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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CerebralAssasin

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    This guide was created by CerebralAssasin © 2004.  This guide was started on
    Sunday, August 01, 2004, 8:14:56 PM.
    Table of contents
    1.  Intro
    2.  Legal Stuff
    3.  Character Profiles
    4.  Boss Order
    5.  Walkthrough
    6.  Final Words
                            1. Introduction
    My main purpose with this guide is to take the player through each stage of
    MegaMan 5, even boss battles are in this document.  To find a specific part of
    this guide just hit alt+f and your search box for your browser will come up.
    Just use the corresponding number in the table of contents to find what you are
    looking for, this is the easiest way to do this instead of scrolling through
    the document window.
    This guide is also used in conjuction with Mega Man Anniversary Collection for
    PS2, since this was the last game I played this on.  I use both NES, and PS2
    controller schemes here for the players benefit.
                            2. Legal Stuff
    This guide was made for GameFAQs website, and may or may not be used on another
    website withought the authors consent.  Go to the contact section for
    permission on using this guide on another site.
    Please do not take any part of this guide and use it in your own, you will also
    have to contact me for these preveledges.
                            3. Character Profiles
    Dr Light (Dr Right in RockMan):
    Dr Light is considered to be the creator/father of MegaMan.  Dr Light is
    knowned throughout the world as a genius, many of the scientist strive to be as
    good as Dr. Light, but none have the calibur to oppose him.  The story of Dr
    Light and MegaMan goes like this.  Dr Light originally created 6 robots to help
    out with every day chores and make those tasks easier, however his sidekick Dr
    Wily grew tired of being the apitomy, or shadow of Dr Light.  So oneday Dr Wily
    turned disloyal and reprogrammed all of the 6 robots that Light orignally
    created.  Since Then Light has created more robots to combat Wily's army of
    Dr Wily:
    Dr Wily and Light used to work together as a team, Dr Wily was his assistant
    but he grew tired of people always credeting Dr Lights work, and wanted the
    world to recognize him as the supreme creator of robots.  Dr Wily orignally
    hijacked the 6 robots Light made in MegaMan 1, but he made most of the robots
    in the other series (with the exception of 4, as Dr Cossack created the robots
    but thats a different story, day) Dr Wily's plans were shattered by MegaMan 4
    times now, but this time Dr Wily has confidince in himself that he will finish
    MegaMan off this time around.
    Roll is MegaMans sister and part-time house robot/assistant to Dr Light.  Roll
    is in charge of everyday house chores, cooking, cleaning, etc and is a pretty
    well-manered individual, that is basically all I know about her.
    ProtoMan (Blues in RockMan):
    ProtoMan is MegaMans brother, and rival.  ProtoMan's personality is uncertain
    as he always seems to come in and disappear to help MegaMan when he is in need.
    When ProtoMan was first introduced in MegaMan 3, he fought MegaMan because he
    wanted to make MegaMan a better fighter and improve his techniques, so one
    point in the game ProtoMan become the mysterious BreakMan who looked a bit
    different than ProtoMan to make MegaMan think that he didn't betray him, and
    took MegaMan on, but MegaMan proved to be much stronger than ProtoMan.  Not
    much info is known about ProtoMan other than what was stated above.
    MegaMan (Rock in Japanese version):
    MegaMan is the man of the hour.  MegaMan was created by Dr Thomas Light and was
    a robot who was programmed to maintain peace, and keep justice within the
    world.  MegaMan was once a boy before he became a robot, but when Dr Wily
    turned on Light, Light wanted to create a robot to thwart Wily's plans, but
    didn't think he had the material to make a robot like that.  Instead Rock
    voluntered to have his body become a robot to face off against Wily's army of
    Robots and was given unhuman strength.  With the ability to gain enemies
    weapons, and a posse of assistants, MegaMan is always ready to fight to the end.
    Rush is MegaMan's canine companion.  First introduced in 3, Rush was made to
    help MegaMan get across rough, and barein terrain.  Rush has many forms he
    takes in, the first and famous one would be Rush Coil.  This device allows
    MegaMan to jump higher than he originally could, and sometimes get
    hard-to-reach items.  The 2nd is a Jet, Rush becomes a Mid-Air jetski that
    MegaMan can use to get from one part of the level to another (Rush Jet comes in
    handy when you get to those damn disapearing blocks that appear in each game)
    and allows MegaMan to get over pesky enemies that can't be avoided, or
    destroyed.  The final form is a submarine.  This form Rush becomes a under-sea
    submarine and allows MegaMan to get across vast oceans without having to swim
    through and get hurt by enemies.
    Beat is MegaMan's bird friend.  Beat first appeared in this game, and this is
    one tough little bird (not to mention cute by the way) whenever MegaMan has
    Beat equipped he comes flying in and attacks enemies (some can be destroyed in
    one hit while on rare occasions two or more) Beat is a very helpful assistant
    to MegaMan whenever Rush isn't required, and plays a major role in the final
    battle of the game, but I won't spoil that until later.
