"Surefire entertainment for the classic Mega Man fan"

In the world today Mega Man can be found anywhere. Milk ads, trading cards, comics, TV programs, you name it. Much of Mega Man's classic works (and maybe better) are much forgotten. That is until this game came out. Mega Man fans all over the continent, whether veterans, or new comers to the game itself can gain an appreciation for the classic series and discover how fun the games can be. Let's start.

The game play in this game is incredible. You will find that the game is filled to the brim with options and games. Bonuses and new games are rewarded through completing different tasks. You even get "navi" mode and remixed music, which is an option of course. How cool is that. I think every player in the game play area is in for a treat.

The stories, although simple and worn out, are quite fun. Each game has a different story and involves a different plot. From world domination to false identities to renegade Russian scientists, Mega Man never fails to entertain with his stories.

The graphics in the collection incline from good to fantastic. Every game's graphics are great for their times. The sound passes in flying colors. All the songs are memorable. The option to have your music remixed is plain awesome. So if you are a veteran, you can have your classic tunes. Newbies can have their new remixes. Sounds can please everyone.

The play time in this game is amazing. I know the length it takes me to complete one game, let alone 10 games. The option to play another adventure with "navi" mode on or off and in different difficulty may double the play time. You can also unlock plenty of extras.

If you are an all out Mega Man fan, buy this jewel. If you are new to Mega Man and/or plat formers rent it. Either way, by no means is this a waste of money. This copy goes for even less than most new games at $30. Trust me, it's so worth it. It's one of the best $30 you can ever spend.

Playing through this game made me realize how far the series has come..And how fast the years go. I think Mega Man is a fantastic series, and I have had a lot of good years. I hope to see another collection come in the near future. And I expect Mega Man to come out with fantastic new games in the years to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/27/04

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