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"A mega-blast from the past!"

Mega man has been a staple in action platform gaming since the time of the classic NES, and has been going strong all the way to the current stage of next gen gaming, making appearances on consoles ranging from 8-bit to 128-bit.
It has even branched off into many storylines also ( X series, Legends, Zero, and Battle Network) And now Capcom brings us full circle with a collection of all the original series Mega man games on one disc in Mega man Anniversary Collection, complete with many unlockable extras and rewards.

The games in the collection range from the NES to the PSone, and even though the NES graphics are considered archaic by today's standards, they still look excellent for each of their time. The SNES and PSone graphics are also of good quality, with each stage featuring busy backgrounds. All the games in this collection also have great stage design, each containing many vibrant colors and taking place in diverse locations.

Mega man games are not only known for their challenging gameplay but also their excellent BGM tracks. And this collection doesn't disappoint. You are allowed to choose between the original midi tunes or enable navi-mode, which not only gives you clues and hints from familar Mega man characters for the current stage, but also provides excellent quality remixes for most of the BGM in Megaman 1-7.

Spot-on, tight controls that translate flawlessly from the older control scheme to the PS2 controller. Challenging sections that dont frustrate you to the brink of sanity, but only frustrate enough to push you to try again. The bosses also known as "Robot Masters" each have their own weakness, so you have to plan the order in which you complete the stages if you want to use the appropriate weapon to defeat the boss with ease. And even then you have to watch their attack patterns to be victorious in the battle. Also there are many extras to unlock, including two never before released in America, Mega man arcade games.

This collection of Mega man games is a must-have for any and all Mega man fans. From the die-hard Mega man fan, to the gamer just getting into the Mega man universe, you just cant go wrong with a compilation package of this magnitude.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/30/04

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