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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MysticWeirdo

    Version: 1.3.14 | Updated: 07/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Leisure Suit Larry: Magnum Cum Laude
    Version 1.3.14
    Author: MysticWeirdo
    This game and walkthrough contain scenes of nudity, strong sexual content, 
    strong language, and alcohol consumption.   If you are under the age of 
    18 or are easily offended by such content read no further.  Reader
    discretion is advised.
     1.     Introduction
     2.     Version History
     3.     Censorship in the game.
     4.     Interacting with the environment in Wander Mode
     5.     Game Mode Types
     5.1     Chat
     5.2     Quarters
     5.3     Bartending 
     5.4     Rhythm Games
     5.5     Slaps
     5.6     Whack a Mole
     5.7     Whack a Pole
     5.8     Avoidance
     5.9     Wet T-Shirt
     5.10    Photo Shoots
     5.11    Posing
     6.     Walkthrough Main Story Missions
     6.1     Phase one: Sally Mae, Ione, Analisa
     6.2     Phase two: Luba, Zanna, Harriet
     6.3     Phase three: Beatrice, Charlotte, Bilzarbra
     6.4     Phase four: Tilly, Koko, Lesbian Ione
     6.5     Phase five: Barbara Jo, Morgan, Suzi
     6.6     Endgame
     6.7     Post Game
     7.     Optional Side Quest Missions 
     7.1     First Porn Fairy
     7.2     Sweet Lou
     7.3     Sweetwater Pimping
     7.4     Russell Makeover
     7.5     Frat
     8.     Item Locations
     8.1     Money
     8.2     Secret Tokens
     8.3     Quest Items
     9.     Merchant/Vending Machines
    10.     Porn Fairy Locations
    11.     Non Mission mini-games 
    12.     Game Rankings
    13.     Cheats, Glitches, and Easter Eggs
    14.     Taking Screen Shots (PC Version Only)
    15.     LEGAL
    16.     Contact Information
    17.     Credits
    1. Introduction
    I am MysticWeirdo also known by my real name Warren Grieder.
    Leisure Suit Larry Magna: Magna Cum Laude is an adult oriented game which
    follows the antics of Larry Lovage, the nephew of Larry Laffer who starred in
    the original series of Leisure Suit Larry Games.  You will play several
    mini-games as you guide Larry on his attempts to get lucky with the various 
    women at Walnut Log Community College.
    This game is available for the Xbox, PC, and PS2. If anyone can supply 
    PS2 specific information for the sections on Wander Mode and Game Mode it 
    would be appreciated.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.3.14: July 19, 2005. Detailed tip on photographing the Greek Quad 
    cheerleaders added.
    Version 1.3.13: July 2, 2005.  Additional information on the confidence 
    effects of public urination versus using a toilet added.  Tip for PC version 
    to skip the loading screen added.
    Version 1.3.12: March 23, 2005. Inform added to viewing the FMV sequences on 
    the PC version on some girls ending that can't be viewed in that manner.  
    Information on Wimping out without any secret tokens.
    Version 1.3.11: March 11, 2005. Added information on getting a perfect in the 
    Lesbian Ione streaking game.
    Version 1.3.10: February 27, 2005. Fixed some typos and some cosmetics changes
    to improve the readability of the main walkthrough and sidequest sections.
    Added note on accessing the alternate swingles finals dances.
    Version 1.3.9: February 14, 2005. Several entries under cheats, glitches and 
    easter eggs.  Tip added for slaps games. Error in Lesbian Iones preresquites 
    Version 1.3.8: January 3, 2005. Added note on why menu sometimes appears in 
    the screen shots.
    Version 1.3.7: January 3, 2005. Added information on taking screen shots in
    the shower scene. Updated copyright information.
    Version 1.3.6: December 26, 2004. Fixed some typos. Included warning to wait 
    for the porn fairy to finish talking. Included notes to refer the mechants 
    section for location of some items in the item list.
    Version 1.3.5: Decemember 4, 2004: Correction to Blizarbra's third chat and
    Tilly's third chat sequence has been added.  Alternation strategy for the
    Julius photo shoot added.
    Version 1.3.4: November 23, 2004: Added info on when Larry Laffer will sell
    his secret item. Added addition info on viewing the movies outside of the 
    program. Two more easter eggs added. More info on wimping out costs and 
    secret token amounts added under Game Mode Types.
    Version 1.3.3: November 16, 2004: Corrected Secret Token amouth for Fourth 
    painting from coffee booth in Art Gallery. Added amount of Money the Art 
    Classroom Porn Fairy gives. Correct Secret Token amount for VIP room Porn 
    Fairy. Correct Secret Token amount for Stage with Spanking Cross in VIP room.
    Included detail on wimp out costs under Game Mode Types.
    Version 1.3.2: November 15, 2004: New money location for Frat House. Corrected
    money amount for Nice Streets bushes by left gate. New money location added
    for Nice Streets. Corrected Secret Token amount for Dance Floor in the Dance 
    Club. New Secret Token location for Dance Club. Corrected number of secret 
    tokens given by Sorority House porn fairy. Money location in Crappy Street 
    added. Corrected secret token amount for Hairy Humpers in the Plaid Mart.
    Version 1.3.1: November 14, 2004: New money locations in Dorm Hall and Main 
    Campus. New Secret Token Location in Library. Corrected Secret token amount 
    for recliner in Greek Quad.
    Version 1.3, November 8, 2004: Information added on getting a Perfect on 
    Blizarbra's non-story photo shoot.  Informaiton on potential number of extra 
    secret tokens.
    Version 1.2.3, November 7, 2004: Corrected and added some of the money and 
    secret token amounts.
    Version 1.2.2, November 4, 2004: Added strategy to get five light photos in
    Koko's photo shot.
    Version 1.2.1, Oct 27, 2004: Updated screen shot information.  Move PC and 
    XBOX quarters strategy from Sally Mae's quarter game to the Quarters 
    subsection of the Mini-Games section.
    Version 1.2, Oct 26, 2004: Added information on animated models in the 
    character viewer.  Added section of screen shots for the pc version.  Added 
    mention of the Adult Only version in the censorship section.
    Version 1.1.5, Oct 24, 2004: One more secret token location added.  Glitch
    where Larry can walking into the stage in Titty City added.
    Version 1.1.4, Oct 22, 2004: Two more secret token locations added.
    Version 1.1.3, Oct 22, 2004: Added Swingles van secret token location on the
    main campus. Added some info on viewing the sfd cutscene files outside the 
    game. Added glitch with a censor bar in the Swingles Chat. Put a note beside
    the Everybody Naked secret in the merchants section on how to earn more secret 
    tokens since I've received several emails about it.
    Version 1.1.2, Oct 21, 2004: Peep hole glitch confirmed on PS2 version. Fixed
    a typo in the game ranking percentages.
    Version 1.1.1, Oct 19, 2004: Corrected Titty City Catwark money amount.  Added
    secret token location in Main Campus.  Add glitch to get on top of Swingles 
    van. Put some good photo op/photo evaluator combos in the money section.
    Version 1.1, Oct 18, 2004. Added non story mode panty raid game. Two secret
    token and one money location added.  Peep hole glitch confirmed on PC version
    in addition to Xbox.  Several typos fixed.
    Version 1.0.1, Oct 17, 2004.  I neglected to add the last porn fairy's reward,
    it has now been added.
    Version 1.0, Oct 17, 2004. Finished Walkthrough, money and secret token 
    locations for Titty City and the VIP room.  Added missing Secret Token 
    location in the Lab. Added fixed sequence for the Rebel Spank mini-game.  
    Added improved description for location of Main Campus porn fairy and reward 
    given by the last porn fairy. Added Xbox glitches sent to me.  Added game 
    rankings section. Improved Table of Contents
    Version 0.83, Oct 16, 2004: Updated information on Tilly's Photo shoot mission
    based on several submissions I received. Added last porn fairy location thank 
    to a submission. Completed one more girls walkthrough and walkthrough for the 
    last Frat sidequest.
    Version 0.78, Oct 16, 2004: Added walkthrough for one more girl.  Completed 
    walkthrough for the Russell Makeover sidequest and fixed error in the 
    sequence. Added prerequisite information for Swingles 3, Swingles 4, and 
    Lesbian Ione.
    Version 0.71, October 15, 2004: Added walkthrough for two more girls and 
    fourth frat sidequest.
    Version 0.62, October 15, 2004: Added walkthrough for one more girl. Also 
    added money and secret token locations for Tilly's Office.  Added several 
    Whack-a-mole sequences submitted by Colonel Paladin.  Corrected the sequences 
    in Bilzabra's Tantrum game and the Frat Drink Mixing game thanks to Colonel 
    Version 0.56, October 14, 2004: Added walkthrough for one more girl and four 
    sidequests.  Added one more photo evaluator.  Include a cheat that was 
    submitted to me.
    Version 0.49, October 13, 2004: Added walkthroughs for two more girls. Also 
    added more token and money locations and 4 porn fairy locations.
    Version 0.35, October 12, 2004: Added walkthroughs for two more girls and a 
    sidequest.  Also added more token and money locations and a porn fairy 
    Version 0.20, October 11, 2004: Added non story/sidequest mini-game, first 
    four porn fairy locations, walkthroughs for three more girls and one 
    sidequest. Several token and money locations added.
    Version 0.10, October 11, 2004: Initial Version of the guide, framework for 
    the guide laid out and several sections completed. Walkthrough for first girl 
    3. Censorship in the game.
    The NTSC (North American) version of the has a censor bar over the lower body 
    to keep the game within the M rating category.  Apparently this censor bar 
    will not be present in the PAL (European) version of the game. The game has 
    been banned in Australia.
    Please do not contact me with questions on how to remove the censor bar.
    VUGames is releasing an Adult Only version of the PC version for the North 
    American audience.  The censor bars will be absent in this version and some of 
    the girls ending movies will be extended.  Gameplay should be the same.
    4.     Interacting with the environment in Wander Mode
    Xbox: Use the left thick to move about
    PC: Use the arrow keys
    Xbox: Hold left trigger while moves
    PC: Use the left shift to toggle walking and running
    Camera Angle
    XBox: Use the Right Thumbstick to adjust the camera
    PC: Use the mouse to adjust the camera
    First Person
    PC Only: Press C to toggle first person mode
    Examine Object
    Larry gives a description of the item when examining.
    Xbox: B button
    PC: Spacebar or right mouse button
    Activate Object
    This includes talking (speech balloon icon), entering another area (door 
    icon), buying items/services (price tag icon) or selling photos (film icon), 
    playing mini-game (joystick icon), or chatting with a babe (lips icon). If 
    there's no activate icon, using activate may yield money or secret tokens.
    Xbox: A button
    PC: Enter or Left Mouse button
    Toggle between several close items:
    If arrow appear by an items name you can cycle through several close items
    Xbox: Left and Right on the d-pad
    PC: + and - or the mouse wheel.
    If your confidence is high you can pose for people to maintain your 
    confidence. Can be used to keep your confidence high. Cycle through the 
    displayed sequence to pose.
    Xbox: Y button to start, use A,B,X,Y to pose
    PC: Backspace to start, use arrow keys to pose
    You can take picture with your camera to sell to Photo Evaluators. Make sure 
    there are more than one light lit before taking a picture to be evaluated 
    otherwise you take a loss of the $1 evaluation fee. 
    Xbox: Press black to toggle the Camera on and off. Move Larry with the left 
    thumbstick, aim the camera with the right thumbstick, use up and down on the 
    d-pad to adjust the zoom.
    PC: P or * on the number pad toggles the camera.  + and - or the mouse wheel 
    adjusts the zoom.  The arrow keys move Larry and the mouse aims the camera.
    Recovering from Drunkenness
    While it make boost your confidence level, being drunk can hinder you in game 
    There are several way to recover from drunkenness.
    1. Purchase some coffee or espresso.
    2. Purchase enough alcohol to activate the streaking game, you be sober when 
    you're finished the streak.
    3. Urinate, but this will reduce your confidence
    Xbox: Use the X button to Urinate
    PC: Use the right shift key to Urinate
    Rob writes "I have found that if you urinate into a toilet (I use the toilet 
    at Lefty's Too Bar)you will not lose any confidence.  But if I urinate in 
    front of a lot of people out in the street I lose most of my confidence. If I 
    urinate behind a wall or bush I lose less.  It seems that this may be based on 
    how many people see you urinating."