                                  4. Boss order
    Stone Man:  Use Napalm Bomb or Mega Buster
    Charge Man:  Use Power Stone
    Gyro Man:  Use Gravity Hold or Mega Buster
    Crystal Man:  Use Gyro Attack
    Napalm Man:  Use Crystal Eye
    Wave Man:  Use Charge kick or Mega Buster
    Gravity Man:  Use Star Crush or Mega Buster
    Star Man:  Use Water Wave or Mega Buster
                                    5. Walkthrough
    After you insert the game in the console and turn the power on, you will be at
    the title screen for the game after a little cutscene of the storyline for it.
    Choose either Game Start or Password from the title screen.  The title screen
    looks a little bit like this:
                                   __  __  _____  ____     _
                                  |  \/  || ____|/ ___|   / \
                                  | |\/| ||  _| | |  _   / _ \
                                  | |  | || |___| |_| | / ___ \
                                  |_|  |_||_____|\____|/_/   \_\
                                      __  __     _     _   _
                                     |  \/  |   / \   | \ | |
                                     | |\/| |  / _ \  |  \| |
                                     | |  | | / ___ \ | |\  |
                                     |_|  |_|/_/   \_\|_| \_|
                                            __     __
                                            \ \   / /
                                             \ \ / /
                                              \ V /
                                               \_/                ProtoMan's
                              >Press Start
                               Pass Word
                                           © 1992 Capcom
    Once you choose Game Start you will be taken to the Stage Select screen.  It
    looks similar to this:
      |_____|  |        |_____|  |        |_____|  |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
     _| _____|_|       _| _____|_|       _| _____|_|
     Stone Man         Gravity Man       Crystal Man
      |_____|  |        |_____|  |        |_____|  |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
     _| _____|_|       _| _____|_|       _| _____|_|
     Charge Man        Rock/Blues Face   Napalm Man
      |_____|  |        |_____|  |        |_____|  |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
      |        |        |        |        |        |
     _| _____|_|       _| _____|_|       _| _____|_|
      Wave Man          Star Man           Gyro Man
    You may choose any boss that you want to fight, but it is better to go with the
    order I suggested before this section, because that is the most easiest, and
    sufficient way to play the game.
    Stone Man Stage
    Weakness:  Napalm Bomb
    This stage takes place in a mountainous region and somewhat of a cave.
    Main notes:  This stage is pretty simple for your first stage.  The things you
    got to look out for are the Metool's that when destroyed, dispatch there
    children.  These things can be a pain, but if you use a charged up Mega Buster
    shot they go down in one hit.  The stage also has motion senser guards that
    whenever MegaMan goes near them, they immediately attack him.  Wait till they
    get to a lower surface, and let them have it with a Charged up mega Buster
    shot.  The bats from MegaMan 2 also make an appearance.  In order to get them
    unprotected, just walk up to them, and they will go after you.  Use a mega
    buster shot to take them down.
    You will also come across an enemy that hangs from the wall, and comes down
    whenever MegaMan gets near them.  These things explode after a few seconds, you
    could either take them out, or wait till they come charging at you, then jump
    over them.  There are also enemies that come towards you when you get to the
    later parts of the stage.  These can be a bit of a nuscance (and remind me of
    the Green guys in MegaMan 1), but whenever there in range, fire at them.  It
    only takes one hit to knock them out.
    Letter plate:
    This letter plate is a bit tricky to get considering that it is in a 'secret'
    place.  From the start of the level continue going right untill you get to the
    first two bat enemies, and the motion senser guides that I mentioned above
    (they should be on the latter), just wait untill there in reach, and then let a
    charged mega buster loose and they'll be gone.  You should be at the bottom of
    the ladder, and the wall should be near you.  Just use a charged up mega buster
    shot, and enter the secret room to get the letter plate.  You now have one
    plate, only seven more to go.
    Stone Man
    Stone Man isn't that difficult for your first boss.  He'll start off by jumping
    to the other side of the room, and equip the Power Stone to try to attack you.
    Just dodge it by watching its movements.  Do not attack Stone Man when he is on
    the ground, instead wait for him to jump up in the air, and get a charged mega
    buster going and whenever he hits the ground (before he crumbles up I might
    add) then shoot him.  It only takes a couple of buster shots to take him out.
    Congratulations!  You got Power Stone!
    Charge Man's Stage
    Weakness Power Stone
    This stage takes place on a transportation train/cart that moves.
    Main notes:
    This stage isn't too bad in terms of difficulty, but it can be a bit difficult
    for novice players.  When the stage starts go right and you will meet a metool
    like character only its airborne and it drops bombs on top of you.  You will
    fight three of these things from the start.  The easiest way to defeat them is
    to use a charged mega buster shot.  The stage has a wide range of enemies, so I
    will list the remaining here.
