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    Mega Buster Robot Master Guide by Merlin_87

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    =====Table of Contents=====
    1) About Me
    2) About This FAQ
    3) Version Histroy
    4) Mega Man 1 Robot Masters
    5) Bonus Battle against Mega Man Himself
    6) Credit
    7) Contact Information
    8) Copyright
    -----------------------------------About Me-----------------------------------
    I have played Mega Man since literally the day I can remember. The first Mega
    Man game I can remember playing is Mega Man 2 on the NES. The first Robot
    Master I can remember fighting is Wood Man, which makes him one of my favorite
    Robot Masters. Mega Man has always been my favorite video game icon since I
    was a kid. I own every American released Classic Mega Man and Mega Man X game.
    I don't really play the other series' though.
    --------------------------------About This FAQ--------------------------------
    I decided to write this FAQ for anyone who hasn't been into Mega Man for very
    long and wants to better themselfs at fighting the Robot Masters with only the
    Mega Buster. I decided to include some videos of me fighting the Robot Masters
    just incase you can't understand what I am saying in this FAQ, you will have a
    visual example to go off of. I hope this guide helps you!
    I have covered all the Robot Master Battles from Mega Man's 1 - 10, Mega Man &
    Bass. The Stardroids from Mega Man V, the Mega Man Killers, the Doc Robots
    from Mega Man 3, and Bonus Battles against Mega Man Himself, Dark Man, and
    Fake Man I hope this guide helps you out! If you don't understand what I am
    saying in this FAQ, then follow the links after each Robot Master description
    to see a video of me personally taking out the Robot Masters, hopefully a
    visual example will help! If you like what you see then Subscribe to me on
    youtube, my username on there is Redmage1987. If you need help on any of the
    other Robot Masters, check out my guides for them on their FAQ Page.
    --------------------------------Version History-------------------------------
    3/12/2010 - Started writing the guide, finished writing all the battles from
                Mega Man 1 & 2.
    3/13/2010 - Continued writing the guide. finished writing all the battles from
                Mega Man's 3 - 5. Also changed writing program from Wordpad to
    3/14/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 6 & 7 Robot Master Battles. Started
                Recording Mega Man 8 Robot Masters, finished them.
    3/17/2010 - Went through and made sure everything was formatted correctly &
                wrote some strategys for the Mega Man 8 Robot Masters.
    4/12/2010 - Recorded Mega Man V Stardroid Battles and Mega Man Killer Battles.
    4/15/2010 - Finished writing Mega Man 8 Robot Master Descriptions and wrote
                Mega Man 9, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man V, Mega Man Killers, Doc
                Robots, and Bonus Battle Descriptions.
    4/16/2010 - Finished writing all the Mega Man 10 Robot Master descriptions and
                double checked the links and battle times.
    4/19/2010 - Toned all the writing down to only cover the Mega Man 1 Robot
    ----------------------------------MEGA MAN 1----------------------------------
    In Mega Man 1, we have the fewest amount of Robot Master's to duel with. Being
    the first game in the series debuting on December 17, 1987. It is
    understandable that it didn't have 8, but we will cover each of them, so here
    we go.
    ------Cut Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Rolling Cutter-- 4
    Collision------- 4
    Cut Man is not hard at all to Duel with the Mega Buster. Not only does he get
    knocked back from your shots, but he also takes 3 damage per shot, thus
    letting you defeat him in 10 hits. Basically, when the battle starts run to
    the right and land on the bottom floor of the room right in front of him and
    shoot him before he has the chance to throw his Rolling Cutter, he should be
    knocked back, try to hit him again before he throws it off, if you do manage
    to hit him a second time before he throws it off, he should jump and throw it,
    otherwise he will throw it from a standing position, which isn't hard to dodge
    either, just jump over it and run under him, try to stand against the wall if
    he is on your left or against the blocks if he is on your right, that way you
    can run under him if you need to and still have enough space to dodge his
    Rolling Cutter, and he should be toast.
    Video Link...
    Cut Man's Fight is from 0:01 - 0:33
    ------Guts Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Boulders--- 4 (Both Small and Full Size do the same)
    Collision-- 4
    Guts Man, like Cut Man, is not hard at all to Duel with the Mega Buster.
    While he doesn't get knocked back from your shots, he doesn't really move
    around enough for that to make any difference. He also takes 2 damage per shot
    thus letting you defeat him in 14 hits. Basically, when the battle starts Guts
    Man will Jump, and when he lands he will shake the room. If you are on the
    ground when he lands Mega Man will be stunned for a moment and will be left
    open to be hit by him, so jump right before he lands, but don't jump too soon
    otherwise you will land before he does. Stay on top of the Boulders at the
    beginning of the fight to allow a better jump to get around the first boulder
    he throws. After that, move down to the bottom floor, being down here will let
    you hit him 2 times per jump he does. Shoot him as you jump and when you land.
    If he jumps straight up, when he lands a boulder will fall into his hands and
    he will throw it at you, if it hits anything it will split into 4, when he
    throws it at you jump over it. It isn't that hard to avoid so you shouldn't
    have many problems getting around it. If he jumps forward or backwards at all,
    he will only shake the room. He is quite slow and takes 2 damage per shot, so
    he should go down fast.
    Video Link...
