constantly moving, meaning you
    must also constantly move.  You need to hit the jewel/ruby type
    looking thing.  Just stand a space in front of it at all times and the
    swirling disc type shot that Wily keeps firing will simply circle and
    miss you.  When you see openings, jump up and get a shot in.  You have
    to shoot at the apex of your jump to get the shot to register with the
    Normal Gun.  The ship will be moving left and right this entire time,
    so you have to make sure you inch yourself along to maintain that
    half-space distance so that you don't get hit.  For your first
    attempts at Wily, I recommend shooting the jewel thing only when the
    ship is moving to the right.  It's much easier.  After awhile, you'll
    be good enough to hit it no matter which direction the ship is moving.
    And there you go.  How'd you do?
    This section is for those gamers who want to play the game using the actual
    weapons they acquire from the Robot Masters (or the Magnet Beam) to maximize
    their gameplay potential.  This section will not be incredibly detailed;
    rather, the letters in the outline correspond to the same exact screens as
    those letters do in the Normal Gun Guide.  They simply reference back to the
    Normal Gun strategies explained earlier and tell you what weapon would work
    well in that screen and/or situation other than the Normal Gun.
    However, to be perfectly honest, once you get used to not relying on the Robot
    weapons, you'll find that most situations in the game lend themselves better to
    use the Normal Gun anyway.  The Robot Weapons, really, end up being a crutch.
    Sometimes, they flat out hinder your growth in skill in the game!!!
    Nevertheless, this section is here to help you out as much as possible.
    Since you could start with any of the Robot Masters, and I can't anticipate
    what weapons you might have with you when you tackle each stage with Weapons,
    I'll just assume you are starting with Fireman.  I always do.  His Weapon is
    the most beneficial to you and allows you to use the Robot Weapons you acquire
    to their maximum benefit.  If you use a different order, then you'll just have
    to figure it out for yourself.
    If you're coming here first, then it's exactly the same, since you don't have
    any weapons.  Go read the above section.  If you're not here first, then you
    likely have the Ice Slasher that you got from Iceman.
    i.)	No change, unless you want to take out the Screw Bombers with the
    Thunder Beam or Rolling Cutters, if you have them.
    ii.)	No change obviously, as you are simply climbing ladders.
    iii.)	If you have the Magnet Beam, simply create a step to the upper ledge.
    The two power-ups handy will refill it anyway.  If you have the Ice
    Slasher you can freeze the flame columns and do the same thing.
    iv.)	No change.
    v.)	No change, unless you have the Thunder Beam, in which case you can
    take out the Tackle Fire if they are descending directly towards you.
    I guess you could also freeze the flame columns if you have the Ice
    Slasher, but it doesn't really make a difference.
    vi.)	If you have the Magnet Beam for the Fire-Trap Room, then simply create
    a step on the left side to get to the ladder.  If not, then there's no
    vii.)	No change, unless you want to freeze the flame columns by the chamber
    door with the Ice Slasher.  In the corridor, freeze the Screw Bombers
    with Ice Slasher and they won't be able to shoot.
    Fireman is weakest against the Ice Slasher you got from Iceman, but the Normal
    Gun hitless strategy WILL NOT WORK with Ice Slasher.  At least, I've never been
    able to make it work.  You'll take two or three hits if you use it.  Might as
    well just use the incredibly easy Normal Gun strategy.
    If you're following my recommended order, Bombman is up next.  The addition of
    Fire Shot can make quick work of this stage, but BEWARE!  It can be a hindrance
    to hitless gaming in a couple cases.
    i.)	Fire Shot has the nice addition of a sweet shield with it, so just
    equip it right away.  If you happen to miss the Fleas with your shot,
    the shield will take them out.  Proceed through the bomb section as
    noted above.  You can follow the same strategy as above to jump and
    avoid the Screw Bombers next, or you can waste them with a single Fire
    ii.)	Use the Normal Gun strategy on this screen.  Fire Shot shoots too
    slowly and you'll likely take a hit.  The Normal gun fires much
    iii.)	Fire Shot will kill Sniper Joe a little bit faster, so use it if you
    like.  Other than Sniper Joe, the Normal Gun is still your best option
    for everything else here.
    iv.)	No change.
    v.)	No change, unless you have Ice Slasher.  If so, freeze the first
    Flying Shell and no more will appear.
    vi.)	In the corridor, the Fire Shot will kill the Octopus Batteries in one
    shot, so you can slowly climb down the ladder and eliminate all of the
    Octopus Batteries to guarantee that you don't get hit.  It's not
    really necessary to do that, but then again, it's not really an option
    that you had with the Normal Gun.
    No real change in strategy here, although Fire Shot will kill Bombman a little
    quicker.  Also, if you miss with the shot, Bombman's short little hops will
    probably cause him to run into the Fire Shield for a little bit of free damage.
    Other than that, it's really just the same fight, only a little bit easier.
