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"Anyone for nostalgia?"

My god, this game is a blast to play! MegaMan is as old as I am, and I've played a ton of those games over the years, but I never got to play the older NES games. Not so anymore. With the release of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, I got a taste of nostalgia I've never gotten before. I had never played the NES games before, with the exception of the first 2. Now I get to see the highs (and lows) of Capcom's monstrosity over the years. Let's begin!

Graphics: 10/10
Wow, these graphics are amazing. Even though they're older than those Reese's Cups I have in the freezer, it's still great to see graphics like this untouched. The NES graphics are smooth, and are even glitchy like in the original! The Super NES graphics also remain untouched. Great work by Capcom here!

Sound/Music: 10/10
Man, this is awesome! The back of the game box said, "remixed versions of stages," and they meant it! These remixes do justice to the many great original songs in the various games. As a matter of fact, I like ElecMan's remixed stage music better than the original! Purists wil not be pleased, but if they compare the orchestrated music to the tinny (yet classic) NES music, I think even MegaMan purists such as myself will like it. However, having not played all the other games from Mega Man 3 on up, I am in no position to compare.

Sounds from the older games remain untouched and remastered. Like I said earlier, I'm in no postion to compare, but the sounds are very believeable.

Control: 9/10
The game is played on a D-pad, and that makes the game as nostalgic as ever, but here's the probelm: the D-pad isn't that responsive. The PS2 movement controls center around the analog sticks, thus making for good, quick movement. However, the D-pad should at least be as responsive and isn't. This is merely passable, though, as menus are easier to navigate around if you put the in-game Help mode on, which is a big plus. Mega Man 1 and 2 were confusing to navigate around because of the one-letter weapon designations. With the in-game help mode on, you know exactly what weapon to use because you see its full name!

Gameplay: 10/10
Fun, fun, fun! People who are used to the 2-button system will have to re-adjust because now Mega Man has something he's needed for a long time: A RAPID-FIRE BUTTON!!! *fanfare* The triangle button fires three quick shots out of the Blue Bomber's Mega Buster, thus making for a quicker demise of your enemies, and faster stage times!

The simplicity of the Mega Man battle engine is present in all of the installments, and makes for a fun time because you didn't have to re-learn anything!

Fun Factor: 10/10
I've been saying that this game is fun all night, and I think I might have said it too much because now I'm out of words to describe it!

Final Scores:
Graphics: 10
Sound/Music: 10
Control: 9
Gameplay: 10
Fun Factor: 10

Final Score: 10 out of 10

The Last Word: People who like classic Mega Man will love this game to no end. Not only are there the first eight games in the series, but two games that were never released in the USA are present in the Anniversary Collection. The price is right at $30 brand new.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/10/04

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