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    Enemy Strategy FAQ by Skyrax

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Crimson Sea 2: Enemy Strategy FAQ
    Version 0.5
    Written by Skyrax (skyrax@yahoo.com)
    Table of Contents
    1.	Updates
    2.	Why write an Enemy FAQ?
    3.	Enemies (list)
    4.	Non-boss enemies (in-depth)
    5.	Boss enemies (in-depth)
    6.	Menace Lab
    7.	Frequently Asked Questions
    8.	Rumors
    9.	Credits/Thanks
    1. Updates
    v0.1: Initial draft
    2. Why write an Enemy FAQ?
    This was meant for players who have some idea as to how the game is played and are
    stuck on how to defeat or avoid a particular enemy. All strategies are applicable
    for all difficulties, as more often than not the only change is the amount of
    damage you can do versus the amount of damage they can do.
    3. Enemies
    The non-boss enemies in the game include:
    -Awl Ants
    -Flying Ants
    -Killer Ants
    -Killer Lacerta
    -King Lacerta
    -Fire Scorpio
    -Death Sphere
    -Bloody Wing
    -Menace Soldiers
    -Armored Menace Soldiers
    -Menace Sergeants
    -Menace Commanders
    -Blaze Beast
    -Mad Horn
    -Relic Walker
    -Shadow Stalker/Spectral Menace
    The boss characters are:
    -Unknown Menace
    -Original Menace
    -Hydra Menace
    -Awl Ant Queen
    -Mega Dervis
    Reading the Strategy
    The Enemy Strategy FAQ shall describe the enemies, and their attacks. Following
    that will be hints on how to best avoid or counter these attacks.
    The format of the strategy is as follows:
    -Enemy Name
    -Description: A short biography on the enemy. Basically, what's known about it, and
    any relationship it may have with others.
    -Stats: A listing of numerical stats for the following: Experience earned, Hit
    Points, Speed, Short Range Attack, Long Range Attack. The numbers go from 0-5, 1
    being the least possible value, 5 being the greatest value, and 0 meaning the value
    does not exist.
    -Price: Price offered by the Menace Lab on IAG for killing said specimen. See
    Menace Lab section for more info.
    -Attacks: The attacks the enemy uses on Sho/Feaney. These are in the following
    format: attack name (typical damage, typical range): description of attack.
    For example, using an Awl Ant's horn attack:
    -horn attack (light, close-medium range): The Awl Ant rears back then takes a long
    leap forward, impacting with its horn.
    From this you can tell that the attack does light damage and is initiated at close
    to medium range relative to your character.
    -Strategy: Info on dispatching the enemy.
    -Critical Point: The angle or point during which, if Sho or Feanay are in Time
    Extend mode, a shot will register as Critical.
    Notes on Critical Hits:
    -Critical Hits can only be performed in Time Extend Mode. This is either triggered
    by scoring 30 hits in a combo, or press R2 when you have at least a third of your
    NeoPsionics meter filled.
    -Upon a successful Critical Hit, the screen will flash and the words "Critical
    Hit!" will appear in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
    -If a Critical Hit kills the enemy, the enemy has a VERY high percentage (~90%) of
    dropping a MegaOrigin, which is worth FIVE Origins.
    -Certain enemies do not have Critical Points.
    -Certain enemies have Critical Points but do not drop MegaOrigins (usually bosses).
    Range and Damage Terms:
    Range terms:
    -Close: Within melee range, very close situation.
    -Medium: Medium range runs from just outside melee range to
     about one and a half character body lengths.
    -Far: Anything beyond two character body lengths.
    Damage terms:
    -Light: Sho and Feanay can sustain several of these without any
    -Medium: More damaging than lights, less damaging than heavy.
    -Heavy: About 8 of these strength-type hits will kill Sho or Feanay.
    -Critical: Just takes 1 or 2 of this type of an attack to
     defeat the character.
    4. Non-boss Enemies
    a. Awl Ant
    -Description: Insectoid form with a large horn on its head and travels in groups.
    Also known to jump and attack with its horn.
    -Price: 1 Teos
    -horn attack (light, close-medium range): The Awl Ant rears back then takes a long
    leap forward, impacting with its horn.