    Guts Man's Fight is from 0:34 - 1:02
    ------Ice Man------
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Ice Slasher-- 10
    Collision---- 4
    Ice Man is one the most difficult of the 6 Robot Master's from Mega Man 1, and
    he is also one of the most difficult in the entire Classic Series. Pretty Much
    you have to be a master of precision jumping in order to win in a Mega Buster
    only battle against him, not only that, he can kill you in 3 hits as well. At
    the beginning of the fight he will hover in the air, firing 3 Ice Slashers at
    you as he slowly comes back down to the ground, let the first 2 go over you
    and jump between the second one and the third one. Now, he will hover from the
    ground up into the air, shooting them as he goes up, now you must jump over
    the first one and come down between the 1st and 2nd one and stand under the
    2nd & 3rd one as they go over you. Do your best to hit him as you are dodging
    the Ice Slashers, once you get down how to avoid the Ice Slashers he isn't so
    bad. Until then though, just keep at it.
    Video Link...
    Ice Man's Fight is from 1:03 - 1:46
    ------Bomb Man------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Hyper Bomb-- 4 (Includes the explosion and being hit by the bomb itself)
    Collision--- 4
    Bomb Man is not hard at all to duel with the Mega Buster. He is a little
    tougher than Cut Man or Guts Man, but not enough to put up a tough fight. Like
    Guts Man, he doesn't get knocked back from your shots, but he takes 2 damage
    per shot, letting you defeat him in 14 hits. When the battle starts he is
    going to jump around the room, try to keep your distance from him, and run
    under his bombs as he throws them at you, or run away from them if you are
    close to him. He may move around kind of quickly, but not so quick that you
    should miss him that much. His Hyper Bombs have kind of a big blast radius, so
    watch out for them and try to avoid running into Bomb Man himself, try to run
    under Bomb Man when givin the opportunity, otherwise if you try to jump over
    him, he will jump into you. Overall, not a difficult fight.
    Video Link...
    Bomb Man's Fight is from 1:47 - 2:14
    ------Elec Man------
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Thunder Beam-- 10
    Collision----- 4
    Elec Man is by far in the Top 5 most difficult Robot Master's in the entire
    classic series to Mega Buster Duel with. He is very fast, jumps all over the
    place and can kill you in 3 hits. Basically when the battle with him starts,
    shoot him right off the bat, he should be knocked back by your shot,
    immeaditly jump onto the blocks to your left! Keep the high ground the best
    you can. ONLY SHOOT 2 SHOTS! That way if, for some reason, you should mess up,
    you have a back up shot. Bascially once you're on top of the blocks, just try
    to keep the high ground and it should make dodging his Thunder Beam a bit
    easier, if he gets it off, just jump over it swiftly and accuratly. Good Luck!
    Video Link...
    Elec Man's Fight is from 2:15 - 3:05
    Also, the strategy for fighting him in Wily Stage 2 is a bit different, I
    explained how to do it in the commentary.
    ------Fire Man------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Fire Storm-- 4 (Includes the fire left on the floor as well, both do 4)
    Collision--- 4
    Fire Man is one of the harder Robot Masters to buster only fight, not THE
    hardest, but one of the hardest at times. What you will want to do, is wait at
    the beginning of the fight for him to walk up to you and shoot at you, DO NOT
    SHOOT AT HIM UNTIL HE HAS WALKED UP TO YOU! Once he has shot at you, jump over
    the shot and shoot him and he will retaliate with a Fire Storm Shot, Just
    shoot when you land and jump over his counter shot, if you get too far away he
    will start unloading Fire Storm's left and right on top of the counter shot,
    so you will want to try and stay about a 1/4 screen's distance away from him,
    try and dodge the flame left behind on the ground the best you can, most of
    the time the flame on the ground will disappear if get out from above it. Good
    Video Link...
    Fire Man's Fight is from 3:06 - 3:33
    --------------------------------BONUS BATTLE!---------------------------------
    Here we will cover some Extra Robot's that I always considered 9th Robot
    Masters. Basically it's just Mega Man, Dark Man, and Fake Man. To See the
    strategy's for Dark Man and/or Fake Man then check out my guide on the Mega
    Man 5 or Mega Man 9 FAQ Page.
    ------Mega Man------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Mega Buster----- 4
    Rolling Cutter-- 4
    Super Arm------- 0 (He just runs back and forth)
    Ice Slasher----- 4
    Hyper Bomb------ 4 (Only the explosion does damage)
    Fire Storm------ 4 (Both the Fire Storm and the Smoke Shield do 4)
    Thunder Beam---- 4
    Magnet Beam----- 0 (He just runs back and forth)
    Collision------- 4
    Mega Man vs. Mega Man? WHAT?!?! I am talking about the Copy Robot Battle from
    Mega Man 1. The Very First Time Mega Man ever fought himself. The Copy Robot
    will mimic whichever weapon Mega Man chooses to use. Which in the case of you
    reading this guide, that weapon would be the Mega Buster. Everytime you hit
    the Copy Robot, he will be knocked back. His runs just as fast as Mega Man
    does, but he jumps a lot faster. When the fight starts, shoot him and run to
    the left and stand against the wall and constantly jump and shoot 1 shot and
    then shoot another one when you land, if you rapid fire, the Copy Robot will
    go crazy with jumping all over the place, so take you time with shooting, try
    to keep the Copy Robot on the other side of the room, but if he manages to
    make his way over to you, try to jump over him, shoot him and then make way
    for the other side of the room and repeate.
    Video Link...
    Credit goes to Capcom for making this game. Thank You Capcom!
    ------------------------------Contact Information-----------------------------
    If you see the need to E-Mail me for anything at all, then E-Mail me at
    IT! You can also Subscribe to me on youtube, my username on there is
    Redmage1987. Thank You for reading!
    (c) Copyright 2010 Shaun G.
    This guide may only be used (outside of personal, private use) with credit
    given to the author.
    Mega Man and all related characters, names, etc. copyright Capcom.
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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