"A collection of the original Mega Man games. Extras included."

Now remember the good old days? When gaming was actually about playing a game and not watching a movie? Sure you do. Well during the late 1980's Mega man came out. The blue robot stared in 8 mega mans. Then later he had an arcade game. Now Mega man has several branch offs of his original series. Here are the games that have started the Mega Man empire. All in their original form.

Graphics 10
The graphics are NES graphics through most of the games. The graphics have been unfooled around with. Mega man through Mega Man 6 have 8-bit graphics, I believe Mega man 7 has 32 bit graphics, and Mega Man 8 also has 32 bit graphics (might be higher considering it was a Playstation and Saturn game).

Story 10
Like most 8 bit nonRPG games, they have no story. However the others have a story which has also not been touched. The stories have the same basic plot, stop Wily and save the world.

Game Play 10
There are ten Mega Man games to beat, the 8 original and the two arcade games. The length of game play will even an avid Mega Man fan busy for awhile. Those who are just getting introduced to the series will take a long time to finish off the game.

The player has a lot of freedom on game play. The player can choose if they what easy or normal game play. They also can control how many lives they start with (3 or 5). Also they can choose to play Navi mode (More on that later).

Now going with the defaults gets the regular old games. The game play is still the same. Yes all the stages are the same. Everything is the same, except now the game saves, instead of using passwords (you can still keep passwords if you wish).

Navi mode, is a way to help gamers in their struggle through Mega man. It gives a decent menu, with the full names of all weapons, and all in one spot, not two different pages. Also the health bar changes, so it is a little easier to read, and the sprite head, with the number of lives under the health bar. Also Navi mode for luck PS2 users get remixed music while playing with it. Also Navi mode helps guide the player. It has little guys pointing out the right way to go. The tips are rather redundant and obvious though, such as, "Don't step on the spikes" or, "You don't want to fall".

Music 10
Well all the original tunes are in place. Yes, all of them. Yes even the one you do not like. Well most of the tunes are fine. For the really irritating ones, switch to Navi mode. Then Navi mode provides a remixed version of the music, which is often better than music that is annoying.

Replay 10
With the control on game play, it will keep most gamers interested for awhile. Since there are two modes of difficulty most people probably want to check out what the other mode was like, and some also will go through the game with just Navi mode and the original mode. Also challenging one's self by trying to beat every enemy with just the old buster.

Differences between games (not ratable)
There are two versions of this collection. The Playstation 2, and Game Cube version. Both have all the same games, just minor things are different. The good things the PS2 has footage of the original cartoon, and remixed music playing while in Navi mode. The PS2 has 10 second load times which the Game Cube supposedly doesn't have, but that is very trivial. The good things the Game cube has, it has a documentary on mega man, loads quicker than PS2 version. The Game Cube's control configuration I hear is a pain, and Navi mode doesn't give remixed tracks of the stages.

In terms of which one has more cons than the other it is up for you to decide, do you want the original cartoon, or a documentary? Do you want Remixed tracks while playing Navi mode, Yes or No? Do you mind waiting for the 10 second load time, No or Yes?

If you went with the first choice more go with the PS2 version, if you answered more for the second choice go for the game cube.

Final 10
I am truly glad I bought this game. I could not ever ask for a better collection. Not only does it give the original Megas and the arcade games, but a plethora of extras that enhance game play. For 30 dollars it is well worth the purchase. All 8 mega man games would cost well over 30 and would be hard to find, and not to mention it is impossible to find the second arcade game in the states.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/26/04

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