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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MenaceGoku

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    Inuyasha-The Secret of the Cursed Mask
    This is my first FAQ, so I hope everyone who reads this understands 
    everything.  I've played this game five times in a week so I can try to get 
    this Guide as accurate as possible. I cheated while playing this game using 
    Codebreaker v.7.0., so I will point out that I cheated, just in case you play 
    this game without cheating.  This guide will help you out by beating the game 
    quick as possible.  The first time I played this game it took me 13 hours to 
    beat, second time 9 hours.  While I'm typing this guide I will be playing this 
    game again so give everyone full detail about everything.  And plus I have a 
    short memory so I have to play this again while making this Guide. 
    Left Analong Stick/D-Pad- Select Between Options (Main Menu & Status Screen), 
    Move Character (Run)
    X Button- Talk/Examine/Select Option
    O Button- Hold while Moving D-pad or Left Analog to Walk (Also Lightens chance 
    of random battles)
    Triange Button- Open Status Screen (from Journey Screen), Open Travel Log 
    (from Map Screen)
    Square Button- Cancel
    L1/L2 Button- Switch Stats display (while in Status Menu)
    Start Button- Start Game (Otherwise practly useless)
    Title Screen
    New Game- To Start a New Game
    Continue- To Continue a Prevously saved Game
    Gallery- To view the Movie Gallery, Stills Gallery, & to view Trailer for the 
    Inuyasha Animated Series, DVDs, & mangas
    Movie Gallery- has Movies you have to unlock such as Co-Op Techniques
    Stills Gallery- Has Stills you have to unlock by doing random Events
    Inuyasha- The Half-Human Half-Demon that was born from a powerful dog demon 
    and a human mother.  Inuyasha loses his demon powers every month on the night 
    of the New Moon.  He sought the power of the Shikon Jewel to turn himself into
    a full demon, but was sealed to a tree by an arrow from his former friend 
    Kikyo.  He was sealed to the tree for 50 years until Kagome broke the seal, 
    along with Kagome they search the land for the broken shards of the 
    Shikon Jewel.
    Kagome Higurashi- A 15-year old girl from the Modern Era of Japan, who happen 
    to stumble upon the Bone Eaters well at her Home/Shine and fell into the 
    Feudal Era of Japan.  As the reincarnation of the late Kikyo, she carried the 
    jewel inside her body until it was ripped out of her body by a demon (See 
    Episode 1 "Into the Well").  After shooting the Jewel with an arrow, it 
    shattered into smaller pieces and shot across the Land of the Feudal Era.  Now 
    Inuyasha and Kagome must put the shards back together.
    Shippo- A young fox demon.  Who lost his father of the Thunder Brothers, and 
    tried to avenge his death by stealing the shards away from Inuyasha & Kagome.  
    After Inuyasha avenged Shippo's father's death, he joined the group to help 
    gather the shards.
    Shango- The daughter to a family of demon hunters, she uses the demon slayer 
    weapon known as the Hiraikotsu.  And one day hopes to avenge her family's 
    death that was cause my Naraku and to find her missing brother Kohaku. 
    Miroku- A priest with a "wind tunnel" in his right hand that sucks anything 
    into a nothingless void.  To break the curse that was passed down from his 
    father, he must slay Naraku and gather the shards of the jewel.  
    Sesshomaru- The Half brother of Inuyasha who has the same father but different 
    mother.  He's a full demon and hates Inuyasha and his half-demon blood.
    Jaken- A demon who tags along with Sesshomaru, carries a stick with two heads 
    on it.
    Rin- A human girl that was brought back to life with Sesshomaru's sword, now 
    tags along with Sesshomaru & Jaken.
    Naraku- The demon that was made from many demons that devored the human 
    Onigumo who loved Kikyo.  Not only did he set a trap for Kikyo & Inuyasha so 
    many years ago but also put the curse of the wind tunnel on Miraku's family 
    and destroyed the village of the Demon Slayers.
    Kaede- The head priestess of Kaede's village also the sister of Kikyo.
    Kikyo- The dead priestess who had her body burned with the Shikon Jewel, and 
    was reanimated into a clay doll by an old witch.  Kikyo wanders the land and 
    stays alive by collecting souls with her soul collecting demons.
    Koga- The wolf demon with 3 shards of the Shikon Jewel, 2 in his legs and one 
    in his left arm.  Kidnapped Kagome and fell in love with her hoping to have 
    her search for more shards of the jewel.  Also has a large outstanding fued 
    with Inuyasha.
    Kanna- A girl who is an incarnation of Naraku, she possessess a mirror that 
    can collect souls.
    Kagura- A woman who was also an incarnation of Naraku, she possessess the 
    power of the wind and can bring the dead back to life.  She also wishes to be 
    free from Naraku.
    The Journey Screen
    While walking or running around the trails/a city or town, you can Run, Walk 
    (by holding Circle), Talk to Villagers, investigate shiny objects, pick up 
    shiny objects, stay at the local town Inns, and go to Item stores.  While 
    visiting different Towns make sure you visit the stores so you can buy some 
    great items.  While running or walking around the forest you run into Purple 
    clouds.  These purple clouds are random battles with demons, you can run into 
    these clouds to gain experience and level up.  
    The Map Screen
    The map screen is the full map of the feudal era.
    1. Map Screen Sites- Points from which you can enter the journey screen (they 
    look like cresent moons)
    2. Road- The roads that link to the locations, you have to use these roads to 
    get to your next location.
    3. Entrance Display- Displays the Characteristics of your present location 
    (You can press Square to hide the display but it may not work with some places)
    (!) Events- These mark the events that are related to the story of the Game.  
    This also means that your able to talk to villagers while in the journey 
    (?) Events- These mark sub-events you and the characters can do, but they're 
    not related to the main story of the game.
    While in the Map Screen you can press the triangle button to bring up the 
    Travel Log screen so you can save.  You can save up to 30 times (I dunno why 
    you need to save 30 times).
    The Combat Screen
    This screen appears when you either walk/run into a purple cloud or have a 
    random battle.  These are the things that appear from Top Left to Top Right.
    1. Combat Choices- You can choose from 5 different choices such as Battle, 
    Techniques (Normal, Special, & Co-Op), Items, Defend, & Run Away
     	A. Battle- Isn't it Obvious choose this to fight your opponnet
     	B. Technques- These are attacks that can either do citical damage to one or 
    to every Demon on screen, or Heal or raise everyones Stats while Battling.
    	 C. Items- This is where you can use the items you have to use on yourself or
    your friends during a battle
    	 D. Defend- This prepares your character from an enemy's attack if your 
    either low on energy or if your Poisoned or sealed
     	E. Run Away- Duh! You run away from the fight.  Only use this if your 
    battling by yourself to save your health and energy
    2. Health- The amount of Health you have for each time you battle, try to 
    keep yourself and others in perfect health for each fight
    3. Energy- The three little crystals each character has.  It keeps a limit on 
    what kind of Techniques you can use on yourself, others, or Enemies.  If you 
    use all your energy while battling you will be unable to fight for the rest 
    of the battle or until someone from the group uses their Turn to give you 
    4. Status Markers- Markers above your characters that show your current 
    status such as:
    	A. Toxic- Taking any action will damage you
    	B. Doze- Your character is asleep and won't attack until either you take 
    damage or get healed by your friends
    	C. Dark- Your Attacks will Miss more
    	D. Daze- Your Character will be disabled for a set time during a battle
    	E. Seal- You can't use Attack techniques
    	5. Fatigue Markers- Characters build up fatigue by using normal Techniques.  
    Being Fatigued will cause everyones actions to take longer leaving everyone 
    open to critical attacks from the enemy.  It will be marked as "Weak" over 
    the character.
    6. Combat Order & Timing Gauge- This is the order that each character on 
    screen will fight.  It goes in a Large circle and whoever is next to fight 
    will be in front of the circle.  You can use this to your advantage when you 
    try to defeat the demon that will have the greatest risk of hurting you or 
    your friends or setting up a complete circle of Co-Op attacks
    After defeating the Enemy, you get EXP points, money and sometimes random 
    stuff.  But if everyone loses their health during a battle, it's game over and 
    you have to continue from your last save point.