    This stage has Metool's that ride on little trains.  Do not shoot them
    immediately, instead wait for them to fire for the first time, and take them
    out with one regular shot, that should do them in, or you could lure them away,
    sometimes you can get them stuck in between parts of the level, either way is
    easy to do.  There are also bats and rats in this stage.  The bats have them
    same strategy as before, just go near them and wait for them to reveal there
    body, then use a charged up mega buster shot.  The rats usually lurk in the
    next room to catch you off guard, but before you go into the next room, or see
    a rat coming towards you, charge up your mega buster, destroy it, and move
    The stage is also filled with giant chicken-mechas.  These things hatch there
    children, and they run towards you.  While not taking a lot of energy away from
    you, they can be hazardous if you get a whole bunch shot out from the mother
    hen.  Just use a charged up mega buster shot, and aim for her head, and she'll
    be taken care of.
    As you get towards the boss entrance gate, you will come across an enemy known
    as 'skeezo' these things shoot a pair of missiles at MegaMan, and seems to be
    laughing while the two missiles are out.  Wait for him to release one missile,
    then use a charged up mega buster shot to take care of him.
    Letter plate:
    This stages letter plate is easy to get.  When you get near it it will be
    around a window of the train, and it will be next to a few barrels.  Just use
    rush coil underneath it to have Rush lift you up into the air and get the
    plate, you know have two plates, only six more to go.
    Charge Man
    Charge Man is a bit more dificult, but he still can be an easy guy to fight.
    He'll start off the battle by charging towards you, do not attack him untill he
    starts moving around.  Its also a good thing to not attack him when he makes
    his train noise and sends three energy pellets down from the sky to hurt you.
    The energy pellets are easy to avoid, these appear in random places and you can
    dodge them just by watching the screen.  The best time to attack Charge Man is
    when he is walking (as noted above) just use Power Stone when he is in
    mid-range.  It only takes a few hits to take him down and out.
    Congratulations!  You got Charge Kick.
    Gyro Man's stage
    This stage takes place in the sky, above multiple platforms.
    Main notes:
    This stage should be quite easy as well.  From the start go to the right, and
    you will be taken up on a moving platform.  It should stop after a few seconds,
    and you can continue going right.  You should come across an enemy/shield type
    robot that protects itself with its own shield.  Just wait till he reveals his
    face, then shoot him with the mega buster.  You will be attacked by those blue
    enemies again, just use a normal or charged mega buster shot to take them out.
    The stage has a wide variety of enemies, ranging from easy to medium.  But this
    stage mostly contains those shield, and blue enemies.  As you progress through
    the stage you will come across an enemy called 'power muscler', these guys can
    take off massive amounts of damage from your energy bar, you have two choices
    here:  you can either wait till he jumps off from the cliff, then slide under
    him and quickly get up to the ladder, or you can just attack him head on with a
    series of multiple regular shots.  Those seem to be the best tactics against
    this guy.
    The stage also has enemies that shoot out red pellets at you.  These are easy
    to take out by using the mega buster.
    Letter plate:
    In order to get this letter plate you have to kill yourself in order to get it.
    After you defeat the power muscler you should go up the ladder, and on the next
    screen you will come across a bridge with individual parts that fall off after
    a few seconds you get off of them.  The letter is on the second bridge, and you
    should take care of the enemies that came at you first.  Then continue moving
    along just untill you get to the part that has the letter.  You'll have to
    stand directly above it, and as you fall you will collect the letter.  You will
    loose a life here, but you shouldn't worry because you have just reached the
    saving point in the stage, and you will continue from the point before the
    bridge. You know have three plates, only five more to go.
    Gyro Man
    Weakness Mega Buster, Gravity hold.
    Here we have our first combo weakness boss.  You can defeat Gyro Man using
    Gravity Hold, or the Mega Buster.  I prefer the Mega Buster.  He'll start off
    by throwing a Gyro blade at you, just wait till it gets near you, then jump
    when it gets around you, Gyro Man should and almost always does land right were
    the Gyro blade ends, then that is your oppurtinity to use the mega buster.  The
    trickiest part of this particular boss fight are the opaque clouds that hang
    above the combat arena.  After Gyro Man unleashes a blade, he'll ascend up into
    those clouds, and he'll come down wherever you end up (as noted above) just
    quickly move out of the way after you jump the blade, then use a mega buster
    shot.  He'll be finished after a series of mega buster shots.
    Congratulations!  You got Gyro Attack.
    Crystal Man's stage
    This stage takes place in a research mine.
    Main notes:
    As you start off the stage you will come across enemies that bounce a ball off
    of there heads.  The ball is the weak part of this enemy.  A charged mega
    buster will take care of them.  As you fall down your first gap, you'll come
    across wheel-enemies, these are easy to take care of, just as long as you don't
    get them all together.  A charged up mega buster should do them in.
