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"It's deja vu, Mega Man style."

Back in the day, way in the day, Mega Man was pretty big in my family. My cousins and I would get together to play Mega Man (usually 2 through 4) and attempt to beat it. We always found it extremely hard, and ended up relying on the old Game Genie to get through them. Eventually, technology evolved and our NES's broke. Therefor, no more old school Mega Man. I stuck with playing the sequels to the original series and then the X series games, while my cousin's seemed to forget Mega Man all together. In this day in age though, where there are tons of collections of the classics and what not, Capcom, whom seemingly puts out a Mega Man game all the time now, gave PS2 and Gamecube owners their due: A collection of the first eight Mega Man games plus two Mega Man fighting games. The result: A serious case of deja vu, and a damn fine package of old school goodness.

Graphics: Null/10

Let's be honest, how can one really rate the graphics? By todays standards, the graphics are down right horrible. Most of the games used the same design from the very first Mega Man, while 7 and 8 updated them significantly based on their respective hardware. The two fighting games are merely based on the Mega Man 7 engine, so they're similar as well. You seriously can't buy this, or any collection of classic games for that matter, and expect good graphics by todays standards. I will say though, that I liked the cut-scenes in Mega Man 8. Shame Campcom didn't continue with those.

Sound 9/10

To get the bad out of the way, the voices in 8. Again, I liked the cut-scenes but could barely tolerate the voice acting. Mega Man sounds like a WOMAN? Why did Capcom do this? Well what can you really do, they portray Mega Man the very same way in Japan. Play the fighting games, win a round as Mega Man, and you'll hear it. The voices are annoying, but you get use to them. Other then that, you have to love all the old music and sound effects from the games. Apperantly, Atomic Planet loved it so much that they remixed a lot of the songs. Personally, I enjoy them. Gave somewhat of a new feeling to the games.

Control 8/10

All the games control pretty much the same. But why does it lose two points? Exactly, there are two points to that. One is that when you get to 7 and 8, the circle button is no longer dedicated for sliding. It actually serves no purpose. Personally, I found it easier to be shooting and hitting that then shooting and pressing down and jump. It's not anything major though, just a minor adjustment. The other point is weapon selection. You can use the L1 and R1 buttons, and the R2 and L2 buttons when you have some of the more special weapons. Of course, you could always go to the menu. For a lot of people though, i'm sure you assumed that pressing L2 or R2 (I forget which one, L2 I think) made Mega Man use his Mega Buster. I too fell for that, and found it very useful....Until I discovered all the hidden weapons. I always thought it would be nice to have a button assignment like that, and I even think it's that way in the X series. It's minor, but something they should have added. Especially in 7 and 8 where there are a few unused buttons.

Gameplay 10/10

It's Mega Man, it has barely changed in 15 years. I'm glad for that. Although, Capcom is and has tried to branch away into new territories with: X7, X8, X Command Mission, the Legend series, and the Network series. Overall though, the old school magic will always be there when it comes to the side-scrolling Mega Man's. Not to mention the fact that the games can all be very difficult. Though, the Auto-Save and rapid fire buttons do make the games easier, they are things you actually can ignore to a degree. Also, there's the new Navi Mode, which is basically aimed at new Mega Man gamers. It basically helps you when you get stuck, and somewhat holds your hand by guiding you in the right direction. You can ignore it though. You can avoid any tips given by not pressing Select, and you can always not go the way it suggests. However, if you want to hear the remixed music, this mode MUST be turned on. The password systems are still there for 1-7, and if you really want to relive old experiences, you can go ahead and write down the passwords and put them in at the title screen. The fighting games play very similar to a boss battle, except you have somewhat more options with movement. They're still fun though. All in all, it was gold back int he 80's, and the gameplay is still gold today. Though times are changing, there is atleast the Zero series that continues the old school style as closely as it can.

Conclusion 10/10

Though there a few gripes here and there, it's nothing. This is one of the best collections of classics games ever. I didn't even care about the extras. I simply wanted to relive some of my childhood, and I did just that with this. It's Mega Man, it's great. Plus, for me, I haven't played all the original games so it was really great when I got play those. The extras are pretty decent. Pictures, more music, and then an episode from the old Mega Man cartoon. Again, deja vu as I always watched that. If you were born in the days of Nintendo like myself, or simply love classic games or Mega Man, you should definitely pick this up. Plus, priced at $30, it's a steal. Hopefully now, Capcom will come out with a collection of games from the X series.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/11/04

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