    Access the pause menus access several features:
    Black Book: The black book list your current objective, your acquired items 
    and outfits, and information on girls you've met and which mission you've 
    completed for them. You can replay a completed mission by selecting it on the 
    girls page of the black book.  The black book also contains stats one some of 
    your accomplishments (or lack thereof) during the game.
    Save Game: Save your current position in the game.
    Options: Access options to control audio, adaptive difficulty, and 
    controller/keyboard setting.
    Photos: Maintain your photo album and saved photos.
    Extras: View bonus art, character models of the girls and Larry's various 
    costumes, bonus options (Naughty and nude modes if unlocked), and game 
    5.     Game mode types
    There are several types of mini-games that you'll play as you progress through
    the game.  If you lose a game three times the game will offer to make the game
    easier for you.  If you loss a game six times you will be presented with a 
    chance to wimp out and progress past the mini-game without playing it.
    The cost for wimping out increases as you progress through the cost.  Initial 
    the cost is 1 secret token.  After completing "Swingles 1" the cost goes up to 
    2 secret tokens.  After completing "Swingles 2" the cost goes up to 3 secret 
    tokens.  After completing "Swingles 3" the cost goes up to 4 secret tokens. 
    After completing "Swingles 4" the cost goes up to 5 secret tokens. After 
    compling the Swingles finals the cost goes up to 6 secret tokens. 
    While the game will let you wimp out of the non story games don't waste tokens 
    on these as they don't count towards the completion percentage.
    Try not to wimp out too often or you may to be able to afford all of the 
    secrets. An email from ollie who's obtained a perfect in all games except the 
    Julius photo shoot, indicated that there are at least 397 extra tokens, and 
    that there'd be enough to wimp out of all the games if you went back and got a 
    perfect on them later. 
    On my last play through collecting all of the secret tokens listed in this 
    guide, I calculate there is the potential for 398 secret tokens. If you wimp
    out on all of the story/sidequest games leaving the current Swingles to last
    you'll use 335 secret tokens. (If you do the Swingles games as early as
    possible and no side quests this number could rise to 444 barring 
    prerequisites I may not have considered.)  These numbers assume you don't
    waste secret tokens on non-story/sidequest minigames.
    Kevin adds:
    If you leave collecting tokens till you complete the game (do RusselL makeover 
    last to gain access to Luba / Ione room) then the game will let you wimp out 
    after 6 failed attempts regardless of whether you have tokens or not (It will 
    just charge what you have and if this is  0 then the cost will be 0). You will 
    still end up with some tokens for successful game completions but best to 
    leave collection of hidden ones till all missions complete. 
    Complete the game then voila you can collect tokens and purchase and enjoy all 
    the fun parts of the game. Well worth saving at this stage before any secrets 
    purchased then you can try all the different stuff available.
    {The drawback to this would be the need to wimp out for every game (or
    otherwise avoid getting perfects), otherwise you'd need to spend all
    of the tokens acquired from the perfect before wimping out again}
    5.1 Chat
    In the Chat mini-game you guide Larry's conversion by moving the swimming 
    sperm around red obstacles with either lower your heart score while picking up 
    the green items which raises you heart score.  The sperm gets harder to 
    control when you're drunk so avoid the drink icons.  Picking up a coffee icon 
    sobers you up a bit.  Snowflake icons briefly freeze the sperm's vertical 
    movement. Bomb icons destroy some of the other icons, which may be good or 
    You need to finish this game with a green border on the heart to win. The 
    main conversion options are controlled when you pick up one of the items in 
    the vertical columns with two red items and one green item. If you win the 
    game and have picked of all the green items from the conversation points (the 
    green hearts don't count you'll earn a perfect for the game.
    Xbox controls: Use the left thumbstick to navigate the sperm.
    PC controls: Use the up and down arrow to navigate the sperm.   
    5.2 Quarters
    Quarters is a drinking game where Larry and his opponent take turns tossing 
    quarters into a drink glass. Each time a coin lands in the glass the other 
    player takes a drink (and remove an item of clothing in the strip versions).  
    The first player to get the other player completely drunk (or naked in the 
    strip version) wins.  A perfect win is earn for never missing the cup.
    Sometimes a pile of money appears.  You can earn bonus money by hitting it
    instead of the cup but it will cost you a perfect and possibly the victory.
    Xbox controls: Pull back the left thumbstick to wind up and push forward to
    throw.  If you miss you get a message telling you that one or both was to long 
    or too short.  Adjust your aim accordingly.
    XBOX strategy: pulling the left thumbstick about halfway back and pushing it 
    halfway forward seems to be effect. 
    PC control: Pull back the mouse to wind up and push it forward to throw. You 
    might find it easier to use the down and up arrow keys if you miss to the left 
    or right.
    PC strategy: quickly tapping the down arrow, and then quickly tapping the up 
    arrow seems to work well.
    5.3 Bartending 
    This is essential the old arcade game "Tapper".  Move Larry between four rows 
    of customers distributing flyer, drinks or other items to them. You can move 
    Larry down the rows to catch items being throw back and to pick up tips.  
    Unlike the original tapper you can't warp from the top to the bottom so Larry 
    need to take the long way.
    You can lose a life if one of the customers reaches the end of the row, if you 
    throw and item on a row when there are no customers to catch it, or it you 
    to catch an item being thrown back.  
    Clear all the waves to win, and earn a perfect if you do so without losing a 
    Xbox Controls: Use the left thumbstick to move Larry and the A button to 
    PC Controls: Move Larry with the arrow keys throw item with the enter key.
    5.4 Rhythm Games
    The dancing and trampoline game require you the match the rhythm of presented 
    to when by selecting the correct button/direction at the right time.  
    Correct choice raise you heart meter and wrong choices lower it.  Win by 
    finishing with a green bordered heart (or by getting your opponent naked in 
    the strip versions).  Finish with no misses to earn a perfect.
    Xbox Controls: Use the left thumbstick or d-pad to match the direction and the 
    A button to match the button.
    PC Controls: Use the arrow keys to match the directions and the enter key to 
    match the button.
    5.5 Slaps
    In Slaps, while on offense, you build up power and attempt to slap you 
    opponents hand before she can pull them away.  If you can fake her out you 
    have a prime opportunity to slap her hands when she puts them back in.  Each 
    time you slap her hands her hurt meter increase.  If you miss or the time runs 
    out you switch to defense.
    On defense try to second guess your opponent and pull you hand away to avoid 
    getting slapped.  You opponents facial express or body movements will give you 
    an early warning of when the slap in coming.  If you get hit your hurt meter 
    rises. You switch back to offense if the slap misses.
    The winner is the first player to max out their opponents hurt meter (or get 
    them naked in the strip version).  Get a perfect win by not getting hit.
    If your on defense and the clock hits 2 seconds, pull away and the clock will 
    run out.
    XBox controls: Use the B button to increase power, the X button (or tap A) to 
    fake, hold the A button to slap or withdraw hands while on defense.
    PC controls: Tap Space to increase power, shift to fake, and enter to slap or 
    withdraw hands.
    5.6 Whack a Mole
    The drink mixing, painting, and spanking games involve selecting the 
    appropriate button when it appears.  If you select the wrong button or are too 
    slow in selecting the correct button you'll take a miss.  If a dollar sign 
    icon appear you can get some bonus cash by selecting that button but it will 
    usually mean taking a miss. Get through the game before using up all your 
    misses to win. If you don't take any misses you'll earn a perfect.
    XBox Controls: Press the A, B, X, Y buttons when the corresponding button 
    appears on the screen.
    PC Controls: Press the arrow keys when the corresponding symbol appears on the 
    5.7 Whack a Pole
    This is essentially a game of pong where you control both paddle at the same 
    time.  The object is the keep to the volley going between the two paddle while 
    the penis in the center extends towards the bell at the top.  The are several 
    pickup this game: there a pump to extends the penis a significant amount, a 
    needle the enlarges the paddles among others.  Watch out for the vertical blue 
    rectangle that will cause the right paddle to reverse directions.
    Xbox Controls: Move the Left Thumbstick up and down to move the paddles.
    PC Controls: Use the up and down arrows to move the paddles.
    5.8 Avoidance
    The avoidance games involve Larry streaking past bystander, picking up items, 
    or performing a number of other tasks within a time limit.  There are one or 
    more guards, goons, or other ruffians that seek to stop Larry that need to be 
    avoids.  Some of the games gives Larry a supply of Cheese Mummies that Larry 
    can use to distract his pursuers. Getting all of the items/streaking all 
    bystanders will earn a perfect win.  Some of the game will all you to win with 
    a few missed targets.
    Xbox Controls: Use the Left Thumbstick to move and the A button to drop some 
    Cheese Mummies.
    Xbox Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and the enter key to drop some 
    5.9 Wet T-Shirt
    Use the water gun to soak down the lovely contestants in the Wet T-Shirt 
    Contest.  Shoot water bottles for a refill.  You need to soak down a specified 
    number for the win and all of the girls for a perfect win.
    Xbox Controls: Use the Left Thumbstick to aim and press the A button to fire.
    PC Controls: Aim with the mouse and press enter to fire.
    5.10 Photo Shoots
    Aim the camera at the model you're shooting, try to get the camera meter at 
    the top as high a possible before snapping the picture.  
    If you get six decent shots you'll get a win.  The Special Camera Lens from 
    the light beside the Swingle Stage is essential for this game as it allow you 
    to zoom in close enough to max out the camera meter.  Six maxed out camera 
    meter photos should get you a perfect but mileage may vary, one photo shoot I 
    did this (nonstory Art Classroom - Model's Chair) and still didn't get the 
    perfect, however ollie has sent a strategy for getting this perfect.
    Xbox Controls: Left Thumbstick moves Larry, the d-pad adjusts the zoom, and 
    the right thumbstick aims the camera.  Use the A button to take pictures.
    PC Controls:  + and - or the mouse wheel adjusts the zoom.  The arrow keys 
    move Larry and the mouse aims the camera.
    5.11 Posing
    The posing game see Larry spreading information or school spirit to help out 
    someone. Larry need to move to this person to recharge and the need to tell a 
    group of one or more people the information with a short time period.  
    Tell the information to the required number of people within the time limit to 
    get a perfect win.  Time can be extended by running over the time extension 
    start that may be available.
    Xbox Controls: Left Thumbstick moves Larry and the A button use the pose.
    PC Controls: Use the arrow keys to move Larry and the enter key to use the 
    6.     Walkthrough Missions
    NOTE: If you want to replay any of the story/sidequest games select them in 
    the black book.
    I'll give the sequences for each of the games here. 
    For the chat game I list the order of the rows the main green conversion icons 
    appear in.  Keep in mind you'll need to avoid other obstacles between the 
    points, T=top row, M=middle row, B=Bottom Row
    For the rhythm games, I use the U=up, D=down, L=left, R=right, B=button.
    For whack a mole, I'll use U=PC(up)=Xbox(Y), D=PC(down)=Xbox(A), L=PC(left)
    =Xbox(X), R=PC(right)=Xbox(B)
    You begin the game in Larry's dorm room.  Your uncle will give you a tutorial 
    on examining and using objects.  Use the bed to receive 10 Secret tokens.  If 
    you want play Whack-a-Pole on the TV to boost your confidence (plus 5 
    secret tokens if you get a perfect).
    Exit to the dorm hall after the tutorial or skip it if you prefer. 
    When in doubt of where to go, refer to the black book in the pause menu. It 
    will tell you where to find the available missions.
    6.1  Phase one: Sally Mae, Ione, Analisa
    Areas accessible:
    Dorm Hall
    Main Campus
    Greek Quad
    Frat House
    Ione's and Luba's Room will be accessible for part of this phase.
    6.1.1 Sally Mae
    After leaving your dorm room head down the hall to your right to you first 
    encounter with a girl, Sally Mae. Sally Mae is continuation of the tutorial.
    Uncle Larry tell you to examine her, do so. After examining Sally Mae activate 
    her again to begin the first game. 
