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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dgnslyr90

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    |State of Emergency 2|
    Welcome to State of Emergency 2, sequel to, you guessed it...State of 
    Emergency. Both games are taken place during large riots and gang 
    warfare eras in the games time. 
    WARNING: If you don't like guns, destruction, mayhem, riots, gangs, 
    gang warfare, and senseless violence...then put the game down and start 
    playing pong. If you are very trigger happy and need to relieve stress 
    on NPC's, then this is the game for you.
    This is my second game guide so forgive me if there are some kinks. I 
    will work on those as I complete the game and guide. If there are any 
    questions about the game and/or guide email me at Dgnslyr90@aol.com and 
    I will try to answer them.
    This guide is for the PS2 version, if there are any X-Box or Gamecube 
    versions, there may be some different parts. Also this guide contains 
    some spoilers for the game. I will leave all of the juicy stuff for you 
    to find out.
    The only sites that can use this document are
    Version 1
    	In the first SOE game, the rebels were out to overthrow a vast 
    Corporation that were basically controlling the public, they succeeded 
    in that mission. But like most movie and games bad guys, they are back, 
    and are stronger than ever.
    	Now we must stop them again, but unfortunately most of the 
    characters from the first game are behind bars.
    Roy Macneil (MAC)
    Ex-cop, Ex-revolutionary, and now an ex-con. He was part of the 
    original Freedom and played a key role in overthrowing the first 
    Corporation. But when they regained control over Capital city, he was 
    quickly captured and placed in their new Max security prison where he's 
    been on death row, until now.
    Eddy Raymonds (BULL)
    Refusing to participate in a fixed game for the corporation, he was 
    quickly kicked outta pro football and was arrested. When he escaped he 
    joins Freedom to help take down the corporation. Just like Mac, when 
    power was regained, he was thrown in jail.
    Hector Soloado (SPANKY)
    Once the leader for the largest gang in the Ghetto. When the Corp 
    started targeting major gangs, Spanky became a member of Freedom> But 
    when the smoke cleared, he lost control of the gang and his kingdom 
    dwindled, but was still valued in freedom.
    Ricky Trang (Freak)
    When his parents were killed by enforcer death squads, he vowed to make 
    them pay. A criminal since high school, he was found by Libra and 
    became the best hacker in Freedom. As the years passed he became the 
    most valued non-combat member, always having a plan to help.
    Anna Price (LIBRA)
    Once a corporation Lawyer, she worked directly for them. Helping them 
    move smoothly, but they didn't know that she was also Libra, leader of 
    the terrorist organization known as Freedom. For years she escaped 
    detection of them, until now...
    Trey: Friend to Spanky, he his leader of one of the biggest gangs in 
    the Ghetto, the Killaz. He is often found helping or getting help by 
    Lance: one of the head honcho's of the workers zone gang known as the 
    Mallrats. Although they are only teens, they know what they are doing 
    when it come to violence and destruction.
    Left Analog: walk/run
    Right Analog: Look around/aim
    L1: Hold to sprint while running
    L2: Lean (hold down and push in direction you want to lean)
    X: Open doors/activate switch/climb ladder
    Select: swap characters
    Circle: crouch/uncrouch
    Recruit gangs: hold L3 and press X. Any in the immediate vicinity will 
    Triangle: Makes the gang advance forward. They will either move forward 
    and stop in an attack stance or attempt to kill any enemies they see.
    Circle: Makes gang follow you
    X: Makes them fall back behined you
    Square: Makes gang defend area around you.
    Hand held weapons:
    	R1: Fire
    	R2: Secondary fire (grenade launcher only)
    	Dpad up: Next weapon
    	Dpad Down: Previous weapon
    	Triangle: Cycle weapon
    	Square: Reload
    	R2: Toggle scope (sniper only)
    	L1: Zoom in      (sniper only)
    	L2: Zoom Out     (sniper only)
    Mounted guns
    	X: Use gun
    	Right analog: Aim Gun
    	R1: Fire gun
    Pistol: Standard hand gun. Good for short to medium range.
    Silenced .45: Stealth pistol: found on only two missions
    Shotgun: these baby's pack a wallop. If fired into a group of people 
    you will take down several opponents with its burst shot. Good for 
    close to medium range.
    Mini SMG: Smaller smg, rapid fire action. Good for close to long range.	
    9mm SMG: one of the best rifles in the game, high powered rapid fire 
    Grenade launcher: Rapid fire weapon, press R2 to launch grenades
    Assault rifle: Arguably the most powerful rapid fire rifle in the game. 
    Very powerful
    Sniper rifle: Very powerful sharpshooter weapon. Two shots to kill, one 
    if you can get the headshot.
    Chain Gun: one of the most powerful weapons of the game, rapidly fires 
    dozens of bullets into your opponent before they know what hit them.
    Rocket Launcher: The BIG gun. Use this baby in the game to take out 
    tanks, choppers, and enforcers if you wanna watch them fly.
    Grenades: Standard hand held explosive. Hold R1 and an 8 second timer 
    appears, release R1 to throw grenade. When timer is up. BOOM! 
    Proximity Mines: Mines that go BOOM when enemies or characters 
    approach. Tap R1 to throw in area indicated by targeting reticule
    Remote Mines: Mines that go BOOM when you tell them to. R1 to throw, R2 
    to detonate.
    Molotov cocktails: A fun way to recycle un used alcohol. R1 to throw, 
    explodes on impact
    Tear Gas: Gas to slow down enemies, and you. R1 to throw, explodes on 
    Game Guide
    Capital City. Night before
    You can see that the city has gone to hell and back. Prostitution, 
    corrupt cops, gangs, civilian casualties...so much fun.
