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    Car List by HigherForce

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                     Shutokou Battle 01 / Tokyo Xtreme Battle 3          
                             Car List (Based on SB01)                        
                                By:  HigherForce
                          Other names:  CP9A_VI, MC_Wang
                        Real name:  Min Cong Nicholas Huang
                                 AIM:  CP9A VI
                                ICQ:  244743109
                          E-mail:  higher_force@yahoo.com
    You know what, I don't really give a care if you want to put this on a website
    or steal it or anything.  Go ahead and do anything you want like you were the 
    queen dog of the world.  Screw the copyright.
    I don't really see a need to give me either of those about this FAQ.
    But if you really do have something to ask or suggest, go ahead, my contact 
    info is up on the top.
    There's probably going to be no updates to this unless an error is found.
    On to the list...
    (car ----- who to defeat to get the car)
    Move RS-XX (L902S) -------- Rival 263 of Tokyo
    Copen (L880K)      -------- Rival 278 of Tokyo
    Pantera GTS (PGTS) -------- Rival 144 of Osaka
    Viper GTS (VGTS)   -------- Rival 47 of Nagoya
    Mustang Mach 1 (Mach 1) --- Rival 117 of Nagoya
    Ford GT40 (GT40)   -------- Rival 185 of Tokyo
    GTR500 (986B)      -------- Rival 126 of Nagoya
    GTR750 (996T)      -------- Rival 289 of Tokyo
    Corvette (CY15BK)  -------- Rival 99 of Nagoya
    Corvette Z51 (CY25B) ------ Rival 148 of Tokyo
    Firebird 2F (S87)  -------- Rival 223 of Tokyo
    Esprit V8 (82V8)   -------- Rival 54 of Osaka
    Turbo Esprit (82TE) ------- Rival 297 of Tokyo
    Europa Special (74) ------- Rival 299 of Tokyo
    Piazza XS (JR120)  -------- default
    VehiCross (UGS250) -------- Rival 54 of Nagoya
    Roadster Type II (NA8C) --- default
    Roadster RS (NB8C) -------- default
    Savanna GT (RX3)   -------- Rival 295 of Tokyo
    Savanna RX-7 (SA22C) ------ Rival 268 of Tokyo
    RX-7 Efini (FC3S)  -------- default
    RX-7 Type RZ (FD3S) ------- Rival 38 of Tokyo
    RX-8 Type S (SE3P) -------- Rival 280 of Tokyo
    S600 L (E140)      -------- Rival 281 of Tokyo
    500E (E124)        -------- Rival 112 of Osaka
    SL500 (GH230)      -------- Rival 85 of Osaka
    FTO Version R (DE3A) ------ default
    GTO (Z15A)         -------- Rival 59 or 274 of Tokyo
    Starion GSR (A187A) ------- Rival 154 of Osaka
    Lancer EX GSR (A175A) ----- default
    Lancer Evolution V (CP9A) - Rival 276 of Tokyo
    Lancer Evolution VII (CT9A) Rival 120 of Tokyo
    Pulsar GTI-R (RNN14) ------ Rival 23 or 261 of Tokyo
    Cefiro (CA31)      -------- default
    180SX Type X (RPS13) ------ default
    Silvia K's (PS13)  -------- default
    Silvia K's (S14)   -------- default
    Silvia Spec R (S15) ------- Rival 80 of Tokyo
    Fairlady Z (HGS130) ------- Rival 156 of Osaka
    Fairlady Z (S30)   -------- Rival 269 of Tokyo
    Fairlady Z (HGZ31) -------- default
    Fairlady Z (GCZ32) -------- Rival 52 of Tokyo
    Fairlady Z (Z33)   -------- Rival 120 of Nagoya
    Gloria (HY33)      -------- Rival 15 of Tokyo
