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    Navi Mode FAQ by RandyPandy

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    MegaMan Anniversary Collection:
    Navi Mode FAQ V.1.0
    by RandyPandy
    Can anyone make a better ASCII art? Please tell me if you
    can, since mine is really bad.
    Table of Contents
    	I.    Introduction
    	II.   Friendly Characters
    	       a. MegaMan
                   b. Dr. Light
    	       c. Roll
    	       d. ProtoMan
    	       e. Kalinka
    	       f. Dr. Cossack
    	       g. Eddie
                   h. Beat
            III.   Enemies
                   a. Dr. Wily
                   b. DocMan
                   c. "BreakMan"
                   d. DarkMan
                   e. "Mr. X"
    	IV.   Quotes
    	       a. MegaMan
    		   1.  CutMan
    		   2.  BombMan
    		   3.  GutsMan
    		   4.  ElecMan
    		   5.  IceMan
    		   6.  FireMan
    		   7.  Wily 1
    		   8.  Wily 2
    		   9.  Wily 3
    		   10. Wily 4
    	       b. MegaMan 2
    		   1.  MetalMan
    		   2.  AirMan
    		   3.  BubbleMan
    		   4.  CrashMan
    		   5.  FlashMan
    		   6.  HeatMan
                       7.  WoodMan
    		   8.  QuickMan
    		   9.  Wily 1
    		   10. Wily 2
    		   11. Wily 3
    		   12. Wily 4
    		   13. Wily 5
    		   14. Wily 6
    	       c. MegaMan 3
    		   1.  TopMan
    		   2.  ShadowMan
    		   3.  SparkMan
    		   4.  MagnetMan
    		   5.  HardMan
    		   6.  SnakeMan
                       7.  GeminiMan
    		   8.  NeedleMan
    		   9.  DocMan 1 (NeedleMan)
    		   10. DocMan 2 (GeminiMan)
    		   11. DocMan 3 (ShadowMan)
    		   12. DocMan 4 (SparkMan)
    		   13. BreakMan
    		   14. Wily 1
    		   15. Wily 2
                       16. Wily 3
    		   17. Wily 4
    		   18. Wily 5
    	       d. MegaMan 4
    		   1.  ToadMan
    		   2.  BrightMan
    		   3.  PharaohMan
    		   4.  RingMan
    		   5.  DustMan
    		   6.  SkullMan
                       7.  DiveMan
    		   8.  DrillMan
    		   9.  Cossack 1
    		   10. Cossack 2
    		   11. Cossack 3
    		   12. Cossack 4
    		   13. Wily 1
    		   14. Wily 2
                       15. Wily 3
    		   16. Wily 4
    	       e. MegaMan 5
    		   1.  StarMan
    		   2.  GravityMan
    		   3.  GyroMan
    		   4.  CrystalMan
    		   5.  NapalmMan
    		   6.  StoneMan
                       7.  ChargeMan
    		   8.  WaveMan
    		   9.  DarkMan 1
    		   10. DarkMan 2
    		   11. DarkMan 3
    		   12. DarkMan 4
    		   13. Wily 1
    		   14. Wily 2
                       15. Wily 3
                       16. Wily 4
    	       f. MegaMan 6
    		   1.  WindMan
    		   2.  FlameMan
    		   3.  BlizzardMan
    		   4.  PlantMan
    		   5.  TomahawkMan
    		   6.  YamatoMan
                       7.  KnightMan
    		   8.  CentaurMan
    		   9.  Mr.X 1
    		   10. Mr.X 2
    		   11. Mr.X 3
    		   12. Mr.X 4
    		   13. Wily 1
    		   14. Wily 2
                       15. Wily 3
                       16. Wily 4
    	V.    Credits
            VI.   Copyright
    'NaviMode' is short for 'Navigator Mode.' The term itself is
    self-explanitory. If the NaviMode is 'ON,' you will have one
    of the main characters as your guide throughout the entire
    Benefits include:
    >Remixed Music (parts of MM1-MM3 and all of MM4-MM6 is done)
     The remixed music is PS2 version only.
    >Enhanced Graphics (from what I can tell, only the Energy
     Bars and most of the Weapons Screens is changed)
    >Verbal guidance from five characters in the MegaMan series
    >Places where a helper (Beat or Eddie) and an arrow will
     show the right way
    To turn NaviMode on, go to the 'Options' door and move it
    from 'OFF' to 'ON.' NaviMode can be extremely useful if this
    is your first time playing a particular MegaMan game. While
    they won't tell you what to use for a boss directly, they
    will give you subtle hints.
    One more thing about Navi Mode; the Navis assume that you
    are playing the game in 'Normal' mode, not 'Easy' mode. So
    some of their advice might not make much sense if you are
    playing in 'Easy.'
    Some of the pieces of advice are, strangely, a bit humorous
    (check the quote at the end of MM6's Mr.X 3 stage) and also
    impossible to follow if the game was actually real life (see
    the quote near the beginning of MM3's HardMan stage). I've
    also noticed that in the last five games, the Navis somehow
    find a way to avoid telling you what to do with the final
    boss. Usually they just leave for no reason or they cannot
    locate you or contact you.  <_<
    Interestingly enough, Capcom showed a bit of ingenuity here.
    Whatever the Navis say actually manages to squeeze into the
    plot somehow! This means no plot holes (well, major ones, at
    least; there are minor plotholes, such as Beat appearing
    before he was even built).
    Friendly Characters
    |MegaMan |
    MegaMan is the main hero of the game! He's a little blue
    crime-fighting robot with a stubborn sense of justice, so
    just count on him to save the day. Probably the only person
    in the entire series to be in every game (except MegaMan
    Zero 4 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne).
    Navi: MegaMan, MegaMan 6
    Dr. Light is MegaMan's creator, and he also made Roll and
    ProtoMan. He's a kind man who has influenced MegaMan's life
    and helps out whenever he can. In MegaMan 7, he explains how
    to use the weapons.
    Navi: MegaMan 2
    Roll is MegaMan's twin/little sister. She is amazingly
    cheerful and happy. In MegaMan 8, she makes power-up parts
    out of the bolts you find.
    Navi: MegaMan 3
    ProtoMan is MegaMan's older brother. I find it kind of odd
    that he is your Navi in MegaMan 3 since he and Mega have not
    met before this game. He plays the entire 'mystery helper'
    role in this game. In MegaMan 6, he gives MegaMan the Energy
    Balancer in TomahawkMan's stage, and in MegaMan 7, he duels
    MegaMan, and if MegaMan wins, he gives him the ProtoShield.
    ProtoMan usually pops in to save MegaMan's life and then
    Navi: MegaMan 4
    Kalinka has no relation to MegaMan in MegaMan 4, except for
    the fact that she is Dr. Cossack's daughter and Wily's
    bargaining chip. Throughout the game, she gives you advice
    and also pleads with you to free her and help her father.
    Even though her original intention was to only stay with you
    until she was safe, she still helps you in Wily's fortress
    as a sort of 'thank you.'
    |Dr. Cossack|
    Navi: MegaMan 5
    Dr. Cossack, who was once the villain of MegaMan 4, is now
    one of Dr. Light's best friends. He and Dr. Light had been
    working on Beat when Dr. Light got kidnapped in MegaMan 5 by
    DarkMan, so he decides to help MegaMan find Dr. Light by
    finishing Beat himself and offering advice when he can.
    Helper: MegaMan 5, MegaMan 6
    Eddie is a little walking suitcase that Dr. Light built. It
    is unsure of how long Eddie's been around.
    Helper: MegaMan 1, MegaMan 2, MegaMan 3, MegaMan 4
    Beat was a dual-project between Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack
    before the events of MegaMan 5 took place. After Dr. Light
    was kidnapped by DarkMan, Dr. Cossack finished Beat himself
    (with a little assistance from MegaMan) and the little blue
    bird has helped MegaMan since by attacking enemies and, in
    MegaMan 7, rescuing MegaMan from bottomless pits. There is
    a small paradox, as Beat shows up in several games before he
    is created if Navi Mode is on.
    |Dr. Wily|
    The villain of the series who has been thwarted from time to
    time by MegaMan. However, he just won't give up and keeps
    trying to defeat MegaMan and take over the world...
    He doesn't have any dialogue, but he's a pretty important
    character all the same. He gave MegaMan much misery in when
    he had to revisit the levels in MegaMan 3.