    -Strategy: The Awl Ant is the basic cannon fodder of the game. They tend to appear
    in groups of ten or more. They are very weak, and fall to a few Vulcan Shots or one
    Legion or Trinity Shot. If you're looking to combo, try to use the first overdrive,
    as it creates a longer OD Chain bonus, giving you more leeway to extend your
    Critical Point: None found
    b. Flying Ant
    -Description: A winged Awl Ant. Though weak and easily defeated, it travels in
    swarms that attack from unexpected directions.
    -Price: 2 Teos
    -flying horn attack (light, close-medium range): The Flying Ant crouches low to the
    ground then springs forward, impacting with its horn.
    -flight (no damage, any range): The Flying Ant, quite simply, flies in the air.
    -Strategy: The Flying Ant is granted greater mobility than the Awl Ant, and usues
    its wings to attempt to flank their opponent. This is especially obvious in tunnel
    when they try to fly PAST you rather than fight. Otherwise, basic Awl Ant tactics
    apply. Guns or blades work well here.
    Flying Ants can be spotted before they appear by their shadows, which move towards
    you as they suddenly land.
    Critical Point: None found
    c. Killer Ant
    -Description: The most advanced version of the Awl Ant. Larger and
    tougher, it also jumps higher. Numbers make its horned attack deadly.
    -Price: 4 Teos
    -spinning horn attack (light-medium, close-medium range): The Killer Ant rears back
    then leaps forward, spinning like a drill to attack with its horn.
    -poke (light, close range): Almost imperceptibly, the Killer Ant pokes the opponent
    with its horn.
    -Strategy: Killer Ants, despite looking like a cross between a cockroach and a
    Triceratops, are very dangerous if they gang up on you. Their attacks are stronger
    than the other types of Ants, and they don't hesitate in attacking. However, they
    have lost the ability to fly, and as such, if you back up against a wall, they can
    not truly surround you. The 2nd and 3rd overdrives work beautifully for tunnels
    filled with these guys.
    Critical Point: None found
    d. Killer Lacerta
    -Description: An aquatic life form that walks on two legs. Attacks with
    huge claws. Also has a distance attack using bursts of energy.
    -Price: 10 Teos
    -claw swipe (light-medium, close range): The Lacerta performs two slow swipes at
    the character. If one connects it is a light hit. If both connects, it is a medium
    -fireballs (light-medium, medium-far range): The Lacerta leans back then shoots
    three fireballs in an arc towards the main character. If all three hits connect, it
    is a medium hit. Otherwise it is a light attack.
    -Strategy: The basic foot soldier of the Menace, the Lacerta are easy to defeat.
    The claw swipes do NOT combo, so if you eat the first hit you can shoot them before
    the second connects. They tend touse them a little bit outside of melee range,
    hoping to enter melee range attacking. They are also prone to quick bursts of
    speed, dashing in a similar manner as a velociraptor. They do not attack while
    The energy bursts they shoot are easily avoided, as they track the position you
    were at when it was fired. They never shoot this at close range though. Use Legion
    or Trinity to knock them down and keep them at bay while you finish off with
    Vulcan-based Overdrives.
    The giant versions of the Killer Lacerta have slightly improved stats and stronger
    attacks, but they are as susceptible to all attacks as the smaller versions.
    They either phase in or fly in like asteroids. This does no damage to the
    Critical Point: As they are about to use their claw swipe (unconfirmed).
    e. King Lacerta
    -Description: An evolved Killer Lacerta. Quicker with a stronger pincer attack.
    Avoids attacks using a backstep.
    -Price: 22 Teos
    -claw swipe (light-medium, close range): The Lacerta performs two slow swipes at
    the character. If one connects it is a light hit. If both connects, it is a medium
    -dash (medium, medium range): The Lacerta dashes suddenly and forcefully at the
    main character. A circle of wind appears around the Lacerta as it closes in.
    -meteor (medium, far range): The Lacerta shoots a giant glowing rock in an arc at
    the main character. Upon contact, it explodes. If left alone, will explode after a
    short while.
    -Strategy: The King Lacerta fights in the exact same manner as the Killer Lacerta,
    but with improved stats and a dash attack it is fond of using when it can't slash.
    It dash is best avoided by staying mobile if you know they are behind you.
    On a side note, Aerial Ray and Meteor can detonate unexploded Lacerta meteors.
