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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DesertEagle97531

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                               Mega Man 2 FAQ/Walkthrough                      
                           Copyright 2004 By Michael Gagliano
    *This guide is dedicated to HumanVegetableforeva and the rest of the gang for 
                    all the great times we had in the club. Peace!*
    3-Basic Tips
    5-Robot Master One-Hit KO's
    6-Game Genie Codes
    8-Credit and Thanks
    9-Contact Information
    SECTION 1:Introduction            
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Mega Man 2. This guide will be
    covering the entire game. In this guide, I will include full walkthroughs
    for levels, detailed boss strategies and weaknesses, level passwords, and
    Game Genie Codes. Plase note that the order of bosses that I use for this
    walkthrough is based on my own experience with the game. If you feel that
    you have a different order that works better for you, feel free to do so.
    Just keep in mind I walk you through the game based on the boss order in
    this guide. I hope my walkthrough will help you through the game. If you 
    have any questions about this guide or want me to add something, please
    use the contact information provided at the end of this guide. You may
    send me your recommended boss orders, strategies, or passwords. Not only
    will I post them on this FAQ, I will also credit you as well! Enjoy and
    I hope this guide helps you through your game of Mega Man 2. Good Luck!
    SECTION 2:Story
    Here is the story summary taken straight from the game's intro:
    "In the year 20XX, a super robot named Mega Man was created. Dr. Light
    created Mega Man to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his
    defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man."
    In case you haven't played the first Mega Man game, I'll give you the 
    breakdown on the rest of the story. Dr. Light and Dr. Wily worked together
    as partners to build the first six robot masters featured in Mega Man 1.
    However, Dr. Wily only wanted to use these robot masters for his own evil
    doing. In order to stop Dr. Wily's evil actions, Dr. Light created a 
    powerful robot named Mega Man. Mega Man was sucessful in defeating Dr. Wily.  
    However, Dr. Wily, being enraged at his defeat, swore revenge upon Mega Man.
    So he later created eight of his own robot masters, featured in this game, to 
    destory Mega Man. Now it is up to you to help Mega Man defeat Dr. Wily again
    in Mega Man 2 for NES!
    SECTION 3: Basic Tips
    In this section, I will simply include a few important pointers to keep in
    mind while playing Mega Man 2. These will include boss weaknesses and
    weapons. I will not include passwords in this section. All passwords can
    be viewed at the end of the guide.
    *Always use a boss's weakness against them. Some bosses have several 
     different weaknesses. Using a weapon that a boss is weak against will
     cause more damage upon contact. Some bosses can even be killed with one
     shot of a weapon. However, I will discuss this later on the guide.
    *USE THE TIME-STOPPER!!! I cannot stress this enough. Since Flashman is the
     first robot master in the order, you will have the Time-Stopper from the
     beginning of the game. This can be used to freeze all enemies and moving
     objects in the stage. It can be very useful for getting through tight areas
     with a lot of enemies. This really comes in handy on Air Man's stage.
    *The Quick Boomerang is a very strong and plentiful weapon. I will be telling
     you to use it in most areas of the game. This is because you can fire
     eight quick boomerangs per unit of energy! It is a very fast and strong 
     weapon that comes in handy against a lot of enemies.
    *Use the Leaf-Shield to prevent damage from enemies. When you activate the
     Leaf-Shield, it will surround you permanently until you move in any 
     direction. This means that as long as you stand still, the Leaf-Shield will
     protect you from all damage. Note that you can jump and still keep the 
     Leaf-Shield from flying away as long as you just jump straight up and not
     in any other direction. This is best used in stages where you must ride on
     moving platforms while being attacked by enemies.
    1) FLASH MAN
       Weapon: Time-Stopper
       Weakness: Metal Blade
       Weakness: Metal Blade
    3) QUICK MAN
       Weapon:Quick Boomerang
       Weakness: Time-Stopper, Crash Bomber
    4) WOOD MAN
       Weakness:Atomic Fire, Metal Blade, Crash Bomber
    5) Air Man
       Weapon:Air Shooter
    6) Crash Man
       Weapon:Crash Bomber
       Weakness:Air Shooter
    7) Metal Man
       Weakness:Quick Boomerang, Metal-Blade
    8) Heat Man
    SECTION 4:Walkthrough
    When you start a new game, you will be taken to the stage select screen. I
    will be using my order of bosses that I have found to be the most effective
    for completing the game. We will be starting the order with Flashman. So
    good luck and here we go!
    STAGE 1:Flashman
    When you start the level, head right and blast the cannon enemies along the
    way. Drop down through the first nook and continue right. Kill the next 
    cannon opponent you see on the small ledge. Once he's dead, get on the ledge
    and hop up, then drop down. For this next area, try to stay towards the left
    side as much as you can, because it will make the path easier to navigate
    through. Keep left as you fall down the long shafts, killing any enemies
    along the way that give you a hard time. If you stayed to the left, you will
    land on a ledge with an enemy that appears to be contructed out of cans.
    Shoot the head to destroy this guy with one shot and head right to continue
    falling down the shaft. Soon, you will reach a Sniper Joe enemy in a robot
    walker. You should be standing on a small ledge just above him. So wait until
    he jumps to the right, then jump left off the platform and drop down the left
    shaft to escape from him. Continue right until you come to a few robot 
    walkers underneath you and several platforms ahead. You only have to jump
    across these platforms if you want the E-Tank up ahead. By all means, get it!
