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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Strummer

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    Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version: 0.4
    By: Strummer
    Contact: Strummer1 at gmail.com (Replace at with @)
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    Table of Contents
    0) Version History
    1) Introduction
    2) Characters
    3) Controls
    4) Search for Wily!
    5) Rescue Roll!
    6) Recover the new parts!
    7) Weapons, Items, and Parts
    8) FAQ
    9) Legal
    10) Credits
    0) Version History
    v.0.1 - 8/5/04 - FAQ/Walkthrough created. Next update, I'll put Weapons in.
    v.0.2 - 8/6/04 - Added Weapons, Items, and Parts.
    v.0.3 - 8/22/04 - Hard to believe I made this a while ago. Anyway, I added
    ratings for all of the weapons, and added Eddie to the items list.
    v.0.4 - 8/24/04 - Updated Section 7.
    1) Introduction
    Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters is the sequel to Mega Man: The Power Battle.
    Both games were released in 1996 and 1995, respectively. Both of these games
    were released in Japan only, but with the North American release of the Mega
    Man Anniversary Collection, this is no longer true.
    2) Characters
    Playable Characters:
    The only difference between the characters is how they slide and what size
    their shots are. Duo has the biggest shots, while Mega Man has the best slide.
    Mega Man: The "Blue Bomber" himself. Mega Man has appeared in around 50 games
    since his debut in 1987. He was created by Dr. Thomas Light as a house cleaning
    robot, but the threat of Dr. Wily has changed this peaceful role to a more
    offensive stance. Year after year, Mega Man has crushed Wily's plans and put
    him in jail. Wily always escapes, so Mega Man's job is never finished.
    Proto Man: As you can see by his name, Proto Man is somewhat of a prototype
    robot. In earlier games, he was evil and helped Dr. Wily out. Now he helps Mega
    Man out sometimes. He is somewhat of a loner.
    Bass: Bass is one of Wily's special robots. He isn't necessary evil, because he
    is a bit of a rebel. He is rivals with Mega Man and vows to destroy him.
    Duo: Not much is known about Duo, but he appears at the end of Mega Man 7 and
    in 8. This would count as spoilers I'm afraid. More soon.
    Other Characters:
    Roll: Mega Man's sister. She does house cleaning. One of the game's modes is
    centered around her.
    Dr. Light: Creator of Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, Rush, and a ton of other
    robots. He is rivals with Dr. Wily. His full name is Thomas Light.
    Dr. Wily: He wants to take over the world! He plans on doing so by creating
    endless amounts of robots to oust Mega Man. This hasn't really worked. His full
    name is Albert Wily.
    Rush: Mega Man's dog. Always assists Mega Man, be it in the form of a jet,
    springboard, submarine, drill, or even armor.
    Eddie: He's that robot with the flip-top head. He keeps power-ups for Mega Man
    in said flip-top.
    Beat: A small bird that lifts Mega Man to safety when he falls. He has also
    assumed roles like a plane, or just something to attack enemies.
    Auto: Auto creates power-ups for Mega Man. He does so with bolts you give him.
    He premiered in Mega Man 7.
    Treble: Bass' dog. He can combine with Bass, just like Rush does with Mega Man.
    3) Controls
    These are the controls for the Gamecube version of The Power Fighters. I'll put
    in other versions soon.
    Control Stick: Move your character.
    B Button: Jump. If you press B against a wall in mid-air, you will perform a
    wall kick. Press Down and B at the same time to slide.
    A Button: Shoot: Hold A down to charge, and release once the charge is
    complete. This will result in a more powerful shot.
    R Button: Cycle through your special weapons.
    4) Search for Wily!
    In this mode, you will be looking for Wily. Features robot masters from Mega
    Man 2, 3, 5, and 6.
