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    Hidden Officer Locations FAQ by Carps Tail

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 9 Officer Locations FAQ, ver. 1.01
    by Douglas Lee (douglaswlee-at-netscape-dot-net) -- 17 May 2004
    This document is a list of HIDDEN officers and their locations for RTK9.
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    Version history
    v1.01 - Minor fix
    v1.0  - Original draft
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    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2004 Douglas Lee.
    Notes: This document lists locations for hidden officers only (i.e. not
    ones who are ALREADY ACTIVE in a game, e.g. Cao Cao is always an active
    character but Zhuge Liang doesn't enter the game until a later year). These
    locations are based on the 184 AD scenarios. Characters may move for a few
    reasons, namely:
    1. If they have a family relation who has been discovered by a liege (and
    is therefore ACTIVE in the game), then the as-yet-UNDISCOVERED ronin follows
    his family. For example, if Ma Liang (who is normally found at Xiang Yang)
    is hired by Liu Bei, who then moves him to the city of Han Zhong, then Ma Su
    (if he is still an undiscovered ronin) will ALSO be found at HAN ZHONG since
    his elder brother is there now--even though Ma Su normally starts at Xiang
    Similarly, Zhuge Zhan (Liang's son) should normally follow his father, but
    because Zhuge Jin (Liang's elder brother) is already active in 200 AD (as an
    officer of Sun Quan), Zhan would be found with his uncle Jin UNTIL ZHUGE
    LIANG EMERGES (in which case, Zhan will properly follow his father Liang).
    Just remember the cardinal rule that future generations of a family will
    appear in the SAME CITY AS THEIR EXISTING PARENTS or SIBLINGS. If, however,
    a clan is wiped out, the future generations should theoretically be found in
    the location as I have indicated in the FAQ.
    2. Some characters move in later scenarios to reflect the progression of
    history. For example, you would find Zhuge Liang at Lang Xie (Xia Pi) in
    early scenarios, but after Cao Cao's forces took the province of Xu, the
    Zhuge brothers moved away and so Zhuge Liang will be found at Long Zhong
    (Xin Ye) instead. Bu Zhi is also a character who changes locations, moving
    from Huai Yin (Xia Pi) to Jian Ye/Mo Ling.
    Another note: JIAN YE/MO LING. This city was originally called Mo Ling
    before Sun Quan moved his capital to here from Chai Sang, at the request of
    his trusted advisor, Zhang Hong. From that point forward, the city was
    renamed to Jian Ye.
    Ah Huinan		Jian Ning
    Bao Long		Gui Yang
    Bei Yan			An Ping (Xiang Ping)
    Bi Gui			Tai Shan (Pu Yang)
    Bu Kai			Huai Yin (Xia Pi)
    Bu Xie			Huai Yin (Xia Pi)
    Bu Zhi			Huai Yin (Xia Pi); post-194 scenarios: Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Cai Gong		Yi Ling (Jiang Ling)
    Cai He			Xiang Yang
    Cai Mao			Xiang Yang
    Cai Zhong		Xiang Yang
    Cao Ang			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Bao			Huai Yin (Xia Pi)
    Cao Chong		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Chun		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Fang		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Hong		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Huan		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Mao			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Pi			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Ren			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Rui			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Shuang		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Yu			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Xi			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Xing		Jin Yang