    Once you've grabbed the E-Tank on the other side, head back to the left and
    purposely fall off the ledge. Head right under the walkway where there is a
    robot walker on top of you. You can scroll this guy off the screen by leading
    him to the left, then going right. Once you've done that, get on the long
    walkway and jump towards the boss door. Prepare for a fight!
    The reason I sent you after this guy is because he is very easy to beat with
    the Mega Buster, which is all you start with. When the fight begins, jump
    and fire at him as rapidly as you can. Don't worry if he runs into you, it
    doesn't do any real damage. Just keep shooting at him as quickly as you can.
    He may or may not use the Time-Stoppr against you, depending how long it
    takes you to kill him. If he does attack you with it, though, just jump
    right before he uses it so that you get suspended in the air and his shots
    will miss you. Continue blasting him and you should dust this guy off
    with no problems. You will receive the Time-Stopper and Item-3 upon
    defeating Flashman.
    STAGE 2:Bubbleman
    When you start out the level, head right jumping across the ledges. Soon
    you will reach these frog enemies who shoot out 3 smaller frogs at you.
    Just blast the big frog and if you need to, the small ones. Keep doing this
    for all the frog enemies you approach. Soon you will come to an area where 
    there a small platforms that drop when you step on them. So you have to be
    quick as you leap from ledge-to-ledge because you don't have much time before
    the platforms begin to drop. Once you've sucessfully reached the other end,
    drop down the shaft and hang left. You will see 3 snail-like enemies. Blast   
    each of them and grab any power-ups that they may or may not give you. Drop
    down the next shaft and you will see that you are staring to reach the
    underwater area of the level. Jump down the next shaft that will take you
    underwater, but hang right as you fall! Kill the 3 snail enemies here and
    continue down the next drop. Head right now and you will reach a giant fish
    that is letting these shrimp enemies out of its mouth. Shoot the glowing
    thing on top of the fish's head several times and the big fish will explode.
    Kill the remaining shrimp enemies and proceed right. You will now reach an    
    area with a spiked ceiling. Touching these spikes will cause instant death.
    You must learn to control your jumps so that they are just high enough to
    reach the platform, but not so high that your head gets impaled by the 
    spikes. Use the Time-Stopper here to freeze those weird enemies coming at you
    from above so that they don't throw you off when you're trying to get through 
    this area. You should be able to get through the place pretty easily if you
    utilize the Time-Stopper wisely. Once you get out this hectic area, you will
    come face-to-face with another one of those giant fish enemies. Just shoot
    the glowing thing suspended in front of his face again to kill him. Proceed
    forward and you will run into more of those frog enemies from the beginning
    of the level. Kill them including all of the little frogs before you make
    your jumps so that you can make them safely without jumping into the spikes.
    Continue forward until you get out of the water. This area is pretty much
    identical to the one at the very start of the level. Make sure you kill the
    falling lobster enemies before you make your jumps across the ledges. Once
    you reach the end of the area, head through the door to Bubbleman!
    This guy will move around the room constantly firing at you. However, he'll
    be moving around slow enough for you to get several well-placed arm cannon
    shots in. His attacks are also very weak, so don't go crazy about trying to
    dodge his every attack. Just keep up with him and continue firing at him.
    Repeat this process and you should escape this battle without a problem.
    You will be rewarded with the Buuble-Lead weapon after the fight. Yay!
    STAGE 3:Quickman
    When you first begin the level, you will notice an extra life on the ledge 
    to the left. Use the Item-3 on the ledge to create a platform that you can
    jump on to reach the extra life on the ledge. Once you've done that, equip
    the Mega Buster again, and drop down the shaft in the right corner. Make sure
    you hug the left wall as you fall down. Keep heading left immediately after
    you hit the ground and you should get past the two enemies below without
    taking damage. Drop down the shaft to the left. Now head right and drop down
    this fall. Stay to the right as you fall. Note that id you touch any of the
    orange force beams, you will be killed instantly. Stay to the right as you
    drop down this fall and go down the space in the middle. On the next screen, 
    try to position yourself to fall down the space in the middle and you 
    should eventually land on a platform with an extra life, and E-Tank, and a
    weapon energy refill. Grab the 1-up and E-Tank, and use the weapon tank to
    refill your Item-3. Now drop down through the space to the left to land on
    a flat floor finally. Proceed forward and the room will go pitch black. If
    you keep moving on, you will encounter an enemy with a tourch on his head.
    If you've played MM1, you might mistake these enemies as Fireman! When one
    of these tourch enemies appears on-screen, the room will light up again. 
    Kill them as soon as you can so that they won't have a chance to attack you.
    Once you kill them, the room will go dark again. Continue forward and repeat
    this process for the rest of these enemies. Eventually, you will fall down
    a long shaft once again. Get ready for an even longer and harder section
    of force beams! Get through the first screen of force beams sucessfully,
    and when you reach the next screen, immediately fire the Time-Stopper. This
    will cause the beams to freez so they cannot hit you. You must move fast
    to get the most out of the Time-Stopper, though. Continue down the shafts
    as fast as you can. Along the way, pick up at least one of the weapon
    energy refills to restore some of your Time-Stopper. This way, you will
    have more time to get past the force beams. You will also notice a 1-Up
    along the drop down. Try to get it if you can, but don't beat youself up
    if it's simply out of your reach. Once you've gotten through this hectic
    area, you'll be happy to know that you won't hove to go through any more
    force beams for the rest of the level. Yay! Head right and blast the robot
    walker enemies with the Mega Buster. Keep killing these guys until they 
    continue to drop weapon energy refills. You will need to use these to 
    refill the Time-Stopper for your battle against Quickman. Once it's fully
    refilled, coninue right through the door to the boss of the level!
