"This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long, long time. A must-have for any Mega Man fan."

I was waiting for this one forever. Mega Man has been around for nearly 30 years now, and unlike other boneheaded companies who don't have a clue how to make a decent compilation title, this game passes with flying colors. The first 8 Mega Man titles -- plus two other never-before-seen games -- are all packed into one CD. I managed to buy this game for a mere $29.99, which averages out to buying 10 games at three dollars each. That value is unbeatable.

And yes, I am aware that there are other collector's titles out there. But I simply don't feel that they work out as well. The Sonic collection would rank second with me as the best collection ever, but there are not enough games on it in my opinion. Mario has rereleased a plethora of games on the Game Boy Advance, but who wants to shell out 30 dollars per title for games that they already own? Plus, playing those games on the GBA does not have the same feel to it. So that leaves the last collector's title of recent memory, which is the Zelda collection. It has four solid games on it, but you had to buy a new Gamecube to get one. And they never added Link to the Past or any of the Game Boy Zelda titles, which disappointed me.

So in the end, the Mega Man Anniversary Collection stands head and shoulders above the rest of them in my eyes. It has a ton of games on it, and they are all as fun and as legendary as can be. Mega Man's best works are in these ten games, and hopefully a Mega Man X collection released sometime in the future to make it a complete set. The only problem I can really see is that this game is also being released on the Gamecube, which leaves people to wonder which title to go out and buy.

Personally, I think that people should go out and buy the version for the Playstation 2. It is nice that the game is on the Gamecube for those who don't own a Playstation 2, but for everyone else, bear in mind that the Gamecube presents some control problems. The analog stick is not friendly towards two dimensional games, and that leaves the D Pad for use in these titles. The Gamecube Direction Pad is horrendous, in my opinion. While I was playing The Legend of Zelda on the Gamecube, I was constantly frustrated with Link going the wrong way all the time. The D Pad for that system is too loose, which allows for too much freedom of movement. The Playstation 2 has no such issues, and as such you should avoid getting the Gamecube version of the title.

That pretty much covers the only issue anyone could come up with in playing this title. Just buy the Playstation 2 version and be on your way. Honestly, you're getting 10 games for thirty dollars. So sit back and enjoy the ride, because you could very well be busy for weeks on end with this thing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/28/04, Updated 07/08/16

Game Release: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, 06/22/04)

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