    Cao Xiong		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Xiu			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Xun			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Zhang		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Zhen		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cao Zhi			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Cen Hun			Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Che Zhou		Xia Pi
    Chen Biao		Lu Jiang
    Chen Dao		Ru Nan
    Chen Deng		Xia Pi
    Chen Gong		Dong Ping (Pu Yang)
    Chen Heng		Qu Ah (Wu)
    Chen Ji			Jiu Jiang (Chai Sang)
    Chen Jiao		Guang Ling (Xia Pi)
    Chen Jun		He Fei (Shou Chun)
    Chen Lan		Yang An (Ru Nan)
    Chen Qian		Guang Ling (Xia Pi)
    Chen Qun		Ying Chuan (Xu Chang)
    Chen Shi		Guang Han (Cheng Du)
    Chen Shou		Cheng Du
    Chen Tai		Xu Chang
    Chen Wu			Lu Jiang
    Chen Ying		Fu Ling (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Chen Ying (2)		Heng Yang (Wu Ling)
    Chen Yuan		Ding Tao (Chen Liu)
    Chen Zhen		Wan
    Cheng Bing		Ru Nan
    Cheng Pu		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Cheng Wu		Dong Ping (Pu Yang)
    Cheng Xuan		Ling Ju (Wu Wei)
    Cheng Yi		Jin Cheng (Xi Ping)
    Cheng Yin		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Cheng Yu		Dong Ping (Pu Yang)
    Cui Yan			Ping Yuan
    Dai Ling		Chen Cang (An Ding)
    Dailai Dongzhu		Tai Deng (Yun Nan)
    Dang Jun		Xiang Yang
    Deng Ai			Xin Ye
    Deng Liang		Xin Ye
    Deng Xian		Zhang Ye (Wu Wei)
    Deng Zhi		Xin Ye
    Deng Zhong		Xin Ye
    Dian Man		Chen Liu
    Dian Wei		Chen Liu
    Ding Feng		Lu Jiang
    Ding Feng (2)		Lu Jiang
    Ding Mi			Xiao Pei
    Ding Yi			Xiao Pei
    Dong Chao		Po Yang (Chai Sang)
    Dong He			Jiang Ling
    Dong Jue		Bo Wang (Wan)
    Dong Tuna		Tai Deng (Yun Nan)
    Dong Xi			Zhang An (Hui Ji)
    Dong Yun		Jiang Ling
    Dong Zhao		Ren Cheng (Chen Liu)
    Du Yu			Chang An
    Duosi Dawang		Yong Chang (Yun Nan)
    E Huan			Qie Lan (Yun Nan)
    Fa Zheng		Mei (Chang An)
    Fan Chou		Xi Ping
    Fan Jian		Bo Wang (Wan)
    Fang Yue		Chao Ge (Luo Yang)
    Fei Yao			Duan Gu (Tian Shui)
    Fei Yi			Jiang Xia
    Feng Ji			Yue Ling (Nan Pi)
    Feng Xi			Jiang Ling
    Fu Gu			Lin Jin (Chang An)
    Fu Qian			Xin Ye
    Fu Shiren		Ji
    Fu Tong			Xin Ye
    Fu Xun			Lin Jin (Chang An)
    Gan Ning		Jiang Zhou
    Gao Ding		Jian Ning
    Gao Lan			Nan Pi
    Gao Lan (2)		Chen Liu
    Gao Pei			Fu Shui Guan (Cheng Du)
    Gao Rou			Chen Liu
    Gao Shun		Xi He (Shang Dang)
    Gao Xiang		Zi Tong
    Ge Yu			Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Gong Zhi		Wu Ling
    Gongsun Du		Xiang Ping
    Gongsun Fan		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Gongsun Gong		Xiang Ping
    Gongsun Kang		Xiang Ping
    Gongsun Xu		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Gongsun Yuan		Xiang Ping
    Gongsun Yue		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Gongsun Zan		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Gu Tan			Qu Ah (Wu)
    Gu Yong			Wu
    Guan Jing		Xiang Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Guan Ping		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Guan Suo		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Guan Tong		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Guan Xing		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Guan Yi			He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Guo Huai		Xiang Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Guo Jia			Ying Chuan (Xu Chang)
    Guo Ma			Jiao Zhi
    Guo Si			Wu Wei
    Guo Tu			Xu Chang
    Guo Yi			Ying Chuan (Xu Chang)
    Guo Youzhi		Wan