    These occur when your traveling around the fuedal era, after you stay at an 
    inn you can pair up with any character to gain friendship with a character 
    which you can unlock Co-Op Techniques and Movies.  Keep talking with everyone 
    to gain more friendship so you can unlock Co-Op attacks when you have the 
    proper EXP.
    Main Menu (Status Screen)
    While out walking/running around in journey mode you can press triangle to 
    bring up the Status screen.  In the status screen you can choose/view your 
    present location, luck, money and current playing time.
    1. Luck- Your Luck will change depending on how many times you've battled and 
    the results of each Battle
    	A. Paradise- Great Luck, you'll get alot of preemptive strikes, and it will 
    be easier to make critcal hits. Your dodge rate will also increase.
    	B. Rely- It becomes easier to recieve critcal hits from an enemy, but their 
    accuracy goes down.  Preemptive and surprise attacks will occur randomly.
    	C. Mediocre- Nothing Special Happens
    	D. Up & Down- After each battle, your luck will randomly change to either 
    Pardise or hardship.
    	E. Hardship- Bad luck. Easier to be surprised; accuracy and dodge rates go 
    2. Items- This is where to can view all your stuff you possess.  Such as 
    items that can recover you and your friend's health, energy, and status, or 
    to increase ablilities.  Some of the items you have can only be used during 
    3. Status- Select this option to view information about each of your party 
    	A. Level- The character's level. When you reach a certain amount of EXP, it 
    will go up.
    	B. EXP points- The character's experience. Every time you defeat an enemy you
    gain EXP points, when you reach a certain number of EXP points you'll level up.
    	C. HP- The character's health. When this reaches 0 during a battle you become
    	D. Energy- The Character's energy. Collect it during combat and use it on 
    special or Co-Op attacks.
    4. Equipment- Displays the current equipment every character has.  Your 
    characters will stronger depending on which kind of equipment you making them 
    wear.  You can't change your equipment during a battle, so try to see which 
    kinds of equipment have the best results.
    5. File- With this option you can change the order of your characters and 
    also change your tag along partner.  You cannot swamp the main character.
    6. Config- Select this option to change the controller settings
    The Mysterious Field
    While out exploring the feudal era, you can find or buy seeds and fertilizers 
    that you can give to the farmer standing in front of the garden in Kaede's 
    village.  Experiment with the seeds and fertilizers to see what kind of stuff 
    you get.  Check back later in the game to see what you get from the field.
    The Walkthrough
    While I'm playing this game and writing everything down that I do.  I will 
    show you the right path to either gain experience or beat the game quickly.
    When you first start the game, you have the choice of starting the game as 
    either a Kururugi Boy or a Girl.  There is a difference on who you choose, 
    the boy has more powerful Special attacks while the girl can use her Special 
    Techniques to heal all characters.  I recommend using the boy if you're into 
    beating the game quickly, if one move kill attacks.  If your using the girl, 
    I highly recommend with using Co-Op attacks or just use her to heal the other 
    characters during a heavy battle. 
    When you start the game as either the Kururugi boy or girl you get an 
    animated cut scene of either the girl or boy talking to their friend talking 
    about how all their friends have boy/girl friends and you don't.  You arrive 
    at your home the Kururugi shine for the annual Doll wishing festival.  Your 
    father tells you to go to the store house to get some supplies.  You go into 
    the store room to find the supplies to only find yourself in the feudal era.  
    This is where your journey begins.  You land in a field as soon as you get 
    your character walk right to try to call your home.
    After the scene walk right again to see some villagers.  After realizing that 
    they're not your friends they come after you.  You automaticly run away from 
    the villagers to only find yourself a side dish for a demon. Just keep 
    pressing the X button to scroll through the scenes until you kill the demon 
    without realizing it.  You wake up to find yourself in front to a dog man, 
    it's Inuyasha.  After Inuyasha wakes you up and find out that you're from 
    "The present", Inuyasha tells you to follow him to meet Kagome to find out 
    what's going on.
    After walking alittle bit, Inuyasha says he smells demons near by.  Run into 
    the purple cloud to start your first battle.
    These demons you fight are very weak but they can still kill you if your not 
    careful.  After the fight, Inuyasha yells at you on why you didn't use the 
    power you used before on the last demon.  But you don't know what happened.  
    Myoga shows up to introduce himself and tell Inuyasha, that you didn't know 
    how to use your powers either.  Myoga goes ahead, while yourself and Inuyasha 
    are left to find your way to the village.  Keep walking right, you'll see 
    more purple cloud as you come to a fork in the road that goes either North or 
    South.  Take the path south if you want an herb, otherwise go North.  More 
    purple clouds are around as you walk/run.  If you want to try and build your 
    characters up in EXP run into the clouds, otherwise just keep going around 
    the bend to the North-East.
    You'll come to the Map screen, you can save here if you want otherwise go into 
    go to Kaede's village.
    Kaede's Village
    When you enter the village, you'll run into Kagome who yells at Inuyasha for 
    not helping her slay a demon.  The Kururugi boy/girl will start flipping out 
    on why everything is so different.  Kagome tells him/her that this isn't the 
    present but in fact it's the fuedal era of japan. After that Inuyasha and 
    Kagome start fighting as they normally do, after their done fighting Kagome 
    tells you about the Bone Eater's Well behind the village.  Kagome now joins 
    your party, walk to the right, and head north into the woods, keep going north 
    until you get to the well.
    Skip through the scenes if you want, after the bickering ends between Inuyasha 
    and Kagome, Inuyasha pushes you into the well to find out that you can't go 
    back through that way, so you must find another way back to the present.  
    After you get pulled out of the well and get control of the main character, 
    Kagome tells you to talk to Kaede.  Head south from the well then turn west, 
    keep going west until you come to two houses.  Once you get to Kaede's house, 
    you'll meet another Kagome (Huh What The ?!?).  But it turns out that it's 
    Shippo, practicing his art of transformation.  Shippo and Inuyasha start 
    fighting as usual, until Kagome gets fed up and tells Inuyasha to sit.  After 
    that you meet the Priestess of the village, Lady Kaede.
    After talking with Kaede, Kagome says that everyone should talk with everyone 
    in the village to see if they come with anything.  You have to talk to every 
    person in the village in order to trigger the next event, so start walking 
    around and talking to people.  Start by going behind Kaede's house and talk 
    to everyone on screen and in their houses, (Talk to the chicken too.) If you 
    played the game before the cat will be sitting next to the tree on the far 
    right side.  Talk to this cat to start your new game with the level you ended 
    the game when you last played.  After talking to the people on the upper half 
    of the village, Inuyasha says that their getting nowhere.  But continue 
    talking to everyone when you get back in front of Kaede's house. Walk to the 
    right and talk to everyone, in front of the shop, in the field and on the path 
    to the well.  When you get back to the well, Inuyasha asks you can you 
    remember anything, you say no.  Kagome then says that everyone should try the 
    next village.  Head back to the shop and Kagome will tell you about Akebi 
    Village, the store and how you should buy stuff that will come in handy. Go to 
    the store and Kagome will explain how stores work.  After buying what you 
    don't need.  Head back to Kaede's house and she will wish you luck.  Now head 
    back to the store and take the path in front of the store to exit the village.  
    Save in the Map screen if you want otherwise head to the Road to Akebi.
    Road to Akebi
    Read the sign, it tells you to beware of demons.  Follow the path until you 
    come to a fork in the road.  Head North and keep following the path until you 
    come to another fork head East. (Also while your out here your run into random 
    battle even though you don't run or touch any purple clouds but don't worry c
    ause all the demons are very weak if you already) You'll come to another fork 
    in the road head North to exit the Road to Akebi.
    Akebi Village
    When you enter the village a merchant will have some intersting items on him 
    such as Power rings.  Head East and talk to the guy in front of a shrine.  He 
    tells you about an old temple that's inhabited with demons. (Oh how 
    interesting!)  Head North and talk to the three people one of them tells you 
    about a person named Kakuju.  Continue North-East to talk to Kakuju.  Kakuju 
    will either be Female (if your the Kururugi boy) or Male (if your the Kururugi 
    girl).  Keep talking to Kakuju and she/he will unlock the Shikigami power 
    within you.  Kakuju will take you to touch a rock made of Serpentine to test 
    your new found powers.  The rock is the sparking object on the right side of 
    the screen, just walk to and press X to watch it turn red and explode.