    The giant King Lacertas function like the smaller ones, only they are a bigger
    Critical Point: During their dash attack, usually from circling round to their
    backs (unconfirmed).
    f. Fire Scorpio
    -Description: A life form that lives in the sand, waiting for prey to
    approach. Along with powerful claws, this Menace breathes fire.
    -Price: 23 Teos
    -claw hug (medium, close range): The Scorpio performs what looks like a hug,
    slashing with both claws.
    -fire breath (medium, medium-far range): The Scorpio opens its mouth wide and
    breathes fire in a constant stream, turning its head from left to right.
    -dig (no damage, far range): if you move out of the range of the Scorpio, it
    tunnels into the ground and follows you.
    -Strategy: The Fire Scorpio seems intimidating at first...but it can be defeated
    quite easily. If you move right in front of it and use the 3rd overdrive, you will
    take its health down to nothing, if not kill it outright. Using Legion is a bad
    idea because the Scorpio can not be knocked back and may counter with its claw hug.
    The Fire Scorpio can also block: it does this when you stand out of range of its
    claw hug but too close for its fire breath. During this state, it can withstand
    even NeoPsionics for a while. It is also invulnerable while digging, except to
    NeoPsionics like Blast Sphere. It can also use its claw hug immediately after
    Critical Point: Shoot them in the back (confirmed).
    The King Scorpio functions exactly like the Fire Scorpio except:
    -it is twice the size
    -it has an extremely strong outer shell that renders it invulnerable to all
    attacks, even NeoPsionics.
    To defeat the King Scorpio, you have to lure it near an explosive crate then
    detonate it to remove the outer shell. To do this, run away from the King Scorpio
    and stand near a crate. The King Scorpio will dig and come to you, but if you place
    the crate between you, it will get stuck there and surface behind it. Immediately
    fall back and fire, or activate Sonic Aura and fire (Sonic Aura protects you from
    everything). OR shoot the box, then the instant the box explodes, use Blast Sphere.
    The blast will remove the Scorpio skin, then the Blast Sphere will kill it.
    There are only six of these creatures in the game (not counting repeats visits to
    the same mission). King Scorpios are not mentioned in the Menace Lab.
    g. Death Sphere
    -Description: A winged flying form. It uses a beam attack from while
    flying (?) as well as a direct rolling attack.
    -Price: 5 Teos
    -roll (light, medium range): The Death Sphere folds its wings about itself to form
    a ball, then rolls down on the ground to attack.
    -eye beam (light, close-medium): the Death Sphere gathers energy in its... eye?
    mouth? orifice?, and then fires a beam of energy
    -Strategy: Death Spheres are more cannon fodder. They either fly in or sit on the
    ground, folded up, until you approach. When their wings cover their face, they are
    invulnerable, The exception to this is when they are rolling. Their eyebeam is
    easily telegraphed and is very easy to avoid.
    Critical Point: As it recovers from a roll attack, shoot it from the side
    h. Bloody Wing
    -Description: An evolved Death Sphere with increased attack/guard
    ability. It is also smarter and more dangerous.
    -Price: 5 Teos
    -roll (light, medium range): The Bloody Wing folds its wings about itself to form a
    ball, then rolls down on the ground to attack.
    -eye beam (light, close-medium): the Bloody Wing gathers energy in its... eye, I
    assume, and then fires a beam of energy.
    -Strategy: Just like Death Spheres, only stronger. No real threat, though they are
    lot more active in attempts to flank you. Their eye beams are little bit stronger,
    but not strong enough to be classified as medium. And it too is telegraphed. It can
    also block like its weaker version.
    Critical Point: None found...yet.
    i. Menace Soldier
    -Description: A Menace in humanoid form. Precise from a distance. If
    approached, he quickly falls back to create distance.
    -Price: 20 Teos
    -energy shot (mediu, medium-far): The Menace soldier steadies its arm and fires a
    single shot.
    -Strategy: At a distance, they look like naked men trying to cover their privates
    (like Raiden in MGS2). The hard part of fighting these guys is closing the distance
    it attempts to keep. And that's not hard. Getting ambushed is tricky though,
    because they are very good shots when you don't see them coming, so groups of them
    can be trouble. Regardless, they have NO close range attacks, and are undoubtedly
    one of the easiest to Critical Hit in the game, outside of bosses. Their energy
    have little chargeup time, but you can tell its coming, since it's the only thing
    they do. That and run away.