    Your friend Libra breaks into the building that holds the blue prints 
    to the prison your in. She downloads the files to Freak, an internet 
    hacker. As she discovers a project that holds great value to the 
    corporation, she gets arrested. Freak calls up Spanky to help you out.
    Chapter 1: The Execution
    The day of your execution. Before the gas chamber goes off, Freak hacks 
    into the intercom to tell you of a surprise left under your seat. As 
    the gas clears the chamber the crowd sees that you are equipped with a 
    gas mask and a gun. Freak unlocks your hands but not your feat.
    The first part of the game you have unlimited ammo and health. Take 
    this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the controls. 
    You start off playing as the familiar character McNeil, but you move 
    through to experiment with other characters.
    Objective: Break out
    You are stuck in the seat, look around with the analog and fire your 
    gun with R1. Aim for explosive objects like cameras and control 
    stations as the guards run by them. Kill all of the guards to proceed
    Now you are out of the chair, you snag a guards headphone, he wont need 
    it. Freak tells you that company is coming. To the left and right are 
    doors that guards come out of. Kill them, then look up in the control 
    station. If you walk towards one of the side door and aim your gun in 
    the middle of the group, you will get mainly head shots as the guards 
    walk in. Freak unlocks the big door.
    Kill the guards and take their weapons. Now you will; have limited ammo 
    on your guns. Switch weapons with triangle. Use the pistol, you might 
    need to save what SMG ammo you got. Aim for the heads as you continue 
    down the hall. When you reach the end, stand in the glowing green 
    circle and press x to open the door. Walk in, kill the two guards 
    behind the wall and the others to your right. Shoot the crates to pick 
    up shotguns, but save them for later. Open the door at the end. Walk in 
    and kill the guards with the pistol to finish that objective.
    New objective: Free the prisoners.
    Now you have a short bar of health and the map/radar. Freak explains 
    that in order to get out you must free the prisoners by unlocking the 
    four controls.
    As you enter, equip your SMG, walk to either side of the large station 
    in front of you and use it to quickly kill the guards coming your way, 
    you can also use the pistol to aim for the heads. Equip the Shotgun and 
    blast the rest of the guards. Pick one of the controls on your right or 
    left (indicated by a + sign on your radar) walk up the ramp and blast 
    the guards while they are in a group with the Shotgun, or you can walk 
    slowly up with a pistol and aim for their heads. Unlock the first row 
    of prisoners. Reinforcements come in the form of heavy enforcers, Use 
    the Shotgun to kill them quickly, they are strong. They come in the 
    door you arrived in. Once you finish, head up the opposite platform, 
    kill guards and free the next row. Use pistol to kill two guards on the 
    two upper platforms above the entrance and exit, walk down the corridor 
    to the next station and, you know. More heavy enforcers come so be on 
    the lookout. Walk down path, around and up to the final station to free 
    all of the prisoners. Head towards the entrance to get next objective
    New objective: Prevent heavy enforcers from killing prisoners
    Five or six heavy enforcers come through the entrance to stop the riot, 
    Freak warns you that you should stop them before they kill all of the 
    prisoners. Stand to the left or right of the door, then unleash hell 
    with the shotgun to kill them while they are grouped.
    New objective: Escape through service corridor to the roof
    Follow the + on the map to finish this level. You get stopped by a 
    dying prisoner warning you that you should  stop the Imperium project 
    and that Libra knows what to do.
    Stage 2: Free Bull
    Objective: Find a way to Bulls cell
    As you round the corner you run into a wall mounted gun turret. You 
    just barely escape the bullets that it bombards the wall with.
    The best way to destroy them is to stop at the corner peek around and 
    pop 2 to 4 shots into it to blow it up. Continue down the hall and take 
    out the gun turrets ahead and to your right. Around the hall and more 
    turrets. At the end of the hall go outside, climb the ladder and take 
    out the guard at the top of the ladder. Immediately to the right is 
    another turret, take it out before it knocks you out. Around the hall 
    are about three guards take them out before proceeding, keep your eye 
    out for more turrets. Up and around the stares you are introduced to 
    the sniper rifle. Read the controls on how to use it. Now you can just 
    basically walk through here with your pistol and wipe them out or use 
    the rifle. If you go with the pistol, then skip ahead.
    Equip the rifle and aim to the guy higher than the other two and take 
    him out with a head shot. Then look at the other two, the guy on the 
    right walks back and fourth while the guy on the left stays in one 
    spot. Kill the guy on the left when the guy on the right walks away. 
    Then cap the other guy.  When you go up the steps to your right and out 
    onto the balcony. Aim forward and past the fence on the roof of another 
    building is a sniper, take him out. Then climb the ladder to your left 
    and start sniping people on the roof. After your done walk around the 
    building, pick up the dropped shot guns, then follow the path to the 
    building. When you are in the building stop at the corner, around it is 
    a gun turret and a guard. Take the guard out with a head shot with a 
    pistol, then focus on the gun. Go around the corner and snipe out any 
    left over guard. Go across the bridge and two guards come out, pistol 
    or shotgun them. Around the corner are two more guards and a sniper on 
    the far building, peek around the corner to get the guards then strafe 
    out to get the sniper. Around the next corner is another guard behind a 
    box. Then the next corner has a turret one guard and two snipers on the 
    far building. Kill the guard, blow the turret, snipe the snipers. Then 
    you reach the entrance to bulls cell block.