    If you're still in order, than Gutsman is next.  This might be the one stage
    that it's significantly easier to go hitless on if you use Weapons than with
    the Normal Gun.
    i.)	No change at the beginning.  Jump across the moving platforms to cross
    the pit.  Change to Fire Shot to take out the Bladers.  Even if you
    miss, the Fire Shield wipes them out.  BIG change next, as the Picket
    Men can be taken out by a single Fire Shot.  Eliminate them easily.
    ii.)	No change here.
    iii.)	You have a better chance to take out Big Eyes with the Fire Shot.  If
    you have the Ice Slasher, you can freeze Big Eyes in the middle of a
    jump and run under him.  If necessary, don't even wait for a big jump.
    If you freeze him at the apex of his small hop, there's enough room
    for Megaman to run under him.
    iv.)	No change for the Hard Hats.
    BOSS---   Gutsman
    With the Hyper Bombs, you only need three shots.  Just make sure you drop them
    so that he won't be jumping away from them and be out of range.  In other
    words, don't toss them clear into the right corner, because they won't hit as
    he's coming left.  Toss them in the middle of the screen to be sure that they
    hit.  Easy.
    If you're still with me, then Cutman is up next.  Fire Shot easily takes out
    many of the Octopus Batteries in this level.  Other than that, the other
    possible Robot Weapons you might have don't mean much.
    i.)	No change.
    ii.)	No change.
    iii.)	No change.
    iv.)	No change.
    v.)	On the first four sections, as detailed above in the
    Walkthrough, you can easily pass them by not firing.  Use Fire
    Shot if you want, but it's not really necessary.  Here, Fire
    Shot might help you take out the Fleas a little quicker, and
    if you miss, the Fire Shield will back you up.  Other than
    that, no change.
    vi.)	On these screens, use the Fire Shot to wipe out the Octopus
    Batteries easily.
    vii.)	No change; use Fire Shot if you want, but not necessary.
    viii.)	No changes, unless you desperately want to kill the Big
    Eyes with Fire Shot.  The Fire Shot takes out the Screw
    Bombers easier in the corridor as well.
    Using Strong Arm, you can walk to the exact spot as in the Normal Gun
    strategy.  Nail him with the throwable block.  Cutman will definitely
    try to jump on/over you at this point, so it might be difficult to get
    the other throwable block without getting hit.  Just move to the right
    and finish him off with either the Normal Gun or Fire Shot.
    Honestly, Strong Arm is more trouble than it's worth.  Even with the heightened
    damage, it causes Cutman to break pattern and go random.  For hitless games,
    this is not desirable.  The Normal Gun strategy is 100% guaranteed if executed
    Now we're at Elecman.  Weapons can make quite a bit of difference in your
    performance on this stage, but using them at the wrong time can also be a
    i.)	Use Fire Shot or Rolling Cutters to easily take out the
    ii.)	No change.  Don't make the mistake of using Fire Shot on the
    Watchers.  It comes out slower, so they actually have a BETTER
    chance of hitting you.  Just use the Normal Gun.
    iii.)	No change.
    iv.)	No change.
    v.)	You can now take out the Spines along the ground with Fire
    Shot, and if you're really lazy, use the Magnet Beam instead
    of jumping across the blocks two screen above the Spines.
    Other than that, no change.
    vi.)	Use the Magnet Beam to start making steps and go OVER the Big
    Eyes to guarantee yourself of not being hit.
    vii.)	No weapons can help you climb better, bud.
    BOSS---  Elecman
    Equip Rolling Cutters and just shoot him to start.  Follow the pattern
    if you want (it will work, but you only need 3 shots anyway, so why
    bother?).  Get up on the throwable blocks and hit him twice more to
    finish him.  Easy any way you slice it, pun intended.
    If you're still following me, Iceman is last.  The addition of the Magnet Beam
    can work wonders for you here.
    i.)	Use Fire Shot (or the Thunder Beam) on the Crazy Razys to easily
    take them out.  You don't even have to jump.  Continue through
    the water, using Fire Shot to take out both the Spines and the
    Penguins with ease.
    ii.)	Use Fire Shot to take out the Spine, then jump on the invisible
    blocks as normal.  Save the Magnet Beam for now.
    iii.)	Use Fire Shot to take out the Spine.  Jump on the blocks or use
    the Magnet Beam, it doesn't matter
    iv.)	Your life is made much easy by the Magnet Beam.  Use it to go
    across the pit, just make sure you don't linger on one step for
    too long and it disappears on you.  Be sure to drop down and get
    the power-up halfway across (watch that one of the Foot Holders
    doesn't shoot you).  Continue across the pit with Magnet Beam,
    being aware of the Penguins coming from the right.  You shouldn't
    have any problems.
    v.)	Get the energy power-ups for the Magnet Beam if you need them,
    then use the Magnet Beam to go over the Big Eyes without breaking
    a sweat.  Wipe out the Penguins with the Thunder Beam, if you
    want, and go fight Iceman.