    Chat 1 
    This is a chat game.  The green story points appear in this sequence:
    After winning the chat game walk over to the Mixes Drink Station and activate 
    it to start a Whack-A-Mole drink mixing game.  You're allow four misses out of 
    35 in this game. The correct buttons sequence is
    Chat 2
    Walk back to Sally Mae and activate her to start a second chat game with her.
    The sequence of conversion points is: MMBMBMTMMMMTB
    Turn on the radio and talk to Sally Mae again to play a dancing rhythm game.
    You may want to visit the vending machine and purchase the Dance Album to get 
    an advantage her, if you need money, play the drink mixing mini-game here.
    This game is fairly short and should give you much trouble. The correct 
    buttons sequence is:
    Chat 3
    Activate Sally Mae again to play a third chat game with her.
    The conversation point sequence is: MMTBTBTBTTTMMMTMBMMMTM
    After winning the chat game, activate Sally Mae once more to play a game of 
    quarters with her.  
    After winning the quarters game watch Sally Mae's final movie and obtain her 
    token of affection.
    6.1.2 Ione
    You're now back in your room, and its time to track down a second girl.  
    Leave your room and head down the hallway to the right. Go down the stairs and 
    through the doors to the main campus.  Watch the Swingles cut scene with Uma.
    While you're here activate the light to the rear of the Swingles stage to get 
    the Super Camera Lens.
    Cross the foot bridge to the left of the dorm exit.  Follow the path down the 
    stairs to the Alpha Bull statue.  Go up the stairs by the bull and go through 
    the doors in the library.
    Inside the library go up the stairs behind the librarian and turn to the left.
    You see Ione sitting at a table. 
    Chat 1
    Activate Ione to begin a chat game.  The sequence of green conversation points  
    for this game is: TMMBMTTBBMTTT
    After winning the chat game, Uncle Larry tells you that he's seen the 
    Commissar with the bottle of cognac that you need to find for Ione.  Head out 
    of the library and go to the Greek Quad to the right of the Alpha Bull.
    Bum Dance
    Once your in the Quad, you'll notice a bum walking around the side walk.  
    This is the Commissar.  The to him to activate a dancing rhythm game. The 
    pattern for this game is:
    Now that you has the cognac head back to the dorms and go to Luba's and 
    Ione's room, it the door with the flashing lights in case you missed it.
    Enter the room and activate the Drawer to get the Nail Clippers while you're 
    Chat 2
    Activate Ione to start another chat game.  The sequence of green conversion 
    Activate Ione to play quarters against her.
    Chat 3
    Head back to Ione's room after the quarter's game. Activate Ione for another 
    chat game. The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Activate Ione to start the makeover Whack-A-Mole Game.  It will cost $5 to 
    play.  The length of this sequence is 25 with the buttons appearing in this 
    Watch Ione's final movie and receive her token of affection.
    6.1.3 Analisa
    Head Back to the Greek Quad and talk to the girl in the black outfit.  This 
    is the third girl, Analisa
    Chat 1
    Activate Analisa to start a chat game. The sequence of green conversion points 
    Talk to Analisa again to play some quarters.
    Chat 2
    Analisa goes into the Frat House.  You need to pay Supernaut $10 to gain 
    access.  Inside the Frat House go straight ahead to where Analisa is standing 
    by a pool. Talk to her to star another chat game. The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TMMBMBBBMMTBMMTMBTTT
    Make sure you're sober and then activate Analisa again to start a strip 
    trampoline game.  Get three of the following five sequences right to get 
    Analisa down to her lingerie:
    1. ULU DRD
    2. URU DLD
    3. URUURDD
    5. UURU UURU
    Chat 3
    The game immediately go into another chat game. The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TMBMBBTBMMTMBMBBBB
    You go straight into this avoidance game from the chat.  The optimal route to 
    get the 10 keys goes from the trampoline, across the wooden bridge, down the 
    stairs, around the Alpha bull to the left, up the library stairs, past the 
    vending machine to the top of the hill above the archway.  Go down the hill 
    and back up the stairs under the archway, use the cheese mummies to distract 
    the goons there and head for the dorm doors.
    Watch Analisa's final movie and receive her Token of Affection.
    If you want you can do the Frat Trampoline side quest. Otherwise, head to the 
    Swingles stage and talk to Uma.
    6.1.4 Swingles 1
    You need to have finish two of the first three girls to play this game.
    This is a trampoline game following Luba's lead.  The sequence is:
    6.2  Phase two: Luba, Zanna, Harriet
    New Areas:
    Nice Streets
    Dance Club
    Sorority House
    We're now in the second phase of the game with three new girls available.
    Head through the gates by the Swingles sets on the way to the fourth girl Luba 
    who is in the Power Station Dance Club which is next to the closed tunnel.
    6.2.1 Luba
    Chat 1
    Luba is the first girls you'll see after entering the club standing just ahead 
    of you at the bar.  You need to be drunk to talk to Luba, so buy a couple of 
    beers or a Cheatin' Woman at the bar before talking to her to start a chat 
    game.  The sequence of green conversion points is: TMBMBBBTMMMMMMTTMB
    Head to the trampolines on the main campus for the next game.  Being drunk 
    doesn't effect this trampoline game as much as usual, probably because Luba's 
    drunk as well.  The sequence for this game is
    Chat 2
    Go back to the dance club and activate Luba for another chat game. There's a 
    lot of alcohol in this chat so you'll need to get could at leading the sperm 
    to catch the long sequence of green icons in the middle row that appear at the 
    end of the chat. The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Sober up before going the Drink Station at the bar to make a drink for Luba.  
    The sequence for this Whack-a-mole game is:
    Have a couple of beers and talk to Luba again to play a game of quarters.
    Chat 3
    Immediately after the quarters game you enter another chat game.
    All Conversions points are in the top row in this chat game.
    6.2.2 Zanna
    Head back to the Greek Quad.  Zanna will be standing by the door near the 
    Chat 1
    Activate Zanna to start a chat game.  The bombs in this chats will clear some 
    obstacles.  The sequence of green conversion points is: TMBBBTTBMMTBTBT
    You immediately enter an avoidance game.  Avoid the INS agents while pickup 
    the 30 keys on the walkway and the grassy area around the fountain.  Use 
    cheese mummies to distract the INS agents if necessary.  Head for the Main 
    Campus exit once you have all the keys.
    Chat 2
    Return to the Greek Quad.  Zanna's standing on the sorority house patio.  
    Activate here for another chat game.  The sequence of green conversion points 
    Activate Zanna and pay $5 to play quarters against her.
    Zanna enters the sorority house after the quarters game. Acquire the Snazzy 
    Suit from the College Guy by the frat house and go into the sorority house 
    after her. You need to be wearing the Snazzy suit to talk to Zanna again, go 
    into the black book and select it to put it on.
    Chat 3
    Activate Zanna to start the next chat game. The sequence of green conversion 
    You go straight into a strip trampoline game.  If you're to drunk after the 
    last chat abort after you loss the first attempt and sober up. Get three of 
    these five sequences correct to win:
    Watch Zanna's final movie and receive her token of affection.
    6.2.3 Harriet
    Head back to the main campus a find Harriet near the Alpha Bull. You need a 
    bit of confidence to talk to her, have a drink or play a mini-game to boost it 
    if necessary.
    Chat 1
    Activate Harriet to start a chat game.  There are a lot of green heats near 
    the end of the game to boost your heart meter. The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TTMMBBTBTMTMMTMTT
    Activate Harriet again to play slaps.  Harriet bobs her hips before she 
    slaps, so if your on defense watch for that.
    Chat 2
    Head to the dance club and activate Harriet for another chat game. The 
    sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Chat 3
    The game immediately takes you to another chat game back in the Main Campus.
    The sequence of green conversion points is: TTMBBBTTTTBTBT
    Activate Harriet again to start a Twiggy posing game.  You're the school 
    mascot, Twiggy, distributing school spirit at least 10 students.  The are 8 
    students in the area around Harriet and the Swingles Stage, so you need to 
    find 2 student in the direction of the library.  One is at the bottom of the 
    through the archway, and another is standing by the Alpha Bull.  There are 
    time extensions by the dorm entrance, the trampolines, and behind the 
    billboard to give you a little extra time, just down go out of your way to 
    pick them up.
    You go straight into Harriet's spanking whack-a-mole game.  The sequence to 
    follow is
    Watch Harriet's Final movie and receiver her token of affection.
    If you haven't already you may want to do the second Frat sidequest.
    Otherwise head back to the Swingles stage and activate Uma.
    6.2.4 Swingles 2
    You need to have completed four of the first six girls to play the second 
    Swingles game which is a dancing rhythm game follow Analisa lead. The sequence 
    to follow is:
    Note: If you already have 6 tokens of affection you could go straight to
    Swingles 3 by activating Uma again.
    6.3  Phase three: Beatrice, Charlotte, Bilzarbra
    New Areas:
    Crappy Street
    Lefty's Too
    Plaid Mart
    Art Gallery
    Art Classroom
    We're now in the third phase of the game with three new girls available.
    6.3.1 Beatrice
    Head back to the library.  Buy the Geek outfit from the Librarian and turn 
    left to head into the lab.
    Chat 1
    Put on the Geek outfit so you can talk to Beatrice, who is in the office to 
    the left of the Lab Entrance.  Activate her to start a chat game. The sequence 
    of green conversion points is: TTMMTBBMMTMMM
    Now walk out of Beatrice's office and go into the other room.  Activate the 
    Monkey Feed Room Door to start a bartending game.  You need to clear 5 stages 
    to win the game.  Catch any plates being thrown back.  If you having trouble 
    initials, the monkeys become a lot slower if you accept the offer to make the 
    game easier after the third loss.
    Go back to Beatrice and activate her to begin a quarters game against the 
    monkey, Leopold.
    Chat 2
    Activate Beatrice again for a very difficult chat game.  You'll need to get 
    very good at zig zagging through red obstacles to win her since there is 
    little margin for error.  If your heart in the green at the end of Leopold's 
    long speech where he lusts after Beatrice, or the first green icon puts you 
    into the green you can coast rest of the way up the middle and there are five 
    green icons in the middle and only four red icons. The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TMBBTMMMMMMMM 
    If you planning on wimping out on only one game do it now.  This game is 
    doable but only with a lot of practice and patience.
    Chat 3
    You go immediate into another much easier chat game.  The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TMBBTBTBTTMMMBMMMMMB
    Now you go straight into a Whack-a-pole game, with a banana instead of a penis 
    in the center.  Until all the other games you can't go into wander mode when 
    you lose, you must keep playing until you win or wimp out (from the pause 
    Watch Beatrice's final movie and receive her token of affection.
    6.3.2 Charlotte
    NOTE: You must complete Beatrice's missions before Charlotte becomes 
    Chat 1
    Head back to the main campus.  Get a bit of confidence and activate, 
    Charlotte, the girl with the megaphone in front of the Biff Barf Performing 
    Arts Center, to start a chat game. The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Activate Charlotte again to play a bartending game distribution flyer.  Clear 
    four waves to win. Catch any paper airplanes throw back your way.
    Chat 2
    Activate charlotte again for another chat game. The sequence of green 
    Activate Charlotte and pay $10 to play a Whack-a-mole game that see you 
    defacing the Alpha Bull.  The sequence you need to follow is:
    Chat 3
    Activate Charlotte again to begin another chat.  The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TTMMMBBBMTTTBBBMMMTT
    You'll find yourself facing the Bum Cakes Erotic Bakery with Beatrice and 
    Leopold in front of you.  Activate either one to start an avoidance game where 
    you need to get Leopold to safety.  There are 37 keys to collect that are 
    laying on the streets.  Avoid Beezer and the Goons, using cheese mummies if 
    necessary.  After getting all of the key go to the right gate to the main 
    Watch Charlotte's final movie and get her token of affection.