    Start with Centaur Man. He's pretty easy. From him, follow this chart:
    Centaur Man -----> Shadow Man -----> Bubble Man -----> Heat Man -----> Plant
    Man -----> Gyro Man
    Centaur Man  :  Weakness: Gyro Attack  :  Receive: Centaur Arrow
    Centaur Man is simple. Use concussive shots to stop his dash attack, or slide
    under his legs if you can't stop him. He'll use his Centaur Arrow from afar,
    but it can be dodged easily. Look out for his shield ; it deflects your shots.
    He'll go down easily, and the Centaur Arrow is yours for the keeping.
    Shadow Man  :  Weakness: Centaur Arrow  : Receive: Shadow Blade
    Shadow Man is tougher than Centaur Man, mainly because he plays his defense
    better than his offense. His main attack is his Shadow Blade, which is
    basically three shurikens. Shadow Man has the tendancy to turn into a log to
    protect himself. Use the Centaur Arrow to pierce this defense. He might summon
    a giant frog that jumps across the stage. This form is nearly unstoppable, but
    it is rare that he does this.
    Bubble Man  :  Weakness: Shadow Blade  :  Receive: Bubble Lead
    Bubble Man is a bit sluggish, but he can swim around his level with free
    movement. He creates giant bubbles that trap you in them. Pop this with the
    Shadow Blade, and do the same to burst Bubble Man. Bubble Man uses water blasts
    as his other attack. If you don't beat him quick enough, he'll summon crabs
    encased in bubbles that explode on you if they escape. Otherwise, Bubble Man is
    pretty straightforward, and the Bubble Lead will be in your reach soon enough.
    Heat Man  :  Weakness: Bubble Lead  : Receive: Atomic Fire
    Suggested by his name, Heat Man uses fire attacks. His Atomic Fire will both
    stun and burn you, so look out for that. He has another fire attack that
    scatters three flames across the arena. Heat Man tends to close his body to
    protect himself. Use the Bubble Lead to extinguish Heat Man. Look out for his
    Bodily Crush! The Bubble Lead will once again prevent him from doing this.
    Plant Man  :  Weakness: Atomic Fire  :  Receive: Plant Barrier
    Plant Man is pretty annoying! He has small shots that he can shoot in fives,
    but the real annoyance is his Plant Barrier. Couple this with the ability to
    create Plant Man-like minions and you have a full plate on your hands. The
    Atomic Fire can burn through his barrier though. If you run out of Atomic Fire,
    it's back to annoyance. Once he's through, the Plant Barrier is your own.
    Gyro Man  :  Weakness: Plant Barrier  :  Receive: Gyro Attack
    The last robot master, Gyro Man is pretty easy. Your only downside is that you
    can only use Plant Barrier about three times, so use it wisely. Gyro Man
    signature Gyro Attack is fired in fours, but they're weak. He can fly, so send
    him crashing with the Plant Barrier. Gyro Man has a dash attack that can be
    easily jumped over. The Gyro Attack is now yours.
    Now that you're done with the six robot masters, it's time head for
    Wily's Castle.
    Mad Grinder  :  Weakness: Nothing  :  Receive: Nothing.
    Mad Grinder was the first real boss of Mega Man 7. He is substantially more
    powerful than his Mega Man 7 counterpart. For starters, he can flatten you with
    his giant wheel. He also has a saw on his head that he unleashs time to time.
    He can hover too, usually ending with you stamped if you don't slide away in
    time. His only weak part is his head, so aim there.
    Dr. Wily's Skull Robot  :  Weakness: Bubble Lead  :  Receive: Nothing
    Wily himself! You can only attack the part of the skull that Wily is in. He can
    shoot three shots at you, but he often opts for creating robots. In this mode,
    he'll create one that moves back and forth. Shoot its backside. Wily has a ton
    of weaponry, like a huge, bouncing shot. Another one to look out for is the
    homing bomb. Move out of the way of its crosshairs and you should be fine.
    Overall, if you can pound Wily with the Bubble Lead before he starts shooting
    you, you could have an easy match on your hands.
    Dr. Wily's Escape Robot  :  Weakness: Shadow Blade  :  Receive: Nothing
    Your goal is to beat Wily before he escapes (he'll escape when the counter at
    the bottom of the screen reaches zero. He has low health, no attacks, and is
    weak against Shadow Blade. What's there to say?