    Not really a villain; instead, he's MegaMan's brother in
    disguise. ProtoMan assumes this alias in order to get to
    fight MegaMan without the Blue Bomber knowing who he really
    is, but he later drops the facade.
    A mini-villain from MegaMan 5; he framed ProtoMan for his
    crimes as Wily's revenge. There are four different models
    of himself that he uses to attack MegaMan with in the
    fortress that belongs to "ProtoMan."
    |"Mr. X"|
    ANOTHER evil villain... wait, he's Dr. Wily? Yep; this time,
    the mad scientist disguised himself as "Mr. X" and pretended
    that he had been controlling Wily the entire time during
    the war. Come up with a more original name, Wily. <_<
    Well, this is what you clicked the FAQ for, right? Here are
    all of the Navi Mode quotes in the six games.
    "If you fall into this hole, you will not survive despite
    how much energy you have left."
    "Go forward - ignore the scissors."
    "Watch out for the thorn, Mega Man!"
    "Big Eye is a tough enemy. Avoiding him is the way to over-
    come this step."
    "A strong reaction by the shutter. Be careful!"
    "Even if CutMan is close, be calm and attack. If you can
    incur damage to him, you can thrust back."
    "After warding off the bomb, go forward. Please do not hurry
    and get hit."
    "Somewhere around here, you should be able to find a
    recovery item."
    "Sniper Joe is a tough enemy. If you attack him randomly,
    he'll use his shield to guard himself. Attack him when he is
    attacking you."
    "Some of the enemies explode when hit. Don't fall into the
    "A dangerous place where the foothold is dangerous. Avoid
    the attack and move forward."
    "A dangerous reaction below here. Don't be caught off
    "If you keep a distance from the enemy, you can ward off the 
    bomb. Always get close to the enemy and attack!"
    "Watch out for the lift movements... Where the track is
    narrow, the lift is tilted.... Be careful not to be dropped
    and find a good time to jump."
    "An enormous power comes from the shutter... are you ready?"
    "When GutsMan lands, the ground shakes.... If you are there,
    you'll not be able to move... but it will not cause any
    damage, you don't need to try to avoid it too much."
    "Some enemies will not be affected by normal shots. Use many
    other methods to attack... Find those weakness weapons."
    "Watch out for the block order and timing to jump over the
    "There are items behind the block. Can you use something to
    move the block?"
    "There is a higher enemy above this!"
    "A fierce power! Find a weapon to attack! Do anything you
    can to avoid Thunder Beam."
    "Ice floors can make you slip easily. If you slip, just
    jumping can help you stop."
    "Destroy the enemies by your feet."
    "Remember the order in which the blocks are distributed. And
    find a good time to dodge the blocks."
    "Go up to your enemy's top and cross. If the enemy hits you,
    you'll fall."
    "There is something in the shutter! Watch out!"
    "Adjust the height of the jump. Dodge the shot-attack!"
    "It is dangerous here without much foothold. Watch out for
    fireballs falling from the sky and go forward."
    "Using certain weapons will allow you to move forward
    without getting damaged."
    "There is a strong enemy behind the shutter. Use your weapons."
    "Watch out for fire on the ground. Use forward jump to avoid
    fire attacks."
    |Wily 1|
    "Finally entering Wily's base... enemy attacks become
    stronger... use weapons effectively to go forward."
    "There will be tons of strong enemies - Big Eye, watch out!
    Freeze them to stop their attacks."
    "Freeze the fireballs."
    "Lots of thorns, watch out! Use Magnet Beam!"
    "Use Magnet Beam to make footholds... watch out for leftover
    "The boss is using his full strength to attack!"
    "Yellow Devil's body falls apart.... Remember this! Then use
    the weakness weapon to attack!"
    |Wily 2|
    "No place for a foothold. Enemy's attack is getting
    strong... Before you jump on them, try to destroy them."
    "I thought you destroyed CutMan... but Mega Man, you've come
    this far, you can do it!"
    "Oh! Even the ElecMan... but his weak points have not
    changed! Destroy him!"
    "A bomb that is impossible to destroy... proceed with patience."
    "Wow, there are even copy robots... Hummm... they have Mega
    Man's attacks... find a way to destroy the fake!"
    |Wily 3|
    "A wall attack! Will be thrown away... can not return."
    "This enemy has a big body and he is fast! ...Use all
    possible weapons to overthrow this guy."
    |Wily 4|
    "Watch out for railway track and lifts. Without using the 
    Magnet Beam it might be difficult to overcome this."
    "The red item will be Yashichi... All weapon energy will be
    "This time is BombMan... Use the weakness weapon to attack!"
    "It will be hard to avoid FireMan's attack.. expect some 
    damage from this."
    "Destroy the IceMan before he attacks you."
    "Boss-on-parade should be the last one... Wily is just right
    there. Go for it!"
    "Mega Man... you finally made it here... Now there is only
    Wily left... Destroy the evil and bring back the peace."
    "Attack Wily's Machine's weak spot! If you are close to the
    enemy, you should be able to avoid the shots... Just like
    the old boss, use the weakness weapon!"
    MegaMan 2
    "This is the stage with conveyor belt... Watch out for the
    direction where you can drift away."
    "This item will refill your energy tank to full... if you
    find this item, make sure you get it."
    "For this area, the wall is in the way. But, destroying it 
    to earn your item might not be a bad idea?"
    "When the conveyor belt reverses, jump and move forward."
    "This enemy is not affected by the Mega-Buster... Not all
    enemies can be destroyed by the Mega-Buster... Try out
    different weapons to attack."
    "Manage your energy effectively! There is something in the
    "Not one by one, but all together, dodge the cutters!"
    "When the demon-like Mecha appears, if you hit its horn, it
    might drop... watch out!"
    "There are no footholds from here onward... Destroy Thunder
    Goro to ride on the cloud!"
    "Visibility is bad due to the clouds... Do not move in the
    "It will be a mess if Pipi's egg bursts... before it bursts
    destroy it."
    "When jumping, watch out for Mata-saburou's cold!"
    "The boss is behind the shutter! Get your weapons ready."
    "Avoid the twister and get close to the enemy and auto-fire!"
    "You'll fall if you ride on the red block... hurry and pass
    "Due to the buoyant force, you can jump higher. Don't get
    hit by thorns."
    "If you get hit by the black thorn, everything will go down
    the drain... Adjust how high you jump! Go!"
    "If you say monkfish, the weakness is..."
    "The boss is behind the shutter! Watch out for the thorn."
    "Use jump effectively to avoid the shots!"
    "When Mettaur's face has formed, attack!"
    "Get on the lift and grab the ladder up there."
    "When you are on the lift, you'll be vulnerable. use Leaf
    Shield to be safe."
    "Do not worry about a little damage, move forward!"
    "This is the last area. The boss is waiting for you!"
    "If you are not too close to the Crash Bomb, take it easy!"
    "This terrain made of crystals is very slippery... If you
    want to stop this, jump!"
    "This area is like a complicated maze... Crash Bomb might be
    your answer to the problem?"
    "If you use the upstairs... you might have to fight the 
    "The boss is waiting in the back!"
    "This is a scary boss who can stop time... If you can combat 
    at a high location, maybe you can avoid him!
    "Magma is dangerous! Watch out... Move calmly foward after
    destroying the enemy!"
    "Enemies appear from the holes in the wall... avoid these
    holes and go forward."
    "Watch out for where the blocks appear and their timing.
    Target the pattern and shoot!"
    "There aren't enough footholds here, it is dangerous...Don't
    push yourself to go forward but to destroy each enemy... And 
    don't be too careless and miss the blocks."
    "You can destroy the bouce back wall by using the
    destructive force weapon."
    "This is a magma region... need Item-2!"
    "A strong reaction from behind the shutter."
    "It is difficult to aboid the fireballs attack... before
    they attack you, attack first. If you can avoid the attack
    first, counter-attack immediately."
    "Do not move hastily, you'll have no way out. Find a safe
    place and attack."
    "While Cook jumps, sneak below him."
    "The boss is behind the shutter! He is a tough enemy!"
    "When Leaf Shield is attached, nothing works. When the
    shield is gone, attack!"
    "This beam has super power - avoid it with all you can! But
    can you use some specific weapons to deal with this?"
    "Once you destroy this enemy, the fire will set off and it
    will be dark... if you hit a wall in the dark, try jumping."
    "From here onward... I have a bad hunch... Watch out!"