    BOSS---    ICEMAN
    What a joke with the Thunder Beam.  Just end this farce by shooting quickly 3
    times.  You can actually kill Iceman before his first volley even gets anywhere
    near you.
    =========DR. WILY STAGE 1==========
    Now that we're all on the same page and I don't have to guess which weapons you
    have, we'll continue.
    i.)	Big difference here.  Use the Ice Slasher to freeze the Big Eyes when
    they're in the air and simply run under them while they are frozen.
    Use Ice Slasher again on the flame columns to ease your life a little
    ii.)	Skipping ahead one screen, enter this screen with Thunder Beam ready
    to go.  It'll take out the Fleas no matter what kind of jump they
    iii.)	Go through this screen as you did before.
    iv.)	Use the Magnet Beam to bypass the Foot Holders.
    v.)	No change.
    The pattern is never going to change, you can just kill him a little quicker
    now.  Have the Thunder Beam equipped and do the same thing as you did with the
    Normal Gun.  No problem.
    ==========DR. WILY STAGE 2===============
    Continuing onward, Dr. Wily's 2nd stage will be made a little easier by you
    actually using your weapons this time.
    i.)	No change.
    ii.)	No change.  Use Fire Shot if you want but it's not like Cutman is
    actually a threat to you.
    iii.)	No change.  You might want to use the Thunder Beam to take out the
    Screw Bombers, but it's not really necessary.
    iv.)	With the Rolling Cutters, start off firing and you will almost
    certainly get two hits with the same shot (once going out, one coming
    back).  Fire again as soon as you can and you'll probably take Elecman
    out before he even gets a shot off.  I'd jump anyway though just to
    make sure :).
    v.)	No change.  Still gotta bend your jumps around the Bombombs.
    vi.)	BIG change.  Use Fire Shot or Thunder Beam to easily take out the
    Octopus Batteries.
    vii.)	Keep using Fire Shot and make your life easier.
    viii.)	10,000% easier with Fire Shot or Thunder Beam.  Wipe them all out!
    ix.)	No change with the Wall Cannons, unless you want the energy capsule on
    the left side of the screen.  In this case, stand by the ladder on the
    bottom right, face right, then fire one shot.  The Thunder Beam goes
    up and will take out all four, leaving the way open to get the energy
    capsule.  On the next screen, follow the same strategy as you did for
    Normal Gun, but using Fire Shot makes the timing much less tight.
    BOSS---  Clone Megaman
    Now, you COULD use weapons on your Clone here, but he's going to fire back with
    the exact same weapon.  I'd just use the Normal Gun strategy if you want to go
    hitless.  If you feel that you MUST use a weapon, then follow the same strategy
    and use Fire Shot.
    ===========DR. WILY STAGE 3==========
    This stage is reduced to nothing with weapons, as you shall see.
    i.)	Use Fire Shot or Thunder Beam to easily wipe out the Octopus
    ii.)	Fire Shot or Thunder Beam are good here to wipe out the OB's; also, a
    Rolling Cutter can take out the Screw Bomber if necessary.
    iii.)	Again, your choice of Fire Shot, Thunder Beam, or Rolling Cutter.
    iv.)	Use the same weapons again.
    v.)	No change in the Long Corridor.
    Reduced to nothing now that you have weapons.  Ignore the throwable blocks for
    now and don't use Thunder Beam, or you'll wipe out the throwable blocks as you
    shoot the Bubble Machines.  Just use the Normal Gun on the first three Bubble
    Machines, then switch to Gutsman and use Strong Arm for the last four.  One
    throwable block takes each one out.  Can't get easier than that.
    ============DR. WILY STAGE 4==========
    Again, the home stretch.  Nothing much to this stage either, now that you have
    the usage of your weapons.
    i.)	No change.
    ii.)	Grab the power-up if you need it for anything.  Use whatever you have
    energy for to take out the Screw Bombers.  Since you're trying not to
    be hit, you're likely either very low or completely drained of Fire
    Shot, Thunder Beam, and Rolling Cutters.  Still, you should have
    plenty of Ice Slasher.  Freeze them and continue.
    iii.)	Use the Magnet Beam instead of trying to make the difficult jump.
    Start climbing down the ladder and wait for the moving platform to
    come back to the left, and then "A" drop down to land on it.  Get the
    Yashicshi (the funny-looking thing on the right, restores all weapon
    energy and health).  Get the Extra Guy if you want to.  Jump on the
    moving platform if it's there to get back to the ladder, or simply use
    the Magnet Beam to get to it.  Go up and have your rematches with the
    Robot Masters.
    iv.)	Equip Fire Shot and eliminate Bombman as you did before.
    v.)	Use the Normal Gun on Fireman and execute the 100% strategy.  Why
    waste hits by using Ice Slasher?
    vi.)	Use Thunder Beam and wipe out Iceman.  If he actually gets any shots
    off at you this time, you can just duck back into the capsule to avoid
    the hits.
    vii.)	Use your Hyper Bombs to eliminate Gutsman.  Try to land them about one
    space right of the middle of the screen to be sure they hit him.
    viii.)	Equip Fire Shot and get the power-up before you enter the door.