    This stage is probably the most dificult part in the entire game determining
    weather or not you have good reflexes.  There will be little crystals that are
    shot out of the crystal energizer, the way I do it is I just wait for one to go
    down, then QUICKLY get across the next area.  If you have Star Crush it is a
    bit easier, but you can do it either way.  As you get past this treacherous
    area, climb up the ladder, and your old friend eddy will be there to give you a
    gift.  Take whatever he may give you then continue onward to the top.
    Here, you will meet up with the crystal shooters.  These guys charge a crystal
    up, then release it at you.  The time to attack them is when they let off the
    energy crystals.  Just use a charged mega buster (or two I forgot how much)
    then continue on.  There are more of the crystal energizer things from the
    previous part of the stage after you defeat the crystal charger.  Just use the
    same technique as before, and continue.
    Climb up the ladder and you will come into a room with a street-sweaper like
    enemy.  A charged up mega buster from a distance will do him in.  Step onto the
    platform, then as it goes to the top get on the other, and climb up the ladder.
    This stage has more of those cup and ball enemies from before, and the
    proverbial shield enemies.  You have two choices with these guys, ignore them,
    or attack them from behind.  They shouldn't be that difficult.  Fall down the
    Grab the e-tank and proceed forward dodging the spikes.  This area has the rat
    enemies from Charge Man's stage and the same strategy applies.  As you continue
    on, you will come to an area with two platforms, a bottom one and top one, take
    the top one by using Rush Coil, and slide through the gap, grab the m-tank,
    (these refill everything from weapon energy, to health) then continue on, and
    fall down again.
    Letter plate:
    This plate is a bit tricky than the first few considering you have to jump "in
    place" to get it.  After you fall down for a few times, you will come across
    another pit with the plate.  You will probably have to die, after you see were
    the plate is.  After you die, jump like before, only tap the right d-pad and
    you should acquire the plate.  You should know what I'm talking about when you
    get to this area.  You know have four plates, only four more to go.
    Before the boss gate you will come across another power muscler, just slide
    under him when he jumps up, and continue onward to the boss lair.
    Crystal Man
    Weakness Gyro Attack
    Crystal Man shouldn't be too hard to beat.  He usually starts off by jumping in
    air, and releasing a pair of Crystal Eye shots in the room.  The time to attack
    him is when he lands on the ground, or jumps up in the air.  Equip Gyro Attack,
    and shoot at Crystal Man when he is in the air.  The air is probably the best
    time to attack him, considering he rarely goes to the ground.  It'll take two
    or three Gyro Attack blades to knock him out.
    Congratulations!  You got Crystal Eye.
    Napalm Man's stage
    This stage takes place in a forest/guerilla army area
    This is probably the most difficult stage in the entire game.  I have been
    saying that every stage is easy until this point, but this stage can be a pain.
    Whenever you start the level go right, you will be greeted by a possesed tiger.
    These things can be really annoying if you don't get rid of them quickly.  A
    charged mega buster shot gets rid of them.  Fall down the gap to advance.
    In the next area you will come across metool-shooters.  Fire at these things
    right after they use a shot.  A mega buster shot gets rid of them quickly.
    Continue onward.  On this part of the stage you need to be extremely careful,
    because there is giant spike/wheel like enemies.  These things can kill you
    with one hit, and respawn very quickly.  Continue fire repeatedly, and they
    should be finished.  Once you get past this part, climb up the ladder.  Eddy
    will come in and give you a gift, take it and continue on.
    Once you reach the outside area, you will see an energy tank in the wall.
    Don't be fooled and think that it is impossible to get, because that is an
    invisible wall.  Just walk towards it, and whenever you get to a break in your
    traction, jump and grab it.  This stage is filled with motion-sensor, airborne
    bosses, and a stream of water that is similar to Toad Man's stage in MegaMan 4,
    and it will slow down your traction if you stay in it to long.  You can ignore
    the motion sensor enemies, but take out the flying enemies.  There easy to
    destroy and will save you a lot of aggression once you get towards the end of
    the area, and you have to climb the ladder.  After you climb the ladder, you
    will be at the save point for this stage, so if you die you'll restart here.
    This stage has a seperate pair of Skeezo enemies.  Just use the strategy you
    did in Charge Man's stage, and wait for him to release a missile, and aim for
    his head with a buster shot.  Get rid of both of these guys.
    Letter Plate:
    This letter plate is probably the easiest one to get in the game.  Just get
    near the edge, and hit the left d-pad to aquire it.  You have five plates, you
    know have three more to go.
    After you retrieve the plate fall down the gap, and you will come across the
    metool-shooters.  Take out the first metool-shooter and get the extra life, and
    continue onward, ignoring the second shooter.  Fall down the gap.  After you
    fall you should come across a tricky area, or thats what they want you to
    believe.  Ignore the spikes above, and below you, just get to the edge of the
    platform your on, and slide to the bottom.