    "The boss is inside... If you don't use the correct weapon,
    you'll have a tough battle."
    "A very high-speed boss. Aren't there any weapons to slow
    him down? When the boss is stuck in the terrain, its your
    chance to attack."
    |Wily 1|
    "Finally here is Wily! Go for it!"
    "I hate Pipi's attack! But using Leaf Shield can earn items."
    "From here onward, its all squirms!! Its disgusting... Use
    Item 2 and go, go!"
    "Attack from the ladder, it will be a piece of cake."
    "Use Item 1 effectively."
    "Wait... There aren't many footholds from here onward...
    There must be something... Watch out, Mega Man..."
    "You are going to fight here? I didn't know about this! Get
    on the highest block and don't fall."
    |Wily 2|
    "From here onward.. Only Item 2 lets you go forward. Your
    energy is fully loaded, right?"
    "Looks like Wily is trapped... Watch out for the wall, use
    the downside weapon to attack!"
    |Wily 3|
    "Wait!! Something is there! Be careful..."
    "This is the end! The boss is here, watch out!"
    "Wow! A large GutsMan! But as long as you know the weakness,
    it will be easy!"
    |Wily 4|
    "Check the floor of the beat... There is a kind of trap
    terrain there, watch out... Aren't there any ways to find 
    "Use the Leaf shield!"
    "Before getting on the lift, confirm the route..."
    "Look carefully, think carefully."
    "Its the boss again.... Do you have enough weapon energy?"
    "Even if you waste one weapon, you are out."
    |Wily 5|
    "8-body Wily is here again... Don't give up! Mega Man!"
    "Now only Wily left! This is the last battle!"
    "Wily Machine's shot attack... Avoid this by jump at the
    edge of the screen!"
    |Wily 6|
    "Mega Man, where...? Mega Man?"
    MegaMan 3
    "This Robo-Bolt is invincible until it unites into one."
    "Should be a breeze if you attack from the ladder."
    "Touch those spikes and you're a goner."
    "Jump on the top and you'll get spun around... Get close to
    the edge and and jump to the next one!"
    "There should be a boss inside here... Rout the evil!"
    "Dodge the tops by sliding... and the body slams by 
    jumping... Piece of cake!"
    "This guy's small and hard to hit... Aim for when he
    "This is an illusion conjured up by the enemy. If you can 
    only stop the enemy you can get by without being 
    "There's not much room to stand, and the enemy's dropping 
    down, too. Defeat this guy before you move on!"
    "This is the last area. Don't blow it now..."
    "It jumps three times before it attacks... Keep your cool 
    and dodge it with a jump!"
    "This electric trap can't be destroyed... Time your jump 
    and break through!"
    "This guy'll be dangerous if you leave 'em alone."
    "When he's finished throwing his hammer, jump and shoot!"
    "The red blocks will shoot up if you stand on 'em... Watch
    out for the ceiling."
    "Don't run into the enemy and fall in the hole."
    "There's garbage falling through above... Go through above
    the garbage."
    "There's an enemy in this area that can draw things to them
    with magnetic force. Be careful when you go by the hole."
    "It's a real powerful magnetic force. Be real careful
    around this machine."
    "Memorize the order the blocks come out. Just try jumping
    and aim for them in sequence!"
    "That magnetic force is annoying... Jump on the block from
    the left."
    "One false step and it's all over here... If you start to
    get sucked in, jump and get outta the way!"
    "There's a boss beyond here... You up for the challenge?"
    "When he comes at you with the Magnet Missiles or jump
    attacks... use your sliding technique! Even if he starts to
    suck you in, slide away!"
    "The bee's nests this enemy drops are a real pain. When the
    bees stop, hurry back and erase them from the screen!"
    "Whatever you do, don't stand still on top of this pipe!"
    "Use Rush to climb up above... If you have magnet missiles,
    get rid of the enemies first."
    "Attack from the ladder from a spot the enemy's attacks
    won't reach you!"
    "Aim for when the enemy is in the air!"
    "There's a boss ahead of here... don't let me down..."
    "Jump straight up to avoid the enemy's punches from the
    "The Petite Snakey's shot attacks are super quick! Jump
    outta the way, fast!"
    "If you're having trouble avoiding the Petite Snakey's
    attacks, watch where they come out of and attack first!"
    "Stay off the Big Snakey's body! Fight from the sides!"
    "Do a Jump Shot from below!"
    "Defeat the enemies on the ladder before you move on!"
    "Take the elevator up, then jump over!"
    "Watch out for the missiles that occasionally appear."
    "The boss is waiting to ambush you!"
    "The Search Snake can be destroyed! Just get up on the high
    spot in the middle... and dodge his body slams!"
    "Bust that creepy egg-looking thing to pieces and keep
    "The Robo-Penguin's head is its weakpoint... Stick it to 
    him with the Jump Shot."
    "From here on out'll be underwater battles. For underwater,
    use your Rush."
    "Attack from the ladder! Aim while you're in the air."
    "There's an enemy lying in wait inside the door."
    "Don't let the enemy's attacks overwhelm you! When you
    attack, he'll come attacking, too. Attack right where he's
    gonna land!"
    "When this enemy rolls up into a ball, it becomes 
    invincible to damage."
    "Change directions while sliding... judge the timing to
    avoid traps!"
    "You must collect all the Energy Tanks you can! They'll let
    you restore your health anytime."
    "Attacking from a ladder makes it easy to defeat 'em!"
    "There's someone inside behind the shutter... Time to 
    "Dodge the needle attack by jumping... and if he comes 
    close, get away quick by sliding! Just remember, attack
    from a distance!"
    |DocMan 1 (NeedleMan)|
    "Make sure you grab the Energy Tank."
    "Huh? Looks like there's something up ahead..."
    "AirMan! This must be AirMan's program! The wind'll blow 
    you back, so get close to attack!"
    "Looks like the only way to proceed is to use Rush. Watch
    your remaining energy."
    "The Rush Jet only works when you're on it... The energy 
    isn't going down... What if you moved while in the air?"
    "Don't be too quick to take items just because they are 
    there... You don't need them when you're full."
    "What a joker... Should be a cinch, once you figure out his
    weak point..."
    "Another boss... Why are there so many?"
    "CrashMan! Dodge the bombs by sliding!"
    |DocMan 2 (GeminiMan)|
    "Be careful not to destroy too much..."
    "Looks like another boss..."
    "FlashMan! He's a tricky character, freezing time... But
    you should be able to win with a weak point weapon!"
    "Watch out for the ceiling... Enemies'll drop out of the 
    "Looks like it's time for Rush Marine..."
    "Watch out for the open holes all over while you push
    "Another boss, eh... Who could it be this time?"
    "BubbleMan! As you fight, watch out for the spikes above!"
    |DocMan 3 (ShadowMan)|
    "Time your jumps and go from lift to lift."
    "Fall this time and it's all over. Use Rush!"
    "Time for another boss? Who's it gonna be next?"
    "WoodMan! That Leaf Shield's mighty powerful! Use the weak
    point weapon and damage him!"
    "Another boss... Just how many of these are you going to
    have to fight?"
    "HeatMan! Before he attacks with a Fire Pillar... get in
    some damage and when he comes to body slam, avoid it and do
    it all over again."
    |DocMan 4 (SparkMan)|
    "Use a weapon you can fire upwards!"
    "Be careful of where the cog wheels are spinning."
    "There's something... beyond this point..."
    "MetalMan! This'll be a piece of cake!"
    "It's covered with spikes... This is a nasty trap."
    "Jump up on the garbage in front of you... and slide and
    then jump right away!"
    "Another boss! This one'll be tough!"
    "QuickMan! This'll be a tough fight! You have to look for a
    weak point weapon!"
    None; that's right, there are no quotes in this mini-stage.
    ProtoMan never apologizes for attacking you and then never
    tells you how to defeat his alter-ego. How rude. <_<
    |Wily 1|
    "At first Wily had planned to... take advantage of Dr.
    Light... All these guys are bad! You must take back the
    "Use your buoyancy underwater to power up your jump."
    "Piece of cake with the ladder shot attack."
    "It's safe to use weapons on the overhead enemies..."
    "Look's like there's a boss below here."
    "For an enemy that flies around like this... use a weapon
    that can fire in all directions!"
    |Wily 2|
    "Time for Rush again..."
    "Watch out! That's one strong energy reaction!"