    New objective: Keep Bull Alive
    Two guards are about to kill Bull outside his cell. Snipe the guy with 
    the gun in the head, then his partner in the head. If they aren't head 
    shots, Bull is finished. Bull now goes to unlock all of the cells. 
    Swing your rifle to the right where the controls are and snipe the 
    guards coming out of the gate. Keep killing them till Bull unlocks it. 
    Then swing your rifle to the next one to your right and kill the guards 
    as they come out the gate. If you miss them, kill the guard to the left 
    of the opening when he is about to launch the grenade, he drops it and 
    kills most of the guards. As soon as they are all dead. Focus on the 
    next station on your right, three waves of guards come out. Two try to 
    stop him from getting there and one stays. Keep scoring those headshots 
    and watch for the grenade guys. (HINT: If you kill the grenade guy 
    before he throws it, make sure it explodes before everyone is dead or 
    else Bull will rush in and go BOOM). After that one is over, swing to 
    the last station and kill all of those guards then you are done.
    Stage three: the escape
    The goal is to free the rest of the prisoners. This level also 
    introduces character switches. Through the level you can control Bull 
    or Mac for various tasks. Mac should be the sniper guy while Bull does 
    the heavy work. Use the select button to switch between characters.
    Objective: Operate the switch in the control room
    As the stage starts, go up the stairs to your left, head shooting the 
    guards with the pistol. At the peak of the stares shoot all of the 
    guards in front of the main gate, this saves you effort later. Then go 
    in the opening. Around the corner is a turret and a guard, kill guard, 
    blow turret. In the next room are three guards, if you wait at the 
    entrance bull goes in and takes gets their attention, you can strafe 
    right and pop the guards that aren't dead. The perk about team work 
    levels is that the character you are not controlling never gets hurt. 
    Flip the switch to open the gates
    New Objective: Collect explosives from the armory
    In order to get the concourse door open, you need to blow it up. There 
    are explosives in the armory, the opposite set of stairs. As you leave 
    one guards tries to stop you, kill him and proceed. As you get to the 
    main courtyard, switch to Mac (if he isn't already selected) Kill the 
    two guards that run up the steps, switch to the snipe, then snipe the 
    two snipers across the yard. Up the stairs, in the hall is a turret and 
    two guards. You know the drill. Switch to Bull to use his ability to 
    smash the door. Press R1 and L1 repeatedly to bring the door down. Go 
    in and collect the goodies.
    New Objective: Blow the concourse doors
    You now have a remote mine. When you go out and reach the door (killing 
    all the guards along the way) Press R1 to throw the mine onto the door, 
    walk away, press R2, enjoy the firework. 
    New Objective: Steal the helicopter on the helipad
    The main goal is to steal the helicopter you can see to your right but 
    you must go around the yard to get to it. Switch to Mac, equip sniper, 
    then look all around the upper part of the yard to snipe all of the 
    guys in the turrets and snipers, there is a turret to your right, 
    ahead, and to your left. Then take out all of the ground level guards. 
    To your left is the path you must take, there are snipers up top so 
    take care of them when you see them. As you go around and reach the 
    stairs, three ground guards run at you while a sniper takes position up 
    top. Kill the ground guards then snipe the sniper. Go up the stairs and 
    to the tower, killing the guards coming out. When you go up the ladder 
    in the next room quickly kill the ground guard then focus on the sniper 
    up top before he kills you. Give the health to whoever needs it most. 
    At the bottom of the next ladder is one guard kill him and have Mac out 
    with the rifle.
    A guard has taken a chopper and is trying to kill you, equip the rifle 
    and aim to the left to hit the guard in the chopper. It takes some 
    patience to nail him but eventually you do. If the chopper starts 
    flying backwards, keep the dot to the left aimed at the bottom, the 
    bird will eventually fly forwards and the dot should be where the guard 
    is, one shot to break the glass, one shot to kill the bird.
    Out on the balcony two guards rush to get you, pop them and go down the 
    ladder where two more guards and a breakable door are. Kill the guards 
    you see  and head to the building on the right. Kill the guards and 
    flip the switch in it. This opens all of the doors and the gate to get 
    to the bird. More guards come to rush you, so equip a shotgun and take 
    care of them at once. Get Mac and his sniper to take care of the rifle 
    men ahead, you should see the blue triangles to indicate where they 
    are. Continue around popping the snipers and guards till you get to the 
    bird. Look at the controls to use this thing, then fly to one of the 
    control stations. When you reach a station as indicated by the + on 
    your radar, get your spotlight to spot something, then strafe in a 
    circle around that spot blowing up all the targets with you missiles. 
    Blow up the four stations to power down the gates to let the prisoners 
    out. You fly away and level complete.
    Stage four: the ghetto
    Spanky is watching all of the chaos that you caused with enthusiasm, he 
    gets a call from Freak who warns him about some enforcers that come to 
    ruin his party. Spanky doesn't tolerate this so he goes out and pulls 
    his big gun.
    Objective: Defend Spankys Base
    You are on the roof with a turret and waves of enforcers head your way. 
    There is no basic strategy, just aim and shoot. If they get into a 
    large group near a car or other explosive, hit that to kill them quick.
    New objective: Get to the Killaz club
    When they are all dead, you climb down a ladder talking to Freak, looks 
    like the corporation is into the drug business, which means eliminating 
    all competition. You head over to a friend of yours club to warn him. 