    Critical Point: Shoot them in the back. Make sure it's their back, not their sides.
    That's it. This can be done at any time, but usually they're running. TE, dash
    behind them, line up your shot, and BAM! Critical.
    j. Armored Menace Soldier
    -Description: An armored Menace Soldier. Strong defensively, it presses
    its attack, regardless of what it being thrown at it.
    -Price: 40 Teos
    -energy shot (medium, medium-far rage): The Soldier aims and shoots a single shot.
    -Strategy: These guys function just like the regular Menace Soldier, except their
    armor gives them more defense and renders them invulnerable to straight gunfire at
    certain times. You either have to use Vipa Rounds or use them in an Overdrive, in
    which case use the 1st or 3rd ones. They are a bit more reluctant to run, mainly
    because they are armored. Doesn't mean they don't though.
    Critical Point: None found...yet.
    k. Menace Sergeant
    -Description: An evolved version of the Menace Soldier. Not only is it more
    powerful, it can teleport and appear out of nowhere.
    -Price: 25 Teos
    -energy shot (medium, medium-far range): The Menace Sergeant shoots a single energy
    -teleport (no damage, any range): Wrapping his limbs close to himself, the Menace
    Sergeant disappears and reappears elsewhere shortly thereafter.
    -Strategy: This guy is alike  menace Soldier, only more mobile. He's faster, and
    loves to teleport when cornered. Otherwise, not really that much of a difference.
    He can be attacked while he is teleporting. While teleporting, he disappears from
    the radar.
    Critical Point: Shoot them as they are about to teleport (unconfirmed).
    l. Menace Commander
    -Description: Carries a weapon with blades on both ends. Not only does
    it move quickly, but it uses its weapon to deflect attacks.
    -Price: 52 Teos
    -blade slash (light, close range): The Menace Commander swings his staff in a wide
    arc in front of him.
    -double slash (medium, close range): The Menace Commander follows up his blade
    slash with a reverse slash.
    -blade spin (no damage, medium-far range): The Menace Commander spins his staff in
    front of him, standing in place.
    -charging blade spin (light, medium range): With sudden speed, the Menace Commander
    charges at the main character, spinning his staff from side to side. At close
    range, inflicts damage.
    -energy shot (medium, medium-far range): The Menace Commander rears back, charges
    up energy in his staff and releases it in the form of two balls that hit as one.
    -downward smash (light, medium range): The Menace Commander jumps up and drives his
    blade into the ground.
    -Strategy: The Menace Commander, unlike all his siblings, loves a close range
    battle. His attacks are not incredibly overwhelming, but when he's with a buddy
    things can get hairy.  He also can siphon health from attacks, though not in large
    His energy shot is easily telegraphed, both by the chargeup and the noise. He can
    not be attacked by conventional means while he spins his blade, and can reflect
    bullets back at the shooter. His jumping attacks track your last position, so it is
    easy to avoid them. His basic slash is used only in very close quarters. The double
    slash has very good range, so don't stay there longer than you have to. His
    constant jumping will remove your lock on if you're too close, and his downward
    smash is only used when you a stationary target. Use the 3rd Overdrive to knock him
    into the air and then finish him off by the combo of your choice as he lands. You
    can also use barrels to take him down.
    Avoid shooting with Legion when he is knocked down, because it will revert him to a
    standing position.
    Critical Point: Shoot them in the back just as they are jumping. I mean about to
    jump. Shooting them otherwise does nothing (unconfirmed).
    m. Dervis
    -Description: An enemy with a huge mouth-like aperture in its head. Has
    a direct attack and a gas attack. High endurance.
    -Price: 15 Teos
    -bite (medium-heavy, close range): the Dervis bites you with his gaping maw. Nuff
    -gas attack (light-medium, medium-far range): the Dervis breathes out a stream of
    purple gas from its mouth.
    -Strategy: The Dervis seems imposing, but in reality, its greatest threat is its
    gas attack. If you're quick on the draw, it will never bite you, because it is
    easily stunned by blades.  The gas attack can be deadly because it can hit you when
    you least expect it, as it has very little lag in execution. It also covers a
    decent range. If you're unsure, your auto fire weapon has longer range than the
    gas. Use the 3rd Overdrive for quick dispatches.