    It's all over now. Enjoy your ending.
    5) Rescue Roll!
    Roll has been captured by Wily's robots. Go find her! This mode features robot
    masters from Mega Man 1, 4, 5, and 7.
    Start with Slash Man. He has no ranged attacks, so stand back and blast away.
    From him:
    Slash Man -----> Cut Man -----> Shade Man -----> Stone Man -----> Elec Man
    -----> Dive Man
    Let's get this started.
    Slash Man  :  Weakness: Dive Missile  :  Receive: Slash Claw
    Slash Man has few attacks, and those attacks have no range to them. There's the
    Slash Claw, which is powerful but requires close range. He can also turn into a
    wheel and slash around. Just use charged shots on him and he'll fall in no time.
    Cut Man  :  Weakness: Slash Claw  :  Receive: Rolling Cutter
    What a pushover! Go up to this wimp with your Slash Claw and watch him fall. He
    only has one attack: Rolling Cutter, which is nothing compared to other weapons.
    Shade Man  :  Weakness: Rolling Cutter  :  Receive: Crush Noise
    Shade Man has many attacks. His Noise Crush can be reflected off walls and
    absorbed by him, making it stronger. One attack to look out for: he can swoop
    down and suck your energy! He can also summon bats, and has a square-shaped
    shot that stuns you. Use the Rolling Cutter when he's in the air for a more
    effective shot.
    Stone Man  :  Weakness: Crush Noise  :  Receive: Power Stone
    Power Stone? I love that game! Anyway, be sure to used the reflected Crush
    Noise on Stone Man to make better use of the weapon. Stone Man can create a
    stone wall that blocks him from your attacks, so destroy them. His main attack,
    Power Stone, is a stone hand that runs across the ground and towards you. Just
    jump to avoid it. Rarely, Stone Man will jump and crush you with his tremendous
    weight. Slide to avoid it.
    Elec Man  :  Weakness: Power Stone  :  Receive: Thunder Beam
    Thankfully, Elec Man's Thunder Beam has been shortened in length, so he won't
    be pausing/unpausing the game to deal serious damage (you'll get it someday).
    Elec Man has a few ground based attacks, like two electric spheres that run
    left and right, or spreading electricity on the ground. This is when you use
    the Power Stone. Other attacks include a ring of lightning that splits in 8
    directions, or robots that shoot thunder. With all these attacks, Elec Man
    should prove tough. Knock him to the ground and use the Power Stone.
    Dive Man  :  Weakness:  Thunder Beam  :  Receive: Dive Missile
    Dive Man is quite big, and takes advantage of this by crushing you with his
    body. He also has the Dive Missile, which is homing by the way. He can also use
    mines that are easily avoided. For some odd reason, he can dig under the
    seafloor, only to dig up and attack. Dive Man is slow, so step back and attack
    him with the Thunder Beam.
    Roll is safe, but all is not well. It's time for Wily's Castle!
    Yellow Devil  :  Weakness: Thunder Beam  :  Receive: Nothing
    It's the giant, yellow blob from Mega Man 1 and 3! His weakpoint is the eye, so
    blast it apart with the Thunder Beam. Yellow Devil can shoot cubes from his own
    body. They're large, strong, and hard to avoid. It can morph into nine spheres
    and shoot them at you. When worse comes to worse, it loses its legs and shoots
    lasers from its eye! Yeah, this guy is pretty weird. Yellow Devil isn't much
    for speed, so pull a Dive Man and shoot from a safe space.
    Dr. Wily's Skull Robot  :  Weakness: Slash Claw  :  Receive: Nothing
    Wily is basically the same as the first mode, but he's weak against the Slash
    Claw. He'll also summon a different robot.
    Dr. Wily's Escape Robot  :  Weakness: Dive Missile  :  Receive: Nothing
    Same as first mode, but he's weak against Dive Missiles.
    Enjoy the ending.
    6) Recover the new parts!