    This is the cool part because Spanky doesn't use one pistol, he uses 
    dual automatic pistols. Walk towards the + on the radar to get to the 
    club, you will be met with a few enforcers but they are no prob. When 
    you get to the club you inform Trey, the leader of the Killaz gang, 
    that the corporation is moving in on the drug business. You guys go out 
    in search of the building.
    New Objective: Kill all of the dealers.
    There are 7 dealers around the ghetto. The first is just down the 
    street, as soon as he is in range, pop him. Follow the + on your radar 
    to the next guy, cut through the basketball court to save time, this 
    way you can line him and his two enforcer bodyguards up with a head 
    shot just down the line. Cut through the basketball court again for 
    number three. Four is a bit away down a dead end street. Five and Six 
    are standing together so approach slowly and kill them before they 
    split up. The last dealer is in the basketball court, don't kill him.
    New Objective: Interrogate Dealer
    You interrogate him by holding down X and letting go in the colored 
    spot of the bar, letting go to soon doesn't do anything, while letting 
    go to late kills him. Hit him 3 times in the "sweet" spot to get the 
    New Objective: Kill the Enforcers
    Its an ambush, a mob of enforcers come to kill you. When you start, 
    fire and strafe to the left killing as many as possible, grab the 
    shotgun and keep firing till they are gone, grab the health when you 
    see it. This might as well be the last health you will get so try to 
    stay alive. When they are all gone, you and trey make a plan to blow 
    the lab, but you need some help. 
    New Objective: Recruit some Killaz
    Back to the White Lines club. Press L3 down and choose follow. All of 
    the Killaz in the club follow you.
    New objective: Get mines
    Before we hit the armory, lets recruit some more members. Along the way 
    you may see some dealers, kill them before they shoot at you and lower 
    your health even more. An alley down from the basketball court are two 
    more Killaz, recruit them. Head left out of the alley, watch for the 
    police and dealers. Head towards the + and you should find two more 
    Killaz down the block from the armory. When you get to the place, snipe 
    a few of the enforcers, press L3, and tell them to advance, they rush 
    in and start shooting, run in and kill the enforcers while they are 
    distracted. There are three snipers on the ledge, two to the left and 
    one to the right. Run in the back room and grab the mines.
    New objective: Destroy factory
    Down the street is the factory with a whole mess of enforcers with mini 
    SMG's. Right as you get to the gate, tell the gang to fall back. Then 
    launch some extra mines at the two gate posts and some on the ground in 
    front and behind the gate, make sure to save at least one. Then run in 
    front of the gate and move back, as they start coming through, blow the 
    mines to get some easy kills. Get out your guns, tell the boys to 
    advance, and start killing the rest. Make sure to move away from the 
    car on the street, they tend to hurt a bit. When the yard is clear, 
    proceed down the ramp, peek around the corner to snipe a few guards, 
    then tell the boys to advance. Kill the rest of the guards when they 
    are distracted, one should drop a health so keep an eye out. Approach 
    the large barrels as indicated by the + and throw a mine on it, run out 
    at you and Trey talk about yall's turf while blowing the lab.
    Chapter five: the docks
    It goes to show that Mac isn't very good at landing a chopper. Spanky 
    needs to reach Mac and Bull before anything happens to them.
    Objective: Save MacNeil and Bull
    After blowing a hole through the lab, you find a large yard with plenty 
    of guards to kill, you still have some of Treys guys, so tell them to 
    advance and kill all of the guards. When the last guard drops, follow 
    the radar to where Mac and Bull are. 
    You find that they are pinned down by a large army of enforcers, which 
    isn't to good because you have to kill them all to save Mac and Bull. 
    In some crates in the area before this are some tear gas, throw it to 
    blind and disorient the enforcers while you and the Killaz wreak havoc. 
    You meet up with the two and discover some crates of Empyreon, time to 
    find out what its for through an injured guard.
    New Objective: Interrogate the Enforcer
    Three hits to the sweet spot should do it, and you discover what the 
    drug is for, and what the guard thinks of Spanky...Spanky doesn't 
    appreciate it.
    New objective: Comandeer tank
    Now a tank comes and Spanky decides to split. Bull must reach the back 
    of the tank in order to get in. The tank fires a shell in the middle of 
    the path, as soon as it hits, press X and bull starts running side to 
    side to get to the tank, do this to get to the back and commandeer it.
    New objective: Destroy tank battalion
    Mac decides to take the tank for a little drive but cant figure out how 
    to work anything other than the gun, which is good because some more 
    tanks start rolling your way. They start in a kinda clockwise rotation, 
    to your right, behind you, right again, then in the boat. 
    New objective: Destroy Empyreon shipments
    After Mac feels real stupid,  turn towards where you found Mac and Bull 
    and blow the first crate. Then take the tank up the ramp and through 
    the boat, keep an eye out for the guards on the ground, they pack big 
    toys that can hurt you. Stick to the fence on the outside and blow up 
    all the tanks that you see. The next crate should be to your right, now 
    go into the crate yard and blow up all the visible tanks, guards and 
    crates. Some are on larger crates so aim up. One is behined some 
    crates, look in front of them and you should see it, aim for the wall 
    behined it to take it out. The last two crates are located on the large 
    boat, look up to find them. 
    Chapter 6:
    Well you had to ditch the tank, Mac isn't good at driving anything
    Objective: Start a Riot
    Go down the alley and select bull to ram to door open. You are by Freak 
    that there is another tank to steal at the end of the street but you 
    need tear gas to do it.
