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"This game motivated me to watch the movies."

Ah, Star Wars: Battlefront. As the tagline says, this game actually gave me enough interest to watch all five movies. That may sound a bit odd, but it's completely true. I was really curious of how each battle would take place in the movies. Well, not all the worlds were battles...but I was satisfied anyway. Before the review starts, I'll just say that there is no actual story to review. The game isn't for story though, it's to allow you to play the major battles as a lowly soldier. Also, since Gameplay is practically the only thing here, that is all that I will be reviewing. Please note, I wish that I could give this game a 10, but I must rate fairly.

The gameplay is something that left me in awe. The controls are basic, and easy to get used to if you aren't familiar with the settings.

The modes that you can choose are Galactic Conquest, in which you can choose a scenario to try and take over every planet of the era you are playing in, Historical Campaign, which you can relive the battles of both eras, the Galactic Civil War (Rebels vs. Empire), and the Clone Wars (Republic vs. CIS a.k.a Droid Army), and Instant Action, where you can just pick a level and play it with either era.

Starting the battle, you get to select a spawn point, which can have different, or no, vehicles depending on which area you spawn at. For example, spawning at the Echo Base in Hoth will give you a Snowspeeder, while spawning anywhere else on the map does not.

You also get to choose what class you want to spawn as. Every side has the basic units: Soldiers, Vanguards (Rocket Launchers), Snipers, and Pilots. Each class is balanced with abilities, and all do well in different situations. Some sides have advantages for classes, though. For example, the Rebel sniper has a double zoom function, while the Empire sniper does not. Also, the Rebel Vanguard fires two rockets , but you can turn a certain way after the first is fired to broaden the explosion range.

Also, each side has a special class. For the Rebels, they have the Wookie Smuggler to help, while the Empire has the Dark Troopers. The Wookies take less damage and are more powerful, while the Dark Trooper has a jump back to cover distances quicker. On the other hand, the Republic has the Jet Trooper and the CIS has Droidekas. The Jet Trooper has more grenades than any other troop in the game, a rocket launcher like primary weapon, and a Jet Pack to hover in the air, while the Droidekas can roll into a ball and put up a shield while slaying dozens of Republic troops (if a skilled player is using one, of course).

Each class has four weapons. One is the primary weapon. You can get the idea for each class of what the main weapon would be, except for the pilots. The Rebel Pilot has the same gun as the Dark Trooper, but quicker, while the Empire pilot has a more enhanced grenade launcher (explodes on impact instead of taking a few seconds to detonate). The CIS pilot has the same weapon as the Empire pilot, I believe (not too sure, I don't use the pilot much), while the Republic Pilot uses a bolt caster to send electric waves at the droid army.

For the battles, each game starts with both sides having 200 or more troops (certain battles or bonuses give one side more troops than the other) and command posts. Command posts are the spawning points, and the amount each side has varies per level. To win, you either defeat all opponents or capture all command posts and hold them for 20 additional seconds.

The counter is a major flaw. More often than not, the game will say that your side has 1 troop left. That's fine, because if it's you, you can hide somewhere and wait for the enemies to come and blast them, right? Wrong. The counter will sometimes mess up and there will be another troop left as well. Of course, if the other player dies, you lose the match, regardless of you being alive. A good example of this would be when I was playing in Tatooine: Dunes yesterday. I was winning, 14 troops to 5. My troops knocked the count down to 3, and had trouble finding the others. Well, my players decided to pick a fight with the unlimited amount of Tusken Raiders and were being slaughtered. I tried to help, but got overwhelmed and died. I quickly respawned and there was 1 man left, other than myself. That player couldn't quite get away from the TR, so he died. The worst part was, I lost when there was one troop left for the Rebels. (They must have tried to assault the Tusken Raiders as well.)

Speaking of Tusken Raiders, some planets will have native forces battling against you, on your side, or against everyone. Examples are: The Tusken Raiders on Tatooine, the Wookies on Kashyyk, and the Gunghans on Naboo. They can greatly turn the tides in a battle if fighting with skill. Also, killing a native force will not always lower the troop meter for the other side. If the natives aren't your main priority, they do not count as deaths on the meter, and can infinitely respawn to kick you or your opponent's asses.


-Gameplay is fun and exciting when close, or even a major blowout.
-Very addicting
-Four factions and several battlefields will leave you with several hours of playtime

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/07/05, Updated 08/31/07

Game Release: Star Wars: Battlefront (US, 09/20/04)

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