    We are almost done with this stage, whenever you after you land, you will see
    the ball-shooters from Stone Man's stage, only this time they explode.  Shoot
    him with a mega buster, but don't be to hasty to continue, because lurking in
    the hole is a missile like enemy that takes you down immediately.  Lure him out
    by walking steadily to the edge, and wait for him to go down then jump across.
    You should come across a series of these guys, then you'll find a break in the
    path and come across another power-muscler.  Take these guys out with repeated
    regular buster shots, or ignore them, and quickly continue on withought getting
    This is the home stretch before the boss gate, there are a few more
    missile-launchers lurking in the holes, and bats hanging from the ceiling.
    Take out the bats first, and lure the launchers out of there holes, and
    continue towards the boss lair.
    Napalm Man
    Weakness Crystal Eye
    Napalm Man starts off by shooting a pair of Napalm Bombs at you.  Equip Crystal
    Eye and shoot it.  Crystal Eye can be used in two ways, hitting it against the
    wall causes it to split and bounce around, and a mega buster like version of
    it.  You can use either to take Napalm Man out, but the mega buster one takes
    him out in a few hits.  Thats basically all he does in this battle.
    Congratulations!  You got Napalm Bomb.
    Wave Man Stage
    This stage takes place in a sea, sea laboratory place.
    This is probably the most fun stage in any MegaMan game, and it' my favorite
    stage in all of the series.  Start off by going to the right, and dodging the
    steam shot out from the cracks, and the spike swinging back and forth.  Clear
    this area, and you will come across some suction tubes that suck you in
    immediately when you get near them.  Try to take the second tube because that
    takes you to an extra life.
    Once you get to the bottom you will come across more steam, spike-swinging
    enemies, and then a part with spikes, and different bubbles coming out of the
    ground.  You will see bubbles come out of the ground, and you should go towards
    the end because that shoots out a big bubble and allows you to float above it.
    This will ascend you into the air, and you'll have to step across a few small
    bubbles but hurry when you do this because they vanish quickly.  After those
    small bubbles disappear, you will find one more big bubble come up.  Jump on
    that, and it will take you to the top.  But don't stay on it to long because it
    will lead you to the spikes.  A few more small bubbles will come up, quickly
    get over those and to the exit of this area.
    Here comes the coolest part of the stage wave racing MegaMan style.  This is
    also the save point in the stage.  You start off by simply riding your bike,
    and as you progress you will come across booie, and enemies on wave bikes who
    try to take you down.  This will continue for awhile, then you'll come across a
    screen where it turns black.  You will come across a giant octopus, nicknamed
    October.  Take him out by shooting regular buster shots at the grean mark on
    his head.  It will take a few shots to take him down, but he's not to
    difficult.  You can't use the pause menu in this section, so try not to get low
    on energy, cause you'll need it for the next part.
    Letter Plate:
    This letter plate is kind of difficult to get.  After you fight October, you
    continue on and face wave bike enemies, and a new enemy, hopping fish.  These
    fish usually come at you in pairs.  The letter plate comes up a little bit
    after fighting off these enemies, and you'll have to jump in the air to get it.
    You may die on the first try, but when you return you'll get to that point, and
    know were to jump to get it.
    After this part is over you have to fight off an energy shooter from Gyro Man's
    stage.  Just stay on the platform, and get a charged mega buster shot, and fire
    it and it will take him out, allowing you to proceed to the boss lair.  You
    know have six plates, only two more to go.
    Wave Man
    Weakness Charge Kick
    Wave Man isn't that hard of a boss, just pesky.  He starts off by firing an
    arrow and jumping in the air.  He'll be across the room, and lift his arm in
    the air, when he does this he is signaling that he'll release steam from
    earlier in the stage that pops up in random places and hurt you.  Other than
    that he pretty much just repeats this strategy throughout the battle.  Equip
    Charge Kick, and when he's in reach use the b or circle button and it'll hit
    him.  You may loose energy doing this, but if you have not managed to use up
    the energy tank from the previous levels you can easily defeat Wave Man in a
    few hits.
    Congratulations!  You got Water Wave.
    Star Man's stage
    This stage takes place in outer space, with low-gravity.
    Whenever you first get into the stage continue right, there will be meteors
    falling from above, they should be easy to dodge you can either jump, or slide
    to evade them.  Fall down the gap to continue once you reach the end of the
    next screen.  This particular area has bouncing enemies that shoot two pairs of
    shots at you.  Just use a charged mega buster to take them out.  Once you get
    to the bottom area you will come across enemies that are in the ground, and
    come up to fire shots at you.  Take them out before they get up by using a mega
    buster shot on them.
    There are spikes above in this area, so try not to jump to high, or you'll be
    asking to die.  Fall down the gap once you get to this area.  You will come
    across those enemies that drop down skulls from above that you saw in Crystal
    Man's stage.  This area is pretty much just falling.  Once you get to the end
    of the falling, your at the save point for the stage, so if you die you can
    continue from the bottom area.  This next area has spikes, and metools that are
    in astronaut suites and levitate above to fire at you.  There easy to take out
    with the mega buster.