    The goal is to keep killing the enforcers untill there is a riot and 
    you can get tear gas from the riot enforcers, keep moving to not get 
    hurt, when the shield enforcers come, shoot them when they are running 
    or in the foot, its easiest to do it when crouched.
    New objective: Find a tear gas ontainer
    When Freak gives you the go ahead, kill the enforcers and find a tear 
    gas container.
    New objective: take control of the tank
    Wait till it fires a shell then sprint up behind it and hit X
    New objective: Get to perimeter wall
    Now you are in the gunners position of the tank, shoot at all of the 
    enforcers you see, letting the tanks get taken care of by the driver. 
    At first keep the gun aimed backwards, then forward.  When a helicopter 
    shows to crash your fun, blast it out of the sky. Find where the 
    enforcers come from and keep shooting the entrances. Eventually you 
    have to blast your way into a car garage, keep the gun forward killing 
    all enforcers, if you see the red ones, take care of them first, they 
    tend to have rockets. When you near the end of a garage, keep the gun 
    pointed at the exit, a mob of enforcers always want to come in. Look up 
    every now and again when you are outside to shoot the enforcers off of 
    the roof. Keep the gun pointed at the back, that tends to be where the 
    most enforcers come. 
    After that you meet up with Spanky and some of the Killaz and find that 
    the only way to proceed is through a laser field gate and some drone 
    guns. Freak says the only way to shut it off is to blow to control 
    center that he has listed on the map. 
    New objective: Destroy the control room
    Once you are in control of Mac run left towards the guards and go down 
    the ladder. Blow the metal grate at the bottom with one of your mines 
    and proceed in. Freak tells you that he doesn't think that they know 
    that you are there; some flashing lights, a warning signal, and some 
    well armed enforcers prove him wrong. Peek behined the walls to get the 
    headshots. Proceed down all of the halls carefully, constantly peeking 
    around to snipe the enforcers waiting to kill you. There are some 
    snipers on upper baloneys in the beginning. Freak warns you about drone 
    guns so keep an eye out, for the few you have to run down the hall and 
    hide behind pillars to get close enough to blast it. Towards the end, 
    there is a large room with mobs of enforcers, strafe out and blast them 
    with the 9mm smg. They go prone and stand behined pillars to keep from 
    getting shot at, but that doesn't help much. When you finally reach the 
    center kill the remaining guards and use either your gun or some remote 
    mines to blow up the consoles lining the wall. Yay! The gate is powered 
    down and you meet up with Spank and Bull and proceed into the worker 
    Chapter 7: rescue Libra
    Objective: Steal the helicopter
    Mac has to steal a chopper in order to rescue Libra. Freak says that 
    stealth is key. Use the silenced .45 and keep peeking around corners to 
    get those headshots, don't trip the alarm or let anyone else do it, or 
    they all come for you at once, (I found that easier and quicker than 
    New objective: Destroy the radio transmitter
    After getting the chopper, (with no missiles, those cheap basterds), 
    Freak tells you that a tower is scrambling the signal to Libras GPS, go 
    blow it up. To avoid all of the turrets and missiles on the way, go as 
    high as you can, then fly over there, then lower till you can blow it. 
    Now you have to fly around the city till freak can find a good enough 
    transmission. The bars on the side of your screen represent that, when 
    they start filling you get closer. 
    Turn around and go that direction till you see the bars fill up, aim 
    towards the big building with orange lights on the side. Destroy the 
    two attack choppers. When you find it you must shoot the guards holding 
    Libra through the window. It's the building next to the large one. When 
    Libra is free you control her
    New objective: Get to floor 10 of the Corporation law office
    My that's a long way down. You must hop all the way down to get to the 
    ground. Enforcers pop out of the windows to kill you. A good strategy 
    is to look at one side of the building while hopping, if you hear the 
    glass break and no one is there, then look to the other side quickly. 
    The red triangles indicate the enforcers, if they are above you, you 
    must stop moving and turn around to get him. When you get close, guards 
    start coming in from the street, (around 3 I think), aim up and blast 
    them. After a long fight you reach the bottom. Ahead of you is a full 
    health container, grab it and follow the + to get to the building, 
    taking care of the enforcers along the way. Another health is at the 
    statue in front of the building your going for. Now you climb up a 
    building, same strategy, but watch out for guards that repel down to 
    shoot you, I say kill then first, they have better accuracy when they 
    reach you. hen you get close to the top, shoot the glass in front of 
    you to hop in.
    New objective: Download data file
    Grab the mines and health behind the consoles, then push x in front of 
    the computer. Now Freak is downloading the aforementioned program that 
    Libra got arrested for. Now you must protect it, grab the health 
    behined the stations if you need it, then stand in front of the corner 
    to the left of the windows with a powerful gun. Guards come in on the 
    door to your left and in front of you to blow the computer. This is a 
    great vantage point for this mission because you can kill most of the 
    guards without having to worry about yourself and you can kill most of 
    them before they reach the computer. After it finishes loading you make 
    a spectacular jump to freedom.
    Chapter 8: the plan
    Turns out that the corporation isn't putting the stuff in the drugs. 
    Makes you just wanna grab some McDonalds doesn't it. The new mission is 
    to destroy the Empyreon offices and distribution centers in this level, 
    but to do that you need explosives. Unfortunately Santa hasn't brought 
    us any, so wee must go and borrow some from the Mallrats gang. 