    BOSS---    DR. WILY
    On the first gun, use Fire Shot to take it out with ease.  Or rather, fire one
    shot and then keep jumping up beside it to let the Fire Shield take care of the
    rest.  Wipes it out in no time flat.
    On the jewel-ruby looking thing, follow the same strategy as the Normal Gun
    game.  Use Fire Shot or Rolling Cutters as they both get multiple hits every
    time you fire them.  The same pattern holds true as it did in the Normal Gun
    game, you can just kill him a little quicker.
    And there's your weapons guide.
    This FAQ is probably too long already.  It might even be useless; with save-
    stated emulator runs, people are probably learning more from those than they
    are reading a simple FAQ on a subject.  I haven't decided if the existence of
    this section will be seen as a further challenge to gamers, or a testament to
    how sad it is that I've played and mastered this game so much that this section
    is even being written.  Either way, here it is, and hopefully those gamers who
    love this game as much as I do can appreciate it and pull it off.
    This first section will help you defeat Cutman's stage without ever shooting a
    single weapon.  As a disclaimer, the best you can do without firing is only
    taking two hits.  There are two Octopus Batteries that block your way, and they
    are impossible to avoid.  In preparation for this section, I played this stage
    several times, and my best was 3 hits (or, one extra hit besides the minimum).
    Following the outline section in reference to my strategies for the Normal Gun
    stages to find out what screen I am currently describing.
    i.)	Follow the instructions in the Normal Gun section.
    ii.)	Follow the instructions in the Normal Gun section.
    iii.)	Follow the instructions in the Normal Gun section.
    iv.)	Follow the instructions in the Normal Gun section.
    v.)	On this screen, run quickly to the right.  Hope that the first Flea
    takes a long jump over your head.  Avoiding the next two is tricky.
    The best thing for you is if the 2nd Flea is just landing and the 3rd
    is going into the air.  Moving extremely quickly is required to not
    get hit, but it's possible.  If you do take a hit, make it only one,
    and keep moving on.  On the right, there will be an Octopus Battery
    guarding the ladder; there's nothing you can do to avoid since you are
    not shooting, so take the hit and move on.
    vi.)	Pick your spot on the first screen.  Best scenario is when the lowest
    horizontal OB moves to the right and the upper two move to the left.
    Quick move past all of them and out of the screen.  Medium difficulty.
    On the screen, another OB will be blocking you.  Since there's nothing
    you can do, take the hit and move on.  On the next screen, wait until
    the vertical OB is on the top and the horizontal one directly above
    you is on the left.  Jump up the right and to the next screen.  Not
    that difficult.
    vii.)	The Bladers can be tough to avoid.  You can jump the first one pretty
    easily, but the next two are tough.  It's quick timing, but wait until
    the 3rd one just barely twitches to come towards you and jump over it.
    Any sooner or later and you take the hit.
    viii.)	No change on the screens with the Flying Shell.  Avoid Big Eyes as
    you did before.
    ix.)	In the corridor, run directly at the Screw Bomber on the ground.
    These two will be tough to avoid.  You must time your jumps so that
    you jump over the first volley of shots, and then IMMEDIATELY jump
    again to go over it.  If done right, the shots will miss.
    x.)	Take out Cutman.  If you beat Gutsman first before coming here, you
    only need two shots to finish this entire stage.  Congratulations!!!!
    Conclusion--  With just a little practice, this is pretty easy to do. Trust me.
    On average, I'd say I take approximately five hits each time I do this.  So,
    without shooting or collecting any power-ups, I finish the stage with half of
    the life bar.  Remember, the lowest number possible is 2 hits, since the two
    Octopus Batteries block the way.  My best is 3 hits.  Will you be the first to
    only take 2 hits?
    This strategy was not listed in the first couple versions of this guide.  I
    didn't want to waste the time or unnecessarily lengthen the FAQ if the interest
    wasn't there.  But due to a couple emails, I've finished it up and it's ready
    to go.  So here it is.
    I tried doing this on a whim one day.  It actually started out as a joke when
    my brother-in-law was watching me play Kingdom Hearts for PS2, and we ended up
    discussing insane challenges.  I began telling him about Megaman and Mike
    Tyson's Punch-out and I made a joke that I could beat Glass Joe with my eyes
    closed (anyone can!).  Knowing my skill at Megaman, he made a crack that I
    could probably do it on Megaman.  I simply laughed it off.  But as I got to
    thinking about it, I began to think, "You know what?  I bet there's at least
    ONE stage that I can actually beat blindfolded."