    Han Dang 		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Han De			Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Han Hao			Chao Ge (Luo Yang)
    Han Song		Long Zhong (Xin Ye)
    Han Sui			Jin Cheng (Xi Ping)
    Han Xuan		Chao Ge (Luo Yang)
    Han Yin			Wan
    Hao Zhao		Xiang Yuan (Jin Yang)
    He Ceng			Xu Chang
    He Qi			Jian An (Hui Ji)
    He Yan			Wan
    He Zhen			Lu Jiang
    He Zhi			Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Hou Cheng		Xiang Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Hu Ban			Hu Lao Guan (Luo Yang)
    Hu Che'r		Jiu Quan (Wu Wei)
    Hu Chong		Qu Ah (Wu)
    Hu Fen			An Ding
    Hu Ji			Ru Nan
    Hu Ran			An Ding
    Hu Yuan			Wu Zhang Yuan (An Ding)
    Hu Zhen			Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Hu Zhi			Shou Chun
    Hu Zun			An Ding
    Hua Xian		Wu
    Hua Xiong		Tian Shui
    Huan Fan		Xiao Pei
    Huang Chong		Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Huang Gai		Ling Ling
    Huang Hao		Cheng Du
    Huang Quan		Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Huang Yue Ying		Long Zhong (Xin Ye)
    Huang Zhong		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Huang Zu		Jiang Xia
    Huangfu Wen		Wu Zhang Yuan (An Ding)
    Huo Jun			Jiang Ling
    Huo Yi			Jiang Ling
    Ji Ling			Wan
    Jia Chong		Luo Yang
    Jia Fan			Xiang Ping
    Jia Hua			Lu Jiang
    Jia Kui			Luo Yang
    Jia Xu			Wu Wei
    Jian Yong		He Jian (Nan Pi)
    Jiang Ban		Shou Chun
    Jiang Bin		Ling Ling
    Jiang Gan		Jiu Jiang (Chai Sang)
    Jiang Ji		Guang Ling (Xia Pi)
    Jiang Qin		Shou Chun
    Jiang Shu		Ding Jun Shan (Han Zhong)
    Jiang Wan		Ling Ling
    Jiang Wei		Tian Shui
    Jiang Xian		Ling Ling
    Jiang Yiqu		Ji
    Jiao Yi			Shou Chun
    Jinhuan Sanjie		Yong Chang (Yun Nan)
    Ju An			Wu Du (Han Zhong)
    Ju Hao			Ye
    Ju Shou			Ye
    Kan Ze			Hui Ji
    Kuai Liang		Xiang Yang
    Kuai Yue		Xiang Yang
    Lei Bo			Yang An (Ru Nan)
    Lei Tong		Mian Zhu (Cheng Du)
    Leng Bao		Fu Shui Guan (Cheng Du)
    Li Dian			Chang Shan (Ye)
    Li Feng			Wan
    Li Feng (2)		Lin Jin (Chang An)
    Li Fu			Chen Cang (Chang An)
    Li Hui			Jian Ning
    Li Jue			Lin Jin (Chang An)
    Li Kan			Xi Ping
    Li Qiu			Jian Ning
    Li Ru			Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Li Sheng		Wan
    Li Su			Xiang Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Li Tong			Jiang Xia
    Li Xin			Da Zhong (Han Zhong)
    Li Yan			Wan
    Li Yi			Heng Yang (Wu Ling)
    Liang Xing		Jin Cheng (Xi Ping)
    Liang Xu		Duan Gu (Tian Shui)
    Liu Ba			Ling Ling
    Liu Chen		Cheng Du
    Liu Cheng		Qu Ah (Wu)
    Liu Cong		Xiang Yang
    Liu Dai			Guang Ling (Xia Pi)
    Liu Du			Ling Ling
    Liu Feng		Chang Sha
    Liu Jun			Cheng Du
    Liu Jun (2)		He Pu (Jiao Zhi)
    Liu Kui			Cheng Du
    Liu Lue			Zhang An (Hui Ji)
    Liu Ping		Hui Ji
    Liu Qi			Chang Shan (Ye)
    Liu Shan		Cheng Du
    Liu Shao		Ye
    Liu Shi			Ju Lu (Ye)
    Liu Xian		Ling Ling
    Liu Xiu			Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Liu Xun			Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Liu Xun (2)		Cheng Du
    Liu Ye			Shou Chun
    Liu Yu			Chang An
    Liu Zan			Hui Ji
    Ling Cao		Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Ling Tong		Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Lou Xuan		Xiao Pei
    Lu Bu			Tai Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Lu Fan			Ru Nan
    Lu Ji			Wu
    Lu Jiang		Wu
    Lu Ju			Ru Nan
    Lu Kai			Yong Chang (Yun Nan)
    Lu Kai (2)		Wu
    Lu Kuang		Jie Qiao (Nan Pi)
    Lu Kang			Wu
    Lu Meng			Ru Nan
    Lu Qian			Tai Shan (Pu Yang)
    Lu Su			He Fei (Shou Chun)
    Lu Shu			He Fei (Shou Chun)
    Lu Weihuang		Jie Qiao (Nan Pi)
    Lu Xiang		Jie Qiao (Nan Pi)
    Lu Xun			Wu