    Objective: Get to the mall
    Following the radar, head to the Mall, no there is no shopping, there 
    is time for that later. Kill all enforcers along the way and pick up 
    any and all weapons they drop. When you reach the Rats, the leader 
    Lance tells them that they would be happy to lend a hand, if it weren't 
    for the enforcers raiding their stash and taking their explosives. Its 
    like they don't trust hormone raging teens with high powered 
    explosives...what's the world coming to?
    New objective: Steal explosives from enforcer precinct
    Use Spanky to recruit the rats and head towards the precinct. There is 
    a long path with plenty of bad guys, send the rats in to soften the 
    guards up, run in and pop some caps while the snipers and guards are 
    distracted. Remember; head shots save bullets, rats are expendable, if 
    there is a shield guy pop his foot, and alternate between Spanky and 
    Bull when needed. When you reach the back grab the explosives. Don't 
    worry, we can play with the tank later.
    New objective: Place explosives on the tower blocks
    Now with Spank and Bull, run around the to the goals on the map. Kill 
    guards, use Bull to break down doors, and plant explosives in the 
    glowing marker. As soon as you set the charge, enforcers come down the 
    ramp, (this happens on all of the goals), take them out, use some of 
    the moltovs you snatched from the guards if you want. When you finally 
    plant the last charge head back to the mall to change characters while 
    Freak blows the charges.
    New objective: Get tank
    Now you are Mac. Remember that beautiful tank you saw earlier, you get 
    to go get it. Head towards the precinct and use the rifle to snipe all 
    of the guards at a distance, look out for snipers. 
    New objective: destroy the fast food outlets
    When you reach the tank drive it down the path and start down the 
    street. A tank rolls down to stop you, blast it three times to get it 
    out of the way, when you reach the first distribution center that you 
    are supposed to blow, shoot a shell at the building to take care of it 
    and scatter the guards, blow them up to before they use a rocket on 
    Continue cruising the streets keeping an eye out for tanks and more 
    enforcers. Blow up all of the distribution centers then head back to 
    the safe house.
    Chapter 9: Broadcast
    The new plan is to let the public know what the corporation is doing 
    with Empyreon by changing the TV frequencies to the downloaded tape.
    Objective: Plant the transponders
    First Spanky and Libra must plant three transponders to locate the 
    satellite transmitter for the TV in the industrial area with the help 
    of some infiltrated mallrats. Go down the ladder and look for the flame 
    clothes rats. Recruit them and head to the first marker. As soon as 
    your character enters the marker, they pull a David copper field and 
    pull a transponder from no where and start activating it. This creates 
    enforcers to come and stop them from achieving it. You play as the 
    alternate character and you must keep the enforcers at bay before they 
    blow it. The best strategy for all three is to get to a vantage point 
    to see both places the goons come from, this way you can blast them 
    before they can get close. If you die, you are saved at whichever 
    transponder you loaded and you must go and recruit the gangs again.
    New objective: get to gasometer/interrogate foreman
    After Freak locates the satellite you need to get the password to the 
    gate from a foreman, chase him down and shoot him in the leg a few 
    times to stop him. Punch him three times to get the code. If he dies, 
    you have to find another one. Go give it to Libra.
    New objective: Activate terminal at the top of the gasometer
    Now you are Libra and you must go up the tower to the control room. 
    Skip all of the fighting and head straight for the ladder on the radar, 
    the enforcers are limitless. When you go up the ladder, equip your 
    strongest gun and proceed around the catwalk shooting the enforcers. 
    They normally hide behined the pillars supporting the towers o keep the 
    gun ther. Now and again you will run into the shield enforcers. Blow of 
    the foot to get past them. Go up two more levels of circular madness to 
    get to the control room. Peek shoot the guards in the head to clear the 
    room. Then head over to the marker to get Freak to hack the videos. 
    Looks like the public doesn't appreciate what is going on.
    New objective: Get to the armored car
    Now we must steal another tank, so much fun. Run around the bottom of 
    the building, following the + on the radar to pick it up. Drive 
    forward, you can blow up the crates to get through, blow through the 
    fence and waiting guards. There are enemy tanks to destroy, make it 
    quick and leave the level.
    Chapter 10: The Barracks
    Now that there are full scale riots and the city is in mass panic, the 
    corporation is opening up the gates and letting the army in. The 
    revolution takes this opportunity to slip in. The goal is to get to 
    corporation headquarters on the far away island, however there is a 
    large military barracks in the way. As always, Freak has the plan, 
    which calls for Bull to go first.
    Objective: Find the entrance to the sewage system
    First, quickly kill the first few guards at the beginning of this 
    level. Grab all weapons you can. Go to the fence and peek around to see 
    a large group of military people marching. Point at the end of the line 
    with the SMG for a headshot and fire. Keep firing at that one spot, the 
    army guys start running behind the building in the path of your 
    gunfire, if you are lucky you just killed most of them without getting 
    hit. Switch back to pistol and finish off the guards. Around the 
    corner, a chopper comes forward and there are a few guards. Peek around 
    to avoid most of the choppers fire and kill the guards. To the left 
    behind the building you were hiding is a rocket launcher, use it to 
    take out the chopper. Grab the health when you see it. Proceed around 
    the barracks and kill all guards. Use what weapon you feel most 
    comfortable with. If you've collected all of the weapons, you can use 
    the launcher to take care of the large group of guards. 
    New objective: Navigate the underground complex
    When you reach the ladder marked on the radar, go down and keep on the 
    lookout for one turret gun, destroy it. Grab the first health powerup 
    you see, when you reach the dead end, save that health powerup.