    It didn't take long to see that the only two stages in which this could even be
    remotely possible is Cutman and Wily Stage 3 (this section to come in an update
    in the near future).  The other stages just have way too many jumps and Pits of
    Doom to fall in.  So I concentrated on just playing Cutman, and surprisingly,
    it did not take me long.  In fact, it only took ten games and 28 lives to do
    so.  There's only two possible pits to fall in, and both can be avoided.  So
    without delay, let's get to it.
    1)	First of all, this will not be easy.  It doesn't actually require more
    skill; what it requires is concentration, sharp ears, and a sharp
    2)	Before you start, play the game with the sound turned down VERY low,
    just barely audible.  Take note of the layout of every screen, the
    enemies, and listen for every little sound.  You need to attune your
    ears to sound of Megaman's jumps and landings and the sound enemies make
    when they get shot or shoot you.  Learn to listen for combinations of
    sounds (you get shot, but you don't hear yourself land, meaning you fell
    down to the previous screen.)  These are all considerations and very
    3)	You may want to have someone sit with you while you do this.  Tell them
    to be patient and only help you when you it's obvious that you are
    totally clueless.
    4)	I'm going to assume you only have the Normal Gun when explaining this.
    Obviously, if you have Fire Shot (aka The Daredevil Effect) or the
    Thunder Beam (not recommended), feel free to use them.  Warning though-
    they may change your strategy on some screens.  I leave it up to the
    reader to figure out how to best use these other weapons, and don't
    blame ME if you're using them and you get stuck on the same screen
    because you took out an enemy you weren't supposed to.
    5)	If I refer to "inching yourself one space LEFT or RIGHT", this means
    lightly tap the controller about 15-20 times.  This will make Megaman
    move approximately one space.
    To start, jack the sound WAY UP on your television, as high as it can go or you
    can stand it.  Your best friend will be your EARS when trying this blindfolded
    i.)	You will land on the edge of a throwable block to begin.  Taking
    a big jump to the left should land you exactly at the bottom of
    the ladder.  Jump and press UP to climb the ladder.  You
    succeeded if you did not hear Megaman land with squeaky
    footsteps.  If you did not succeed, take small little hops while
    pressing UP until you don't hear yourself land.  So I don't have
    to say it over and over, follow the same instructions anytime
    you need to find a ladder.  Moving on, when you're sure you are
    on the ladder, hold UP long enough to be certain you're on the
    top. Take two full jumps to the right (be sure you don't stop
    holding right on the jumps).  The first will land you on top of
    the throwable block, the 2nd will land you on the other side of
    it.  Be shooting the entire time so that you can take out the
    first Blader that will be coming.  Listen for the sound of its
    death to be sure you got him.
    ii.)	To finish up this horizontal screen, take two big jumps to the
    right, shooting the whole time.  You should hit the 3rd Blader
    with a shot.  Stop after two jumps and shoot normally.  You'll
    PROBABLY take a hit from the 2nd Blader, but 99% of the time
    you'll take it out as well.  Walk to the right until you're
    certain you are next to throwable block on this ledge.  Jump up
    on it and walk slowly forward until you hear the squeak of
    Megaman falling off the other side.  Inch yourself forward and
    fire like crazy until you hear a Blader being hit.  Take a full
    jump forward and stop.  Shoot for a couple seconds; the other
    two Bladers shouldn't be coming yet, but if you went too far
    they will.  Hopefully they didn't.  Run forward and AS SOON AS
    you hear Megaman's squeaky footfalls land, be firing and you'll
    take both Bladers out.  After this, keep jumping to the right
    until you hear the Wall Cannon and stop.  Listening carefully,
    you should only hear one of them right now.  Move carefully
    right until you start to hear the other Wall Cannon shooting
    (should be two spaces left of the ladder, if your eyes are
    open).  Move a little right and start jumping like crazy.  Keep
    jumping around until you hear a gap between the quick squeaky
    jumps.  If you start getting hit by WC fire, you've gone too far
    right.  When you hear the gap between squeaks, jump and hold UP
    (again, if you don't hear yourself land, you got it).  Climb
    until you are sure you made it to the top.  Once you're on top,
    take a full jump to the right and you should make the gap.
    Press right and climb the ladder.
    iii.)	Sorry for the previous long section.  Inch yourself one space
    LEFT (see #5 above).  Take a full leap LEFT.  If you heard
    yourself land, you made it.  Move all the way to the LEFT.  If
    not, you fell to the previous screen.  When you get to the left,
    listen for the sound of Megaman getting shot.  When this
    happens, you are one space left of the ladder.  Take a leap and
    climb up.  Pause a moment, you're safe right here.  Inch
    yourself one space RIGHT and you'll still be safe.  Time a full
    jump to the RIGHT when you hear the Wall Cannon fire stop.