    Letter plate:
    The letter plate for this stage is in clear site, and isn't that difficult to
    get.  Once you get to the area with the metools in the air, you will se spikes
    above, and an area with spikes that are a little bit higher than the rest
    containing the plate.  Just get below it, and tap the jump button briefly, and
    you should attain the plate.  You know have seven plates, only one more to go.
    After clearing this area, you will come across an st-at like thing from MegaMan
    2, only no sniper joes controlling it.  Wait till it fires it's first laser
    before attacking with a mega buster.  The next area will have a group of flying
    metools, and a large energy pellet.  Avoid the metools, and take the energy
    pellet to replenish your life.  The next part can be a bit tricky, but isn't
    that difficult.  Just jump up when the platforms get to reaching distance, and
    take out the enemies along the way.  This should continue for the next few
    screens, and before you get to the boss lair you'll come across another st-at
    enemy.  Take him out to get to the lair.
    Star Man
    Weakness Mega Buster, Water Wave.
    Star Man's strategy is like this.  He protects himself with Star Crush (much
    like Plant Man in 6) and he jumps around the room and firing it at different
    times.  Try to avoid the shots, and when he jumps in the air to release it,
    quickly use a mega buster shot on him, or wait till he gets to the bottom, and
    let him have it with Water Wave.  It takes quite a bit of mega buster shots to
    knock him out, but if you use Water Wave it only takes a few shots.  Water Wave
    is easier, because he can't unleash the Star Crush on you from the ground, and
    you don't have to go through the hassle of jumping, and firing.  Use an e-tank
    if you need to.
    Congratulations!  You got Star Crush.
    Gravity Man
    Notice:  This stage has so many awkward parts, that I can't describe them all,
    so bare with me as I try to do my best and reinterpret this level.
    This stage takes place in some type of factory.
    Main notes:
    This stage is around the medium difficulty level, and maybe a bit hard for new
    players, I hope I can make this easy for you.  The level starts off by having a
    few of those spike-ball enemies from Wave Man's stage, then you drop down a
    hole.  You should come across a gravity switcher soon.  These things switch the
    flow of gravity in the level, for instance if you were going the normal
    position, you will now be in the reverse position.  These usually switch you to
    the top of the room, and the controls are opposite as they were.  In order to
    slide, you would have to press down, and a or x button, this time you have to
    press up and a and x button in order to slide.
    There arn't that much new enemies to deal with on this stage, it's just a
    collection of enemies from previous levels.  The stage has those green-shooters
    from Star Man's stage, just use your mega buster before they pop open from the
    ground.  This stage has a new enemy, this enemy adjusts his head all the way to
    the wall.  The way to defeat him is, whenever he adjusts his head, get a
    charged mega buster shot, and it'll take him down.
    The stage also has the blue enemy, and power-musclers from Gyro Man's stage.
    Just use the strategy from before, if you missed it I'll recap:  for the blue
    enemies just lure them near you and take them out with a charged mega buster.
    For the power-muscler, either slide, or take him out repeatedly with normal
    buster shots.
    Letter plate:
    The letter plate for this stage is a bit tricky.  The plate is past what I like
    to call a "double" gravity shifter, considering that there is a down, and up
    arrow.  Jump up to the up arrow, and then tap the right d-pad quickly and the
    down arrow will take you to the letter plate, it shouldn't be that tricky, but
    you can always die and try to get it again since you'll have a better idea of
    how to do it.  You have now completed the word MEGAMANV, and you know have Beat
    to call in anytime.
    The rest of the stage is pretty much more gravity shifters, and an upside down
    ladder were MegaMan climbs it in an awkward way.  There are also more of those
    spike-adjuster enemies from early on in the stage, just use the same strategy
    as before.
    Gravity Man
    Weakness Star Crush, or Mega Buster
    Gravity Man can be defeated using the Star Crush, or Mega Buster, I like to use
    the Mega Buster, because Gravity Man seems to block or cancel out the Star
    Crush by using one energy pellet.  The gravity will shift again when you get to
    the boss gate, and you will be up, and he'll be down.  Gravity Man will jump up
    to your level, and repeat going down.  The time to attack him with the Mega
    Buster is when you are close, but not to close to Gravity Man.  You will more
    than likely need an e-tank to beat him, but he goes down after a series of Mega
    Congratulations!  You got Gravity Hold.
    Now with all items in your posession, and Beat the bird it's now time to go and
    have a face-off with your brother.  Before entering ProtoMan's Fortress you
    should go back and get some e/m tanks.  The best place for these are Stone Man,
    Napalm Man, and Crystal Man's stage.  If your using the MegaMan Anniversary
    Collection version of 5, you can get as many energy tanks as you need, just use
    up all of your lives after obtaining one, then it will save your progress, and
    choose stage select to go to another level.