    New objective: Go to the control room at the top of the tower
    Bull cant get through, and now its Libras turn. She cant take much fire 
    unlike the others, so its best to use stealth. Kill the guard that 
    opens the gate for you and climb the ladder. Wait until both guards 
    walk away from the ladder and pop the last one in the head. Peek head 
    shot the other guard and slowly walk behind the equipment to nail the 
    last few guards walking around. If the alarm is tripped grab the 
    assault weapons off the dead guards, aim where the guards will be 
    coming from and fire till there are no more. When you reach the top of 
    the second area, there should be one guard up here, take him out. The 
    next area with the marker, has two guys by the guard door and one guard 
    on the opposite end. Peek kill them then proceed in the marker grabbing 
    health when needed. Yay! More repelling! You didn't hope that level 
    seven was it didja? Same as before, aim to one side, no glass so you 
    have to wait for the red triangle if you have to switch sides. Kill the 
    repellers before they get to you. Then proceed in the window at the top 
    to finish this part
    New objective: Help Bull through underground complex
    Now we are back with Bull, ahead is a room with locked color doors, 
    switch to Libra and get her to unlock door 2. Any others produce guard 
    Bull has to deal with. Kill all military goons when you see them till 
    you get to the next door locked room, get her to unlock door 2, down 
    the hall, kill then goons, get her to unlock door 1. Go around the 
    halls till you get outside, there are few guards here, head shoot them 
    and flip the switch.
    Chapter 11: The general
    Turns out that the military troops trying to kill you weren't trying to 
    kill you...let me explain. Freak discovers that they have been under 
    control of the Empyreon drug and they are being controlled by a micro 
    chip. Freak has tracked its location, but unfortunately you have to go 
    through a mass of mind controlled military troops. Thank god Spanky and 
    Bull have some tweaked out Killaz and hormone ragging Mallrats. Kill 
    the guards and proceed forward.
    New objective: Get the general
    Some general guy has the chip and is getting away on a boat. Spank 
    takes control of the other boat while Bull, (that's you), mans a rocket 
    launcher, (drools). This is just like the rail gun for the tank, only 
    this has bigger explosions. The targeting reticule turns red when you 
    aim for a bad guys boat or chopper, the missile then homes in on the 
    target when you fire. It takes about two shots to destroy the boast 
    and/or chopper. Live long enough to get to the next point.
    Now you must drive the boat and destroy the generals boat. To do this, 
    you must try to hit him with mortars, or get close and let Bull shoot 
    him. I chose the latter approach because if you use the mortar, you 
    have to have aim, patience, and distance...I don't know about you but I 
    am not very patient, and if you get to far behind and get hung up on a 
    pier, he may get away. After he takes enough damage he speeds up and 
    drops mines, don't run over those or you may be the one who goes boom. 
    This may take you several tries to stay calm and bite down on something 
    if you get frustrated. After several leather bite straps and broken 
    controllers, you destroy the generals boat.
    The General escapes into a square and Bull follows him. General Mayham 
    (what a name) hides up on baloneys and fires at you. Start shooting at 
    him to get him to retreat in use your grenades in the grenade launcher 
    to shorten this up. Some army enforcers start coming out of doors to 
    kill you. Kill them, and pick up their health and ammo and stay focused 
    on the general. Use the grenades to make short work of the shielded 
    ones. Eventually he gets onto a turret, when he does, run up on the 
    wall it is under. Kill al of the enforcers, then slowly walk backwards 
    and shoot the general when you get a chance. He retreats and come out 
    on ground level, help him with his iron count .
    New objective: Get the transmitter
    Run forward and get the transmitter...
    New objective: Get back to the boat
    and head back to an impatient Spanky.
    Chapter 12: (whew...final chapter) HQ Island
    Freak makes short work turning the mind control. Now Mac  can recruit 
    them like Spanky can. These guys are immortal so send them in every 
    chance. Proceed forward.
    Objective: Get across the bridge
    You are confronted with a three checkpoint laser wall bridge and the 
    goal is to shut them down and get through. The best strategy is to use 
    Macs rifle to hit the snipers and rocket guys from a distance while 
    your military squad distracts. Go forward and kill any remaining 
    enforcers, (some come out of the building) and shut down the bridge. 
    Repeat that twice to get through the gate. When you see the chopper, 
    you can try to use your rocks to blow it up. If you get too hurt just 
    switch to Libra. 
    New objective: get to the HQ building
    When you reach the island, blow up the tank with the rocks and snipe 
    the riflemen. There are gonna be some ground troops coming out of no 
    where so be ready. You meet up with Spank and Bull while Freak tells 
    you his daring plan.
    New objective: Get the Brimstone bomb
    Who knew the Corps had that kinda firepower? What do they do 4th of 
    July, level some uncharted island while sipping champagne? Your using a 
    chopper (yes, it has missiles) and you must pick up a Brimstone bomb. 
    First destroy the two choppers coming your way, then circle the island 
    and slowly lower yourself on top of the nuke. 
    New objective: place nuke on helipad
    Now just fly back to the tower and fly up to the helipad, you can avoid 
    the choppers, lower yourself on the pad, press x, and enjoy watching 
    Freedom stick it to the man.
    Mini games
    	Sniper challenge: You are in the prison tower and using a rifle 
    to take out the guards Ahead of you are some guards to kill. One good 
    way to finish this is to keep watching the upper two doors for guards. 
    They come out two to three at a time. Keep zoomed out to watch them, 
    and keep shooting them, you don't have to get the headshot just hit 
    	Helicopter Challenge: Your in a copter and you fly around the 
    prison island destroying stuff. Go up, aim for the turrets at the gate 
    and the two to your right and left. Pick a direction to a spot as 
    indicated by your radar, strafe circles around it, blow it all up.	