    Should have no problem making it.  Keep jumping to reach the top
    and the ladder.
    iv.)	On this screen, keep firing left at the top of the ladder to
    take out the Wall Cannon.  Take a full leap LEFT and inch
    yourself a space further LEFT.  Jump while holding UP to find
    the ladder and climb.  You'll know when you're at the top
    because you'll get hit.  Take a full jump RIGHT while firing to
    take out the Wall Cannon.  Another jump gets you to the far
    right and the ladder.
    v.)	Flat-out, this is the toughest screen in this entire strategy.
    I wasted a couple hours on this screen and the ones below just
    because of missed jumps and thinking I was somewhere I wasn't,
    so beware of this possibility!!!!  If you're ever unsure of
    anything on this screen, the most important thing to remember is
    that the middle Wall Cannon ALWAYS fires first.  Listen for it.
    Anyway...on this ladder, take a 1 Mississippi count to quickly get
    to the top of the ladder and immediately start running LEFT.
    Listen extremely carefully for the first sound of Wall Cannon
    fire.  AS SOON AS YOU HEAR IT, take a full leap LEFT.  If you
    heard the sound of damage, then you didn't make the jump and hit
    the Wall Cannon in the gap and fell down to the previous screen.
    If you didn't hear anything, then you made it.  Carefully jump
    to find the ladder and climb up.  You may take several hits
    doing this, so be careful.  Hold RIGHT to be certain you are
    against the far right wall (if your eyes are open, you are under
    the Wall Cannon).  Inch yourself one space LEFT again (if you
    get hit, then you went slightly too far.  If you get hit,
    continue as instructed below).  Listen for your spot and take a
    running full leap LEFT to get on top of the next row, then take
    another running full leap LEFT to get to the ladder.  Hold UP to
    get to the next screen and continue holding it to be certain you
    are at the top of the ladder.  Listen for Wall Cannons for a
    moment, because if you don't hear any, then you were successful.
    vi.)	Here, just keep hitting A+B to jump-fire across the area with
    the Cutters and the Fleas.  You may take a couple hits, but the
    alternative is trying to carefully navigate your way through.  I
    COULD tell you how to do this, but it's a pain in the ass.  This
    is much easier.  Keep jump-firing until you hear the sound of
    enemies taking multiple hits very quickly.  You'll have reached
    the Octopus Batteries if you do, since they take 5 hits to kill.
    Keep shooting to kill them, and find the ladder as you did
    before in Screen 1.  Make the jump to the far ladder as you did
    in Screen 1.  IMPORTANT- If you keep standing in one spot and
    keep taking hits right here, that means a Flea followed you! Do
    your best to kill it or run to the far RIGHT and take a leap to
    the LEFT to find the ladder that way.
    vii.)	Now you're at the Halfway/Continue screen.  The screens get
    easier from here.  When you're sure you've made it here, don't
    move from the top of the ladder and simply jump-shoot to take
    out the OBs.  When you don't hear the sound of enemies taking
    hits, run to the LEFT until you're certain you are against the
    throwable block.  Take a leap on top of it.  Jump straight up
    and fire to kill the OB moving horizontally above you.  If you
    get hit, it WAS directly above you.  Listen for it's death and
    take a full leap LEFT to get on top.  Jump-fire to the RIGHT to
    take out the next horizontal OB.  When it's dead, take two full
    leaps RIGHT and find the ladder.
    viii.)	At this screen, you can simply shoot LEFT to kill the OB
    blocking the way.  When it's dead, run to the LEFT until you're
    certain you are against the wall.  There's an OB guarding the
    upper gap, but since you're blind it's impossible to know where
    it is.  Just jump straight UP and bear to the LEFT and hope for
    the best.  If you didn't get hit, awesome; if you DID, then
    simply jump back up again while you are temporarily invincible
    to get through.  The ladder is another full leap LEFT, but
    there's two OBs moving horizontally that could cost you hits.
    You can go for the ladder immediately and hope that they are on
    the right, or you can try to find them by jump-shooting.
    Regardless of what you do, if you take a hit, then use the
    invincibility to your advantage and get up the ladder.
    ix.)	When you're certain you made it to the screen, fire to the RIGHT
    until you hear the vertical OB meet its death.  There's a
    horizontal OB guarding the gap, but once again there's nothing
    really you can do since you're blind (Fire Shot is excellent
    here, if you're using it.)  Do your best to get up the right
    side.  When you're certain that you have, the ladder is right
    there.  Jump a full jump straight UP, and tap UP, and you will
    be on top of the ladder.  IMMEDIATELY take another jump UP-LEFT
    and hold UP to grab the ladder to the next screen.  This is
    actually a screen that is extremely easy, once you've done it a
    couple times.
    x.)	When you're certain that you're on this screen, simply run RIGHT
    for a couple seconds, then start jump-shooting to the RIGHT.
    Listen for the sound of enemy death, those will be the 1st and
    3rd Bladers if done correctly.  It doesn't matter which ones,
    those are usually the ones that are killed though.  Regardless,
    as soon as you hear two Bladers die, STOP!  Take turns shooting
    to the right and left quickly to take out the other Blader.