    ProtoMan's Fortress
    ProtoMan's Fortress can be difficult, or easy depending on weather or not you
    know what your doing.  Since these last few levels can be a bit hard to explain
    in complete detail, I will give you what to look out for in each level, and a
    strategy on defeating the guard robots for each stage.
    The first part of the fortress is very easy, just dodge the tigers from Napalm
    Man's stage, the airborne-metools that drop bombs, and try your best to
    memorize/manuever around the disapearing blocks.  After playing each MegaMan
    game, I developed a strategy on prevailing over the pesky blocks, just equip
    Rush Jet and have him take you over the blocks, I also developed a strategy to
    combat the blocks after playing every single MegaMan game.  The blocks usually
    go from bottom, to top, then left, and right after a split second of appearing.
    If a block appears above you, just jump 1/2 second after landing on the block
    to reach your destination.  Thats how you tackle the blocks, thankfully they
    only appear in one more stage after this.
    There are a few st-at like enemies from Star Man's stage here, just use a mega
    buster on them after they start moving, and aim at the cockpit of the enemy to
    take him down.
    Tracker Boss
    For this battle you will need to use a combo of weapons.  Equip Water Wave, and
    Charge Kick.  When the battle begins, the track boss will come after you, you
    can quickly use the first top left and right shoulder buttons to get to Water
    Wave, and Charge Kick but if your using the NES version you'll have to hit
    start.  He'll start off by slowly moving forward, this is your time to let him
    have a blast of water from where your standing.  He gets faster with each blow,
    and when he gets near you, that is your time to attack him with Charge Kick.  I
    prefer to use Water Wave on him, he usually goes down a few hits after it.  You
    might need a e/m-tank for this battle.
    This next level isn't that difficult, it's basically filled with enemies you've
    faced in the past.  There are more disapearing blocks in this level, and this
    time you are over a big canyon, with skull-shooters hovering above you.  You
    can equip Beat, and Rush Jet to make things easier, as your trying to deal with
    the blocks, and the enemies.  It shouldn't take you that long to get over the
    disapearing blocks, after you clear this area, climb up and you will face
    Crystal Shooters from Crystal Man's stage.  Let them have it with a few mega
    buster shots, then continue.
    Shielder Boss
    This boss is much easier than the last boss you faced.  He uses the same
    tactics as the tracker boss, and gets quicker each blow, but this time he has a
    shield to protect him.  Equip Crystal Eye, and let him have a few shots to the
    head with it, it's probably best to hit him from a distance because he gets
    close to you with each blow.  A few Crystal Eye's will do him on.
    This level isn't to bad either, it's a mixture of new, and old enemies.  Be
    sure to fill up your life meter as you go along.
    Battler Boss
    This boss inherits the abilities from the previous bosses, only with an arm
    cannon.  He can use the arm cannon to do a pretty good amount of damage to you,
    he can also freeze you in place, then charge at you causing damage.  Just equip
    Gyro Attack and fire at him in mid-range, but try to keep as far away as
    possible.  His other tactic is that he jumps in the air, and fires shots at
    you, if you get hit just use an e/m-tank to fill up your life.
    This level is very unique.  The level mostly consists of pillars of blocks,
    that when hit with, make the level go "up".  Be sure to avoid the spikes that
    are near the pillars, and you should be ok.
    Dark Man
    Before the battle starts you will hear the familiar ProtoMan tune, but it
    sounds really weak, ProtoMan will come in, and attack you taking out all of
    your life energy.  Once that happens, you will hear the original whistle, and
    the real ProtoMan comes in, and after a very awkward battle scene, ProtoMan
    reveals who the other ProtoMan is, the DarkMan robot.  As ProtoMan ascends into
    the air, he will leave you a L tank, take it to refill your energy.
    This robot also has abilities from the robots you previously fought.  Not much
    is new hear, your most affective weapon in this battle is Beat the bird, hoping
    you retrieved all of the plates throughout the levels.  Just dodge the shots he
    fires with the arm cannon, and try to stay at a good, but close distance to the
    enemy, allowing Beat to attack him.  You will probably need to use a m-tank for
    this fight, but a few attacks from Beat will deplete his energy, before you
    need to use the tank.  After the fight, Dr Wily will come in, and say he's
    kidnapped Light, and if MegaMan wants Light alive, that he'd come to Wily's
    Dr Wily's Castle
    The first part of the stage isn't that difficult knowing you can dodge spikes
    pretty good.  Be sure you grab the e-tank before you exit to the next room.
    The next room is filled with spikes, and a familiar bunch of enemies.  You
    should use the mega buster at all times in this room, then proceed on.
    The next part of this stage is mostly filled with conveyor belts, and airborne
    enemies.  Just equip Crystal Eye and shoot one of the wall to make it split
    into individual parts, and that should take care of them.  You will come across
    an area similar to Spark Man's stage in MegaMan 3, with the platforms that lift
    up when you step on them, you have to get off of them at a precise time, or
    else they will plummet you into the spikes above.