    Critical Point: None found...yet.
    n. Blaze Beast
    -Description: An extremely quick, beast-like form. After taking a
    certain level of damage, it transforms into a more powerful enemy.
    -Price: 33 Teos
    -bite (medium, close range): the Blaze Beast attempts to take a bite out of the
    main character.
    -charge (medium, medium-far range): The Blaze Beast charges at the main character,
    knocking him down with its body weight.
    -transform (no damage, any range): Upon losing 2/3 of its health, the Blaze Beast
    howls and becomes a darker shade, with glowing red hair.
    -fireball (medium, any range): The Blaze Beast shoots a fireball from its mouth.
    -Strategy: This thing looks like a Menace Horse. Menace Commanders should be riding
    these things into battle. Anyway, the Blaze Beast's biggest asset is its stamina.
    Its bite attack is avoided by stunning the creature, and it never charges at close
    When it transforms, it regains all its health. It only throws the fireball while
    transformed, and it's a little stronger. The transformation in its entirety can be
    prevented by not giving it a free moment. Use the 3rd Overdrive to end things
    Critical Point: Shoot it when it jumps, preferably from the back.
    o. Mad Horn
    -Description: This large life form charges any human it sees.
    Relatively stupid and unaware. It has been known to attack in herds.
    -Price: 27 Teos
    -stomp (light-medium, close range): The Mad Horn rears up and comes crashing down
    to create a shockwave.
    -charge (medium, medium-far range): The Mad Horn charges at the main character,
    creating a cone of wind as it closes in.
    -Strategy: Like the Blaze Beast, Mad Horn is all about stamina. It is not very
    dangerous, though in large groups you may be charged from the rear. It can not be
    knocked over by guns, though it can be forced to stand on two legs by a 3rd
    overdrive, which puts its head at the perfect angle for some up-close rapid fire...
    Critical Point: Nothing found...yet.
    p. Relic Walker
    -Description: Hides in piles of junk metal. Unbelievably strong, it
    excels at close range fighting. It also uses energy bursts and lasers.
    -Price: 30 Teos
    -assemble (no damage, close range): The Relic Walker assembles itself from a pile
    of junk.
    -punch (heavy, close range): The Relic Walker swings at the main character with its
    right hand.
    -eye laser (medium-heavy, medium range): The Relic Walker spreads its arms slightly
    then shoots a long thing green laser from its head.
    - pulse blast(medium-critical, medium range): The Relic Walker stands still and
    focuses energy in a ball above its head, then shoots it at the main character.
    - mine (medium, any range): the Relic Walker sets a proximity mine on the ground.
    -Strategy: The Relic walker is hard to stun, due to its metallic nature. It has two
    attack points, the waist and the head. The waist allows for easier stuns, but the
    head takes more damage. The Relic Walker can not be stunned or knocked down.
    At close range, it can plow through your blade attacks and punch you, and at long
    range its attacks can be deadly. However, once it has punched, it is highly
    vulnerable until it recovers, and its energy blasts are telegraphed. The laser
    tracks the last position of the main character, and the pulse blast homes in to a
    certain degree.
    The pulse blast normally does medium damage except in ONE instance: the Soul of
    Semplice level. There, the pulse attack does incredible damage, and is almost
    impossible to dodge. This is the ONLY instance of the Relic Walker dealing critical
    Critical Point: Shoot it in the head as it recovers from a green laser shot
    q. Scyllanus
    -Description: A massive form. Static, but capable of creating more menace when
    threatened. Also possesses energy burst attacks for self defense.
    	-Spd:0 (3)
    -Price: ?? Teos
    -fire balls (medium, close range): When unable to spawn enemies, the Scyllanus will
    shoot three fireballs, in an arc, from its orifice.
    -spawn (no damage, any range): the Scyllanus shoots out up to eight enemies from
    its mouth.
    -invulnerability (no damage, any range): The Scyllanus glows red. During this time
    it is invulnerable.
    -Strategy: The Scyllanus is basically an enemy generator. It basically is immobile
    as it spews enemies forth. From time to time, it glows red, during which it is
    impervious to all attacks, including NeoPsionics. It is easily dispatched using any
    overdrive of your choice. It has a fair bit of HP though.
    In one specific instance, Scyllanus are granted mobility and physical damage upon
    touch. The numbers in parentheses are for that on instance. Other than that,
    Scyllanus do NOT move and do NOT deal touch damage.