    6.3.3 Bilzarbra
    Buy the preppy outfit, and the head to the Crappy Streets, either through the 
    gate between the Frat and Sorority, or through the manhole on the Nice 
    Streets. Go into the Plaid Mart (If went through the manhole, go down the 
    street past the Titty City strip club and turn right. The Plaid Mart is the 
    first building on the right. If you came from the Greek Quad follow the road 
    past Lefty's Too, Spartacus, and Capt' Slappins' Spank Shanty to the Plaid 
    Chat 1
    Put of the preppy outfit and make sure you have some confidence. Inside the 
    plaid mart, activate the woman in the blue outfit, Bilzarbra, to start a chat 
    game. The sequence of green conversion points is: TTMBMBBMTTMMMTMBMMBBMBBBBMM
    You go straight into a Whack-a-mole game outside the Spartacus gay bar. The 
    sequence to follow is:
    LRULD UDLRL DLLUL  (Thanks to Captain Paladin for pointing out the error)
    Chat 2
    Inside Spartacus head to the right to where Bilzarbra's waiting.  Activate her 
    and pay $10 to play a chat game.  There's a lot of alcohol here and several 
    cameras (which, although providing a nice zoom in on the breasts, do a lot of 
    damage to the heart meter) to avoid. You'll need to pay $10 every time you 
    repeat this game.
    The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Head over to the Art Gallery in Nice Streets near the main campus gates.  Head 
    to the hallway to the right and enter the Art Classroom.  Bilzarbra is 
    standing to the right by a trashcan.  Activate her to play a photo shoot game.  
    Zoom in on her and try to snap photos with at least 4 lights (you can get away 
    with 3 four light and 3 three light photos).  You need 160 points to win, the 
    number point needed to win decrease after the make the game easier option is 
    Chat 3
    Another difficult chat game starts immediately.  Do your best to avoid the 
    alcohol or it will be hard to steer around the obstacles.  Watch out for the 
    four diagonal sets of camera in close success, try to sneak up diagonally 
    through one or two of them to avoid having your head completely drained. The 
    sequence of green conversion points is: TTTMMTMTBMTMBBTBMMTMTM
    (Thanks for the correction Spo)
    You immediate enter a Whack-a-mole acting game. The sequence to follow is
    Watch Bilzarbra's final movie and receive her token of affection.
    If you want you can do 2 side quest for the Commissar, one for Sweetwater, and 
    the third Frat side quest.
    6.3.4 Swingles 3
    You need to have completed six of the first nine girls to play the second 
    Swingles game.
    Head to the Swingles set and activate Uma.  In this posing game, hookers are 
    using the Swingles van to conduct their business. Deliver insults to 8 of 
    their customer to drive them away, but make sure the ladies are out of earshot 
    or you'll lose.  There a time extension by the van if you require it.
    Note: If you already have 8 tokens of affection you could go straight to
    Swingles 4 by activating Uma again.
    6.4  Phase four: Tilly, Koko, Lesbian Ione
    New areas:
    Tilly's office is now open in the Sorority House
    The new girls that are announced at the beginning of the fourth phase are 
    Tilly and Koko.  You also get a second chance with Ione who is now a lesbian.
    6.4.1 Tilly
    Head over to the Greek Quad.  You need a fully accessorized Snazzy suit to 
    talk to Tilly who's standing by a bench near the Frat.  Buy the accessories 
    from the College Guy here and wear the suit.  Also make sure you have some 
    confidence before trying to talk to Tilly.
    Chat 1
    Activate Tilly to play a chat game.  Watch out for ice and alcohol in this 
    chat. The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Enter the Frat House to play a photo shoot game.  In this game your trying to 
    take 6 photos of Scott who's strutting about the upper floor of the Frat.  
    Zoom in on him and take photos of him when he poses. A score of 160 is 
    requires to win this game (Thank c0ldb33r and Cordata). I was only able to 
    observe the reduced score of 120 for winning this game I got too close to 
    Scott when trying to move fully zoomed in.  If you get to close to Scott.  
    You'll hear  a warning that sounds like "hey, get outta here" and lose 
    instantly (Thanks Cordata.)
    Chat 2
    Tilly's office in the Sorority House is now open.  Head there and activate 
    Tilly.  The start a difficult chat game.  Try to avoid the alcohol at the 
    beginning or you'll have trouble with the obstacles towards the end.  Most 
    likely you'll need to lead the gaps between the obstacles while drunk. The 
    sequence of green conversion points is:  TMBBTMTTTMM
    Now go to the Nice Streets outside the Art Gallery.  Tilly is standing outside 
    by the gallery sign.  Activate Tilly to begin an avoidance game.  Here you 
    must defile at least 9 of 11 painting by urinating on them.  Sweetwater while 
    start chasing you once you start urinating, you can distract him with Cheese 
    Mummies if necessary.  He probably won't follow you upstairs where you can 
    defile 4 paints, but you'll still need to defile 5 of the 7 that are 
    downstairs while dodging him.  Make sure you stand far enough back so you can 
    hit the paintings and try turning while urinating to maximize the damage done.  
    If you need to recharge, there's a water bottle by the coffee booth.
    Chat 3
    A chat game starts immediately.  There' a string of green heart in the middle 
    row near the end that can help fill your heart meter, just be careful not to 
    hit the bomb just before them that will destroy them.  If you manage to stay 
    sober early on it will be much easier to get this string of hearts.
    The sequence of green conversation points is: TTMMBMBBBTMMTMTMMB
    (Thanks for pointing out the omission Spo)
    Head to the Crappy Streets.  Tilly is standing outside Lefty's Too.  Activate 
    her to start an avoidance game.  Gather the 25 decoder piece while avoiding 
    the security guards, using cheese mummies to distract them if necessary.  
    Start by grabbing the pieces by the manhole, heading down the back alley. Grab 
    the pieces neat to entrance to the Greek Quad and go down the street.  You'll 
    likely need to use your cheese mummies in the final stretch from by the 
    vending machine to the alley between the Spank Shanty and the Plaid Mart.  
    Head for the manhole after gathering all of the decoder pieces.
    Watch Tilly's final movie and receive her token of affection. 
    6.4.2 Koko
    Chat 1
    Head to Nice Streets and activate the mime, Koko, across the crosswalk from 
    the Art Gallery for a chat game. This shouldn't be too difficult as the only 
    obstacles that can lower the heart meter are the conversation points. The 
    sequence of green conversion points is: TMMBMBTTBBTBMMBTMBTMMMTBTTBTBTBTBM
    You immediately enter a posing game.  Mime for at least 12 people to win this 
    game. Try to pose for several people at a time. There a time extensions near 
    Koko if your in need of it.
    Chat 2
    Follow Koko into the art gallery.  She's behind the counter at the coffee 
    booth.  Activate her to start a chat game.  Again the only obstacles that can 
    lower the heart meter are at the conversation points.
    The sequence of green conversion points is: TMMTTTBBMMMTBTBMBTM
    Activate Koko again to play a photo shoot game with her.  Zoom in and try to 
    get four and five light close-ups of her face which seem to score better than 
    close-ups of other areas. You have a better chance of getting a five light 
    photo if there a painting behind Koko in the shot when she's posings (Thanks 
    jfren484). Win by getting 300 points.
    Now go to the Art Classroom. Activate Koko to start a painting Whack-a-mole 
    game with her after paying $5. Thanks go to Colonel Paladin for sending me 
    this sequence game:
    Chat 3
    Activate Koko for another chat game.  Again the only obstacles that can lower 
    the heart meter are at the conversation points. The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: MMBBTMTBTBTBTBTMMMTTMBM
    Watch Koko's final movie and receive "her" token of affection.
    6.4.3 Ione (Lesbian)
    You'll need to have finished Ione for Lesbian Ione to be available.
    Go to the Spartacus gay bar in Crappy Streets.  You'll need the Cool Outfit so 
    buy it from the vending machine outside.  Wear the Cool Outfit and activate 
    Guy Dahm behind the bar to start a bartending game.  Clear 4 waves of thirsty 
    customers to win.
    Chat 1
    Activate Guy again to play a chat game.  The sequence of green conversion 
    Chat 2
    You immediately go to the next chat game.  The sequence of green conversion 
    points is: TMBBTMTT
    Make sure you have some confidence.  Activate Ione to start a dancing rhythm 
    game that follows Helmut's lead.
    The sequence to follow is:
    Chat 3
    Activate Ione again for another chat game.  There are a lot of heart near the 
    end so this shouldn't present much of a challenge if you were sober to begin 
    with (There is no alcohol in the chat.) The sequence of green conversion 
    points is: TTMMBBBMTBMTTM
    A streaking avoidance game begins immediately.  Avoid Helmut while streaking 
    past12 people.  Head towards the washrooms to begin with to streak the four 
    people there.  Distract Helmut with some Cheese Mummies and head back to the 
    bar.  Turn left at the bar and head for the dance floor.  From there go to the 
    area outside the closet.  You should have streaked by 12 people by now so you 
    can exit via the closet.
    If you want a perfect in this game you'll need to streak the 13th person who's 
    inside the washroom.  Be aware that it's trickier to avoid Helmut at the 
    beggining when you do so.
    Watch Lesbian Ione's final movie and receive her token of affection.
    If you want you can do the fourth Frat side quest.
    6.4.4 Swingles 4
    You need to have completed eight of the first twelve girls to play the second 
    Swingles game.
    You may want to make sure you've purchase the Squirt Gun from the Plaid Mart.
    Head to the Swingles stage and activate Uma for a wet t-shirt contest.  Get at 
    least 7 of the 10 girls wet to win.  The girls emerge from the left.  Shoot 
    them with the water gun when they move their arms away from their breasts.  If 
    a water bottle appears you can shoot it to refill your gun.
    6.5  Phase five: Barbara Jo, Morgan, Suzi
    New Areas:
    Titty City
    VIP Room
    You're now in the final phase of the game.  The last three girls are now 
    available: Barbara Jo, Morgan, and Suzi
    6.5.1 Barbara Jo
    Chat 1
    Before you'll be able to talk to Barbara Jo you'll need to get a fully 
    accessorized Preppy Outfit, the accessories can be purchased in the Library. 
    Wear the outfit and make sure you have some confidence.  Go to the Sorority 
    House. Barbara Jo is stand right beside to the door to the left after your 
    inside.  Activate her to begin a chat game.  Try to avoid the alcohol at the 
    beginning and water out for the cameras and other obstacles. The sequence of 
    green conversion points is: TMBMTMMBTTTBTTTTTMTB
    Sober up and activate Barbara Jo again to play a challenging trampoline rhythm 
    game.  The sequence to follow is:
    Chat 2
    If you activate Barbara Jo again again you'll get a hint to go to your room 
    and call her on the phone. Do so for another Chat game. The sequence of green 
    conversion points is: TTMMBBBMTMMTM
    Return to the sorority house and activate Barbara Jo.  Activate her and pay 
    $15 to take her to a Wet T-shirt contest at Lefty's Too.  The girls will 
    emerge from the door on the left.  Shoot them when they're remove their arms 
    from their breast.  If a water bottle appears you can shoot it for a refill.
    Soak down five of the eight girls to win.  Barbara Jo is the last girls so 
    you'll want to make sure you soak her down.
    Chat 3
    Go back to the Sorority House and activate Barbara Jo for another chat game. 
    The sequence of green conversion points is: MMBMBBMTBTMMMTTMBBTMBMBBBB 
    Immediately following the chat, you be prompt to pay $15 of play quarters 
    against Barbara Jo.  Do so if you have the money.  Otherwise go make some 
    money and come back to the Sorority House and activate Barbara Jo again to 
    After you win the quarters game, Barbara Jo will give you her token of 
    6.5.2 Morgan 
    Go to the library.  Morgan wants some coffee so mix some up at the drink 
    station by the library door.  Each attempt costs $15 to play this Whack-a-mole 
    game.  The speed on this game is insane so you'll likely need to accept the 
    offer to make the game easier after three losses. The losses don't need to be 
    in the same session, so don't worry if you didn't bring enough money.  Thanks 
    go to Colonel Paladin for sending me this sequence to follow for this game:
    Chat 1
    You'll need a fully accessorized Geek Outfit to talk to Morgan.  buy the 
    accessories from the Librarian.  Wear the outfit and activate Morgan to start 
    a difficult chat game.  Do your best to avoid the alcohol and obstacles. The 
    sequence of green conversion points is: TTTMTMTBMBTTTBBMTBTBMTMTBMBMBT
    Chat 2
    You go immediately into another fairly difficult chat game.
    The sequence of green conversion points is: MTBMBTBBTTBMMTMBMBBBMMBTBMMMMT
    You immediately start a strip slaps game with Morgan.  When on defense watch 
    for her mean stare and withdraw your hands a second later.