    After talking to Kakuju, talk to everyone around the village to get more 
    information about this spider demon that has been kidnapping people.  Go south 
    and turn East and talk to the villager on the far right of the screen, he 
    misses the girl named Sachi that lived in the house next to him.  Talk to the 
    guy in the middle of the road to found out more information about the spider 
    demon, he mostly tries to scare you about how big the demon is.  Head north 
    and talk to the guy in front of the tombstone, if you want.  There's a blossom 
    branch and wild flowers on the left side and far back on the screen.  After 
    that head back to the enterance of the village to meet one of the men that was 
    chasing you when you came into this world. (He's the guy with the dark clothes 
    on)  He'll forgive you about chasing you and ask you to get back his daughter.  
    Looks like a mission is in store for the gang of four.  After finished talking 
    to the man and his wife head out of the village to the Map screen.  Save if 
    you want.
    Road to the Old Temple
    It's very spooky isn't it.  Continue walking East until you come to a 
    villager, he tells you about a cat under the stairs that can save your travel 
    journal.  Walk to the North-West to pick up a silver bell & some tonic.  Head 
    back to the road and pick up some sacred tree dew.  Now head East to the old 
    temple.  When you get to the front the Kururugi boy/girl will agree that this 
    place looks like a spiders dwelling.  Turn left and head through the door.  
    You can walk through this whole house if you want it slightly lessens the 
    chance of starting random battles (The demons here are weak if you have high 
    leveled characters).  Head north and go into the hallway. (Also on a sidenote 
    Equip Shippo with all of the power rings you bought to try and increase 
    Shippo's attack.) Turn Left and go into the room walk to the back of the room 
    to find the "Old Temple Key" go back out the room and continue East down the 
    hallway but stay to the lower part of the hallway or you're going to miss the 
    Light Brown door you need to unlock with the "Old Temple Key."  Pick up the 
    items or enter the other rooms if you want to only explore and/or level up.  
    The other room have letters that tell you about how scared they are or how 
    did they misplace the "Old temple Key."  Enter into the room you unlocked with 
    the key and you'll find the cat the traveler that he was talking about.  Save 
    if you want unless you don't think you have the right stuff go on ahead.
    Head Downstairs and head behind the stairs into another hallway.  Head Left 
    and walk all the way down to the open door on the bottom of the hallway.  
    Head South into the hallway and watch out for Purple clouds, head all the way 
    down until you come to doorway with a purple cloud in the middle of it, Enter 
    this hallway.  Inuyasha will say that there is a strangle smell in the air and 
    everyone should stay here until he gets back.  Kagome will sense shards of the 
    jewel nearby and starts to worry about Inuyasha.  Kagome and Shippo take off, 
    but only get captured by the demon.  After the little event run along the 
    north side of the room until you come to a door way. Go inside and you'll see 
    everyone caught in the spider's web.  Your character sees a something shining 
    above the spider and throws a Shikigami attack at the serpentine. And everyone 
    becomes free from the web.  And you'll go into battle mode with the huge 
    spider demon.
    This demon is kinda Strong, but if you have high leveled characters then this 
    battle is easy.  The Giant Spiders HP is only less than 700 so it should be 
    too hard to fight him.  After the fight you should be able to level up if your 
    not cheating like me.  After the group thanks you, you notice a large cocoon, 
    Inuyasha cuts it open to find Sachi.  After the scene you head back to Abeki 
    Back in Abeki Village.
    Sachi runs home and thanks everyone.  While your here in Abeki, visit Sachi's 
    family and you'll recieve 1000 from the family thanking you for their 
    daughters safe return.  After that go back and visit Kakuju to thank him/her 
    and you'll get a lesson about how to use your Shikigami powers during a 
    battle.  After the lesson you've learned to use Raging Flame.  Head out of 
    the village and head to the Map screen.  Head back to Kaede's Village.
    Kaede's Village
    Head to Kaede's house and rest.  While resting you can team up with any of the 
    three characters to gain friendship so you can learn to use Co-Op attacks.  It 
    doesn't matter who you do with, as long as you make friends with everyone to 
    unlock all of the Co-Op attack Movies.
    The next Morning head out of Kaede's house and go to the shop.  You'll run 
    into a fat man who said he's seen you before in another village, but where Oh 
    Yes! It was in Kasasagi Town!  But of course the main character has never been
    there. So head back to Kaede's house to talk to Kaede.  Looks like you have to
    investagate on why this guy reckonized you.  So it's off to Kasasagi Town.  
    Head Back to the map screen and save if you want.
    Road to Kasasagi
    More demons are ready to do battle with your party. They're still weak but 
    fight them enough to change your luck and level up.  Go around the bend and 
    watch out for Purple Clouds.  Walk South to the next screen.  You'll come to a
    fork in the road but due to the trees your unable to see the path heading 
    East.  Head East and follow the snake path, You'll come to a T in the road 
    continue to head East, there's a demon bone on the ground but it might be hard
    to spot.  There's some snake skin along the bend to give to the farmer in 
    Kaede's village.  You'll come to another T in the Road, Head West and run 
    along the bend, you'll find a silver bell on the path, continue along the 
    path to come back to the Map screen and Kasasagi Town is now unlocked.  Save 
    if you want, otherwise enter Kasasagi Town.
    Kasasagi Town
    When you enter the town everyone spilts up to find information, which leaves 
    you by yourself.  Continue East and talk to the people if you want, otherwise 
    to into the store.  If you have the money buy some Silver Bracelets, Crystal 
    Hair Gems, and maybe some other stuff to regain HP or restore normal status 
    during battles.  Leave the Store and head North.  Talk to the people if you 
    want, otherwise investgiate the (?) Mark on a sign.  Huh Oh! It looks like 
    the person on the wanted poster is you.  The town guards capture you and put 
    you in jail.  The headman of the village says that a person named Kagura is 
    looking for you.  Who is this Kagura person anyway?  What what do they want 
    with our hero?  After winding up in a jail cell you'll notice something shiny 
    on the West wall of the cell.  Sweet! it's Serpentine Rock, you use you power 
    and break out of the cell.  Now you have to get back to the Group.  Now your 
    standing in front of the headman's house, head South because you can't go West
    or you'll be captured again.  Once you head south you'll be in a huge maze of 
    houses. This maze is confusing but since you're reading this I can get you 
    out without losing your cool.  Once you get to the 4 way path go South, pass 
    the old man, South again, now you'll see a man in brown standing there, Go 
    West, West again and Wow your back in the village.  Head South and you'll see 
    Kakuju (depends if your the Girl) otherwise head North and then West and you 
    meet up with the group again.  You explain to them that a person named Kagura 
    is looking for you.  And the group is shocked and to know that it's Naraku's 
    incarnation, who set you up.  Gotta go back to the Headman's house through 
    the House Maze (Damn! Again!!).  Head East, then go South, Then West, West 
    again, then keep going North until you come to the Headman's house.  The guard
    stop you and tries to capture you again but everyone runs away.
    Kagome comes up with an idea that Shippo should turn himself into the main 
    character and turn himself in, so they can get inside to see Kagura.  Once you
    get inside the gates of the headman's house, everyone will hear a strange 
    noise, It's The Demon Insects known as the Saimyosho.  Everyone figures out 
    that it is Kagura who's here in the village, trying to capture the main 
    character.  When you notice that the demon insects can track your movements 
    out pops two demons ready to fight, but Inuyasha comes back and joins the 
    group and now a Battle begins against two Salamnder monks.  They're kinda 
    weak their HP is less than 857 so if your characters are high in levels one 
    Special technique on the two demons can finish them off.
    Walk around the fence to see the headman getting attacked by more demons, 
    you start a battle against three demons.  They're still weak their HP is less 
    than 257.  After the battle, pick up the object next to the headman and go 
    back to the first house.  Enter the house and run all the way to the back of 
    it to meet Kagura.  Battle Time again.  Kagura can attack only one character 
    with Dance of Blades and can use critcal damage to that character.  Don't 
    worry about the Skeleton birds they miss half their attacks.  Aim all your 
    power at Kagura to defeat her, after you defeat her you'll be attacked by 
    Utsugi but don't worry he does no damage to any character.  After Inuyasha 
    gets hit, Utsugi & Kagura take off.  Go back out and talk to the headman, 
    the headman thanks you for defeating the demons.  After he walks away, go to 
    the enterance of his house and the headman will stop you again and gives you 
    3000.  From the headman's house walk West, then west again now South, then 
    West, and leave the Town.  Save on the Map Screen if you want and head back 
    to Kaede's Village.