    Make sure you have the Time-Stopper full when you enter this fight. Also 
    make sure that you equip it right before you head through the door to
    Quickman, because he charges right at you at the start of the battle. As
    soon as the fight begins, fire the Time-Stopper and Quickman will be
    suspended in mid-air! This should drain exactly half of his health. Once 
    the Time-Stopper has run out, switch to the Mega Buster. Try to stay away
    from him as much as you can. Get in as many shots as you can whenever 
    possible. Sometimes he will get stuck in a corner and he will be running 
    into the wall of the room. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get
    in a few well-placed Mega Buster shots. He shouldn't give you too much
    trouble. Just stick to this strategy and he should be reduced to nothing.
    After defeating Quickman, you are rewarded with the Quick-Boomerang. This 
    is a very excellent, plentiful, and strong weapon!
    STAGE 4:Woodman
    Head right once the level begins. Ignore the bats that fly out of the trees,
    but shoot those large rabbit enemies that you encounter along the way. You
    should eventually reach a ladder, go down and kill the bats. Equip the
    Quick-Boomerang and go down the next ladder. You will run into a large wolf
    opponent. When he breathes fire at you, jump over it and blast him with the
    Quick-Boomerang until he dies. Do the same for the next two wolves ahead. 
    Soon, you will come to a ladder. Climb up and kill the bats in the next 
    room. Climb up the next ladder and head right. You should be outside on a
    long walkway. These gorilla-like enemies will jump up at you. Use the Time-
    Stopper to prevent all of them from attacking and you can get through this
    area unscathed. When you reach the other side of the walkway, climb down the
    ladder. Keep going down through these rooms killing the rabbits with the
    Quick-Boomerang until you get outside to the forest again. Proceed forward
    and you will notice an ostrich-like enemy running straight for you! Ahhhh!
    As soon as you see these enemies on the screen, stand completely still and
    don't make a single move. They will jump clear over your head without
    touching you. Keep doing this for the rest of these enemies you encounter
    and you should reach the boss door.
    Sinc we don't have this guy's weakness yet, we'll be using the good old Mega
    Buster against him. As soon as the fight starts, Woodman will cover himself
    with a leaf-shield. While he is being protected by the shield, you will not
    be able to cause any damage to him. Therefore, stay where you are until he
    tosses his leaf shield at you. When it gets close enough, jump! The shield
    should go right under you and Woodman will now be vulnerable. Hit him with
    the M-Buster as much as you can. Just ignore the leaves that fall from the
    ceiling, because getting hit by them will not cause a significant amount
    of damage. You should just concentrate on hitting him as much as possible.
    Soon, he will make another leaf shield around himself. Repeat the process
    described above until Woodman is reduced to nothing. Upon defeating Woodman,
    you will receive the Leaf-Shield weapon! Yeah!!!
    STAGE 5:Airman
    Head right when the level starts and you will eventually reach a large 
    platform object with spikes coming out of the sides. Wait until the spikes
    retract and then jump onto the platform. Once you get on, the spikes will
    rise again and you will have to wait until the fall before you can proceed.
    While you are waiting for the spikes to retract, small flying enemies will
    be attacking you from the sides. Use the Quick-Boomerang to fend them off
    until the spikes are down and you can jump to the next ledge. Repeat this
    process for the rest of the large platform objects until you come to an area
    with enemies flying on clouds. When you see a lightning man flying toward
    you, kill him with the Quick-Boomerang and jump onto his cloud. Kill the
    next one that comes close to you and transfer to his cloud. Repeat this until
    you reach the other side. Now you should proceed forward and you will see
    a bird enemy fly overhead and drop an egg which releases many smaller birds.
    Use the Quick-Boomerang to kill off these small birds and keep mving on until
    you get to the end of the path. Run into the cloud to drop down to another
    area. Go past the worm enemies and drop down through the cloud on the left
    side of the screen. Head right and do the same strategy as before with the
    large platform objects. Once you get through that section, more of those
    small bird enemies will attack you again. You will also encounter some of
    these weird enemies which resemble Airman. They will blow you away from them
    so kill them when you get within range. Continue through, killing the birds
    with the Quick-Boomerang and if you want to, use the Time-Stopper to get the
    bird enemies out of your hair while you cross some of the more difficult
    platforms. Eventually, you will reach the gate to Airman!
    Make sure you equip the Leaf-Shield before entering the fight, as it is 
    Airman's primary weakness. When the fight begins, Airman fires a group of
    small tornadoes at you, then blows them toward you. Try to find a small
    opening in the cluster of tornadoes that you can jump through to dodge them
    when Airman blows them at you. He will do this three times. After that, he 
    will jump to the other side of the room. Now is your opportunity to get in
    a clean shot with the Leaf-Shield! Press the fire button to surround Megaman
    with the Leaf-Shield, then fire it at Airman while he is still airborne.
