Review by Harv

Reviewed: 07/05/04

Anyone who doesn't love this game, should get a Hard Knuckle upside the head.

Graphics- 10

I know some people are probably thinking "But the Graphics are awful! They are from the NES, SNES, and PSX!". Yeah, well I'm aware the graphics are awful. The thing is, they are supposed to be. The graphics get a 10 because they do the job they are suppose to. They send people like me into raging fits of nostalgia.

Everything remains in tact. The Sprites, the backgrounds, they even kept the slowdown in the games. It can be argued that slowdown in the games is simply laziness, but I think that it lets you know that the game is unaltered.

The only gripe I have about the graphics, is in one of the games (I won't say which) the ending is altered. Besides that, everything remains the same.

Sound Effects/ Music- 10

All of the old techno MegaMan tunes that we've all grown to love are in the game, not to mention, you can listen to remixes of them in Navi mode. One thing about the music that I don't understand is, if you are playing a level for an extended amount of time, the music will end, then restart a second later. That is something I don't really understand, but it isn't something big enough to knocks points off for.

The Sound effects are typical blips and beeps that are standard in the series. The odd sound will be a different pitch than in the originals, but it isn't important.

The main thing is, despite the age of the music, it stands the test of time, and even newcomers should love the tunes and sound effects in the game.

Control- 10

Despite what some people say, this game controls very well. The buttons are responsive, which has always been a huge factor for me. Also, for the NES games, buttons that would otherwise have no use, are assigned certain commands. For example, one button will make MegaMan slide, or change his abilities, and there is even a rapid fire. All welcome additions to the games that help in the heat of a battle.

Gameplay- 10

For the MegaMan veterans, there really is no need to explain the games, but newcomers will read this, so I will explain it.

There are 8 bosses in each game, (with the exception of the first one, which has 6) and you may fight them in whatever order that you want. A non linear format that is a staple in MegaMan games, and was flat out unheard of back then.

In addition to being able to choose which boss you want to face in what order, all of the bosses are weak to one other boss power, so when you defeat a boss, you will gain their power! So if you can find the correct order, you can defeat all of the bosses with relative ease.

The bosses are only part of the problem, you still have a level to go through.

Now anyone who's been playing MegaMan since his inception shouldn't have too much trouble with the games, but anyone new to the series should be warned, you will probably find them hard. That's the beauty of this collection, if you have too much trouble, you can put the game on easy, and start yourself with 5 lives. This was a wise move, because it allows people who would have trouble with the original games to enjoy the games without ripping out their hair.

In addition to the 8 games in the Original series, there are 2 games to unlock, as well as many other secrets that you will unlock as you play all of the games.

Overall Score- 10

Rent or Buy?

Buy this game. If you live in America, this games is a measly 30 dollars, if you are Canadian, this game is a measly 40 dollars. Also you get 10 games. and it's MegaMan so they are all good. You will not be disappointed in you buy this. I guarantee it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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