    "Ugh! It's the Yellow Devil! He's a real toughie! You're
    finished if you get hit by a block attack. Use Rush to
    dodge 'em."
    |Wily 3|
    "It's covered in spikes. Clear your mind and get to the
    "Here's the boss! Hope you still have some energy left."
    "A copy robot! One of the three is the real thing! Nothing
    you can do except fire at all three with the weakpoint 
    |Wily 4|
    "The Junk Golem's a real formidable foe... Packs quite a 
    punch... Use the Spark Shock to freeze his movements."
    "The final battle with the 8 bosses... you gotta make it
    out alive..."
    "He's the only one left... Hurry, Mega Man!"
    |Wily 5|
    "Finally, here comes Wily... This is the end, my friend!"
    "Find his weak point... There has to be one. And be sure to
    dodge with your Rush Jet!"
    |Wily 6|
    "Well, you've made it this far. You can handle the rest on 
    your own, Mega Man... I'm going now... Farewell, Mega 
    MegaMan 4
    "It is dangerous around here with all the pouring rain...
    The wind can carry you away when you jump, so be careful
    when clearing the holes."
    "You may be carried away by the wind, so jump at the very
    "You will be safe if you jump by using the Rush Coil."
    "This time your legs will be carried away by the water."
    "Escalue is at his weakest when his eyes are open. Attack 
    using your Charge Shot."
    "If you are under running water, you cannot jump. You
    should fight by coming forward from the water."
    "Proceed to the upper foothold. If the enemies appear, stop
    walking and attack."
    "It looks as if the Boss is watching and waiting... Please
    be careful. Attack with the powerful weapon that
    "You cannot avoid ToadMan's Rain Flush. If you raise both
    hands, make sure you attack. Then if you evade him by
    sliding, you'll win easily."
    "I am Kalinka, Dr. Cossack's daughter. Right now I'm being
    held captive, but I will support you so please help me."
    "If you defeat the lightbulb enemy, it will become pitch
    black. However, if you defeat the green enemy, the light 
    will shine again."
    "Thorns are very dangerous. Make sure you avoid them. You 
    should jump on the back of grasshoppers and go on."
    "Grasshoppers move in a predictable way. Please watch their
    movements closely and jump onto the next grasshopper."
    "The road it splitting up. It looks like there isn't much 
    of anything on the road below."
    "You may not be able to return without using your Rush
    powers. Do you still have some Rush energy left?"
    "Watch out for the dangerous chasm. You will need to jump
    onto the next grasshopper before you fall into it."
    "You can pass through narrow roads by sliding."
    "You'd better not knock down your lightbulb-shaped enemies.
    Please jump over when the elevator stops. Also, be careful
    with the red elevator. It ends up falling in the end..."
    "It looks like there's a Boss up ahead... Be careful.
    BrightMan is vulnerable in water..."
    "BrightMan is a formidable enemy who can stop time. Fight
    at the edge of the opposite side of the enemy. When 
    BrightMan stops time, try to stay in the air."
    "The surrounding region is a desert... If you stand still,
    you'll sink rapidly into the sand, so move forward by 
    "The only way to proceed is if you get on top of that 
    enemy... Be careful not to let the enemy's shots get you!"
    "Move forward by flying from one upper foothold to the 
    "The boss just up ahead will be really hard to beat without
    weapons... He moves quickly, so perhaps the Light Weapon
    would block him..."
    "Pharaoh's movements are severe, so perhaps a weapon that 
    makes this kind of movement stop suddenly would work..."
    "If you get on top of this rainbow, it will move. When it
    does, it will take you back to the start, so move forward."
    "It's safe to jump into the middle of the rainbow."
    "At any rate, attack repeatedly the root of the pillar and
    it will collapse to the ground... It's OK to attack the
    contents using a jump shot."
    "Very clever, but the thorns are dangerous... Don't force
    "Whopper's weak point can be found in his eyes. Learn the
    timing of the ring, and hit him with the Charge Shot."
    "I'm worn out, I've repeatedly collected these missiles...
    I can attack using a Rain Flush."
    "Beat Mono Loader hands down with a Charge Shot!"
    "This floor moves differently than the rainbow... Be
    careful not to fall..."
    "I bet I can stop movement with a Flash Stopper..."
    "There were many huge bosses... This next one is the last
    one... Heat makes RingMan weak..."
    "RingMan's boomerang is very quick... Dodge it by coming to
    a stop and jumping. Run across the screen to separate 
    yourself from your enemy and fight!"
    "You must attack the Shield Attacker from behind... 
    Otherwise, you can't cause him any damage..."
    "Wait just a minute! There's an enemy in the hole right in
    front of you! Destroy the enemy and quickly jump over the
    "If you move closer, a foothold will appear. Be careful the
    enemy doesn't touch you and knock you off."
    "Take care of the Press above... Depending on the place,
    you'll be attacked..."
    "It is possible to break the block located beneath the
    press. It's safer to break all the blocks... Still, the
    spot where Beat is located is the safest."
    "When you are unable to see the block, proceed forward
    slowly... Once you've destroyed it return to a safe place.
    Destroy the block by repeating this process."
    "It's dangerous here! You'll get smashed by a press! If you
    smashed the block in front... slide to a safe spot!"
    "The boss is lying in wait... Take care and attack with a
    solid, hard weapon!"
    "Jump on top of the trash... Suck in your cheeks and slide
    away... Once the vacuum attack has ended you can make a 
    "Hold the attack button down and then let it go to release 
    a powerful Charge Shot... You can defeat Zato and others
    this way..."
    "Skeleton Joe cannot be defeated with a normal shot. He can
    be defeated with a Charge Shot."
    "Shield Attackers can only sustain damage by being attacked 
    from behind..."
    "You can go through enemies and gaps in the ground by 
    "You can only defeat this enemy through a frontal attack."
    "The caterpillar falls down suddenly, so all you can do is
    remember where they come out from."
    "Skeleton Joe is around here, along with lots of thorns. In
    addition, there aren't very many footholds, so it's very 
    dangerous. Defeat Skeleton Joe by all means!!!!"
    "Time for a battle with the boss... Are you using the 
    Charge Shot? Throw a strong and hard weapon at the boss..."
    "SkullMan's rush attack is hard to dodge...Just before he 
    stops his attack, put an end to him by using a weapon on 
    his weak points."
    "There's an enemy inside... use the upper foothold."
    "Move through the narrow streets by sliding..."
    "Firing the normal shot works better on Moby than the Charge
    "You cannot attack the green jellyfish..."
    "The surface of the water is moving... be careful... In the
    water, make a big jump to clear your enemies and proceed..."
    "Moby's missiles draw one in, so avoid them. You can stop
    movement using the Flash Stopper."
    "I may sound like I'm repeating myself, but watch out for
    the thorns!"
    "The Mines will explode as time passes."
    "This is the boss... Are you used to fighting in water? The
    continuous normal shot is probably best here..."
    "Attacking DiveMan's body is strong. First, attack with a
    small jump after you've dodged... Slide to the edge and
    separate. Use the normal shot missiles."
    "Are you using the map function? Eddie is on the Yellow
    Block, the Retry Point is on the Green block, and the Boss
    is on the Red block."
    "It'd be better to attack this enemy with rapid fire. Or you
    could sneak through by sliding."
    "The thorns are very dangerous. Proceed after defeating 
    "The blue enemy is invincible when it starts circling. You
    should knock it down before that with a Charge Shot."
    "When you approach the upper dust chute, the rock will fall.
    Try to stop in front of it and destroy it in time."
    "When you touch the switch, a hidden geographical formation
    will appear, and you will be able to proceed ahead."
    "Don't be afraid... Please touch the switch."
    "Touch the switch at the very edge of the cliff and jump!!"
    "This is the final stage... Hang in there... You may want to
    attack with the weapon that will capture the enemy for 
    "After DrillMan goes underground, don't stand still, keep 
    sliding and running away. When DrillMan re-surfaces, attack
    |Cossack 1|
    "Around here, everything's frozen due to the cold... It was
    difficult to proceed, and I slipped... Use the jump to start
    moving. Jump even when you want to stop."
    "Be careful with that hole..."
    "Defeat Skeleton Joe and proceed."
    "Use the Rush Coil or a Balloon... Do you have a Balloon?
    "Use the Rush Jet and catch hold of the far left pillar.
    However, be careful not to get caught by your enemies!"
    "A big boss is lying in wait... Be very careful. Exploit his
    weak spot using a short range weapon..."