    Morgan sometimes hits you late on, so if she's not struck when the counter 
    hits 2 pull your hands away. She'll strike before they go back in and you gain 
    the offensive. [Thanks Roy]
    Chat 3
    Another somewhat difficult chat game starts immediately. The sequence of green 
    A streaking game start immediately.  Streak by 16 people.  Avoid any guys you 
    streak past.  After you've streaked by 16 people you can leave by the library 
    door. Or instead, if you streak all 18 people, counting Leopold, the game end 
    immediately with a perfect.
    6.5.3 Suzi
    Before you can start Suzi's missions there are two missions you need to 
    complete to gain access to the VIP room.  While the game lists them as side 
    quests, they are not optional, so they'll be listed here rather than the 
    sidequest section. 
    First you'll need to activate Lucius, the bouncer outside the VIP room 
    entrance in the Dance Club.  He'll ask you to help his brother Julius.  Julius 
    is the bouncer outside the Titty City Strip Club.  Go there and talk to him.  
    Julius Photo
    Julius wants you to take some pictures of Helmut at the Spartacus gay bar.  Go 
    to Sparactus and a photo shoot game will start when you enter. 
    NOTE: This game is impossible to win without the Super Camera Lens in the 
    lights by the Swingles stage.  Make sure you have it.
    To win this game you'll need to taking several 5 light zoomed in photos of 
    Helmet's crotch area when he poses.  Its hard to move about when fully zoomed 
    in so you'll likely need to zoom to get into position for the next shot. The 
    required score is 350 (or 310 if you've made the game easier after losing a 
    few time).
    Alternate strategy: Walk behind Helmut and take zoomed in butt shots instead.
    These score slightly lower than the crotch shots but its easier to navigate.
    Lucius Handshake
    After completing the photo shoot you find yourself inside Titty City. Exit to 
    Crappy Street.  While your here go buy the accessories for the Cool outfit 
    from the Vending Machine since you'll need them to talk to Suzi. 
    Return to the Dance club and activate Lucius again.  This will start a secret 
    handshake rhythm game.  The sequence to follow is:
    Winning this game gains access to the VIP room.
    Chat 1
    Wear a fully accessorize Cool Outfit, make sure you have some confidence, and 
    activate Suzi who stand near the Juke box to the left when you enter the VIP 
    room. This starts a chat game.  There are do heart damaging obstacles in this 
    game.  The sequence of green conversion points is: TMBMBTMMMMMTT
    You'll immediately start a bartending game.  Distribute flyers to 4 waves of 
    students to win.  (If you lose three times and make the game easier, the 
    students will slow down.)
    Chat 2
    You're now outside the Dance Club with Suzi.  Activate her to begin another 
    cat game.  You need to stay sober in this game to have any chance here. The 
    sequence of green conversion points is: TMBMBTMMM
    Rock n Roll
    Activate Suzi again to start a rock and roll rhythm Game.  Unlike the other 
    rhythm games the directions are not called out ahead, instead you hear notes 
    representing the directions.  If you're tone deaf or otherwise musically 
    challenged, you'll need to rely on the visual clues in the rhythm scroll.  The 
    sequence to follow is: 
    Chat 3
    Activate Suzi again, she'll either be on stage or back by the dance club.  
    This will start a chat game.  The are not heart meter damaging obstacles here 
    other than the conversation points, just some ice and alcohol. The sequence of 
    green conversion points is: TMBBTBTBMTTTT
    Activate Suzi, either by the Dance Club or on stage, to play a spanking watch 
    a mole game.  This game is insane fast, you may need to wait for the slow down 
    after losing three times.  Thanks go to Colonel Paladin for sending me this 
    sequence for this game:
    Suzi will give you her token of affection after she's received a good 
    Now would be a good time to wrap up any outstanding sidequests.
    6.6 Endgame
    Swingles Chat
    Head to the Swingles stage and activate Uma.  She'll tell you to go to Titty 
    City.  You'll go there automatically where you'll enter a cat with Barbara Jo, 
    Morgan, and Suzi.  Stay sober and avoid the damaging obstacles in this 
    difficult chat. The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    It would might be a good idea to relieve yourself to sober up now.
    Activate one of the three girls to eliminate her from the next round. 
    Swingles Underwear Dance with two remaining girls
    The game proceeds automatically to the Dance Club, where you'll enter a 
    dancing rhythm game with the two remaining girls.  The sequence isn't fixed 
    this time so stay alert and do your best to follow the leads of the two girls.
    If you need to exit after the first loss to sober up activate Uma in the Dance 
    club to resume the dancing game.
    (If you want to access the dances with the other girl pairings, select them
    from the black book.)
    Activate one of the two remaining girls to watch the other ones ending and the 
    closing credits.
    6.7  Post Game
    Uma Chat
    After the credits have finished rolling activate Uma on the Swingles set for 
    one final chat game.  The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    Other Post Game Stuff
    Look through the peep hole in the sorority house to see some girls in the 
    7.     Optional Side Quest Missions
    7.1 First Porn Fairy
    Finding the first Porn Fairy by the sorority house peephole counts as a side 
    quest in the game rating percentage. Activate the magazine on the ground near 
    the peep hole and enjoy the cut scene.  The remain porn fairies can now be 
    7.2 Sweet Lou
    This sidequest becomes available starting in the third phase of the game.
    Talk to the Commissar by the Plaid Mart to play a photo shoot game where 
    you're taking photos of Sweet Lou.  This game is easier with the Super Camera 
    Lens. Try to take zoomed in photos of her ass to get 4 and 5 light photos. 
    Score 190 to win (the amount decreases after losing three time and accepting 
    the offer to make the game easier).
    After winning the Sweet Lou Photo game you can talk to the Commissar again to 
    start a chat game with Sweet Lou. The sequence of green conversion points is: 
    7.3 Sweetwater Pimping
    This sidequest becomes available starting in the third phase of the game.
    Talk to the Sweetwater, the pimp near to door to Spartacus.  In this posing 
    game, Sweetwater wants you to convince 10 girls to come work for him.  You 
    should find enough girls be on the street between Sweetwater and Lefty's back 
    alley, and between Sweetwater and the Captain's Shanty.  There are a few time 
    extends if you need them.
    7.4 Russell Makeover
    This sidequest become available starting in the fifth phase of the game.
    Go to the Dorm Hall outside Luba and Ione's room.  Activate Russell to start 
    a makeover Whack-A-Mole game. Thanks go to Colonel Paladin for sending me this 
    sequence for this game:
    You'll be in Ione's and Luba's Room after the makeover.  Be sure to get the 
    nail clippers while you're here if you didn't before since you won't be able 
    to get back in again.
    7.5 Frat
    This sidequest is available from the beginning of the game.  Talk to Big Daddy 
    War Pig  by the fireplace in the Frat and pay him $10 to start this game.  
    This game find you on the Trampoline following Barbara Jo's lead.  The 
    sequence for the game is:
    Mixed Drinks
    This sidequest become available in the second phase of the game, if you 
    completed the Frat Mission. Talk to Big Daddy War Pig and pay him $10 to start 
    a Drink Mixing whack-a-mole game.  The sequence to follow is:
    LDRLUUR   (Thank to Colonel Paladin for the correction)
    This sidequest becomes available starting in the third phase of the game, if 
    you've already finished to first two Frat missions.  Talk to Big Daddy War Pig 
    and pay him $10 again.  This will start a posing game where you need to invite 
    10 college girls to a frat party.  You lose the game if you invite a guy so 
    make sure any guys are well out of range when inviting the girls.
    Panty Raid
    This side quest becomes available starting in the fourth phase of the game, if 
    you've already finished the first three Frat mission.  Talk to Big Daddy War 
    Pig and pay him $10 again.  This will start an avoidance game that see you on 
    a panty raid in the Sorority House.  Head upstairs to collect the 30 panties 
    from the upper floor while avoiding the Sorority Girls.  Use your cheese 
    mummies wisely to distract them.  After collecting all the panties head for 
    the door of the Sorority house to finished this game.
    This side quest becomes available starting in the fifth phase of the game, if 
    you've already finished the first four Frat missions. Talk to Big Daddy War 
    Pig and pay him $10 to play a streaking avoidance game.  You need to streak by 
    at least 15 people to win, while avoiding Beezer and any guy you've already 
    streaked.  Chess mummies can by used to distract your pursuers if necessary.
    Head to the Frat house once you've streaked 15 people to exit the game. 
    You'll be treated to the final frat cut scene after completing the streaking 
    8.     Item Locations
    8.1 Money
    Money can be found by search various object in the game, winning certain 
    mini-games, or taking good photos to be evaluated.
    If you've purchased the naughty mode for a girl from Nigel and take pictures 
    of her when she poses you can make a lot of money when you get the photos 
    evaluated.  Some good locations with girls and nearby photo evaluators:
    Analisa in the dance club: sell the photos at the coat check.
    The 4 cheerleaders in Greek Quad: sell to College guy by Sorority House.
    The Broke Ass-Ho in Crappy streets: sell to Sweetwater
    Morgan in the Library: sell to Tenured Professor.
    (thanks to yonderboy for the following)
    Helmut's (crotch area) in Spartacus: to the Gay Guy (in yellow) 
    SonnyDeez provides the following tip on photographing the 4 cheerleaders:
    If you go to the Greek Quad and take pictures of the cheerleaders to
    see to the guy in front of the sorority house, they normally get
    pissed off for a second after you take the picture, which means you
    have to wait longer to take the next shot.  However, if you stand
    right next the tree that is near the cheerleaders and against the
    building and take pictures from there, they won't notice and you can
    take all six pictures in rapid succession. You must stand facing the
    cheerleaders with the tree on your left, and in fact you are almost
    right under the tree.
    You get 5 * 6 - 6 = 24 bucks for each of these sessions and you can
    complete them very rapidly -- pretty much as quickly as the camera can
    take pictures with no waiting.
    This helped me win a little quicker, because I just did that a few
    times and made several hundred dollars quickly in the beginning, which
    allowed me to buy all the little helpers objects as soons as they were
    Other money locations:
    You start the game with $5
    Dorm Hall:
    The Ziegler's door: $5
    Werewolf vending machine: $1
    Billboard by front desk: $1
    Anal Plugs vending machine: $1
    Main Campus:
    Tree by P.C Hammer Memorial Building: $1
    Tree by exit to Greek Quad: $3
    Tree near Swingles Set: $10
    Momma Bimbo Hillel House sign: $1
    Dictionary: $3
    Bookshelves near Nigel: $3
    Left end of Mural: $3
    Third computer from right: $3
    Bookshelf near stripper: $3
    Greek Quad:
    Bush to left of the phone just to the right of entrance from the main campus: 
    Bush in corner near the cheerleaders: $2
    Bush near the trashcan by the cheerleaders: $2
    Frat House:
    Trash Bags: $1
    Old Couch: $1
    Rocking door: $1
    Kegs to right of pool:$1
    Nice Streets
    Bushes near left gate to main campus:  $20,$2
    Bushes near right gate to main campus: $2
    Bushes near train tracks: $2
    Bushes near Koko: $2
    Dance Club
    Bar: $10 (thanks harry349 for the correction)
    Sorority House:
    Quality chair: $5
    Emergency Tampon Dispenser by Higgins Room: $1
    Sink: $5
    Crappy street:
    Schwanstucker Adult Toy Factory: $10
    Fanny Funbags poster: $1 
    Velvet Illusions ticket booth: $2 
    Hotel Door at ground level: $3 
    Street Lamp between Lefty's and Spartacus: $1
    Bar: $3
    Toilet: $3
    Condom machines: $3
    Lefty's Too:
    Moose Head: $1
    Cloth towel dispenser: $1
    Red Light Classifieds: $1
    Plaid Mart:
    Family Planning: $2
    Homey Beef: $2
    Soda Machine: $2
    Cockless porn section: $2
    Art Gallery:
    Fifth painting from coffee booth: $1
    Painting by guest book: $1
    Art Classroom:
    Trashcan: $1
    Fan: $1
    Butcher Paper: $1
    Porn Fairy: $50
    Tilly's Office:
    Drawer filled with cash: $10
    Titty City:
    Catwalk: $25
    Door and the back of the right upper level: $5
    First Champagne Room door to the left: $5
    Peanut barrel by right stairs: $5
    VIP Room:
    Loaded Dice Whiskey: $1
    8.2 Secret Tokens
    Secret Token can be found by searching various objects, you may need to search 
    and object multiple time to get all of the tokens.  You also get 5 secret 
    tokens for the first perfect you earn in a game. 