    Kaede's Village
    When you walk back into the village you'll find Sango & Miroku.  If your the 
    Kururugi Girl, Miroku will walk up and ask you if you would like to be the 
    mother of his children.  But if your the Kururugi boy this event won't 
    happen, Miroku will talk about a village that they just got back from that 
    had strange things going on.  So it's off again to find out what going on in 
    castle town, but you have to go through Tsuzumi Village first to get there.  
    Kaede shows up and offers everyone to rest before heading back out again so 
    soon.  While your taking the day off you have the chance of Gaining 
    friendship again, choose anyone that you like.
    The Next Morning while talking to Kaede, she gives you some old fashioned 
    pants known as Hakama.  Now head off back to the Map Screen and Save if you 
    want.  Since you now have Sango & Miroku at your side, battles will now be b
    oring because the demon's will always be outnumbered.  Get into battle if you 
    want to you can level up and change your luck.  And since you now have Miroku 
    in your party try to place him as the first person in a battle.  He will be 
    useful in boss battles since he can use his Spirit Vision to view the HP of 
    all the enemies on screen.
    Forest to Tsuzumi
    When you enter the forest, you'll run into Kakuju.  He tells you about a 
    tailsman that can help you while your in battle, while in battle Co-Op with 
    Miroku to cause serious damage on the enemy.  Pick up the Nectar if you want 
    to, otherwise head East.  The main character will ask Miroku if he can do the 
    normal stuff a monk can do, such as chant and do funernals.  You can pick up 
    the shaman remedy if you want, otherwise Head South, continue along the path 
    until you get to a sign.  It says that the village is to the south, so path 
    the path south (Duh).  Keep going until you come to a T-fork road, Turn East 
    and continue walking east to get to Tsuzumi Village.
    Tsuzumi Village
    As soon as you enter the village, a man is being chased by a demon.  Use a 
    Special attack on him to quickly get rid of him.  After winning the battle, 
    the old man offers you a free place to stay.  After arriving at the man's 
    house he tells you that that road to Castle Town is blocked by a landslide.  
    After Miroku asks the man, if there's any women in the village, Sango gets 
    mad and looks around the village for information.  While she's out you learn 
    about her family "The Demon Slayers" and the incident that happened when 
    Sango's family went out to fight a demon.  And her possessed brother killed 
    her family.  After the story about Sango's life, Sango comes back.  And 
    everyone says the night.  Pair up with anyone you choose to gain friendship 
    and unlock Co-Op attack movies.
    The next day everyone took off to look for information and so you all alone 
    again to look around the village.  Leave the House and head behind the house 
    to the next screen.  You'll come to a fork in the road, head north along the 
    river and turn west.  Keep going west until you come to the enterance of the 
    village, take the road behind the sign.  And you'll run into Kohaku who is 
    being attacked by a demon, he quickly kills it to save a cat.  Kohaku runs 
    off to find the cat, now head back to the village and talk to Sango, go back 
    to the enterance of the village turn right, keep going right until you get to 
    the fork in the road, head south and keep going south until to see Sango 
    standing by herself next to a lake.
    After to Sango head back north and go back along the river and you'll see 
    Kagome standing on the bridge.  Talk to Kagome to find out that Kohaku was 
    Sango's brother, head back to where you first saw Kohaku and talk to the guy.  
    He says that he was last seen playing with the cat, after the man leaves the 
    cat disappears into the bushes.  Follow the cat and you'll find Kohaku 
    outside a cave.  Go inside the cave but beware demons live in here, walk all 
    the way to the right.  (if you get into a battle here in the cave just run 
    away and save your energy)  Continue walking right until you see an old man 
    digging, talk to him to find out that this cave goes to Castle town.  Head 
    back out the cave and you'll run into Kohaku, He gets possess by Naraku and 
    trys to capture you but Sango shows up.  Kagura shows up too to capture the 
    main character but you she some serpentine rock above Kagura's head and fire 
    at it, causing a cave in.  Sango gets anger at herself about her brother and 
    calm her down, you also tell her about new path to Castle Town, so you should 
    go back and tell the others.  Head back to the house where you started from 
    and you'll automaticly talk to everyone.  You have the option of either 
    staying the night or Not.  Do what you want, but I recommend staying to build 
    up friendships.
    After Sleeping at the old man's house, head back to the cave where you where 
    attacked by Kohaku and keep going until you come out the other side to a Map 
    The Pass to Castle Town
    Of course demons are around to mess with you.  So continue East until you 
    come to a Y-fork Road head South pick up the Herb if you want.  Continue 
    South until you hear screams from some women, run south and see that a demon i
    s attacking some women.  Defeat the very weak demon and the women offer 
    everyone to stay at their mansion.
    The Mansion
    Everyone starts out at a dinner table, and one of the women takes Miroku 
    outside.  After Miroku leaves Kagome tells you about the "Wind Tunnel" that
     Miroku has on his right hand.  It was a curse that was placed on his family 
    by Naraku.  When you get control examine the far right back wall but you 
    can't make it out.  Try to leave and you'll hear the two women talking about 
    eating something or someone.  Talk to anyone in the room and Inuyasha will 
    examine the wall to find out that it's human blood.  Leave the room and 
    you'll be stopped by the two women.  The two women transform into demons and 
    a battle begins.  Another easy battle against two Serfs, use heavy attacks 
    against them to defeat them.  Once the battle is over head North to find a 
    huge party full of DEMONS!!!! Go back and head west and enter the kitchen, 
    there's some lizard blood and a saint remedy.  Head back out and continue 
    west to a store room, and examine the (?) on the north wall.  It's Ayakashi 
    Spring Sake and it's the favorite drink by demons.  Take some and head back 
    to the T-passage way, Kagome says that this is a good place to place the sake.  
    Place the Sake here and wait for demons to show up.  And prepare yourself 
    because you're going to be in a battle against demons Back to Back without 
    resting 6 to 7 times in a row.  Try to save your Special Techniques to save 
    your health but if your cheating like me use your Special Techniques, to 
    inflict one hit kills against the demons.
    After the Long battle with the demons, Head north and follow the path to 
    Miroku.  Miroku will be talking with a women and gets put in a trance.  
    But the fails as Miroku breaks the barrier and a battle begins against the 
    demon women.  Fairly moderate battle use your special attacks and Co-Op 
    attacks to defeat the three demons.  After you defeat the demons, Miroku 
    tries to suduce Sango but gets a slap across his face.  You guys decide to 
    head back to the village to rest up before heading to Castle Town.  Team up 
    with anyone to gain friendship.
    When you wake up head back to through the cave to get back to the The Pass to 
    Castle Town.
    Back on The Pass to Castle Town
    Head East until you come to the Y-Fork road, Head South and then Head south 
    again, follow the path until you come to a T-fork Road.  If you go North you 
    can have tea with an old man and gain some Health back, or Just head South.  
    You'll come to another T-Fork, head East and continue to head east until you 
    make it to Castle Town.
    Castle Town
    You've finally made it to Castle Town.  Everyone talks to each other while at 
    the entrance to the town.  Your character says he would like a bath.  But 
    Inuyasha says that Kagome doesn't need now and decides to sniff her.  Haha 
    Bad move Inuyasha!  After you get control head into the town, you can go 
    between the house to get the item shining in the background.  While your here 
    visit both the shops by talking to the people in front of them and Select 
    "Wait in Line."  Buy some Strengh rings to bring up Kagome and Shippo's 
    Attack stats.
    After checking out the stores head east and talk to a boy on the left side 
    of the screen.  He want you to give his sister a pinwheel who works in the 
    castle and since your going there so why not take it to her.  After taking 
    the pinwheel take to the woman in green, she's very worried about her husband 
    who works in the castle, so she asks you to take him some "Riceballs" to them.