    "A hole opens in the ground when the boss attacks with his
    drill. When the boss comes up close, slide and run away...
    His weak point is in the red core... jump and attack!"
    |Cossack 2|
    "At last you've reached the inside of Dr. Cossack's castle!
    Please come and help me and my father quickly!"
    "Stop at the ladder! Move forward without getting hit by
    your enemies!"
    "All I have is a Rush Jet..."
    "Look closely at the block... Once the signpost begins to go
    on and off fly onto the next block."
    "You can ignore the blocks if you use a balloon."
    "Move upwards using the Rush Coil."
    "Once you've defeated Batonton, move on ahead."
    "You can attack the green wall using the Drill Bomb."
    "At last a big boss... His weak point can certainely be
    exploited with a hard weapon..."
    "Come together when the bosses movements have slowed down. A
    that time, get on the lift and attack."
    |Cossack 3|
    "Here the background moves by itself... Proceed, but be
    "There is a foothold with Dust Crusher. Defeat the enemy."
    "Golden Blocks appear when you come near them... If you get
    in top of the block it will sink, and if you get off it it
    will rise. Use these adjustments to proceed."
    "Continue to ride the last block..."
    "The boss... end this battle quickly..."
    "Stop on one of the footholds and attack. You can attack
    from above with Pharaoh Shot, so go for it!"
    |Cossack 4|
    "Take the energy tank when you find it, OK?"
    "Sliding is a dynamic way of moving. You can change
    directions while sliding."
    "The right side is a shortcut..."
    "Holes everywhere again! Watch out for the enemies who pop
    up from the holes!"
    "At last a battle with Dr. Cossack. Only you can save my
    |Wily 1|
    "You helped me and my father just a little while ago...
    Thank you very much... I'd really like to show my gratitude.
    I've got the data from Wily's base, and I'll continue to
    support you!"
    "There's Mettaur all over this stage..."
    "There's thorns everywhere!!! Adjust your jumps!"
    "Jump along the blocks in order... However, it's easier if
    you have a wire."
    "You're finished if you fall from a block here... Cross
    using the Rush Jet..."
    "The Boss... He's got terribly strong powers... If I use 
    that one power to diffuse..."
    "Take your chance whenever his face peeks out of his helmet.
    When Mettaur lands jumps so that you aren't on the ground.
    Then attack his spot repeatedly with your weapons."
    |Wily 2|
    "There's thorns all over this stage as well... Take care
    when climbing ladders.
    "Be careful when you move to the bottom of the screen, as
    there are thorns everywhere..."
    "This is a Rush Jet, isn't it?"
    "There's thorns all over this place again. The footholds are
    small, so be careful when crossing..."
    "Oh No! The Boss is here! He's a powerful enemy... I wonder
    if I used my short range weapons on him..."
    "The green core of his forehead in his weak spot. Ride the
    elevator and attack this vulnerability. When you attack your
    enemy, get off the elevator and dodge him. Chasing too far
    is dangerous!!!!"
    |Wily 3|
    "At last you've nearly reached Dr. Wily!! Hang in there and
    "Once again, it's a battle with the 8 bosses. Their weak
    points are the same."
    "It's Dr. Wily! First dodge the attack that comes from his
    mouth... After that, attack his weak spots with the Drill
    Bomb. Before an enemy gets you, explode your bomb and attack
    with the blast!"
    |Wily 4|
    "Where are you, Mega Man? I'm not able to pick him up on the
    radar... Uh-oh..."
    MegaMan 5
    "There's next to no gravity on this stage... So you can make
    big jumps!"
    "There are enemies hiding in the floor. Their form appears
    when you approach them... You can destroy them with a Charge
    Shot even if they are hiding!!!!"
    "Destroy enemies in this area with a Charge Shot! You can
    proceed easily if you destroythem in the beginning!"
    "You can pass through narrow roads by sliding through..."
    "There are lots of thorns on the ceiling... Take care not to
    jump to high. There's another trick to this. Touch an enemy
    on purpose, and while you are damaged, move forward matchlessly!"
    "If you destroy the bottom-most missile... Then slide over to
    the other side..."
    "Make a big jump here and get on that foothold... Halfway
    through this, a missile will be fired at you so take care..."
    "StarMan is here... He's really good at fighting in mid-air,
    but how is he when fighting on the ground? A weapon that goes
    everywhere  except on the ground would probably work..."
    "An attack won't work when the barrier is up. If you do a
    Jump Attack and slide... When the barrier separates, attack
    immediately! If  you've got a vulnerability weapon, destroy
    the barrier and attack!!!"
    "This stage is a bit strange... If you don't take care,
    you'll get confused!"
    "Watch out for the arrows! Gravity's direction changes!"
    "Even if you do end up upside down, the operations are the
    same... The only thing that's different is that when you're
    sliding push the jump button whilst pushing up."
    "Evade this wrecking ball by sliding."
    "The base of the wrecking ball is safe ground. Just be
    careful of the tip of the wrecking ball."
    "Enemies are hiding in the ground. Attack the enemies at your
    feet with a Charge Shot!"
    "If you attack underneath Eddie you won't deal any damage and
    your enemy will be revived. When you deal the final blow,
    proceed to the front."
    "If you jump to the edge of the topography, you'll still be OK."
    "Even if you fall through the hole in the ceiling, you're
    out. Don't fall through the bottom either. Jump from where
    Eddie is."
    "GravityMan is last... It's difficult to get him with missiles,
    so get closer and fight with a strong weapon..."
    "GravityMan manipulates gravity... However, you've got a chance
    when he reverses gravity! When you pass each other, attack! If
    he jumps near you, dodge him with a slide!"
    "In this stage, there are many enemies in the air... You can
    use the Gravity Hold to clean these airborne enemies."
    "It's no use attacking when the shield is up."
    "Attack when Purple Enemy stops..."
    "You cannot destroy this stinging enemy unless you use a
    special weapon to exploit his weak spot."
    "The Chicken-Mecha's weak spot is his head. Attack with a
    jump shot."
    "Before you get on the lift in front of you clean up all the
    enemies... When the lift has moved a little, be careful not
    to fall!!"
    "Power Muscler is full of power so he's terribly difficult to
    defeat... But if you fly over to him and slide through
    "Make sure to be careful on the foothold in front of you!!!
    When you get on, it will fall away, so move forward quickly!"
    "There's a boss at the back of the shutterr... He flies with
    a propeller and is unstable... Use that one weapon to knock
    him off his balance..."
    "GyroMan hides in the clouds, and flies out with a propeller.
    Slide to dodge is jump... He comes down from above, so dodge
    "The crystal glitters and shines... this is a beautiful
    stage, but... the crystal becomes a gloomy and depressing
    trap. if you use the Star Crash, you can proceed safely..."
    "If you destroy the enemy's head his body will also
    "When the crystal falls down... Quickly jump to clear it and
    fly over! Or, you can use the Star Crash... this is the
    "This enemy is matchless when he is making crystal... Attack
    as soon as he has shot out some crystal!"
    "Defeat Crystal Joe by all means and then proceed."
    "Attack your enemies from the ladder."
    "It won't work if you attack the Shield Attackers from the
    front... Attack from the rear and run away..."
    "I don't know what kind of effect the Mystery Tank will
    have... When you take it, open it after you've hit it with a
    Charge Shot... and then proceed with a slide..."
    "From here to the bottom is a landscape filled with thorns.
    The only way through is to remember the terrain..."
    "It's safe to attack from here..."
    "At last the boss! CrystalMan is lying in wait! He's using a
    weapon that is like crystal cut up into pieces!!!!"
    "You can dodge CrystalMan's shot attacks. After that, you
    should attack immediately..."
    "Get away from Sumatran and give him a Charge Shot! Use the
    Charge Shot on all enemies it is good for!"
    "Move when Sumatran gets in close to attack."
    "You can only damage Mettaur when he sticks his face out...
    These are the common rules for the whole series, so please
    learn them."
    "Don't touch the Spike Mecha! Destroy him with a Charge
    "The Energy Tank in the wall... Huh? A secret passage!"
    "Watch out for the direction of the flowing water... It will
    carry you away... You can certainly destroy this enemy with a
    Charge Shot..."
    "The foothold is a small one, but get the enemies from above
    "Yu-Don's weak point it his head... There are a lot of
    enemies whose heads are their weak points."
    "Get out from underneath Eddie and fight!"