    Wily has stolen some parts from Dr. Light, so it's up to you to get them back.
    Start with Air Man. His pattern is simple and has only one real attack. From
    Air Man:
    Air Man -----> Quick Man -----> Pharoah Man -----> Gemini Man -----> Napalm Man
    -----> Guts Man
    Air Man  :  Weakness: Super Arm  :  Receive: Air Shooter
    Like I said, Air Man has only one real attack: he'll create five mini-tornados
    from his fan and shoot them. You can slide to avoid this. That's it - his only
    attack. He does, however, use his fan to blow you away. That's nothing. Just
    sit back and shoot!
    Quick Man  :  Weakness: Air Shooter  :  Receive: Quick Boomerang
    Quick Man's name is a house of lies! Rather, he's just average in speed. His
    only attack is the Quick Boomerang, which can be destroyed. He has a tendancy
    to run towards you, so shoot him with the Air Shooter when he gets close.
    Pharoah Man  :  Weakness: Quick Boomerang  :  Receive: Pharoah Wave
    Pharoah Man is quicker than Quick Man! Anyway, he'll shoot his Pharoah Wave
    from his giant eye. Shoot the eye with the Quick Boomerang. Other attacks
    include his old attack,  the Pharoah Shot. He can also summon mummies to attack
    Gemini Man  :  Weakness: Pharoah Wave  :  Receive: Gemini Laser
    Get in the middle of the screen and wait for Gemini Man to create copies of
    himself. Once he does, fire the Pharoah Wave! It should get the real one and
    the fake one. Once he knows that you can attack him and his fake, Gemini Man
    will resort to his Gemini Laser. It's strong, but a tad slow. This laser
    bounces off walls though. Just use the Pharoah Wave!
    Napalm Man  :  Weakness: Gemini Laser  :  Receive: Napalm Bomb
    Napalm Man is too strong for his own good! For starters, he'll shoot about
    three medium-size missiles from his arms. He can also fire mini-missiles from
    his back. Finally, he has Napalm Bombs in his hand. All of these attacks are
    enough to waste 1/5 of your life bar, so get to evasion. Shoot the Gemini Laser
    to put a quick end to Napalm Man.
    Guts Man  :  Weakness: Napalm Bomb  :  Receive: Super Arm
    Guts Man can hurl giant boulders that are easily destroyed by your
    newly-received Napalm Bomb. Then, he charges at you with his body. That's about
    it. Fire away!
    You've recovered the parts! Now you can use the Super Jump by pressing Up and B
    at the same time! Time for Wily's Castle.
    Mech Dragon  :  Weakness: Quick Boomerang  :  Receive: Nothing
    This dragon is quite strong. He tends to spew flames everywhere, from single
    flames to spews of them. He can also create mini versions of himself. Use the
    Super Jump to get to his head, then fire the Quick Boomerang.
    Dr. Wily's Skull Robot  :  Weakness: Super Arm  :  Receive: Nothing
    Same as always, but he's weak against the Super Arm. He can also create the
    same dragons that Mech Dragon creates.
    Dr. Wily's Escape Robot  :  Weakness: Super Arm  :  Receive: Nothing
    Just hurl the Super Arm at him. He'll be gone soon enough.
    Enjoy your ending.
    7) Weapons, Items, and Parts.
    This section will cover the weapons you'll receive in-game.
      Centuar Arrow  :  Effective against Shadow Man.
    Shoot an arrow diagonally or horizontally, depending on where the enemy is. The
    aiming can be a bit tricky, but decent otherwise.
    Rating: 7/10
      Shadow Blade  :  Effective against Bubble Man.
    Fires shurikens. A standard projectile.
    Rating: 8/10
      Bubble Lead  :  Effective against Heat Man and Wily's Skull Robot.
    Drops large bubbles that go across the stage. But what if the enmy jumps?
    Rating: 6/10
      Atomic Fire  :  Effective against Plant Man.
    Launches three flames that travel in the direction that they're fired in. Slow,
    small, and easily avoided.