    After talking to the women, head east and then North, you'll see a man on the 
    left side of the screen.  Go above where he's standing and walk between the 
    houses to talk to him.  He's that there's something very strange going on in 
    the castle.  So it's off to the castle's gates to try and get in to see the 
    king, but it's no use the guards won't let you in.  So head back to the Inn 
    where the woman in green was standing and enter inside.  You'll run into the 
    Headman of Kasasagi Town again, he's here to pay his taxes so, go with him 
    back to the gates and enter the castle.  (But before you enter the castle, 
    buy some Herbs and potions to heal yourself, just in case you don't have 
    enough)  When you pass through the gate you get attacked by a demon who won't 
    allow you to enter the castle.  It's Battle Time again!  Against a demon monk,
    he's weak with less than 300 HP on him it should be easy to kill him with a 
    normal technique.
    Inside the Castle
    Once you get inside the castle talk to the fallen warrior, he tell you that 
    there's 30 people in the castle that need to be saved. (Also before starting 
    equip everyone with the Strength rings and braclets you bought at the town 
    store, to gain more hit points)  You can save all 30 People but all you get 
    is a "seed" from the last people you save.  Walk or run if you like 
    throughout the castle random battle are going to occur anyway.  Head to the 
    stairs and go Downstairs, turn right and follow along the center wall until 
    you come to a door on the center wall, Go inside.  It depends what your Luck 
    is because as soon as you enter the room you'll be standing the middle of a 
    purple cloud.  Turn left and head upstairs, turn right and continue to head 
    upstairs. Once you get to the top you'll see dead samuri and one monk in the 
    corner you can save him if you want, and take the "Passage Key" from the dead 
    samurai in front of the Buddah statute.  Head back Downstairs and go back to 
    the first floor.  Walk along the west wall until you find a hallway, use the 
    "Passage Key" to unlock the door and head inside.
    Continue West until you come to a hallway with stairs, head upstairs and 
    don't bother with the other rooms unless your trying to find all 30 people.  
    After you head upstairs follow the hallway until you find the samurai that the
    women were talking about and they're being attacked by demons.  Help out the 
    men by defeating the demons, after beating the demons you'll recieve the 
    "Tower Key."  Head back to the main hallway and head to the stairs.  There's 
    a cat standing beside the stairs use the cat to Save and I mean you really 
    should save. (If your using any cheating device and have Infinite Health, use 
    this save point and "SAVE" and reset the game without the cheats on.  Trust 
    me you really need to turn them off.)  After saving head all the way upstairs 
    and you'll run into Toki, who's scared out of her mind.  Give her the pinwheel
    and open the door to the castle tower.  Walk Left and go into the room that 
    you can see from the overhead view, there's boxes stacked on top of each 
    other.  Walk down than to the left to exit. (There's another person hiding 
    in the boxes when you walk in front of them, help them if you want.)  Walk 
    down the hall South and turn Right at the corner, enter the room to make a 
    shortcut, the exit to this room is on the far right side.  After exiting the 
    room head north to the stairs and head upstairs.  Continue down the hall 
    until you come to a room.  Enter this room and you'll hear someone familier.
    Naraku shows up along with Ustugi, After the scene you do battle with Naraku.
    I'm tell you right now THERE'S NO CHANCE TO WIN THIS BATTLE.  Naraku has a 
    barrier and no one of your attacks and break it not even the Wind Scar.  
    Naraku's attack is devasting as soon as it hits you, it should Critcal 
    everyone and the fight will be over.  But if any characters still have any 
    health left don't bother using your turn to heal everyone just use your 
    attack and take the damage from Naraku.  Because you one has an attack that 
    can break a barrier (Yet).  After losing the samurai come in and try to save 
    the party and lead everyone out through a secret passage.  After the whole 
    incident, everyone wakes up in a village and no one knows how they got there.
    Rindo Village
    Once you get control, leave the house and head south, go down the stairs and 
    turn right, head up the stairs and you'll find Grandpa/Grandma Kakuju.  
    Kakuju tells you about a way to break a barrier but you need to get a Fruit 
    from the top of Mt. Houoh, you can head back to the house where everyone is 
    or you can gain back some health by visiting the Hot springs.  Go to the 
    entrance of the village and turn right, walk past the three men and walk all 
    the way around until you get to a pool of water, talk to the old woman and 
    she says that the bath costs 500.  Pay the woman and enjoy. There's some hot 
    springs dew behind the hot spring.  Follow the path back to the main road and 
    head back to the house where everyone is. 
    Miroku says that the trip to Mt. Houoh will be tough so after talking go to 
    the store and load up on supplies by walking North from the house.  Walk to 
    the right of the store for the entrance to Mt.Houoh.  
    Mt. Houoh
    Climb the trail until you come to a T-fork road Continue North.  At the next 
    fork turn Left, continue Left until you come to a 4 way path, continue Left 
    and you'll come to a hut where you can rest.  You can rest in the hut to gain 
    some health back, otherwise continue around the hut and head North.  At the 
    Fork in the road turn Left and head into the cave.  There's only one path in 
    the cave and it's a very small cave, walk right, then up, then left to exit 
    the cave.  Continue along the path and examine the (?) next to the cliff.  
    Shippo will transform and left everyone to the next part of the trail.  Keep 
    going until you get to a fork, Head North to Battle a Wind Spirit for the 
    Fruit.  This wind spirit is kinda hard even it's HP is over 3000 use all your 
    Techniques to defeat the wind spirit.  After beating the spirit it allows you 
    to take the fruit.  So head north and take a fruit.  After taking the fruit 
    head back to the fork and turn right, examine the (?) and it'll ask you if 
    you want to "go down the cliff" choose this option and you'll be out of the 
    forest really fast.  Pick the objects if you want otherwise head south back 
    to a T-path head South and continue to head south until you get back to the 
    Map screen.  Head back to Rindoh Village and talk to Kakuju.  And you'll 
    Learn Blue Sky Calamity, the normal techniuqe to break barriers.  Choose to 
    rest, so you can build up a relationship with anyone.
    After resting head back to Castle Town & Save
    Castle Town (Revisited)
    Once you arrive back in Castle town, you'll notice that the town as really 
    went to hell since the last time you were here.  Since your last battle with 
    Naraku, the people left the village and now demons infest it.  Head North and 
    you'll Battle Kagura and she now has a barrier too.  Well Show her your new 
    technique you got during the battle and defeat Kagura.  Kagura has two demons 
    with her, you can attack them first until it's the Kururugi boy/girl's turn to
    use "Blue Sky Calamity" on Kagura.  If you defeat the other two demons Kagura 
    will respawn them with Dance of the Dead which will cause her to lose a turn.
    Use Co-Op and Special Attacks to defeat Kagura.  After you beat her she takes 
    off to fight another day.  After celebrating Head East then North to get back 
    into the castle.
    Naraku's Castle (Revisited)
    This place is a dump and you can't get to Naraku by taking the stairs in the 
    main hall their covered with wood.  Turn Left and find the hallway along the 
    left side.  Watch out for moderately strong demons in the castle now, so equip
    everyone with the most attack and defence as possible.  Head left until you 
    get to the stairs, once you get to the stairs you'll find the pinwheel that 
    you gave to Toki after the event head upstairs and you'll notice the wall has 
    been destoryed.  Head through the now open wall and run across the roof to the
    other side of the castle.  In the hallway head South and watch out for demons,
    then turn Right and continue until you see the Samiyosho flying around.  Can't
    go that way yet!  Head back to the Main Hall, (The First Hall where you 
    entered the castle) once you get back to the main 
    hall head north and then head west, then south and look for another hallway 
    leading west.  Keep following the path until you come to another hallway, 
    south and keep going until you find some stairs that lead down into the 
    Examine the (?) to the right and you'll find a plant that kills insect when 
    burned called Pyrethrum.  And take it back to the hallway where you saw the 
    Saimyosho and 
    you'll clear the path to the Castle Tower.
    After the way is clear turn right and enter the room that in front of the 
    logs.  You'll be chased by the dead samurai, Inuyasha decides to hold them 
    off while everyone runs to the tower.  You're by yourself again (Also use the 
    cat to save),[If you get into a battle while alone, just run away (highly 
    recommended if your the Kururugui Girl) or fight unless you want to become 
    weak in each battle,] and leave the room through the left door and then 
    head into the room that's in front of the logs.  You'll be surrounded by dead 
    samurai and you'll be saved by Sesshomaru.  Walk Left and then down to exit 
    the room.  And Now head upstairs, to see Jaken talking to Sesshomaru.  Follow 
    them into the room and you'll find Sesshomaru & Jaken.  They'll join you, so 
    lead the way to the Castle Tower.  Walk to the right and exit the room on the 
    right side, head down the hall and then turn right, enter the room so make 
    yourself a shortcut to the stairs. (Since Sesshomaru and Jaken are with you 
    they will fight if you get yourself into a random battle, use Sesshomaru's 
    Dragon Strike, if you want)  Once you enter the room you'll find Toki and 
    Sesshomaru kills her.  After the battle continue to the right side of the 
    room and renter the hallway, continue north until you reach the stairs and 
    go up and follow the path to the room where everyone is waiting for you.  
