Review by zeldamaster

Reviewed: 06/25/04

Best "Anniversary" game out there.

Many companies have released "Anniversary Collections" in recent times. Most of these consisted of only a shadow of the games they were supposed to resemble. Megaman Anniversary Collection is different. The games in it are 99% identical to what they were originally. Plus, it has remixed music (PS2 version only), an episode of the original Megaman Cartoon show (also PS2 only), a "Navi Mode" (for those new to the series mainly), and 2 unreleased (in the US) Megaman Fighting games (which take a Mortal Kombat style of play).

Graphics: 10/10

Stays true to the originals, and that's a good thing. Those new to the series will moan about these primitive graphics; if you've played any of them before, you will be happy it's just like you remembered.

Sound: 8/10

If you've played the original versions, you will notice things missing here. I played Megaman 6 back in the day and I noticed some things missing in this version. Nothing major. The music is perfect. Just a few sounds missing from various places. The remixed music is good for some things, bad for others. It evens out in the end. I personally enjoyed playing with the old music on Megaman 6 (only one I played as a kid), then after beating the game I checked out the new music. As for the other games, I'm just using the new music cause I have no nostalgic value form those games (obviously). The only downside to this is that to have the remixed music, Navi mode must be on (I will explain the effects of that later).

Menu/Modes: 9/10

There are some nice options. You can start out with 3 or 5 lives, your choice. You can turn the game on easy or normal mode. And the big thing is Navi mode. It covers up a bit of the screen on the top left side, with a bigger life bar, and an exclamation mark will flash constantly throughout play (it means that Roll or Dr. Light has something to tell you). You can press start to see what Roll or Dr. Light has to tell you (usually how to defeat an enemy, what power to use on a boss, etc.). It can kinda get in the way, but it's not too bad. Another menu choice is the "secrets". This can consist of an additional remixed track, pictures, and the Megaman cartoon! Very nice.

Gameplay: 10/10

It's the same gameplay as the originals, duh. So it's automatically a 10/10. Then you have the fighting games, which are nothing special alone but a nice bonus so it's not fair it to take off points for them. There are a few changes to note here, however. First of all, there is now a separate button for dashing (you can still press down and jump if you want). Another addition that makes the games a bit easier is the rapid fire button. It fires 3 shots in about 1 second. If you are right next to an enemy, it will fire super fast constantly. Makes some things a bit easier. Also, pressing select during play brings up a menu that shows a map of the level, and gives you the option of returning to that game's title screen, or the title screen of the Anniversary Collection. The last thing is the weapon change shortcuts. You can press L and R buttons to change weapons rather than going to the start menu. This is a welcome change (for me at least).

Replay Value: 10/10

There's 10 games here. Not much replay value from each one, but add them all up... tons. That's an automatic benefit of any Anniversary Collection.

Rent or Buy... Rent if you've never played an (original series) Megaman game before. Buy if you have.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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