    Larry's Room:
    Bed: 10 Token
    Dorm Halls:
    Fire Extinguisher by Vending Machines: 1 Token
    Crime Scene: 10 Tokens
    Front Desk: 3 Tokens 
    Microwave: 1 Token
    Main Campus:
    Billboard near Alpha Bull: 3 ST
    Alpha Bull: 9 ST 
    Plant to right of library door: 3 ST
    Porn Fairy in niche behind archway: 25 ST
    Gutter Drain by trampolines: 3 ST (Thanks J Dunville)
    Swingles Van: 9 ST (Thanks Andreas "Surfin" Gassen)
    Bookshelves by lesbian: 3 ST
    Book Cart: 3 ST
    Right end of Mural: 5 ST
    Second computer from left: 1 ST
    Bookshelves upstairs to right of dictionary: 3 ST
    Greek Quad
    Recliner by Frat House: 3 ST
    Watering can at Sorority House: 3 ST
    Bukkokas' Fountain: 9 ST
    First Porn Fairy by peep hole in Sorority House: 15 ST 
    Frat House:
    Kegs to left of pool: 5 ST
    Drunk Guy: 1 ST
    Slightly open door: 3 ST
    Shriner Bear Rug: 3 ST (Thanks Andrew Murray)
    Luba and Ione's Room:
    Karl: 3 ST
    Unicorn Poster: 3 ST
    Teddy Bear: 1 ST (thanks harry349 for the correction)
    Closet: 3 ST (thanks harry349)
    Nice Streets:
    Palm Tree by right gate to main Campus: 3 ST
    Second Palm Tree from left gate to main Campus: 3 ST
    Merkin's Creations door: 5 ST
    Road Construction sign: 9 ST
    Bum Cakes: 5 ST
    Porn Fairy near railroad tracks: 10 ST
    Walnut Log Comm. College (flowerbed between Main Campus gates): 5ST
    Dance Club:
    Stool near entrance: 3 ST
    Dance Floor: 5 ST
    Two piece of modern art upstairs about the coat check: 6 ST
    ATM: 1 ST
    Sorority House:
    Hazing Feather: 3 ST
    Cat on sofa:  3 ST
    Sorority Seal: 3 ST
    LaToya's Room: 3 ST
    Emergency Tampon Dispenser by Sondra's Room: 3 ST
    Porn Fairy in the ? Door: 20 ST
    Bulletin Board: 1 ST
    Test Tubes: 5 ST
    Penises of the Animal Kingdom poster: 3 ST
    Computer (by Leopold's Cage): 1 ST
    Crappy Street:
    Road Closed sign: 3 ST
    Double Barrel Dolly Poster: 3 ST
    Terms of En-Rear-ment Poster: 3 ST
    Close Encounter's From Behind Poster: 3 ST
    Hotel door on upper landing: 3 ST
    Sweetwater's Trunk: 10 ST
    Podium: 3 ST
    Hand Dryer: 3 ST
    Left Urinal: 3 ST
    Mural on dance floor wall: 3 ST
    Closet (near vibrating dildo): 3 ST (Thanks Andrew Murray)
    Lefty's Too:
    Employee's Only Door: 5 ST
    Toilet: 5 ST
    Plaid Mart:
    ATM: 3 ST
    Wrestling Memorabilia: 3 ST
    Fireworks: 3 ST
    Gloppie Machine: 3 ST
    Hairy Humpers porn section: 5 ST
    Snack Shafts (near Sweet Lou): 3 ST (thanks harry349)
    Art Gallery:
    Cookies: 1 ST
    Fourth painting from coffee booth: 5 ST
    Bulletin board outside classroom: 3 ST
    Potted Plant on stairs: 3 ST
    Art Gallery Porn Fairy (painting upstairs by camera): 20 ST
    Curators photo: 3 ST
    Art Classroom:
    Sketches: 1 ST
    Discarded Strap On: 5 ST
    Great Artists of the 20th Century Poster: 1 ST
    Poster of David: 3 ST
    Tilly's Office:
    Breakfast Tray: 1 ST
    Trophy Case: 1 ST
    Victrola (old record player): 3 ST
    Vicious Piranha: 20 ST
    Titty City:
    Double Barrel Dolly poster: 1 ST
    Maria Maracas poster: 1 ST
    Cocoa Nuts poster: 1 ST
    Fanny Funbags poster: 1 ST
    Peanut Barrel to left of stage: 3 ST
    Third Champagne room door to the left: 30 ST
    Fat Sam's Gold Record Past top of left stairs: 3 ST
    Fat Sam's Gold Record Past top of right stairs: 15 ST
    VIP Room:
    Powder Keg Bourbon poster: 3 ST
    Marty Party poster: 3 ST
    Ash Tray in corner booth: 3 ST
    Stage with Spanking Cross: 4 ST
    Porn fairy by stage: 25 ST
    8.3 Items
    Bonus Items:
    The Bonus items are purchased from the various incarnations of Nigel, the post 
    makeover Russell, and Larry Laffer.
    The Bonus Art items unlock concept art in the extra.
    1. Bonus Art 1
    2. Bonus Art 2
    3. Bonus Art 3
    4. Bonus Art 4
    5. Bonus Art 5
    6. Bonus Art 6
    7. Bonus Art 7
    Addition Level transition screens of girls featured in the corresponding phase 
    of the game.
    8. Loading Screens 1
    9. Loading Screens 2
    10. Loading Screens 3
    11. Loading Screens 4
    12. Loading Screens 5
    The strip items convert several of the non story/sidequest mini-games into 
    stripping games.  This can make some of the games easier to win.
    13. Strip Sally Mae
    14. Strip Analisa
    15. Strip Analisa 2
    16. Strip Luba
    17. Strip Luba 2
    18. Strip Bilzarbra
    19. Strip Barbara Jo
    20. Strip Morgan
    21. Strip Suzi
    22. Strip Suzi 2
    Models of the Girls unlocked in the extras menu.
    23. Nude Sally Mae
    24. Nude Ione
    25. Nude Analisa
    26. Nude Luba
    27. Nude Harriet
    28. Nude Zanna
    29. Nude Bilzarbra
    30. Nude Beatrice
    31. Nude Charlotte
    32. Nude Lesbian Ione
    33. Nude Koko
    34. Nude Tilly
    35. Nude Barbara Jo
    36. Nude Morgan
    37. Nude Suzi
    38. Nude Others
    39. View Others
    Story Girls appear in lingerie
    40. Naughty 1
    41. Naughty 2
    42. Naughty 3
    43. Naughty 4
    44. Naughty 5
    45. Naughty 6
    Story Girls appear naked.  NTSC Version has a censor bar over the lower 
    portions so only topless nudity is available.
    46. Everybody Naked
    The various endings of the game.  One is given to you for free depending on 
    the girl you choose at the end.
    47. End with Love
    48. End with Pain
    49. End with Boobies
    Helper Items:
    Unless stated otherwise these items can be purchased from various merchants.
    See the Merchants/Vending Machines section for more information.
    50. Dance Album
    Start dance games with more heart.
    51. Springy Shoes
    Start trampoline games with more heart.
    52. Canadian Quarter
    More super hits in quarters.
    53. Tube of Lotion
    Head start in whack a pole.
    54. Gauntlets
    Keep power up in slaps
    55. Squirt Gun
    Make girls wetter faster in the wet t-shirt game
    56. Baby Oil
    Offend people from further away in streaking games
    57. Spanking Paddle
    Get an extra mistake in spanking games.
    58. Bar Diploma
    Get an extra life in bartending games.
    59. Mini Paint Roller
    Get an extra mistake in painting games.
    60. Makeup Kit
    Get an extra mistake in Makeover games.
    61. Acting Video
    Get an extra mistake in the Acting game.
    62. Twiggy Plush Doll
    Get more time for poses in the twiggy games.
    63. Invisible Box
    Gives more time for poses in the mime games.
    64. Nail Clippers 
    Start with more heart in the handshake game.
    Get this from the Drawer in Luba and Ione's room during the Ione missions or
    immediately after the Russell Makeover side quest.
    65. Super Camera Lens
    Zoom in further with the camera.
    Activate all of the lights by the Swingles stage in the Main Campus.
    66. Def Leppard Arm
    Start with more heart in the rock and roll game.
    Obtained from Porn Fairy in back alley in Crappy streets.
    67. Judd's Number
    Allowed an extra mistake in the tantrum game.
    Obtained from the Porn Fairy in the dead end near the vending machine in 
    Crappy Streets.
    68. Wing's of Hermes
    Given more time in avoid games.
    Obtained from the Porn Fairy by the Magazine rack in the Library.
    Larry can acquire several alternate outfits.
    Outfits and accessories can be purchased from various merchants.
    See the Merchants/Vending Machines section for more information.
    69. Cool Outfit
    Outfit required for some Lesbian Ione missions.
    Outfit and accessories needed to talk to Suzi.
    70. Bitchin Gloves
    Cool Outfit Accessory
    71. Pocket Chain
    Cool Outfit Accessory
    72. Handle Bar Heaven
    Cool Outfit Accessory
    73. Studly Hat
    Cool Outfit Accessory
    74. Geek Outfit
    Outfit needed to talk to Beatrice
    Outfit and accessories needed to talk to Morgan.
    75. Bow Tie
    Geek Outfit Accessory
    76.Calculator Watch
    Geek Outfit Accessory
    77. Pocket Protector
    Geek Outfit Accessory
    78. Thick Glasses
    Geek Outfit Accessory
    79. Preppy Outfit
    Outfit and Accessory needed to talk to Barbara Jo.
    80. Shoulder Sweater
    Preppy Outfit Accessory
    81. Beeper
    Preppy Outfit Accessory
    82. Expensive Watch
    Preppy Outfit Accessory
    83. Visor
    Preppy Outfit Accessory
    84. Snazzy Suit
    Outfit needed to talk to Zanna
    Outfit and accessories needed to talk to Tilly.
    85. Formal Tie
    Snazzy Suit Accessory
    86. Fake Carnation
    Snazzy Suit Accessory
    87. Fake Mustache
    Snazzy Suit Accessory
    88. Snazzy Hat
    Snazzy Suit Accessory
    89. Mime Outfit
    Obtain from Koko's Mime mission
    90. Twiggy Costume:
    Obtain from Harriet's Mascot Mission
    Tokens of Affection
    These items are obtained by completing all six of a girl's missions.
    91. Fish Paper: 
    Obtained from Analisa
    92. School Panties: 
    Obtained from Barbara Jo
    93. Colobus Sample: 
    Obtained from Beatrice
    94. Signed Glossy: 
    Obtained from Bilzarbra
    95. Das Kapital: 
    Obtained from Charlotte
    96. Jaw Harp: 
    Obtained from Harriet
    97. Teddy Bear Head: 
    Obtained from Ione
    98. Double Dong: 
    Obtained from Lesbian Ione
    99. Jumbo Wiener: 
    Obtained from Koko
    100. Beer Bong: 
    Obtained from Luba
    101. Dice Bag: 
    Obtained from Morgan
    102. Cowboy Hat: 
    Obtained from Sally Mae
    103. Brass Knuckle: 
    Obtained from Suzi
    104. Charred Skull: 
    Obtained from Tilly
    105. Jar of Borscht: 
    Obtained from Zanna
    9.     Merchants/Vending Machines
    This is a complete list of the games merchants and their wares and prices.
    The prices followed by ST are in Secret Token the rest are in dollars.
    Some of the wares may not be available until you'll complete certain mission 
    or purchase prerequisite items.