    When it's killed, move carefully to the RIGHT until you hear
    yourself land.  You'll be on top of the ladder if your eyes are
    open.  Move LEFT to get the large energy pellet as you'll
    definitely need the refill by now.  Move back RIGHT, jumping up
    and down rapidly.  When you hear a longer gap between jumps,
    you've made it to the ladder.  Press down to climb down into the
    next screen (if you don't hear the Flying Shell shooting after a
    few moments, you're still on this screen!)
    xi.)	The next two screens can be extrememly tough, due to the Flying
    Shell's interference.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  They go hand in
    hand, so I'll describe them together.  Once you're certain that
    you are on this screen (you'll hear the Flying Shell), run to
    the far LEFT.  You're there if you can jump rapidly, it's only
    place on that ledge that you can jump rapidly and hear it.
    Quickly inch yourself one space RIGHT and try to climb down the
    ladder.  With the Flying Shell trying to hit you, the ladder can
    be difficult to find.  If you were able to inch yourself
    probably, "A" drop down and shoot to the RIGHT.  HOPEFULLY you
    will hear the 'clink' or death of the Flying Shell, which is
    extremely nice because you know exactly where you are.  They'll
    keep coming, so keep shooting to the right until you're ready.
    Move one space LEFT and listen for yourself to land.  When you
    hear it, pause for a moment; you'll be okay, this is a safe
    spot.  When you're ready, you need to move two spaces to the
    right and fall into the next screen.  The important thing to
    listen for is the Flying Shell.  Move right until you hear a
    SLIGHT pause in the firing (means the screen is scrolling
    downwards), and when you get the pause, hold LEFT again so that
    you land on the block in the next screen.  Keep HOLDING left
    when you hear yourself land and until you're certain you're in
    the far corner.  When you are, hold down just slightly to get on
    the ladder and then "A" drop into the next screen.  NOTE- You'll
    know you're in the far left corner by listening to the Flying
    Shell and its shot sequence.  The first set of shots will cause
    nothing.  It's second set will hit you.  The third set will
    miss.  Repeat.
    xii.)	Hopefully you listened to me and "A" dropped into this screen.
    If so, AS SOON AS you hit "A" to start the drop, be holding
    RIGHT and keep holding it.  There's about a 75-25 chance that
    you won't get hit by the Big Eyes by doing this.  You'll fall
    just to the right of the ladder, run to the right, and the Big
    Eyes will hop over you.  Remember, this game is about timing and
    patterns.  It's all in the game programming, so when it's 75-25,
    the programming of the game will be responding to YOUR ACTIONS,
    which will make the Big Eyes hop over you.  I could explain it
    in-depth, but I won't bore you with it.  Anyway, just keep
    holding RIGHT until you don't hear hopping anymore and keep
    jumping to find the door.  If you actually got hit by Big Eyes,
    you probably didn't have the energy to survive it.  However, if
    you did, just ignore it and keep moving right and find the door.
    xiii.)	The corridor is simple.  Run to the RIGHT and keep shooting
    rapidly until you hear the death of the Screw Bomber.  Move
    carefully right and take high jumps while firing to take out the
    Screw Bomber on the ceiling.  When you start hearing shots
    connect, make sure you stop.  You'll probably still be out of
    range so there's no danger of being hit.  When its dead, move
    carefully right again and keep firing to take out the last Screw
    Bomber.  Run right until you hear the chamber door.
    This is actually one of the easiest parts of this strategy.  Start out shooting
    right away.  After you hear yourself register a couple hits, move so that
    you're certain Megaman is in the far RIGHT corner.  Then turn and keep jump-
    firing until he's dead.  What?  You expected there to be a technical lengthy
    explanation like the rest of this strategy possessed.  Well, sorry, this is all
    I got.  It's just a plain old shootout, but you shouldn't have any problem
    winning it.
    hardcore, I mean that you have played this stage so much that you literally
    have it memorized.  Because I'll be honest; I didn't even have to turn the game
    on to write out this strategy.  It just takes PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Be
    prepared to invest some significant time doing this.  Even after you've
    practiced and prepare, each attempt takes AT LEAST 30 minutes, and that's if
    you don't get stuck on a screen for a whole hour.  When I start the stage, I
    turn on an alarm and set it for an hour.  If it goes off, I just stop whatever
    I'm doing and look to see where I was.  Usually I'm on a screen I didn't think
    I was on, or stuck on a certain part of the screen when I thought I was
    somewhere else.
    If you decide to give this a try, go slowly.  Try to get past the first few
    screens, then to the halfway screen, then to the top screen with the Bladers,
    before getting to the door.  You WILL NOT be able to defeat the stage on a
    single life; I've only done it twice, and both were just lucky when I must have
    gotten a large energy pellet from the Screw Bombers in the chamber.  The best
    hope you have is that you can manage to get to the halfway screen on your first
    life, get to the chamber on your second (you'll likely be low on energy and die
    from Cutman himself), before finally taking out Cutman on your last life.