    Critical Point: None found. And I don't think there will be.
    r. Shadow Stalker/Spectral Menace
    -Description: Menace without a true form. Vengeful, with a deadly touch.
    -Price: ?? Teos
    -charge (heavy, close range): The Shadow Stalker charges at the main character,
    impacting with its body.
    -Strategy: The Shadow Stalker is not a common enemy. In fact, it only appears in
    three missions total. The rule governing these creatures changes from mission to
    mission. The only mission where you can deal actual damage to them is in the Lab on
    Movindo mission. Gunfire is the best route; physical attacks leave you susceptible
    to their charge attack. Spectral Menace can not be defeated through direct attacks;
    their comrades must be killed before they die.
    Critical Point: None found. I don't think they have ones either.
    Boss Enemies
    Menace Lab
    The Menace Lab is a sidequest that Sho or Feanay can undertake to acquire some
    extra Teos. Despite its name, the Menace lab is basically one man. He is found in
    the room to the right of the Mission Select console. He's wearing green and is
    usually standing by the boxes to the left of the room. Approach him, and he will
    assign a different monster to catch.
    -To catch a monster, simply kill it.
    -He will not count monsters you have killed prior to him assigning it to you. So,
    if you've killed a couple thousand Flying Ants before he assigns you Flying Ants,
    you're wasting your time.
    -The monster he assigns to you is random. There is no checklist. If you speak to
    him, he changes his order constantly. However, since this is random, he may assign
    the same monster over and over. I have spoken to him more than 300 times, and 75 of
    those times I got Dervis. If you are assigned a monster and kill some of it, then
    come back to him and exchange it for Teos, he will not change the order until you
    talk to him WITHOUT killing anything.
    Hence, you can kill a few Ants, exchange them, then leave without saying anything
    more, kill some more, then come back and exchange for more money. And so on.
    -The value is inversely proportional to the numbers of the monsters you typically
    encounter. So Flying Ants, which you encounter in large numbers, aren't worth
    nearly as much as, say, Menace Commanders.
    -Certain monsters are not available for monetary rewards. This either because:
    	-they appear as a special monster e.g. King Scorpio
    	-they typically can not be killed e.g. Spectral Menace
    	-they are a "boss" character
    	-they appear in one mission e.g. King Scorpio, Shadow Stalker in Movindo Lab
    If you want a list of the value of all the monsters available from the Menace Lab
    but don't want to go through the FAQ again, then here:
    -Awl Ant: 1 Teos
    -Flying Ant: 2 Teos
    -Killer Ant: 4 Teos
    -Killer Lacerta: 10 Teos
    -King Lacerta: 22 Teos
    -Fire Scorpio: 23 Teos
    -Death Sphere: 5 Teos
    -Bloody Wing: 5 Teos
    -Menace Soldier: 20 Teos
    -Armored Menace Soldier: 40 Teos
    -Menace Sergeant: 25 Teos
    -Menace Commander: 52 Teos
    -Dervis: 15 Teos
    -Blaze Beast: 33 Teos
    -Mad Horn: 27 Teos
    -Relic Walker: 30 Teos
    Frequently asked questions:
    Q: How do I defeat the Dervis illusions?
    A: Carefully. Use a blade attack or Vipa Vulcan Round to separate them from the
    pack, OR get them to try and bite you so they stop lumbering around. Then kill
    Q: Are there any more hidden characters for single player?
    A: No, the two are all you get.
    Credits/Thanks for this FAQ go to:
    -Koei for making this game
    -You, for reading this FAQ
    -And me, for writing it ^_^
    Copyright Information
      Copyright 2004 Afolabiyi Okubanjo (Team Sky City). This FAQ and everything
    included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form (physical,
    electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely accessible, non-
    commercial web page in its original, unedited and unaltered format. This FAQ cannot
    be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would be made from selling it) or
    promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort of commercial transaction. It
    cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase as this
    creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
      Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors, employees or
    associates, etc. of any company, group, business, or association, etc., nor can it
    be used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in magazines guides, books,
    etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic media (including mediums not
    specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form (including reprinting, reference
    or inclusion), without the express written permission of the author, myself. This
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Afolabiyi Okubanjo. All copyrights and
    trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in
    this FAQ.

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