    "A Mega Man Plate.... I mustn't forget..."
    "Watch out for the narrow paths! Prepare to fire a Charge
    "Lots of Jet Bombs appear around here. Usually, you can
    proceed while firing shots repeatedly."
    "You don't need to jump here... while moving left while
    falling down. It's a bit scary, but you'll be OK."
    "You'll be safe underneath Eddie... From here, you will
    defeat that red enemy. There's something right in front of
    your eyes, so take care!
    "Even if you wait, that missile will be there... When it is
    hidden, fly across..."
    "A confrontation with NaplalmMan!! I'll take up the challenge
    of attacking his strong body with a hard weapon!"
    "You can dodge the missiles with a jump. Avoid the jump
    attacks by sliding... Walk forward to dodge the Napalm
    Bomb... You can defeat this guy easily!!"
    "Have you seen the Game Map? Eddie is over by the yellow
    block... From there you can retry the green block. The boss
    is over by the red!"
    "When you defeat this Mettaur, it bears a baby..."
    "Hmm... something's strange about this..."
    "This the Mega Man Plate I was robbed of! If I can collect
    all 8 then I will be able to call on Beat!"
    "The Mouse-Shaped enemy at the bottom can be attacked with a
    Charge Shot. As for the enemies at your feet... the normal
    shot won't hit them, so attack them using a wide attack
    weapon like the Charge Shot or the Napalm Bomb!"
    "It seems there are lots of hidden rooms on this level..."
    "When shield-wielding enemies guard with their shields, they
    drive back all attacks. If you wastefully fire away
    repeatedly, the shots will be driven back and you won'be able
    to fire anymore..."
    "If you get on the lift in front of you, it will turn you
    around and round. During that time, you will be unable to
    make any attack, but if you jump you can run away."
    "You can take it if you use Rush..."
    "Did you find all of the hidden rooms in this stage?"
    "The boss is StoneMan... Attack with a weapon that will blow
    his body away!!!"
    "Attack before StoneMan lands on the ground! Dodge his jump
    attack by sliding!!"
    "In this stage, if you make good use of the hollow, you can
    attack with more of an advantage than the enemy!!!!"
    "Even if Mettaur changes, if his face does not appear you
    can't do any damage to him."
    "The chicken-shaped Mecha's weak spot is his face."
    "Watch out!!!! Just up ahead the enemies are lying in wait...
    Save up a Charge Shot... Attack all the enemies with a Charge
    "The Mouse-Mecha is lying in wait!"
    "Be sure not to miss the Mega Man Plate..."
    "ChargeMan is the Boss... Will you defeat him? Throw a
    powerful weapon at him!"
    "When ChargeMan turns red, this is the signal to attack. His
    attack is simple-minded and easy to dodge. You can damage him
    properly when walking."
    "Hey Mega Man! Do you go back to the Laboratory from time to
    time? I've made parts for you, so by all means I'd like you
    to use them."
    "Watch out for the water that comes out of the crack in the
    floor in front of you... Watch and wait for the wrecking ball
    to come through, and avoid it by sliding..."
    "You're safe at the base of the wrecking ball. If you wait at
    the base until it stops you can proceed."
    "It stops once in the middle of the two cracks. Do your best
    not to slide in this place."
    "You can't defeat this enemy through any way other than
    through it's weak spot. It's speed is slow, so relax and
    dodge it."
    "Ride the bubbles that come form below to proceed... Try
    getting on the second big bubble from the right."
    "From here, aim for the big bubble on the far left side!
    However, it's best to try to ride the smaller bubbles... Aim
    for where Eddie is..."
    "Lastly, aim for the foothold on the right! Be careful not to
    get stuck by the spikes on the ceiling?"
    "The only way you can proceed is to ride the bike on top of
    the water. When you get on the bike, you will not be able to
    use your Charge Shot or other weapons. You can't use your
    Energy Tank either, so be careful with your physical power."
    "Your enemies are using marine bikes... Be careful, as there
    are times when they will attack from behind..."
    "October's weak point is the center of his forehead! Move
    back and forth between shots and jumps. Even if you can hit
    that weak point by attacking and jumping, you can hit it by
    firing repeatedly on top of the water."
    "You can defeat the enemy from this spot using a Charge
    "At last, a battle with the boss! I've no weapons that work
    with water... another weapon might work..."
    "When a water column attack comes, jump. Harpoon jumps back
    and forth... Attack the Boss!!!"
    |DarkMan 1|
    "At last you've arrived at ProtoMan's secret base. However,
    the ProtoMan that was until now shrouded in a riddle is
    out... Can he see me moving so conspicuously? Anyway, let's
    move ahead quickly..."
    "I took a lot of damage from Sumatran... I'll remember the
    place he comes out of and knock him down with a Charge
    "Lead the enemies on the ceiling to the end and make them
    fall... Jump a little to the left and then come back. It's
    troublesome if you miss step and fall..."
    "Ride the Rush Jet from right underneath Eddie... You'll
    slowly proceed upwards diagonally."
    "Watch out for the enemies that come from the right!!!"
    "It's easy if you ride the Super Arrow from here..."
    "Fly over the block going on and off and aim for the ladder."
    "It's really hard to go from here... But if you use the Rush
    Coil properly..."
    "It would probably be better to pass through on top..."
    "This round shaped enemy won't do anything..."
    "ProtoMan... what exactly are his intentions?! The boss is
    shaped like a tank. What sort of weapon is good for above
    ground enemies?"
    "This boss is simple-minded... If you damage him as he comes
    to attack... Use a vulnerability weapon to defeat him!!!"
    |DarkMan 2|
    "Watch out for the direction of the conveyor belt... It's
    dangerous if you fall!"
    "Ah, a conveyor belt track... Just relax and proceed...
    You'll be safe if you use Star Crash while guarding!!!"
    "It's a good idea to attack from the ladder using the Charge
    "Another boss again... Did ProtoMan put this kind of robot
    "If you attack when the barrier is separated, you'll make
    some damage... If you use Beat, you can beat him easily."
    |DarkMan 3|
    "I'm definitely going to beat Apache Joe... Attack him using
    the Gyro Attack."
    "When you have annihilated your enemy, get on the lift."
    "Get all the way over to the edge of the landscape quickly
    and attack... If you don't do this Mettaur will get you!"
    "There aren't very many footholds, so it's very easy to get
    enemy attacks... Just relax and make your attack."
    "Get on the moving foothold! Don't be late!"
    "If you are blinded by all the items, you can get on the
    footholds. From around here, you can move dynamically with
    the Super Arrow..."
    "It's normal to run away sliding..."
    "Attack while sliding..."
    "Another moving block... Move without getting hit by enemies.
    This time, will you fly using the Rush Jet?"
    "Will another boss of the same kind appear again? Little by
    little, they're getting stronger. I'll have to be careful..."
    "Be careful when the Boss puts out a ray... If it hits,
    you'll be unable to move. Use another attack while sliding to
    deal with him."
    |DarkMan 4|
    "If you destroy the pillars one by one... You'll slide off
    the land, so while you do this, climb up on top. Think of the
    order when you are breaking the pillars... Take care not to 
    get cut off..."
    "Attack when the barrier is separated. When he lands, the
    barrier will return. Shoot little by little while jumping to
    avoid his attacks. Be careful of your movements and knock the
    fake Protoman down!"
    |Wily 1|
    "Just as I expected, ProtoMan was an imposter... However, Dr.
    Wily is still free. ProtoMan will remain a mystery... Anyhow,
    let's look for Dr. Wily..."
    "When sliding out on top of the gear, be careful not to get 
    stuck by the thorns..."
    "It looks like you're going to have to move forward on the
    gear. From Eddie's height, use the Rush Jet!!!"
    "Depending on the place you can get smashed by the press!!!!"
    "By all means, destroy the garbage in front of you."
    "Cut your way through with continuous sliding!!"
    "Attack with a Charge Shot!!! If you use it properly you can
    defeat your enemy!!"
    "I'm going to knock down the evil Dr. Wily... First, I'll
    look for the weak point..."
    "First, if you attack the fuselage it will rush toward you...
    Get on top of the fuselage and hit him on the head, which is
    his weak spot."
    |Wily 2|
    "Take care not to get stuck by any of the thorns... Use the
    Rush Jet to fall down..."
    "Go to the tip of the purple bulb and proceed... Huh? For
    some reason there are rotating bulbs..."
    "It's easy if you proceed from here using the Rush Jet!!!"