    Dorm Hall
    Vending Machine in hallway near Luba's and Ione's room
    Coffee - 3
    Dance Album - 10
    Russell (Outside Larry's room after completing Russell's Makeover)
    Bonus Art 6 - 3 ST
    Nude Others - 16 ST
    View Others - 16 ST
    Main Campus
    Porn Fairy (post game in niche by the archway near the Alpha Bull)
    End with Love - 3 ST
    End with Pain - 3 ST
    End with Boobies - 3 ST
    Naughty 5 - 35 ST
    Naughty 6 - 40 ST
    Bonus Art 7 - 3 ST
    Vending Machine by Library
    Beer - 1
    Coffee - 3
    Springy Shoes - 10
    Gauntlets - 10
    Twiggy Pep Rally (mini-game) - 0
    Bar Diploma 10
    Geek Outfit 10
    Bow Tie 5
    Calculator Watch 10
    Pocket Protector 10
    Thick Glasses 10
    Shoulder Sweater 5
    Beeper 10
    Expensive Watch 19
    Visor 10
    Intramural Slaps (mini-game) - 0
    Drink Station 
    Coffee - 3
    Espresso - 8
    Choco Mocha Creme - 15
    Nigel (Phase 1, by Drink Station)
    Strip Sally Mae - 8
    Strip Analisa - 8
    Strip Analisa 2 - 8
    Bonus Art 1 - 1
    Loading Screens 1 - 3
    Nude Ione - 6
    Nude Analisa - 6
    Nude Sally May - 6
    Tenured Professor:
    Photo Evaluation
    Greek Quad
    College Guy by Sorority:
    Photo Evaluation
    College Guy By Frat House:
    Beer - 1
    Pruno - 1
    Tube of Lotion - 10
    Snazzy Suit - 15
    Formal Tie - 5
    Fake Carnation - 10
    Fake Mustache - 10
    Snazzy Hat - 15
    Frat House
    Beer - 1
    Gator Country - 1
    Moonshine Sonata - 1
    Canadian Quarter - 10
    Nice Streets
    Vending Machine near railroad
    Beer - 1
    Cheatin' Woman - 3
    Coffee - 3
    Makeup Kit - 10 
    Mime Time (mini-game) - 0
    Prep Outfit - 15
    Shoulder Sweater - 10
    Beeper - 10
    Expensive Watch - 10
    Visor - 10
    Nigel (Phase 2, By Art Galley)
    Strip Luba - 10 ST
    Strip Luba 2 - 10 ST
    Bonus Art 2 - 3 ST
    Loading Screens 2 - 5 ST
    Nude Luba - 8 ST
    Nude Harriet - 8 ST
    Nude Zanna - 8 ST
    Naughty 1 - 20 ST
    Art Gallery
    Nigel (Phase 4, just outside Art Classroom)
    Bonus Art 4 - 3 ST
    Loading Screens 4 - 5 ST
    Nude Tilly - 12 ST
    Nude Koko  - 12 ST
    Nude Lesbian Ione - 12 ST
    Naughty 3 - 25 ST
    Annoying Guy buy Curator's photo:
    Photo Evaluation
    Dance Club
    Coat Check:
    Photo Evaluation
    Beer - 5
    Cheatin' Woman - 3
    Coffee - 5
    Dance Contest (mini-game) - 0
    Rebel Quarters (mini-game) - 0
    Wild Quarters (mini-game) - 0
    Snazzy Suit - 15
    VIP Room
    Beer - 1
    St Gordo's - 2
    Cheatin' Woman - 3
    Espresso - 8
    Rebel Spank (mini-game) - 0
    Nigel (Phase 5)
    Strip Suzi - 16 ST
    Strip Suzi 2 - 16 ST
    Strip Barbara Jo - 16 ST
    Strip Morgan - 16 ST
    Loading Screens 5 - 5 ST
    Bonus Art 5 - 3 ST
    Nude Morgan - 14 ST
    Nude Suzi - 14 ST
    Nude Barbara Jo - 14 ST
    Naughty 4 - 30 ST
    Crappy Streets
    Photo Evaluation
    Vending Machine near Sweetwater
    Pruno - 1
    Cheating Woman - 3
    Gator Country - 1
    St. Gordo's - 2
    Invisible Box - 10
    Cool Outfit - 15
    Bitchin Gloves - 10
    Pocket Chain - 10
    Handle Bar Heaven - 10
    Studly Hat - 10
    Nigel (Phase 3, Across street from the Captain Shanty)
    Strip Bilzarbra - 12 ST
    Bonus Art 3 - 3 ST
    Loading Screens 3 - 5 ST
    Nude Bilzarbra - 10 ST
    Nude Beatrice - 10 ST
    Nude Charlotte - 10 ST
    Naughty 2 - 25 ST
    Lefty's Too
    Don Dokken:
    Beer - 1
    Gator Country - 1
    Pruno - 2
    Moonshine Sonata - 2
    Mini Paint Roller - 10
    Quarters Fun (mini-game) - 0
    Wet T-Shirt Game (mini-game) - 0
    Cool Outfit - 15
    Bitchin Gloves - 10
    Pocket Chain - 10
    Handle Bar Heaven - 10
    Studly Hat - 10
    Larry Laffer (after Swingles finals):
    Everybody Naked - 269 ST
    NOTE: If you don't have enough secret tokens to purchase this go to the girls 
    page in the black books and select missions you don't a secret token Icon 
    beside to replay them.  When you get a perfect (fireworks screen) you'll earn 
    five secret tokens, repeat with other missions you didn't earn a perfect on 
    until you have enough tokens.  The non story minigames you don't have perfects 
    on can be played as well.
    Factory Worker or Gay Person in yellow near The Closet
    Photo Evaluation
    Bar or Guy Dahms
    Beer - 2
    Espresso - 8
    Cheatin' Woman - 4
    Acting Video - 10
    Twiggy Plush Doll - 10
    Bitchin Gloves - 10
    Pocket Chain - 10
    Handle Bar Heaven - 10
    Studly Hat - 10
    Dance Party (mini-game) - 0
    Cocktails (mini-game) - 0
    Plaid Mart
    Malt Liquor or Sweet Lou
    Gator Country - 1
    Moon Shine Sonata - 1
    Cough Syrup - 2
    St. Gordo's - 2
    Cheatin' Woman - 3
    Preppy Outfit - 15
    Baby Oil - 5
    Spanking Paddle - 10
    Plaid Promo (mini-game) - 0
    Titty City
    Stripper Photo (mini-game) - 10
    Nude Spank (mini-game) - 20 
    The Pussy Willow (Exotic Dance Show) - 10
    The Wild Plum (Exotic Dance Show) - 10
    The Maori Muscle (Exotic Dance Show) - 10
    Beer - 1
    Cheatin' Woman - 3
    10.     Porn Fairy Locations
    Most of the porn fairies are found by activating a magazine that's laying on 
    the floor or ground at these locations.  Fairies 5 and 8 are exceptions. 
    (Thanks to Colonel Paladin for suggesting I include this information.)
    Make sure you stick around until the porn fairy finishes talking or risk 
    missing out on the reward.
    1. First Porn Fairy is on the ground by the peep hole in the Sorority House, 
    gives 15 ST and activates the other porn fairies.
    2. By the Magazine Rack in the Library: Gives the Wings of Hermes.
    3. In the niche behind the archway at the stairs leading up from the Alpha 
    Bull: 25 ST  
    Start from the bull go behind the billboard/post-it board to get to the nook 
    (thanks Darren Carlyle) to get there or just pick up the porn fairy after one 
    of the scenes where you sneak out the window of your room.
    After the end of the game this porn fairy will be back as a secrets merchant.
    4. By the bushes near the railroad track in Nice Streets: Gives 10 secret 
    5. ? Door upstairs in the Sorority House: Gives 20 Secret Tokens.
    6. In Crappy Street back alley: Gives Def Leppard Arm.
    7. In the Crappy Streets dead end by the vending machine: Judd's Number
    8. In the upstairs painting by the camera in the Art Gallery gives: 20 ST.
    9. By sketches in Art Classroom: Gives Money ($50).
    10. By the spanking cross in the VIP room (thanks thekingofra): 25 ST
    11.     Non Mission mini-games  
    Unlike the story/sidequest games, most of these games down have a 
    predetermined sequence. 
    Dorm Hall
    Mixed Drink Station - Drink Mixing Whack a Mole game.
    Win $5 for winning this game. Losing will cost you $2.
    Radio - Rhythm dancing with Sally Mae, can be a stripping game.
    There's a 20% confidence boost for winning.
    Larry's Room
    TV - Whack a Pole
    Win this game for a 20% confidence boost.
    Main Campus
    Streaking - Get Drunk at the vending machine by the library to activate the 
    Main Campus Streaking avoidance game.  Avoid Beezer.
    Win 2% per person streaked boost to confidence.
    Animal Right Crap - Bartending
    Receive $5 for getting through all 3 waves.
    Trampolines - Trampoline Rhythm game against Luba, can be a stripping game.
    There's a 20% confidence boost for winning.
    Vending Machine:
    Twiggy Pep Rally - Posing Game 
    Intramural Slaps: Play Slaps against Morgan, Can be a stripping game.
    Receive a 20% confidence boost for winning.
    Watch for her mean stair and pull away a second later.  If the timer hits 2 
    seconds pull away and the clock will run out.
    Monkey Feeding Room - Bartender Game
    Leopold - Quarters against Leopold
    Greek Quad
    Streaking - Get drunk in the Frat house or from the College Guy standing by in 
    to activate the Greek Quad Streaking avoidance game.  Avoid Beezer.
    Win 2% per person streaked boost to confidence.
    Quarters Table - Play Quarters against Analisa, can be a stripping game.
    Bet $4-7 in this game.
    The Commissar's Bench - Rhythm dance following the Commissar's lead.
    Get a 20% confidence boost for winning.
    Sorority House
    Patio Door - Trampoline rhythm game against Barbara Jo, can be a stripping 
    Kelly's Room (the one straight ahead at the end of the center hall) - Panty 
    Raid avoidance game. Collect the 30 panties and head for the doors while 
    avoiding the girls, use cheese mummies if necessary.
    Nice Streets
    Streaking - Get Drunk at the vending machine or in the Dance club or VIP room 
    to activate the Nice Streets streaking avoidance game. Avoid Beezer.
    Win 2% per person streaked boost to confidence.
    Vending Machine:
    Mime Time - Posing Game
    Dance Club
    Dance Contest - Rhythm dance with Analisa, can be a stripping game.
    Bet $2-8.  Win 20% boost to confidence.  Lose 10% confidence for losing.
    Rebel Quarters - Play quarters against Suzi, can be a stripping game.
    Wild Quarters - Play quarter against Luba, can be a stripping game. 
    Bet $8-12.
    VIP Room
    Rebel Spank: Spanking Whack-a-mole game with Suzi, can be a stripping game.
    This game has a fixed sequence (Thanks Colonel Paladin):
    Art Classroom
    Models Chair: Photo Shoot of Bilzarbra
    This strategy come from ollie:
    The trick here is very simple. When the photo shoot starts, walk two
    or three steps closer to Bilzarbra and then take pictures of her face,
    NOT of her breasts. In that case you will get much more points, and a
    perfect easily. I got a perfect with 5 5-light pictures and one
    4-light picture.
    Crappy Street
    Streaking - Avoidance game.  Get Completely Drunk at the vending machine or in 
    any of the four establishments here.  Avoid Nigel.
    Win 2% per person streaked boost to confidence.
    Cap'n slappin's Spank Shanty - Whack a Pole Game
    Win $5.
    Broke Ass-Ho - Whack a Pole Game
    Pay $5 to win 30% confidence.
    Lefty's Too 
    Don Dokken:
    Quarter Fun (Bilzarbra, stripping game if unlock purchased)
    Wet T-Shirt Game - Soak down some coeds
    Bar or Guy Dahms:
    Dance Party - Rhythm Dance following Helmut's Lead
    Cocktails - Bartending Game
    Plaid Mart
    Sweet Lou or Malt Liquor:
    Plaid Promo - Bartending Game
    Titty City
    Stripper Photo - Take photos of Zena to be rated
    Nude Spank - Spanking Whack-A-Mole Game with Zena
    The sequence in this whack a mole game is random.
    12. Game Rankings 
    There are 15 Game Ranking that depend on your completion percentage.  The 
    percentage based on how many of the 109 story mode games (90-six missions each 
    for fifteen girls, 7-swingle games and Uma post game chat, 5-Frat, 2-Sweet 
    Lou, 1-Sweetwater, 1-Julius, 1-Lucius, 1-Russell, 1-First Porn Fairy) you've 
    completed and the number of 105 items you've found. 