    You can fire the Leaf-Shield straight up by pressing the Up button while
    the shield is surrounding you. Two shots from the Leaf Shield will do this 
    guy in. You will then receive the Air Shooter and Item-2.
    STAGE 6:Crashman
    You will be in a room with several ladders when the level starts. Being 
    climbing them and kill the spinner enemies along the way with the Quick-
    Boomerang. Keep climbing up the ladders until you reach an area with a 
    small platform running along a track. You need to get on the platform and
    ride it up to the ladder to reach the next area. You will be attacked by
    spinners along the way, so make good use of the Quick-Boomerang. When the
    platform gets close enough to the ladder, jump to it and climb up. You will
    reach another room with a riding platform. Do the same thing here as you did
    with the other room. Kill the spinners that attack you while you ride the 
    platform to the ledge. Climb up the ladder at the top once again. You will
    end up in another room with a riding platform. However, this one will be
    more difficult to get through by just using the Quick-Bommerang against the
    spinners. Jump on the platform when it comes by and fire the Leaf Shield to
    surround Megaman. Stay completely still until you reach the ladder at the 
    top so that any spinners that attack you along the way will be killed 
    instantly. Climb the ladder at the top and proceed to the right. You will
    soon run into one of those tall enemies. Shoot the head to destroy it. Climb
    the ladder all the way until you reach the top. Jump onto the platform to
    the left, then jump back onto the ladder again so that the hardhat enemy 
    fires at you. It should then move to the next platform. Use this opportunity
    to approach and kill it. Now continue across the platform and go up the
    ladder. When you get to the next screen, go up the ladder on the right. 
    When you reach the next screen, you will be attacked by those pesky bird 
    enemies again. Use the Leaf Shield to kill as many as you can as you move
    up the ladder. When you reach the top, you should see a ledge under you with
    an E-Tank on it. Jump down onto the ledge and grab the E-Tank. Now use the
    Item-2 to make a platform and quickly use it as a stepping stone to get
    back up to the ledge where you entered. Use Item-2 again to reach the ladder
    to the left. Climb up and grab the extra life. Use the Time-Stopper to 
    freeze those helicopter opponents and proceed forward until you reach the
    boss gate.
    Crashman's primary weakness is the Air Shooter, so you'll be using that
    weapon against him. But despite Crashman's weakness to the Air Shooter, he
    can sometimes be extremely frustrating to hit with it. Due to the upward
    curve of the Air Shooter, you'll have to get very close to him in order to
    guarantee a clean shot. Right when the fight begins, immediately fire the
    Air Shooter and it will either hit Crashman, or he'll jump clear over it.
    When he lands, run in the opposite direction and Crashman will start to give
    chase. Turn around and blast him when you get the right opportunity. Two
    direct hits from the Air Shooter will dust this guy off. At the end of the
    figth, you will receive the Crash-Bomber, a very powerful wepaon that can
    destroy certain walls.
    STAGE 7:Metalman
    Enjoy the great music and head right when the level begins. Most of this 
    level will be on a moving conveyor belt. Proceed right and jump across to
    the next belt. Head underneath the upper belt and grab the E-Tank. Go back 
    and jump onto the upper conveyor belt. As you head right, you will run into
    these falling spike platforms. Fire the Time-Stopper to get through this
    whole area without having to worry about the spikes falling on you. You
    should be able to make it past all of the spike platforms before the
    Time-Stopper runs out. Next, you will reach an area where several drill
    enemies will burrow out through the floor and ceiling. Use the 
    Quick-Boomerang to destroy any of these guys that get in your way and you
    should eventually come to a spot where you can jump down to another conveyor
    belt. Don't jump down to it just yet. Instead, use the Item-2 to ride over
    to the other conveyor belt and grab the 1-Up at the other side. Now you can
    go back and jump down to the lower belt. Drop down these next few holes and
    continue right. You should soon run into an enemy suspended in mid-air on
    rotating wheel. Try to reach the wheel and shoot it with the Quick-Boomerang.
    If the wheel is out of your range, just wait until the enemy drops down to
    the ground and kill him then. Continue forward up the ledges and belts until
    you reach a large gap. Use the Item-2 to cross the gap and fly straight 
    over all the enemies. You should land right in front of the boss gate.
    Make sure you use the Quick-Boomerang against this guy, as that is his main
    weakness. Metalman will not move when the fight begins. In fact, he will not
    even attack unless you approach or provoke him. However, he will attack if
    you wait too long without approaching him. Wait until the screen flashes and
    the conveyor belt changes direction. Then go up to Metalman and just go all
    out on him with the Quick-Boomerang. Four shots of the QB will make Metalman
    go poof! You will receive the Metal-Blade weapon upon the defeat of this
    guy. The Metal-Blade is a powerful and plentiful weapon that you can fire
    in eight different directions!
    STAGE 8:Heatman
    Heatman is our last target of the eight robot masters. When the level starts,
    head right, jumping across the lava pits. Also, kill those flying helicopter
    enemies with the Mega Buster. You should eventually come to a section where
    there are rasied pillars that you will have to jump across to reach the other
    side of the lava pit. All the while trying to dodge/kill those stupid spinner
    enemies along the way, which don't make your life any easier. However, we 
    have just the solution to counter these pests. You guessed it. When you see
    that the spinners start to really get up your @$$, fire the Time-Stopper and
    you can make your way across this area without a problem. Continue right and
    kill those small ground enemies with the Quick-Boomerang. Jump on the ledges 
    and make your way across to the upper ledge. Proceed right and climb down 
    the ladder there. When you get down to the next screen, you will have to wait
    for the platforms to appear so that you can reach the ledge on the left side.