    "Attack from the ladder using the Power Stone."
    "The next boss is massive, but his weak spot is difficult to
    aim at... Use a weapon that is thin and can cut things into
    sevral pieces!!"
    "When the boss is up avobe all you can do is dodge. When the
    door opens and he comes out, attack him... Don't be sloppy
    getting onto footholds or chase to boss too far..."
    |Wily 3|
    "8 bosses again... I'll use my vulnerability weapons to
    defeat them and go to Wily's base."
    "At all times, watch and wait next to the spikes. When Wily's
    press stops move to a safe spot and when the Wily Press
    moves, attack!!!!"
    |Wily 4|
    "Mega Man! I can't pick you up on the Radar... However, as
    for the peace you pray for and your sense of justice... You
    are not discouraged by anything. You are so courageous... No
    doubt Dr. Light will restore the peace. Peace will be 
    returned to us? This is what I believe... Hand in there, Mega
    MegaMan 6
    "In places where there are few footholds, transform yourself
    into Jet... If you keep pushing the jump button you can fly a
    little bit and thus proceed safely."
    "You can destroy blocks that have cracks like these with your
    "Use the Power of the wind from the propeller in front of
    "Defeat this enemy with a Power Charge Shot."
    "When using the wind from the propeller, take care not to hit
    the spikes on the top of the ceiling."
    "This lift is a pain. If you get on top of the lift it
    immediately goes the other way... You must jump..."
    "If you transform yourself into Jet, you can collect the
    "From this position, you can attack with the Charge Shot."
    "Stop!!! You can attack enemies safely from here."
    "You must use the wind from the propeller... Cross quickly so
    that you don't hit the spikes..."
    "Transform into Jet to get the items!!!"
    "Your opponent is WindMan... If you use the light weapon you
    can beat him all at once."
    "If you get sucked in by WindMan, slide to get near him and 
    slide to get away from him... If you run across the screen to 
    fight, it's easy to dodge the attacks!"
    "This is oil... It would be dangerous if it caught fire..."
    "You can only cause damage to Mettaur when he is showing his
    face. Also, you can destroy the blocks with cracks in them
    using Power..."
    "There are spikes below... If you fall you're finished..."
    "If you light the oil on fire, it will become a lake of
    fire!!! As one might expect, this is unbearable!"
    "The only way to defeat this enemy is with a Charge Shot."
    "If you defeat this enemy, it becomes a foothold... if you
    ump on the switch... Proceed in that direction..."
    "If you transform into Power you can destroy this enemy..."
    "With the flame the enemy produces the oil becomes a lake of
    fire... Proceed using the footholds above so that the burning
    oil doesn't get you."
    "The boss is FlameMan... Water won't put him out, and neither
    will ice... What kind of special weapon could be used to put
    out fire???"
    "Dodge the pillar of fire by jumping out of the way... If you
    jump and approach, you can certainly win by dodging with a
    "A world covered with snow, just as you saw it... If you
    slip, it's OK to jump."
    "If you get on the foothold in front of you, the countdown
    starts... It explodes when the counter reaches zero... Before
    that, you should fly to someplace else."
    "As for the propellor enemy's propeller eye... Attack when
    you can see his eye..."
    "You can melt the ice bridge with your fire weapon."
    "This ice is very hard... At times like these, use your
    "If you attack the Shield Attackers from the front it won't
    work... So attack from the rear."
    "You should use the fire weapon to take the Energy Tank."
    "You can destroy this ice block with your Power, but... When
    you break it, be careful not to hit any of your enemies..."
    "You can destroy the missiles and blocks that Squidon shoots
    out... You can definitely destroy missiles and so on...
    Attack the main body of your enemies."
    "A huge submarine, but it goes up and down... take care not
    to hit any of the spikes on the top and bottom..."
    "When the boat starts to move upwards... Defeat the enemies
    that go down... You can proceed when the boat is moving
    "If you destroy this ice block there is an item that you can
    collect... It's dangerous, so don't go out of your way to get
    "Places where there are no spikes on the ceiling are safe."
    "if the count bomb settles down and you proceed, you'll be
    OK... If you're scared, transform yourself into Jet."
    "Destroy him using your Flame Blast from your vulnerability
    "When you've broken the countbomb on the far right, be
    careful not to sustain any damage or fall when the blast goes
    off... Also, as you dodge be careful not to slip and fall..."
    "BlizzardMan is waiting!! Melt the ice!"
    "Let's fight on the end. If the boss charges you, dodge with
    a front jump!!"
    "Are you going back to the laboratory from time to time?
    Those power up parts are being made for Mega Man, so when you
    complete a level by all means use them."
    "There's something out there in the bushes... Look
    "Transform into Power and destroy the thing that went into
    the crack!!"
    "This one moves quickly for a mid-sized enemy. In addition,
    he's also pretty hard. Attack the place where he falls
    "You can attack the propeller enemies up above when their
    eyes are open."
    "Gorilla Tank's weak spot is his face. Aim for it with a jump
    attack. When it comes close, hit it's body to push it back."
    "If you jump on top of the spring you can make a big jump. If
    you hold the button down it's really easy to make a big
    "If you make a big jump from here you'll hit the spikes..."
    "You can break this block with Power."
    "If you use a vulnerability weapon on the big enemies you can
    defeat them quickly."
    "There's something in the mud marsh!!! Take care when flying
    "If you hit the round core of the propeller lift..."
    "Huh? If you take a good look at this flower..."
    "By all means, clear this with a big jump... Once you've
    defeated the Fish Mechanism you can proceed..."
    "I can feel the PlantMan's presence... Plants are weak to to
    extreme temperatures..."
    "Figure out PlantMan's pattern... When a barrier is put up,
    by all means jump... When you land, you can release the
    barrier. If the barrier dissolves, counter-attack."
    "Occasionally, there are enemies who can drive back your
    attack... There are some enemies who cannot be beaten with
    the Mega-Buster... For these enemies, transform into Power
    and attack!!! There's no guard if you're using the Power
    Charge Shot!!"
    "If you break the block with the crack in it... You can get
    hold of an item..."
    "Attack the Shield Attackers from behind..."
    "Mettaur's all over... If you don't attack this massive
    mechanism's weak point, you won't be able to proceed
    "If you fire the normal shot continuously, you will destroy
    the drill mechanism."
    "The route is divided up and to the right... When going
    upward, the Jet is necessary...
    *Up Path*
    "Proceed using Jet..."
    "When the lift has gone up all the way you can fly over."
    "I can't see in front of me... Should I fly... using Jet..."
    *Down Path*
    "Power Slam is a powerful enemy... Try running away by
    "Destroy the Mettaur Producing Machine..."
    "The route forks out again... If you have the Jet, then it
    looks like you can take the low road..."
    *Up Path*
    "Don't overlook the Block!"
    "This is the Energy Balancer... Put yourself in unarmed
    status... When you pick up and energy item... It will fill up
    your weapons that are low on energy..."
    *Down Path
    "Don't stand too long on the spiked lift!"
    "Tomahawk Man, who has powerful attacks, is your opponent."
    "You can dodge all of TomahawkMan's moves by sliding. Knock
    him out in one blast with a weak point weapon!!!"
    "Are you looking at the map? There are so many places that
    diverge, so it would be a good idea to confirm... The yellow
    block is where Eddie is, and the green block is the Retry
    Point... The red block is where the boss is!!!"
    "Using Power, you can smash the blocks that have cracks in
    *Top Path*
    "This enemy's spear attack is shamed by a shot... Using Jet,
    it's OK to get on the foothold above."
    "Pass through narrow roads by sliding."
    *Bottom Path*
    "You can move foward quickly using the Power Charge Shot."
    "The Frog's Eye is a weak point... He's not as strong as he
    "You've heard it before, but don't get stuck on the spikes."
    "The road diverges here... Either the rop or the bottom...
    either one, it doesn't matter."
    *Top Path*
    "You can overcome the spikes with Jet."
    "There's an enemy in this small space... However, if you use
    Jet you can attack!"
    "Use the Jet to proceed right."
    "The boss on this stage is YamatoMan. The strong blade that
    tears up YamatoMan's armor is..."
    "Aim for him when he lands!!! When he comes to collect his
    spear you have a chance to attack him!!!"
    *Bottom Path*
    "As would be expected, there are lots of enemies in the
    water... When you've destroyed them fly over soon."
