How do i beat level four on Call of Duty 1?

  1. I can't get past it because me or the tank always die in the last 3-4 minutes of the level.

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    sd12362 - 8 years ago

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  1. This level requires good sniping skills. You will have to snipe all the enemies from the upper room windows. The biggest threat is posed by the guys with the rocket launchers - make sure you hit these guys whenever they appear (1 hit anywhere on the body and they're down) The guys who hide behind the turrets also can be pesky, and the normal guys on foot dont pose as much of a threat. Make your shots count because the gun can take several seconds to reload.
    Once the 10 minute time period is up and backup has arrived, you need to shoot the 3 tank attackers on the left side thru the opening. They are fairly easy to kill.
    Make sure you saved 1 medkit because the last part of the mission is to heal your wounded crew member. After this, mission completed.

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  1. On the consoles, the tank has 2 health bars, armor (top) and player's health (bottom). The player's health bar will regenerate while you sit in the tank, so if you take a few hits, park in a safe spot for a couple of minutes and you'll regenerate the entire bottom bar.

    Now, is this the mission where you wind up "on the runway" while medium bombers/transports are taking off???

    The "good" news: Airplanes are vulnerable to coax machine gun fire and main gun fire. One main gun shell should take out a moving transport, if not, a short burst from the coax should finish it off (as long as it was actually hit with a shell). Also, the takeoffs are on a strict time limit, the next plane will come on schedule no matter what happened to the previous plane.

    The "bad" news: Airplane beats tank every time, with a "one-hit kill". Also, a wrecked plane will not prevent the next plane from taking off, either the plane on the runway drives right through the wreck, or the wreck "phases out" before the next plane gets there.

    The "really bad" news: ANY moving airplane will beat tank. Even if said moving airplane is a burning wreck. And, there is a pretty "crash and burn" sequence where the burning, destroyed airplane keeps advancing forward.

    My survival hinged on staying off the runway as much as humanly possible, and, if I had to expose myself to the runway, I was shooting the coax "downfield" the entire time and timing tank shells to hit moving airplanes as far away from me as I could manage.

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  2. The 3 tank attackers are in front of the tank hiding behind the boxes across the street.

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  3. Also remember to listen when the person says something like "machine gunners to the right" or "panzershrecks on the left".

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