    This could take some practice, but you should be able to pull it off soon 
    without too much trouble. When you eventually reach the ledge on the left,
    climb down the ladder and head right. You'll have to do the same thing to
    reach the top of this first pillar. Wait for the platforms to appear so you
    can reach the top. Now head right and you will notice that this next pillar
    has an orange wall at the base. You can destroy the wall with the Crash
    Bomber, so do just that. This will save you the trouble of having to do that
    process with the stupid appearing platforms. Once you've destroyed the wall,
    jump over and run right through the opening. Do the same for the rest of
    the pillars until you reach a very large lava pit. Use the Item-2 to ride it
    across this whole gap. DON'T get off to grab the extra life along the way.
    You won't have enough energy in the Item-2 to cross the rest of the gap if
    you do this. Just ignore it and wait until you reach the other side of the 
    gap. When you've reached the other end, climb down the ladder and kill the
    robot walker enemy with the Quick-Boomerang. Now climb down this next ladder
    to arrive at the boss gate!
    Heatman's primary weakness is obviously the Bubble-Lead, so have that 
    equipped before you enter the boss door. Right when the fight begins, fire
    a Bubble-Lead straight at Heatman and jump through the fireballs he launches
    at you. He will shoot across the room. When he stops, blast him with another
    Bubble-Lead. Jump over him when he comets again and follow up with another
    BL to finish him off. Heatman will give you the Atomic Fire and Item-1 once
    he is defeated. Now, get ready to storm Dr. Wily's Castle!!!
                             DR. WILY'S FORTRESS STAGES
    *Note that throughout all these Dr. Wily levels, your weapons energy will 
    not be fully refilled when you advance to the next level. AHHHH!!! Don't
    worry, though. This section of the walkthrough will tell you how to get
    through each of these levels with enough energy leftover for the last boss
    fight. Now get ready, because the game is about to get a little harder!
    Enjoy the awesome music here and head right. Those lame birds will attack
    you almost immediately. Dispose of them with the Quick-Boomerang as you
    continue right. Soon, you will come to a wall that is too high for you to
    jump up. Simply fire an Item-3 on the wall and ride it up to the top of the
    wall. Jump over the right side of the wall and kill the worm enemies with
    the Quick-Boomerang as you proceed to the right. Soon, you will reach another
    one of those high walls. Use the Item-3 again to reach the top. Jump off the
    right side of the wall and use the Item-3 again on the wall to the right to
    reach the ladder. Climb up the ladder to the next screen and kill the
    sniper joe enemy there with the Mega Buster. Climb the next ladder and then
    kill the sniper joe again. Head up the next ladder to reach a place with
    a ground slider enemy. Stay on the ladder and wait until he slides past you.
    Then climb up, go over to the next ladder and climb up to the next screen.
    You will see a ladder all the way to the left. It's obviously too far away 
    for you to use Item-2. Fire an Item-1 towards the ladder and jump onto it.
    Now, fire another Item-1 and jump onto that one. Keep doing this until you
    can reach the ladder. You should only need to fire 3 of these to make it. 
    Once you get on the ladder, climb all the way up without stopping, ignoring 
    the spinners along the way. They won't touch you if you just keep going. When
    you reach the top of the ladder, equip the Quick-Boomerang and head to the
    right. You will enter a dark area with a lot of small platforms. Jump across
    these platforms and keep going. Soon, a giant dragon enemy will appear behind
    you. Keep jumping across the platforms until you get to a spot with three
    platforms and the screen stops scrolling.
    BOSS:Mecha Dragon
    Right when the fight starts, jump up onto the highest platform so that if the
    dragon hits you with his fireballs, (and mark my words, you will get hit) you
    will fall back onto the middle platform and not into the pit. Get onto the top
    platform and rapidly fire the Quick-Boomerang at the dragon. He should soon
    hit you with a fireball after a short period of time. You should fall back 
    onto the lower platform, so just get back on the highest ledge and continue
    shooting the Mecha Dragon with the Quick-Boomerang until he dies. You won't
    be able to dodge his fireballs, but I guarantee that you can kill him
    almost immediately with the Quick-Boomerang.
    Aren't you happy that you get to hear this awesome music for another level?
    Use the weapon energy refill at the start of the level to restore your Item-1
    energy meter. Head to the right and kill those helicopter enemies with the
    Mega Buster. Use the next weapon energy refill near the spikes to restore the
    Item-3 energy meter. Get close to the edge of the spike pit and fire an 
    Item-2. Ride it across the spikes, but don't get off at the first ladder you 
    pass. Instead, jump off at the second ladder. Get the E-Tank at the top of the
    ladder and climb down the next ladder. Get the 1-Up and use all the small
    weapon energy power-ups to refill your Item-2. Drop down this next ladder and
    avoid the cannon enemies on the climb down. When you get down to the next
    screen, jump off the ladder to the right. You should land into that pit in
    the middle of the spikes. Drop down to the next screen and proceed right. You
    should soon be going down a narrow tunnel with those drill enemies from 
    Metalman's stage. Kill all the ones that get in your way with the Quick
    Boomerang. Watch out for those falling metal spike platforms. Get close to
    them so they fall, then run under them as they're rising again. Use the 
    Item-3 to get up the wall here and run under the spike platforms. Keep going
    until you drop down another long shaft. Make sure you position yourself to 
    land on a platform. Continue going down the shaft until you reach a room
    with purple blocks along the wall and floor.