    This next part is extremely similar to Dust Man's level in MegaMan 4, it has
    the same factory like wall's that come down.  You have to slide under it as the
    wall moves up, and you have the metool-gun shooters in here as well to deal
    with.  There are also blocks that you have to get rid of, just stand in one
    spot and use rapid fire if your using the ps2 version of the game, if your
    using the NES version, you will have to continually hit the fire button.  After
    this part you are almost to the boss for this stage of Wily's Castle.
    Boss ???
    I may sound naive but this is probably the most fun you'll have fighting a boss
    in the MegaMan series.  This boss is basically broken up into three platforms
    with his head at the top.  You will need the Crystal Eye, and Mega Buster for
    this battle.  His only method of attack is to shoot out enemies, but these
    arn't that big of a bother.  In order to attack his head (wich is his
    weakpoint) you must shoot the platform, jump on it, shoot another platform,
    jump on it, lather, rinse, repeat untill you get to the head.  This is your
    opportunity to hit him with the Crystal Eye.  Just repeat this method untill he
    is befelled.
    Dr Wily's Castle Stage 2
    When the level begins, head right while destroying the enemies from above, and
    you will have to jump over a spike pit.  You will be rewarded with an e-tank,
    so you should take note into acquiring it.
    This next area is mostly underwater and is filled with metools.  Just maintain
    your jumping ability, and destroy the metools, picking up pellets as you go
    along.  After you get through this area, you will come across another area
    similar to this, only shorter, just shoot the metools and climb out of the
    water to proceed.
    This next area mostly is shooting enemies that you've faced in the past, and
    avoiding spikes, and pits as you go along.  It shouldn't take long to get
    through this part.
    Boss ???
    This battle is one of the easiest in Wily's Castle.  This boss just shoots
    orange balls at you from different parts of his body, that is his only method
    of attacking.  You will see two platforms in this room that you need to get on
    in order to give damage to the enemy.  Just jump on the platforms, equip Gyro
    Attack, and once your at level with his head, give him everything you got while
    dodging the orange balls.  Use an e-tank if you need to.
    Dr Wily's Castle Stage 3
    Well you are about to have the final confrontation with Dr Wily.  This stage
    you have to destroy all eight bosses again, but don't fret, it shouldnt be that
    difficult.  The boss layout goes like this:
    Gravity Man                                        Charge Man
    Wave Man                  Gyro Man                 Napalm Man
    Stone Man                 Star Man                 Crystal Man
    The boss names represent the capsules there in, you could use the order I
    described in section 4 if you want, or you could venture out and do your own
    method.  Use a e/m tank if you need to.
    This is by far the most easiest Wily boss in the series, just be sure you have
    a pair of e-tanks with you.  Dr Wily takes the form of his usual spaceship,
    only this time its sort of like a craine game, he falls down on you wherever
    you happen to be.  My strategy is to stand on the EDGE of the spike pit, while
    jumping from edge to edge and trying your best not to fall, this confuses Wily
    and would cause him to slam his ship in the middle.  Whenever it looks like
    Wily is about to land QUICKLY slide out of the way to reduce damage, and jump
    up and fire a mega buster at his cockpit.  This will continue for a while, then
    you should be through, use an e-tank if need be.
    This is the next-to-last form of Wily.  This form of Wily he is in a skull
    tank, and he tries to suck you in from the skull.  Just use the mega buster on
    him, and a few hits will do him in, use an e-tank if necessary.  One more form
    to go!
    This last form of Wily takes the form similar to the one used in MegaMan 4 (not
    as frustrating as it was, but a little better, and you won't be pulling your
    hair out in this one) Your best bet for this battle is to use your bird friend
    Beat.  Wily will appear, then disappear.  He will form energy balls around his
    ship when he disappears then fire them at MegaMan.  Just get Beat, and dodge
    the energy balls and Beat will attack him with ease.  You will certainly need
    an e/m-tank for this battle to refill Beat's life energy.  This is the best way
    to combat Wily.  It only takes a few hits from Beat to defeat Wily.
    Congratulations on beating MegaMan 5!
    Enjoy the ending cutscene, you deserved it.
    6. Final Words
    I have enjoyed writing this guide, and I hope I have helped you in some manner
    on trying to beat this game.  This will not certainly be the last guide I
    write, I will write more guides for the MegaMan games, and maybe a few for
    others.  This is my first attempt at writing a guide, and it has made me a
    better typist.  The reason I chose MegaMan 5 for my first guide is because this
    is one of my favorite games of all time.  The reason why I like this game is
    because it has excellent gameplay, a good replay value, excellent music, and
    graphics.  This is probably the best MegaMan game in the series, the game is
    available to anyone who is determined, or likes to play MegaMan games.  There
    are a lot of people who wouldnt agree more with what I have said.
    Untill next time, farewell.

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