    Lun Zhi			Liu Cheng (Bei Ping)
    Luo Tong		Shi Xin (Hui Ji)
    Luo Xian		Guang Han (Cheng Du)
    Ma Chao			Wu Wei
    Ma Dai			Wu Wei
    Ma Jun			Chen Cang (An Ding)
    Ma Liang		Xiang Yang
    Ma Miao			Tai Shan (Pu Yang)
    Ma Su			Xiang Yang
    Ma Teng			Wu Wei
    Ma Tie			Wu Wei
    Ma Wan			Ling Ju (Wu Wei)
    Ma Xiu			Wu Wei
    Ma Yun Lu		Wu Wei
    Ma Zhong		Nan Chang (Chai Sang)
    Ma Zhong (2)		Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Ma Zun			Tian Shui
    Man Chong		Ren Cheng (Chen Liu)
    Mang Yachang		Wan Wen (Jian Ning)
    Mao Gui			Jian Ning
    Mao Jie			Chen Liu
    Meng Da			Chen Cang (An Ding)
    Meng Huo		Jian Ning
    Meng You		Jian Ning
    Meng Zong		An Lu (Jiang Xia)
    Mi Fang			Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Mi Zhu			Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Midang Dawang		Wan Wen (Jian Ning)
    Mu Shun			Shang Dang
    Ning Sui		Tian Shui
    Niu Fu			Tian Shui
    Niu Jin			Rang Xian (Wan)
    Pan Feng		Ye
    Pan Rui			Wu Ling
    Pan Zhang		Chen Liu
    Pang De			Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Pang Hui		Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Pang Tong		Xiang Yang
    Pei Xiu			He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Pu Yangxing		Chen Liu
    Qian Hong		Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Qiao Rui		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Qiao Zhou		Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Qin Lang		Jin Yang
    Qin Mi			Cheng Du
    Qiu Ben			An Ding
    Qiu Jian		Guan Du (Luo Yang)
    Qu Yi			Yu Yang (Ji)
    Quan Cong		Wu
    Quan Duan		Wu
    Quan Ji			Wu
    Quan Shang		Wu
    Quan Yi			Wu
    Quan Yi (2)		Wu
    Sha Moke		Wu Ling
    Shan Jing		Yu Yang (Ji)
    Shao Ti			Ping Yuan
    Shen Dan		Xi Cheng
    Shen Pei		Ye
    Shen Yi			Xi Cheng
    Sheng Man		Jiang Ling
    Shi Bao			Nan Pi
    Shi Shuo		Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Shi Zuan		Xin Ye
    Sima Fu			He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Lang		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Shi		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Wang		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Xiu		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Yan		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Yi			He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima You		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Sima Zhao		He Nei (Luo Yang)
    Song Qian		Jiu Jiang (Chai Sang)
    Song Xian		Xi He (Shang Dang)
    Sou Yun			He Pu (Jiao Zhi)
    Sou Ze			He Pu (Jiao Zhi)
    Su Fei			An Lu (Jiang Xia)
    Su You			Ye
    Sun Ba			Wu
    Sun Ce			Wu
    Sun Deng		Wu
    Sun Hao			Wu
    Sun He			Wu
    Sun Huan		Wu
    Sun Ji			Wu
    Sun Jing		Wu
    Sun Jun			Wu
    Sun Kuang		Wu
    Sun Lang		Wu
    Sun Li			He Jian (Nan Pi)
    Sun Liang		Wu
    Sun Lin			Wu
    Sun Qian		Bei Hai
    Sun Quan		Wu
    Sun Shang Xiang		Wu
    Sun Shao		Wu
    Sun Shu			Wu
    Sun Xin			Wu
    Sun Xiu			Wu
    Sun Xiu (2)		Wu
    Sun Yi			Wu
    Sun Yi (2)		Wu
    Sun Yu			Wu
    Sun Yu (2)		Wu
    Sun Zhen		Wu
    Taishi Ci		Ji Mo (Bei Hai)
    Taishi Ting		Ji Mo (Bei Hai)
    Tan Xiong		Wu Ling
    Tang Bin		Xiao Pei
    Tang Zi			Peng Cheng (Xiao Pei)
    Tao Huang		Cang Wu (Jiao Zhi)
    Tao Rui			Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Teng Sou		Wan
    Teng Yin		Bei Hai
    Tian Chou		Dai Xian (Ji)
    Tian Feng		Ye
    Tian Kai		Dong He (Pu Yang)
    Tian Xu			Dai Xian (Ji)
    Tian Yu			Dai Xian (Ji)
    Tian Zhang		Wei Xing (Xi Cheng)
    Wang Can		Pu Yang
    Wang Chang		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Wang Dun		Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Wang Fu			Guang Han (Cheng Du)