    BOSS:Detachable Walls
    The way this boss operates is quite simple. Two units detach themselves from 
    the walls and join together to form an enemy that will try to ram itself into
    you. When this enemy gets in close range, shoot it with the Bubble-Lead. This
    is the boss' main weakness, so one shot will kill off a wall enemy. For every
    wall opponent you destroy, the boss loses two units of energy from its health
    meter. So keep shooting these guys with the Bubble-Lead until they're all
    completely gone. Be careful not to get hit by these enemies, though. If you
    do, they will take away a hefty chunk of your energy meter. So stay on your
    toes for this fight. After some practice, this fight should be an easy win.
    When you enter the level, jump off the left side of the platform that you
    start on and you should land on another platform below. Ignore the power-ups
    behind the walls. We don't need any of them, and it's a waste of Crash Bombs 
    which we will need later. Jump off the right side of this platform and you 
    should land on a wall. You will also notice two weapon energy refills on 
    either side of you. First get the one on the left ledge to refill your
    Bubble-Lead from the previous boss fight. Now, get the one on the right ledge
    and use it to refill your Item-3. Drop down from here and you should land in
    a large area filled with water. Jump across the platforms, using the water's
    buoyancy to jump over the spikes. Keep jumping across the platforms until
    you reach a narrow tunnel with a spike-lined ceiling. Proceed forward and go
    down this long shaft. Make sure you steer Megaman away from the spikes as you
    fall down. If you start to fall to fast to steer, pause the game and then 
    unpause. Megaman should slow down for a short time. When you finally hit the
    ground, jump down the ledges past the spikes. When you fall down another long
    shaft, hug the right wall so that you don't fall to your death on the spikes
    at the bottom of the left wall. Head right and jump straight out of the water.
    Continue right and blast the cannon enemies with the M-Buster. The boss gate
    is not far ahead...
    BOSS:Guts Man Tank
    This guy bears an uncanny resemblence to Gutsman from MM1. Only now he's super
    huge. When the Guts Tank comes out, jump on the front of the tank. You can 
    safely stand on the front ledge of the tank, just be careful not to get too
    close to him, though. The Gutsman Tank is weak against the Quick-Boomerang,
    so just get on the front edge of the tank, and blast away at him. Note that
    you must hit his FACE in order to deal damage to him. This guy should be an
    easy pushover. Now get ready, because the game is about to get a little bit
    Now get ready for a challenging level! Grab the two weapon energy refills at
    the start of the stage. Use them to refill your Items. Climb up the ladder
    when you're done. Blast the hardhat enemy at the top and continue climbing up
    the next ladder. You should soon come to a spot with a floor and a narrow
    passage with a hardhat enemy inside it. Climb all the way up and get on the
    floor above the hardhat enemy. You may notice that although the floor appears
    to be normal, there are actually gaps in the floors. Make sure you experiment 
    a few times with the floors so that you know where to jump. Climb up the 
    ladder here and jump over the gaps in the floors. Climb up the next ladder 
    and you will see a floor over a spike pit. Right away, you should know that
    there's going to be a gap in the floor. Use the Item-2 to fly over the floor
    so that you can be positive you won't fall through. Head up the next ladder
    and you should reach an area with several floors and items. Ignore all of the
    items and continue up the small ladders until you reach a long passageway. 
    Keep going right until you get to another ladder. Climb down and stop when you
    get to the next screen. You will be hanging on the ladder above an area with
    a riding platform and several spinner enemies attacking you. When the platform
    comes underneath you, jump off the ladder and you should land on it. You will
    have to ride the platform over to the other side of the room. So use the 
    Quick-Boomerang to kill off any spinners that attack you along the way. You
    should get through this room without too much trouble. Climb down the ladder
    when you reach it, and you will find yourself in another room with a riding
    platform. This time, though, the spinners will not attack you. Hang from the
    ladder until the platform is underneath you and jump onto it. Ride it until
    you reach a ledge to the left. Jump onto the ledge when you can and wait 
    for the platform to come out. Jump back onto the platform and jump onto the
    ledge in the top right corner and climb down the ladder. In this next room,
    hang from the ladder and fire the Leaf Shield. Don't press any directional
    buttons. Wait until the platform comes under and jump onto it. You should
    still have the Leaf Shield equipped. It will kill off the spinners that 
    attack you along the way. You will have to jump over a small wall, so you
    will be forced to throw away your Leaf Shield. Simply fire another one as 
    soon as you get back onto the platform and climb down the ladder when you
    reach it. Head right and wait for the platform again. Jump onto it and then
    quickly onto the small ledge in the middle of the room. From here, use the
    Item-2 to fly over to the ladder on the other side. Climb down the ladder and
    you'll be happy to know that you're done with those stupid platforms for the
    rest of the game. Yay! Head right and kill the robot walker with the
    Quick-Boomerang. Continue to the right, killing off the sniper joes and
    robot walker enemies, until you reach the boss gate. Make sure that you have
    a full energy meter of Crash Bombs before you enter the door.