    After the bittersweet reunion with Sesshomaru & Inuyasha head south and enter 
    the next room, Sesshomaru is being attacked by more dead samurai.  Don't 
    worry about him keep going into the next room.
    You'll run into demon possessed Yukimura and you'll have to battle him to 
    free everyone's souls in the castle.  So you have to battle Yukimura.  
    Yukimura's HP is well above 3000 so use all your best Special and Co-Op 
    attacks to defeat him.  After defeating Yukimura the demon insects show up 
    but quickly leave.  After the event head out of the town and head to Ayame 
    (A ? Event shows up on the screen over Tsuzumi Village, you can go here to 
    compete in the drum competion if you want.)
    Ayame Village
    Welcome to Ayame Village, follow the road into the town.  And find out was 
    making Inuyasha sick, after talking to the man about how "Garlic" is good for 
    you, continue east and you'll come to a store.  Talk to the man and you can 
    either buy something or stay the night.  (Choose to stay if you want so you 
    can build your relationship with anyone)  After staying or buying something 
    Follow the path until you come to a swamp, (you can walk into it but Inuyasha 
    will stop you) keep going until you find a fork in the road.  When you get to 
    the fork, Inuyasha says he can smell wolves near by.  Head north and pick up 
    all the goodies that someone has left for you, continue heading around the 
    bend until you meet Koga the leader of the wolf demon tribe.  Koga & Inuyasha 
    fight as usual and say that you're the person that's been terrorrizing their 
    group.  Koga takes Kagome, so your off to find the wolf demon cave.  Head 
    back to the fork and you'll run into a wolf demon who's lying on the ground, 
    walk to him to heal him.  After healing the wolf, you'll learn that 
    someone is accusing you of hurting the wolf demons, south to the "h" fork and 
    continue South.  At the next fork, continue south until you come to a fork 
    with statutes on it, turn left and you'll see some more wolf demons, run 
    after them.  Turn around and head back the way you came and turn South, 
    at the next fork turn right and run into the same wolves again, They take 
    off again.  Head North and you'll come to another "h" path walk around the 
    path and head south, head south again you'll come to the statues again, turn 
    around and you'll see another fork, turn left and you'll run into the wolves 
    again, they take off again.  You realize that if Inuyasha got a scent of the 
    wolves, it will lead you to Koga's Lair, make you way back to the man who was 
    offering you "Garlic."  Turn around and head back to the fork, when you see 
    the white birds fly by, head North and you'll see two men talking to each 
    other, and Inuyasha gets a strong smell of "Garlic."  Continue North and turn 
    left and follow the path all the way back until you reach the village, talk 
    to the man standing next to the vein of garlic and he'll give you one.  With 
    the "Garlic" in your hand head back to the "Lost Forest" and you'll spot some 
    wolf demons.  Choose to throw the garlic at them and Inuyasha will track 
    their scent.  Head back to the swamp and you'll fall into it and you'll have 
    to change your clothes.  Miroku will make a smart remark (it depends who you 
    play), after changing head back to the "h" fork and walk to the south-east 
    fork, when you get to another fork, turn and head east, when you get to the 
    statute fork head south and keep going south until you'll come to a road by a 
    river.  Inuyasha says that Koga's lair is just up ahead, so follow the road 
    and you'll see some dead wolves, keep going until you get to a cave opening 
    and a barely alive wolf.  After two other wolves show up head inside and keep 
    going until you find Kagome.  Koga will appear and yells at you that you 
    killed his brothers, you'll get an option choose "Listen to Koga."  After 
    listening to Koga, he says that he was attacked near that swamp where you 
    fell in.  You'll head to the swamp and Inuyasha will fall in, after Koga 
    laughs at him, head back to the village and buy the snowshoes from the 
    merchant.  The snowshoes will cost you 1000, after you buy them head back 
    to the swamp and Koga will take off ahead.  Head into the swamp, and walk 
    around the bush and walk south, then turn and head left.  You come to this 
    huge area, it's hard to see but you have to go to the left corner of your 
    screen.  Run up and run around the bush, walk through the open part in the 
    mud and head to the left, continue walking left until you can't go left 
    anymore turn and head up, walk around the invisble wall to the left side of 
    the screen and you'll find Kagura & Utsugi.
    It's battle time, it doesn't matter who you go after they both have a 
    barrier, use the defend option until the boy or girl uses Blue Sky Calmaity.  
    Use it on Utsugi first and do as much damage to Utsugi as possible until it's 
    the boy or girl's turn again.  It doesn't matter who does what, after 
    everyone gets a turn the battle will end.  And Inuyasha will use the Wind 
    Scar and it'll break Utsugi's mask.  You'll realize that Utsugi looks just 
    like the Kururugi boy/girl, after the event Kagura escapes but during the 
    distraction, takes you instead of Utsugi.  
    Naraku's Castle
    When you get control run left and you can save with the cat.  After saving go 
    to the south-east corner of the same room of the cat and examine the (?) and 
    you'll find Utsugi's clothes and mask.  Run back into the room you started 
    and run along the hallway and you'll see Kohaku, you can talk to him but 
    Kagura shows up and says it's pointless.  Enter the hallway that Kagura came 
    from and walk into a big room, walk all the way to the back of the screen and 
    enter that door.  You'll talk to Naraku and he wants you to take a girl named 
    Rin.  So you & Kagura are off to capture Rin.
    The Field of Ignorance
    After talking to Kagura, head South and turn and head west, and you'll see 
    Rin.  Rin wants some flowers so she can make a bouquet for Sesshomaru.  Look 
    for 6 different kinds of flowers throughout the field.  They're very easy to 
    find, when you find it walk to it and Press X.  After finding all the 
    flowers, "go with Rin" and she'll talk to Jaken about putting the flowers 
    near the fire.  Jaken will think it's stupid, Sesshomaru shows up and Rin 
    asks him if it's ok for you to hang out, and Sesshomaru agrees.  Talk to 
    Jaken, Sesshomaru and then Rin, she's hungry so she wants to go out and find 
    food.  Follow Rin to the entrance of the Field of Ingnorance and she wants 
    "Wild Boar" for dinner.  Head off to the map screen and head off to the (!) 
    marked as ???.  Head there and walk around until you get into a random 
    battle, that random battle will be the "Wild Boar."  The boar is an easy 
    enemy just use your Special Techniques and you'll kill it easily.  After 
    requiring the "Boar meat" head back to the Field of Ignornace and Kagura will 
    thank you for capturing Kin.  And it's off back to Naraku's Castle.
    Naraku's Castle
    After getting control, head back to that large room and enter the room across 
    from where you're standing and you'll see a huge egg of some kind.  Kanna 
    will show up and say that it's a new incarnation of Naraku and this one is 
    unstopable.  Head back out of the room and you run into Ustugi, you are 
    forced to battle him/her.  It's a hopless battle he/she had a barrier, don't 
    bother breaking it, when it's Ustugi's turn he/she will hit you with a 
    critcal attack and Down you instintly.  (If your using a cheating device with 
    Infinite Health on, use "Light of Judgement" to use all your energy and lose 
    the fight.  [I don't know if this move is the same for the girl I'm playing 
    as the Boy for this Walkthrough, if it isn't use the move that can heal 
    everyone but will drain all your energy and it'll have the same effect])
    After losing the battle, Ustugi will put you in a jail cell.  Ustugi will 
    tell you about a barrier that won't allow you to leave, if you do escape the 
    cell.  Unless you can destory the stone in the courtyard.  After Ustugi tells 
    you the useful information, talk to the guard and he'll battle you for the 
    "Wild Boar Meat."  The guard isn't that hard to beat, use your special 
    technique to easily defeat him.  Run out the cell and go to the second to last
    cell along the left side and you'll find Rin.  Take Rin and head back into the
    hallway, Go into the last room on the left side of the hallway for the exit 
    to the large room.  When you get to a hallway head north and you'll be in the 
    large room, head to the courtyard, which is down the stairs and leave Rin 
    behind.  Walk down and you'll see the Barrier rock.  After breaking the rock, 
    head back to get Rin but Naraku will show up.  He says that Inuyasha and 
    Sesshomaru and coming to the castle now.  You have a choice of either staying 
    with Rin or going to Find Inuyasha.  Do what you want it doesn't matter.  The 
    same outcome occurs, after Sesshomaru and Naraku are done fighting head to 
    Naraku's room but You'll run into Ustugi, you can't fight him cause if you 
    destory him the Kururugi boy/girl won't exist.  After the scene head to 
    Naraku's room and you'll fight his new incarnation.