    Wang Han		Jin Yang
    Wang Hun		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Wang Ji			Ji Mo (Bei Hai)
    Wang Jing		An De (Ping Yuan)
    Wang Jun		Hong Nong (Luo Yang)
    Wang Kang		Guang Ling (Xia Pi)
    Wang Lang		Bei Hai
    Wang Lei		Guang Han (Cheng Du)
    Wang Ling		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Wang Mai		Xi Cheng
    Wang Men		Bei Ping
    Wang Ping		Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Wang Qi			Ji Mo (Bei Hai)
    Wang Rong		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Wang Shen		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Wang Shuang		Long Xi (Tian Shui)
    Wang Su			Xia Pi
    Wang Tao		Tian Shui
    Wang Wei		Han Jin (Xiang Yang)
    Wang Xiang		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Wang Xiu		Bei Hai
    Wang Ye			Wu Ling
    Wang Zhong		Pu Yang
    Wei Guan		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Wei Miao		Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Wei Xu			Tai Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Wei Yan			Ru Nan
    Wei You			Bei Ping
    Wei Zhao		Wu
    Wen Chou		Nan Pi
    Wen Hu			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Wen Pin			Wan
    Wen Qin			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Wen Yang		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Wu Anguo		Bei Hai
    Wu Ban			Ren Cheng (Chen Liu)
    Wu Can			Qu Ah (Wu)
    Wu Gang			He Fei (Shou Chun)
    Wu Ju			Zhuo Xian (Ji)
    Wu Lan			Mian Zhu (Cheng Du)
    Wu Tugu			Tai Deng (Yun Nan)
    Wu Yan 			Jiang Ling
    Wu Yan (2)		Qu Ah (Wu)
    Wu Yi			Chen Liu
    Wu Zhi			Lin Zi (Bei Hai)
    Wuqiu Dian		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Wuqiu Jian		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Wuqiu Xiu		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Xi Zhicai		Xu Chang
    Xi Zheng		He Nan (Luo Yang)
    Xiahou Ba		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou De		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Dun		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou En		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou He		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Hui		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Mao		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Shang		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Wei		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Xian		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Xuan		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiahou Yuan		Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xiang Chong		Xiang Yang
    Xiang Lang		Xiang Yang
    Xie Jing		Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Xin Chang		Zhong Mou (Xu Chang)
    Xin Pi			Zhong Mou (Xu Chang)
    Xin Ping		Zhong Mou (Xu Chang)
    Xing Daorong		Cang Wu (Jiao Zhi)
    Xu Gong			Qu Ah (Wu)
    Xu Huang		He Dong (Luo Yang)
    Xu Miao			Ji
    Xu Rong			Wu Du (Han Zhong)
    Xu Sheng		Huai Yin (Xia Pi)
    Xu Shu			Xin Ye
    Xu Yi			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xu Zhi			Chen Cang (An Ding)
    Xu Zhu			Qiao Xian (Ru Nan)
    Xue Xu			Xiao Pei
    Xue Ying		Xiao Pei
    Xue Zong		Xiao Pei
    Xun Chen		Xu Chang
    Xun Kai			Meng Jin (Luo Yang)
    Xun Kai (2)		Ying Chuan (Xu Chang)
    Xun Xu			Xu Chang
    Xun Yu			Ying Chuan (Xu Chang)
    Yan Baihu		Wu
    Yan Gang		Bei Ping
    Yan Jun			Peng Cheng (Xiao Pei)
    Yan Liang		Nan Pi
    Yan Pu			Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Yan Rou			Bei Ping
    Yan Xiang		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Yan Xing		Wu
    Yan Yan			Jiang Zhou
    Yan Yu			Jiang Ling
    Yang Ang		Han Zhong
    Yang Bai		Han Zhong
    Yang Chou		Xi He (Shang Dang)
    Yang Feng		Hong Nong (Luo Yang)