     0.0% -  7.1% That Asshole
     7.2% - 14.2% Penis Wrinkle
    14.3% - 21.4% Dill Hole
    21.5% - 28.5% Fuck Nut
    28.6% - 35.7% Kumquat
    35.8% - 42.8% Lame-O
    42.9% - 49.9% Riff Raff
    50.0% - 57.1% Buckaroo
    57.2% - 64.2% Hombre
    64.3% - 71.4% Wooer
    71.5% - 78.5% Mandingo
    78.6% - 85.7% Romeo
    85.8% - 92.8% Master Cocksman
    92.9% - 99.9% Fucking Machine
           100.0% Fucking Hero
    13. Cheats, Glitches, and Easter Eggs
    Gordon Shum has sent me this cheat for viewing the cut scenes in the PC 
    version before you've earn them.
    The video for the cut scenes are located (assuming a default install)
    C:\program files\VUGames\Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude\Data\Cinema\FMV
    Attract.sfd  - Larry Game Trailer
    DG5NBWGK.sfd - Ione Ending 
    DG5NBWGL.sfd - Ione(L) Ending
    DL1NBWGU.sfd - Sierra Intro 2
    DL5NBWGC.sfd - Barbara Jo Ending
    DL5NBWGG.sfd - Morgan Ending
    DL5NBWGR.sfd - Suzi Ending
    DL5NBWGU.sfd - Koko Ending
    Ending.sfd   - Game Ending
    Intro.sfd    - New Game Intro
    LB5NBWGO.sfd - Beatrice Ending
    SL5NBWGN.sfd - Tilly Ending
    ST1NBWGX.sfd - Zanna Ending
    Tier1FMV.sfd - Swingles Challenge 1
    Tier2FMV.sfd - Swingles Challenge 2
    Tier3FMV.sfd - Swingles Challenge 3
    Tier4FMV.sfd - Swingles Challenge 4
    Tier5FMV.sfd - Swingles Challenge 5
    Make a copy of one of the above files and rename to one of these below.
    Backup up the file your renaming it to first.
    Logo.sfd - "Danger High Voltage Software" Intro
    Sierra.sfd - Sierra Intro 1
    VUG.sfd - Vivendi Universal Intro
    Start the game and watch the in game movies instead of the intros!
    NOTE: The endings for the other girls are rendered by the game engine and are 
    note prerecorded FMV sequences so they can't be viewed in this way.
    Solo761 wrote that the PowerDVD5 dvd software could play the above sfd files.
    Note: PowerDVD5 is a retail package.
    marc adds:
    a couple points on the movies...
    1) to watch the .sfd's with powerdvd, windvd or likely otheres, you first
    need to rename the file to .mpg or another recognized mpeg extension.
    2) if you do this, you get no sound :(
    (I tried this with windvd on beatrice's final movie and crashed the program
    so mileage may vary.)
    Joe sent me this glitch for the Xbox versions, this glitch has been confirmed 
    to work on the PC version as well by Cordata, and on the PS2 version by 
    Christian Mazyck:
    "Found an interesting glitch in the xbox version of the game.  In the 
    sorority peep hole, you'll notice there is a girl on the far right that you 
    can barely see.  I had me x-axis for the controller switched in the options 
    menu and it let me go past that border so see full frontal nudity (no censor 
    bar) on that shower chick who is normally off screen."
    On the PC change the X and Y axis controls while peeking through the hole.
    Thank to Darren Carlyle for sending me a glitch where its possible to get on
    top of the Swingles van by running in the front of it. According to a post
    by ThE MaSTeR 3, you need to have high enough confidence to by skipping to 
    get there.  I needed to wiggle around a bit in front to get on top of the van.
    A post by JEDIJT76 on the Gamefaqs message boards for the PS2 version of the 
    game indicates that, if after purchasing the the "Everybody Naked" secret,
    you play the "Swingles Chat" three times, and try again immediately after the
    first two without returning to wander mode, there will be no censor bar on 
    Zena in the third attempt.  
    I've confirmed this works on the Xbox version as well.
    Erik Joramo sent me this glitch for the PC version:
    "I discovered that Larry can walk through the stage at Titty City and get
    great shots of Zena from underneath. You basically have to be on the same
    side as the Bartender and walk Larry around and get him to slip between the
    barstool and ASSt. dean Abrahamson and he can walk through the stage."
    I've confirmed this myself, you may need high confidence.  Wiggle Larry around
    at the front of the stage at he'll eventually walk into it (Larry actually 
    steps onto a stool and then into the stage).  Once there, you can get up close 
    to Zena as Erik mentioned or look around behind the curtains or go behind the 
    bar with Linus.  
    TrickyZ sent me this observation on what causes characters to be animated in 
    the Character View in the extras menu.
    In the PC version, depending on which wander area you are in, for example the 
    Dance Club, when you pull up the model viewer, which ever girls are in that 
    area with you, (in this case Analisa and Luba) will be displayed in an 
    animated form rather than the standard motionless pose.  Larry always appears 
    as an animated form, included his various outfitted forms.  If Larry is 
    currently 'drunk' in wander mode, his models will swagger drunkenly as well.
    The person that sent me this requested to remain anonymous
    In Titty City, if you do the 3rd strip tease, then the spank, then the 1st 
    strip tease, she remains stripped, and the photos that can be taken are 5 bars
    every time.  Worth 23 bucks a shot.  Very profitable.  Hope it works for you!
    Satnam sent:
    One thing your faq has missing is an easter egg after you complete the game. 
    In the art gallery the paintings change when you cause a loading screen to 
    appear by playing an old game or viewing a movie. They change from normal to 
    crude drawings to porn movie 'stills."
    Andy sent this tip for easy money:
    When you make the Porn Fairy appear, immediately take a picture of him. This 
    pic will be a five light pic and I sold it for 450 bucks! Easy money, since 
    you can repeat it with each Porn Fairy.
    You can watch a program on several of the tvs in the game.
    The dorm lounge has the Family Pack.
    Lefty's Too has a newscast.
    The frat has a rock video.
    There also some programming on the radios in Larry's Room, the dorm lounge 
    (prior to it becoming a minigame) and the Art Classroom.
    Some video cards like my Geforce 2 display some of the character models as all 
    Alt-tab to windows and then go back to the game by clicking on it in
    the task bar and you should be able to see the picture.
    triggered sent this glitch:
    Just like walking under the stage you can go under the front porch at
    the Frat house. Starting at the right side near quarters table by
    broken railing.I found nothing there but maybe someone wants to
    explore.I actually thought my vid card crashed. 
    Aidyl sent this tip for skipping the loading screen on the PC version
    I found the loading screens to be too lengthy after sometime. You can cut this 
    short by clicking the windows button on the keyboard to return to windows
    and then clicking the LSL:MCL from the taskbar. It will immediately skip the 
    loading screen.
    14. Taking Screen Shots (PC Version Only)
    These instructions for taking zoomed in screen shots when using the camera was 
    sent to me by harry349.   
           a.  Enter photo mode and center on your desired shot.
           b.  Zoom in further than you normally would so you can't even see all 
    of what you want to take a picture of in the frame.
           c.  Press ESC.  Notice the screen image remains unchanged but the black
    border goes away.  Of course the menu is sort of in the way now though.
           d.  Press PrintScreen.
           e.  ALT-TAB and open your favorite photo editor.
           f.  CTRL-V.  Now you have a super-high-res zoomed in saved photo - as 
    high res as you set the game to play in the config utilities.  (Notice it
    conveniently didn't include the menu in the screenshot.)  :)
    Note: Steps d to f can be used to take screen shots when not using the camera.
    Any menus/mouse cursors with not appear in the shots.
    Update received from harry349:
    It seems that the menu being included in the screenshot is
    somewhat unpredictable.  When I turned on force Anti-Aliasing on my video
    card, the menu was always in the screenshot.  With this turned off, it
    usually works, but occasionally the menu is still present.  I'm not sure
    why, I can only say to press ESC - ESC again (unpause and then re-pause)
    and try the screenshot again.
    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I experienced this problem trying out the shot Xakko submitted
    below. If you encounter it, make sure the mouse is not sitting over the menu.
    Xakko adds:
    If you take screen shots in the same way when you are watching in the girls
    bathroom you'll take a picture of the whole screen which you would otherwise
    need to use the X and Y axis reversal glitch to see.
    15. LEGAL
    This document is Copyright 2004-2005 MysticWeirdo aka Warren Grieder.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Permission to host this document is given to the following:
    Sites that DO NOT have permission and never will:
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    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission,
    except GameFaqs and IGN. Use of this guide on any other web site or as
    a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    16. Contact Information
    For suggestions and/or corrections for this guide please email:
    mystic.weirdo [at] gmail.com
    The most recent version of this guide will be on www.gamefaqs.com.
    Please check there before contacting me with additions/corrections.
    Please include LSL FAQ in the subject of any email regarding this FAQ.
    17.  Credits
    Thanks go to the following:
    Sierra Entertainment Inc, High Voltage Software and Vivendi Universal for 
    making this great game.
    The following sites for hosting this FAQ:
    Thanks go to Mike for pointing out a porn fairy location I hadn't added yet, 
    and a typo.
    Thanks go to Gordon Shum for submitting the cheat to view the cut scenes in 
    the PC Version.
    Special Thanks go to Colonel Paladin for supplying several Whack-a-mole 
    sequences I had not reached yet, and pointing out errors in two others.
    Thanks to c0ldb33r, Cordata, and Gibby for providing the full score for 
    Tilly's photo game. Further thanks to Cordata for also providing this score as 
    well as the reason why I lost instantly in this game. 
    Thanks to thekingofra for telling me the location of the last porn fairy.
    Thanks to Darren Carlyle for providing a better description on how to get to 
    the Main Campus porn fairy.
    Thanks to Joe for sending the Sorority House peep hole glitch for the Xbox.
    Thanks to Cordata and Erik Joramo for confirming the Sorority House peep hole 
    glitch for the PC version.  
    Thanks to Cordate for several corrections for some typos as well.
    Thanks to Sven Dahlstrand for finding the non story mode panty raid game.
    Thanks to J Dunville for finding the secret tokens in the Gutter Drain by the 
    Main Campus trampolines.
    Thanks to Christian Mazyck for confirming the peep hole glitch for the PS2.
    Thanks to Dan Wright for the correction to the game ranking percentages.
    Thanks to Andreas "Surfin" Gassen for pointing out my omission of the secret
    tokens from activating the Swingles van.
    Thanks to JEDIJT76 for posting the glitch with the censor bar on the Gamefaqs
    message boards.
    Thanks to Andrew Murray for the secret tokens location in the Shriner Bear 
    Rug in the Frat House, and in the "Closet" in Spartacus.
    Thanks to Erik Joramo for the Titty City stage glitch.
    Thanks to harry349 for the screen shot instructions and for the corrections 
    and additions to the money and secret token amounts.
    Thanks to TrickyZ for the information on viewing animated character models.
    Thanks to jfren484 for providing the strategy to get five light photo in 
    Koko's photo shoot.
    Thank to ollie for providing the strategy for Bilzarbra non story photo shoot
    and the potentential number of extra secret tokens.
    Thanks to marc for providing the info on renaming the sfd files to mpg to
    view them in other software.
    Thanks to yonderboy for suppying info on selling photos of Helmut to the Gay
    Guy in Spartacus.
    Thanks to the person who sent me the easter egg for profitable photos of Zena.
    Thanks to Satnam for the information on the art gallery picture change.
    Thanks to Spo for correcting Blizarbra third chat sequence and supplying 
    Tilly's third chat sequence.
    Thanks to Paul for pointing out a typo.
    Thanks to Xakko for mentions the screen shot effect for the peephole shower
    Thanks to Andy for the tip on easy money by taking the pictures of the porn 
    Thanks to Roy for the tip on slaps against Morgan.
    Thanks to Dartbeandip for pointing out the error with Lesbian Ione's 
    Thanks to triggered for sending a glitch.
    Thanks to Kevin for the information on wimping out without secret tokens.
    Thanks to Rob for the information on effects of urinating in public versus 
    using a toilet.
    Thanks to SonnyDeez for the detailed tip on photographing the cheerleaders in 
    the Greek Quad.

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