    Naraku's incarnation is one tough cookie, his HP is over 5000 so use Co-Op 
    and Special Techniques to defeat this demon.  After defeating him you'll get 
    alot of EXP (if you need it).  Kagome decides that everyone should head back 
    of Kaede's village.  So it's off you go.  Choose to Stay, so you can build 
    up relationships.  \par
    Kaede's Village
    After resting Kaede will tell you that Kakuju is in the village.  Head around 
    the house and to where the old man is standing near the tree.  He/She will 
    say that in Minamo Village people have been spirited away, so now your off to 
    Minamo Village.  Save when you get back to the Map screen.  (When your back 
    on the Map screen 2 or 3 Question marks will show up you can explore them if 
    you want, so see some cool events, but otherwise, head to the Road to Minamo)
    Road to Minamo Village
    Demons are around, if you didn't know already.  Keep going right until you 
    get to a fork in the road, head South, and you'll get to a T-Path turn and 
    head East, Now you'll get to a Y-Path, Turn and head East, and jump across 
    the river to get back to the Map screen.
    Minamo Village
    You've finally made it to Minamo Village, everyone will talk about sleeping 
    in a real bed but Inuyasha perfers sleeping on the ground.  After talking 
    about taking a hot bath, the character that you have been building a 
    relationship with will say something random.  (It depends who you play as 
    and who you've been interacting with the most)  After the event, talk to the 
    keeper of the inn and he won't allow you to enter because he's cleaning.  
    Continue on the path and walk around the inn and talk to the man on the left 
    of the screen.  After talking to the man about an inn another randon event 
    will happen depending on who've been interacting with more.  After the event, 
    talk to the old man on the bridge, he'll talk about people that have been 
    spirited away.  After the event, walk to the right and talk to the either a 
    couple or two friends under a tree, after listening to them head back to the 
    inn and walk inside.  Walk all the way to the back of the inn and you'll get 
    another random event depending on who you've been interacting with the most.  
    Depending on whatever you did you'll gain a relationship, you will go outside 
    and get water, walk to the entrance of the inn and someone random depending 
    on who you interacted with will show up.  Head outside and talk to the couple 
    or friends under the tree, after the event keep going east until you see a 
    randon event (Of course it depends on who you've been interacting with), 
    while talking to one of your friends, you might a get choice of things to 
    say to the person choose "But what about _______."   The person who've been 
    talking to, turns out to be the demon Mahoro that has been spiriting away the 
    young people.  The person who you've been interacting with the most will show 
    up and help you battle.  Use any kind of attack on him his HP is only 700.
    After the fight, you have feeling for whoever you've been trying to make 
    friends with and you'll run away, and you'll find an old village.  And you'll 
    also find Ustugi & Kanna, Kanna trys to steal your soul but an arrow stops 
    their attempts to steal your soul.  Kikyo shows up and demands to know where 
    Naraku is, Kanna & Ustugi escape and Kikyo gives you a place to stay.   After 
    waking up take the object in the corner if you want and head outside, you see 
    Kikyo collecting souls but you'll think it's beautiful.  After the little 
    event, the villagers will start to surround you & Kikyo, both of you take 
    off and Kanna trys to steal your soul again but Inuyasha and the group show 
    up.  Inuyasha has a unpleasant reunion with Kikyo has she walks away.  After 
    everyone gets back to the inn, Kagome goes for a walk and Inuyasha goes after 
    her.  Talk to everyone in the room before heading outside, and you'll learn 
    the story about Kikyo, Kagome & Inuyasha (If you haven't seen the series, 
    you'll be clueless).  Head outside and talk to Inuyasha who's standing on the 
    bridge, after talking to them talk to the couple or friends under the tree.  
    Head East until you see Kagome standing by herself, talk to her about Kikyo 
    and such.  You'll head back to the inn and Shippo will come running in 
    talking about Kikyo is being attacked in the village that you found her, 
    so head there.
    Botan Village
    Save Before entering the village.  Head North and walk around the tree and 
    head east and you'll see Ustugi & Kanna attacking Kikyo.  Just before the 
    fight Ustugi takes of heading for Asagiri Island, so your left to battle 
    Kanna.  Kanna can be a real pain, keep attacking her with Co-Op and Special 
    Techniques to defeat her.  Even though she looks like she skipping her 
    attacks, she's saving up for everyone to hit her and return all the damage 
    you've inflicted so far.  After defeating her, Inuyasha will have another 
    bittersweet reunion with Kikyo.  After the event, head out of the village and 
    head towards Shiyosai Village to get a boat.  Off You go then.
    While at the Map Screen more (?) will appear, go to any event that you want 
    to see random things, otherwise head to Shiyosai Village.
    Shiyosai Village
    Talk to the people in the village if you want, they all talk about how people 
    have died fishing near Asagiri Island.  Head North and when you get to the 
    pier Turn left and keep going left until you see a lone fisherman.  Talk to 
    him to get a ride to Asagiri Island.
    Asagiri Island
    After talking to the fisherman, walk the the left and you'll see another boat.
    Inuyasha will say that Kikyo is here on the island.  (Why's Kikyo on the 
    island?)  Follow the trail and try not to get yourself into random battles, 
    until you see a T-fork, continue running to the right, until you come to 
    another T-fork, Head North.  You'll find a Flaming demon, who has a real 
    short temper about him being small.  After being blown up you'll be somewhere 
    different with the person who've been interacting with.  Kagura & Utsugi show 
    up and start walking towards you, you have to choose either you want to stay 
    with whomever or find the group, either one Kikyo shows up and the two escape.
    Kikyo will give you some medicine to give to whomever and everyone else will 
    show up.  Walk to the left and follow the path until you get to the T-Path you
    took before getting blown up, turn Left and head back to the first T-Path, 
    head North and you'll come to a 4 way Path, head North again and make the 
    first left and you'll see Ustugi & Kagura.  Follow the path and you'll find 
    a dead end, walk to the large grey wall and you'll open a secret cave 
    entrance, go inside.
    Inside the cave, everyone will notice something weird going on.  After the 
    event, walk up and you'll be in a large room, you'll see a shiny object 
    behind a rock, go over there and walk alittle to the right and you'll see 
    Kohaku. After talking with Kohaku he passes out and you'll have to fight 
    another fire demon.  Defeat him to Move on to the next room.  Use Specials 
    and Co-Ops to defeat this demon.  After the battle Sango will use Kiraira to 
    take Kohaku back to Kaede's village.  After the event that follows walk to 
    the right and you'll be captured by the same fire demon that blew up everyone 
    before.  Kagura helps you alittle bit by weakening the demon so you can fight 
    him.  Use Specials and Co-Ops to quickly destory the demon. After beating the 
    demon the door will open so head through that now open door.  You run into the
    fisherman who then collapses to the ground and Kagura shows up.  You have a 
    choice to either follow Kagura or not, "Choose to Believe Kagura."
    Kagura takes you to the room where Naraku is reforming himself, Naraku will 
    kick up some Miasma but Kagura walks through it and kills Naraku.  But Kagura 
    dies because it was only a demon puppet, and you will see Naraku version 2 
    above you.  After trying to beat Naraku v.2, Naraku captures everyone and 
    steals the Jewels away from Kagome.  After short event, Kikyo shows up and 
    frees everyone and shadders Naraku's barrier.  After Naraku uses the Shards 
    of the Jewel, he becomes Naraku v.3 and a battle begins.  Naraku is tough, 
    his Miasma attacks can really damage everyone, use Specials & Co-Ops as much 
    as possible and you'll weaken him enough and everyone will attack him at once 
    and will kill Naraku.  Everyone will celebrate and will head back to Kaede's 
    Village.  But Ustugi's plans are just beginning.
