Review by Ice Inferno X3

"PS2 owners get the sweeter deal!"


I reviewed this game for the game cube! I'm only reviewing this game for the ps2 because it has different features and controls much better than the game cube version and capcom gave PS2 owners the sweeter deal for this game!STORY: 9

Mega man games never had a "story" so I can't be hard on the series like that so I'll just give it a 9!


The graphics were good for its time and the PS2 version has a cleaner look from the game cube version!


The most important factor of any game! The graphics can be crap as far as I'm concerned but the game play is the meat of any type of game! Mega Man games are well known for their fun game play and this game collection is obviously no different! These games are fun and brings back many memories of the old days...playing on my NES and SNES!

The biggest different between the versions is the extra content! the game cube version has interviews which are pretty dull and that's the only thing that version has! The PS2 version has a cartoon episode of the Mega Man Cartoon series and has remixed music which, im my opinion, is a better feature than the interviews!Also the control scheme for both versions differ by a lot! PS2 has a much better set up!


The sound effects aren't anything special! There are simple jump noises and cannons sound effects so this area isn't that strong!


The music on the other hand is much better than the sound effects! The games have many catchy tunes that, even now, I have stuck in my head!


It gets a zero because there isn't any multiplayer to speak of, but this doesn't affect the game or it's score!


All these games are very fun and there is a very great chance that you will play them again and again and again!


Buy this game whether or not your a fan of the Mega Man series! Also i highly suggest you buy the PS2 version of this game because Capcom gave PS2 owners the sweeter deal!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/08/04

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