    	Super sniper: In this level the guys are running around ignoring 
    you, you have to kill them as quickly as possible. They will 
    occasionally stop to shoot convicts which lowers your time. 
    	Ghetto Chaos challenge: Just an all out shootem up bang em up 
    level. Navigate the streets of the ghetto and lay waste to bad guys, 
    windows, cars, and tanks with your arsenal of weapons laying in the 
    street and in the bad guys hands. Best bet is to get the chain gun and 
    keep using that to kill the baddies and pick up their health and time 
    	Mini tank challenge: Drive around the city in a mini tank and 
    kill all of the enforcers. There are no penalties for pedestrians so 
    let it all out. Its easiest if you go counter clock wise around the 
    	Mounted gun challenge: Wok a mounted gun, kill enforcers. Try not 
    to kill prisoners. For the first part, keep the gun to the bottom left 
    and kill the enforcers before they get in the mob, keep your eye up for 
    another group at the top. They get in gunners positions and in 
    helicopters. Also guys with bazookas come out so have fun with them. 
    	Workers Zone Chaos challenge: same as ghetto but bigger number. 
    Keep toward the main square, collecting rockets and guns, preferably 
    assault or chain guns. Keep blowing the tank up, and enforcers should 
    come in groups to give you points and time. Don't forget to aim for 
    glass and stuff.
    	Rocket challenge: Your on top of the bridge leading to 
    corporation headquarters and your blowing up enforcers, tanks, and 
    choppers. To keep enforcers to a minimum, keep the rocket pointed at 
    the spot where they are coming out at and keep firing at that spot, 
    occasionally pointing to the other enforcers coming out of the other 
    spot. A chopper comes in on either your right or left, different per 
    level. Blow it up when it stops moving, it keeps coming, but it changes 
    location each time. Eventually tanks start coming down the bridge to 
    shoot you, blow them up with three shots.
    	Speedboat challenge: Speedboat yourself through the beacons and 
    finish the race. Although you would want to avoid the mines, think of 
    them as guide markers, drive yourself in the direction they point you 
    when you get to the interweaving wall section.
    	Enforcer Challenge: Follow the speed boat around the course and 
    shoot rockets at it. It's best to strafe it at matching speed, you keep 
    hitting it and you're dodging the rockets it sends at you. Try to cut 
    over buildings at first to save time.
    	Speedboat race: You are racing two other boats to the finish 
    line. The thing is, both boats are faster than you, so don't fret about 
    that. They both slow down dramatically when they get to the 
    interweaving wall section. This allows you to get ahead, I don't think 
    they use sharp turns.
    	Mounted Gun Challenge 2: In a turret in the middle of a square, 
    you have to survive as long as possible, keep rotating around to kill 
    the enforcers, aim for the rocket guys first.
    	Rocket challenge: Survive as long as possible. On top of another 
    bridge shooting rockets at a bunch of enforcers, keep it trained in the 
    middle of the street to get them as they come out. It takes several 
    shots to hit the chopper. Don't panic, they tend to get everywhere. 
    It's not as confined as the last
    	Helicopter challenge 2: Kill as many enforcers as possible, fly 
    around and blow them up to get points. It helps to keep your minigun 
    And if you get all of the medals, you get one more minigame, but I 
    don't want to spoil the surprise.
    Mini games: receive bronze, silver, and gold medals to get these other 
    Super Sniper challenge: 1 award
    Ghetto Chaos: 3 awards
    Minitank challenge: 6 awards
    Mounted gun challenge: 8 awards
    Workers Zone Chaos challenge: 11 awards
    Rocket Challenge: 14 awards
    Speedboat challenge: 17 awards
    Enforcer challenge: 20 awards
    Speedboat challenge: 23 awards
    Mounted gun challenge 2: 27 awards
    Rocket challenge 2: 30 awards
    Helicopter challenge: 34 awards
    Enforcer Tank Chaos: 37 awards
    Cheats: Beat the time goals on the indicated levels to get the cheats.
    Mission one: character masks
    Mission two: tiny characters
    Mission three: Huge characters
    Mission four: No radar
    Mission five: Farmyard noises
    Mission six: One shot kills
    Mission 7: Rapid fire sniper
    Mission 8: Invincibility
    Mission 9: Infinite ammo
    Mission 10: Exploding death
    Mission 11: Wireframe Mode
    Mission 12: 8-bit computer mode
    Multiplayer maps: beat the indicated missions to get the maps
    Mission 3: ghetto zone
    Mission 6: Workers zone
    Multiplayer characters: Beat the indicated mission and get the 
    indicated mission destruction cost.
    Spanky: Mission 4
    Mac (civilian) Mission 5
    Bull: (civilian) mission 6
    Libra: Mission 7
    Bob: destruction cost lvl 1
    Heavy prison guards: destruction cost lvl 2
    Enforcer: destruction cost lvl 3.
    Trey: destruction cost lvl 4
    Duncan: destruction cost lvl 5
    Helmut: destruction cost lvl 6
    Lance: destruction cost lvl 7
    Piers: destruction cost lvl 8
    Betty: destruction cost lvl 9
    Soldier: destruction cost lvl 10
    Heavy Enforcer: destruction cost lvl 11
    Freak: destruction cost lvl 12
    This guide was created with the help of the State of Emergency 2 game 
    and the State of Emergency 2 instruction booklet.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright 

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