    Yang Fu			Tian Shui
    Yang Hong		Bo Wang (Wan)
    Yang Hu			Ding Tao (Chen Liu)
    Yang Huai		Fu Shui Guan (Cheng Du)
    Yang Ji			Hong Nong (Luo Yang)
    Yang Ji (2)		Jian Ning
    Yang Qiu		An Ding
    Yang Ren		Han Zhong
    Yang Song		Han Zhong
    Yang Xin		Jin Cheng (Xi Ping)
    Yang Xiu		Hong Nong (Luo Yang)
    Yang Yi			Xiang Yang
    Yang Zhao		He Nan (Luo Yang)
    Yang Zuo		Liu Cheng (Bei Ping)
    Yi Ji			Pu Yang
    Yin Damu		Ye
    Yin Mo			Zi Tong
    Yin Shang		Tian Shui
    Yong Kai		Tai Deng (Yun Nan)
    Yu Fan			Hui Ji
    Yu Jin			Ding Tao (Chen Liu)
    Yu Quan			Wu
    Yu She			Rang Xian (Wan)
    Yu Si			Hui Ji
    Yuan Shang		Ru Nan
    Yuan Tan		Ru Nan
    Yuan Xi			Ru Nan
    Yuan Yao		Ru Nan
    Yuan Yin		Ru Nan
    Yue Jin			Ye
    Yue Jiu			Rang Xian (Wan)
    Yue Lin			Ye
    Zang Ba			Ding Tao (Chen Liu)
    Ze Rong			Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhang Bao		He Jian (Nan Pi)
    Zhang Bu		Wan
    Zhang Cheng		Peng Cheng (Xiao Pei)
    Zhang Heng		Xi Ping
    Zhang Hong		Guang Ling (Xia Pi)
    Zhang Hu		Tai Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Zhang Hua		Nan Pi
    Zhang Ji		Lin Jin (Chang An)
    Zhang Ji (2)		Wu Wei
    Zhang Jie		Meng Jin (Luo Yang)
    Zhang Liao		Tai Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Zhang Lu		Xiao Pei
    Zhang Nan		Heng Yang (Wu Ling)
    Zhang Qi		Lin Jin (Chang An)
    Zhang Qiao		Xiang Yang
    Zhang Qiu		Song Xian (Ru Nan)
    Zhang Ren		Cheng Du
    Zhang Shang		Xin Cheng (Xiang Yang)
    Zhang Shao		He Jian (Nan Pi)
    Zhang Song		Cheng Du
    Zhang Te		He Jian (Nan Pi)
    Zhang Ti		Xiang Yang
    Zhang Wei		Han Zhong
    Zhang Wen		Wu
    Zhang Xiang		Fu Ling (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhang Xiu		Rang Xian (Wan)
    Zhang Xiu (2)		Wu Wei
    Zhang Xiu (3)		Peng Cheng (Xiao Pei)
    Zhang Yan		Wu
    Zhang Yang		Xiang Yuan (Jin Yang)
    Zhang Yi		Ba Xi (Zi Tong)
    Zhang Yi (2)		E Mei (Cheng Du)
    Zhang Ying		Jian Ye/Mo Ling
    Zhang Ying (2)		He Fei (Shou Chun)
    Zhang Yun		Xin Cheng (Xiang Yang)
    Zhang Zhao		Peng Cheng (Xiao Pei)
    Zhang Zun		He Jian (Nan Pi)
    Zhao Fan		Gui Yang
    Zhao Guang		Bai Ma (Ye)
    Zhao Lei		Jiang Ling
    Zhao Tong		Bai Me (Ye)
    Zhao Yun		Bai Ma (Ye)
    Zheng Chong		Ye
    Zhou Fang		Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhou Jun		He Fei (Shou Chun)
    Zhou Tai		Jiu Jiang (Chai Sang)
    Zhou Tai (2)		Wan
    Zhou Xin		Shi Xin (Hui Ji)
    Zhou Yu			Lu Jiang
    Zhou Zhi		Ren Cheng (Chen Liu)
    Zhong Hui		Xu Chang
    Zhong Lifei		Xun Yang (Lu Jiang)
    Zhong Yao		Xu Chang
    Zhong Yu		Ying Chuan (Xu Chang)
    Zhu Huan		Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhu Bao			Jian Ning
    Zhu Ju			Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhu Ling		Ping Yuan
    Zhu Ran			Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhu Rong		Jian Ning
    Zhu Yi			Wu
    Zhu Zhi			Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zhuge Dan		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Zhuge Jin		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Zhuge Jing		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Zhuge Jun		Lang Xie (Xia Pi); post-194 scenarios: Long Zhong (Xin Ye)
    Zhuge Ke		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Zhuge Liang		Lang Xie (Xia Pi); post-194 scenarios: Long Zhong (Xin Ye)
    Zhuge Shang		Lang Xie (Xia Pi); post-194 scenarios: Nan Chang (Chai Sang)
    Zhuge Xu		Lang Xie (Xia Pi)
    Zhuge Zhan		Lang Xie (Xia Pi); post-194 scenarios: Nan Chang (Chai Sang)
    Zou Dan			Dai Xian (Ji)
    Zu Mao			Dan Yang (Jian Ye/Mo Ling)
    Zuo Yi			Yi Ling (Jiang Ling)
    Douglas Lee
    17 May 2004

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