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"I have been a Mega Man fan forever! My input on my very first review!"

Hey everyone that is interested in this game!
Before I get into the game I will tell you first that I have been playing Mega Man since I was about 3 years old. So I know my stuff. Anyway!
On with the Review!

Mega Man Anniversary Collection is a collection of 10 Mega Man games throughout his amazing quest. Mega Man games are simple yet addictive and even though they are short, you can play them many many times over and never get tired. A game for newbies and veterans the same.

Story: 10/10
Some people will say to that "10!? There almost Isn't a story!" And I will tell them that for a NES game, half the games didn't have stories. All of the games have basically the same story with a few changes. But in an old NES game this story is considered amazing!

Graphics: 10/10
Now you think I'm really crazy don't you? "8 bit graphics! this is bad!" well if you happened to play these games the first time around you know that these were good graphics back then. I was even amazed by Mega Man blinking on NES. Graphics are simple yet beautiful, some slowdown happens but nothing to worry about. PS2 has kept them in original shape and I'm happy for it. Each game is kept original and is just as good as it used to be.

Sound/Music: 9/10
For the most part music is perfect as it ever was. However some remixes are bad,and most of Mega Man 5 and 6 music sounds poor. Some sounds have been altered and even some are missing, but nothing that will make you throw your controller at the screen. Some of the remixes are very good though and all the original music (with a few exceptions) is perfect and you will hum it all day.
One problem though is there is no setting for mono, you are stuck with stereo.

Controls: 9/10
Simple controls, easy enough, nothing to worry about. The only reason I made this section is to mention that sometimes the controller sticks and you are stuck in the same direction. Only once in a while though. So it isn't much of a problem. Also the controls are alot better than the Gamecube version as I understand.

Gameplay: 10/10
Perfect, the games stay true and they are never boring. All the game is about is jumping, shooting, and avoiding enemies/spikes/holes and even though it is simple, it's very fun. Level designs almost never repeat (unlike the X series) and it can be challenging sometimes to get that perfect jump over that huge hole or dispatch a tough boss. When you defeat a robot created by Dr. Wily (the series main bad guy, but he is replaced at times.) you gain a new weapon. Sometimes a blast of fire or a shield of skulls, maybe even a spinning jump or a big bomb. And you can even take the games bosses in any order you want! As stated before, the games never get old and you can play them for hours on end.

Unlockables: 7/10
OK I am NOT going to spoil anything here, so don't think I'm gonna ruin the games by telling you what you get. For PS2 you get a Mega Man anime episode, some bonus music, some artwork, and a few other things. However,There is somewhat a limit to the unlockables and the anime isn't that good.

Overall Score: 10/10
This collection will keep you satisfied for a while and you will hum the music all day long. With the exception of a few glitches, the game runs perfect and even the game select screen is clever. This may be a long review but I thought I should tell you all the games worth. $30 for 10 games, $3 a game, thats pretty good. I hope this review has inspired you to buy this grand collection and I wish you good luck on the games, be you a newbie or a veteran to the Mega Man series. Even if you are short on money a rental is worth your time and money.
I hope you enjoyed my first review. Thank you.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/04

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