    As always, I encourage everyone to find their own strategies and alternate ways
    of doing things.  Maybe you'll find something easier to do than what I've
    written.  In any case, GOOD LUCK, and let me know if you've had any success!!!
    Just as a fun little section, here's some things I've accomplished on this
    game.  Think of it as bragging if you want to; I'd like to consider it my
    resume and qualifications to be able to write this FAQ.  If you have a
    challenge for me or you have an accomplishment that you think is unique, write
    me and let me know!!!!!
    5 Normal Gun only perfect games.
    Over 50 perfect games using Weapons.
    A 25:59.69 speed run w/o select cheat.  Reached this in the past two weeks
    since this guide was first posted at gamefaqs, motivated by continued posting
    on the Megaman 2 board about emulator speed runs.  It will be tough, but this
    time CAN and WILL go lower!!!
    In 1988, beat the game the first time I ever played it using only 1 continue.
    Successfully developed and accomplished Cutman's Blade In The Dark strategy.
    Starting with Gutsman, defeated game w/o dying using ONLY robot weapons and
    without collecting energy refills.  This is tougher than it sounds!!!!
    Well, that's about it for now.  I've done a ton of stuff on this game (and
    other Megamans), so I can't really remember or post everything I've ever done.
    Usually, I remember things I've done as other people post on the message boards
    with challenges.
    ==========SOME COOL STUFF==========
    Check out remix.overclocked.org and look for remixes for Megaman.  Check out
    the remixer by the name of Injury.  A couple cool remixes for this game,
    including an Elecman theme, "Circuit Breaker," and a remixed theme with a kick-
    ass title, "Set Me Up The Bomb-man."  Also a nice MM2 opening theme (The
    Tallest Building) and an AWESOME song for Megaman 3 using Protoman's theme,
    "Blue Reflection."  She's not the greatest singer ever, but she's good enough
    for the song.  Also, her voice is perfect for the song and gives it the
    haunting tone it needs.  I wouldn't have the song any other way.
    Also, the song "Earthbound VenusSignedBananaPeel" is a nice little remix with a
    lounge singer feel.  I love it.
    Her personal website is http://injury.net/
    To be continued.
    I've never had to write out one of these, but here it goes.  This guide is the
    copyrighted property of Jeremiah DeShetler and currently THE ONLY PLACE THIS
    GUIDE MAY BE POSTED is on www.gamefaqs.com.  No other persons, websites,
    groups, etc. may post this guide without my permission.  If you read this FAQ
    anywhere else, please email me immediately and let me know.  This
    FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough is protected by all copyright laws and any person
    attempting to steal, use, reproduce, or otherwise misrepresent the information
    in this document as their own will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the
    law.  There is to be no public usage of this document, aside from being posted
    at gamefaqs, without the express written consent of Jeremiah DeShetler.  It is
    not to be distributed, except for personal use (meaning, yes, you can print it
    out and give it to a friend, but don't be selling it or anything!)
    You may download or print out this FAQ from gamefaqs, or even a section, as
    long as it is not edited or changed in any way whatsoever.
    This guide was written for informational use only.  The name Megaman, the game,
    information from the instruction booklet, and any other copyright that might be
    valid are still the property of their respective owners, likely and most
    notably Capcom.
    I hope that was enough.
    I want to thank you for reading this guide.  It took some effort and time to
    write it, and I had to actually play WORSE to figure out some exact spacing
    that I usually do so naturally.  I'd appreciate any feedback that you may have
    regarding anything in this FAQ.  I can take all the feedback, good or bad, that
    you can dish out.  If you liked it, hated it, couldn't read it cause it sucked,
    it was just too long; whatever it was, please tell me about it.  In fact, a
    quick email saying "Hey, I read it" would be nice.  It'd at least let me know
    how much traffic my FAQ is getting.
    Email me at j_deshetler@hotmail.com with any feedback that you have.  Please
    use the subject line "Mega Man FAQ comment/question" so that I just don't erase
    it into oblivion from thinking that it's junk mail.
    If you don't want to email me, post a topic on the Megaman 1 board at gamefaqs.
    I check that board almost every day, though I rarely post on it anymore.
    However, if you direct a post towards me, I will certainly answer it as soon as
    I possibly can.  Due to work schedule, be aware that I will not have computer
    access on Fridays and Saturdays though, so be patient until Sunday for a
    response in that case.  I also check the Megaman 2 board fairly often, so a
    post directed toward me on that board will likely be answered as well.
    Megaman, and the entire Megaman series, is a series of games that I will always
    love for its incredibly addictive gameplay and general awesomeness.  I also
    love it because, for whatever reason, I was always a natural at this series and
    easily accomplished the most difficult of tasks.  I hope this guide has helped
    Keep it old school and keep it strong!

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