    BOSS:Orb Cannons
    You will be in a room with five orb enemies and several green walls, which
    can be destroyed with the Crash Bombs. When the fight starts, use the Item-1
    to fly up onto the ledge in the middle of the room, dodging the orbs' shots
    occasionally. Jump down off the platform and destroy the green wall in the
    bottom right corner with the Crash Bomber. Then, kill the orb behind it with
    another Crash Bomb. Use the Item-3 to climb back up the wall to the left and
    kill the orb on the wall right next to you with a Crash Bomb. If you are
    getting hit too much, don't be afraid to use an E-Tank. Climb the right wall
    with the Item-3 and kill the orb behind it. Get back onto that ledge in the
    center of the room and destroy the left wall with a Crash Bomb, then kill the
    orb behind it with another Crash Bomb. Now, use the Item-1 and ride it up 
    to the small ledge in the upper left corner of the room. Get on the ledge and
    use your final Crash Bomb to kill this last orb cannon and win the fight!
    ###########EE     OO                 ##
    ###########EE     OO                 ##
    ###########       OO       EE####    ##
    ###########     ####       EE####    ##
    ##EE     XX              ########    ##
    ##EE     XX                    OO    ##
    ##       XX                    OO  EE##
    ###########     ########       OO  EE##
    ###########     ########       ########
    --                    OO       ########
    --                    OO     ##########
    --                    OO     ##########
    --  MM                ##     XX    EE##
    --  MM                ##     XX    EE##
    --  MM                ##     XX      ##
    M = Megaman's Size
    E = Enemy
    O = Block
    X = Block to Destroy
    This level isn't really a level. You will have to re-fight all 8 robot masters
    in order to coninue. Through each teleport hatch is a robot master that you
    have previously defeated. You will have all of their weaknesses now, so refer
    to the weakness list at the beginning of this guide to find out which robot
    master is weak against what. After you defeat a robot master, they will drop
    a large enegry refill, so use that to restore your health after each fight.
    Once you have defeated all eight robot masters again, a new teleport hatch
    leading to Dr. Wily will apear in the center of the room. Here is a diagram
    of the teleporting hatch room:
              ______                                               ______
             |______|                                             |______|
             |      |                                             |      |
             | Heat |                                             |Flash |
             | Man  |                   _______                   | Man  |
             |______|                  |_______|                  |______|
             |______|                  |       |                  |______|
              ______                   |  DR.  |                   ______
             |______|                  | WILY  |                  |______|
             |      |                  |_______|                  |      |
             | Air  |                  |_______|                  |Metal |
             | Man  |                                             | Man  |
             |______|                                             |______| 
             |______|                                             |______|   
              ______               ______     ______               ______
             |______|             |______|   |______|             |______|
             |      |             |      |   |      |             |      |
             | Wood |             |Bubble|   |Quick |             |Crash |
             | Man  |             | Man  |   | Man  |             | Man  |
             |______|             |______|   |______|             |______|
             |______|             |______|   |______|             |______|
    BOSS:Dr. Wily Ship
    You will have to beat this guy twice here. The first task is to remove the
    front window of the aircraft. One fully charged Atomic Fire shot will beat
    his first form with almost no effort. Once you've taken off the front part
    of the spaceship, you will have to fight Wily in the cockpit. Keep jumping
    and rapidly firing Metal Blades at him and he should go down quickly. You
    shouldn't have to use any E-Tanks here.
    You will teleport into a large underground cave. Right when you enter the 
    level, equip the Bubble-Lead and wait until you stop falling. Once you hit
    the ground, head right and make sure you don't get hit by the falling drops
    of lava on the ceiling. It will take away quite a large amount of health
    from your energy meter. So don't be stupid and get hit, eh? You should
    eventually reach the boss gate. Now get ready for the final battle!!!
    BOSS:Alien Wily
    Once you enter the gate, you will notice that room is pitch black. Soon after,
    Dr. Wily appears and morphs into....an alien!? Whatever. Anyways, make sure
    that you have the Bubble-Lead equipped for the fight, as it is the only 
    weapon in the game that will deal damage to this guy. The alien moves around
    the room in a figure 8 pattern, so memorize his path and make sure you don't
    touch the alien. You won't receive much damage from his shots, but if you
    touch him, he will whisk away 3/4 of your total energy meter. Ouch! When the
    alien lowers his altitude and gets close enough, jump up and blast him with
    the Bubble-Lead. Every hit with the Bubble-Lead will take away 2 units of his
    energy meter, so make sure you get in as many hits as you can. This guy 
    shouldn't take long to defeat. If you do get hit a lot, though, don't be 
    afraid to use an E-Tank because this is your final battle. After you defeat
    the alien, you discover that it was just Dr. Wily operating a holgraph of an
    alien. What a loser! Oh well. Once you defeat the alien hologram, you win the
    game. Congratulations!!!
    SECTION 5:Robot Master One-Hit KO's
    As you may or may not know, there are strategies to defeating several of the
    robot masters in Mega Man 2 using only one shot of a weapon. In this section,
    I will be describing the strategies for beating these certain robot masters
    using only one shot of their weakness!
    Wood Man
    There are actually 2 ways to do this guy in with one shot. The first and 
    easiest way is to fire a fully charged Atomic Fire shot and blast Wood Man
    with it once he has thrown away his Leaf Shield. The second way is a little
    trickier, but still somewhat easy. When Wood Man still has his Leaf Shield
    surrounding him, fire a Crash Bomb and it should attatch to his Leaf Shield.