    "The gears in front of you are running... Move forward by
    sliding... If you make a mistake jump so that you don't get
    stuck by the spikes."
    "This stage diverges into two points halfway through. One
    thing to think about... afterwards, make sure to confirm the
    upper route..."
    "YamatoMan's movement patters are decided... if he jumps,
    then slide over to the opposite way... Attack when he comes
    to collect the spear he has sliced the ground with."
    "Depending on the stage, there's around two bosses. If you
    knock either one of them down you can clear the stage, but
    there may be some sort of secret around it..."
    "When this enemy attacks it is startling... it pokes its head
    out!!! At that time, attack the head without hesitation!!!"
    "The gigantic spikes on the ceiling are moving... You can
    proceed when the ceiling goes all the way up... The spot
    where is Eddie is at along the way is a safe one..."
    "When the Shield ascends upward attack him."
    "You can attack the enemy from the pillar..."
    "Take care of the direction of the gears..."
    "There's spikes around, but also be careful of your enemies'
    "Pick up the energy tank using Jet."
    "The round blocks on the floor and on the ceiling are... If
    you get on top of them by all means go all the way to the
    ceiling... Operate them so that you can proceed without
    getting hit by any enemies..."
    "If you look carefully, the block with the crack in it...
    Break it and go down..."
    *Top Path*
    "By all means make sure you check the lower route as well..."
    "The KnightMan guards against attacks with a shield, but...
    the guard doesn't work against continuous fire weapons!!!!"
    *Bottom Path*
    "The boss on this route has probably got something..."
    "The KnightMan guards himself with the shield, and you are
    unable to damage him... When he throws the Knight Crusher,
    attack him!!"
    "Mr. X is being manipulated in the shadows by Dr. Wily...
    What could be happening here?? Wily and Mr. X... this evil
    cannot be forgiven!! Let's fight for peace between humans and
    (I think whoever translated this accidentally switched Mr. X
    and Dr. Wily's names.)
    "If you fall from a foothold and into a hole then you're
    "Movement is slowed in water, so increase jump power."
    "Whether you're in the water or above ground, don't touch the
    "Defeat the fish enemy just right of here first..."
    "What a mysterious scene... it's floating in the water,
    moving up and down... If you get in the water your jumping
    power is increased..."
    "While you make a big jump in the water, jump over the
    "By all means make a big jump here in the water... When
    you've reach the bottom of the water surface then jump..."
    "You can knock this enemy down with a Charge Shot."
    "Suddenly a squid enemy will fall... Remember where they fall
    "Attack with a Flame Blast!!!"
    "You can go if you have a Jet Blast..."
    *Top Path*
    "You can oppose the boss' rush attack... Attack with a heavy
    "CentaurMan is a strong enemy who can stop time!!! If you put
    yourself in the center of the screen you can dodge him...
    Even if he does stop time don't give up!!!"
    *Bottom Path*
    "CentaurMan is a strong enemy who can stop time!!! If you put
    yourself in the center of the screen you can dodge him...
    Even if he does stop time don't give up!!!"
    "Those who use warp are strong enemies... If you put yourself
    in the center of the screen you can dodge... However, it will
    be a hard fight if you don't use a weak point weapon!!!"
    |Mr.X 1|
    "What a strong and mysterious character... Find out what Mr.
    X's secret is!!!! Curb his evil ambition to conquer the
    "Transform into Jet and Power to proceed... If you settle the
    Centaur Flash you can knock down the enemy."
    "First of all, defeat the enemy... Move over to the foothold
    above... Fall down from there and immediately Jet away!!!!"
    "Huh? If you look carefully, the crack in the wall...?"
    *Right Path*
    "Transform into Power and destroy the blocks... All this
    transforming is busy work... Learn to use the change button
    *Left Path*
    "Ah, a very strong boss... I'll use a weapon and also use
    "Two of them attack at once, but just relax... The enemies
    move along the wall rail, so... Attack them when they've come
    to the very bottom... You can push the enemy back if you've
    got a weapon that has strength!"
    |Mr.X 2|
    "Somehow, the Earth beneath Eddie has given way and left a
    hole. Take care when you proceed..."
    "Attack strong enemies with a Charge Shot!"
    "Transform into Jet here!"
    "If you get on the floor in front of you, you will fall."
    "You can use Jet to cross here too."
    "Another pitfall... Take care of the yellow wall..."
    "There are a lot of enemies around this very dangerous
    place... If you use Beat, you can proceed with ease."
    "The upcoming boss will attack you from a place you cannot
    reach. What weapon is useful for dealing with enemies from
    "Fight from the edge of the screen! You're OK if you dodge
    the enemy's shots. Also, attack with a weak point weapon!"
    |Mr.X 3|
    "Attack the enemy with a blizzard attack."
    "The lift in front of you is in two sets... If you get on the
    lift, it will go lower. On the other side, it goes up.
    However, if you use Jet you can just ignore these lefts!"
    "The lower route is recommended... First, defeat the enemies
    with a blizzard attack..."
    "As would be expected, it is safe to proceed as Jet."
    "Ah! There's an enemy in a bad place! Use Jet to fly up to
    "The upcoming boss is... Mr. X. He reads too much manga. Can
    you freeze his head?"
    "The head, or rather the cockpit is the weak spot... Move
    right and left, and dodge the shots..."
    |Mr.X 4|
    "If you get on a lift that has spikes, then fly off
    "If you transform into Power, then you can pound on ahead."
    "If you use a Power Shot on this gun battery... You can
    destroy it from behind..."
    "There's no crack in this rock, but it looks like it can be
    "Push the block and cover your eyes because I don't want to
    look at the Beat imposter!!!"
    "If you use the Power Charge... You can defeat the enemies
    around you..."
    "The road splits up here... Which one should I take???
    *Top Path*
    "There's nothing but jellyfish enemies... If you leave them
    alone they'll explode suicidally."
    *Bottom Path*
    "There aren't many footholds... If you go safely, Beat will
    give Jet his recommendations..."
    "Whoa! Get that Energy Tank below first... Don't drop any
    "From here on out, there are very few footholds, and lots of
    enemies... Oppose them with the real Beat!!!"
    "The presence of the strong Mr. X!!! A weapon that has the
    strength of steel..."
    |Wily 1|
    "As would be expected, X's true character is that of Wily...
    Only he would do something like this!!! Mega Man! This time,
    we'll settle things!!!!"
    "If you get down vertically, do it carefully... There are
    most likely spikes... Descend with Jet, then..."
    "There are spikes on the end of the propeller. Proceed with
    *Right Path*
    *Left Path*
    "At the same time you fall from the foothold... Fire your
    "At the same point as just before..."
    "Attack Squidon with Jet!"
    "The big boss is waiting!!! Attack with a weapon that will
    hit him easily!!!"
    "His weak point is his head... It's OK to get on the moving
    lift, but... Attacking using Jet is safe... If you jump from
    below and use a weapon that will reach all the way to
    attack... At any rate, run across the screen and fight!!!"
    |Wily 2|
    "The floor is frozen... Your feet will slip... If you slip,
    jump to stop."
    "Will you proceed to the left or on the right???? It branches 
    off here... In addition, up to the block going on and off...
    The point is the block Eddie is pointing to..."
    *Right Path*
    *Left Path*
    "A boss again... Natural power is best."
    "If you attack, the enemy will counterattack... The gun
    battery is the weak point, but if you attack the feet... You
    can push him back, so watch the timing and fight!!!"
    |Wily 3|
    "This time you're underwater... What sort of danger lies
    "Watch out for propeller enemies... If you push them away
    they change their direction so watch them!"
    "If you transform into Jet you can make a big jump!!!"
    "You're better off ignoring the items and flying over the
    "Mega Man... are you ready for this capsule?"
    "Defeat all eight Dr. Wily Bosses..."
    |Wily 4|
    "Mega Man... I'm not able to pick you up on radar... I'm
    filled with regret... I should have never remodelled you...
    Please forgive me, Mega Man... Please defeat Dr. Wily and
    bring peace to us again..."
    Me, for writing this FAQ
    Capcom, for compiling the games on this collection and 
    putting Navi Mode in.
    My brother, for BUYING me this game
    CJayC, for hosting this FAQ on GameFAQs
    NeoSeeker, for hosting this FAQ on their website
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    Any other sites that wish to host this FAQ must get approval
    by me. No one may claim this as their's, as I spent many
    pain-staking weeks compiling all of this together.
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