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"10 Mega Man games in 1, how can you go wrong?"

I have been a Mega Man fan since Mega Man 2 came out on the NES, and since then I have been hooked. Over the years I either got the games from the store when they came out or bought them at flee markets for a cheap price. However I could never get a hold of Mega Man 7, which even today costs over $30. Now you can get Mega Man Anniversary Collection which has all 8 games, including 2 arcade ones which rarely were released in the US! That makes 10 classic games on 1 disk, and still has a bunch of extras to unlock.

Graphics: 6/10- The weakest part about the game are the graphics. Sure it pushed the NES to the limit 10 years ago, but they don't exactly shine next to Final Fantasy's graphics. Don't get this game if you expect nice graphics, otherwise you will be disappointed. One thing that surprised me was the screen flashing black and white really fast when you beat a boss in Wily's Castle. It is an effect that would blow even todays games out of the water. A simple yet awesome effect that out stood for me.

Sound: 9/10- So many NES games would get 10/10 scores for the sound, but as you get into the later games in the series the composition suffers. None of the songs will make you turn off your TV, most of them will make you want to turn it up! A few of the sound effects have been changed for the NES games, weather it isn't as loud or taken out, but its nothing noticeable. It says that there are remixed music for games 1-6, but this is not true. 1-3 only have remixed music from the arcade games, everything else is the same NES music. 4-6 have been completely remixed, and sounds awesome. It was a great feature that really makes it more enjoyable. The Gamecube version however does not have remixed music I hear, which is a real shame. The voice acting in the bonus TV show is great, however the voice acting in Mega Man 8 is horrible! Dr. Light sounds like a drunk Elmer Fudd and Mega Man sounds like a 5 year old girl. At least Wily sounds great and evil in it, possibly one of the most evil voices I ever heard.

Game Play: 10/10- The most fun $30 can get you. Seriously, one of the greatest moments I ever had in video game history was beating Dr. Wily in Mega Man 2 with no lives left, 3 HP left, and no energy tanks left. Down to the wire fun (as long as you don't die) that will challenge you all the way through Mega Man 8. The first few games in the series are tougher than the last few, but it stays hard the whole way through. You have the option to change the number of lives you start out with from 3 or 5, which is a great addition so you don't have to kill yourself at the beginning of each new stage if you only have 2 lives left and don't think you'll make it. Navi mode is also added which gives you hints (1-6, instruction booklet says up to 7 but this isn't true), maps (4-6), and remixed music (1-6). However you will notice that the videos in Mega Man 8 skip every once in awhile which is annoying at parts. The bonus show doesn't have that problem, however the quality of the video is bad. It gets blocky at fast moving parts. Load times are not a problem. Auto save doesn't take too long and loading from game to game is short. They even took out the loading times in between stages and sub-stages in Mega Man 8! You can't slide until Mega Man 3 and you can't power up the Mega Buster until Mega Man 4 so the elements are in tact for each game. The PS2 version gets the first episode of the TV show which tells the history of Mega Man and is a good episode. It even has the full into and the commercial break scenes. (Not the commercials themselves, just the "Now back to Mega Man" speech) The GameCube version gets the interview with the creator of Mega Man, which probably is a much better bonus. They did however change 2 things in Mega Man 7. Bass now says "Darn" instead of "Damn" in shade mans level, and also they took out the ending scene where Mega Man walks away from the burning castle. Changing Bass's speech was probably for the better but they should have left the ending in tact, because now it is just boring scrolling credits.

Story: 6/10- They have the whole Mega Man story inside the instruction booklet, however much doesn't change in this series. Still doesn't effect the game play though.

Controls: 9/10- The controls are so easy you can pick them up in a second. They even enhanced the controls so you can auto fire with Triangle in 1-6 and Slide with Circle in 3-6! You can now scroll through all of the weapons with L1 and R1 and it says you can change Rush adaptors with L2 and R2, but I think I only got that to work with Mega Man 6. Select will bring up a menu to go to the main screen along with other features depending what game you are playing (1-7), along with cause the Mega Man 1 glitch with Elect Man's power. To get to the main menu in 8 you need to press pause followed by Select. Rumor had it that the controls are delayed, but that isn't the case because I beat Mega Man 1-8 in this collection and I never noticed any delay. Unfortunately they switched the jump and shot buttons on the Gamecube version, which I'm sure must make it tough to adjust to. Luckily the PS2 version has no problems of that. One of the biggest problems I had with the controls is you must use a PlayStation 2 controller. I only have 1 so I can't play the arcade games or the Mega Man 7 battle without him bringing one over.

Difficulty: 10/10 All of the games are very difficult and I managed to beat all of them (except for 3 which I beat on easy) on normal. Most of the games will have you standing up at one point getting closer to the screen as you try to escape death and beat a boss which you know is almost impossible to beat. Chances are you will throw your controller at least once (luckily for me it was only once) at the floor, wall, or someone else at the room along with screaming naughty words at the top of your lungs. Be warned, this game isn't for the weak gamer. A lot of times you will have to make many attempts to beat a certain level that may take you days to complete. But in easy mode it seems that the enemies take half as many hits and a few enemies are taken out. So a balance of both worlds.

Overall: 10/10- At a retailed price of only $30 there is no reason you shouldn't get it. You get 10 games along with 3 art sets, remixed music, and an anime episode all in 1 package! The arcade games are outstanding if you have a friend to play with. Be sure to check out all of the endings in Power Fighters, there are many big twists that become revealed! They also kept the Mega Man 7 battle mode in to also play with your friend. Here is a quick breakdown of each of the games:

Mega Man 1: 7/10- The first game of the series and off to a great start! Average music with tricky game play. A very difficult game if you don't use the Select glitch.

Mega Man 2: 10/10- One of the most classic games of all time. Some of the best game play in video game history along with killer music (Wily stage 1) which makes this tie for the best Mega Man game of all time.

Mega Man 3: 10/10- Another killer game! Improved graphics, surprise bosses, and an ending that fills in the robots from Mega Man 1 makes this also tie for the best Mega Man game of all time. Now you can slide and use Rush parts.

Mega Man 4: 9/10- Mega Man is still fun in this game. This time Dr. Crossack is seemingly in command of the robots. Now you can charge up the Mega Buster.

Mega Man 5: 8/10- Mega Mans brother is now out to destroy the world. This still has great music and graphics. Is Mega Man's brother as evil as he appears?

Mega Man 6: 7/10- Mr. X is now out to take over the world. By now I wonder if it truly is him that wants to take over the world. The music isn't as powerful as the rest of the series but it gets the job done. I think this game was rushed a bit due to the SNES coming out or already being out.

Mega Man 7: 8/10- Wily breaks out of jail. You probably couldn't guess this from the "To be continued" at the end of Mega Man 6. This game had MANY more secrets that I missed when I first played this game. A very good game now that I know about them.

Mega Man 8: 7/10- Nice anime scenes with poor acting voices. The graphics are decent for PS1, and music is okay. At least they got rid of the loading times in between stages and going to the stage.

Mega Man: Power Battles: 8/10- For an arcade game this is good. It will keep you entertained for an hour or so but will eventually get old. It is much more fun with a friend though.

Mega Man 2: Power Fighters: 9/10- Still 3 modes to choose from, but now there are different bosses for each mode and awesome endings. Even better than Power Battles!

If you don't buy this game you should at least give it a rental. Despite all of the minor bad things in this, there are so many great parts that make this worth getting even if your not a Mega Man fan. Who knows, maybe Capcom will someday make a Mega Man 9...

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/04

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