    If your timing was right, the Crash Bomb should detonate and detroy Wood Man.
    Metal Man
    I think Capcom just threw this one in here to be funny. One shot of Metal 
    Man's own weapon, the Metal-Blade will dust him off easily. Since this is
    Metal Man's own weapon, the only place you can do this is when you have to
    re-fight all eight of the robot masters in Dr. Wily's Castle.
    Crash Man
    This one is a little trickier to pull off than the other robot masters. You 
    will need Crash Man's primary weakness, the Air Shooter, in order to pull this
    one off. Normally, the Air Shooter fires three small tornadoes, right? Well,
    if you can manage to get very close to Crash Man and fire the Air Shooter at
    him before he takes off, all three tornadoes should hit him at the same time,
    dealing extra damage to kill him in one shot.
    Air Man
    I discovered this strategy on my own. Air Man's primary weakness is the Leaf
    Shield, so you'll be using that weapon for this to work. Wait until Air Man
    is done firing his tornadoes at you. After that, he should jump into the air.
    While Air Man is in the air, position yourself under him so that he lands 
    right next to you, but have the Leaf Shield around you before he lands. If he
    lands right next to you, he should get hit by the Leaf Shield. If he hits you,
    he will still take damage from the Air Shooter. Either way, do not move once
    you have delt the first blow to him. Remain still and Air Man should continue 
    to take another hit from the Leaf Shield. This will kill him in two hits, but
    you're only using one Leaf Shield!
    SECTION 6:Game Genie Codes
    The following codes listed below are for use with the Game Genie Device:
    Infinite Energy -- SXXTPSSE
    Infinite Lives -- SXUGTPVG
    Burst Fire* -- LZVSSZYZ
    Power Jumps -- TANAOZGA
    Super Power Jumps -- AANAOZGE
    Mega Power Jumps -- APNAOZGA
    Maximum Weapon Energy** -- GZKEYLAL
    Low Gravity -- PGEAKOPX
    Purple & Black Armor -- YAEIILPO
    Start with 1 Life -- PANALALA
    Start with 6 Lives -- TANALALA
    Start with 9 Lives -- PANALALE
    Start with 50% Energy -- TEKAIEGO
    *The burst fire code fires 3 shots from the Mega Buster at a time.
    **With this code, it fully refills your weapon energy anytime you pick up
      a weapon energy refill power-up.
    SECTION 7:Passwords
    Start the game with 4 E-Tanks
      1   2   3   4   5             
    A                 X
    B X       X
    C             X
    D     X   X
    E X           X   X  
    A5 B1 B3 C4 D2 D3 E1 E4 E5
    Flashman Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    C X    X       X
    D          X
    E X    X   X
    A5 C1 C2 C4 C5 D3 E1 E2 E3
    Bubbleman Defeated           
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    C  X   X           X
    D      X   X
    E  X   X   X
    A5 C1 C2 C5 D2 D3 E1 E2 E3
    Quickman Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    C  X   X   X
    D          X   X
    E      X   X   X
    A5 C1 C2 C3 D3 D4 E2 E3 E4
    Woodman Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    C  X       X
    D          X   X   X
    E      X   X   X
    A5 C1 C3 D3 D4 D5 E2 E3 E4
    Airman Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    C  X       X
    D          X       X
    E      X   X   X   X
    A5 C1 C3 D3 D5 E2 E3 E4 E5
    Crashman Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    B  X
    C      X       X
    D          X   X
    E  X       X   X
    A5 B1 C2 C4 D3 D4 E1 E3 E4
    Metalman Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    B      X       X
    C          X       X
    D              X   X
    E      X       X
    A5 B2 B4 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2 E4
    All Robot Masters Defeated
       1   2   3   4   5
    A                  X
    B      X       X
    C  X       X       X
    D              X   X
    E      X
    A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2
    SECTION 8:Credit and Thanks
    I would like to thank the follwing people for making this FAQ possible:
    -Capcom for making such an outstanding game.
    -My parents for getting me the game.
    -God for everything.
    -HumanVegetableforeva for giving me someone to dedicate this guide to.
    -GameWinners for providing the Game Genie Codes.
    -GameFAQs for posting this guide.
    -HumanVegetableforeva once again for the map of the Wily 4 boss room.
    SECTION 9:Contact Information
    The follwing information cna be used to contact me. If you would like to make
    a contribution to this FAQ, you can simply send me an e-mail or IM. If you
    would like to post this guide on your website, you may not do so without my
    permission. If you send me an e-mail asking me to post the guide on your site,
    I will be more than happy to let you. Just please contact me first!
    E-Mail:DesertEagle97531@yahoo.com or mikeg415@hotmail.com
    AIM: DesertEagle415AE
    Well, I hope you had as much fun reading this FAQ as I did typing it. I hope
    this guide has helped improve your skills at Megaman 2. Remember to contact me
    before posting this guide on your site. The only website that may use this
    guide as of now is GameFAQs. I really hope you enjoyed reading my FAQ, and I
    look forward to hearing some good suggestions to improve this guide. Thank
    you for taking the time to read my FAQ and have fun playing Mega Man 2!
                          Copyright 2004 by Michael Gagliano

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