    Kaede's Village
    You'll wake up and realize that Ustugi might know something on how to get 
    back to your time.  Leave the house and Talk to everyone, Kagome is outside 
    Kaede's house, Inuyasha is behind Kaede's house chopping wood, Shippo is near 
    the tree playing with children, after talking to Shippo head to the Bone 
    Eater's Well and you'll see Kaede and Kikyo talking about the missing Shards 
    that were not found after beating Naraku.  After talking to Kikyo, head back 
    to Kaede's house and talk to Miroku, leave the house and go to the house next 
    door to see Sango & Kohaku.  Leave the house and walk to the store and you'll 
    run into Kaede, you tell her that you're going alone to find Ustugi.  Leave 
    the village and head to Kasasagi Town.
    Kasasagi Town
    As soon as you enter the headman, will ask you to defeat some demons in the 
    mountains.  You accept the job and it's off to the Road to Minamo.
    Road to Minamo (Revisited)
    Since your by yourself now, it's not a good idea to be battling demons alone.
    If you get into a battle and it's more than 1 demon run away, it's not worth 
    using your energy and health to battle small demons, we're looking for the 
    head demon in this area.  (I suggest running away from battles unless your 
    the Kururugi Boy, he has special technuqies that can kill every demon on the 
    screen.  The Girl only has healing Techniques except for one that only works 
    on one demon at a time Run away if using the Girl.)  Continue along the road 
    until you get to a fork in the road, head down and you'll come to another 
    fork, this time turn Right and continue until you get to the Y-fork, turn and 
    head south.  Keep running along the path until you see a purple cloud at the 
    end of the path.  That is the demon the headman was talking about.  Walk into 
    the cloud and a demon will jump out, grow and battle you.  Use your specials 
    against this demon to quickly kill the demon.  BUT WAIT!  He's Still alive 
    and has gotten more bigger.  Battle him again and you'll quickly realize that 
    he a super demon, if you can get a hit on this demon all your attacks will do 
    no damage or fail.  This demon will kill you in one hit but if your using a 
    cheating device use Light of Judgement to use all your energy and lose the 
    After losing, Inuyasha and the others will show up and you'll battle the same 
    demon again, but this time it'll be very easy for since you have your friends.
    Use Co-Ops and Specials against this demon to defeat him and gain some huge 
    EXP.  Inuyasha will smell the demon to be apart of Naraku.  After the event, 
    head back to Kasasagi Town, to talk to the headman.  Follow the path back to 
    the Y-Path and head east, cross the river and head back to Kasasagi Town.
    Kasasagi Town
    If you remember the easy way to the headman's house then I don't need to go in
    detail about how to get there.  Go to the headman's house and walk around the 
    fence to meet the headman and get a nice fat reward.  Kagome has an idea for 
    you to visit the last person Ustugi came in contact with, and the last person 
    to contact Ustugi was KOGA.  So Leave the village and head to Ayame Village.
    More (?) show on the map for you to examine and see a random event if you want
    otherwise, head to Ayame Viallage.
    Ayame Village
    Run along the path to the outskirts to find Koga, he tell you that a man said 
    that something weird was going on somewhere along Mt. Houoh.  So it's off to 
    Mt. Houoh.
    Mt. Houoh
    Head up the Mountain until you come to a Fork in the road, continue North, 
    and turn right at the next fork, at the 4 way Fork, contuinue west until you 
    get back to the hut where monks stay but there's someting very different going
    on.  Continue West and you'll come to a new road.  Run along the road until 
    you'll some to some hitogatas on the ground.  After realizing they look like 
    the Kururugi boy/girl, they come to life and you'll have to battle them.  
    Inflict as much damage as you can to kill the Hitogatas, after the battle 
    follow the path and you'll battle more Hitogatas.
    After the battle, Inuyasha will smell something faint ahead, so continue on 
    the path until you come to a village.  Talk to the old man and he'll say that 
    this village is called the Kururugi Village.
    Kururugi Village
    Head North and continue north until you come to a shrine.  He/She will talk 
    about this is the same in the present.  After that head back to the fork and 
    head east.  Talk to all the villagers, buy some stuff in the shop if you want,
    after talking to the people go back to the fork and continue west and talk to 
    more people.  After talking to the two people to the the house in the back and
    listen to a woman scolding her boy about playing outside the village.  Talk to
    the woman after the boy leaves.  Go back to the entrance of the shrine and 
    talk to the Priest.  After talking to the priest, talk to the old man at the 
    fork, after the man head east and talk to the pickle woman, after the woman go
    back and talk to the women who wanted to make a Kimono for Inuyasha, she tells
    you about old priest/priestess Kakuju.  So now you have to find Kakuju.  Head 
    out of the village and you'll come to the Map screen, there's a (!) over 
    Shiyosai Village, so head there.
    Shiyosai Village
    Head north and go to where you asked the fisherman for a ride to Asagiri 
    Island, and you'll find Kakuju.  Talk to him/her and you'll take him/her back 
    to Kururugi Village.
    Outskirts of Kururugi Village
    Grandma/pa Kakuju lags behind and Inuyasha gets upset.  Kakuju wants know why 
    your after Ustugi and you tell him/her why.  After talking for a bit a Giant 
    Hitogata attacks Kakuju and now you battle a Giant Hitogata.  Use Specials & 
    Co-Ops to beat this giant Hitogata.  After defeating the Hitogata, Kakuju dies
    and gives you an amulet.  After the event, head into the village and go to the
    store that next to the pickle woman.  Buy as much stuff that can Heal you 
    during a battle and raise your attack power.  After your done with that head 
    out of the village and you'll be back to the map screen with a new location.  
    Head to the ??? above Kururugi Village and SAVE before entering.
    (READ THIS BEFORE GOING INTO THE FINAL BATTLE!!!: If you got a Huge stack on
    money on you and you haven't been spending it on Healing items and such go 
    to any store that sells Recovery items that can Replinish your HP & Energy 
    quickly.  This little side note is for people who played this game by "Not 
    Cheating."  But if you have been cheating through out this whole game by 
    now then Stop reading this sidenote and go and beat Naraku!!!)
    The Final Battle
    Head into the new location and you'll see Ustugi, he/she will try to steal 
    your soul, he/she will kinda succeed and Ustugi will steal the soul out of 
    the Amulet Kakuju gave you.  After the event, the shards that Utsugi has grow 
    black and Ustugi becomes Naraku v.3 or 4 I forgot.  He now has the power of 
    the Shikigami since he consumed Utsugi.  And now you battle, if it's 
    Kururugi's turn use Blue Sky Calamity and it'll end the battle (kinda.)  
    Utsugi will use his last ounce of strength to destory Naraku's barrier, 
    after Utsugi breaks his barrier, you'll battle him again but this time 
    It's FULL OUT WAR. Naraku's HP is well over 10,000, so use Every single 
    Strong attack everyone has to defeat 
    Naraku, and use Miroku and Kururugi girl to Heal everyone if anyone gets too 
    damaged.  After the battle, Inuyasha charges at him and cuts him in half and 
    Naraku is FINALLY no more.  After the movie ends, everyone celebrates and 
    Ustugi reappears and everyone buries him at the Kururugi Shine.  After Ustugi 
    is buried, the Kururugi boy/girl will start glowing.  Depending on what 
    happened in Minano Village, you'll get a random movie and you've completed 
    the Game.
    I Hope anyone who reads my Full Walkthrough guide, doesn't have any 
    trouble.  Here's some people I like to Thank:
    Codebreaker v.7.0- For always keeping their site up to date and so 
    I can keep cheating as long as I can.
    GameFaqs.com- For helping me when I'm stuck and for the Message Boards 
    keeping me entertained
    Viz- For making Inuyasha the best Anime EVAR!!
    Bandai- For Making this Awesome game
    Rumiko Takahashi- For creating the Greatest Anime EVAR!!
    Adult Swim- For Showing Kick ass Anime everyday
    If you have any problems and/or Questions Feel Free to E-mail or 
    MSN messenger me at MenaceGoku@hotmail.com or AOL/AIM @ 

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