    Rating: 4/10
      Plant Barrier  :  Effective against Gyro Man.
    Protects you with flower petals. You can shoot it by pressing A again. Useful,
    but with limited use as well.
    Rating: 8/10
      Gyro Attack  :  Effective against Centaur Man.
    Fires an attack propeller (gyro). It works just like the Magnet Missile from
    Mega Man 3 (fire forward, then up or down depending on where the enemy is.)
    Rating: 9/10
      Slash Claw  :  Effective against Cut Man.
    Produces a short-range attack claw from your buster. Powerful, but brought down
    by its range.
    Rating: 9/10
      Rolling Cutter  :  Effective against Shade Man.
    Fires scissors that come back to you if they don't hit anything. If they come
    back to you, they won't consume any energy. It's useful, especially since it
    doesn't waste energy if it comes back.
    Rating: 9/10
      Noise Crush  :  Effective against Stone Man.
    Shoots a sound wave that bounces off walls. If you can catch a wave when it is
    reflected, you'll absorb it, thus amplifying its power. The amplified wave is
    pretty useful, but the smaller ones are useless themselves.
    Rating: 8/10
      Power Stone  :  Effective against Elec Man, good fighting game.
    Creates a stone fist that sweeps across the ground in the direction it is
    fired. Just average.
    Rating: 7/10
      Thunder Beam  :  Effective against Dive Man and Yellow Devil.
    Fires electricity in three directions: up, down, and forward. Fun to use, and
    powerful as well.
    Rating: 10/10
      Dive Missile  :  Effective against Slash Man and Wily's Escape Robot.
    This large missile has homing capabilities. The size and brute force are a plus.
    Rating: 10/10
      Air Shooter  :  Effective against Quick Man.
    Shoots a tornado that moves upwards. Uh, alright.
    Rating: 5/10
      Quick Boomerang  :  Effective against Pharoah Man and Mech Dragon.
    Fires a small boomerang that doesn't waste energy if it comes back to you, just
    like Rolling Cutter. It gets the same rating as the Rolling Cutter too.
    Rating: 9/10
      Pharoah Wave  :  Effective against Gemini Man.
    Emits two large waves from the left and right sides of your character. The
    waves are huge and don't cost much to use.
    Rating: 9/10
      Gemini Laser  :  Effective against Napalm Man.
    Shoots a slow laser that bounces off walls. Hard to aim, but powerful.
    Rating: 7/10
      Napalm Bomb  :  Effective against Guts Man.
    Fires a medium-range, bouncing bomb. The only plus is it's blast radius.
    Rating: 7/10
      Super Arm  :  Effective against Air Man and both of Wily's robots.
    Your character will hurl medium-sized boulders. Kind of lame, since it has
    almost no range.
    Rating: 4/10
      Blue Orb  :
    Adds to your score.
      Yellow Orb  :
    There are two of these: one with a blue center and one with a yellow center.
    They refill your weapons and health, respectively.
      Star  :
    I've only seen this once, but it apparently recovers your health.
      Large Dark Blue Orb  :  Received by defeating robot masters.
    This orb contains the power of the boss you've just defeated.
      Parts  :  Received before Wily's castle in all modes.
    In Mode 1 and 2, it doubles the energy for all of your Weapons. In Mode 3, it
    allows you to Super Jump.
      Eddie  :  Appears randomly in all modes.
    Eddie will provide your character with a power-up. The power-up is different
    for each character. The power-up runs out within time, and you can't use
    special weapons while the power-up is active. Look at this chart for further
    Mega Man : Rush appears, and attacks enemies in sync with Mega Man.
    Bass : Same with Mega Man, but Treble appears instead.
    Protoman: Beat assists Protoman, making him invincible for a short amount of
    Duo: Same with Protoman.
    8) FAQ
    Nothing to put here. Email your questions!
    9) Legal
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Copyright 2004 Kyle Bell
    10) Credits
    Capcom - For making a fun game :O
    GameFAQs - For hosting this document.
    You - For reading.

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