    Cedric (HY34)      -------- Rival 1 of Osaka
    Cima (GNF50)       -------- Rival 30 of Tokyo
    Skyline GT-R (KPGC110) ---- Rival 287 of Tokyo
    Skyline GT-R (BNR32) ------ Rival 34 of Osaka
    Skyline GT-R (BCNR33) ----- Rival 127 of Nagoya
    Skyline GT-R (BNR34) ------ Rival 151 of Osaka
    ALCYONE VR (AX7)   -------- default
    Impreza WRX STi (GC8) ----- Rival 73 of Tokyo
    Impreza WRX STi (GDB) ----- Rival 86 of Nagoya
    Legacy B4 RSK (BE5) ------- Rival 91 of Osaka
    Lagacy Touring Wagon (BH5)  Rival 160 of Osaka
    Wagon R RR (MC22S) -------- Rival 157 of Osaka
    Cappuccino (EA11R) -------- Rival 101 of Tokyo
    2000GT (MF10)      -------- Rival 119 of Nagoya
    Corolla FX (AE82)  -------- Rival 291 of Tokyo
    Corolla Levin (AE86) ------ default
    Sprinter Trueno (AE86) ---- default
    Corolla Levin (AE111) ----- Rival 66 of Tokyo
    MR-2 SuperCharger (AW11) -- Rival 303 of Tokyo
    MR-2 GT (SW20)     -------- Rival 262 of Tokyo
    MR-S S Edition (ZZW30) ---- Rival 275 of Tokyo
    Starlet Glanza (EP91) ----- Rival 45 or 260 of Tokyo
    Vitz RS (NCP13)    -------- Rival 130 of Nagoya
    bB (NCP31)         -------- Rival 23 of Nagoya
    Celica GT-Four (ST205) ---- Rival 7 of Nagoya
    Supra GT (JZA70)   -------- Rival 92 of Nagoya
    Supra RZ (JZA80)   -------- Rival 30 of Nagoya or 145 of Osaka
    Mark II Grande (JZX110) --- default
    Chaser Tourer V (JZX100) -- default
    Aristo V300 (JZS161) ------ Rival 12 of Nagoya or 8 of Osaka
    Celsior eR (UCF30) -------- Rival 17 of Nagoya
    New Beete RSi (9CAXJ) ----- Rival 35 of Nagoya
    Golf GTi (1JAUM)   -------- Rival 153 of Osaka
    Jack Knife's S13 Silvia (Rival 249)
    Blood Hound's Aristo (Rival 250)
    Melancholy Angel's S15 Silvia (Rival 251)
    Steal Heart's JZA80 Supra (Rival 252)
    Dying Star's GTO (Rival 253)
    Midnight Rose's GTO (Rival 254)
    Tail Gunner's FC RX-7 (Rival 255)
    Shadow Eye's JZA70 Supra (Rival 256)
    Grief Pluto's Celsior (Rival 257)
    Naginata's Skyline (Rival 258)
    Emperor's R34 GT-R (Rival 259)
    Death Driver's S15 Silvia (Rival 272)
    Midnight Cinderella's RX-8 (Rival 288)
    Flame Dragon's Viper (Rival 112)
    Alias the J's R32 GT-R (Rival 113)
    The Rook's JZA80 Supra (Rivals 114-116)
    The Bishop's JZA80 Supra (Rivals 114-116)
    The Knight's JZA80 Supra (Rivals 114-116)
    Naniwa's Warship's Lan Evo 5 (Rivals 40-45)
    Terrible Nuclear's Lan Evo 5 (Rivals 40-45)
    Mad Terrorist's Lan Evo 5 (Rivals 40-45)
    Timebomb Stalker's Lan Evo 5 (Rivals 40-45)
    Stealth Fighter's Lan Evo 5 (Rivals 40-45)
    Kamikaza's Lan Evo 5 (Rivals 40-45)
    Nihilism's Envoy's Corvette Z51 (Rivals 133-141)
    Heaven's Envoy's R34 GT-R (Rivals 133-141)
    Earth's Envoy's R34 GT-R (Rivals 133-141)
    Duty's Envoy's R32 GT-R (Rivals 133-141)
    Wind Conductor's Chaser (Rivals 133-141)
    Wood Conductor's Legacy B4 (Rivals 133-141)
    Fire Conductor's Mark II (Rivals 133-141)
    Mountain Conductor's Cefiro (Rivals 133-141)
    The Lord's GT40 (Rivals 133-141)
    MCR R34 GT-R (Rival 273)
    NOB S15 Silvia (Rival 305)
    West Corvette (Rival 128)
    Ridox JZA80 Supra (Rival 152)
    The End; Aww right~~ </Quagmire>

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